My name is Mathew Drake and I turned sixteen a month ago. Not that it mattered to anyone. My parents were divorced and I normally lived with my mom. We lived in a mobile home park in an old trailer. Mom worked twelve hours a day. We wore mostly second hand clothes and mom drove this really old car. I had been spending the summer with her father in Miami. He was okay but was hardly around. He worked nights as a watchman and slept during the day.

I slept on the couch so when he came home in the morning it was breakfast time and then I left so he could sleep. The first few days I had just wandered around and then I had found the old abandoned yards off the shipping canal. The canal front was twenty feet above the water but had stairs down to an old wooden boat dock. Beside the dock was a slightly taller wharf for larger ships. I usually looked around in the warehouses and swam in the canal.

It had been a normal day but things change. I had dropped my small towel and tee shirt across the beams beside the dock and dove in. I swam across the canal and walked out to go to the small store. When I came out with the bottle of coke I glanced across the canal to see a boat at the dock. It was one of those long cigar boats that they use out on the ocean.

Up by the warehouses I saw a couple of cars and decided I had better go get my shirt and towel. I was almost to the other side when the shooting started. I stopped swimming and just treaded water as it seemed to draw closer. Suddenly a man was above me shooting back towards the warehouse. He had this duffle bag over his shoulder and a pistol in his hand.

He started jerking and went over backwards to land a few feet away. I hesitated before moving closer. The shooting was still going on above me as I checked the man to find him dead and bleeding. That worried me because I had been warned about sharks being in the canals. I don’t know why but I grabbed the duffle bag and swam towards the dock. I ducked under and towed the bag with me.

When I came up I was under the higher wharf. I continued to swim to about midway and then moved to the canal edge. There was this raised area that was completely hidden from the dock. I pushed the bag out of the water and then pulled myself out. I moved to the back and relaxed. The shooting had stopped and I started hearing voices coming closer.

They were only on the dock for a few moments before I heard sirens. They left and I hesitated before slipping into the water. I pulled the bag after me and swam back to the dock. I lunged up out of the water to grab my towel and shirt before turning to swim back under the wharf. At the other end of the wharf was a gap of about two hundred yards before there was another wharf.

Between was an old boat ramp and I used it to walk out of the water. I put my shit on and draped the towel over my shoulders. I shouldered the duffle bag and headed away towards another set of abandoned warehouses. In an upstairs room I opened the bag and sat down stunned. Inside the duffle bag were packets of money wrapped and sealed in plastic. I turned the bag over and dumped it all out before starting to count it.

I heard more and more sirens as police found all the bodies by the canal. When I finished counting, the total was just over two and a half million. I put it all back in the duffel bag and sat back to think. I finally stood and lifted it to my shoulder. I headed out the far end of the warehouse and used back ways to get to my grandfathers. I slipped into the house quietly and placed the duffle beside my old suitcase.

It wasn’t even a week before mom called to talk to granddad. As soon as I saw his face I knew what it was about. I walked out angry at the world and my mom. I calmed down after a little while because I realized it was just as hard on mom. I headed back to my grandfather’s thinking that a change was in order. My grandfather’s house was old and had a large backyard. Behind the backyard was an old dirt alley that was never used anymore except by bums.

While he was sleeping I took a packet of money out of the duffle. At a home depot store I bought two large sheds and an L shaped kitchen cabinet and arranged for them to be delivered the next day. Next was a trip to a furniture store where I bought a bedroom set with a full size bed. I also bought a couch, a coffee table and a small refrigerator. I had to wait for the rest and went home.

I waited until my grandfather was gone before going in and eating. I slept soundly until grandfather came home in the morning. We ignored each other and he went to bed after eating breakfast. Each of the sheds was large, twelve by sixteen. I placed them end to end by the back gate to the dirt alley. I put everything in the sheds and then went shopping again.

I bought everything from sheets to hot plates; I also bought quick easy meals. After I brought it home I left and went to the canals. I went to another area and relaxed before diving into the water and taking a refreshing swim. When I walked out it was to see a young girl looking lost and starving.

She was maybe fourteen and had dirty brown hair and even from fifty feet away I could see how thin she was. Something about her made me want to help her. She looked up when I walked closer and I could see her fear. I smiled and squatted down, “Hi.”

She swallowed, “Hi.”

I looked around, “Are you okay?”

She looked away and I heard her whisper, “No.”

I waited and she looked at me. I smiled, “My name is Mathew.”

She swallowed, “Sky.”

I smiled, “Now that is a cool name.”

She looked down and bit her lip. I reached out to touch her hand, “Do you want me to help you?”

She didn’t look at me when she nodded. I took her hand and stood, pulling her up. I started walking and she struggled to keep up so I slowed down. At the first fast food place I stopped and bought her lunch. I watched her eat and she wolfed the food down as if starved. I thought about her and when she finished, led her after me to a super mart.

I headed back to the clothing section and Sky followed looking real nervous. I stopped and nodded to the racks of clothing, “Go find seven sets of underwear and seven outfits.”

She bit her lip, “What kind?”

I smiled, “the kind that makes you comfortable. In this weather I would suggest dresses and skirts. Any blouses should be light colors so you don’t get to hot.”

She blinked and hesitated before walking into the racks of clothing. I flagged a saleswoman down and nodded to Sky, “Would you help her get something nice?”

She looked at Sky and frowned at how dirty she looked. I pulled a hundred dollar bill out and gave it to her, “She has had a bad time. Please just help her.”

The woman stared at the bill and then went to help Sky. An hour later she walked out clutching a large bag to her chest. When I got home I came in using the alley. Sky was nervous when I led her into the shed but I just tossed her bag on the bed and grabbed a towel and my new robe.

I led her out the door and into the back door of the house. In the bathroom I smiled and nodded to my soap and shampoo, “don’t come out until you feel clean and toss your clothes in the hamper.”

She looked at me as I turned to the door, “Wait.”

I turned to look at her and she bit her lip, “You don’t want… anything?”

I grinned, “Do you know how to swim?”

She looked at me and slowly grinned, “Yes.”

I turned to the door, “tomorrow you can go swimming with me.”

I closed the door after me and went into the kitchen. I hesitated and then ordered a large pizza for dinner since my grandfather would be up soon. It was an hour before Sky came out and the pizza had just arrived. I guess it was the smell because a couple of minutes later grandfather came out too. He looked from me to Sky and then sat at the table.

Sky was nervous but it didn’t stop her from eating. After cleaning up after the pizza my grandfather went to get ready for work and I pulled Sky after me. In the sheds, I pulled the robe off her absently and turned away to the standing closet. I pulled out silk shorts and a tee shirt before turning back to a red faced Sky. I smiled and held out the shorts and shirt.

She hesitated and then ignored the shorts and slipped the tee shirt on. I grinned and led her into the other shed and nodded to the couch. I went to the tiny refrigerator and brought two bottles of water back. I sat on the other end of the couch and set the bottles on the coffee table. I smiled and pushed a new book reader towards sky, “I’m afraid I don’t have TV.”

She smiled shyly and pick up the reader. I had run a long electric cord from the back porch to the sheds so I had some power. I plugged the new laptop in and started it. It was quiet as we both paid attention to what we were doing. The single small window went dark and I sighed as I shut the laptop off. Sky looked at me as I stood and shut the reader off.

