I watched the sailboat and the approaching storm from the opening into my cabin like hut. It had taken me three weeks to pull the front half of the old sailboat half way around the island and dig it into the hard sand above the beach. I sighed and closed the flap, the boat wasn’t going to make the island in time and the storm was going to be a bad one. My name is Samuel David Winston, I’m sixteen and had spent the last two months living on this island alone.

I had never met my mother, my father was a racist bastard that I hated. From the time I could walk he was pushing me. Martial arts and home school, I had finished high school when I was twelve. All that meant was he made me start taking college classes. Now at sixteen, I have three degrees, two bachelors and an associate.

On top of everything else, he made me learn about survival. By the time I was twelve, I was an expert and had come to realize what my father was. I think his leaving me here on this island was just a way to get rid of me, not that I minded. I woke out of my remembrance to the scream of a woman.

Rationally I knew the chances of helping anyone in this storm were small and very dangerous. But the human mind is strange. Before I was really aware of what I was doing, I was out of the cabin and running towards the shore in gale force wind and slashing rain. I hit the water and didn’t stop, I dove into a wave.

There were two reefs off this shore and what I was doing was dangerous, even crazy. I had one thing on my side, I always knew where I was. I dove under the water just before the first reef and timed it so that I had just reached it when a wave went out. It lifted me and pulled me out and over the reef. I broke the surface, took a breath and dove again. My timing was just as good for the second reef and again I was pulled up and over.

Only when I came up this time, I was a few feet from a struggling woman. It took me a moment to get her into a hold that wouldn’t drown both of us and then I was swimming out and to my right. I had to get us to the break in the reef before I could head in. If I missed, the reef would rip us apart as the tide pulled us across.

Finally, I knew I was there and turned to let the wave carry us. Almost as soon as we passed over it I was swimming again, fighting the waves. I had another ten yards to go to get to the other break in the second reef. Time seemed to drag as I fought the waves until finally I felt the break and let go. I flattened my body under the woman and let the waves take us. It was like my body was a surfboard. We skimmed through the reef and across the small lagoon.

I dropped my feet in time to stand and start pulling the woman after me as the ocean pulled back momentarily. I pulled her up the sandy beach and across to my cabin. I could feel her body shivering against mine as I squeezed through the flap and pulled her with me. I didn’t stop there though, I pulled her further into the cabin and into the boat part.

I stopped next to the bed and turned to start stripping her. When she suddenly started fighting, I slapped her. She just stared at me as I finished stripping her and then I grabbed my only towel and started drying her before I pushed her into the bed. I lifted the one ultra light blanket and pushed her naked body under it before pulling a thicker woven mat over her, “Stay here and try to warm up.”

I didn’t even think about what I was doing as I headed back out into the storm. I didn’t go into the water though, I moved along the shore listening. When it got to the point where I was shaking with cold I went back to the cabin. I stripped out of my shorts next to the bed and dried off before crawling under the blanket.

My body was racked with shaking as I shivered trying to get warm. Suddenly the woman was there straddling me with her body. I wrapped my arms around her and let her body heat warm me. It was several minute before I noticed the way her body felt or realized that my cock was hard.

When I did realize, she had started rocking back and forth rubbing her pussy along my cock. I turned my head to see her face and saw that she had her eyes closed and there were tears on her cheeks. I rubbed and caressed her back until she shuddered and finally opened her eyes to look at me. I smiled, “Feel better?”

She was blushing, “I…”

I rubbed her back, “It was the stress of what happened.”

She put her head down and cried while I continued to hold her. I don’t know when she fell asleep. I woke up with a groan. She was still on top of me, only now my cock was inside her. The warm feeling of her around my cock was amazing as her pussy gently tried to milk me. I shivered and she turned her head slightly to see me awake.

She didn’t say anything as her hips began to hump up and down as she fucked me. I closed my eyes and relaxed, I felt her hands on my chest as she sat up, taking my cock even deeper into her pussy. I don’t know why but even as good as she felt, I wasn’t even close to cumming. It was several minutes before I felt her jerk and then shudder really hard, “Oh fuck!”

