I have a large family, well, aunts and cousins. Dad had six sisters and they all had daughters and they all seemed to have problems with bastard husbands. I was sixteen when I thought my life was over. A streak of bad luck they said but somehow I was never sure.

I am five feet ten inches tall was light brown hair and blue eyes. Some girls thought I was handsome, at least that was what they said. My cock was about eight inches long and my balls always felt full. My name is Simon Xavier Hope.

It started on the way to school, a tire on my old jeep was flat and I didn’t have a spare. I was walking to school when it began to rain, well, pour and a large construction truck skidded and a piece of wood swung off and hit me in the head. I was knocked out for almost ten minutes. Of course the driver didn’t see or stop.

Just before I reached the school a large dog ran past me and knocked me over. That wouldn’t have been bad except there was this huge hole full of water from a leaking fire hydrant not to mention all the rain. To make it worse, I hit the water just as I was struck by a bolt of lightning.

I didn’t drowned and wasn’t unconscious to long. I climbed out of the hole and staggered towards school to get help and one of the jocks who was late for school missed the turn for the parking lot. His car spun around and the rear end hit me. It threw me almost fifty feet and when I landed, I was in bushes unconscious again.

When I woke in the hospital I was paralyzed from the waist down, at least the doctor said it wasn’t permanent. All of that and my father brought me homework from school, does life suck or what?

I was able to use my arms even if the pain was unbearable so dad checked me out. Of course dad couldn’t look after me or didn’t want me home alone. I ended up at my grandmother’s house. Of course my dad did feel guilty and brought some of my things like my laptop. I was able to connect to grandma’s network and ended up bored after a few days.

I learned one thing about my grandmother. She was a perv and had a lot of porn on her server like pictures of girls. She had a neighbor girl in the house Sunday and she was filthy dirty. I think she got a kick out of what she did. The girl’s mom was with her and they stripped the girl in the hall outside my door.

The pain pills always left me feeling fuzzy and sometimes like I was in a dream. I had just taken a pill and wasn’t all there as they whispered and I was sure I heard them talking about letting me see the girl’s pussy. I did see it and knew my cock was hard and drooling but there wasn’t anything I could do. The pill went to work and I fell asleep. I dreamed I was floating in the bathroom and watching the naked girl as she giggled with her mother.

I kept looking at her pussy and wanted to shove my cock into her. She was sitting in the bath and squeaked as I thrust into her. Her eyes were wide as I held her hips and fuck up into her as deep as I could. The blood stained water didn’t even faze me as I began to rub her clit as I fucked her. She was panting as her mother turned back from talking to my grandmother.

The girl shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock as I spasmed and thrust into her belly to pee a stream of sperm. She stiffened and then jerked as she convulsed. I think I pumped all the cum out of my body because I woke up with serious pain in my balls. I thought it was only a dream until the next day.

I was in my wheelchair on the porch when I saw a girl walking home from school. She was wearing this micro mini skirt and I could almost see her ass. I smiled and wished I was shoving my cock up into her tender pussy. I jerked as I felt the resistance and then my cock was buried in a tight pussy. The girl had stopped walking and had a look on her face that made me reach out and start playing with and rubbing her clit.

She shuddered and spread her legs right there on the sidewalk as if to give me more room. Her head turned and her eyes locked with mine as I fucked all the way into her with long strokes. She was shaking as her body jerked and started thrusting back as if for my cock. I felt her warm tight pussy as if it was real. I thrust up into her and held her breasts as I began pumping a steady stream of cum.

She spasmed and closed her eyes as she was racked with shudders. When she stopped I was out of her but even from the porch I saw the cum leaking down her leg. She looked at me and smiled before continuing to walk home. I shuddered at the feeling in my balls but watched the girl all the way until she was out of site. My grandmother cleared her throat from the front door and I turned to look through the screen door, “Grandma?”

She stepped out dressed as if to go out, “I need to run a few errands Simon.”

I smiled, “Got a boyfriend grandma?”

She laughed, “Something like that.”

I watched her leave with the feeling she knew what I thought I had done. I shuddered and felt my balls and shook my head because they felt heavy as if they were full. I carefully wheeled the chair back into the house and went to take a bath. That was something else I had to get used to, no shower for me.

Of course getting in and out of the bath always leaves me sweating. After my bath I managed to slip on a light pair of sweats and take a pill before lying down. I relaxed slowly as the pain of moving left me. I woke to grandma sitting on the bed and rubbing my chest, “honey?”

I looked at her groggily, “Yeah?”

She set my laptop in my lap. It was open and a picture of a girl was showing, “I see you found my pictures.”

I looked from the picture to her and finally nodded, “Nice pussies.”

I hadn’t meant to say that and shook my head. Grandma bent down to look into my eyes, “You took one of your pills?”

I nodded, “I took a bath.”

She caressed my face and gestured to the picture, “Can you use the picture like you did for Georgia?”

I looked at her, “Georgia?”

She smiled, “The girl from yesterday.”

I put my head back, “She had a nice pussy.”

Grandma chuckled, “And you somehow took her cherry and filled her with cum.”

I looked at her, “I thought that was a dream?”

She shook her head and her hand rubbed my cock through the sweat pants, “How you didn’t tear her, I don’t know.”

I shuddered and wished I hadn’t. I gasped and grandma moved her hand, “Sorry Simon.”

I looked at the picture, “I just fit grandma, but…”

She rubbed my chest, “But?”

I sighed, “I seemed to cum a lot more than normal.”

Grandma laughed, “I’ll say, we washed a cup of cum out of her.”

I blushed, “My balls hurt after, but well, they seemed to fill up again.”

She smiled and looked at the picture, “Can you try it with your cousin Alyssa?”

I frowned as I looked at the picture and absent reached out to touch the screen. I groaned as my finger seemed to feel flesh and I closed my eyes. I caressed Alyssa’s body as she squirmed in her bed. I could see her mother beside the bed as I began to rub her clit and she shuddered and spread her legs. I leaned in to lick her pussy, it tasted musky and bitter. She was moaning and shaking as I sucked on her clit and wiggled my tongue against it.

I moved up her body to kiss her as I placed my cock in her pussy. I slowly pressed and forced my cock into her. She cried out as I tore through something and buried my cock completely. I held her as she cried and kissed her tear streaked eyes. I didn’t move as my cock throbbed inside her and just held her. Finally she sniffed and kissed me back and her pussy squeezed my cock.

