My hot nephew changed me and our relations
My name is Rekha, I am 33 years of age and married in a affluent joint family, we have a 3 storied house in Meerut, my husband are 2 brothers, His elder brother stays on first floor with his family he has a son Akash studying in 12th and a daughter Akanksha in 7th grade, Me, my husband and our 3 year old son on 2nd floor while ground floor is for parents in laws and guests, this way we are together as well as have our own privacy.
My husband’s name is Rajeev and his elder brother is Sanjeev , both are very good friends as well as brother , Sanjeev bhaiyya is 4 years older than Rajiv who is 8 years elder to me .
5 years back when my marriage took place and I came to this house , I found that Rajni Bhabhi and Rajeev are very close to each other and keep playing jokes with each other which sometimes made me uneasy , slowly I came to know that Rajeev and Rajni had relations before my marriage , I was shocked and confronted Rajeev , who just laughed it away saying that since we two are close and keep playing Jokes and indulge in hugging etc. that’s why some people may be thinking that way , then he retorted that even if that was the case it’s all in the past and I should not be worrying too much about any more.
Rajeev is working in Delhi and have to sometimes stay back whenever he gets late at work, since I am then alone at the second floor , which also has open roof and connects to nearby home , Parents in laws ensured that in such times Akash came to sleep with me , this was the practice for last three years .
He would be told to come to me or, I would call him saying that chacha nahi ayenge aj tu upper ake so jana.
Since he was 11-12 when my marriage took place, he was like my own child, he would sleep with me closely hugging me, some time when I was breast feeding my son 2 years he would sitting there playing with my son or simply watching me breast feeding innocently, he was so innocent that he would demand that he be allowed to drink milk like his cousin brother, and sometime when I was having extra quantity, I let him suck some, it was like mother son relationship.
Few days back , when we were sleeping , I felt that his hands were roaming all over me , which was nothing unusual as he had the tendency to throw limbs around in sleep , and I was used to it ,but this time I felt that it was different , so I just woke up but remained still as in sleep.
I soon realized that his hands were going all over me from my thighs to stomach to breasts and his thigh was over mine and I felt something hard being into side of my thigh, then I realized that he was actually dry humping me slowly while squeezing my breasts, I deliberately changed pose a little so that I could allow him more access and feel that hard thing poking my side.
And the minute I touched it I knew it was a cock, and hard.
My breaths became hard from shock and excitement, as I became aware that Akash was actually trying to dry hump me but remained still and let him do what he wanted to.
His hands were going from one breast to other and down on stomach and on my thigh and belly, I was wearing sari so he did not have much success but he kept pressing his dick to my side, hugging me tight, after about 30 minutes his thrusts became harder and he slid his face near mine and placed his lips on my cheek and slid towards my neck and then chest.
After few moments he slid one of his hand on my thigh almost grabbing it and pulling and thrust hard and stayed , I clearly felt his cock spasming even under cloths , he had come , I was sure .
After a minute or so he got up and went to bathroom, I quickly felt at the spot where he was poking me, yes there was this small wet patch.
I did not know what to do, he was like my son and here doing these things to me.
I felt like calling everybody immediately and showing them, but what benefit will that cause?
I decided to think before taking any action, considering all pro and cons, I decided that it would cause serious stain to harmonious home environment and I would handle him differently.
Second time, same thing happened, he dry humped me and came, then third time.
Every time, I let him do it, thinking that I should stop it, but letting it happen eventually.
I called my close friend home and told her the story, and sought her advice, she laughed allowed and asked me “dekhne mein kaisa hai”
‘Meaning “I was surprised by her irrelevant question,
She cooed “you lucky Bitch, What are you waiting for”
He is like my own son, u BITCH, I slapped her lightly
“ mere sath bhej de fir , mera to bhatija nahin lagta wo , aur tera bhi kaun sa blood relation hai”
I only got more confused, when next time Rajeev called that he was not going to be able to reach home tonight, my heart bounced suddenly and I could hear my own heart beat racing.
I called Akash to come and sleep here , but found myself taking bath and applying powder and perfume , I did not realize it till , Akash told me “ chachiji aj to bahut mahak rahi ho ap “ and he placed his arms around my waist and inhaled closely from my neck .
“Khana kha liya“ I could only ask that before freeing myself
Unmindful of any answer, I was kind of lost somewhere
I shuddered thinking what the hell was I doing??
It was warm day of April, fans had been started, I wore just a gown, bra and panties inside and no blouse and petticoat, my mind was prohibiting me but I was doing all this as if under the influence of some evil spirit.
Soon we laid down on bed, my son on one side and Akash on other,
“Aj to mein bahut thak gayi yaar“ I said, preparing to sleep.
“Paer dabadoon chachi“ he asked
I considered the request for some time and said “achcha bachcha hai , chal daba de das minute ko “
“ pehle darwaje check kar le aur pani rakh le “
He got up and checked the door and came .
“ light bhi band kar de”
There was moon light on the roof in front and seeping in through the main window , though there was drape over it but after few minutes eyes became accustomed to see in that low light.
