Offences abound and reconciliation is needed.
A GUEST FOR A WEEK – Chapter 03: Wednesday’s Wantonness

Waiver Note: This is an entirely fictional narrative about men in their late twenties entering into a sexual relationship with underage adolescent young women. The whole of the chapters involves a spectrum of topics ranging from fantasies to complete sexual unions. If the topic is not of interest or offensive to you, cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

To those who proceed, enjoy and feel free to comment!

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In his dream, Rick could see the judge clearly. He was being sentenced to life for his sexual perversions. Adelle’s parents scorned him in the adjacent seats. The guards – one of whom was Jiz, chastising him for being caught – proceeded to escort him from the courtroom to prison. However, when the guards took him to his cell, Adelle was waiting for him. She was dressed in a red bath robe. As he approached, she removed it, there being nothing underneath, offering herself to him for as long as he would be in prison—

Again, his 6:30am alarm interrupted the process. Damn, he thought, will I never get to finish one of those dreams!?

He arose from his bed even with sleep persisting him to remain. He was veritably tired; nevertheless, he knew his schedule. Exercise first to maintain his physique; that always woke him up. Later today he worked a late shift; quite an annoyance between two days of earlier ones. On the bright side, it would more or less keep him from violating Adelle if he was occupied this evening, and that was a relief. This would be especially true since he and Jiz would be hitting up a pub or two before heading to work. He looked forward to alleviating the stresses occupying his mind.

Donning his work-out clothes, he began to psych himself up for another strenuous session downstairs. Silently he opened his bedroom door and coursed down the hallway. In the instant before he left the apartment, he lost a mental battle raging in his mind. Against his better judgement he spun around to observe Adelle. Almost immediately, he wished he hadn’t.

Adelle was sleeping on his couch – nude!

The sight caused his penis to begin its responsive stiffening. Sometime between when he had arrived home and now she had liberated herself from her vestments’ concealment. The blanket he had offered her was being utilized only to cover her feet. Had she been too warm during the night; was that what this was about? Or, conversely, was it only to provoke him? How could she consider this remotely appropriate? Though battling inside his mind, Rick still couldn’t tear his eyes from this wonderfully attractive naked fourteen-year-old female sleeping peacefully at his home. Again this morning, the rising sun flowed over her maturing nubile body, illuminating her in the most radiant of light. Every contour glowed with an invitation to be explored.

The appeal of her teenage figure was excruciating for Rick to resist. A surge of elation overcame him as he reached full extension in his pants. Revelling in her most natural and exposed appearance he began again to fanaticize over the most intimate encounters with her. Could they actually proceed? Would they get caught? It was natural, wasn’t it? No, he insisted within himself. Fondling each other yesterday wasn’t right. Much less would it be right to perpetuate the same today or any day! I just CAN’T do that to Adelle! I won’t! What would her parents say? I’ve got to get a grip!

Consolation for Rick’s hesitation laid only in the fact that she was currently sleeping on her side, her back towards him. Still, every feature from her head to her ankles – her vibrant sandy hair and sensual back, her firm buttocks and shapely legs –appealed to his hands for attention. Rick approached her in silence, careful not to wake her. Here was a female youth with all her features offered to him. He wanted to have her – and knew he wanted it, too, which was what disturbed him the most – though he was just too reluctant because of its taboo nature. Nevertheless, his penis contradicted his inhibitions. It throbbed! Coming to grips with his circumstance, he knew he had to cover her up. Not before one last, harmless indulgence. That wouldn’t hurt, would it? At least, not if she’s asleep, Rick thought.

Slowly he reached out and placed his hand on Adelle’s shoulder. Gently, and with avid felicity, he traced his hand down the unblemished skin of her back, hips, thighs and the length of her legs until he reached the blanket that ought to cover her. Grasping it, he dragged it slowly, returning up her body over the path he had descended. The warmth of her glossy skin soothed his quivering hand. When finished, the sight of her magnificent flesh having disappeared, he breathed a heavy sigh; it was both of relief that a temptation had been neutralized and also over the agony of losing such a spectacular view.