I waited some more and then started to fuck her. She winced and whimpered as I continued to fuck her pussy and kiss her. A few minutes later she was she sighing and lifting her hips. Her pussy was squeezing my cock continuously. Five minutes after that I thrust into her as my cock jerked and began peeing cum into her womb.

She jerked and her eyes widened as she felt the warmth flooding her. She groaned and sighed as I stopped cumming with cum already leaking around my cock. I kissed her softly, “Good night my dream girl.”

I woke to my room dimly lit by a night light. I wasn’t sure it all hadn’t been a dream. I struggled out of bed and into my wheelchair. After a difficult trip to the bathroom I went to the kitchen where I found grandma and the girl from my dreams, Alyssa. My Aunt Brenda stood and crossed to bend down and cup my face. I wasn’t sure what she was going to do but she kissed me softly, “Thank you.”

I looked at grandma and she went to heat up dinner. My aunt went back to the table and the girl got up and walked to me shyly, “thank you.”

I smiled, “My dream girl.”

She smiled and climbed into my lap to hug me. I caressed her body, “I hope I didn’t hurt you.”

Alyssa looked down, “It hurt a little but then it started feeling good.”

She turned to look into my face and whispered, “Your stuff is still leaking out of me.”

Grandma and Aunt Brenda laughed and as Alyssa lifted her skirt to show her puffy pussy. I could see cum leaking out of her and slowly reached down and fingered her. She shuddered and I felt myself getting hard. I closed my eyes and moved Alyssa off me. It wasn’t like I could really do anything.

I turned and headed for the front door as Grandma called to me. I was on the front porch when she came out. I didn’t bother to turn the chair, “What’s the point grandma? I can never do it for real.”

She sighed and stood behind me and caressed my shoulders, “It’s a gift Simon.”

I glanced at her, “One that only makes me wish I could do it for real.”

Grandma turned my chair, “Your father said it wasn’t permanent.”

I looked down, “It feels permanent.”

She touched my cheek, “You will do it for real one day, even if it is permanent.”

I opened my mouth and she put her finger over my lips, “A girl can fuck you Simon.”

I blushed, “And I can’t even help or… do anything.”

Grandma laughed and turned my chair, “Take small steps Simon. Walk and then you can run.”

Aunt Brenda and Alyssa sat with us as I ate and then they had to go. Grandma kissed me goodnight and I sat up to watch movies. I stayed up most of the night and finally went to bed. The next day I started off doing homework that dad had dropped off while I was asleep. I heard someone come in and a little later Grandma sat down beside me.

I was in the kitchen and she turned my laptop to save my work and then she smiled, “Simon, your Aunt May wants you to do what you did to Alyssa to her Sarah.”

I looked at her and then looked down. She touched my cheek, “No pain this time. May broke her cherry a year ago.”

I knew I wanted to do it and nodded. Grandma pulled my wheelchair away from the table and into the front room where she had her computer. She moved the mouse and opened a folder and then a picture. She pushed my chair closer as I looked at the naked girl. I stared at her pussy and could almost smell it. I reached out to touch it as I closed my eyes and could feel how smooth and warm she was.

Her pussy felt hot and puffy as I slipped my fingers through her slit. I rubbed her clit as she shuddered and pushed up against my finger. I grinned as I slowing fingered her and kept rubbing her clit. Her pussy got surprisingly wet and soon my finger was fucking in and out. I licked through her pussy and teased her clit with my tongue before I moved up.

I pushed my cock into her almost hot pussy and felt it spasm and squeeze my cock. She moaned and shivered as I began to fuck her slowly. I was almost pulling out completely before slowly thrusting back to her womb. Sarah was moaning and shuddered as I fucked in and out of her tight pussy. My cock continued to press against her cervix each time I was completely inside her.

She was having jerky seizures as I buried my throbbing cock and started peeing cum into her cervix. She jerked and lifted her hips as my warm sperm exploded into her and began filling her womb. I spewed and pumped and spurted and sprayed and finally I was done and slowly relaxed. I caressed her body and whispered, “Thank you Sarah.”

I pulled out of her and watched the river of cum pour out. I opened my eyes to find myself still in front of grandma’s computer with a hard throbbing cock. She wasn’t there and I moved back before turning away. I headed towards the bathroom and started another bath. They always made my body feel better, it was getting in or out that hurt. I stripped before maneuvering out of my chair.

My cock was still throbbing as I lay back letting the tub fill. I glanced at the door when it opened and was surprised when Sarah walked in naked with her mother holding her hand. Grandma was behind them but didn’t say anything as I blushed. Sarah smiled and wiped her cummy pussy, “You put a lot of stuff in me.”

I smiled, “You seemed to like it.”

She grinned and carefully stepped into the bath and straddled me. I started to say something as she carefully sat. I shut up as Aunt May reached down to lift my hard cock. Sarah thrust back and forth to rub the head of my cock through her slimy pussy. I didn’t know if she was teasing me but she suddenly pushed down and my cock pushed into her slimy pussy.

I shuddered, ignoring the pain as I held Sarah’s hips and my cock sank to her womb. I held her as she spasmed and jerked while her pussy squeezed my cock. She convulsed as she clutched my arms, “YES!”

Aunt May and Grandma chuckled as I groaned. Sarah thrust back and forth while twisting and wiggling. I closed my eyes as my body tried to thrust into her and screamed in pain. The tightness around the head of my cock told me I was probably in her womb. She started rocking as her hands went to my chest, her tight pussy fucking up and down my cock.

I groaned as my cock jerked and throbbed and I grunted as I peed a huge, strong stream of hot sperm into her open womb. Sarah stiffened and pulled almost off my cock before thrusting back impaling herself, “I LOVE IT!”

I spewed and pumped and squirted and finally sighed and opened my eyes. Sarah was lying against my chest panting, I caressed her body amazed at the way she felt. She opened her eyes and grinned, “Can we do that again?”

Her mom and grandma laughed and I hugged her against me, “Thank you so much Sarah.”

She kissed me and sighed before lifting up. Cum poured out of her and she giggled as her mother gasped. I was blushing as they helped Sarah out and left. I rinsed off and drained the water before slowly working my way out of the tub and drying off.

After I was back in my chair I realized I wasn’t hurting like I normal did. I went to the guest bedroom and hesitated before working a robe around me. Grandma met me in the kitchen and bent to kiss me, “You’re a man Simon.”

I blushed and she smiled, “Do you want a pain pill?”

I shook my head, “I don’t really hurt that much.”

