When my father died I was only twelve and it made life both easier and harder. My father had been smart enough to have a couple of large term life insurance policies. In addition, the insurance on the ranch was set so that if dad died they would pay off the mortgage. Still, running a ranch cost money, in feed and other supplies. There were also taxes that had to be paid.

Our ranch was only fifteen thousand acres and half of that was forest. I became the man that did all the work. My mother and grandmother made sure I continued with my schooling. Since we lived out in the middle of nowhere they home schooled me. I learned a lot from the lessons too. I built several large solar panels and a couple of wind generators as part of a science project.

As time went on my grandmother became concerned that I would never meet a girl. We lived in the middle of nowhere with the closest girl over seventy miles away. Both mom and my grandmother knew I masturbated every night watching porn on my computer. I was sixteen when grandma found the solution, not that she told me about it, I was only her grandson and a man.

My grandmother and my mother began using my computer while I was out working during the day. Finally grandma went into town with my mother and when they came back it was to change my life. Well, first my room and later my life. They bought two standing closets, (since the old house didn’t have a closet). I got a new queen size bed as well. I came home to regular paintings on my walls and a room that looked like it belonged to someone else.

My next surprise came two weeks later when mom and grandma left early in the morning without telling me where they were going. When I drove our old Jeep into the ranch yard for a late lunch they were back. I walked into the house and stopped when I saw the Asian girl facing me. She seemed to attract all the light in the room and I couldn’t look away. My grandmother walked into the room and took the girls hand, “Mathew this is Amber Choi your bride.”

I blinked and looked from grandma to the girl and then my mother in the doorway. Mom smiled, “We didn’t think you would ever meet anyone out here so we ordered her for you.”

I looked at the girl and blushed. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. She smiled as I finally shook myself and walked across the room. I was conscious of how dirty and smelly I might be. “I’ve been pulling a stuck cow out of a thicket.”

Mom nodded to the hallway and I headed to the bathroom to clean up. We ate lunch and I got to know Amber a bit. She spoke English with a British accent and I found out she was from Hong Kong in China. She was sixteen like me. She had never been anywhere like our ranch with open fields and no other house within sight. I left her with mom and grandma to go do my afternoon chores.

When I came in they were all smiling like they were best friends. They were putting dinner on the table as I carried the eggs and the two large jars of milk to the counter and went to wash up. After washing, I stopped in the doorway to my room and I saw the covers folded back on the bed and the other standing closet open with Amber’s clothes in it.

That was when it really hit home that she was here to be my wife. That we would be sleeping in the same bed. My grandmother stopped in the hall behind me and put her hand on my shoulder. “Are you okay?”

I was blushing as I looked at her, “I… are you sure about this grandma?”

My grandmother smiled, “I want a great grandchild before I die Mathew.”

That didn’t help, “Grandma I’m only sixteen and your still young.”

My grandmother chuckled, “I was only sixteen when your grandfather got me pregnant.”

I looked at her and shook my head before walking into my room, “That’s different. Grandpa was a dirty old man.”

Grandma laughed as she turned to leave, “All men are dirty old men Mathew.”

I smiled and turned to follow her into the kitchen. Dinner was filled with mom or grandma asking questions about Hong Kong. After dinner mom wrinkled her nose at me, “Go shower Mathew and put those dirty clothes in the laundry room.”

I smiled because mom said the same thing almost everyday. I grabbed a pair of cotton sleeping pants and walked into the bathroom. I froze as Amber turned to smile at me. She had started the shower and was standing in front of it naked. I started to back out and she faced me, “Don’t go.”

I hesitated and she gestured to the shower. I sighed, “Grandmother is really pushing it.”

Amber smiled as I walked closer. She reached out to undressed me and I didn’t do anything to stop her. She walked into the shower and turned to face me as I followed her. As she began washing my hair she told me about herself. At the age of ten she was sold by her parents to a woman.

She became a whore and it wasn’t until she turned sixteen that she was sold again, this time to my grandmother. I looked at her as she talked about her life. I reached out as her hand wrapped around my cock. I shut the water off and lifted her face to look into my eyes, “You don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.”

She smiled as her hand gently stroked my cock, “I really love sex Mathew. Being able to have sex with my own man everyday will be much better.”

I smiled, “You mean make love.”

She grinned and leaned her naked body against me, “We will make love Mathew, but having sex is just as much fun.”