I led her into the house to use the bathroom and then we came back to the sheds. I nodded to the bed and Sky looked ready to cry. I stripped and pulled silk shorts on before shutting the dim night light off. The bed was only a full size so there was no way to avoid touching her. I turned my back on her and sighed, “Night Sky.”

It was several minutes before she started crying. I turned and reached for her. At first she stiffened but I just pulled her against me and she relaxed and started crying again. It took awhile but she finally calmed down and lay caressing my chest. Slowly it came out, the story of her father’s abuse. Finally she was quiet and in the dark I felt Sky move over me. She tugged my shorts down and I reached down to grab her wrists, “Sky? You don’t have to.”

Sky caressed my chest, “You deserve it.”

I bit my lip, “I’ve never done it before.”

Sky laughed and straddled me. I felt her small hand lift my cock and then she pushed back. I groaned as she forced my thick cock into her tight pussy. She shivered and lay on my chest and it almost felt like her tight pussy was spasming around my cock. She put her head on my shoulder as I caressed her sides and back, “you feel amazing Sky.”

She didn’t say anything and I reached to her waist to lift her off me. Sky pushed back hard, “No!”

I stopped and held her, “Sky you don’t have to do this!”

She lifted up and began moving slowly, “Please Mathew?”

I sighed and closed my eyes against the feel of her slick pussy. Suddenly I realized she might not be protected. I held her waist, “Stop Sky!”

She stopped and I took a breath, “Are you on birth control?”

She sucked in a breath and a moment later, “No.”

I groaned and thrust up into her before rolling and pulling my throbbing cock out quickly. I erupted and spewed cum over her tummy and bare pussy before moving up to pump the rest onto her tee shirt. I sighed when I was done and moved off Sky. She giggled and hugged me, “Thanks Mathew.”

I laughed and pulled her up and pulled the tee shirt off before wiping her pussy and stomach. I tossed the shirt aside and laid down before pulling Sky half onto me. “No more intercourse until we can get you on birth control.”

She kissed my shoulder, “We can do oral.”

I grinned in the dark and rubbed her naked body, “I would love to go down on you.”

Sky stopped moving and I felt her shift slightly, “You would?”

I glanced at her in the dark, “You don’t want me to?”

She laughed, “I meant suck your cock.”

I hesitated, “Does that mean I can’t lick you?”

She shook me as she laughed again, “You are the strangest boy I have ever met.”

I grinned, “Does that mean I get to lick your pussy?”

Sky rolled onto her back, “Go ahead.”

I rolled and moved down before moving between her legs. I licked through her wet pussy and Sky shuddered and her hips pushed up. I grinned at her musky taste and covered her clit before teasing it with my tongue. She shuddered harder and closed her legs on my head before opening them and thrusting her hips up hard, “AAAHHHH!”

I grinned and used my lips to squeeze her clit and hum, Sky jerked and spasmed as she held her hips up. I pushed my tongue inside her and licked through her pussy as she became wetter. She closed her legs and groaned as she pushed my face back. I moved up her body spreading her legs to lie between them. Sky twitched and shuddered as she put her arms around me. I waited and she whispered, “That was… Is that what it should feel like?”

I grinned, “If it was good than yes.”

Sky rubbed and caressed my back, “No one has every done that to me.”

I slowly kissed her and moved over to lay next to her. Sky turned to caress my chest before putting her head on my shoulder, “Thank you Mathew.”

I could tell she felt something and rubbed her bare shoulder, “Sleep Sky, tomorrow is the start of your new life.”

I felt the warm splash of her tears, “No Mathew, tonight was the start of my new life.”

I hugged her, “I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Sky sobbed and held me tight. It was a little while before she stopped crying. Before I knew it I was blinking at the faint dawn light from the small window. I looked at Sky and she was smiling in her sleep. I relaxed and just held her, afraid to move. It was almost an hour before she shifted and opened her eyes. I smiled, “Hey?”

She looked at me and I caressed her shoulder, “Feel like breakfast?”

Sky nodded and I moved out of bed and picked up the bag of clothes that had fallen to the floor. I set it on the bed, “You can put what you don’t wear in the closet.”

She slipped out of bed shyly and moved to the bag as I headed into the other room. I put a breakfast bowl in the microwave and went back to get dressed. Sky looked back from the closet and I grinned, “We forgot to buy you a swim suit.”

She smiled and I reached past her for a clean shirt and then shorts. I turned to pull both on and pushed Sky towards the other room. I pulled the bowl out of the microwave and set it on the counter in front of her before putting another one in. She hesitated and then started eating. After we finished eating I pulled her after me and locked the door before heading down the alley.

Our first stop was the free clinic and I was surprised we didn’t have to wait. I sat with Sky as she filled out a form and then I waited for her while she was in with the doctor. The super mart was open twenty four hours a day and Sky took her time looking for a suit. She finally picked out a bikini after biting her lip and looking at me.

I bought two large beach towels to go with it. We stopped at a pharmacy and then a gas station and Sky put the suit on under her skirt and blouse. The canal I went to was a side canal, the water was a cool green color and we could see all the way to the bottom.

At first Sky was hesitant but after she relaxed we had fun playing tag and splashing around. I bought lunch at a nearby bodega and we sat together eating as I told Sky about myself, my mother and our life. On the way home I stopped to buy stuff for dinner.

I hesitated after putting everything in the kitchen and then pulled Sky to the bathroom. I let her sit while I took a quick shower and then I grinned and nodded to the shower, “Come out to the kitchen when you feel clean.”

She laughed, “I feel like a pretzel covered in salt.”

I laughed as I closed the door and went to start dinner. Grandfather came out before Sky and sat at the table, “Where is the money coming from boy.”

I glanced back at him and finished what I was doing, “I found it floating in the canal.”

He grunted, “Someone will be looking for it.”

I snorted as I turned to put dinner on the table. “I saw their bodies on the bank.”

He sat up, “The police…”

I waved that away, “it looked like stupid gun runners or drug dealers.”

He snorted, “You should send some to your mother.”

I looked at him as Sky walked in and finally nodded, “Maybe I will.”

He smiled at Sky, “You should think about doing something with it. An IRA or stocks or something.”

I fixed Sky’s plate, “And just what am I going say to the tax people?”

Grandpa grinned, “Report it as a gift. You can claim up to two hundred thousand a year, tax free. Hell, go to one of those online sites that will make you a minister for thirty bucks.”

I looked at him in surprise, “Is that true?”

He shrugged, “True enough.”

After dinner I led Sky back out to the sheds and unlocked it. I didn’t hesitate and ignored Sky except to hand her another tee shirt. I slipped my silk shorts on and went into the other room. I was thinking about what my grandfather had said and picked up my laptop. A minute later Sky sighed and I glanced at her. She smiled, “Can I have some water?”

I grinned as I nodded, “didn’t get enough today?”

She grinned and went to the small refrigerator. An hour later she moved off her end of the couch and turned to kneel between my legs. I looked at her as she lifted the laptop and set it aside before reaching for my shorts. I caught her hands, “You don’t have to do this.”

She smiled, “You said that last night.”

I shook my head, “okay but fair is fair. I get to do you after you finish.”

Sky laughed, “You’re crazy.”

She pulled my shorts down and caressed my cock as it grew hard quickly. She leaned forward and started licking my cock and I shuddered before sitting back and relaxing. Sky put my cock in her mouth and kept licking it as she fucked just the head in and out and I shuddered. It wasn’t long before I felt myself getting close, “I’m going to cum Sky.”

