The accident happened just after lunch, they tried to call mom but didn’t get an answer. Mr. Peters walked me to the front door and wanted to come in with me, but I told him no. Everything was starting to settle down and I was a lot calmer. The world is different when you are blind. I had looked at the bright side right from the beginning.

I had accidentally grabbed several girls and female teachers and being blind was a good excuse if you touched something you shouldn’t. It took me a few tries to unlock the front door and then carefully step into the house. I was only a few feet into the house when the loud music shut off, “Pete!”

I heard the rush of feet and I can’t describe the feeling a blind person has when they hear people running towards them. I put my hand out towards the sound of running people, “Stop!”

As the room quieted, I sighed, “It’s only temporary. I’m not hurt. I just need someone to guide me to my room for right now.”

Mom had these parties at our house all the time. It was her girlfriends and they were here almost every day. I should mention that mom had me when she was only thirteen so she was only twenty seven. All of her girlfriends were around her age or younger. They had always laughed with me and every once in awhile accidentally let me touch something.

Suddenly they were all around me again and I held still and smiled to myself as I had tits rubbing on me. I explained that it had been an accident in the lab at school and I would be fine in a few weeks. I grinned at the crowd around me, “Well, at least you don’t have to worry about me seeing any of you without your clothes on.”

They had all laughed and several even put my hands on their tits while mom protested and then someone stuck my hand inside a blouse and for the first time in my life I felt a woman’s bare breast. They all giggled when I sighed and pulled her closer. Somehow I knew it was my mother and couldn’t stop caressing and feeling her firm tits. She finally sighed and kissed my cheek, “You stink.”

Everyone laughed and I grinned as I slowly pulled my hand out of her blouse. “Someone put my right hand against the wall.”

I felt a hand guide my hand to the wall. “I’ll not see you ladies later. Feel free to come help me with my shower.”

They laughed as I slowly started moving along the wall and then around the corner and down the hall. I could hear them talking behind me as I turned into my room and stopped. I had to picture everything in my mind the way I had left it this morning. It was easier then I thought, I moved to my dresser and clumsily picked out a pair of boxers. Next was a pair of sleeping pants.

I turned to the door and carefully moved towards it. After the door, it was straight across the hall and then right to the bathroom door. I came into the bathroom and felt my way to the counter where I removed the two plastic eye patches and then the gauze while I kept my eyes closed. I was slowly unbuttoning my shirt, when I heard them come in. I heard Rachael’s voice. Rachael was mom’s best friend, “I’ll get that.”

I dropped my hands and felt her stop in front of me and then she was undoing the buttons and pulling my shirt off. I grinned when they all whistled. I blushed when Rachael started taking my pants off. “Don’t forget my shoes.”

They laughed and I felt Rachael’s nails as she raked them down my chest. One of the other women held me up when I lifted my feet so Rachael could take my shoes off. That was when I realized that at least one of them was naked. I heard the water in the shower come on and Rachael whispered in my ear, “You have to Feel your way to the shower.”

I grinned and reached out to feel and caress her breast. “This one feels real good.”

They laughed as I slowly reached out and took a step. One of them took my hand and put it on her tit. I smiled, “Thank you. You ladies do know what I am going to be doing all night?”

They laughed as someone else helped me move a step and placed my other hand on her tit. That was how I slowly crossed the floor to the shower door. I hesitantly opened the door and carefully stepped in. One of the women followed me in as I reached for the far wall. Her body pressed against my back as she guided my hand.

She moved around to be in front of me while I was trying to remember where my shampoo was. They all laughed when she told me to kneel down. When I was kneeling, I knew her pussy was only inches from my face and it made my cock even harder. She shampooed my hair once and after she rinsed it, there was a silent moment before I felt her shift her feet. It sounded like she was spreading them wider.

The next thing I felt was her hands cupping the back of my head and pulling my face to her pussy. I smelled the slight musky scent of her pussy and put my hands around her. I found her pussy with my mouth and licked through it and heard her moan. I felt the nub of her clit at the top of her slit and covered it with my mouth.