I rolled over to my stomach as I saw him sitting by me , my heart almost popping min my mouth .
He placed his hands on both side of back of my knee and pressed it , it was so soothing and exciting , hands moved in tandem lower and lower , till one hand touched the ankle the other on calf , then moved up and up till one hand reached my thigh , the moved up till both hands were on my thigh, I was almost gasping , I parted my legs a bit , and found my self wet , very very wet .
I stopped him “ ab neeche “
He started moving down again till he went down to the ankle again , then moved back up .
This time I could not stop him , his hands pressed up to my hips .
I asked him to now switch to other leg .
I received the same treatment on the other leg , his hands were so gentle yet strong and so exciting .
My body was now singing a different tune, when he was pressing my thigh , I don’t know how and why I lifted my legs up from the knees and the air of the fan from top threw my gown down and now my gown was lifted up to my thighs .
When his hands slid down this time they found on my naked calves, he kind of hesitated then instead of pressing them he started feeling them all around , one leg and then other , I was getting hornier and hornier just by being touched at calves .
Then I realized that his hand was now mowing up on my naked thigh , there was complete silence but I could hear sound of my racing heart and fan.
His hand keep moving up , inside , outside pressing , squeezing , roaming till It touched my pantie liner .
I stopped him by reaching to him and holding his hand with mine .
He did not understand “ kya hua chachi” but moved to the other thigh.
Then he palced both of hinds on my naked thighs and moved from back of knees up simultaneously ,
“my god , this was horniest movement I had felt so far , he kept doing it , his both hands moving up till my hips and low till my ankle.
This was no way an innocent movement , it was lust , his hands were exploring my thighs full of lust and desire and passion .
I was going totally out of control , suddenly In the heat of the moment I pulled him on top of me , then quickly regained my composure and said “ bas ab rahne de , bahut der ho gayi “
“ thordi der aur karne dona chachi”
“ nahi bas ab so ja mujhe need a rahi hai “ I was not going to be able to sleep whole night unless I got sexual relief but I lied to him.
“ Achchca next time karne dogi na ?” his intention had become clear though innocently
Stupid gave himself away I thought but fumbled for an answer
“ why “ I asked “ maje le raha that chachi se”
He did not speak anything but slid by my side and hugged me close “ ap mujhe bahut achchi lagti ho chachi “ and then he kissed me on my lips .
I turned away reluctantly and acting angry “ kya kar raha hai , chal so ja ab”
Next time I wore similar gown which opened from the front and wore only bra and pantie inside.
When I reached bed after finishing house hold chores , he was waiting watching TV, I slid in between my son and him.
He came close, put his arm and leg on me as usual, asking "chachji paer daba doon?"
I replied "nahi aj thik hai rahne de"
Soon I was feining sleep and within no time his hand was roaming on my body ,feeling my stomach, belly and chest .then suddenly but slowly he placed his hand on my breast ,gently squeezing it as I had expected then on other.
And I begin to feel heAt rising in me ,my belly tingled with his touches but I stayed still , then I felt his hand exploring button on my gown between my breasts, he opened one button then waited for some times ,his hand then slid down to second button again waited for some time and then third and fourth which was at my belly just above pantie.
I was getting exciteD by his manouvres ,he slid his hand in my gown and felt top half of my right breast then moved it over it squeezed it then felt my naked skin till pantie line , there he waited his fingers slowly moved along the elastic band , then pressed, fingers on side of belly and slid under the elastic band ,
I was all wet by then And I did not want to let him feel my wet pussy yet .
So as his fingers were about to reach my pussy I changed side , facing away from him, his hand slid aWay and rested on the side of my hip.
He stayed that way for Some time thEn came cLoser and pressed his dick to my hips , I did not move, after a while he started rocking back and forth rubbing his dick hard against my butt.
He slid his hand on the button of my gown in front , I was amazed by his courage.
He opened remaining buttons and slowly pulled the half side of my gown towards himself and let it fall between our bodies.
My gown was now only sticking to mY shoulders , I was naked except bra and panties , without button other half had fallen in front of me.
He continued his movement , rubbing his dick in my back , he was holding my waist with his arms closely amd dry humping me , bed was rocking slowly , after a while he stopped and popped himself up and opened my bra hook , I amost gasped as he cupped my naked breast with his sweaty , hot hand.
My mind wanted to stop it but my body wAs having different but strong ideas.
Finally I just let it go and start concentrating on pleasure settling the dispute between mind and body.
His movements had grown bolder and bolder , he slid the gown ofF my shoulder and pulled it through my arm.
I felt him shifting and propping himself up on his left hand and. Fumbling with his pyzama, this time I felt his naked chest against my back as he placed his cheek on mine and hand on my breast , he was breathing bery hard and his cheek was burning hot , then I felt his naked cock pushing against my ass Crack, I gasped as he pushed hard then coNtrolled myself and let him do his things , he kept pushing his dick between my legs agaInst my wet pantie.
