I had just turned sixteen when dad went to the doctor and found out he only had six weeks to live. He had been sick for months and had finally decided to see the doctor. A week later, mom was coming home from work and was hit by a car that ran a red light and she was killed. It was a realtor, talking on her cell and not paying attention. Three things happened.

Dad saw a lawyer and had me declared an adult. He sued the realtor and her company and he invested the half million dollar life insurance money in my name. Three weeks later, he died in his sleep. The law suit had just settled two days before. Suddenly I was left alone.

Our town wasn’t huge, we only had maybe five hundred kids in high school. I wasn’t a jock or a nerd. I had friends that were one or the other. Besides dad’s life insurance money and the money from the law suit, dad’s mortgage insurance paid off the house. I invested everything but a hundred thousand. That was my yearly budget for this year.

I lived on the edge of town. Our house was an older one that sat on fifty acres, mostly woods that made it secluded. We had this big barn that mom and dad had let me use as a clubhouse when I was younger. It was a month after dad had died that one of my friends had an idea to cheer me up. He was a jock and unlike me, had been with a few girls.

He was popular, but I kidded him that he was a porn addict because he was always watching porn. I should describe myself. I am 5’11”, brown hair and blue eyes. I have a larger than average dick, eight and a half inches long and two thick.

He told me, he and some of our friend were going to build something in the clubhouse. Doug and the others started bringing in lumber and that made me curious but he always chased me away, saying I had to wait. Two weeks later he walked me into the barn alone. They had built ten rooms along the two long walls and put a couple of glass showers in at the other end with toilets sitting in the open between them.

On the twelve foot beams they had built another floor and added six more rooms. Between the rooms on the bottom floor was a mixture of different couches and chairs along with a small kitchen. In each room they had built a wooden frame for a queen size bed. I shook my head, “What the hell?”

Doug grinned, “It’s a new clubhouse for guys and girls to… get together.”

I looked at Doug, “First, that isn’t going to help me. Second, no girl is going to want to use a bedroom where she can’t put her clothes someplace. Third you need some other type of entertainment.”

Doug grinned, “Don’t worry about finding a girl.”

I sighed, “Fine. Have someone take those old mattresses off, they look like shit. I need someone else with a big truck to go shopping with me. You go into the house and have someone help you bring dad’s big sixty inch out and grab the DVD player too.”

I spent the afternoon buying sixteen new mattresses and tasteful wooden clothes hangers for the walls of each room. I bought sheets and blankets for the beds as well as an electric heater for each room. Just for the hell of it, I bought a new king size bedroom set for myself.

The next two weeks were strange, Doug and some of the others were all over the school talking to girls from all grades. It was a Friday morning and I had only gotten a little sleep the night before. Doug stopped me before our first class, “We need some refreshments.”

I just looked at him and he shrugged, “Everyone is tapped out from building the clubhouse. We’re going to have a party tonight.”

I shook my head, “No drugs or alcohol. I don’t need the sheriff giving me grief.”

He grinned, “Just soda or juice. We’ll need chips, pizzas and maybe some frozen food.”

I was surprised at how many girls talked to me that day. After school, I stopped to pick a bunch of stuff up. Doug had marked the area in front of the barn where people could park. I put everything away in the refrigerator in the barn as Doug picked out a couple of movies and everyone started arriving around five.

I was really surprised at how many girls had shown up, there were eighteen of them. Doug stood up on a chair and held out his hands. “Welcome everybody. This is our first meeting. We are going to start off with our claiming. Since we did this for Mike, he will be first…”

He didn’t even finish talking when I was surprised by two girls that raised their hands. They were standing together, one was the head Junior Varsity cheerleader named Elizabeth and the other was a young freshman named Sandy, she was one of the smartest girls in school. “We want him.”

Doug stopped, “Well, um… the guy is supposed to pick his slave.”

Doug was looking at me as I stared back in shock, “Slave?”

Everyone laughed as the two girls walked to me. I looked at them as they came up, “Slaves?”

They grinned and the cheerleader spoke up, “Think you can handle two of us?”

I looked at Doug and then I laughed and threw up my hands, “Sure.”

Doug grinned, pulled a key on a silver chain out of a fish bowl and tossed it to me. I glanced at the number to see that it was on the second floor. Elizabeth took a look and started pulling me up the stairs after her. When I unlocked the door and we went in, they were surprised and grinned. They both turned to each other and began helping each other undress.

I hesitated and then slowly started undressing. By the time I was pulling my pants off, they were both naked and watching me. They both grinned when my boxers came down and they saw my cock. Sandy knelt and wrapped her hand around my cock, “um, over eight inches and maybe two thick.”

Elizabeth laughed, “Not just that, his balls are nice and big.”

Sandy looked over her shoulder at Elizabeth and grinned, “Can I go first?”

I shook my head and stood up, “Girls… uh… I… I haven’t, you know, done this before.”

They both smiled and stood to embraced me, “We know.”

They pushed me back onto the bed and suddenly it was funny. I laughed as I grabbed a surprised Elizabeth. I pulled her up my body and spread her legs above my face. I looked between her legs at a surprised looking Sandy, “Didn’t you want to go first beautiful?”

Sandy laughed and straddled my hips. I watched her grasp my cock and guide it to her pussy. I groaned as my cock slowly entered her and pulled down on Elizabeth. She laughed as her pussy slid over my face. I shivered and started licking her wonderful pussy. Elizabeth shivered as Sandy began to move. First grinding back and forth and then fucking my cock a few strokes before repeating it.

I couldn’t believe the feeling of Sandy’s tight warm pussy sliding over my cock, but Elizabeth, I loved the taste right away and couldn’t get enough. She started humping and bucking down into my face when I began sucking and licking her clit. Sandy was shuddering with my cock buried all the way up to her womb. I could barely hear her cry out, “oh my god, I’m cumming!”