She didn’t stop and a moment later I grunted as cum began racing up my cock. Sky took a breath and pushed my cock deeper and I started spurting cum. I shivered and shuddered as for the first time in my life I came inside a woman. When I stopped cumming she pulled back and licked the head of my cock before grinning at me, “Not bad tasting.”

I laughed and reached for her as I stood. I pulled her into the other room and sat her on the edge of the bed. I could see a little fear and knelt between her legs, “My turn!”

Sky laughed as I leaned forward pushing her legs open. I licked through her pussy and she shivered. I nibbled on her inner lips and teased her clit before pushing my tongue up inside her tight hole. When I raked my teeth across her clit and hummed she jerked and shuddered, “ooohhhhhh!”

I grinned and sucked and teased her clit using my tongue. Sky kept shaking and shivering as I continued to lick her and finally she laughed and pushed my face away, “Enough crazy boy!”

I laughed and stood. I turned her and pushed her under the light blanket before going to shut everything off. I slid into bed and hesitated before reaching for Sky. She resisted and then came to me but I pushed her leg down when she tried to put it all the way over me. I gently pulled her head to my shoulder, “Want to go looking for scooters tomorrow?”

Sky caressed my chest as she finally relaxed, “If you want.”

I smiled, “We can swim later.”

She sighed and I listened to her breathing as it slowed. I woke to her shaking me, “Mathew?”

I squeezed her, “I’m awake.”

Sky sat up, “I need to pee.”

I rolled out of bed and turned the small dim bedside lamp on, “Let me grab my shorts.”

She giggled, “You left them in the other room.”

I grinned as I went out to find them. When we came back from the house Sky was quiet. We got back in bed and she snuggled close, “Mathew?”

I looked at her but couldn’t see her expression in the darkness, “Yes.”

She took a breath, “I’m on birth control now.”

She was silent as I continued to look at her. She shifted and I could tell she was looking at me, “You could fuck me if you want.”

I grinned, “No Sky. If you want intercourse you have to fuck me.”

She laughed and scratched my chest, “You are so strange.”

I rubbed her shoulder, “You’re still afraid. If you fuck me then you are in complete control.”

Sky was quiet for a minute, “Would you take your shorts off?”

I wiggled around and pulled the shorts down and off before laying back. She hesitated and then straddled me. I reached to the bed side table and the lamp before looking up at Sky. She slowly pulled her tee shirt off and then lifted up to position my cock. She forced my cock into her tight pussy and then just sat still. I finally laughed and reached up to pull her down on top of me, “Aren’t you supposed to move or something?”

She giggled, “I forgot.”

I just held her, “You feel so good Sky.”

She sighed and sat up before started to rock back and forth, fucking my cock. It was a couple of minutes before I smiled and pulled her down and rubbed her bare back, “You have to thrust back and forth with your hips.”

Sky laughed, “If you’re going to tell me what to do you should just fuck me.”

I kissed her cheek while rubbing her bare butt, “I may one day but not until you stop flinching or pretending. Now, sit up, close your eyes and thrust back and forth.”

Sky caressed my face and sat up. A moment later she began moving and I felt her warm slippery pussy. It wasn’t long before I noticed she was breathing faster and her body was slightly shaking. I felt her pussy squeeze my cock and almost five minute after she started she froze with a surprised look on her face, “OH!”

She jerked and spasmed and shuddered as her tight pussy contracted around my cock. I groaned and couldn’t stop myself as I started spurting cum. Sky jerked as she felt the first warm spurt pumping into her and she shuddered harder. When I stopped cumming I held her waist gently until she finally stopped twitching and laid on me.

I reached out to shut the lamp off and lifted her hips before pulling my cock out. I let her lay on me and caressed her back, “Thank you so much Sky.”

She laughed, “My pleasure.”

It was only a few minutes later before she giggled, “Your cock keeps twitching.”

I grinned in the dark and she lifted up to guide my cock back to her cummy pussy. I held her hips and she forced my cock back inside her with a sigh. She lay down again and wiggled slightly before relaxing. I shook my head, “look who’s crazy now.”

Sky laughed softly as I held her and tried to ignore the most wonderful feeling in the world. I woke as my back arched and I started spurting huge torrents of sperm. Sky was asleep though and I stifled a cry of pleasure as I continued to spray her squeezing pussy. I finally sighed and relaxed wiggling a little to pull my cock out of her.

She woke me with a kiss and I opened my eyes to see her sitting on the edge of the bed. I smiled, “I think we need showers this morning.”

She nodded and wrinkled her nose, “we stink.”

After a breakfast, showers and her birth control we left the house with a small bag of cash. First was a stop at a bank where I deposited some money and got cashier checks. Next was a stop at the post office to send an overnight envelope. After that Sky and I walked hand in hand to a small scooter store. I bought two scooters, one pink for Sky and a dark blue one for me.

We went home using the alley and changed before heading back to our canal. Sky was grinning as we swam and played for almost three hours. We stopped on the way home to shop for dinner and then I went to shower. Sky waited and smiled at me when I winked and gestured to the shower. When grandfather came out I glanced at him from the stove and went to get the phone. I heard mom’s tired voice, “Hello?”

I looked at my grandfather, “Mom?”


I smiled, “I really need you mom.”

I heard her sigh, “Mathew…”

I glanced at the hallway, “Mom, I need your help. I sent you a cashier check and you should get it tomorrow. I… I met a girl mom and I really need you.”

Mom sighed again, “I can’t afford…”

I interrupted her, “I can. After you get the check you’ll see. Sky needs me and I need your help.”

“Alright Mathew, let me see what I can do.”

I smiled, “Bring a swimsuit mom.”

I hung up and grinned at my grandfather before nodding to the envelope, “That’s for you.”

He opened it and looked at me, “You don’t need…”

I waved to cut him off, “Yes I do. I have been doing a little thinking. Just take it grandfather.”

He glanced at the hall as Sky walked in and slipped the envelope into a pocket. As we were eating he reminded me he was off the next day. I grinned at Sky, “Want to go swimming with us?”

He looked at me and then at Sky before smiling, “Sure, I haven’t been swimming in a long time.”

Almost as soon as we walked into the shed Sky was pulling her clothes off as she walked towards the closet. I grinned and stripped before coming up behind her and wrapping my arms around her, “Know what I want to do?”

She was trembling as she turned in my arms, “Sex?”

I shook her, “No. I was thinking of getting a blanket and laying out in the grass to look at the stars.”

Sky smiled and shook her head before nodding. I found a tee shirt for her and one for me to go with my shorts. I ran back into grandfathers house for the blanket and came back to find Sky looking around the yard. I spread the blanket out and laid down. She laid down beside me and I reached for her hand and sighed.

I could tell she was looking at me but ignored it. She finally turned to put her head on my shoulder, “Thank you Mathew.”

I caressed her and watched the stars above. An hour later I got up and lifted her in my arms before carrying her into the shed and to bed. I turned all the lights off and climbed in beside her and she snuggled against me. I woke to Sky tugging my shorts down and straddling me. After she sat on my cock, she lay on my chest and held still.

I put my arms around her as her tight pussy started squeezing and relaxing around my cock. I shivered and rubbed her back, “Why do you have to do this?”

Sky sighed, “It’s what a man wants.”

I laughed, “A man wants sex but not if it’s forced. What your dad did wasn’t right. Sex is your choice Sky. Do I want it? Yes, but when you want it too. I’m not going to kick you out if you don’t have sex. Like last night, I just wanted someone to… be with.”