I opened my eyes to her erratic shudders and jerks. Her pussy was squeezing my cock and she was really slippery. When she spread her legs even wider I was suddenly pushing against the back of her pussy. She was only rocking her hips back and forth grinding on me. The way the head of my cock kept rubbing and pushing against her womb, didn’t take long to bring me to the edge.

My hips bucked up and I was suddenly pumping thick gushes of cum. She jerked hard at the first spurt and then growled before shoving down to get my cock deeper inside her. I shivered and shook as my cock jerked and spewed cum and I finally lay panting, trying to catch my breath. She was smiling down at me as her body gave a few random twitches.

She lay down on top of me and then rolled over to lay beside me in the bed. “That was…”

I grinned as I looked at the ceiling, “Amazing.”

She turned onto her side to look at me, “Thank you for saving me.”

I smiled as I turned my head, “Thank you for making me a man.”

She smiled and caressed my face, “That was your first time?”

I nodded and sighed, “Yes. We need to get up now and see how bad the damage is.”

She looked down, “and see what happened to my friends.”

I helped her out of bed and picked up the clothes she had worn. It was already warm out and they had dried overnight. I slipped my shorts on and led the way out. There was some debris on the beach but not as much as I thought there should be. The water was already crystal clear and I could see something in the reef that I thought might be a body.

I opened the outer cabin up to get air and gave her some fruit. Her name was Jennifer and she was only nineteen. I found two of her friends on the reef and managed to get them ashore. I buried them together and covered the graves with rocks. I had been thinking about Jennifer’s boat and what might have happened.

I had her wait and swam out past the last reef. I found the boat another hundred yards out. When I dove down I was surprised by a couple of things. First was her girlfriend tangled in the lines and second was the fact that I didn’t find any damage to the boat. I buried her girlfriend beside the others and went back into the water with several fish traps. Jennifer was silent all day and there wasn’t a lot I could do to help her.

I got the idea while we were eating dinner, broiled fish and toasted roots. I glanced at Jennifer, “I may be able to raise the boat. When I was down there, I didn’t see any sign of damage. If I can get it up we can sail to the nearest port and you can get home.”

She only nodded, I could tell the death of her friends had hit her hard. I sat next to her and held her hand, “I’m sorry about your friends.”

She nodded and leaned against me and after a few minutes she started crying. I held her and let her cry on me, something about Jennifer pulled at me. When she finally stopped crying it was dark. I led her into the cabin and back to the bed. I undressed her again and helped her into bed before stripping and climbing in beside her.

I felt her snuggled up next to me in the dark and sighed. I woke to Jennifer straddling my body again. She fitted my cock to her pussy and sat back with a sigh before lying down on top of me. She put her head on my shoulder, “I need it Sam, I’m sorry.”

I put my arms around her, “There’s nothing to be sorry about. Do what you need to.”

She kissed my shoulder and then sat up to put her hands on my chest. She started rocking back and forth fucking my cock deeper and deeper into her warm pussy. She was fucking me a little harder than she had before. This was about her needing my cock to give her pleasure. She started to fuck me harder, pulling my cock almost out of her before slamming it back in.

It didn’t take me long to get to the point where I needed to cum. Jennifer was shuddering and shaking but didn’t slow down. I groaned as my back arched and I started spurting huge loads of cum. She groaned loader and slammed down on my spurting cock to just grind her pussy as I kept pumping cum into her. When I finished cumming, she lay on me and sighed, “Thank you.”

My dreams were filled with me fucking Jennifer. Only when I woke up in the morning she was still on me and I was still inside her slimy pussy. She shifted slightly when I moved and turned her head to look into my face. She grinned, “It was nice sleeping like this, listening to your heart beat. You only managed to fuck me five times though.”

I blushed and she smiled as she pulled off me. This day was filled with checks of my fish traps and gathering food and wood. In the afternoon I had Jennifer help cut and weave leaves for new mats. I stripped and she grinned at my hard cock but I only grabbed the wood spear I had made and headed for the water. I swam out to above the wreck and dove down.