As her pussy tightened, the feel of her shuddering pussy sent me over the edge. I shuddered and arched my back as I moaned into Elizabeth’s pussy. As I began spraying cum up inside Sandy, Elizabeth started shaking and humping hard against my face before suddenly squirting me with her girl cum.

It was a few minutes before she swung her leg over me with a red face. Sandy was slumped a little and followed Elizabeth’s in lying beside me. I pulled Elizabeth back and gave her a kiss, “Thank you.”

I caressed her face a minute before turning to Sandy and doing to same thing. Sandy giggled a minute later as she wiped my face, “I thought she only did that to me.”

I laughed, “I loved it.”

Elizabeth went to her elbow and looked at me, “You do know you guys are just supposed to fuck us?”

I stared up at the ceiling grinning, “You said you want to be my slave so I will enjoy you how I want.”

Sandy laughed and Elizabeth grinned before straddling me and guiding my still hard cock to her pussy. She kept looking into my eyes as she slowly sat down, my cock sliding into her wonderful silky pussy. She finally closed her eyes and sighed and gave a shiver as Sandy reached up to caress her breasts.

Elizabeth opened her eyes and looked down into mine. “You know as slaves, that after you finish claiming us we have to go back and let the other masters have their turn.”

I looked into her eyes, “Nobody has told me anything.”

Elizabeth smiled and slowly lay on me, “We know. That’s why I’m telling you now.”

I could feel her pussy grasping and releasing me as Sandy caressed my cheek, “The girls came here to get fucked without any hassles. Any master can fuck us over the weekend.”

Elizabeth shivered and gave me a kiss, “During the week, the slave only fucks her master.”

I shivered slightly and looked from Elizabeth to Sandy, “How long are you going to be my slaves?”

Sandy grinned, “Until you release us or we ask to be released.”

I caressed Elizabeth’s butt, “So, you’re mine through the week, but on the weekends we have these parties and only the other masters get to fuck you?”

Elizabeth shivered and nodded with Sandy as her pussy grabbed at my cock again. I lay there thinking about it and at first there was jealousy, but then I remembered I was a master. I smiled and reached out to tug gently on one of Sandy’s nipples. “So, while you two fuck the other masters, I fuck the other slaves?”

They grinned and Elizabeth actually fucked up and down with her hips. Elizabeth rolled, pulling me with her. I ended between her legs and she smiled, “Fuck me master.”

I pulled back and started to fuck her slow and deep. I gave Elizabeth a kiss and looked at Sandy as she moved closer, “You both wanted me to claim you together. Does that mean you are lovers?”

Sandy looked at Elizabeth as she shivered and tried to hug me tighter, “Yes. We never told anyone, but you are our master now.”

I gave Elizabeth a kiss before leaning out to kiss Sandy, “I’ll keep your secret.”

I looked at Elizabeth’s lust glazed eyes and grinned as I started fucking her harder. It wasn’t long before she jerked and started shuddering repeatedly. As her pussy tightened around my cock, I started cumming against her womb. Elizabeth jerked with each spurt of cum and murmured, “So warm.”

When I was done, it took me another minute to get my breath and slowly and reluctantly pull out. Sandy caressed my chest, “Well, do you accept our claim?”

I laughed and pulled her over Elizabeth and kissed her hard. I pulled back and softly caressed her face, “Until you ask to be released.”

She grinned and sighed before kissing Elizabeth, “Then we need to go back downstairs.”

Elizabeth touched my cheek, “I really enjoyed it.”

I laughed, “Since it was my first time?”

She grinned and gave me a quick kiss before rolling out of bed. They walked towards the door and I cleared my throat. When they looked back I gestured to their clothes and Sandy grinned, “Sorry, the rules say we have to stay naked. This is your room for the weekend. We come back here to sleep when we get tired.”

I looked from her to Elizabeth, “I have to stay naked too?”

They grinned as they opened the door, “Not if you don’t want to.”

I smiled and climbed out of the bed and hesitated before shrugging and just picked up my key and putting it around my neck before leaving. Elizabeth and Sandy were talking to three other girls when I came downstairs. They looked at me, Elizabeth and Sandy were smiling but the three other girls stared at my still hard cock.

I padded quietly to the small kitchen area and poured a small glass of juice. I was just turning away when one of the girls walked up to me. Her name was Sarah, she was smiling with a red face. I noticed a small trail of cum on her inner thigh. She reached out and wrapped her hand around my cock, “God your big.”

I looked down at her hand and then reached out to softly caress one of her breast. “These are very nice too.”

She laughed and looked back at Elizabeth and Sandy. “You did both of them and your still hard?”

I smiled, “It was my first time. I was saving up.”

Sarah laughed and released my cock, “Would you fuck me master?”

I took a drink of juice, put the glass on the counter and took her hand. I walked straight to Elizabeth and Sandy. I gave each a quick kiss, “Enjoy your selves.”

They both grinned as I led Sarah up the stairs. I opened the room and led Sarah to the bed. I pushed her onto the bed and followed her. I began kissing her and caressing her body, letting my hand slowly find its way to her cummy pussy. I began running my fingers through her slit while she moaned and shivered. I gently teased and tickled her clit for a few minutes.

She moaned and shuddered as I began slipping one finger into her hole. I began slowly finger fucking her, going from her clit, down into her leaking cunt. When she started humping up at my hand, I pushed a second finger into her. I curled my fingers so that they went in and then up under her pelvic bone. I would rub hard across a soft sponging area before pulling out.

Sarah suddenly started having small seizures, her cunt tightened and she squirted cum. A second later she shivered really hard and did it again and then again. I finally pulled my fingers out and moved between her legs. I pushed into her shaking body and she groaned as I started to slowly fuck her going deeper with each thrust. Sarah didn’t stop shaking and shuddering the whole time.