Sky lifted her head and looked at me, “What if I never want to have sex?”

I rubbed her back, “I just have to hope you will.”

I shook her, “Especially letting me lick you.”

She shook her head and smiled as she slowly lifted her hips. I pulled her up until I came out of her and she lay down. I rubbed her back, “Thank you.”

She sighed and put her head on my shoulder, “Let me know if you change your mind.”

I laughed as I hugged her, “Does every other second count?”

She giggled and moved until she was only half on me. When I woke up it was already light outside. My grandfather was standing beside the bed looking at us and I tightened my hold on Sky, “I’m awake.”

He smiled, “Want breakfast?”

I nodded and he turned to leave. I looked at Sky’s face and she opened her eyes. I smiled, “he left.”

She nodded and I moved off the bed and went to put on some shorts, “Remember we’re going swimming later.”

Sky dressed beside me and turned me to face her before kissing me softly. I caressed her and grinned, “You keep doing that and I’ll get ideas.”

She smiled and took my hand, “I need to use the bathroom.”

I led her into the house and after we had both gone, we went to the kitchen. My grandfather smiled and nodded to the two bowls of cereal. He watched while we ate and finally cleared his throat, “Did you have sex?”

I looked at him as Sky blushed and looked down, “Actually we laid out in the grass and watched the stars before going to bed. We have had sex before and hopefully we will again, but we didn’t last night. Sky isn’t with me because I want her to have sex. She’s my friend and I like her company.”

He smiled, “You watched the stars?”

I nodded and looked at Sky before reaching for her hand, “Her father abused her gramps. I’m going to see if mom can help… I don’t know… blackmail her dad into giving her custody. I can afford to…”

My grandfather’s face looked black in anger, “And you had sex with her!”

Sky looked at him white faced, “It was my fault. I… he didn’t want to, but I did it.”

Grandfather looked at her and his face softened, “You don’t have to do that sweetie.”

Sky swallowed, “Mathew told me that… (She rolled her eyes) lots.”

Grandfather looked at me and grinned, “He isn’t bad.”

She shook her head as she squeezed my hand, “Please don’t call the police.”

He looked at her and sighed, “I’ll think of something.”

I nodded and he sighed, “I have neglected the chores around the house. We need to cut the grass and clean up before we can go swimming.”

I looked at Sky and grinned, “We can do that.”

Grandfather stood, “I need to run to the bank too.”

I gestured, “You can do that while we get started here.”

Three hours later I finished folding the warm clothes and glanced at Sky sitting on the drier. I moved between her legs and caressed her face, “Know what I want?”

She looked at me and rolled her eyes, “There’s no telling.”

I laughed and pulled her off the drier and spun her around, “a cold glass of tea.”

Grandfather laughed from the doorway and I turned and set Sky down, “I didn’t know you were back.”

He held out an arm, “I know you didn’t. I had to do some grocery shopping.”

We went into the kitchen and he nodded to the back door, “Go change and I’ll take us to go swimming.”

I took Sky’s hand and she squeezed it as we went back out to the shed. I turned Sky at the closet and undid the buttons on her blouse, “maybe we can get ice cream when we come home.”

She looked up from her blouse and smiled. After she was naked, I helped her put the bikini on and put her blouse and skirt back on. Sky looked at me and pulled my shorts off. After she helped me put my swim suit on, she pulled my shorts up. When we walked back into the house my grandfather was putting some cold bottles of water into a cooler.

At first he was reluctant to swim in the side canal until I told him someone had put a ten foot chain link fence across the ocean side and he saw how clear the water was. We splashed around in the water and played until my grandfather grabbed Sky suddenly. She jerked and started shaking as I turned to see and moved towards them, “Gramps?”

He was laughing and looked at me before looking down at Sky. He let her go suddenly and looked angry again, “I’m sorry Sky.”

I took her hand and squeezed it as she shuddered and then looked up at grandfather, “It wasn’t your fault gramps.”

His lips twitched and I pulled her against me, “Know what I want?”

Out of the corner of my eye grandfather was opening his mouth but Sky grinned, “Something silly?”

I laughed and lifted her out of the water and spun around as she screamed. I brought her down and looked at grandfather, “I was just thinking we could use some ice cream.”

Sky hugged me and looked at my grandfather, “Vanilla?”

My grandfather shook his head and then laughed as he started for the side of the canal. When we got home later we were happy and Sky took my hand, “I need to wash the salt off.”

I grinned, “And soak in warm water?”

She smiled and nodded and I pushed her towards the hall, “Let me know when you’re done.”

I took the towels out to hang them up on the back porch and found my grandfather on the phone talking to someone. He looked at me and I had the feeling he didn’t want me to over hear anything. I went to the shed and changed before coming back to the house and starting an early dinner. My grandfather said he had to leave for a little while after dinner and not to wait up.

Mom still hadn’t gotten here or called. I was leading Sky out the back door when I heard her car in the drive. I sent Sky out to the sheds and turned to wait for mom. She opened the door and came in with a set look and set her small overnight case down. I walked to her and hugged her and she rubbed and caressed my back, “We need to talk honey.”

I pulled back and looked at her, “Do you need to use the bathroom?”

She smiled and shook her head and I bent to grab her case and a hand. I led her out the back door as she pull back, “Where are you going?”

I smiled back at her and led her to the sheds. I pulled her past Sky and into the bedroom. I set the case down beside the closet and turned to mom. I reached for the buttons on her blouse and her hand blocked mine, “Mathew!”

I shook my head, “Stop fighting.”

Mom bit her lip and just stood there as I undressed her down to her panties. I slipped one of my tee shirts over her and she finally laughed, “The sun has made you crazy.”

Sky snorted and then laughed. Mom looked at her and then at me. I smiled as I stripped and pulled on some thin shorts. I sighed and pulled mom into the other room and sat beside Sky. Mom sat on my other side and looked past me at Sky. I took Sky’s hand, “would you tell mom about your dad?”

Sky looked away and I waited. She finally started talking but wouldn’t look at mom. When she was done she was looking at the floor and mom sighed, “I don’t know what you want me to do Mathew.”

I looked at her and bit my lip, “We could call her dad and threaten him if he doesn’t give guardianship to you.”

Mom looked at me, “Mathew, I don’t know if I can afford…”

I looked at her and finally let Sky go to pull mom onto my lap. I hugged her, “You aren’t going to work anymore. We are going to find a nice three bedroom house and I am going to pay for everything.”

Mom caressed my face, “I wish it was that easy.”

I smiled, “It is that easy. I have everything planned. Every month I will put ten thousand dollars into the household account. That’s more than enough for you and grandfather to stop trying to kill yourselves.”

I was absently rubbing and caressing her and Sky cleared her throat. I looked at her and she was looking at my hand. I looked down and grinned as I realized my hand was on mom’s butt. I looked at mom and she raised an eyebrow before shaking her head, “Where is the money coming from?”

I told her everything and she was quiet. I hugged her and moved her off my lap, “Besides the ten thousand dollars every month, I am putting another ten into stocks like the electric company. By the time the money runs out, the stocks will be paying enough back in dividends to live on.”

Mom smiled and then yawned. I grinned and stood, helping her to her feet, “That is a signal for bed time.”

I held my hand out to Sky, “Bathroom and bed. You and mom can use the bed and I’ll sleep on the couch.”