I sucked and wiggled my tongue against her clit as she slowly humped my face. Because I was kneeling in front of her, I couldn’t really get a good taste of her pussy. I loved using my tongue to play with her clit. It took a few minutes and then she jerked and humped harder into my face while holding my head tight against her. She shuddered and shook and moaned, “Damn!”

She finally released me and gently pushed my face back. She caressed my face and helped me to my feet before moving around me and opening the door and leaving. Before I could think about it, someone else climbed into the shower. She moved around me and pushed down on my shoulders. I knelt again and she started doing my hair again, which was good, I always wash it twice.

When she finished and had rinsed the shampoo out, she did like the last woman. She pulled my grinning face to her pussy. Each of the women did the same thing, they would wash part of my body and then let me lick their pussy. I had heard the door bell but did think anyone would answer. I thought all the women had taken their turn when someone else stepped into the shower.

When she moved around me, I knew something was different. I could still hear mom and the others talking quietly but this woman wasn’t someone I knew. She felt… younger, her body was smaller and… tighter I guess you could say. She put one of my hands on the wall and knelt in front of me. One by one she washed my feet and then she stood up.

There was a moment’s hesitation and then I felt/heard her shift as she spread her legs. She gently pushed down on my shoulders and I knelt. Somehow there was more of a thrill knowing this was a stranger. Her pussy was a little puffy and I felt a light downy fur. I licked through her slit and felt her hands tighten on the back of my head.

I licked and tease her clit and she shivered and shuddered until she finally pushed my face back. She caught me before I fell and pulled me to my feet. I felt her turn her back to me and pull me forward as she spread her legs. I was against her back, my hard cock pushing into the top of her butt. I groaned and felt her lean forward and rise up on her toes.

I felt her hand caress my balls and then pull my hard cock down. I felt something warm and wonderful against the head of my cock. I could hear the bathroom go quiet as the girl in the shower with me reached back and pulled me closer. Suddenly I was sliding into something warm, tight and silky that grabbed and massaged my cock.

I groaned as I sank into her tight pussy. I blinked, everything was grey and foggy and I remembered what the doctor had said about keeping my eyes closed. I closed my eyes as my hands caressed her hips and then held them lightly as I began thrusting. I fucked her slowly with long, deep thrusts that had my cock wanting more. I kept stopping so I wouldn’t cum and the woman reached between her legs and cupped my balls gently. “Go ahead and cum.”

I laughed, the voice wasn’t one I knew, but it sounded almost familiar. “If I do that, it will be over.”

I heard mom and the other women laugh. The woman in the shower with me was laughing too. One of her hands covered mine, “Go ahead and cum. We’ll be doing this more, I promise.”

I smiled as I caressed her hips and went back to fucking her, only this time a little harder and a little faster. It wasn’t long before I felt my balls tighten and I panicked, “I…”

I tried to pull out, but she had reached back with both hands and pulled on my wrists, keeping me inside her as I suddenly started pumping spurts of cum. I shivered and shuddered as I spurted strong gushes of cum inside her. When I stopped, I shook myself and pulled out, “I… I wasn’t wearing a condom. What if…”

Everyone laughed as the girl stood up and turned to embrace me. “I’m on birth control.”

It felt great to hold her naked body, but the water was getting cold. She laughed and took my hand as she stepped back, “You made the mess. You need to clean it.”

Mom and the other women laughed again as she put my hand on her pussy. She guided my hand through her slit and pushed my fingers into her pussy to wash some of my cum out. She turned the water off and someone opened the shower door. I was helped out and dried off. Mom kissed my cheek, “welcome to being a man.”

I grinned, “That was a wonderful shower. I don’t know who was who, but you all tasted great. I wouldn’t mind doing that all the time.”

They laughed and the girl leaned against me, “You just want more sex.”

I laughed as I reached out in the direction I thought the counter was. “That’s true, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t like and enjoy going down on everyone. In fact, I wouldn’t mind doing that anytime one of you gets horny. Just push my face into your wonderful pussy and I’ll do the rest.”