By the time I was all the way in and pushing against her womb, she was moving erratically and incoherent. I started fucking her harder and faster and fifteen minutes later I came. Sarah bucked and thrashed under me as I spurted and sprayed the inside of her pussy. When I finally finished and pulled out, she was still shuddering through another orgasm.

I lay beside her and just held her until she finally sighed and shivered one last time. She slowly turned her head to look at me and smiled. I grinned and kissed her cheek, “Thanks Sarah.”

I rolled out of bed and held out a hand to help her. When we came down stairs, Elizabeth and Sandy were both gone. There was another moment of jealousy before Sarah laughed as she kissed my cheek and walked away muttering, “Damn, he’s still hard.”

My glass was still on the counter so I finished it. I thought about everything that had happened and grinned. I gave a little wave at the four girls watching a movie and walked out. I didn’t even think about being naked. I walked in the back door of my house as the phone rang. It was the mother of Paul, one of the guys in the clubhouse. I told her we had been out back and she gave me a message for Paul.

I thought about it and unplugged one of the remote cordless phones. Next was my mom’s laptop. I carried both back to the clubhouse. When I came in, the girls all looked up and grinned. I plugged the phone in and brought the laptop to a couch. I walked to the other end of the barn and washed my bare feet in one of the showers.
I fixed a frozen dinner and came back to the couch as two of the guys brought a girl back. She was grinning and cum covered her whole groin. While I ate several girls sat down by me and looked at the dinner, “That isn’t pizza!”

I grinned, “I bought pizza if you really want it, but there are other things in there.”

One of the girls, Mary, leaned over to see what I was doing. “A database?”

I nodded absently, “For masters to record their… sessions and for slaves to record theirs.”

The girls laughed and Mary wrapped her hand around my cock, “It looks like you need another session.”

I grinned and set the laptop on the coffee table before standing up. I turned and took Mary’s hand, “In that case slave.”

The girls laughed as Mary grinned and stood up. I had sex with a total of seven girls before I got too sensitive. Everyone seemed to like the idea of a database and Sandy even made it look better. It was almost midnight, when I called it a night. I started up the stairs and both Elizabeth and Sandy were suddenly following behind me.

I smiled as they followed me into my room. I waited for them to get on the bed before turning out the lights and switching on the tiny in wall subdued light. They both grinned at me as I unfolded the blankets at the foot of the bed and pulled them up. I climbed into bed beside Sandy and absently tugged on one of her nipples, “Did you girls have fun?”

They both grinned and Sandy snuggled against me, while Elizabeth moved up behind her. It was quiet as I tried to sleep, having a naked girl next to me was a distraction though. I caressed Sandy’s body and quietly asked, “How are we going to… I mean, during the week…”

Sandy giggled, “You had seven of us and you want more?”

I grinned and gave her a squeeze, “Maybe later, I meant… you know, what are you going to tell your parents?”

Elizabeth sighed, “My mother doesn’t care what I do as long as she doesn’t have to get involved.”

I looked over Sandy at her, “And if you spent the whole week at my house?”

I could see Elizabeth smile as she opened her eyes, “She wouldn’t care. It would just mean she didn’t have to cook or wash my clothes.”

I smiled and put my head down, “What about you Sandy?”

She laughed, “I told mom I was going to become a boy’s sex slave and she laughed. She said to let her know if my master was any good. She said she might want to borrow him.”

I grinned and closed my eyes, “Am I any good?”

Sandy and Elizabeth both laughed. Sandy kissed my cheek, “We got the best deal. Everyone you have been with has told us you are the best so far.”

Elizabeth giggled, “Sarah said she was going to start worshiping you.”

I laughed, “Sarah was fun.”

I woke to quiet, Sandy was snuggled up against Elizabeth and was sleeping soundly. My watch told me what time it was and I carefully slid out of bed. I put my old clothes on even though I felt dirty. No one was up when I went downstairs. I walked out to my dad’s car and drove to the market.

I bought stuff for breakfast and headed home. I had been thinking about what we were doing and had an idea. In the clubhouse, I put everything away as several sleepy eyed girl watched. I stopped to give one a caress on my way past, “I bought several things for breakfast.”

She grinned, “And want something else to go with it?”

I laughed as I headed up the stairs, “Maybe later if you’ll take a rain check.”

I opened my door to see Sandy and Elizabeth kissing and caressing each other. I quietly closed the door and stripped without them even noticing. I slid into the bed next to Elizabeth and she jerked away from Sandy with a squeak. I grinned and pushed her back, “Finish what you started, slave.”

Sandy giggled and Elizabeth looked at me red faced before grinning and turning back to Sandy. I watched them make love and it made me hard but I enjoyed every moment. They finally sighed and pulled apart. I kissed Elizabeth and moved over her to kiss Sandy. I rolled out of bed, “Time to get up. I have plans.”

They laughed and Elizabeth smiled, “We’re just supposed to fuck other masters today.”

I grinned, “That can wait. Showers and then I need you to get everyone together.”

Showers were fun and by the time we got out, most of the others were up. It didn’t take long for the girls to gather on the couches. All the guys stood behind them trying to wake up as they wondered what was up. I grinned, “Good morning lovely slaves. I hope we haven’t gotten you too sore.”

The girls laughed and I smiled as I looked at the other guys. “I’m sure you all know that this was a surprise to me.”

I waited for them to finish laughing and continued. “I think even my slaves planned on capturing me.”

They laughed again as Elizabeth and Sandy grinned. I took a breath, “I want to thank you, all of you. I guess I never realized how many people were my friends until I needed them. Now, I know the guys all want to spend the day having sex, but if they did, they wouldn’t have anything for tonight.”

Everyone laughed and I grinned, “Instead, I had an idea. You girls would have to approve it, all of you. I will take everyone to the mall and buy each girl a gold filigree choker, a collar if you will. I want it to look nice and tasteful. It will have a small gold name plate with her master’s name engraved on it.