I led the way into the house. Grandfather still wasn’t back and I waited for mom and Sky before using the bathroom. Back in the shed mom seemed more relaxed then when she had arrived and I gave her a kiss goodnight. I embraced Sky and looked into her eyes, “Know what I want?”

She grinned, “From the feel, sex.”

I grinned, “Besides that.”

She shook her head and I slowly and gently kissed her before letting her go, “Goodnight.”

Sky slowly turned to the bed where mom was already sitting and I shut the light off. I moved into the other room and lay back on the couch. I sighed and pulled the large throw off the back of the couch and spread it out. An hour later the throw was pulled back and Sky crawled onto me. She straddled my waist and put her head on my shoulder, “I couldn’t sleep.”

I rubbed and caressed her before pulling the throw up. She shifted and moved around and I felt my shorts being pulled down. A moment later I felt her warm pussy as she pushed back. I squeezed her but she keep going and a moment later I was completely inside her. Sky sighed and seemed to relax; her pussy was tight and kept squeezing and then relaxing.

I shivered and held her as my hard cock throbbed and jerked inside her. I groaned a few minutes later when I began spurting cum. My body was shuddering as I pumped spurt after spurt and Sky sighed again before taking a big breath. She was slimy and leaking by the time I finished but she didn’t lift her hips to pull me out.

It was a couple of minutes before I realized she had gone to sleep and I smiled and shook my head. I woke to mom clearing her throat as she stood over us. I looked at Sky still asleep and smiled before looking at mom, “I’ll wake her.”

Mom hesitated and then shook her head as she smiled and turned towards the other room. I rubbed and caressed Sky, “Hey.”

She opened sleepy eyes and looked at me. I grinned, “Breakfast?”

She smiled and nodded and I looked past her at mom in the other room and then back into her face, “and maybe a quick shower to clean up.”

She smiled and nodded again and I let her move off me and get up before I reached down to pull my shorts up. When we came into the kitchen grandfather was sitting at the table drinking coffee. He smiled at mom and I slipped past with Sky and headed to the bathroom. We washed quickly and mom didn’t even say anything when she came in to go to the bathroom.

Sky had been patient as I washed her and seemed… amused. We dried off and went back to the kitchen where grandfather was pushing a set of papers across to mom. I looked at him as he turned to Sky, “You don’t need to worry about your father ever again.”

Sky looked at him and reached for my hand, “What…”

Grandfather nodded to the paper, “I have guardianship over you now.”

I looked at him and then at mom as she made a raspberry. Grandfather looked at her and mom looked at me, “Show me the money.”

I looked from her to grandfather and then went to get the duffle. When I opened it mom looked in and then nodded before looking at grandfather, “We’ll be back in a couple of days. Start looking for a three bedroom house.”

Grandfather looked at me and Sky and then grinned, “With big backyard for a pool.”

We grinned and then mom was heading out the back door, “We need to pack. You can help me rent a truck to move everything.”

She stopped inside the shed and turned to us, “No more sneaking. If you want sex then used the bed.”

I looked at a blushing Sky and then back at mom, “It isn’t like that Mom.”

She smiled and caressed my face, “Next time she asks for sex, use the bed and do it right.”

I looked at Sky and then mom, “Right?”

She smiled as she turned away and headed towards my closet, “Make love to her Mathew. Go down on her and…”

I laughed as I grabbed Sky’s hand to pull her towards the closet, “I told you.”

Sky giggled, “Well, if that is the way it is supposed to be done.”

Mom looked at her and grinned, “If the man is a good lover it is.”

Sky grinned back at her as they began taking clothes out, “he seems to like it.”

Mom looked at me thoughtfully and I grinned, “Careful mom or I’ll show you.”

She laughed and turned to caress my face, “It’s been a long time and it wouldn’t be like you haven’t already seen me.”

Fifteen minutes later we were in mom’s car. I had a full wallet and a packet of money in my small back pack. Sky sat in the front seat between mom and me. It wasn’t long before they were talking quietly about sex and bad experiences. I had never known my father was an abusive asshole until then. It made me think and Sky seemed to sense that because she absently took my hand.

When we finally got to our town I was glad, mom’s car was not in the best shape. She stopped at a truck rental place and I rented the truck and trailer. Mom put the car on the trailer before we drove the rest of the way home. We worked through most of the night loading the truck and slept on the floor in the front room. I woke up with both mom and Sky half on me. I looked at Sky to see her looking at me before she whispered, “Want to lick me?”

I grinned and carefully moved mom before lifting the blanket and moving down between Sky’s legs. She had already pulled her panties off and spread her legs. I rubbed her thighs and started teasing her clit. It wasn’t long before she started shuddering and moaned quietly. I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue up inside her. Sky shuddered hard and lifted her hips off the floor, “mmmmmm!”

Finally she groaned and turned onto her side and pushed my face away. I moved up behind her and whispered, “You okay?”

I heard mom snort and glanced at her to see her grin. I looked at Sky as she turned to me, “Yes.”

She caressed my chest, “I don’t… can I just go down on you?”

I laughed and kissed her, “Not unless you want too.”

She grinned and looked past me at mom, “I want to.”

I caressed her face and rolled onto my back. As Sky turned and moved down my body, I was surprised by mom. She turned to caress my chest before moving down by my hip. Sky was hesitant before she started licking my cock. When she put it in her mouth, I shuddered at the wonderful feeling. She laughed as she looked up at me and went back to slowly fucking my cock with her mouth.

When her mouth came off and another took her place I looked down at mom in surprise. It was just as wonderful as when Sky did it. Mom and Sky began taking turns and it wasn’t long before I groaned and warned them, “I’m going to cum.”

My hips lifted as I started spurting and shooting jets of cum. First it was Sky and then mom and then Sky finished. As I stopped cumming they licked my cock clean and grinned at each other. I looked down, “Thanks, I needed that.”

Sky grinned as she crawled up next to me, “It felt like it.”

Mom laughed as she stood, “Alright, showers and then we finish putting everything in the truck and leave.”

I grinned as I pulled Sky up, “You forgot breakfast.”

Mom pulled Sky after her to the bathroom and then into the shower as I fixed breakfast. They came out smiling and sat to eat as I went to shower. It really didn’t take long to finish loading and then mom drove to the realtor that was renting the trailer to us. After that it was the diner where she had worked. Finally we got on the road back to my grandfather’s. Mom smiled at me as we pulled into the driveway, “I think I’ll stay with you until father finds us a house.”

I grinned and bumped Sky, “We need a couple more scooters to make trips to the canal.”

She grinned as mom snorted, “Those are dirty.”

I laughed, “Well, at least I’m not using the main canals anymore. The side canal we use is nice and has a fence to keep the sharks out.”

Mom laughed and looked at me, “But we have to wear a suit in the canal. If we had a pool…”

Sky looked down and mom sighed, “I’m sorry Sky.”

Sky looked at her, “You don’t…”

I touched her before opening the door, “Mom wasn’t talking about sex Sky. I think she’s worried about tan lines.”

Mom laughed as she got out, “Well, there is that too.”

Sky grinned and took my hand as I went to the back to pull out our bags. Grandfather was eating dinner when we came in and smiled as he nodded to the stove, “It’s a good thing you called to say when you would get here.”

After dinner we took the bags out to the shed as grandfather got ready for work. Mom hesitated and then kissed me as she blushed, “I’m going to go help dad.”

I smiled, “make it good mom.”

She grinned as she headed towards the door and I looked at Sky next to me as we were putting clothes away, “Know what I’m thinking?”