Rick cast on her one last, longing view. He cared for her, it was true. Did that care extend beyond the uncle/niece relationship they enjoyed? He knew they couldn’t explore that option – at least for the next few years at the absolute minimum – although he thought that a special place might be growing in his being for just such an accord. Maybe he’d take her on a date then. Still, he couldn’t remove himself from her quite yet. The situation didn’t seem finished – and he knew what to do. He justified his course of action within himself with, One polite kiss won’t harm anything, either, will it? With that, Rick leaned over and placed a tender, lingering kiss on his lovely young guest’s cheek. She smiled and cooed dreamily in response.

Several minutes later, when Rick entered the gym, Jiz was already pouring sweat from lifting weights. “Well – you’re – late,” he grunted between reps, giving his friend an inquisitive look.

“Yeah; had a little complication this morning,” Rick responded. Jiz stopped pumping iron and looked over with an expectant grin. “Alright, alright!” exclaimed Rick, raising his hands in defeat and giving in to his friend’s unvoiced question. “She was totally sleeping naked on the couch when I was leaving to come down here this morning! Happy?”

“Is that all? C’mon, dude. I know you better than that,” Jiz countered. “What else happened?”

“I walked over and pulled the blanket back over her—”

Jiz continued to stare. Rick rolled his eyes.

“—while I felt her skin all along the way. Oh, and, I...uh...kissed her on the cheek – her face cheek, you oaf – before I left. Satisfied?” Rick finished. Jiz expressed his expectancy for more, but Rick assured him there wasn’t any.

“Well, sounds like she’s really giving you the go-ahead. Take her, man! She wants it! I envy you! She totally wants to get it on with you! How can you just deny an opportunity like this? Face it: you want it too,” argued Jiz. He proceeded to explain how he’d only endure punishment if he ended up caught – and again how easy it would be to keep it a secret.

Within Rick’s mind, thoughts were racing a million miles a minute. Everything Jiz explained was being factored in. Adelle’s eccentric – and erotic – behaviour was being compounded with it. All the while, his defences against such intrusions were receiving punishment and slowly breaking down – unless the attack was stopped dead in its tracks. It was true; he did greatly yearn for Adelle’s affections, though Rick knew what his responsibilities were. In the end, he had to disappoint his friend telling him that nothing would happen with Adelle anymore. From this point on, Rick’s resolve would be firm and undaunted. Jiz just smiled smugly for a long duration, as if dropping the gauntlet to issue the challenge.

“We shall see,” was Jiz’s entire, succinct retaliation.

After working out, Rick returned to his apartment. The workout had felt great; increased energy would be necessary to accomplish his designs to oppose Adelle’s advances once and for all. He wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Upon entering, the sweet smell of breakfast again permeated the air. A few dishes were already in the sink, but a hot meal was waiting for him on the counter. The familiar sounds of the shower pouring in down the hall were also present – complete with a set of erotic female squeals and groans. Rick rolled his eyes at the noise. Again, Adelle? He admitted to himself that he didn’t know a hornier teenage girl.

Adelle must have wanted to have another breakfast – and, Rick feared, possibly a shower – together, but she seemed occupied. What was she up to? He discovered the facts quickly as there was a note in Adelle’s handwriting beside his meal.

“Dear, Uncle Rick,” it read, “I’m probably already in the shower or possibly gone by the time you read this. My friends called again and they want to hang out for the day at the amusement park in town. Don’t worry, they’re picking me up and dropping me off again, so I’ll probably be gone for most of the day. I figured you probably wouldn’t mind. I’ll see you when I get home – or maybe when you get home if you’re going out with Jiz again. If it’s not ok, I’ll make it up to you later. You can count on that. [wink] Even if it’s not alright, I’ll still make up for my absence. [another wink] With love, Adelle. P.S. Hope you enjoy your meal! I’ve already had mine.”

Rick read the note a couple times to ensure he read it right. Adelle was going out again. Rick was relieved. Though it was obvious she didn’t know his exact schedule, she did want to let him know where she was. He appreciated that. Also, at least if his plans were cancelled this morning for an unforeseen reason, he wouldn’t need to worry about Adelle tempting him.