It will have a small gold ring, a plain gold wedding band. I will also buy a six foot gold chain for each girl. On the weekends you girls attach the chain to the gold ring and the master that you are… servicing, leads you to and back, by your gold leash.”

They laughed and I smiled, “Well, girls what do you think?”

They whispered and murmured while I waited and then, one by one, they agreed. I smiled, “Good. Now all we need to do is get everybody to the mall.”

That took almost an hour. When I walked into the jewelry shop, it was dead. I asked for the manager and explain what I wanted as the girls began to arrive. It turned out that they would have to special order everything I wanted, which would take a few days, which was fine. He sat each girl down and measured her neck and wrote the name for the small name plate (I didn’t tell him what the name meant.)

I treated everyone to lunch and then it was back to the club. It was a wonderful weekend, I was the only one to fuck each and every slave. No one wanted to go home Sunday afternoon. The beds had all been stripped and I was washing cummy sheets, when someone rang the bell. I opened the door to Elizabeth holding two suitcases and Sandy holding one of her own.

I opened the door wider and let them in. Elizabeth was the first one in and she kissed my cheek on the way past, “I’ll put these in our bedroom.”

I looked at the cases and grinned as Sandy stopped to give me a kiss. “My mom went out of town for a week and said to come stay with my new master.”

I grinned, “Anytime.”

Sandy laughed as Elizabeth came back into the room. She was grinning, “Come look at the bedroom.”

Sandy grinned and followed Elizabeth back to my room. I thought about dinner and my two surprise guests. The girls found me in the kitchen. I was pulling chicken out to make a simple chicken and rice dinner when they returned. I smiled at the girls, “Did you like the bedroom?”

Dinner was quiet with a lot of looks between us. When it was over, I sat back with a sigh. Sandy and Elizabeth kept sneaking touches and I finally laughed, “Alright you two, ready for my first order?”

They grinned as I stood up with dirty dishes and walked to the sink. I looked back, “Go take a long bath together. Use the bath beads that were left on the side of the tub. You are not allowed to wash or touch yourself. You have to wash each other.”

They grinned and Elizabeth was pulling Sandy out of her chair and down the hall in no time. I smiled as I watched them walk away. I cleaned up and put another load of laundry in. After I finished folding the last sheet, I walked back to the master bath and found Elizabeth and Sandy caressing each other. They smiled at me as I knelt beside the tub, “So, you are mine for a week.”

They grinned and I reached out to softly caress one of Sandy’s tits. “Finish your bath and come to bed.”

I leaned over and gave them both a quick kiss before standing and walking out. I thought about what I was going to do as I moved onto the bed. They came out a few minutes later and smiled as they walked naked to the bed. They crawled up on each side of me and I turned to Sandy. I softly kissed her before pulling back, “Can I go down on you?”

She laughed softly, “You don’t even have to ask.”

I gave her a soft kiss and moved down her body and between her legs. Her pussy was shaved clean and I grinned. I licked through her beautiful slit and tugged on her clit with my lips. Sandy grunted and shivered, “Oh that feels good.”

I sucked on her clit, teasing it with my tongue while slipping a finger into her pussy. She put her hands behind my head as I started finger fucking her and wiggling my tongue against her clit. When her hips began to slowly hump up into my face, I slipped a second finger into her. Instead of just finger fucking her, I turned my hand over.

I kept licking and sucking her clit as I began to curl my fingers and fuck up behind her pelvic bone. Sandy was moaning and shaking as I felt her body slowly tighten. My lips were fastened around her clit while my tongue teased it and my two fingers were fucking up into the soft spot I had found.

She was grunting, her body trembling as it strained. Suddenly it happened, Sandy jerked and convulsed in shuddering seizures. Her pussy spasmed tight around my fingers and she squirted and screamed. “OH MY GOD! YES!”

She spasmed and jerked again a couple of seconds later as she squirted and screamed, “FUCK!”

Her head was jerking back and forth and her body twisted and turned. She shuddered hard, squirting again while screaming, “YYYEEESSSS!”

Her body dropped back to the bed. She was panting and trembling and shaking. She spasmed again suddenly and squirted me once more. “Fuck!”

She shuddered as I pulled my face away from her pussy, “mmmmm.”

I smiled and moved to lie beside her, when the bed shifted and I looked at Elizabeth. She was grinning, “I’ve never heard her screaming before.”

Sandy covered her eyes with her hand and kept shivering. I smiled and started feeling and caressing, Elizabeth. Sandy pulled her hand away from her eyes and turned her head to look at me. She caressed my butt and I gave one of Elizabeth’s nipples a gentle tug, “May I fuck you?”

Elizabeth grinned and pulled me on top of her. I pushed her legs open wider with my knees and she reached down to guide my cock to her wet pussy. I pushed into her wonderful pussy while she shivered and groaned. I stopped with my cock pushing tight against her womb.

I gave her a quick kiss and pulled back to start fucking her with steady deep strokes. Every stroke ended with me pushing against her womb. After a few minutes she grunted and I stopped moving as my cock slid into her womb.

It was the first time I had pushed into a woman’s womb. I looked into a surprised Elizabeth’s face, her whole body was shaking. Elizabeth hugged me tighter, “God, I’ve never had anyone do that.”

Sandy was suddenly snuggled up next to us. She touched Elizabeth’s shoulder, “Do what Liz?”

Elizabeth shivered, “Push his cock into my womb.”

I slowly pulled back, feeling her womb close. Elizabeth sighed, “Next time don’t stop.”

I smiled, “Next time?”

She grinned and Sandy giggled. I went back to fucking her, but with long, deep strokes. When I pushed into her womb again a couple of minutes later, I changed how I was fucking her. I stay as deep as I could and went to short strokes and kept grinding against her. Ten minutes later she gasped and suddenly started shaking and thrashing around with her pussy squeezing me.