I looked around and she giggled, “May took Sarah home before she raped you again.”

I grinned, “You can’t rape the willing.”

We ate lunch and I finished my homework as grandma went to see my Aunt Charlene or Charlie as she called her. I finished my homework and went out on the front porch to watch the world. The girl from yesterday walked into sight and I smiled and waited until she was in front of the house. I closed my eyes and saw her in my mind as I caressed her butt.

She stopped and I rubbed her pussy through her string panties. I teased her clit and opened my eyes to watch as she looked at me and spread her legs. I imagined licking her tight pussy and nibbling on her inner lips. I sucked on her clit and started wiggling my tongue against it. She shuddered and humped her hips as I finally moved and pushed my cock into her.

Even from the porch I could hear her moan. She was shuddering and I watched her humping and fucking my cock. I could feel her tight pussy around my cock as I fuck her with long thrusts. I pressed against her and grunted as my cock swelled, stretching her more as I pushed into her cervix. She stiffened as I held her hips and fucked her hard.

She was jerking and spasmed as her tight pussy rippled and squeezed my cock. I went back to long strokes as she shuddered on bowed legs and moaned. I pushed into her womb again as she stiffened and let my warm cum erupt. She jerked and her eyes locked on mine as I peed cum into her womb. She spasmed as sperm pumping into her in huge jets and ran out and down her legs.

I stopped cumming and she shuddered before straightening. She smiled and waved before starting to walk again. I grinned and rubbed her butt just before she was out of sight. She looked back and grinned before continuing to walk home. I smiled and turned to go back into the house, “until tomorrow my beauty.”

I went back in and started on some more school work to get ahead. Grandma came home grinning, “Charlie wants to know if you want Ruby to sleep with you?”

I grinned, “Sure.”

She caressed my face, “if I was younger young man…”

I grinned and closed my eyes. I caressed grandma’s thighs and heard a gasp. I caressed her hips and pelvis and heard her suck in a breath. I rubbed her pussy mound and she pushed against my hand. I grinned and rubbed her hard erect clit. I slipped a finger down through the pussy and pushed it back and forth. Grandma groaned and shuddered and I heard her shifting her feet apart.

I sucked on a large brown nipple as I fucked a finger into her and rubbed her clit with my thumb. She was really slick and warm and I felt her shuddering as her pussy squeezed my finger. I leaning forward and smelled a hint of cherry before sucking on her clit and teasing it with my tongue. Grandma jerked and spasmed before squirting cum into my mouth.

I grinned at her loud moan and moved up to push my cock into her. She spasmed and her pussy squeezed my cock hard, “FUCK ME!”

I fucked her with long thrusts that pushed against her cervix hard. She was convulsing as she swayed with her legs bowed and I rubbed her clit as I started fucking her harder. I was pushing into her deeper and grandma was grunting as my cock pushed into her womb. Slowly my cock began to swell as she stiffened and I held her against me as I buried my throbbing cock.

I grunted and released cum inside her. Grandma screamed as the torrent of warm sperm flooded her belly and expanded her womb. I jabbed slightly with each strong gush of cum and Grandma jerked and grunted as it spewed into her and began leaking out. I sighed and opened my eyes to see Grandma sitting back on the couch with her legs spread wide. I grinned, “That felt good Grandma.”

She giggled and turned to lay down, “I haven’t had a fuck that good since before your grandfather died.”

I turned my chair and moved to the couch. I slowly and painfully leaned forward to left her dress. I could see her panties and the crotch looked soaked. I caressed her thigh and sat up, “I’m glad you liked it grandma.”

I left her to catch her breath and went to start the oven and pulled out a large pizza. She came in a little later and bent to kiss me before starting to make a salad. I grinned as she walked by and rubbed her butt, “You’re leaking Grandma.”

She laughed, “And it feels wonderful.”

We ate and after a couple of pieces I had enough, the pain of using my arms constantly caught up. I sat back, “I need a pain pill grandma.”

She looked at me and went to get one before slipping it into my mouth. I sipped water and swallowed and she caressed my face before pushing me back to my bed, “Maybe you can do Ruby tomorrow honey.”

She helped me out of the chair and I let my robe drop as I fell into bed. She turned and straightened me before pulling the sheet up and kissing my cheek, “Tomorrow will be better.”

I nodded as the pain pill kicked in and a minute later I was asleep. I dreamed of my schoolgirl, I fucked her on her bed and filled her womb before turning her over and doing her from behind and flooding her again. I laid down so she was straddling me and pumped another cup of cum into her belly. I pulled out of her messy hole and turned her to spoon behind her.

I woke to the front door slamming and shuddered before moving off the bed and into the robe draped chair. After a trip to the bathroom I went into the kitchen. Grandma smiled and turned to make me cereal, “Your father was just here.”

I nodded as I moved to the table, “I thought so when I heard the door slam.”

Grandma smiled as she put the bowl on the table, “He has done that since he was a little boy.”

I slowly started eating, “Did he take my school work?”

She nodded, “And told me he had to go out of town for a month.”

I looked at her and went back to eating. She sipped her coffee, “Charlie and Ruby will be here for lunch.”

I looked at her and smiled, “Why do this grandma?”

She looked at me as if measuring and reached out to caress my cheek, “I like watching a girl stretched. Besides, my girls keep talking about boys doing their girls.”

I slowly pushed the half full bowl away, “they want to see their daughters fucking a boy?”

Grandma sighed as she moved over and pulled the cereal back and put a spoonful in my mouth, “Ever since Alyssa was born they have talked to each other and fantasized about a boyfriend, father, brother or some other man fucking their little girls and getting them pregnant.”

I looked at her as I chewed, “Are you on birth control Grandma?”

She snorted and then got a thoughtful look. She grinned as she fed me another bite, “No Simon and yesterday was a perfect time to knock me up.”

I smiled, “I can’t change its diapers.”

She giggled and laughed and finally she grinned. She caressed my face and a moment later she giggled, “Want to get them all pregnant?”

I grinned, “I would fuck any of my aunts.”

She grinned again, “How often can you do what you do?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know.”

She stood and pulled my chair into the other room. I looked up at her, “I need to be able to… do it with someone when she gets out of school.”

Grandma smiled, “The girl I saw the other day? That’s Katie, her father is very private, their nudists too.”

I smiled, “Katie, I like it.”

I looked at my Aunt Brenda on the monitor and she was totally naked, “We need a mansion with room for all the babies.”