It had starting slipping between my thighs , rubbing my pantie clad wet pussy.when ifelt his cock spasming and he pushed hard panting in my ears and I felt warm liquid being pumped between my already wet thighs.
AftEr his spasms had died he stopped and waited till he was breathing normally then rolled away and got up.
I was horny like hell and dissappointed now, without thinking I just Got up and before he copuld move ,put the light out.
Then I screamed " HERE !!! WHAT IS. THIS !!! YE. KYA. HAI "
He tried to move away but I slpped him hard on the face .
He immediately fell down on bed. Hiding his face in his both hands.
I was sitting there wewaring a uncomfortAly wet pantie , my bra dangling in my arm .
He was lying face down, fAce hidden in his hands smeared with his own cum.
"SALE !! KUTTE CHACHI KI LEGA !!!,and I slpped his butt hard , then I jumped over him to floor and took my rubber chappal in hand and start hitting him hard on his buttocks, I was standing wearing only panties and my naked boobs dangling free.
I was a dominitrix in action.
WHAK¡¡¡ PHAT ¡¡ SLAP!!!! PHAT!!!
I kept hitting his buttocks hard with chchappal and scorning him, everytime chchappal hit his buttock his body convulsed with pain but I was getting a special kind of pleasure , and getting hornier and hornier enjoying hitting him on the buttocks.
He whimpered" sorry chachiji galati ho gayi ab kabhi nahin karoonga , pl maf kardo "
But I was mericlessly beating him, then shockingly for myself, out of some kind of dark spirit I snatched his pyjama down extremely roughly tearing off its elastic and button and pulling it down to his thighs .
His buttocks were red and I could see sack of balls between, this excited me Even more and I felt tingling sensation in my clit as I hit his buttocks, leaving red marks on his white buttocks , the tingling sensation had become unbearable and I needed relief now , I sat down on floor and masterbated silently and feverishly, panting like a bitch I had become , I came quickly and took some time to recover then dried myself with a towel, akasah had remained in the same postion all the while unaware of what was going on near him.
I wAs trully surprised by my own behaviour, a bit concerned , I wore my bra and picked up gown from the bed and wore and tOok out my wet panties and threw it away, i straightened my hairs and got on to the bed again , pushing akash roughly away " khisak udhar, sala kutta kahin ka"
He did not say Anything just slided sideward leaving space for me , his buttocks were deep red and still naked so I reached to it and pulled his pyzama back , I felt pity for him and my this gesture gave him courage as he quickly to my feet and grabbing them started sobbing " pl chachi mujhe aur maro , per kise se kahna nahi mein mar jaounga, age kabhi galati nahi hogi pl "
I sat up and pulled his hairs gently and said" chal idhar aa ,jab maine khud hi punishment de di to nahin kahoongi, ja usko saf karke a aur pyzama badal ke a "
Still keeping hands on his face he said " chachi pl ap kisise kahna nahi"
" Bol to diya nahin kahoongi " I said softly.
He got up and holding his torn pyzama front went to bathroom.
I put off the light and lie down wating for him and wondering , what was going to happen now.
He came back and whispered slowly " chachi mera pyzama to phat gaya hai , aur doosra to neeche hai , mein neeche hi jakar so jata hoon"
" Aur kisine dekh liya to kya batayega ki kaise phata ye aur geela kyou hai , tu mujhe bhi marwayega bewkoof kahin ka"
" Ek kam kar , meri towel pardi hai bathroom mein wo lapet ke aja"
He came back soon and slipped in the bed , I took turn towards him and putting an arm around pulled him close , he hesitated normally he would have done the same .
Then I fingered his hairs gently and felt his face then lightly kissed on his fore heas and cheeks , his body relaxed in my arms as I said " koi bat nahin bachche, is age mein aisa ho jata hai "
Then I reached lower and toched over his buttocks " bahut mara na chachi ne?"
He replied" bahut dard ho raha hai !"
"Kuchch laga doon ?" I asked
" Nahi" he shifted a bit fearfully and and as a reult his towel opened up
He gasped panicking " Chachi towel mein neend nahi ayegi bar bar khul rahi hai, mein neeche hi chala jata hoon"
I did not let my arm loosen around him and said " abhi nanga leta tha to kuchch nahi hua tha , leta rah aur so ja chupchap"
He tied his towel again and laid silently.
I kept feeling his ass over towel gently, His face was close to my neck and his hot breaths were making me hot again.
I asked softly " ye tune masterbation kab se shuru kiya"
" Karib Ek sal se " hesitatingly he purred in my ear.
"Jab tu masterbation kartA hai to Kya khayal Ate hain ?"
" Ladkiyon ke , heroins ke ..." He hesitated
" Mere ? " I asked
" Han"
" Kab se"
2-3 sal se ,
"Achcha mujhe to pata hi nahi chala Tabhi tu mere uper hath ferta tha"
He did not speak
Then said " apne mujhe maf kar diya?"
"Mein hansi" aur kya karti tu hai hi itna pyara"
" Ap jyada pyari ho ... Ap ap mujhe bahut achchi lagti ho"
" Aur jo abhi itni pitayi hui wo ?"