They laughed and Rachael stepped close and led me to the counter. I felt along the counter for my eye patches as they quieted. I felt the gauze and stopped moving, “uh, mom?”

She was suddenly right there, “Here baby.”

I nodded to the gauze, “I’m going to need some gauze folded like these.”

I heard someone opening the cabinet and almost cried at my feelings of being so… helpless. Rachael was the one to catch it and hugged me, “its okay Pete.”

I shook my head, “No it isn’t, I can’t…”

I took a deep breath and let it out. I relaxed, “I’m sorry.”

Mom was there, “nothing to be sorry about.”

She placed the gauze over my eyes and then the patches. She caressed my face, “Tell you what, we’ll trade you oral sex for helping you.”

I grinned, “Whenever you want.”

They laughed and the girl was worming her way in next to me. I turned my head towards her, “We haven’t met. I’m Pete.”

Everyone laughed and the girl caressed my face, “I’m Megan. I… it was my fault.”

I smiled, “Then I really owe you for letting me feel these wonderful women. For getting to taste them and for what you did…”

I took a breath, “You didn’t… it wasn’t… Why?”

She laughed with the other woman as she turned me and helped me put my sleeping pants on. She stood up and turned me to face her, “At first I was feeling guilty. But you were so calm and didn’t try to take things further. I liked the way your cock looked and felt… god, I really liked the way you felt.”

The other women laughed and she caressed my chest, “I let you fuck me because I wanted it. I wanted your beautiful cock inside me. I wanted you to cum inside me.”

I didn’t know what to say and she caressed my cheek, “You don’t mind if I want to keep doing it, do you?”

I grinned and then laughed, “No, I don’t mind.”

She kissed my cheek, “Good. And just so you know, I liked you going down on me and I like watching you with the others too.”

I grinned as I took a careful step towards the door, “How old are you?”

The women all laughed and I felt another hand steer me towards the door and turn me slightly. I was led back to the front room and mom and her friends started their party back up while Megan sat beside me. I was trying to think of something to do when Megan said she had to call her mother.

While she was gone, one of mom’s girlfriends moved to the couch. She caressed my face and turned me so that I was lying down. She straddled my face and I could smell her scent even before she lowered her wet pussy to my face. I smiled as I reached for her hips and pulled her closer.

It was several women later that I knew it was Megan I was licking. I decided to try something different and started rubbing and caressing her warm asshole. Megan shivered and shuddered as I sucked and teased her clit while gently pushing at and barely fucking her ass with my finger.

She started humping and fucking my face and shoving back at my finger. In only a few minutes she started jerking and shuddering hard and she squirted a little cum in my mouth that tasted real good.

Suddenly her shaking body was pulled away from my mouth and I heard her gasping and moaning. I felt someone caressing my face and for some reason I wasn’t sure it was someone I knew. I didn’t move as Megan slowly moved down my body. I felt her hand lift my cock and then I slid into her warm wet pussy. I shivered and felt someone straddling my face and pulled them down to my mouth. I knew from the stronger taste that this woman hadn’t showered with me.

I caught her clit with my lips and teased it before sucking on it. While she shivered on my face, I groaned as Megan started slowly fucking my cock. Her pussy was really wet and warm as it slid back and forth on my cock. I pushed my tongue into the woman’s leaking hole to lick her and then grabbed her clit again as she jerked and shuddered.

She finally lifted off my face and I reached up to feel Megan’s breasts. She groaned and shuddered as she ground her pussy down on me. It wasn’t long before she started jerking and convulsing and she started stuttering, “I’m cu… ccuu…cummm… cummingggg!”

As her warm pussy squeezed and milked my cock, I shuddered hard and thrust up. My cock seemed to get bigger before it erupted and started gushing huge spurts of cum up inside Megan. She shuddered and jerked as each spurt shot into her. When I was done and lay panting, Megan lay on my chest. “Oh my god that was awesome!”

I heard everyone laugh and Megan kissed my cheek and whispered, “Thanks for getting mom off too.”

I smiled, “You know me. I’m always willing to go down on a woman.”