Sky looked at me and gave me a small smile, “That we could have sex?”

I grinned, “I think mom is going to go fuck gramps.”

Sky grinned, “She was horny this morning.”

I nodded as I almost absently stripped and reached for a pair of shorts, “I guess I never realized women got horny too.”

She smiled and started undressing, “We do, but sometime we just don’t want anyone to know.”

I absently handed her a tee shirt when she was naked, “Why? I mean if you’re horny, why not let someone know?”

Sky slipped the shirt on and turned to look at me as she bit her lip, “I never thought about it but it’s probably because girls don’t want everyone to know.”

I shook my head as I headed into the other room, “That’s crazy.”

Sky laughed as she followed me, “Things guys do are crazy too.”

I grinned at her as I sat on the couch and reached for the laptop, “Well, if you get horny you can tell me.”

Sky smiled as she sat, “Thanks.”

I shrugged and handed the reader to her, “Did you want me to get you a laptop?”

She hesitated and then looked down and nodded, “for school.”

I groaned and she looked at me, “What?”

I looked at her, “You had to remind me of school. We need to go shopping for school clothes and stuff.”

She grinned, “You’ll live.”

I smiled and started the laptop. Sky moved closer and leaned against me, “Can I talk?”

I glanced at her, “of course.”

She smiled and started talking. Again it was about what her father did but this time she explained a few things that made me think. I finally shut the laptop off because I couldn’t think. I turned and pulled her onto my lap and just held her as she leaned against my chest. When she finally stopped talking she looked into my face, “I guess I don’t mind the sex. It was the way he just forced me as if I wasn’t even a person.”

I squeezed her, “Well you are a person. I’ll try to remember not to grab you suddenly.”

She smiled and then grinned before moving off my lap. She turned and began tugging on my shorts until I lifted up and then she turned to face away. She spread her legs and sat on my lap, lifting my cock and slowly forcing it into her. She wiggled and thrust back and forth before leaning back as I reached around to cup her breasts. I kissed the back of her neck and she shuddered before turning her head. “Rub my clit?”

I laughed and let one hand move down her body. I rubbed her erect clit as my other hand continued to knead and play with her breast. Sky slowly began to thrust back and forth, “Do you know why I like it this way?”

I laughed and nibbled on her earlobe, “Because you are on top and in control.”

She laughed and wiggled before groaning and jerking. Her tight pussy got tighter and squeezed my cock. She finally giggled and turned her head to kiss me, “That’s right.”

I rubbed her nipple, “turn around?”

Sky stood and turned to face me before straddling me. I held my cock up and she slowly impaled herself. I smiled and rubbed her sides and felt her breasts and she began slowly thrusting back and forth. She shuddered and leaned against me as her pussy squeezed my cock again. I rubbed her back under the tee shirt and then caressed her sides before holding her hips. She spasmed and grinned as her tight pussy clutched at my cock, “ooooohhhhhhh!”

I groaned as my cock throbbed and began spurting deep inside her. Sky jerked in surprise and then laughed as she continued to shudder. When I stopped cumming, she lean against me, “That felt good.”

I laughed, “No. That felt great.”

Sky grinned and slowly lifted up. I shuddered as my cock came out of her and squeezed her, “Thanks Sky.”

She grinned as she moved back off my lap and knelt to push my legs open. She leaned in and started licking my slimy cock and I groaned again. Sky laughed, “You are so easy.”

It wasn’t long before I was shivering as she fucked my cock with her mouth. I glanced at the doorway to see mom stripping and then she was kneeling beside Sky. She glanced down and then looked at me before moving behind Sky and lying down. She scooted up until she was between Sky’s legs and pulled her down to lick through her cummy pussy. Sky shuddered and groaned around my cock, “oooooohhhhhhhh!”

I pulled her off my cock and caressed her face as she rested her head in my lap. She twitched and spasmed as mom licked her and finally she jerked and reached down to cover her pussy. Mom came to her knees and hugged her and Sky kissed her, “Thank you.”

Mom’s face was messy and Sky grinned before pushing her down, “I hope your dad left some for me to try.”

Mom laughed and spread her legs, “He put a lot in me, that’s for sure.”

I smiled and watched as Sky started licking mom’s messy pussy and mom started moaning and shivering. It wasn’t long before mom shuddered hard and spasmed before covering her pussy. I shook my head and stood, “we better wash before going to bed.”

They grinned and mom led us back to the house, not even bothering to get dressed again. I got to wash both of them and Sky laughed and shook me before turning me and starting on my back while mom did the front. After the shower we went back to the shed and I waited for them to get in bed before shutting the light off and walking towards the couch. I heard mom and Sky as I laid back and mom cleared her throat, “Baby? Sky and I want you to come sleep in here.”

I relaxed, “That’s only a full size mattress mom.”

She laughed, “Sky said we can both sleep on you.”

I grinned and finally got up. Mom moved and let me lay down before getting back in bed. Sky put a leg over mine and her head on my shoulder. I looked at her in the darkness and smiled at her sigh. Mom did the same thing as Sky on my other side and softly caressed my chest as she relaxed. I woke up when mom shifted and quietly got out of bed. I looked at her and she looked back after pulling her robe out and putting it on. She smiled and whispered, “I need to go to the bathroom.”

Sky shifted, “Me too.”

I grinned and moved away from her as she got up. I got out of bed to hold Sky’s hand as we followed mom into the house to use the bathroom. We were in the kitchen when grandfather came home. Mom smiled and moved to the counter and the waiting pancakes. Grandfather was blushing as he set his work bag down and came to sit with us. He glanced at mom, “There’s a nice house not to far away. It’s a three bedroom like you wanted. They want a thousand in rent though.”

I grinned, “That’s low enough. Does it have room in the backyard for a pool?”

He grinned, “The picture showed one but we can go look.”

I looked at Sky, “Why don’t you and mom go shower. I won’t mind cold water.”

She grinned and mom laughed as she stood, “You get to do the dishes.”

I watched them walk towards the hall, mom murmuring something to Sky like they knew each other for a long time. I smiled as I stood and looked at grandfather, “I think mom found her daughter.”

He looked at the hall and smiled, “She seems happier.”

I collected the dishes as grandfather filled the sink with hot water. He glanced at me as we washed and I smiled, “Yes, I know Gramps. Mom seemed to need it to so it wasn’t wrong.”

He grinned, “She wasn’t the only one to need it.”

When mom and Sky finally came out they were grinning. I went to take a quick shower and found mom and Sky in the shed naked standing in front of the closet trying to decide what to wear. I grinned and moved behind mom and held her from behind, cupping her breasts, “Don’t forget bikinis so we can go swimming.”

Sky laughed and reached out to rub mom’s hard nipples. Mom grinned and turned her head for a kiss and I let her go, “Grandfather is changing.”

She smiled and looked into the closet before looking at Sky, “Maybe the blue skirt and pale blue shirt.”

Sky smiled and reached in as I tossed my towel aside and grabbed a pair of shorts and a tee shirt. Mom had set her suitcase on the bed and was going through it. I touched Sky before turning her to hug her, “After we see the house we’ll go get mom a scooter.”

She grinned, “She can ride with me.”

I grinned as I let her go, “Just don’t let her distract you into going someplace else.”

Mom laughed, “Spoil sport.”

Sky laughed with her, “I’ll do my best.”