The first time I just made another check and pulled an inflatable raft out. The second dive I secured the raft tight to the midsection of the boat. Each dive was a little harder and I did a little more. I inflated the raft and the boat righted itself and rose up about ten feet from the bottom. I tied a rope to the bow and surfaced before starting to pull the boat towards the reef.

It was a little while before I was able to turn and pull it between the two reefs to the next opening. It was starting to get dark as I finally pulled it through the last reef and headed towards the beach. I staggered out of the water with the rope and Jennifer was there to catch me. I tied the rope to a log and with Jennifer’s help buried it in the sand as an anchor.

Dinner was cold fruit and some sweet grass. The sky looked good as I took a bath in the fresh water of the nearby stream. I dried quickly and called it a night. Jennifer was in bed when I slipped under the light blanket. Like the night before, she snuggled closer and then hesitantly straddled my waist. She guided my cock to her pussy and pushed back onto my cock.

She lay on me and slowly fucked me while laying her head on my chest. It might have started slow but after a few minutes she was shuddered and fucking me hard, slamming down. It didn’t take me long to groan and shuddered as I started to spurt cum up into her. Jennifer didn’t even slow down as she felt my warm sperm filling her. It was almost an hour later before she finally stopped with a sigh and lay on me panting.

I had cum a second time and she was a cummy messy. She only lay on my chest panting until her breathing slowed. I had been close to cumming a third time when she stopped and just held her now as my cock throbbed with its own need. I woke up several times in the night as I came in Jennifer with a groan. In the morning I woke to her fucking me slowly and just rubbed and caressed her back until I spurted another load into her already full pussy.

After a cool breakfast of fruit, I led her to a grove of giant bamboo trees. I used a small wire saw to cut the biggest down. It took both of us to get it back to the beach. I cut several segments into large buckets and drilled two holes in each with a small knife and used a slim pole with the knife to reach down and drill holes through the sections. I used twine from a vine as a short rope. I floated them out to above the boat and turned them over. They held air as I dove with them to the boat.

Inside the boat I released the air and swam back to the surface to do it again. I took a break every hour but after the third hour I was exhausted. The boat was floating another few feet above the floor so I knew my plan could work. I took a break and checked my fish traps. I had a few and cleaned them before putting the traps back.

I started a fire and cooked the fish while Jennifer looked on hungrily. I gathered some water crest and made a nice early dinner. After dinner I went back to trying to put air in the boat. By now I had to make sure I released the air in the bow so it would rise up first. Jennifer had some fruit waiting when I came out of the water.

Jennifer’s clothes were looking bad, dirty and grimy. I stripped her while she stood calmly. I only wore my shorts and most of the time, not even them. I used sand to wash her clothes and rinsed them good before hanging them up to dry. That night was like the others and she seemed to get more involved every night.

I woke to a feeling of calm that had me pushing Jennifer off me and rolling out of bed. I ran out and stared at the sky. I could almost feel the pressure changing again. Jennifer came out as I was looking around. I looked at her, “Gather some fruit and some dried branches for the brazier. It feels like another bad storm coming.”

On my first dive down to the submerged ship I found a second life raft floating in the passageway inside. I moved the raft I had already placed until it was under the forward part of the ship. I used ropes to pull the second one under the back part before inflating it. The ship broke the surface and I put its anchor out towards the reef so it wouldn’t be beached by the storm.

I slipped on board to start bailing water. When Jennifer yelled, I turned to see a wall of rain in the distance. I closed up the boat and dove over the side. I walked out of the water and prayed the boat wouldn’t get smashed up in the storm.

I made sure all the windows and woven mats were closed and secured tightly. Jennifer was waiting for me as I closed and lashed the door. It had gotten dark quickly and I pulled a naked Jennifer back to bed. I snuggled up with her and at first she was tense as the storm broke. She finally relaxed and started caressing my chest, “Whatever are we going to do with ourselves.”

I smiled, “Well, you could let me fuck you for a change.”