She laughed, “Careful or I’ll take you into the girl’s locker room at school.”

I grinned, “Promises, promises.”

Mom was the one to call it a night then and Megan reluctantly pulled off me. Everyone came to kiss me good night and Megan led me to the bathroom and then my bedroom. She gave me a kiss beside my bed and caressed my face, “Your mom is going to pick me up and I’m going to help you get around at school.”

I wasn’t sure about school but decided to see if I could manage. Mom picked out clothes for the next day and helped me when I needed it. When we picked up Megan, I felt a moment of relief. She guided me to my home room and a desk before whispering that she would be back.

When the bell rang at the end of class I made it to the door before Megan got there. She managed to guide me to every class before lunch. I told her I didn’t really eat lunch and just wanted to sit outside for some air. I whispered that I had to go to the bathroom while we were walking to the quad outside. It was a minute before she pulled me into a room and several girls cried out. Megan kept pulling me, “Be quiet, he can’t see you.”

They said something and then Megan was pushing me into a stall. I could hear them talking as I sat and peed, ‘I didn’t want to pee all over the floor’. Megan surprised me when I came out, she embraced me. “I’m horny.”

She caressed my face and stepped back, “Kneel down.”

I grinned and did as she asked. When she stepped closer, I could smell her pussy and leaned forward. She had her legs spread and shoved her pussy into my face. I started licking and put one hand on her butt to hold her in place. I really liked the way Megan tasted today, she must have douched because I could taste a bit of cherry flavor.

I could hear girls talking around us and decided to give them something to talk about. I pushed two fingers from my other hand into her pussy and up behind her pelvic bone. I was fucking my fingers up into her, rubbing her g-spot as I sucked and teased her clit. It only took a moment before she jerked and squirted cum as her pussy squeezed my fingers, “Yes!”

She squirted again and I could felt her body shaking. She put her hands on my shoulders as she continued to shiver and moan. Finally she stepped back and my fingers slipped out of her. I smiled as I licked my fingers, “Anyone else?”

Several girls laughed and I heard a rustle of clothes before someone else stepped close. They hesitated and then I felt their hands on the back of my head before I smelled their pussy. I spent the entire lunch hour going down on one girl after another. Megan took my shirt off after the second girl because they kept squirting on me.

I was led to my afternoon classes by several girls, it was like I was their pet. When the last bell rang, I waited for Megan by the door and she led me out to wait for mom. Several girls came by to say they would see me the next day and then laughed. Megan leaned against me, “Did you really like going down on all the girls?”

I grinned, “Yes, I’m glad you were first though.”

She giggled, “I can’t believe you made us squirt on you like that.”

I smiled as she took my elbow, “Here’s your mom.”

The ride home was interesting, Megan put me in the back seat while she sat up front with mom. She told mom everything and I could hear mom laughing. She said she would have to have a neighborhood party for me. When we got home, Megan guided me into the house where I heard several of mom’s friends in the kitchen.

I was greeted by kisses from topless women. Megan was patient and led me to my room after they finished kissing me. She led me to the bed and started undressing me. I was grinning and she laughed before I heard her clothes rustle. “Get on the bed Pete.”

I felt around and then climbed onto the bed. I heard Megan walking around the bed and get in the other side. She moved over and touched my face gentle, “You’ve waited long enough. Fuck me.”

I felt her body and finally moved between her legs. She guided my cock and pulled on my hips. I pushed into her warm, wet pussy and slowly started fucking her. Well, slowly didn’t last as she wrapped her legs around my waist and humped up to meet my cock. We fucked harder and faster until I was pounding into her.

I could feel her body getting tighter as she became tense. I finally shoved my cock into her and held it against her womb as I spurted huge streams of cum. Megan shuddered violently and her wonderful pussy spasmed on my cock hard. Megan’s arms squeezed me as she screamed, “Oh my god, yes!”

I kept spewing cum as she jerked erratically and her pussy continued to try to milk my cock. When I finished cumming and only lay on her panting, the bed shifted and someone’s hand caressed my shoulder. Megan’s body was still twitching so I didn’t think anything was wrong. A women’s voice I didn’t recognize spoke softly, “Pete? You need to move off her.”