Grandma laughed as she sat beside me and I focused on my aunt’s trimmed pussy. I grinned as I smelled her perfume and the slightly musky scent of her pussy. I licked her clit and sucked on it as she gasped and shuddered. I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue up inside her. I went back to teasing her clit as she spread her legs and sat on the sofa.

When she spasmed and jerked, I lifted up and pushed into her. She screamed and convulsed as her warm pussy contracted around my cock. I pushed all the way into her cervix and held still. I thought about birth control and pushed the thought away from her body before I started to fuck her slick pussy. I used long thrusts and took my time. Brenda was panting and shaking as her pussy tried to grasp my cock.

Each thrust into her was straight into her womb and she was jerking and howling in pleasure. I started fucking her faster and harder and she was jerking out of control. It was almost fifteen minutes before I buried my cock in her womb and peed cum. She stiffened and screamed as her pussy contracted, “YYYEEEESSSSS!”

I gushed and pumped and spewed and finally I stopped. I cupped her breasts as my cock throbbed holding my cum trapped in her expanded womb. I pulled out and opened my eyes to see grandma looking at me. I grinned, “She’ll probably be calling.”

She smiled, “Do you need a rest?”

I thought about it and shook my head, “Whose next?”

She turned and brought up another picture, “Tracy.”

I stared at my aunt and grinned, “She’s gorgeous.”

Her pussy was shaved bald and she had a small tattoo of a butterfly above it. It was a moment before I could smell her and I reached out to slide a finger through her pussy. She shivered and I bent to smell and then lick through her pussy. She had small inner lips and shuddered when I nibbled on them. I could tell she was sitting down as I tongue fucked her and covered her clit.

I sucked and teased her clit as she shuddered and brushed at her pussy. I kept going and she seemed to lean back as her hips rose. It wasn’t long before she spasmed and jerked as she squirted a tiny bit. I moved up and pushed into her very tight pussy. I almost heard her gasp as her slippery, tight pussy squeezed my cock. I began to fuck her as she shook and twisted.

I did it nice and slow with long, deep thrusts. Her pussy felt almost hot as I thought of the birth control in her system and pushed it away. She was shaking as she fucked me back, her pussy spasming and grasping at my cock. She was breathing hard and tossing her head as I pushed into her cervix.

Every couple of minutes she would stiffen and cry out. Her pussy would tighten and then she was bucking and thrashing around. Finally I thrust into her as she was jerking and grunted and peed a solid torrent of cum into her womb. She stiffened and screamed as her womb filled and expanded.

I stopped cumming and reached up to cup her firm breasts through the blouse and bra she was wearing. I pulled out of her and cum began pouring out. I shook my head as I opened my eyes to see Grandma. She grinned and kissed my cheek, “Enough for now, Brenda called and was laughing. She said you are a great fuck.”

I smiled and sighed as she stood and moved me back to the kitchen for a glass of milk. I worked on my homework as she cleaned house. When I stopped for a break, I drank some tea and Grandma moved me back to the computer, “Tracy called by the way and said she loves you.”

I grinned as Grandma opened another picture, this one of Aunt May. Her pussy was trimmed and the tattoo above it said SLUT. I smiled and closed my eyes as I reached out the caress her pussy mound. She shuddered as I rubbed the hood over her clit until it peeked out. I leaned into her and licked through her pussy. She shivered and tried walking as I pushed my tongue up inside her.

I covered her clit and sucked as I teased it with my tongue. She stopped and spread her legs as her body spasmed. I kept licking her pussy and playing with her clit as her body shook. I held her hips and pushed her back to the desk. She sat back and then laid down. I pushed into her and began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts.

My cock filled her and stretched her as I pushed into her cervix. She was shuddering and shaking as her tight pussy kept squeezing my cock. I pushed all the way into her to press and hump against her. It was only a minute before she was whispering, “Hurry.”

I humped and ground into her as my balls tightened. May suddenly stiffened and then began spasming as I thrust into her womb. I peed and spewed a huge stream of cum that filled her womb completely and began leaked a little around my cock. She jerked around and clinched her teeth to keep from screaming. I held and caressed her hips before thinking of birth control. I could almost feel it in her body and pushed it away.

I pulled out of her and she groaned as cum poured out of her to fall to the floor. I opened my eyes and looked at Grandma. She grinned, “Charlie is going to be next. She is always complaining the men she picks have small dicks.”

I grinned as she turned to open another picture, this one of Aunt Charlie. Her pussy was bald except for a broken heart above it. I smiled, “What is it with tattoos?”

Grandma chuckled, “Charlie had her hair permanently removed and the broken heart put on when her husband left with the striper.”

I reached out to touch her pussy as I closed my eyes. Her pussy mound was full and smooth and felt warm. I caressed her as she shivered and shifted in her chair. I slipped my finger through her pussy and she felt wet. I smiled and began to tease her clit as I ran my finger in and out of her pussy. It wasn’t long before she was sliding forward in her chair.

I pushed against her inner thighs and leaned close to lick her wet pussy. She shuddered and I heard her moan as I nibbled on her pussy lips and then began sucking on her clit. She jerked and shook as I started wiggling my tongue. She started wiggling and spasming and I grinned as I moved up and positioned my cock. I pushed away any thought of birth control before holding her hips.

I slowly pushed into her and felt her pussy stretch until I was pushing into her cervix. I heard her gasp and groan as I began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts. She was breathing hard and shaking as I switched to fucking her hard. She spasmed and clutched at me but I wasn’t there. I buried my cock in her womb and humped against her. She started jerking and convulsing as her pussy tried to squeeze my cock.

I grinned and began fucking her with long, slow thrusts that fucked my cock in and out of her cervix. She was grunting and groaning as her body jerked uncontrollably. I decided to ended it and fucked her hard, burying my cock firmly in her womb each time. I shuddered as I slammed into her and held her as I peed a huge, gushing stream.

I heard her cry out as her body stiffened and her pussy contracted to grip my cock. I spewed and pumped wave after wave that expanded her womb before beginning to leak out. I sighed when I stopped cumming and caressed her hips and up to her breasts before pulling out. I opened my eyes to see Grandma fingering her pussy. I sat back, “Grandma?”

She looked from the picture to me and smiled as she pulled her finger out, “All done?”

I was looking at her bare pussy and slowly opened my rode to show my hard cock. She looked at it and then grinned before standing and pushing my wheelchair back to my room. She helped me into bed, leaving the robe in the chair. She stripped and moved onto the bed and straddled me, “Let me know if you hurt.”