I laughed and stroked her naked back, “Okay Amber, but you tell me if you don’t feel like doing it.”

She grinned, “Mathew I have been fucked five or six times a day by different men for six years.”

I shrugged, “I masturbate more than that sometimes.”

She laughed and her hand stroked my cock before she went to her knees. She leaned closer and licked my cock before putting it in her mouth. I closed my eyes as she started fucking my cock with her mouth. It took all of a minute before I groaned, “Amber, I going to cum.”

She didn’t even slow down as my cock jerked and spurted strong jets of cum. I watched as she swallowed and licked and swallowed until I was finished and then she looked into my face with an angel’s smile, “That was the best cum I have ever tasted.”

I smiled and pulled her up and against me. I kissed her and felt her bare back and butt. Amber smiled as her hand stroked my cock. I finally stepped back, pulled her out of the shower and dried her off. When I was dry, I opened the door and pulled her after me into my room. I closed the door and pulled her to my bed. I let her lay back and moved between her legs.

I smelled her pussy and licked through it before kissing and the sucking on her clit. Amber shivered as I nibble gently on her clit. It wasn’t long before she was shuddering and moaning. Finally she began jerking and twitching. I kissed her clit and moved up her body.

I positioned my cock and pushed into Amber while she was still twitching. She moaned and wrapped her legs around my waist as I pushed all the way into her. I fucked her with my cock buried against her womb and my groin pressed tight against hers. She shuddered and looked at me with wide eyes, “Mathew?”

I kissed her softly and pressed against her hard. Amber jerked and her pussy squeezed my cock, “Mathew!”

I held her shaking body and shivered before pulling back. I fucked her with long, deep strokes as she continued to shudder. I was finally ready and shoved in against her womb, “Amber!”

Her eyes were half closed until I pumped the first huge spurt of cum into her cervix. Her eyes widened and she began bucking and thrashing around as I pumped and spewed cum into her belly. Her pussy tightened as she arched her back, “MATHEW!”

She fell to the bed as I stopped cumming and lay panting. I slowly pulled out and moved over. I caressed her body, “Are you okay?”

She nodded and then turned to snuggle into me. I held her until she sighed deeply and seemed to just relax into sleep. It was a few minutes before mom tapped on the door and opened it a crack. She came in and walked to the bed softly. She smiled down at Amber’s sleeping face and then looked at me and whispered, “Night baby.”

She pulled my quilt up to cover us and then left, closing the door behind herself. I woke in the dark feeling a soft hand caressing me. I caressed her bare shoulder and Amber sighed and put her leg over mine and her head on my shoulder. I smiled in the dark feeling at peace. I blinked awake quickly as Amber’s body moved off mine, “Are you okay?”

She laughed, “Yes. I need to use your bathroom.”

I smiled, “Our bathroom.”

She came back a minute later and slipped under the quilt. She rubbed my hip and then slowly reached to my stiffening cock. I shuddered and then laughed, “Climb on Amber.”

She slid onto my body guiding my hard cock. As I pushed into her warm pussy, Amber sighed and shivered. She leaned down to rub her breasts on me and I shuddered before grinning and reaching down to hold her grinding butt.

She laughed and then sat up to thrust back and forth while trying to watch me in the moonlight from the window. When her pussy squeezed my cock and she shivered I had to grin. I reached up to cup her breasts, “I haven’t done this a lot so I might cum to quickly.”

Amber smiled and lay on me. She gave me a soft kiss, “I am here for you to use.”

I shook my head as I caressed and felt her bare back, “If you are going to be my wife then it better work both ways.”

Amber grinned and pushed back driving my cock deeper. I shuddered as her pussy squeezed my cock, “believe me, I will enjoy it.”

I shook her, “That isn’t what I meant. I meant… if you are going to let me have sex when I want than you need to use me when you want.”

She grinned, “Even outside?”

I laughed, “In bed, in the barn, on the range or on a horse.”

She grinned again, “deal.”

She sat up and went back to thrusting back and forth. I reached up to cup her breasts and rubbed her hard nipples. Amber shuddered and her pussy squeezed my cock. She was grinning as her body spasmed and twitched. Her thrusting started to get erratic and she lifted up and fucked back onto my cock. She tossed her head as her pussy squeezed my cock again and I closed my eyes and started pumping spurts of cum. Amber jerked and stopped moving, “Yes! MINE!”