At that moment, he heard the shower shut off. Unless... he thought frightfully. Rick braced himself by obtaining his plate and relocating to the table to eat; he hoped Adelle wouldn’t just emerge from the bathroom without clothes. His fears were justified and confirmed. Seconds later, the sound of the bathroom door opening caused Rick’s pulse to race. Around the corner walked Adelle, her petite figure as devoid of clothing has Rick had last seen previous to him rectifying her nude expression, with the exception of a towel around her hair. Adelle’s breasts continued to ride high on her chest; her sensuous curves bore the alluring beads of water still clinging to them. Rick trembled with internal conflict as his eyes helplessly admired everything about her.

“Oh! Uncle Rick...” Adelle gasped as she stopped in the hallway and smiled. The entirety of Rick’s preparations vanished; with the addition of that smile, he couldn’t tear his eyes from her marvellous beauty now. Elation gripped him from head to toe again as he felt his pants getting tighter. Adelle giggled, “I didn’t know you would be here yet. I just need to grab a brush and stuff.” She walked briskly to the living room, retrieved her make-up bag and returned to the washroom, all without replacing any modesty on herself. Rick was again rendered speechless. What was wrong with him? He had to end this!

Quickly he finished his meal and turned with the intention to walk to his room to avoid another confrontation. It was futile. Adelle again exited the bathroom, this time with make-up applied, and again without any clothing. Rick froze halfway between the kitchen and his bedroom and gaped at her delectable femininity. She smiled and looked seductively underneath her eyebrows at her benefactor, stopping to pose and display her exposed female wares for Rick’s viewing pleasure. “You like?” she asked. It didn’t have the effect she intended; although tempted, Rick was fed up.

“Damn it, Adelle! Why the hell can’t you just wear some clothes when you’re around me!?” Rick shouted. He hadn’t meant his words to sound as harsh as they came out – particularly to such a beautiful and tender young woman – but he’d been surprised for a second time in less than ten minutes, though the scenario wasn’t entirely unexpected. He’d had enough! He had to terminate the situation or spend the rest of his life behind bars. He loved her as a niece, but he’d discovered it difficult enough to suppress his atavistic nature with Jiz’s constant jeering. Combine that with Adelle presenting herself in full nudity and it was becoming too much. He had to take decisive action or fall prey to his desires and defile his young ‘niece’.

Adelle recoiled in hurt. She pushed by him and into the living room. Now Rick felt really horrible. Pursuing and calling after her, he found his sweet visitor sitting bare and curled up in the fetal position on the couch, not wanting to face him. He leaned on the living room door frame and calmly apologized for losing his temper and raising his voice, but explained some of how he was feeling and how uncomfortable her unabashed tendency towards nudity was making him. She sat, listening, as silent tears rolled down her cheeks. She said nothing. She didn’t look up. Rick wanted to console her, but was afraid – not only that she’d refuse him, but also that he’d lose control and become an ultimate reprobate if he embraced the naked lass.

After a moment, he again apologized for his uncouth behaviour, confirmed that he loved her and could certainly continue to stay if she wanted, and wished her a good time that day with her friends. He promised to discuss it further with her later, but had to leave for his job at the present. That part of his story wasn’t entirely accurate, but Rick figured she didn’t need to know he worked later on, not immediately. Adelle still refused to speak and didn’t even look up at him. Rick left the room with a heavy heart, but promised himself that he’d make deeper amends later – if she decided to continue staying at his apartment for the rest of the week, that was.

By the time Rick had showered and changed, Adelle was gone. Fortunately, she had left another note.

“Dear, Uncle Rick, I love you, too, but was just shocked. I’ve hardly ever seen you get upset – and never at me before. I forgive you, though. I never wanted to make you to feel uncomfortable. I’m sorry I did. I just figured you were maybe ok with me being so open around you. I thought you liked what you saw, especially since you caressed me this morning (yes, I was awake [wink]). I’m not ashamed of my body and appreciate it being admired. I hope you’re not ashamed of it either. I will stop if you want, though. I want to discuss this, too. I’ll be home later. I hope you have a good day, too – although I bet mine will be better! [wink] All my love, Adelle. P.S. Thank you for not kicking me out.”