I was looking at her pussy and grinned as she lifted my cock and slowly sat down. I shuddered as her warm moist pussy slid down my cock. Grandma shuddered and began rocking, fucking my cock in and out of her. I closed my eyes and felt her cervix as I thrust into her. I held her waist and fucked her with long, deep strokes. Grandma gasped, “Simon!”

I kept fucking her enjoying the feel of her pussy around my cock. She was shuddering and her pussy spasmed and tried to gasp my cock. I buried it in her womb and humped against her as my balls tightened. I groaned as I tried to hold back and started fucking her again with long, deep thrusts. Grandma was jerking with each thrust and her body was spasming as I finally shoved into her womb and began peeing cum.

I opened my eyes as my body shuddered and I pumped huge, gushing streams into her. Grandma howled as her womb expanded and cum began leaking around my cock. I finally stopped cumming and relaxed as she panted and tried to catch her breath. She leaned forward and pulled my still hard cock out of her before lying beside me, “Damn you felt good.”

I smiled as I closed my eyes, “I hope it’s a girl.”

Grandma laughed as she turned on her side to rub my chest, “We’ll see lover.”

I grinned and fell asleep. I woke to grandma cleaning my cock and looked at her, “What time is it?”

She smiled, “Lunch time and Charlie should be here any minute with Ruby.”

I struggled to move off the bed and she quickly moved to help me. First was a trip to the bathroom and then I went into the kitchen. Aunt Charlie turned as I came in and smiled as she walked to me and bent to kiss me passionately. She caressed my chest, “God you have a wonderful cock.”

I grinned, “Your pussy felt really good.”

I looked at grandma, “We are trying to get everyone pregnant.”

She grinned, “Well, you put your cum in the right place.”

Ruby crossed the room and took my hand, “Mom said you are going to fuck me.”

I smiled, “No, you have to fuck me.”

Grandma laughed and lifted her skirt to show her cummy pussy, “I think it will be both.”

Aunt Charlie gasped, “Mother!”

Grandma grinned, “He wants a daughter.”

Ruby giggled and squeezed my hand, “Can we do it now?”

I smiled and turned my chair, “I would love to.”

She followed me and hesitated as I awkwardly pulled my arms out of the robe and moved onto the bed. I looked at her, “Are you going to get undressed?”

She grinned and undressed as she walked to the bed. Grandma and Aunt Charlie came in with cameras and moved around the bed. Ruby hesitated before climbing onto the bed. I smiled, “Lay beside me and close your eyes.”

I looked at her bald pussy and reached my hand down to touch it as I closed my eyes. My fingers caressed her slightly puffy pubic mound and then I rubbed her clit. Ruby shuddered and spread her legs as I looked at her pussy slit and leaned close to lick through it. She gasped, “What?”

I smiled and nibbled on her inner lips before covering her clit and wiggling my tongue against it while sucking. She shuddered and her hips lifted, “oooohhhhhh!”

I kept licking her as her pussy began leaking and she started jerking. When she stiffened and then spasmed I stopped licking and opened my eyes, “Ruby?”

She shuddered and groaned, “God.”

Grandma and Charlie chuckled and I rubbed her pelvis, “Straddle my waist Ruby.”

Grandma moved to the bed to help her and Ruby looked at my cock, “Will it fit?”

Charlie laughed, “Silly girl.”

I touched her leg, “It will fit but go slow.”

She smiled and nodded as she lifted up and Grandma fitted it to her tight hole. I rubbed and caressed her legs and closed my eyes, “Just rock back and forth onto it.”

I could see her pussy spread obscenely around the head of my cock and felt her rocking and pressing down harder. I pushed up and Ruby gasped but I wasn’t really in her yet. I waited and she slowly went back to rocking and I pushed into her. Ruby groaned and pushed down to force my cock into her. I smiled and began rubbing her clit as I fucked her nice and slow.

Rudy shuddered and her tight pussy squeezed my cock and she push all the way down. I shivered and held her hips as I began fucking her with long, deep thrusts. She jerked and shook each time my cock nudged her womb. Not even a couple of minutes later she stiffened and then began jerking and thrashing around, “MOMMA!”

I kept fucking her, feeling her tight, slippery pussy sliding back and forth on my cock. Ruby was convulsing as her pussy spasmed and contracted. Five minutes later I was fucking into her womb. Her eyes were wide as I held her, my cock was throbbing and jerking before I suddenly began peeing cum. She arched her back and went rigid, “OH MY GOD!”

I opened my eyes as my body shuddered and shook while I spewed and pumped huge, gushing torrents into Ruby’s belly. I jerked and shook as I slowed and then Ruby fell onto me. I slowly lift my arms and held her as my cock throbbed deep inside her. Aunt Charlie finally came forward to rub her back, “Ruby?”

She murmured, “mmmm?”

I grinned as her pussy squeezed my cock, “Lift up Ruby so I will come out of you.”

She shook her head, “Your stuff will come out and it feels nice and warm.”

Charlie grinned and Grandma laughed. I slowly rubbed her hips, “Can we do this again some time?”

She turned her head and smiled before kissing me. She sighed and slowly lifted up and like she had said the river of cum flowed out of her as my cock came out. Aunt Charlie helped her lay beside me, “Lay beside him so some of the cum will soak in.”

She left with Grandma and Ruby whispered, “Thank you Simon.”

I sighed, “Thank you Rudy.”

I woke as she slipped off the bed. I followed awkwardly and stopped in the bathroom to pee and wash. When I came into the kitchen Grandma was making cookies, “You just missed them. Charlie said they would come back though.”

She glanced towards the front door, “School just got out.”

I grinned and turned to head towards the front porch. I watched as boys and girls walked past and finally I saw her. She was walking with a sway to her hips and a tempting smile on her lips. Before she reached the house our eyes met. She smiled and looked around before walking onto the grass in front of me and behind a bush that blocked her from the street, “I loved last night.”

I smiled as she reached under her dress and wiggled a tiny pair of panties down her legs. She showed them to me and lifted the front of her skirt to show her smooth bald pussy. I looked at her pussy and could almost smell it. I closed my eyes and reached for her. I rubbed her pussy and slipped a finger through her wet slit. Katie shuddered and I heard her moan.

I leaned closer and licked through her pussy as she spread her legs to give me room. I sucked on her clit and wiggled my tongue back and forth. Katie shuddered and began humping towards me. I pushed my tongue up inside her and then went back to her clit. I finally stopped as she shuddered and spasmed. I held her hips and slowly pushed into her.