" Ap to chahe jan se bhi mar dalo , mein uff nahi karoonga"
I kissed him again passionately on his cheek but he did not return it.I preessed his butt and asked "dard ho raha hai kya?
He said " bahut jalan ho rahi hai"
"Ek kam kar side table se khopre ka uthala mein laga deti hoon thandak par jayegi"
He got up holding hi towel awkwardly went to the table and came back"
I sat up and told hi to lie down on his stomach.
" Mein laga loonga chachi"
"Chal let ja chupchap ab kaisa sharma raha hai"
I then got hold of his towel and lowered it, he resisted " chikni ho jayegi neeche kar use , abhi mere sare sharir per hath fer raha tha tab sharm nahi ayi thi , ab jab mein kar rahi hoon to sharma raha hai"
In the dim light his butt was still clearly visible , I poured some of that oil on one of his butt then gently applied it all around till it became dry an then I moved to other , same treatment , finally at the end in order to dry my hand I rubbed it against back of his thighs causing him to shudder.
" Achcha laga"
"Skin dry ho jati hai tel lagwa liya kar mujhse "
"Ab tu Chachi ke paer dab de thordi der"
" Ji chachi " and as he sat up trying to cover his erection by towel , I laid down on my satomach, hiding my smile
He started pressing my legs and I started getting hornier
But he was hesitant and did not go higher than half of my thighs , so I asked "aur uper tak kar"
He slipped up few inches more but stopped short of hips , so I reahed down and pulled his hand and placed at center point of my butt telling him. " yahan press kar achcha lagta hai"
He was kind of frozen, then started pressing with his 2 fingers and there only not moving much.
"Achchi tarah daba pure hath se" then
"Dono hath se mard jaise hath chala ab" I challanged him.
He must be thorughly cofused I thought .
He put both of his hands oN my hips and pressed " ummn aise !!! Massage si kar " he rotated his fingers and hand on each of my hips, Icould hear his hard and fast breaths and mine too.
" Ummmm jor Se charo taraf , Aise han , skiN dry ho rahi hai tel laga de jara "
Then I felt his hands applying oil on my foot amd then he moved on my calves and then to thighs .
" Achchi tarh laga de kamar tak" I gave him freedom.
His hands moved up and up on back of my thighs and then to my hips , movig all arround , all around , having pushed the gown up to my waist.
I was horny enough to cum any time and my pussy was flowiNg like a river.
So I called him " bas ab so ja"and I pulled him by his hand .
He tried to tie his ever slipping towel " kya hua "
Towel khul gayi hai"
"KhuL jane de yahan kaun dekh raha hai tujhe "
pulling him , I turned to my side facing him and taking him in my arms, he too placed an arm around me, I ran my hand down his back and found the towel loosly wrapped around him.
I pulled him close and whispered " jaise tujhe hota hai waise mujeh bhi hota hai , per meiane control kiya huia tha tune aj pure sharir mein ag si laga di hai"
"Kya karna chahta hai tu mere sath?"
"Kuchch nahi "
" 2 sal se tardap raha tha batana chhahiye tha na" rubbing my burning face against his I whispered
" Kya kahta , ap marti nahin , abhi to mar mar ke lal kar diye hain , phir to ap sab ko bata deti"
He was correct after a pause "ab karna chahta hai tu ?" I whispered , nibled his ear lobes and slid my hand down and threw away his towel.
He was totally confused and surprised.
He could only muster "chachi"
"Agar tu kisiko bataye na to mein ek bar karne de sakti hoon tujhe"I flet his buttocks and then slid my hand in between to his belly , he slid back abit to allow me access and I held his cock in my fingers , it was hard like rock and pulsating and wet .
" Kabhi ap kuchch kahti ho , kabhi kuchch"he whispered in ttembling voice but slid his hand on my hip and squeezed.
"Tu nahi samjhega abhi" I continued .
" To aja uper" and I turned on back and spread my legs wide and my gown up though it was not needed.
He placed his hAnd on my belly and felt all over asking " uspe hath laga loon?"
"Jo marji kar "his hand moved down to my pussy with that permission
It was electrifying touch my whole body tightened and involuntarily my waist went up to meet his probing fingers as I pulled his face to mine and kissed him like never before .
He kept probing my pussy and finally got the hole and slipped a finger in while we kissed.
When we were breathless we broke kiss panting as he whispered " ekdam gili hai ye "
I pulled him on top panting " le ab leta kyon nahi hai"
He quickly munted me as I gasped
" De mujhe , dal de meri raja "reached between our bodies and guided his cock to my pussy.
"Issssss mmmmmm de de pura de de"
It slid in all the way before I could say it .
It was real hard and hot and I had never felt so horny in my life and that forced me to start buckling up and down to meet his thrust , only few thrust and I felt his cock expanding and that was sufficient to trigger my own orgasm and we were both coming together immmediately .
Thrashing and trying to get inside each others body.
Panting and thrashing and hands roaming everywhere.