That was all I could handle and I pushed into her womb harder and started cumming. I pumped thick clumps of sperm into her while she grunted and shuddered. I pulled out of her and lay next to her trying to catch my breath. It was a minute before Elizabeth looked at me, “You wouldn’t have an extra collar around would you?”

Sandy laughed and I smiled and leaned over to give her a kiss. I remembered something in my mother’s jewelry box and rolled out of bed. I walked into the walk in closet and to the jewelry box. I found the gold and jade choker mom had gotten from her mother and the silver and emerald one dad had bought her.

I walked straight to the bed and took Elizabeth’s hand. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and sat her up. I opened the slim case with the jade choker and they gasped. “I don’t know if this will fit, it’s very old.”

I guess it was fate because it did fit. I smiled, “It doesn’t have a name plate, but… I claim you as my slave.”

Sandy clapped and Elizabeth grinned. I turned to Sandy and opened the other case, they both stared as I brought out the choker. I looked at Sandy, “My dad gave this to my mom for their anniversary.”

I wasn’t surprised when it fit around her neck. I looked into her face, “I claim you as my slave.”

I looked at the girls and sighed. I moved onto the bed and sat facing both of them. Sandy and Elizabeth knew something was up and faced me. I looked at them, “People have gotten a wrong impression about me. I guess I am rich, but only in a sense. Since my parents died, I have pretty much closed everyone out.

That was why Doug and some of the other did what they did. Sure, I know they also did it for a chance to have sex, I’m not blind. Elizabeth, you and Sandy came as a surprise. I never expected one girl to want to spend any time with me and there both of you were. I know you choose to do it because it also let you spend time together, but you shared that time with me there, trusting me.”

I took a breath, “To be honest, I didn’t expect it to last beyond the weekend. With both of you moving in… I am a little unsure. What I am sure of is that I do want to spend more time with you and not just in a bed.”

I looked at both of them, “I’m beating around the bush. I am new at this, if I mess up, tell me.”

Elizabeth was the first to move. She crawled to me and pushed me onto my back while Sandy joined her. She caressed my face, “I asked you to claim me because I wanted you. Sandy and I are lovers and I hope that won’t change, but we each had our own reason to do what we did. I have seen you for two years and saw a chance to finally get you.”

I grinned, “Two years?”

She nodded but Sandy touched my face, “I wanted to claim you for the same reason. Elizabeth and I get along so well because we like the same things. As soon as I saw you, I wanted you. The club was just my way to do it.”

She paused, “And after our session of lovemaking, I don’t want another man.”

Sandy and Elizabeth laughed, “We sound like Sarah.”

Elizabeth smiled, “Anything else?”

I smiled, “Anyone want to put pajamas on and help me put the sheets back on in the clubhouse?”

I will never forget that week, Sandy or Elizabeth fucked or sucked me every morning and night. The afternoons were when I made them spend time together. During the week I bought more food for the clubhouse after receiving requests.

It was Thursday when I got the gold collars from the jewelers. I bought new release movies Friday on the way home. Sandy and Elizabeth had teasing me all day so I was horny. I parked and went into the house where the girls were whispering.

I smiled and set the bag of movies down on the table and gave them each a kiss. They laughed and wiggled away, Sandy shook her finger, “Not today.”

I grinned as I headed towards the bedroom to change, “spoil sports.”

I heard cars pulling in as I changed and picked up the large bag of collars on my way out. Elizabeth turned from the kitchen window when I came in, “Everyone is here.”

I nodded to the bags of movies, “I was late because I got the movies you and Sandy wanted.”

She smiled and came closer to caress my chest and kiss me softly. Sandy laughed as she walked up behind Elizabeth and put her arms around her, “If you behave we might let you sneak one in tonight.”

I laughed and kissed her over Elizabeth’s shoulder. I sighed and looked at Elizabeth as I reached behind her neck for the clasp on her collar. Her hands came up to grip mine. I smiled, “A collar for a collar.”

She let my hands go and I pulled her collar off and took her hand and set it in her hand. “Go put it on the bed.”

She smiled and nodded before turning to the hall. I looked at Sandy and held out my arms. She came into them smoothly and put her head against my chest. I hugged her and let my hands move to her collar. I removed it and dropped it into her hand, “Go put it beside Elizabeth’s.”

She nodded and passed Elizabeth on her way back. I picked up the movies and held out my hand to her. She took my hand timidly and I smiled, “I have your other collar. I know you want to wear the one I already gave you but that wouldn’t be fair to your friends.”

Elizabeth sighed as Sandy came back, “I know, it was just…”

Sandy took her hand, “That we thought…”

I turned to face them, “We don’t have to go to the clubhouse.”

Elizabeth and Sandy both smiled and Elizabeth squeezed my hand. “Then we wouldn’t get to hear your disciple preaching…”

I squeezed Elizabeth’s hand and she smiled at Sandy, “Sandy and I need to let the other guys fuck us. We already know you are the one we want. They are just to give us experience.”

She looked at me and Sandy stepped close to kiss me hard before stepping back, “And you need to experience other women.”

I smiled and turned toward the door to lead them out. We crossed and walked into the clubhouse where everyone was talking. Doug saw me and jumped up on a chair, “Is anyone missing?”

After a moment he nodded, “Okay, we can start…”

I held up my hand, “I have business first.”

He looked at me as I raised the bag of collar and he nodded. I walked to the front and faced everyone before pulling a slim case out and calling the girl up to me. I slipped the collar on and called her master and handed the leash to him. One after the other I put a collar on each girl. Sandy and Elizabeth were last and I held their leashes in one hand as I nodded to Doug.

He grinned and stood on the chair again, “okay. Mike had a point last week. We need to be doing something beside sex. Several of us have brought movies and we are going to draw names for a live sex show tonight and tomorrow night. I would like your idea’s on what you want them to do.”