Katie groaned and shuddered as my cock pushed all the way to her womb. I smiled as she kept moaning and her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I pulled back and began to fuck her with long, deep thrusts as she kept thrusting her butt back. It was only a couple of minutes before she spasmed and jerked as her tight pussy contracted. She started spasming and convulsing as I fucked her harder and pushed into her cervix.

I rubbed her clit hard as I fucked her and she jerked as I finally buried my cock in her womb and peed cum into her. She stiffened and her body shivered as her womb expanded and then cum poured out around my cock. I spewed and then pumped heavy spurts and finally stopped. I caressed her whole body before pulling out of her and opening my eyes.

Katie was shuddering as she stood with her legs spread. Her skirt was lifted and I watched as cum fall from her pussy or ran down her legs. She smiled as she straightened, “Thanks.”

I grinned, “My pleasure.”

She turned and peeked around the bush before walking down the street. Grandma chuckled from the door, “That little vixen may end up pregnant too.”

I grinned as I slowly turned my chair, “I would like that.”

She smiled as she opened the door for me, “Ready to try to do your Aunt Cynthia?”

I grinned, “I like her, she doesn’t look like my other Aunts though.”

Grandma laughed and caressed my cheek, “That’s because she was the daughter of a stranger I fucked when your grandfather was hopping into other womens beds.”

I looked at her, “You cheated?”

She smiled, “Call it a mutual affair.”

I looked at the computer monitor with a picture of my naked aunt. Her pussy was trimmed into a small heart. I smiled and reached out to slip a finger through her pussy as I closed my eyes. She was standing up somewhere and gasped. I fucked my finger in and out of her tight pussy before starting to rub her clit.

She shuddered and spread her feet as I leaned in to lick. She had a hint of cherry to her pussy and I grinned as I nibbled on her inner lips. I started teasing her clit and sucking on it and heard her whisper, “harder.”

I grinned and squeezed her clit and sucked hard. She jerked and spasmed as she squirted a little. I licked her pussy some more as she kept shaking. She was holding onto a counter or something as I moved and pushed into her pussy. She was really tight and her pussy squeezed my cock and rippled as I began to fuck her.

She was thrusting back and forth as I fucked her and kept shuddering. I was fucking against her cervix in no time and she began spasming like she was having a light seizure. I sighed and shivered before fucking her with long, deep thrusts, “I wish I could take longer.”

Aunt Cynthia was convulsing as I pushed into her womb and began to pump a huge gushing river of sperm. She stiffened and almost squatted as I pumped even more into her and then it was leaking out. I shuddered and thought of the birth control. I pushed that thought away from her and caressed her body before slowly pulling out.

I opened my eyes and Grandma grinned, “She’ll be calling. She hasn’t let a man touch her since before Marie was born and her husband ran off.”

I sighed and looked towards the front window, “I wish I could do it for real. She tasted good and felt really nice.”

Grandma caressed my face, “Do you need a pain pill?”

I shook my head and she sighed, “I think we will save Jo for later.”

The phone started ringing and Grandma grinned, “I told you.”

I smiled, “Tell her I think she is fantastic.”

She laughed as she walked into the other room. I slowly backed away from the computer and went to the bathroom. I started the water and struggled out of the chair and into the bathtub. I turned the water off when the bathtub was full and slowly relaxed. It was small hands caressing me that woke me.

The water was draining but warm water was replacing the cold water around me. I looked at the girl beside the tub and then at Aunt Cynthia sitting on the toilet behind her. She smiled, “I enjoyed what you did very much Simon. Mom told me what she wanted to do so I won’t take another pill.”

I smiled, “I wanted to go slower and take longer but it felt like you couldn’t.”

She nodded and looked at her daughter, “We broke Maria’s hymen and she knows what can happen if you have sex with her.”

I looked at Maria, “You know you could get pregnant?”

She wrapped her hand around my thick cock, “Yes.”

I struggled to get out of the tub and she helped me. I dried off and pulled my chair closer before pulling myself into it and waiting for the pain to pass. I started for my room and Maria walked beside me, “Ruby and Sarah said they want to fuck you again.”

I grinned as I stopped beside the bed and struggled onto the bed. I laid back and looked at Maria, ignoring the cameras around the bed. I smiled and lifted a hand, “will you do something for me?”

She grinned as she finished undressing, “What?”

I sighed as my face reddened, “In my mind I can smell and taste what it is like, but... will you straddle my head and let me taste you?”

She grinned as she climbed onto the bed and both Aunt Cynthia and Grandma chuckled, “Sure.”

Once she was over my face she spread her legs and moved lower. I could smell her pussy and smiled before slowly reaching for her hips and pulling her lower. She shuddered as I licked through her pussy and started sucking on her clit. I kept wiggling my tongue back and forth as I sucked and Maria kept shaking. Her pussy got wetter and finally she lifted up. She grinned, “I liked that.”

I grinned back, “Me too.”

Aunt Cynthia helped her move back and straddle my waist. I felt her tight pussy against the head of my cock. I closed my eyes as I pushed into her and felt her hot slippery pussy. I felt her shudder as her tight pussy squeezed me and she started thrusting back and forth. My cock pressed against the back of her stretched pussy and then pushed deeper.

I heard her moaning as if it was an echo. I thrust up and fucked her with long, deep strokes and Maria started jerking and grunting. I loved the way her pussy spasmed and tried to milk my cock. I felt her body lay on mine, my cock still buried deep inside her. I turned and began thrusting into her from behind and she jerked as my cock again fucked in and out of her womb.

It was a long time before I was ready to cum, mostly because I was enjoying fucking her. Marie was shaking and convulsing with her tight pussy clamped around my cock. I pushed into her womb as I began to pee cum and she stiffened and screamed, “MOMMA!”

I could feel myself cumming inside her and felt the cum spewing into her womb like an echo. I pumped and spewed and sprayed as she jerked and shook. I more then fill her belly and cum was running out of her when I stopped cumming and opened my eyes to see her shuddering face. She kissed me a minute later and put her head down.

I sighed as I felt her pussy squeeze my cock and slowly caressed her body before just holding her. I woke a little later as Maria shifted and moved off me. She whispered, “Thank you so much Simon.”

I smiled as she kissed my cheek and walked out. I struggled off the bed and into my chair before heading to the bathroom and then the kitchen. Aunt Cynthia and Maria were helping grandma make dinner as I stopped by the table. Cynthia stopped to kiss me softly, “You are very special Simon. Thank you for loving Maria so nicely.”