Kick her out? Rick could never do that. He was just relieved and considered himself lucky she hadn’t run away or chosen some similar action. Rick finished his preparations and left the apartment. Upon reaching his car, Rick contemplated on what to do to make amends. Unfortunately, every idea he could contrive resulted in the two of them making love to soothe the conflict – a situation he swore up and down to himself just wouldn’t happen! What else would they talk about, too? He was impressed with his ability to withstand her promiscuity. Could he keep it up, though? He found himself hoping his standpoint would deter any further displays of her body. That way resorting to anger wouldn’t be necessary to renew his stance.

Jiz arrived several minutes later. They decided on a pub to spend a couple hours at before work. After playing a few rounds of pool and foosball, they picked a table and ordered a meal each. After a bit of conversation, Jiz remarked that Rick was rather quiet all morning.

“’Sup, dude?” he asked, looking about to clarify they couldn’t be overheard. “You seem pretty down this morning. I gather you haven’t knocked her up yet or you wouldn’t be so morose.” Jiz always had a way with words. Rick appreciated his frankness and decided to confide his troubles with him and it drew a grin from him.

“Well...” Rick began, “I think I may have screwed things up. I got angry with her this morning. I yelled at her.”

“What? What for?”

“For walking around naked – all morning.”

Jiz’s jaw dropped and his eyes widened. “That’s a problem?”

“Jiz, don’t start.”

“You got mad at her for it? Dude, I thought that you—”

“What? That I want to screw her?” Rick interjected. “No way, man! Well...yes way, but I thought I explained to you this morning that, sure I want to, but I’m not going to! A fourteen-year-old? Seriously? No, I just can’t do that. At the very least, I’m going to do everything to resist; and if it takes me getting upset then so be it.”

Jiz digested this. “Well, dude, you’re a stronger man than I am. I probably would have skipped work a couple of days in a row now considering how horny she is. I doubt we’d even have our clothes on yet since she arrived at my apartment.” Their dinners arrived. After the waitress left Jiz continued, “I guess that’s why they didn’t trust her to me, huh? I commend you, though. It’s gotta be tough: me teasing you on this end, her throwing herself at you on that end.”

Grumbling in agreement, Rick admitted that Jiz had that right: it had NOT been a simple matter to keep himself off her after all the temptations on both fronts.

“Did you guys at least kiss and make up – emphasis on the kiss?” Jiz provoked.

Rick mocked a laugh before answering, “Yeah, more or less; for now at least. She ran to the couch and I stood in the doorway and apologized. She didn’t say anything then, but she left this for me while I was getting cleaned up.” Rick transferred the note to Jiz, who read it with interest.

“Well, sounds to me like she’s being honest. She’s probably still willing to offer herself to you if you want; but she seems willing to back off if you don’t,” Jiz interpreted.

“That’s what concerns me.”

“What do you mean?”

Rick sighed. “Do I or don’t I? Tough decision isn’t it?” he self-queried. Jiz looked at him for a second then laughed loudly, Rick joining in an instant later.

“Well, good luck either way,” Jiz offered.

“Yeah; thanks.”

Their topic of conversation changed soon after. A while later a couple of college-aged girls walked in. After flirting with them for a while and recording their numbers (which Rick felt Jiz was sure call for a night out – or in) they left for their shift in the kitchen.

The day at the restaurant was average. Rick and Jiz enjoyed their mutual banter as orders were placed and delivered. Rick’s tight hold of the place continued to pay off; again no orders were prepared inadequately or returned. It was certainly a matter of pride for the head chef. Rick ate up the praise from the kitchen staff and hotel management alike. For once in the past three days he felt like he was once again in ultimate control of his life’s direction.

Little did he know how quickly his circumstances could be altered.

Both Rick and Jiz were thoroughly exhausted by the time they returned home at nearly 11:00pm. Neither of them had an appetite to patronize the clubs. Though Jiz could have found the strength as always, they were both on duty in the morning. He wasn’t anticipating it happily.