A slave raised her hand and Doug pointed to her. She grinned and looked at me, “The slaves took a poll from last week and Mike was voted the best overall lover. We would like him to put on one of the shows.”

Doug was grinning as he looked at me, “Consider it scheduled for tonight, any volunteers to be his victim?”

Elizabeth laughed and whispered something to Sandy who laughed as everyone looked at them. Elizabeth held her hand up and Doug smiled, “You want to volunteer?”

Elizabeth grinned and I could see she was looking at Sarah, “Yeah, I volunteer Sarah.”

All the girls giggled and Sarah blushed and then laughed, “Alright, as soon as we put our clothes away everyone come back here.”

David grinned and pulled a key out of the bowl before tossing it to me. I glanced at it and Elizabeth took my hand while Sandy grabbed her other one and started pulling me through the crowd towards the other end of the clubhouse. Our room was almost the last one on the bottom floor and I unlocked it and led the girls in. They grinned and kiss me before turning to face each other.

I always like watching them together. They kissed as their hands began feeling and undressing each other. When they were naked I laughed and pushed them towards the bed as I gathered their clothes and turned to hang them up. When I turned around they were right there reaching out to undress me. When I was naked they rubbed their breasts on me as they laughed and then they were leading me out the door.

I grinned as they led me down to a large couch where a few others were gathering. Elizabeth and Sandy both had wrapped their leash around their waist and the other slaves grinned and followed suit. Elizabeth held me on one side and Sandy held me from the other. Sarah came back with an alluring sway to her hips that had the other guys drooling. Doug stepped up on a coffee table, “Is everyone here?”

Everyone cheered and he grinned before bowing to me, “You’re on.”

Elizabeth laughed and pushed me towards Sarah, “Your disciple awaits.”

Everyone laughed and Sarah grinned. I smiled and took her leash when she held it out. I looked at Doug, “Remind me to buy another bed for out here.”

He grinned and everyone laughed as I turned Sarah and laid her back on a large cushioned footstool. I knelt beside her and caressed her body, cupping a breast and then caressing her pelvis. She shivered as I leaned over to lick and suck on a nipple. I kissed down her body and moved between her legs. I kissed her erect clit as everyone murmured and she sighed and shivered.

I licked through her pussy and pushed my tongue up inside her as she shivered. She groaned and shuddered as I sucked on her clit and wiggled my tongue against it. I slipped two fingers up inside her to rub her g spot. She gasped and jerked as her pussy tightened, “Yes!”

I kept licking through her pussy as I rubbed her g spot with my fingers. A couple of minutes later she was almost vibrating as she tossed her head and humped up into my face. She arched her back suddenly as her body stiffened. She jerked and then did it again before howling and thrashing around as she squirting in my face, “YYYEEESSSSSSS!”

She bucked and jerked as she squirted again, squeezing my fingers, “FFFUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK!”

She jerked violently and started convulsing as she squirted once more, “OOOOOOHHHHHH... GGGOOOODDDDD!”

I pulled my fingers out of her and kissed her clit before moving up her spasm racked body. I kissed her as I pushed my drooling cock into her. She was very wet as my cock pushed into her deep. Sarah shuddered hard and lifted her legs into the air, “YYYYEEEEEESSSSSSS!”

I pressed against her as the head of my cock pushed against her cervix. I started long, slow thrusts that almost pulled my cock out. I put everything out of my head as Sarah started thrashing around. Her pussy was contracting to grip my cock every time I pulled out. She was shaking her head a few minutes later and arched her back before squirting and screaming, “FFFFFUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!”

I continued to fuck her but decided not to prolong it. I started fucking her a little harder and kissed her. Sarah jerked and continued to spasm as her pussy milked my cock. A few minutes later I pushed into her harder and held still as my cock throbbed. When it erupted with a huge gushing stream of cum through her open cervix and into her womb she screamed, “OOOHHHH… GGGGOOOOODDDDDDD… YYYYYEEEEESSSSSSS!”

I held her bucking body as she thrashed around while I pumped huge spurts of sperm into her. It was a long couple of minutes before Sarah began to relax. My cock was still hard as it throbbed and pulsed against the opening to her womb. I finally pulled out and stood up to everyone clapping. Sarah dropped her legs as she twitched and spasmed. I reached down to pulled her up and hug her, “Thank you Sarah.”

She groaned and shivered before grinning, “That’s what a slave is for.”

Everyone laughed and I moved to sit on the couch as they all started talking. Elizabeth and Sandy bent to kiss my cheek before turning to other masters and holding out their leashes. As the room cleared slowly, Carly sat down beside me, “You’re still hard.”

She held out her leash and grinned, “You don’t have to make me scream like Sarah.”

I laughed and stood as I took her leash. I led her to my room and she moved onto the bed after I removed the leash. I followed and spread her legs before licking through her pussy. She shivered and cupped the back of my head. I continued to lick and tease her clit while she shivered and moaned. It was a few minutes before she spasmed and covered her pussy.

I moved up her body and pushed into her wet warm pussy. I fucked her slowly, stopping to grind and press against her each time I was deep inside her. Carly began shaking and jerking as her pussy continued to spasm and ripple around my cock. A couple of minutes after I started she gasped and arched her back, “YES!”

She jerked and started convulsing as her pussy contracted. I kept fucking her as she thrashed around and tossed her head moaning, “Oh fuck!”

I smiled but kept moving as she finally went to erratic jerks and twitches. It was almost fifteen minutes before I groaned and shoved into her nice and deep. My cock throbbed a couple of times before suddenly spewing huge jets of cum. Carly jerked hard and spasmed as her pussy gripped my pumping cock. I spurted and spewed deep inside her and then relaxed and slowing pulled out. I moved off her and caressed a firm breast, “Thanks Carly.”

She laughed and rolled out of bed, “Your welcome master.”