I grinned, “Kiss me again and you might get a visit tonight.”

She grinned as Maria giggled and Grandma laughed. She kissed me slowly and passionately and then pulled back, “I’ll expect you.”

I shivered and then grinned, “This time I am going to take my time.”

She stood and laughed with grandma and went back to helping her. I sighed and went into the other room and rolled up in front of grandma’s computer. After searching for a minute I found Aunt Jo. I grinned at the bunny ears tattooed above her pussy and closed my eyes as I reached for her hips.

I pulled her closer and smelled her pussy before pushing her legs open and licking through it. I felt her shifting around and groan, “Virginia, call mom.”

I sucked on her clit and began teasing it with my tongue before licking her again and pushing my tongue up inside her. She was shuddered as she sat suddenly and opened her legs more. I went back to wiggle my tongue against her clit and she started humping up. I started sucking again and it wasn’t long before she spasmed hard. I grinned and pushed two fingers into her and up to her g spot.

I went back to her clit and started over as I fucked my fingers in and out and a couple of minutes later she was screaming as she squirted in my mouth. She bucked and twisted and thrashed as I held her and kept going. It was another five minutes before I stopped and moved over her twitching body. I pushed into her wet pussy and started fucking her with long thrusts that made her whimper and groan.

Her pussy felt almost hot as it tried to grasp my cock and I pushed away the thought of any birth control. My cock was pumping in and out of her womb as she began to convulse like she was having a seizure. It was almost twenty minutes before I held her body against me as I began to pee cum. She stiffened and lifted her hips as I pumped it into her belly, “OH MY GOD!”

I shuddered as I peed and then spewed and pumped and spurted and finally sighed as I stopped with cum running out of her. I kissed her and whispered, “thanks aunt Jo.”

I heard her sigh, “Your welcome Simon.”

I opened my eyes to see Grandma, Aunt Cynthia and Maria. I relaxed, “I sure tried to get her pregnant grandma.”

She grinned as Cynthia laughed and Maria held up the phone, “It sounded like she enjoyed it Grandma.”

They grinned and I pushed away from the computer. Dinner was nice and then Cynthia stood and pushed me to the bathroom. She smiled and started the water for another bath since I didn’t finish the last one. I struggled onto the toilet and was embarrassed but she only ignored me until I was done. I struggled into the tub and she caressed my chest as she sat to pee, “Will you fuck me Simon?”

I smiled as I looked at her pussy and then up into her face, “Can I go slow?”

She grinned, “I would love for you to do me slow.”

I grinned and she moved to the side of the tub, “Tomorrow one of us will be here to help you begin your exercises.”

I sighed because I had been putting those off, they were very painful. She washed my body, “It will get better and you will hold our son in your arms without pain.”

I looked at her and grinned, “Son? Only one? I was hoping for twins.”

She grinned and then laughed before bending to kiss me. When I was done she watched as I struggled out of the bath and then she dried me. I climbed into my chair and sighed, “I need to wash my robe.”

She grinned, “I’ll give it to mom.”

She pushed me to my room and over beside the bed. Once I was laid back she undressed and moved up to lay beside me and caress my chest, “Can you lick me again like before?”

I smiled and looked at her before reaching out as I closed my eyes. I felt her body and smelled her slightly musky pussy before spreading her legs and leaning closer to lick. I nibbed on her inner lips first and then her clit and Cynthia shuddered and pushed her hips up. I kept going back to her hole to push my long tongue completely up inside her. It was the first time I had thought to make my tongue longer and used it.

When I did it again and touched the back of her pussy she arched her back and screamed as her pussy tightened. I teased her clit and sucked on it as she spasmed and weakly tried to push me away. I smiled and bit her clit gently and she screamed again as her body was racked with spasms and convulsions.

I opened my eyes and watch Cynthia continue to spasm uncontrollably. Grandma and Maria were both in the room video taping us. I slowly caressed Cynthia’s shaking body as she laughed throatily, “I love you Simon.”

I grinned, “Will you fuck me now?”

She turned and straddled me before lifted up to fit my cock to her extremely wet pussy. This time I slowly reached up and cupped her breasts as she pushed down onto my cock. I kept my eyes open and shuddered at the feel of her warm pussy as it rippled and squeezed my cock. Cynthia smiled at me and began rocking.

Each time my cock was completely inside her, her pussy would tighten with the head of my cock pressed into her womb. It wasn’t long before she began to shuddered and become erratic. A couple of minutes and she jerked up and screamed as her pussy clamped down, “MOM!”

I smiled and rubbed her nipples and she jerked as if I had shocked her, “OH SHIT!”

She spasmed and thrashed around and slowly began rocking again, “Your cock feels so good Simon.”

I groaned at the feel of her warm slippery pussy and used one hand to reach down and squeeze her clit. Cynthia jerked hard and thrashed around again as her pussy once more tightened. I groaned as I began to spew cum and she gasped and looked into my face, “Simon?”

I shuddered and grunted as I kept pumping huge, gushing spurts into her. She shuddered and thrust her hips forwards and down as I just continued to spurt cum. It was running out of her full and expanded womb when I finally stopped and shuddered, “oh!”

She laughed as she carefully lay on me, “Is it okay if I lay on you?”

I moved my hands to her hips and held her, “Yes.”

Cynthia put her head down on my shoulder, “Thank you so much Simon.”

I caressed her softly, “Can we do this when I get better?”

She giggled, “Simon, I belong to you now.”

I glanced at Grandma and she smiled as she held Maria, “Me?”

Cynthia nodded but didn’t lift her head, “Mom said that if a man that could get me pregnant again I would be his.”

I looked at her, “I don’t understand?”

She sighed, “Simon, all of my sisters and I made mom the same promise. We never thought a man would love us like you do. You are special Simon and not because you can do what others can’t, but because you try to give us women pleasure. You hurt when we made love. I saw that, but you wanted me to enjoy what we were doing and not all men do.”

She lifted her head to looked into my face, “And you care about us. I could feel that too.”

I smiled and relaxed, “I do care. You are all so beautiful and seemed... sad or empty.”

Cynthia kissed me, “Not anymore.”

She was right, she didn’t feel sad or empty anymore. I relaxed and feel asleep to dream of Katie again. I caressed her while she lay in her bed and she shuddered before looking around. I licked and teased her pussy before rolling her onto her stomach and fucking her.