The ride in grandfather’s car was crowded but at least I got to have Sky on my lap. The house was really open with large rooms. The front yard was tiny but the backyard was huge with three huge old magnolia trees. Of course the grass was tall and overgrown but it still looked great. There was even a large screened porch with a roof.

It was great and I loved it, Sky liked it and mom loved it. I let mom sign the contract and paid everything including the first four months in advance. As soon as we got home Sky grinned, “Time to go for a ride.”

Grandfather shook his head as he headed towards his room, “Not for me, I need my sleep.”

We grinned at each other and grabbed towels before heading towards the scooters. After we bought a new scooter for mom we headed towards the canal. Mom frowned until Sky pointed back down the canal, “There is chain fence to keep sharks out.”

Mom grinned and looked around as she walked closer and saw the water, “This place is nice.”

We grinned as we stripped to swim suits and dove in. Mom wasn’t to far behind and she was like a new person, playful and teasing. When we finally got out and dried off we rode home. After showers to wash off, mom sighed as I fixed lunch, “We need to go start the utilities.”

I smiled and headed out the back door. When I came back, it was with my laptop. It is amazing what you can do online now. Mom and Sky both hung on my shoulders as I went from the electric company to the gas to the garbage to… well, everything we needed. When I finished I smiled at mom, “Ready to take our things over to the house?”

Mom grinned, “Sure.”

For the next couple of hours we moved boxes and the few belongings we had. Mom said to wait on putting everything together so it didn’t take as long as it did to pack. When we finished, we returned to grandfather’s house in time start dinner. We packed a few things after grandfather got up and then mom winked at Sky and me before disappearing into the bedroom with grandfather.

I looked at Sky and she grinned before pulling me into the living room and pushing me onto the couch. She opened my pants and pulled them down before looking into my face, “Know what I was thinking?”

I grinned, “I can only imagine.”

She laughed throatily as she stroked my cock and then leaned forward to put my cock in her mouth. She used her tongue as she slowly began to fuck my cock with her mouth. I shuddered at the feel of her warm mouth around my cock and Sky finally licked one last time and stood up.

She reached under her skirt to pull her panties down and off before straddling me. As I pushed into her warm slippery pussy Sky sighed and shivered. She leaned into me and began to slowly thrust back and forth. I held her lightly and caressed her body, “You always feel amazing Sky.”

She laughed and shook me, “And you feel hard and warm.”

I grinned and slowly kissed her as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. Sky sat back and shuddered as she began to slowly thrust back and forth. I cupped her breasts and started rubbing her nipples as she grinned at me and spasmed suddenly. Her warm pussy continued to tighten around my cock each time it pulled out of her.

She slowly became erratic and her shudders became more spasms than shudders. I had long since closed my eyes in pleasure and Sky finally whispered as my cock throbbed, “Look at me Mathew.”

Her voice was both soft and strained. I opened my eyes to looking into hers as I groaned and shuddered. I began pumping huge gushing torrents up into her and Sky arched her back as her whole body vibrated before she began spasming and jerking around. The whole time her eyes were locked on mine and her pussy was tight, sealing the warm cum in as it spewed into her.

When I stopped cumming she sighed and slowly relaxed before leaning against me. I held her and gently caressed and rubbed her back. Sky chuckled, “We really need to do that more often.”

Mom laughed from behind me and I looked back as Sky jerked and blushed. Mom came around the couch and sat beside us, “Why did you say that Sky?”

Sky grinned as she looked at my face and I felt her tight pussy squeeze my cock, “Because Mathew cums so much that he must be saving it up.”

I grinned as mom laughed and leaned against us to kiss Sky’s cheek. Sky lifted up and my cock came out, along with a lot of cum. Mom laughed and turned to kneel between my legs. She glanced at Sky, “May I?”

Sky grinned, “Go ahead.”

I groaned as mom licked through the mess of cum on and around my cock. She put my cock in her mouth and took it all the way into her throat before pulling it out. Sky grinned at my moan and mom laughed before standing and pulling me up, “Come on stud, we need to move all this furniture.”

I shuddered and stood before pulling up my pants and going to help mom and Sky with a chair. It didn’t take long to move all the furniture in the living room and kitchen. Grandfather helped us with the heavy stuff in his bedroom and all we had left was everything in the sheds. It took us two hours to finish unloading everything at the new house and putting it where we wanted it.

After we finished mom went out and brought back dinner since the gas wouldn’t be turned on until the next day. I used the mower to cut the grass in the backyard while grandfather and Sky looked at above ground pools online.

Mom was the one to pull all of us into the bathroom and strip us for a shower. Sky was nervous but brave and grandfather kept blushing. Mom ignored them and pulled me in front of her before smiling at Sky and grandfather, “You get his back.”

I grinned as mom wrapped her hand around my cock and gave it a stroke before squirting soap onto my chest. Sky laughed and started helping and Grandfather turned to start shampooing Sky’s hair. It wasn’t long before we were splashing each other and playing. When mom pulled us out she pushed Sky towards me as she turned towards her father. Mom kissed my cheek after we were dry and whispered, “I’ll sleep with dad tonight.”

I led Sky towards our new room and helped her slip a clean tee shirt on before putting on a pair of shorts. I had brought most of the stuff from the sheds and we sat on the couch, Sky with the reader and me with my laptop. She moved over beside me and leaned against me before giggling. I glanced at her, “What?”

She laughed, “Your mom bought an erotic book of stories for me to read.”

I grinned and caressed her legs, “Is it giving you ideas?”

Sky laughed, “Yeah.”

She moved my laptop and pulled my shorts off before carefully sitting on my cock. She leaned back with a shiver and took one of my hands and brought it around to cup a breast. She settled back and sighed as she began reading and I grinned as her warm pussy squeezed my cock. I reached out to move the laptop and placed my other hand on her hip as I watched the screen.

Sky was moving slightly and her wet pussy kept squeezing my cock. Every once in a while she would groan and thrust back and forth as her pussy spasmed. She finally sagged and shuddered, “Take me to bed Mathew.”

I hugged her and shut the laptop off before letting her stand up. She tossed the reader down beside the laptop and moved to the bed to lay back. I shut the light out and crawled onto the bed after her. I slowly pushed into her and Sky put her arms around me as she shuddered and her pussy tried to clamp down. I kissed her, “Is this okay?”

She laughed, “Just fuck me.”

I grinned and began to fuck her slippery pussy with long strokes and right from the start Sky was jerking and spasming. Her pussy kept trying to squeeze my cock and keep it inside her. I buried my cock and started using short humping thrusts and she jerked and twisted around under me before crying out, “YES! FUCK ME!”

I grinned and went back to fucking her with deep strokes and she tightened her hold on me, “Don’t stop Matt!”

I groaned and she finally laughed as she shook me, “Do it but keep fucking me.”

I shuddered as I began to spurt cum. I didn’t stop fucking her and she spasmed uncontrollably and howled, “YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSSSS!”

I jerked and jabbed and thrust and shuddered and pressed against her before fucking her with hard, deep strokes after I stopped cumming. Sky jerked and convulsed as cum leaked around my cock and down onto her ass. She kept thrusting up onto my cock and tossing her head. I kissed her as I buried my sensitive cock again and she screamed into my mouth as her body was racked with spasms.

She continued to hump against me so I went back to fucking her. The whole time my cock seemed to keep throbbing and a few minutes later I jerked and thrust into Sky hard. She gasped and her body tightened as I began spewing another load and cum. She tossed her head as I pumped strong spurts into her and then howled, “FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK… MMMMMMEEEEEEEE!”