I opened my eyes to see her still spasming and her pussy kept milking my cock. I smiled and slid my hands down her body to her waist as I finished pumping cum into her lovely belly. I laughed and then rolled until I was above her. I kissed her and rolled off her and out of bed, “Do you have any jeans?”

She sat up, “Jeans?”

I smiled and pulled on a clean pair of jeans. I walked out and down to mom’s room. I knocked and opened the door. Mom sat up, “Mathew?”

I smiled, “I need to borrow a pair of jeans.”

Mom sat all the way up, “what time is it?”

I glanced at her clock, “Just past midnight.”

Mom groaned and lay back, “What do you need my jeans for?”

I looked back down the hall as Amber peeked out the door, “I need to take Amber somewhere.”

Mom looked at me and finally she sighed, “Send her in.”

I gestured to Amber and she walked down to me. I smiled and caressed her naked body before kissing her and pushing her into mom’s room, “It’s chilly out mom.”

I went back to put on socks and boots. I put a fleece shirt on and went to the hall. Mom pulled Amber out as grandma was trying to help her with some of her old boots. Amber looked red faced as I walked to her and took her hand, “We’ll be back in the morning.”

I stopped at the door to pull a sheepskin coat on and handed Amber one of my old coats. I held her hand as I went to the barn and pulled out two mares. I saddled mine and then used mom’s saddled for Amber. I knew better then to let her ride on her own and tied her rains to the back of my saddle. In the tack room I pulled out the double cloth sleeping bag we used when we had a mare that was ready to give birth.

I tied the sleeping bag and a tarp behind my saddle and then helped Amber up onto the mare. I could see she was afraid but she seemed determined. I mounted and smiled at Amber before leading her horse out behind mine. I was headed out to a small meadow beside an old manmade pond. I looked back at Amber to see her relaxing and looking around in the moonlight.

It wasn’t long before we rode into the meadow. I dismounted and helped Amber down. I stripped the horses and put them on long leads a little distance away. I spread the tarp and unrolled the sleeping bag. Amber was looking around as I pulled her to the edge of the bag. I stripped her and put her in the bag and pushed her clothes to the foot so they would stay warm.

I stripped and pushed my clothes down before getting into the sleeping bag beside her. Amber moved closer and I pulled her half onto me. “This is my special place. Wait until the sun starts coming up.”

It wasn’t long before her shivers stopped and then her breathing slowed and she slept. I relaxed and caressed her naked body on mine. I woke to birds chirping and glanced at Amber. She smiled at me and shifted to move onto me fully. I reached down to her bare butt and lifted her and she positioned my cock.

She pushed back and I entered her. She was warm and slippery as she wiggled back so my cock went deeper. She finally sighed and relaxed before whispering, “I like it here.”

I looked around at the morning dew on the grass. There was even a doe with her fawn over by the horses. The birds were full of song and Amber shuddered as her pussy tightened and squeezed my cock. I caressed her as she moved slowly, fucking me with tiny movements. I caressed her naked body on mine as she continued to fuck me. It was a few minutes before she shuddered and I felt her pussy tighten. She put her mouth against my shoulder as her body shook, “Yes!”

I pushed up and caressed down her body to hold her hips as I began to spurt cum. Amber jerked slightly and her pussy contracted on my pumping cock. She sighed and shivered as I pumped her pussy full of cum. When I stopped cumming she kissed my softly, “Thank you Mathew.”

I lifted her hips and let her slip half off me. I caressed her and looked at her beautiful face. She smiled and put her head on my shoulder, “I like you very much Mathew.”

I smiled and looked around before squeezing her and relaxing to just watch the world wake up around us. I finally sighed and went fishing at the bottom of the sleeping bag for clothes, we dressed and climbed out. I quickly rolled the sleeping bag and then went to saddle the horses. Amber was more relaxed as we rode back to the ranch. She was looking around and smiling at everything she saw.

I rode into the barn and dismounted before helping Amber down. I sat her on a bail of hay as I unsaddled the horses. I held out a brush and showed her how to brush the horses down. She liked that and kept petting and rubbing the mare she was working on. When I led her into the house mom and grandma looked up from the cups of coffee they were drinking. Grandma smiled at Amber, “Well? Did you like his special place?”

Amber nodded as mom pulled the chair next to her out, “Come sit down.”

I smiled but turned towards the door, “I’ll be back after chores. I have a fence to repair later.”