I could feel his cock still twitching inside me and liquid flowing down from my pussy to ass hole and down on bed , slowly he started getting soft and slipped out of me but stayed on top .
I hit his naughtily saying " leli chachi ki kutte " and bit his shoulder hard .
"Ouchh !! Chachi ap bahut achchi ho , I love you "
" I love you too raje per aj ke bad hAm ye aur nahi karenge ?
" Kyon chachi apko achcha nahin laga ?"
" Nahi raje , mujhe bahut maja aya per tu mera bhatija hai na ki khasam kisi ko pata chala to dono ki jindagi kharab ho jayegi"
" Aj to aur kar kar sakte hain na?"
" Aj to tu man bhar le achchi tarah per ab hat saf karoon "
He slid off me , I sat up and dried my pussy with his towel then dried his cock with it , then pulled on my gown without bothering to close thE buttons , I put the lights on , he was lying there all naked with towel covering his cock.
Our eyes met for the first time and I smiled as he turned his gaze away shyly, there was a huge wet spot on bed sheet , it could not have been only his, I had squirted a lot this time I thought .
" Ab sharma raha hai ladkiyon ki tarah , kharda ho bed sheet change karni paregi " saying that I pulled his towel away as he stood up.
For the first time I saw him he had a beautiful cock now fully erect again, I went closer and started kissing him again standing and with one hand grabbed his cock , it twitched immediately .
After a long passionate kiss I sat down on the bed and puleed him closer by his buttocks , his cock inches away from my face , I could smell his manly scent as he stood there naked
I took it in my hand and played with it while he watched , his hands on my head .
Then I dried it thoroughly with the towel and took him in my mouth.
The exotic pleasure caused him to flinch, I looked up and winked at him , his face was red and somber .
" Chcchchii pleeeasee!!!!" He pushed it in till I gagged.
Then I pulled it out and slapped his butt .
Standing up slowly removed the bed sheet rolling my sleeping son over to the side and replaced with a new one with his help my attention was more on his swaying cocK then on bedsheet.
I put off the light and pulled him close and started sucking his cock till I felt that he may cum any moment , I stopped and lie down pulling him on top of me .
He immdiately started trying to penetrate me , I took his face in me hands and whispered " easy tiger easy the night is yours love" and beging to kiss him passionately
" Chachi ek bar aur karne dogi na". He spoke as the kiss was finally broke.
" Aj jitni bar kar sakta hai karle ,uske bad nahi, smajhata hai na"
"Jee chachiji"
And I begin kissing him again , as he pushed away gown from my shoulder and started opening my bra , I lifted my back , he reAched to my back and tried opening my bra , after a while I reached back and opened the hOok my self.
"Boobs dabane se pehle bra kholne ki practice kar le "
" Chachiji light jalaloon?"
"Kyon ?"
" Mein apko nanga dekhna chahta hoon "
" Abhi dekha nahin tha kya?"
" Achchi tarah nahi. Dekha"
" Aj ki raat teri hai merI jaan , jo marji kar"
:sat up and put on the light again,I was lying all naked on bed and he was sitting there on his knees ogling me , his dick stAnding erect , our eyes met ,I was holding his hand and we stared at each other for some time
Then I bent for ward and grabbed his throbbing cock in my hand kissed its head then looked up in his eyes signaling him to lie down on bed but he ignored and pushed me down on bed flat and sat on my side and placed both his hands on my boobs and rotated all over and the squeezed my nipples looking in my eyes .
We were looking in each others eyes like lost lovers and he kept feeling my naked body slowly sliding down to wards my legs , finally he reached my belly and then to trimmed pussy , he lokked at it as if memerized, one hand on my thigh other on my belly, his eyes transfixed at my pussy , as he slid further down now focussing on my pussy , I popped my self up on my elbows to watch his actions , he stared at my for some time then parted my legs apart , his cock was twitching in small motions up and down.
Then he slid down between my parted legs , his face only inches away and stared at my pussy , then he placed thumbs at each of my labias and stared at it not knowing what to do , his hands sliding up and down my thighs making me wetter and hornier by the moment , then looked up at me his face serious, as if to ease his doubts I reached to his head with one hand balancing myself on other elbow and pulled his face to my pussy , he opened his mouth and placed it on my pussy , as if I got a 1000 volt shock I arched back as his toubgue touched my pussy , he licked it just A little as if getting accustomed to its taste then again and then he tounge was running all over my pussy , from top to clit to hole and then back , soon he had learned and was lapping it up like a pro , I was in seventh heaven , could not control myself and fell down on bed gasping and pulling his head in , locked my thighs over his head and let out gasps and screams.
Within 2 -3 minute , I was cumming, having my best ever climax , rolling all over, his head clamped on my pussy by my thighs , thrashing all around , pulling his hairs and screaming.
Finally he forced my legs apart And frEed hiS head , I pulled him up and gave a thank you kiss.
" Light band kar de ! Dekh liya na ab achchi tarah"
" Abhi nahi , ek bar ap seedhe leto anD he stood up " looked me up from top to bottom, as if memorising each and every detail of my body then signaled me to get up side down, I got on my stomach.