Rick entered his apartment wearily. Soothing music broadcast itself softly from somewhere inside. Low lighting also emanated to enhance the atmosphere. It was relaxing for him, but a frightening realization rooted itself simultaneously; Adelle was already home. In his fatigued state, did he have the stamina to resist her?

“Hi, Uncle Rick,” Adelle announced from the living room as he entered into her view. “Did you and Jiz a good time at the clubs?”

“We both worked a late shift tonight, Adelle. We just finished a bit ago. No partying for us tonight, unfortunately,” he replied. Rick eyed his living room nervously; it was the source of the alluring illumination and melodies. What astonished him in particular was the presence of a massage table in the middle of the room! Where in the crap did she acquire that!?

This is SO not good... Rick thought; he refused to inquire about it just yet. In fact, he wanted to avoid the subject entirely. “I’m pretty tired, Adelle. I’m just going to go to bed. I’ve got to get up early.”

Adelle was adamant. “Uncle Rick,” she pled, “you said we could talk more tonight about what happened this morning. Please don’t run off just yet. I really want to talk about it.”

Entirely knowing it was against his better judgement, Rick halted his course and returned to the living room to place himself on the couch beside Adelle. Damn; she was so gorgeous! Her blonde hair was held up in a bun. Her makeup had been touched up recently and accentuated her most appealing facial features. She wore a loose-fitting, low-cut red t-shirt and a pair of high-cut black shorts, exposing most of her finely-toned legs.

He had to make this brief or he was positively going to fail.

“We can, as long as this doesn’t take too long. What about this morning is on your mind, Adelle?” he inquired.

“Ummm...well, if I walk around naked, does it really make you feel uncomfortable?” was the question she returned.

Choosing his words carefully, Rick confessed, “Well, Sweetie, yeah; it really kinda does.”


“Well, I’d say mainly because you’re so beautiful.”

“Beautiful?” she confirmed with her trademark smile. “Uncle Rick, you really think I’m beautiful?”

This could get out of hand very quickly, Rick knew. “Yes, I do, Adelle. In fact I know it,” he encouraged. He knew a moment of truth had arrived. “Addy, Sweetie, if it’s ok with you, I’m going to be upfront and honest with you because I think you deserve it and can handle it.

“Look: your mom told me that you have been – shall we say – getting involved with a lot of guys,” he started; Adelle blushed and bowed her head, a little embarrassed. “Sweetie, that kind of thing can destroy a girl’s self-esteem and confidence instantaneously if she opens herself too willingly to too many guys too quickly, especially if she’s too young. I’ve seen it a lot. I don’t want to hurt you, Sweetie; I’m not going to be the cause of it. Not only that, but you’re, rather unfortunately I’ll admit, not someone I should be involved with [Adelle smiled] – especially sexually [her smile grew] – due to our age differences, and particularly because you’re underage.” Rick was getting to the most difficult portion now. “All the exposure to your – [he sighed] – if I may use a euphemism, budding feminine shape [Adelle giggled] has made it extremely difficult to resist taking advantage of you. I’m like your uncle, Adelle, and I love you that way. I’m not supposed to love you any other way – at least not right now. Therefore, I’m not going to jeopardize our relationship or our lives just because I want to have sex with you. Before this week, the thought had never even crossed my mind, to be honest!

“That’s why it makes me uncomfortable, Sweetie,” Rick explained. “It’s not that I’m ashamed of your body or that I think you should be either. You should be proud of it! You body looks,” he glanced over her, nearly turning his resolve to putty as a familiar stir rumbled in his loins, “spectacular! Your young body’s so well-shaped. If I may say it, you’re damn hot! I’d put you against any girl I met in college or since and you’d probably win the ‘drop-dead-gorgeously sexy’ contest against them. I’m serious, Sweetie.”

By this time Adelle’s face had entirely turned a deep shade of red, but she was smiling widely. Rick knew enjoyed and appreciated the shower of compliments and praise he was offering. He hoped she knew he meant every word.

Despite his attempts to quell her lustfulness, Adelle remarked, “So, you really do want me.”