When I came in after feeding the animals they were showered, dressed and walking out the door. Mom kissed my cheek, “We need to go shopping for Amber. When we get back you can take Amber for a ride in the jeep and show her the whole ranch.”

I smiled, “I’ll be back around lunch time.”

Amber hesitantly kissed me before grandma pulled her away. “Tease him later honey.”

I grinned and Amber smiled but followed them. When I came in at lunch time they were in the back garden. Mom and grandma were showing Amber everything they had planted. I found a wicker basket on the kitchen table. Mom and grandma brought Amber in to clean up. Mom smiled, “We thought a picnic would be nice.”

It wasn’t just Amber and I that went for the ride, mom and grandma came too. I took it easy and drove through the forest and stopped beside a small stream for the picnic. Amber sat and held my hand as mom got out the food. She seemed a little shy and Grandmother smiled, “I thought this would be a good time to talk about when you would get married.”

I looked at Amber and then at mom, “When?”

Mom smiled as she handed me and then Amber a sandwich, “we were thinking six months.”

I looked at Amber and then grinned, “Well, first I have to propose and then we would have to pick out an engagement ring and…”

Grandma laughed, “You are going to use my mother’s engagement and wedding rings.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “As for proposing…”

I looked at Amber again and smiled softly, “Do you really want to get married?”

Amber smiled and reached out to caress my face, “Yes.”

I took a breath, “Will you marry me?”

Amber leaned close and kissed me softly before looking into my eyes, “yes.”

I smiled and held her against me and a moment later mom cleared her throat, “Now, the date.”

I laughed and looked at mom before Amber cleared her throat, “I am most fertile now and…”

Mom gasped, “You haven’t been using birth control.”

Grandma looked surprised and Amber blushed, “I thought I would have time but…”

I looked at her and then at mom and grandma. Grandma grinned at me, “I guess it runs in the family. I got pregnant and had to marry your grandfather too.”

Mom grinned, “Your dad got me pregnant the day he proposed.”

Amber look from them to me, “I wanted to get my birth control but we never…”

I caressed her face, “Do you want to get pregnant Amber?”

Amber looked in my face, “In your meadow?”

I grinned and kissed her. Mom cleared her throat, “Well, if you are going to get pregnant we need to move the wedding up.”

She looked at Grandmother who nodded, “Four months.”

I smiled and pulled her onto my lap, “I’ll set up a tarp in the meadow so we can stay there every night.”

She smiled and caressed my face, “I want to learn how to ride to so I can go out with you.”

Mom laughed and Grandma chuckled as Amber looked at them. I hugged her, “I would like that.”

We fed each other and I really can’t tell you what else mom or grandma said. After we drove back, mom pulled Amber into the house. I sighed and went to find a couple of tarps. I hooked up the trailer and added a few wood pallets and a couple of sheets of plywood. When I came back it was to park the jeep and trailer before feeding and watering the animals.

I guess you could say I was in a hurry to go into the house to see Amber. When I walked into the house they were all in the kitchen and Grandma smiled and pushed Amber towards me, “Go help him shower.”

She smiled and walked to meet me as I headed towards our room. After we had the shower going Amber undressed me before taking her clothes off. I grinned and pulled her into the shower and caressed her naked body before reaching for the shampoo. After we washed each other, Amber rubbed my chest before turning to put her hands on the wall.

She looked back over her shoulder and wiggled her butt. I laughed and moved behind her as I reached down between her legs. I rubbed her pussy before teasing her clit. She spread her legs more and I positioned my cock as I bent my knees and slowly pushed into her. Amber groaned and shivered as I held her hips and started to fuck her. I used long strokes that almost pulled my cock out before I pushed into her as far as I could.

Amber started breathing harder as she thrust back onto my cock and her pussy kept grasping me. It was several minutes before I was close to cumming and Amber giggled as I buried my cock. It was throbbing and jerking and she bent more and pushed back as I began spewing cum deep inside her.

I was pressed into the opening of her womb as I pumped cum into her. She was shuddering and jerking with each jet of cum and when I stopped she groaned and slowly stood and moved forward to pull my cock out. I turned her and held her against me, enjoying her body against mine.

The wedding was with a local preacher and everyone knew why since it was plain Amber was pregnant. She had twins and laughed with mom and grandma as she said I had really need her. Eighteen months later she had another set of twins. She is pregnant again and I think it will be another set. Amber and I seem to love each other more each day so it seems grandma’s solution worked.
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