I pulled out and moved to Megan’s other side as the strange woman moved to sit closer to Megan, “Megan honey, wake up.”

That really got my attention, “I didn’t hurt her did I?”

There was a chuckle, “I seriously doubt it.”

I reached out carefully to feel Megan as she groaned and shuddered. The bed shifted and one of her hands caressed my face while I froze. “Are you okay?”

Megan sighed and moved to give me a kiss. “I’m fine, totally satisfied.”

I grinned as my hand caressed and felt down her body and tugged on one of her nipples, “Totally?”

She groaned and shuddered before covering my hand. “After a nice warm shower I’ll let you try that again.”

I felt my way to the edge of the bed, “What are we waiting for?”

Megan laughed and rolled off the bed and helped me out and into the bathroom. She walked me to the counter and carefully removed my eye patches and then the gauze that covered them. I could hear voices coming closer and then I was surrounded by women. Mom and Rachael both kissed me and I slowly reached out to feel my way to the shower. It was a repeat of the day before except there seemed to be more women, not that I was complaining.

Megan was the last and like the day before when she finished washing me, I went down on her and then she turned and guided my cock to her warm pussy. I held her hips as I slowly fucked into her wonderful pussy. It wasn’t long before Megan shuddered and her pussy squeezed me before spasming. I heard her murmur, “I love that.”

The women all laughed and Megan finally giggled before pushing back at me, “Harder Pete.”

I smiled and started fucking into her with longer deeper thrusts. I held myself deep inside her a little bit each time and Megan started grunting and shaking. It was another couple of minutes before she jerked and shuddered violently her pussy spasming around my cock, “Oh fuck yes!”

She almost collapsed and I pulled out while she moaned, “No! Put it back in!”

The women laughed and I turned Megan around and lifted her. I held her butt and she reached down to fit my cock to her spasming pussy. When she was impaled all the way, she held onto me tight and kept shivering. Her tight pussy was grasping and milking my cock as I began lifting and lowering her on my hard cock. It didn’t take long before I felt myself getting closer and spread my feet a little wider. “I’m going to cum!”

Megan didn’t answer as she suddenly jerked and grabbed my shoulders. Her whole body seemed to be spasming as I started pumping huge ropes of cum deep inside her. We were both groaning as it went on and on. It was a couple of minutes before her legs dropped down and she sighed, whispering, “God I love feeling you do that.”

The women must have heard because they laughed again. I bent my knees and pulled out before pushing her legs open so I could wash her. When I was done Megan led me out and released my hand. Several women began drying me and I grinned. A soft hand took mine and led me to the counter. This was the part I didn’t like, someone had to fold and fit the gauze that went under patches and I was reminded I was helpless. Mom caressed my face, “Remember our deal.”

That made me grin and several women laughed. With my eye patches in place Mom led me out and into the living room. Rachael kissed my bare shoulder, “We are going to have some fun today. As you probable guessed we have a few women over to party with us.”

I grinned, “How about lining them up on the couch and I will go down the line.”

There was more laughter and then someone led me to the couch. “Kneel down. You’re between a woman’s legs right now.”

I laughed as I knelt, “My favorite place.”

As they laughed I caressed a woman’s smooth thighs. I smiled and leaned down to lick through her moist slit and she groaned. I smiled and caressed her thighs, “Hard or soft?”

They laughed and Megan knelt and hugged me from behind. “He means, do you want to cum nice and easy or scream and squirt.”

They laughed again and the woman voice seemed excited, “Hard. Make me scream and squirt.”

Everyone laughed as I lean down and began sucking on her clit. As she moaned and started shivering I slipped two fingers into her and began to fuck them firmly against her G Spot. She gasped and jerked that first time, “Fuck yes!”

I was enjoying her musky scent and kept licking and teasing her clit. Every time I sucked it in she would tighten up. After almost three minutes she shuddered and squirted a little. Her pussy tightened and then she was jerking and shaking hard. She squirted into my face as her pussy clamped down on my fingers. She was having body racking shudders as she squirted again, “YYEEESSSSSS!”