Knowing he had few other options than to yield, Rick breathed deeply and replied, “Yes; I honestly think you’re someone I’d enjoy dating and even having sex with – if you were older. I’m just not willing to hurt you, Adelle. That’s why I got so upset this morning. I don’t like even having the want in me to do that to you,” he concluded.

Adelle digested his words. She responded thoughtfully, “What if it’s not going to hurt me? What if I want to share my sexuality with you? What if I aim to cause that ‘want’ in you so you can act on it?”

A whirlwind of emotions grasped Rick. He was in over his head and he knew it. This fourteen-year-old had him cornered. How could he reply? Regretfully, he copped out, “Well, Sweetie, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it and at the right time; I don’t think it’s a good one to cross right now. Maybe we can revisit the idea in a few years.” Once he expressed those words, the whirlwind settled somewhat only to reveal to Rick his growing attraction to Adelle. He was coming to grips with knowing he had a desire to allow more than just their current uncle/niece status to flow between them and allowing it to flow unrestricted.

The young woman was visibly disappointed, but content with the explanation. “Ok, Uncle Rick. I’ll try to be mindful of that.”

“Thank you, Adelle. I’ve gotta get to bed, okay?” he sighed, brushing his cheek with his hand. He knew this was his getaway moment. Arising to retreat to his bedroom, he considered the conversation over and the matter closed – momentarily. Unfortunately, Adelle wasn’t quite as willing to end their evening.

“Uncle Rick?” she called. He grimaced, halting with apprehension again in the doorway.

“Yeah, Sweetie?” he responded with wanton agony.

“Has all this really stressed you out?” she queried. He remembered the massage table and knew immediately where this new conversation was heading.

“Well, yeah. I guess it has somewhat.” He turned around to see her reaction. She was beaming up at him and reaching out to pat the massage table.

Responsively, Rick closed his eyes in reluctant hesitation. “ you really think that’s a good idea after what we just discussed?” Rick’s heart was pounding, his phallic member beginning to swell, protesting against his conscience. He had to maintain control of himself and the situation. They had just discussed what made him uncomfortable – and what he wanted to avoid. Exactly how anxious was she to challenge his resolve?

“Please, Uncle Rick? It’ll feel good and help you sleep. I promise! Besides, I just want to massage you, not do anything overly sexual.” Her pleading broke his defences – but the words ‘overly sexual’ resided heavily in the air. What was considered ‘overly’?

Defeated, Rick sighed and removed his shirt, followed by everything below the belt with the exception of his boxers. Adelle sat watching with rapt interest for a moment. Finally she prodded, “C’mon, Uncle Rick. I’m going to need full access if I’m to do this properly.”

Rick groaned, further defeated, in response. He directed a meaningful stare at her and she giggled and turned around. Removing his last article of clothing, he was now once again positioned in full nudity in Adelle’s presence – something he considered impossible to happen again after their frank discussion only moments ago. His sexual friend announced himself boldly. At least her back is turned, Rick thought – until he noticed her staring at his reflection in one of the two large mirrors flanking his entertainment centre.

He sighed, exasperated, shaking his head at her reflection. Adelle laughed triumphantly, accepting this erroneously as permission to reface him despite his condition. Rick began to object, but quickly relented; it’d take more effort than it was worth to repel her now than to climb onto the table. Summarily vanquished and outsmarted by the fourteen-year-old beauty, he crawled onto the massage table, obtaining a towel nearby and draping it across his dorsal midsection. Adelle stood, neared him, covered her hands in oil and commenced her relaxation techniques.

As a masseuse, Adelle was highly skilled and adept. What doesn’t this girl do – and where did she learn to do it all? Rick thought. Her petite hands were abundantly resourceful at penetrating deeply into Rick’s muscle tissues and flattening out his contorted, knotted muscles. Beginning at his feet, she gradually and methodically coursed up his legs. It was true; her benign techniques quelled Rick’s aching muscles and nerves and it felt fantastic. He acknowledged to himself that Adelle certainly knew how to deliver a massage.