I pumped and spewed cum into her womb and then laid her on her back to fuck her that way. I fucked her until she was sloppy with cum and then just held her shuddering body as she fell asleep. I woke as Cynthia moved off me and whispered, “I need to go Simon.”

I touched her hand, “thank you.”

She kissed my cheek and left as I slowly struggled into my chair. After the bathroom I went to the kitchen and made breakfast. There was a lot less pain then normal and I managed to eat a whole bowl of cereal. I turned my chair at the pounding on the door and moved to answer it. A large stern looking men stood there glaring at me and Katie stood with her head down behind him. He looked around, “Where is the boy that has been molesting my daughter!”

I looked at Katie and her eyes met mine. I looked up into his face, “I did it.”

He snorted, “You’re a cripple...”

Katie moved around her father, “Leave him alone!”

I glanced back as Grandma came into the room and he snorted, “How could he even get into your room?”

I smiled, “I used my mind. I wanted to be with Katie so my mind took me.”

His eyes narrowed, “And just how did your mind fill her so full of cum? The whole bed was soaked!”

I looked at him and then into Katie’s eyes. She smiled, “Show him.”

I glanced at her father who looked startled. I smiled and closed my eyes as I reached for her. I caressed her smooth bald pussy and fingered her clit until she shuddered and whisper, “Fuck me?”

I shifted and turned her before spreading her legs. Katie gasped as my cock filled her and I began fucking her. I fingered her clit and rubbed her warm asshole and she spasmed as her tight pussy squeezed my cock. I knew I couldn’t take my time and fucked her hard for a minute and buried my cock just before I began to pump and gush.

Katie sighed and shuddered as warm cum pumped into her against her womb. I opened my eyes to see Katie facing her dad as she bent over. My eyes dropped to her thighs as cum began running down her legs. Katie sighed and stood up before lifting her skirt, “See?”

I looked at her dad who was standing there with his mouth open. Grandma’s hand rubbed my shoulder and he finally tore his eyes away from Katie’s pussy. He grinned, “Can you do that with any woman?”

I looked at Katie as she came to stand beside me, “I don’t know.”

He looked at Katie, “Would you like to have Katie?”

I looked up into her surprised face and nodded, “Yes.”

He was still looking at me, “if you do that to my wife when I tell you, you can have her.”

Katie bent to whisper, “mom is cheating and he wants to divorce her.”

She looked at her dad and whispered again, “do it. The guy mom is see would love to take her in.”

I nodded to her father, “When?”

His smile was almost evil, “at one o’clock.”

I looked at Katie, “I need a picture. As... reveling as possible.”

She smiled and didn’t bother looking at her father, “I’ll bring it with my things.”

Katie started for the door and her father began to turn. Grandma cleared her throat, “I expect guardianship papers for Katie.”

He looked at her as he frowned and then nodded. After they left I turned to see Grandma, she was smiling. I cleared my throat, “Grandma?”

She caressed my cheek, “Did you eat?”

I nodded and she turned to head into the kitchen, “I need to make some calls.”

I followed her and listened as she told Silvia, (Katie’s mom) what was going to happen. After that she sipped coffee as she made calls to all my Aunts. Katie knocked and I went to let her in. She was pulling a big suitcase and blushing. Grandma came out and led her to my room.

I grinned as I watched her moving some of my things and start putting her clothes away. She glanced back at me, “I told dad to call the school and tell them I was sick.”

I nodded as I watched her butt and she laughed. I looked up and blushed, “Sorry.”

She walked to me and caressed my face, “How many am I sharing you with?”

Grandma chuckled from the door, “there’s fourteen of us.”

Katie looked at her and then at me. I shrugged, “mostly it’s like I have been doing with you.”

She grinned, “Tonight we can do it for real.”

Grandma laughed and turned to head back to the kitchen. I turned to go do my homework and Katie followed. She went to help Grandma and they began whispering and giggling. I finished my work for the day and glanced at the clock to see it was past lunch time, “Grandma?”

She looked up from the cookies she and Katie were making and then at the clock. She grinned, “we need the picture of your mother Katie.”

Katie grinned and headed towards my room as Grandma picked up the phone. Katie came back and smiled as she handed the picture to me. I looked at her mother to see that she looked a lot like Katie. I caressed Katie’s hip and she laughed and put my hand on the chair arm, “Do mom.”

I looked at her pussy and could smell her arousal and almost see the wetness. I didn’t realize when my eyes closed as I caressed her smooth warm pussy. I gently rubbed the small erect clit and leaned closer to open her legs before licking through her pussy. I heard her groan and felt her shudder as her hips pushed towards me. I pushed my tongue up inside her and then teased her clit with my tongue.

Her shuddering was a little harder as I kept licking and nibbling. When I sucked on her clit hard and gently bit it, she jerked and spasmed as she squirted. I licked it up and grinned before moving up and slowly forcing my cock into her. I heard her loud moan as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I began to fuck her with long thrusts that spread her open and pushed against her womb.

It wasn’t long before she was convulsing and jerking around on my cock. I rubbed her clit as I continued to fuck her and she began crying out and thrashing around. It was awhile before I thrust into her womb and groaned as my cock began to throb and swell. I held her as I began peeing and spewing a huge torrent of cum. She screamed and started bucking as warm sperm began pumping into her belly.

When I finished, she groaned and rubbed her slightly bulging tummy. I caressed her hips up to her breasts, “I hope this was okay.”

I slowly pulled out and she spasmed as cum started leaking. I opened my eyes to see Katie with her ear to the phone with Grandma. I sighed and set the picture on the couch arm before turning to go out front. Katie slipped out a couple of minutes later and grinned as she rubbed my chest, “Mom said thank you so much.”

I smiled and slowly caressed her hip as I saw Aunt Jo walking up the sidewalk with my cousin Virginia. She smiled and came to give me a kiss, “Thank you Simon.”

I grinned and she glanced at Katie before looking at Virginia, “I brought Virginia to help with your exercises and maybe... you will fuck her.”

I looked at Katie to see her grinning. A month later we moved into this old hotel. The entire second floor had been remodeled but the first and third were stripped. All my aunts and cousins moved in at the same time. I was out of my wheelchair, well some of the time.

Grandma and all of my aunts were pregnant as well as several of my cousins. I really wasn’t surprised Katie ended up pregnant. Her mother moved in with us and she too was pregnant. Over the last several years we have had many more children but grandma talked the girls into waiting until they were sixteen before having any more.
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