I grinned and followed her out of bed and after replacing the leash we went out into the common area. Almost everyone was back and sitting around watching a movie. I grinned and caressed Carly’s bare butt before handing her leash to her. I went towards the kitchen and something to drink. It was completely different than last weekend. More relaxed as everyone realized this wasn’t just about sex.

Every now or then one girl or guy would say something and disappear. Elizabeth and Sandy both appeared to sit with me several times. I finally leaned over a couch as the movie ended and caressed Alyssa, “Would you come with me slave?”

She blushed and I knew she was having her period, one of the guys had said something. She stood and opened her mouth but I held up my hand for her leash. She put her leash in my hand and followed me. I surprised her by heading towards the showers and removing her leash and hanging it with the towels before pulling her in with me.

The walls of the shower were glass so everyone saw when I kissed her and backed her up to the wall. I knelt and spread her legs slightly before licking her clit. She jerked and put her hand on my head, “Don’t…”

I looked up into her worried face, “hush.”

I leaned in and went back to licking and sucking on her clit. It was a minute before her hips thrust out and she cried out, “YES!”

She jerked and shuddered as I started humming and raking my teeth over her clit. She spasmed and jerked erratically before I finally stood and embraced her. I kissed her and smiled, “Can I fuck you now?”

She shuddered and groaned before turning and putting her hands against the wall. I spread her legs and bent to push my cock into her. I held her hips and fucked her slowly with deep strokes. I felt her pussy squeezing my cock as she shivered and shuddered. Her head dropped and she kept shuddering as I fucked her harder.

I reached around pulling one of her hands down to rub her clit. She started thrusting back harder as her tight pussy spasmed and rippled around my cock. Alyssa jerked erratically and cried out, “Fuck me!”

I shoved into her shaking body to spurt jets of cum as she shuddered and spasmed. She kept thrusting back as I continued to squirt my cum into her. She tossed her head and groaned as I finally stopped cumming and slowly pulled out. I turned to rinse off as Alyssa stood and turned. I grinned and pulled her under the water and began washing her.

She finally laughed and pushed me back before turning to get out. That was when she saw the small crowd and blushed. Her master came to hold a towel for her and dry her off. I took another towel that Doug tossed to me as he shook his head. Everyone went back to the living area where they started making dinners. Elizabeth and Sandy appeared to eat with me. They were grinning and Sandy squeezed my hand, “Thanks for taking care of Alyssa.”

I grinned, “Actually she took care of me.”

They both laughed and Elizabeth leaned over to kiss my cheek. After dinner was another movie that most of the girls wanted to see. Sandy and Elizabeth had taught me a lot in the week they had lived with me. I sat on the couch with several girls as the guys would occasionally lead one away. When the movie ended a brunette named Ivy leaned over the back of the couch, “master?”

I glanced at her and she grinned, “I’m horny.”

I grinned as everyone around us laughed. I stood and held out my hand for her leash. She handed it to me and followed as I went to my room. Her pussy was a little cummy but I removed her leash and pushed her back on the bed. I moved between her legs and started teasing her clit. Ivy shuddered and groaned as her hips pushed up. It wasn’t long before she started shuddering and shaking.

I moved up and slowly pushed into her. Ivy groaned and thrust up as I pushed the rest of the way into her pussy. I was buried with the head of my cock pressed against her womb before I pulled back and started to fuck her with deep strokes. Ivy groaned and shuddered after a minute and held me as her hips met mine, “Fuck!”

I grinned and fucked her hard for a minute before burying my cock to hump against her. She jerked and screamed as her pussy contracted around my cock, “FUCK! YES!”

I used short grinding thrusts and she kept jerking and spasming as she tossed her head and moaned. I pulled back until I was almost out of her and then started slow deep thrusts. Ivy groaned as her warm pussy spasmed around my cock, “GOD!”

I kept fucking her slowly and her body gradually stiffened until she suddenly went crazy, bucking and jerking. She writhed around as I started fucking her harder trying to cum. Her body went tense and she screamed, “OH MY FUCKING GOD! YYYYYEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

I shoved into her and began spurting jets of cum as she twitched and shuddered. She dropped to the bed panting and shook her head as I pulled out and lay beside her. I cupped a breast and tugged on the nipples, “That was a good fuck.”

She started laughing and turned to kiss me. I slid out of bed and grabbed her leash as she followed. When we came out everyone started clapping and whistling. I blushed and looked at Ivy’s red face. She finally grinned and bowed. I handed her the leash and headed toward the kitchen. Elizabeth slipped under my arm, “I’m jealous.”

I smiled, “You get that all the time.”

She laughed and turned me to give me a passionately kiss. She caressed my face, “I need to be fucked and all the guys are already worn out.”

I was surprised and looked around before grinning, “Let me get something to drink and then we can call it a night.”

She grinned and turned towards one of the couches, “Let me get Sandy.”

I grabbed a few bottles of water and turned to go back to my room. Several girls waved and called goodnight as I passed. Sandy and Elizabeth were waiting beside the door when I got there. When I closed the door they were kissing. I shook my head and pushed them towards the bed. I set the water beside the bed and followed the girls onto the bed. I rubbed Elizabeth’s messy pussy, “How could the other guys be worn out already?”

She shuddered and Sandy laughed, “Because the other girls fucked them today.”

I laughed and lay next to Elizabeth and lifted her leg before pushing into her cummy pussy. She groaned and went back to kissing Sandy as I fucked her slowly from behind. She felt like I had fucked her four or five time and was almost sloppy with cum. I reached around her to cup a breast and tug on her nipple. Elizabeth jerked and shuddered hard as her pussy squeezed my cock, “SHIT!”

I grinned and kissed the nap of her neck. Sandy laughed and pulled away, “Fuck her missionary.”

Elizabeth laughed and pulled away before rolling onto her back. I moved between her legs and Sandy guided my cock to her messy pussy. I pushed into her and started fucking her hard, grinding against her. It was a couple of minutes before Elizabeth jerked and spasmed erratically.