Adelle was also – surprisingly – considerate and professional when it came to massaging the territory beneath the towel. She exposed only what she needed, ensuring to replace the towel when proceeding on. Highly impressed and relieved, Rick relaxed tremendously under her competent and proficient kneading. Perhaps she had understood the message he had been attempting to deliver a few minutes ago.

They conversed lightly as she massaged his back, arms, shoulders and neck. She was insistent on his pure relaxation, though, which included the treatment being devoid of speech. Rick had to admit, the idea has its merits –no conversing would probably result in less complicated situations. He couldn’t shove his foot in his mouth as easily. Slowly he could sense his consciousness being whisked away as Adelle continued the soothing therapy.

Eventually, she requested he turn over. Rick’s nerved unsettled a little, knowing that his masculine expression was now barely obscured. One fluid movement would be enough to expose him to Adelle’s adroit workmanship. He found himself – in both dread and euphoria – envisioning her manipulation along and over his rigid manhood. Somehow, though, he relaxed and again began to lose some consciousness as Adelle meandered her hands across his chest and legs.

So completely placated, Rick failed to notice as his teenage attendant did indeed gradually drove the towel off of him, one pass at a time. All at once, gravity overcame his cover and dragged it to the floor.

The first thing Rick’s awareness perceived was the soft thud of fabric landing on a surface, followed swiftly by a slight, delighted gasp. In his dreamy state, Rick didn’t register what had just transpired. Once Adelle’s knowledgeable hands gripped his sensitive organ, however, his eyes opened with a start. Rick braced himself up on his elbows, his eyes demanding to know what Adelle’s intentions were. It didn’t take long to find out.

“’t...” Rick started as she stroked him softly. Pleasure won over perseverance. “Ohhh...” he breathed.

Adelle radiated her smile. “I know you said not to tempt you, Uncle Rick, and I’m not really trying to – well, much. I’m just trying to make things up to you by releasing all the tension I caused,” she explained. Laying a hand softly on his chest, she pushed him gently back onto the table. While she increased her rhythm over his now well-oiled extension, she whispered, “Just relax, Uncle Rick. Please just enjoy this.”

Rick lay back on the table, now fully willing to oblige. A conundrum formulated in Rick’s mind: he had just been emphatic that this not happen, and here he was now fully permitting it? She had agreed to desist, too! Yet, here they were again with her stroking his privy member methodically and pleasurably – and some segment of Rick’s mind didn’t care that is was considered ‘wrong’. His carnal half truly desired this every bit as much as she did, if not more.

Despite her age, her soothing caress felt so wonderful! The diversity of techniques Adelle was familiar with was overpowering! Adelle stroked, varying her speeds, directions, intensities and areas of concentration. She teased with light touches which made him cry for more. The more intense approaches she used levitated Rick off the table with sheer ecstasy. Using the slick oil, he offered her free reign over his entire bold engorgement.

“Ohhh...!” Rick groaned in pleasure, “Oh, Addy! Oh,’t...! Ahhh...hmmm!! Yeah...mmmm...! Keep...going...aaah...! Keep...ohhh...going...! so...close...oh!”

Adelle needed no encouragement; her smooth hands coursed across Rick’s manhood repeatedly, making an especially concentrated effort across the ridges of his circumcised head. Elation began to drown Rick’s mind. Delighted, he offered himself over entirely to Adelle’s concentrated massage. His orgasm was approaching quickly – and he found himself excited at the prospect. He knew innately he shouldn’t be enjoying this, but some new emotion coursing though him dictated otherwise. While enveloped in his bliss, Rick wondered if his mind could be changing as he entertained the notion of being lovers with this young beauty.

As his climax approached, Rick knew it would be explosive. He hadn’t had a hand job for some time – and one this exquisite was difficult to obtain. Beyond that, a sweet fourteen-year-old was source of his pleasure. Rick’s fortune couldn’t get much better. All at once, Rick’s body seized. He white-knuckled the sides of the table as his muscles began focusing all the pressure in his body to a single point.