I shuddered as her full slimy pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. The caress on my back and butt didn’t surprise me. Sky tossed and shuddered and jerked and twitched and wiggled and finally sighed and relaxed. I grinned, “I guess you really did need that.”

Sky laughed and shook me before looking past my shoulder, “Sorry if we disturbed you.”

Mom laughed as she stood and grandfather chuckled from the door, “you just gave us incentive to try harder.”

I grinned and hugged Sky as mom laughed again on her way to the door. I pulled out of Sky and lay next to her. She caressed and rubbed my chest, “That was great but I want one more.”

I laughed and rubbed one of her nipples, “You are already leaking from your womb.”

She grinned, “I know and it feels good.”

She rolled onto her stomach and lifted her butt, “Do it from behind.”

I smiled as I moved behind her and caressed her bare butt. I slowly pushed into her slimy pussy and it tightened around my cock before I was all the way inside her. She shuddered and thrust back, “Fuck me!”

I laughed and held her hips lightly as I began to do as she asked, using long, slow strokes. It wasn’t long before she was shaking and jerking back onto my cock. Her warm, slippery pussy was contracting and releasing my cock. Each thrust buried my cock to press against her swollen cervix and soon I was pushing into her womb.

Sky shuddered violently as she kept thrusting back onto my cock and I finally just held her hips as I spewed one more load of cum. She jerked and arched her back as my warm sperm pumped into her waiting womb. When it was over she groaned and slowly laid down on her stomach.

I smiled and laid beside her and caressed her bare butt. She shuddered and then looked at me with a grin, “I liked that Mathew.”

I kissed her bare shoulder and snuggled against her as we caught our breath. I woke to soft hands caressing me and turning me onto me back. I looked up as mom straddled my waist and fit my cock to her pussy. She shuddered as her cummy pussy squeezed my cock and laid down on me to whisper, “Dad had to go see someone and I was still horny.”

I looked at Sky and she shifted before turning and reaching out to caress mom. Mom smiled, “Is it okay Sky?”

Sky laughed, “Well, he scratched my itch. I’m sure he has more cum though so go ahead.”

Mom laughed and sat up before starting to rock and thrust back onto my cock. I reached up to hold her firm breasts and mom shuddered. Her messy pussy was making squelching sounds and Sky giggled, “Sounds like gramps put a lot in you.”

Mom groaned and rubbed my chest, “I know and I love it.”

She started lifting up and thrusting back and down on my cock. Sky moved closer and reached between her legs to rub her clit. Mom froze and shuddered violently before screaming, “Yes!”

Her pussy clamped down and she jerked and twisted around. Sky continued to play with her clit as I started tugging on her nipples. Mom was tossing her head and spasming as Sky sat up and leaned into her to suck one nipple into her mouth.

That made mom go even wilder and she shook and spasmed while her slimy cunt milked my throbbing cock. When Sky nipped her nipple, mom howled and bucked around harder, “FFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK… MMMMEEEEEEE!”

I groaned as her pussy tightened and held her hips and thrust up against her cervix. She suddenly stopped moving as I began pumping thick, strong streams of sperm into her womb. Sky looked into her straining face and kissed her on the mouth. Mom jerked and shook as I filled her belly and finally Sky pulled back, “Better?”

Mom laughed and lifted up before sliding to my other side, “Much better.”

Sky grinned and lay half on me with her head on my shoulder. I caressed Sky and mom before listening to them sigh as they relaxed and their breathing slowed. It was a little while before I woke up and when I did it was to giggling. I shuddered as my hips lifted and I groaned as I started spurting cum.

I looked down to see mom and Sky taking turns covering the head of my pumping cock. I sighed and laughed when I stopped cumming and Sky grinned as she moved up to caress my chest, “We are going shopping for an above ground pool after breakfast.”

I hugged her and looked at mom as she got off the bed, “Why did Grandfather have to leave?”

Mom smiled as she headed towards the door, “I think it was a lady friend that needed him.”

I looked at Sky and she smiled before pulling me off the bed. I laughed and followed her with my arms around her. Mom smiled as we came in and Sky startled her by walking straight to her and kissing her. Mom glanced at me and Sky turned in my arms, “Do you mind if we share you?”

I caressed her and gave her a soft kiss before shaking my head, “I don’t mind as long as you don’t feel…”

Sky laughed and shook me, “If I don’t like what you are doing I’ll say something.”

I touched her cheek, “That’s good.”

She turned to mom, “Now you don’t have to ask.”

Mom smiled and pulled her away from me into a hug. Breakfast was quick and then mom pulled both of us to the bathroom for morning showers. We dressed and headed out, I had mom stop at the bank before going to the pool store. We looked at several pools before I bought one. When we got home, mom and Sky both helped me set it up and run the new water hose to it.

We started filling it and mom grinned before spreading a large blanket out and stripping. She lay down and grinned as Sky laughed and followed her example. I headed into the house and found the sun screen before coming back out. I started with mom and she only smiled as I put the lotion on her, Sky was different. She grinned and put her head on her arms, “Straddle me and fuck me first.”

Mom laughed and I grinned before slipping a finger into her wet slit. Her pussy squeezed my finger and I grinned before stripping and straddling her thighs. I leaned forward and bent my cock before pushing into her. Sky groaned as I slowly buried my cock. I kissed the back of her neck and began to fuck her with long strokes.

It wasn’t long before she was lifting her hips and thrusting up. Her warm pussy kept squeezing me as I fucked her. I started going a little faster and harder and Sky spasmed. A couple of minutes later she shuddered and jerked before looking back “Wait.”

I groaned and stopped moving before pulling out of her. Sky rolled onto her back spreading her legs and holding out her arms, “Now fuck me.”

I moved between her legs and pushed into her and started fucking her with long, deep thrusts that made her grunt. My cock pumped in and out of her cervix and Sky only shuddered and spasmed as her pussy rippled and tried to milk the cum out of me. She was tossing her head and convulsing a little later as I groaned and held still before spewing strong gushes of cum into her womb.

Sky lifted her hips and hugged me tight as I spewed and spurted and finally stopped cumming. She sighed and kissed me before letting me go. I slowly pulled out of her and turned her onto her stomach before putting the sun screen on. I moved to check the pool and turned to look at Sky and mom. They were holding hands and smiling but their eyes were closed.

I got out my laptop and relaxed. Every so often I checked the pool but that was it. Grandfather came home and came outside. He grinned when he saw mom and Sky before coming to sit with me. I glanced at him and he sighed, “She is a woman I work with... I... your mother...”

I smiled as I went back to what I was doing, “Sky and mom say I have enough for both of them.”

He chuckled and patted my shoulder. Mom stood and stretched and Sky looked at her. Mom grinned, “How about lunch and then we can ride the scooters to the canal.”

Sky grinned and stood to follow her into the kitchen. I closed the laptop and Grandfather smiled, “I’ll shut the water off when the pool is full.”

The ride to the canal was warm, mom and Sky both wore their bikinis and I had my swim suit. We had it all to ourselves and splashed and played chase. I was surprised when Grandfather showed up on a scooter with an older woman. They joined us and it didn’t take the woman long to fit in.

It has been a several years since that summer. Sky was the daughter mom didn’t know she was missing. Of course mom ended up missing her period a month later and got pregnant. She had my first daughter the next spring and two years later she had another. I married Sky the day she turned sixteen and nine months later she had my son.
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