He watched me for quite some times and the sat down on bed and squeezed my buttocks and mounte me.
Then he pulled my buttocks apart and placed his dick on my anus and lie down on top of me , And started making fucking motions, not quite trying to penetrate me just thrusting ,grabbing my boobs in both hands.
After few minutes he got up And put the light off.
I turned to fAce him and. We embraced eAch other And started kisSing again .
His hand was roAming on my thigh and hips.
I was playing with his hard dick with one hand and holding him with other .
We were getting hotter and hotter , soon he rolled me over , got over me and parted my legs with his , I reached down and guided him in my hot and wet pussy.
I gasped from pure pleasure as he slipped all the way in one strong motion.
" Jaldi nahin karna ab aram se kar jitni der tak kar sakta hai , relax!!" I told him.
I felt his body relaxing on top of me , he stayed still for some time , gaining control.
" Bahut jaldi seekhta hai tu" I said.
" Ap sikhati hi itna achcha ho chachi"
" I love you sweetie " I whispered.
" Can I call u darling? "
I laughed gently , slapping his butt gently
" Abhi ander dalte samay to permission nbahin mangi thi tune"
His response was a very powerful ,long thrust causing me to gasp with slid up on bed "chachi darling aj ki rat ap meri girL friend ho aur apki aise jor se loonga ki yad rakhogi jindagi bhar"thrusting hard and fast .
" Sssslow tttiiiger ssslow" I gasped " kya jaldi hai darling"
" Chachiiii darlinnggg apki pussy bbbahut !! achcchhi hhai, iitnii gaaraam !!!aur gili ho rakhi hai ,
" To le le , ajki rat to ye teri hai jaise marji lele"
" Jor jor se maroonga apki"
" Marle meri, apna young cock mujhe dede,
" Lelo , ye lo!!" He Thrust hard "aur lo" again our boddies making noise 'slap, slap' as his balls hit my hips hard .
" Araam se raje aram se nahin to abhi nikal jayega tera, der tak hold karega toi jyada maja ayega"
He stopped ,panting .
We started kissing long and hard french kiss , our lips crushed against each other tonges rolling on each others mouth , my hands rolling on his back and his squeezing my tits.
" Ab jara pura nikAl aur dheere dheere under dal ". I told him after completing the kiSs and suking hi saliva.
"Aise?"He asked as he pulled slowly out and then put it back in slowly .
It did not give me the desired results , I was too wet for this.
" Ruk!! Jyada hi gili ho gayi hai puSsy thorda dry kar lete hain"
He pulled out and sat near as I picked up the towel and dried my pussy squiting and try to push out all fuids.
Then dried his cock as he watched the whole process .
Then I lied down and patted my pussy "come tiger"
He came on top and I guided him in.
" Slow and deep baby"
This time it was much better as I clearly felt his entire dick going in and out.
" Ummmmm yes !!! Aise mere raja aise "
"Chachi apko fuck karne main jannat ka maja araha hai"
" Achcha chachifucker "I replied holding him even tighter, and continued .
" Fuck me baby!!akash! I wanna be your fuck buddy baby, fuck meee!! fucckkk mmeeee !!!"
" Chachi I am cummmin"
" Hold on , wait. !! And pushed him ofF me and hit his cock hard with my left hand.
Which stopped his cum midway.
He wanted to grab his cock and cum but I held his hands away , he thrashed a bit and then stopped .
" Nikal gaya " I asked feeling on his stomach and chest with one hand.
"Nahinnn !!!!" Still panting.
" Apko to bahut tarike ate hain chachi"
I kissed his lips and said," ek hi din mein train kar diya na tujhe"
He rested for few mintues controlling himself and I dried my self in the meantime, I had never been so wet in my life time.
" Chachi can I fuck you in the ass"he whispered turning towards me and felt my butt.
I hesitated for a moment" ye kahan se seekha tune ?" I demanded to know
"Blue film mein dekha tha, batao na pl"
"Yaar meine ye kabhi nahi kiya Ajtak dard hoga"
"Pusssy nahi chhachiye tujhe ab?
"Abhi to 3 ghante hain subah hone mein"
"Koi jagah chhordna nahin chahta tu hai na?"
" Han chachi , mere pas to ek hi raat hai na"
And we started kissing again and he said "chachi pose badal ke karen ?
"Kaise bol" he got up and placed 2 pillows on floor near bed and planted his knees on them and stood up , I understtod and slid across placing my butt on the edge of the bed and legs spread up in air , he placed his hands on my hips and pulled down till my pussy and his cock were in line and guided it himself and inserted it few inches, I placed my legs on his shoulders, then using my thighs for leverage he pushed it all the way in ,
Wow !!! I said as it went much deeper and his balls hit my ass cheeks.
Then he started thrusting in long strokes, this was a better pose , he was able to see his cock going in and out of his chachi's pussy and give long thrust , he also could bend it sideways increasing my pleasure multifold , I was waching him fucking me like porn star.