She jerked and twisted before pushing my face away. As my fingers slipped out of her, she squirted once more and I heard everyone laughing. Megan pulled me back, hugging me, “I think that’s enough Pete.”

Everyone laughed again as Megan moved me sideways. “Okay Pete, move forward, there’s another customer waiting.”

A soft furry laugh sounded and I felt a woman’s hand cup my face, “I want it soft.”

I smiled and reached out to feel a woman’s thighs. It was several hours before I finally stopped and that was because Megan was horny. She laid me back on the carpet and straddled my waist. She pushed my cock into her with a sigh I shared. With all the pussy I had been licking I really needed release. Megan began thrusting her pussy back and forth, her clit rubbing along my cock.

It didn’t take her long to groan and I felt her shudder as her pussy squeezed me. I shivered and reached up to hold her breasts. When she relaxed and started rocking, I moved my hands down her sides to her hips. Megan moaned and became erratic as I heard women laugh. I shuddered as I started spurting cum deep inside her.

Megan jerked and slammed down on my cock and held still while she continued to shudder and shake. When I stopped cumming Megan leaned forward letting my cock slip out before giving me a soft kiss. She caressed me and then laughed, “Back to work. You have more horny women to serve.”

I grinned and caressed her, “Thanks Megan.”

She kissed me again and stirring me towards the couch. The next woman smelled of light perfume and had a slight musky scent. I caressed her thighs, “You smell really good.”

She laughed and caressed my face before I leaned down and licked through her pussy. A woman knelt behind me as I licked and sucked her, “She saw you today in the bathroom at school.”

I realized the naked woman holding me was mom and sucked on the woman’s clit before teasing it with my tongue. The woman groaned and shuddered as I licked through her pussy and slowly push two fingers up inside her. Mom hugged me, “She suggested using the girl’s locker room next time.”

I nodded but didn’t stop as mom rubbed her breasts on me, “Maybe I’ll ask Megan if she would mind if I slept with you tonight.”

I groaned at the thought of my mother in bed with me. The woman I was licking jerked and shuddered as her body tightened. I felt her pussy squeezing my fingers and then she was bucking and thrusting her pussy into my face as she squirted. “OOOOHHHH, YYYYEEeessssssss!”

She wailed and squirted into my waiting mouth as she jerked and thrashed around. I kept sucking her clit and fucking my fingers against her G spot and she kept shaking and jerked around. She squirted me again and her back arched. “YES!”

She squirted as her pussy squeezed my fingers really tight and I pulled them out before licking through her slit while she shivered and shuddered. I moved up her body feeling her blouse. I felt her face and leaned into her to give her a kiss. I held her until she finally sighed and then I felt her hands caress my face. I smiled and moved back into mom, “Thanks, you tasted great.”

The woman laughed with several others and I felt her stand before another woman took her place. While I was going down on the next woman, mom slipped away and Megan returned. Megan caressed me as the woman I was licking jerked and shuddered. When the woman screamed and came, squirting into my face Megan laughed. I sat back and let the woman relax as she kept shaking and twitching. Megan hugged me, “Your mom wants you to fuck her.”

I nodded as I faced her, “She said she would ask you.”

Megan laughed and caressed my body, “Save some for me?”

I smiled and turned to feel her body and cup a breast. “Don’t forget school and our lunch engagement.”

Megan laughed and hugged me. She caressed my face, “I need to go.”

I caressed her body, “Think your mom will let you spend the weekend?”

I heard her mother laugh from the other side of the couch, “I joined your mother’s club. She can spend the weekend.”

Megan hugged me and whispered, “And fuck you all night long.”

It took a month for my sight to come back. I used a blindfold after it returned just to keep enjoying going down on women at mom’s parties… and in the gym at school. The girls at school thought it was great and I always had a waiting list.

Megan was as beautiful to my eyes as she was to my other senses. I asked her to be my girlfriend and four years later she became my wife. She loves to watch me go down on another woman and get them to climax so hard they squirt and scream.
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