“Adelle...! Ohhh, keep...going, Sweetie...! So good...! That’s so good...! I...! I’m...c-c-... OHHH...!” Rick grunted rapturously as he reached his pleasured crescendo. Sure enough, his spasming extension spewed its contents liberally. Like a volcano, an eruption of his fluids plastered his torso and chest. Adelle squealed with delight as she witnessed each salvo launch and the excess drained off the head and down the shaft of Rick’s now shrinking penis onto her hands. Ceaselessly, she continued her handling though Rick’s favoured digit became increasingly flaccid. The motions sent wonderful electric shivers down his spine.

Once Rick’s phallus settled back into its nest of pubic hair, Adelle leaned over and kissed Rick passionately – far more passionately than any niece should kiss her uncle, blood related or not. Rick could feel one hand still gripping his manliness, her other on his chest. It felt sensational to him. Although Rick knew it wasn’t right, he was anxious to thank her. He indulged in her sweet lips and returned the affection, just as deeply. He justified it to himself; he’d express his appreciation with any woman this way, wouldn’t he? Why should he make an exception for Adelle? After their lips and tongues danced for an extended period, Adelle spoke.

“How did that feel, Uncle Rick? Was that good for you? Relaxed now?” she queried softly. Her eyes shone like the purest sapphires in the dim light, as if playfully daring him to contradict her. She grazed her fingers across his relaxed penis.

A moan escaped from Rick’s lungs. His body felt fantastically satisfied, his sex drive moreso. In kind, Rick replied, “Ohhh...Adelle... You’re so beautiful; but you really shouldn’t be touching me sexually, Sweetie, let alone giving me orgasms. Really, you should rarely – if ever – even see me without a shirt other than for swimming! But, yes, that felt so good!” Adelle beamed a proud grin from ear to ear. Rick loathed shattering the moment. “But,” he continued, “this has to be the last time, Adelle. We can’t do this anymore. Understand? It’s just not appropriate.”

“If you say so,” she responded smugly.

“I mean it, Sweetie,” Rick threatened idly; he hadn’t a clue how he’d enforce that. “This is unbecoming of us – and we both know it, don’t we? Now, I’m going to stand, clean up and go to bed. You’re going to sleep out here. We can’t have any more of this fooling around for the rest of the week or ever again. Clear?”

“If you say so,” she mocked again with her wry smile. As she finally removed her hands from his body, there was a contesting stare in her crystal-blue eyes. Rick knew he had stirred up a hornet’s nest. What was he in for? Certainly, he was in over his head. There had to be some contingency he hadn’t attempted yet – but what was it?

Retrieving the towel, Adelle wiped her hands clean while continuing her optical taunt, not saying a word. When she finished, Rick relieved her of the towel and cleaned the evidence of his satisfaction from his own body. Obtaining his clothes, he glanced back once more to his appealing young friend who had begun to undress for her own slumber. Her gaze still challenged his resolve.

Rick shook his head and pointed a finger. “That was the last time, Adelle,” he confirmed. She only smirked and looked back.

Reaching the privacy of his room, Rick took measure of his circumstances. There was a profound affinity building in him for Adelle. He knew it. What’s more, he was certain Adelle’s analysis of his emotions had uncovered it, too; she also knew it was there.

Rick sighed and dropped his clothes before crossing to his bed. The entire scenario weighed on him. Unfortunately for them, he knew it was currently entirely improper for them to have any semblance of such a union. Could he refuse her, though? Climbing under the covers offered wonderfully cooling sensations across his still-naked body. Adelle’s thorough massage had done the trick; Rick quickly drifted off into slumber.

Nevertheless, Rick painfully assured himself of one thing: he believed himself to be falling in love with fourteen-year-old Adelle.

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2014-01-20 16:34:54
This was really good, I always enjoy the teasing more than the ultimate climax. I went thru my young adulthood with 5 very attractive young nieces of various ages and always fantasized. As far as it went was ogling and peeping they developed. This was the ultimate.


2012-04-12 12:29:31
In case you haven't seen it, it's out. Had a couple of editing/publishing mishaps and I ended up posting it twice. Wish they'd let you delete a failed post. Anyways, they're not quite as polished as others, but they still work.

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When's the next part coming out???

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Good work again keep it up.

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