" Tu to bahut smart fucker hai yaar"I whispered as my hornyness start growing and I slid hand on my clit and massaged iT , seeing that he removed my hand and stArt doing it himself , now he was in total control and I let go and start enjoying within a minute or two , I was panting and thrashing and cried "AAakaaaAsh!! Pl fuck meeee!!! Harder!!! Jorse de!!!! Aur jor se I am cominggggg !!!! And suddenly I orgasmed , squirting a hot stream and arching my back up in air high , screaming """ ooooOOOOOOhh!! Maaaan!!!! Mar gayi!!!!!!" Ohhh ohH .
He could not keep the cock in because of my suDden thrashing around , he struggled to put it back in urgently,but that he could do only after I reduced trembling and thrashing a bit , and he then fucked me with his full force , I was flowing so much that noise of" fatcher fatcher" was erupting from my pussy coupled with "phat!! phat!" Of his balls hitting my buttocks with every stroke and I could not feel his cock anymore, my whole body spasming and tingling with pleasure.
I don't remember how long he contnued till I heard him whispering , gasping " chaAchii anal sex karlen ab? "
I looked up ,he was looking for my approval even in dim light I could see hit face was red with excitment as I nodded my approval.
" Dressing table se cold cream le aa" he pulled out of me and I turned on my stomach staying in the same position and now placed my knees on the pillows on the floor and adjusted myself to my comfort , my heart had started racing again , wondering , how would it feel as I had never done it before.
He came behind me and placed one hand on each buttocks and explored, back of my thighs to th waist , his hands roamed freely , sending pleasure pulses to my brains , I was loving his hands, the way he felt me was making me hot again.
Then he started sliding his hand downwards , thumb sliding down the crack , his thumb touched my assholE and I flinched , nobody had ever touched me there, he rubbed the thumb over it gently then spread my hips roughly apart then he applied that cold cream with a finger, rubbed it and gently started inserting it in , I felt uncomfortable, vulnerable , vulger and obscene, but only till it was his finger lubricating my ass hole , as his finger moved in and out with ease , he took position , adjusted my legs a bit apart panting his knees in between then holding my waist in both hands pulled me towards him, I was surprised by smooth , confident movement , he had learnt very quickly , he pLaced his cock at my ass hole and my breaths quickened , and started pushing it gently guiding it by his hand , it was going too low and start hurting me so I reached and took hold of his dick and guided it correctly , he asked " thik hai chachi ab?"
" Han , dheere, dheere , jaldi nahi karna!"
He started pushing his cock in , I clearly felt it probing my hole then stretching , he kept pushing and pain increased fast , I gasped and held his cock tighter " rukkk jjara, dheEre , aram ssse!!"
He stopped and waited , then asked " ab thik hai chachi"
He pushed and kept the pressure up and I felt as if my ass hole was being torn, pain was excruciating and I screamed" Rukkk,Laaaggtttiii haaaii, RuKKKK jjaraa!! OOOOOOO!!!!!!! Maaarrr gayyiiiI reeeee!!" Trying stAnding and pushing him away ,
But he did not listen to me this time , holding my waist tight and bent , he kept up the pressure ,I felt a tearing pain and felt his cock head popping in through my sphincter muscles ,
"OOOOh oooooo!!! , basss chhhorddEE kamineee!!!"
Surprisingly , after having peaked pain had subsided very quickly and I could feel his cock tightly lodged in my ass.
He felt my buttocks and I felt pain reducing , my body relaxing .
He bent forward and start licking my ear,lying over me making me feel better,
"Kaisa lag raha hai chachiji?"
"Bahut dard hua aur kaisa lagta"
After A while he reached below and with both hands parted my buttocks and start putting rest of his cock in my ass hole ,
The pain had diminished and was replaced with exotic pleasure as he moved his cock in and out gently , he moved one of his hand to my clit and start ruBbing it massaging my breasts with other, it was becoming better and better , then he started speeding up and slamming my ass harder and faster and cooed in my ear " chachi I am coming , I pushed my hips back as he speeded up and then I felt his dick swelling in my ass then its spasm and then hot semen being pupmped.
He pumped really hard , causing edge of bed to rough up my belly .
He came and came , growling, thrusting hard and panting and expanding .
Finally let his whole body rest on me.
We reted for few minutes then he pulled out his dick from me , I got up and went to bathrOom followed by him , I cleaned my self while Akash soaped his dick and all around then we returned back to bed .
I was totally exhausted and sleepy, I had never had so much sex in one night but Akash was In no mood he kept feEling me all over , his one constantly clamped on my pussy, his tounge all over my face and boobs.
His cock was hard again and poking me in the hips,
I pleaded " bas kar mein thak gayi ab , waise bhi subah honewali hai , rat khatam,
"Abhi kaise darling , abhi to 1 ghanta hai"
And he was on top of me again , he forced my legs apart and started penetrating me again , I resisted" bas kar na ,dard karne lagi ab, aise uper se nikal le achcha?"
But he forced himself in" chchord de dusht chhorde ab"
"Kya kah rahi ho chachi chod de"
"Shut up!! Badtamiz " slapping his butt I said.