Her pussy contracted around my cock and she started shaking. When her body stiffened, I buried my cock and just held her. Elizabeth finally sagged to the bed and hugged me, “You always do it just right.”

Sandy laughed as she rolled onto her back, “Fuck me now.”

I grinned, “You two are nymphomaniacs.”

They laughed as I pulled out of Elizabeth and moved between Sandy’s spread legs. I slowly pushed into her cummy pussy and she sighed as her warm cunt squeezed my cock. I started off slowly but used long, deep thrusts. Sandy wrapped her legs around me and each time I buried my cock she pressed up hard. It was a few minutes before her pussy tightened and she gasped before stiffening, “MIKE!”

Sandy grunted and started thrashing around as I continued to fuck her. I was going faster and a little harder. Sandy was breathing hard and shaking as she met each of my thrusts. When I shuddered and jabbed into her and held still she jerked and cried out, “I’M CUMMING!”

I shook my head as I started spurting and pumping cum against her womb. Sandy shuddered uncontrollably and I continued to cum deep inside her body. When I stopped she sighed and her legs dropped to the bed. I grinned and pulled out before rolling onto my back and pushing her towards Elizabeth who grinned and pulled her close to snuggle.

This weekend was a little different then last weekend. The other guys had learned a lesson and began trying to please the girls. Saturday I fucked ten girls before pulling Elizabeth and Sandy to bed exhausted. I fucked three more before everyone left Sunday afternoon.

Sandy and Elizabeth were in the bath and I was doing laundry again when the doorbell rang. I knew who the woman was as soon as I opened the door. She looked just like Sandy only a little older. I smiled and opened the door all the way. “Sandy is taking a bath with Elizabeth. I’ll get her.”

She smiled, “I’m Cloud and I’ll find her if you just point the way.”

I pointed towards the hall and she turned to head that way. I waited and then went back to the doing laundry. Ten minutes later Sandy came out naked. She grinned and hugged me, “Mom wants to borrow you.”

I straightened her collar, “And did you say yes?”

Sandy laughed, “Elizabeth is sitting on the edge of the bed saving me a seat.”

I grinned, “I guess that means yes.”

She took my hand and pulled me after her. When I walked into the bedroom it was to see a naked Cloud in the center of my bed with Elizabeth sitting on the edge. I released Sandy and undressed before climbing onto the bed and laying down next to her mother. I smiled and cupped her full breasts, “Feeling horny?”

She grinned, “Yes, my daughter said you could cure that.”

I laughed and turned to move down her body. “Just provide a treatment.”

She laughed and spread her legs as I moved between them. I caressed her beautifully trimmed pussy and leaned close to kiss the small erect clit. I licked up through her pussy, stopping to nibble on her inner lips while she shivered and lifted her hips. I teased her clit with my tongue while rubbing along the sides of her pussy with my thumbs. When I sucked in her clit, I squeezed it between my lips and hummed.

Cloud shuddered and I moved lower to push my tongue up inside her. I went back to teasing her clit as I slipped a couple of fingers into her. As I sucked on her clit and wiggled it back and forth with my tongue I was fucking my fingers up against her g spot. It wasn’t long before she was breathing hard as her body jerked and spasmed.

When her body went rigid I covered my teeth and bit her clit gently. She went crazy, bucking and thrashing around as she screamed, “FFUUUCCCCKKKKKK! YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!”

She squirted in my face and continued to shudder violently, thrusting her pelvis into my face over and over. She squirted again as her back arched, “YYYEEESSSS!”

I pulled my fingers out and moved up her body pushing my cock into slippery pussy easily. I pushed all the way to the back of her pussy as she continued to spasm. I started off fucking her with long, deep thrusts that only seemed to make Cloud go into convulsions. “FFFUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK... MMMMMMEEEEEE!”

Elizabeth and Sandy both laughed as I buried my cock to hump and press against her. Cloud was writhing around and almost whimpering as her body was wracked with spasms. I fucked her hard trying to cum and she arched her back and stopped moving, “YYYYYYYEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS!”

A minute later I pushed into her womb to pump a large spurt of sperm. She shook but held still as I filled her and then she dropped to the bed letting my cock slip out of her as she lay panting, “Damn!”

I moved off her and smiled at Elizabeth and Sandy, “Call me if she needs more.”

They grinned and Cloud groaned as she rolled onto her side. I went back to my laundry. When I came into the kitchen later, Elizabeth and Sandy were busy making dinner while Cloud was sitting at the table. I smiled and washed my hands before kissing the two girls, “Thanks for getting it started for me.”

Sandy looked at her mother and grinned, “We thought you deserved a treat.”

I laughed as I took over making dinner. Cloud cleared her throat, “I was talking to the girls.”

I looked at her and she actually blushed, “Would you mind another slave?”

I looked at Sandy and Elizabeth, “The club…”

Elizabeth grinned and put her arm around my waist, “We were thinking something more private.”

I smiled, “Private?”

Sandy came to hug Elizabeth and look over her shoulder, “Like just between us.”

I looked at Cloud as she continued to blush, “Since you both are telling me…”

Elizabeth caressed my face, “We think it would be a good idea.”

I nodded, “Okay but we’ll need to go shopping for her collar.”

Cloud looked at Elizabeth and Sandy and they were fingering their jeweled choker necklaces. She grinned, “Can I get one in red?”

The club lasted two more years and then everyone began moving away, to college or jobs. Sandy and Elizabeth didn’t mind, they both went to a local college. We still keep the Clubhouse up and every once in a while even spend a weekend there when a friend comes back to visit.

Cloud was an influence on both Sandy and Elizabeth, especially Elizabeth. She was at every game and supported her like her mother never had. Sandy and Elizabeth are both planning their first pregnancy now. They all subtly guide my life now as well, but still love to play slave.
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