"Ap hi ne to kaha tha ,kuchch bhi aj ki rat"
"Achcha" my pussy had been wet constantly , his cock felt good in my pussy raw with so much fucking , so I wrapped my arms around him tightly and hissed in his ear "to chod le fir".
That made him wild, he immediately lifted my legs up , placing his arms below my knees , pulling up and grabbed my shouders and started pumping like a machine" aj to chachiiii aapppki choot!! mar maar kKe losose kar doonga!!!"Hh !! Hh!! Haf!!
" Looseee. tto hh!! hhho gayyiiii hhh!!! re !!!I, ab kya phardega ise " I said panting .
" Aj aise!!! Chhhodoooonga!!!hhh!!!! Ki jindagi bhhaaar yyyaad rakhogi!!!"Aap!!!
"Choot mar nnee ke bad ek bar!! Hh!! gand hh!! aur maroonga subha se pehle "
" Abhi!!!! Tttto !! Mari thi!!! , dard kar rahi!! Haii !!!"
" Abhi to ek barr aurr maroonga!!! "
" Ab!! Dekho!! Kaise chudai kartaa!!! Hoon apkiii!! Jab tak ansoo hhh!!!! na nikal hhhh !!!! aye to kahna!!"
"Free ka hhh!!! Maal !!!! HhhH!!!!! Naa!!!"
He was fucking me like they do in movie n whole bed was creaking , " tuu!!! Bahut Hhhh!!! Bluee movies dekhta hhh!!!!!! Haii!!!"Lagta hai" and I was having hot burning sensation in my pussy , " bas hh!!! Kaar!! Jalan ho rahi hai ab"
" To ab!!! gand mein!! Le!!Hh Lo!!"
He finally stopped and I straightened my legs. And turned on my stomach.
He brought the cold cream again anD sat beween my spread legs , I reAched back with both hands and spread my. Buttocks for him.
He gently applied the cold cream and then in serted a finger then again till it was going in easily and then he got on top of me and said" gAnd pe lagao" so I guided his dick while he kept spreading my ass cheeks
This time he just kept pressing gently till it popped my ass open.
I only gasped once " ouchch!!"Then I felt it coming inside me .this time it was easy
I left his dick and braced minute my elbows instead as he started pumping hard ,movinG whole bed with me .
"Chachi yaar sSssss kya gand hai apki!!!! Maja a raha hai!!!"
"Apke barde barde !!! hips per !!! dhakke marne!!! mein to barda maja ata hai yaar !!"
" Choot se bhi jyada ?"
" Dono ke alag maje hain , apko!! kiasa!! lag raha hai"
" Tera lund!!! Hai he itna mast ki maja agya, aj to tune itna chod diya ki mahine bhar ji nahin karega "
We just kept chatting and he kept fucking me for almost half an hour and my ass was now burning unbearablly , so I said .
"Bas !! Kar mere raja !!! Ab chhhord de ""I begged him
"Is bar nikAl jaye to ruk jauunga , "
"Tu jan boojh kar itni der kar raha hai , nikal de ab ander "
" Thordi der aur""
"Nahi ab nahi please , mein hath se kar deti hoon"
" Munh mein logi?!"
"Pehle wash karke a soap se "
He pulled it out slowly and went to bathroom and I dried and felt my raw ass hole and it hurt .
I put thick pillow under my head and pulled him to sit over my chest , I took his cock in my mouth , freshly washed but hard ,and slid down a bit to adjust as he bent forward and hold the head post.
I grabbed his cock with one hand , and started giving him a suck ,after few minute I got tired and rested , he was close to cum now , watching intently my face he started fucking my mouth , I kept holding his cock at the base so that he did not forced it too deeper .
Still once a while I will gag, but then he will control .
Then I felt his cock hardening and expanding and Akash grunted "AAAGGGR!!! Chachi nikalne!! Walaaa!!! Hai!!! Ab!!!"
I nodded , then as he came he tried to pull out but I had different ideas in my mind , I pulled him deep as his cock spurted hot semen in the back of my throat , sticky , salty fluid , I just swallloed and swlalowed while sucking hard .
As I opened my eyes I found Him looking starngly at my face and " chachi ab pee gayi ise "
Without letting go of his cock from my mouth I blinked .
I sucked him till he was totally dry.
He got up and slid by my side " chachi I love you "
" I kissed him and said I love you too stud"but from now on you will keep few things in your mind and act that way.
One : don't come up till I call u
Two: don't keep me following when I am down startes
Three: no sign language aur touching me
Four : you will not talk about this night with any body , nor boast of your having stamina or experience etc in your group! Okay!!!!?
"Ji chachi ji" he said agali bar kab dogi?"
" Depends tu kaise behave karta hai, ab jaa subah ho chcuki hai " and I gave him a long, wet parting kiss.

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Rekha jee apka story to bohut achcha hai . Bhatija se marker bohut Maja aya apko ¿ really wonderful your fiction . Well done .

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Nice way of telling story

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