She grinned and rolled onto her back while tugging on me. I hesitated before slipping between her legs and moving down. I smelled her pussy and licked through her slit which made her shivered and moan. I forgot about everything but her pussy as I licked and teased her clit. I sucked it in and wiggled my tongue back and forth while humming.

Jennifer was wiggling around and humping her pussy into my face while moaning and growling. Finally she shuddered really hard and pushed my face away from her pussy and laughed, “Come fuck me.”

I grinned and slowly crawled up her body. I pushed into her pussy and slowly sank my cock into her and finally pushed against her womb. I fucked her slowly, this was my fuck, my… need. In only a coupe of minutes she was groaning and shuddering. We had completely forgotten about the storm and I fucked her a little harder. It wasn’t long before we were both fucking and grunting like two animals in heat.

It was probably only five minutes before I shoved against her womb hard and growled as my cock seemed to explode and start spewing cum. Jennifer screamed as my hot cum slammed into her womb and started filling her. We were both jerking and shuddering hard as we came together. It seemed to just keep going and then it was over and I was panting and trying to catch my breath as Jennifer twitched and jerked under me.

I rolled over bringing her with me. She was straddling me with my cock still buried and jerking inside her. Her head rested on my shoulder as if she couldn’t raise it and then she shuddered one last time before sighing. Her body relaxed and I twisted my head to see her smiling with her eyes close.

I wrapped my arms around her and tried to relax. It wasn’t long before her slow breathing relaxed me into sleep. I woke to darkness and distant grumbles. Jennifer was still sleeping on top of me and I carefully let her slip to the side. Slipping out of bed, I left and opened the door.

The sky was clearing even as the darkness of the evening replaced it. I walked down the beach and could faintly make out the shape of the boat between the beach and the reef. I returned to the hut and opened the windows and started a small fire. I was roasting several roots when Jennifer came out still naked. She smiled as she squatted across from me, “It’s nice out now.”

I grinned and kept cooking while she pulled some fruit out and nibbled. We had a quiet meal and then I held her hand and we took a walk down the beach. The moon was up and we could both see the boat clearly. When we returned to the cabin, Jennifer pulled me back to bed. She pushed me in and straddled me before pushing my cock back inside her.

She rocked back and forth on me fucking me slowly. It took about fifteen minute before she shivered and groaned. As her warm silky pussy spasmed and milked my cock, I spurted and spewed cum inside her. Jennifer sighed as my warm sperm filled her and then she relaxed onto me. She put her head on my shoulder, “I don’t know why but sleeping on you like this makes me feel safe and… and wanted.”

I caressed her back and held her lightly. I woke several times in the night and like the nights before, I fucked Jennifer slowly and gently until I spewed my cum inside her. I woke early and could almost smell the clean air. It was like this after every storm. I gently slid out from under Jennifer and made my way outside.

I spent my morning setting snares and some fish traps. When Jennifer came out, I had her start collecting wood and fruit. I took one of the bamboo buckets and swam to the boat. I started bailing water and after a couple of hours I stopped. The water was only up to my ankle but I was tired. Jennifer sat with me and we ate some fruit before I checked my snares and fish traps.

I had one small pig caught in a snare and several fish. I left the fish and cleaned the pig before hanging it over our fire. I helped Jennifer gather more wood and we cooked the pig slow with other roots. It was a nice meal that we both took our time over.

We left the remains wrapped in leaves and swam out to the boat. It took awhile but I finally found the manual bilge pump. By the time evening came we had all the water pumped out and Jennifer had removed all the cushions to dry.

We ate the last of the pig and some more fruit and water crests before heading to bed. Jennifer straddled me quickly and pushed my cock into her warm moist pussy. Tonight she seemed determined and put her hands on my chest for balance. She fucked me hard as if she really needed it. When she hesitated and shuddered as her pussy spasmed, I cupped her breasts and waited.

Jennifer finally shook her head and went back to rocking and grinding her pussy against me hard. A couple of minutes later she jerked, her legs went wider and she began convulsing. Her pussy was grasping as it milked my cock. She was shaking her head and finally she sighed and shivered hard before looking down and going back to fucking me.

It was a little longer before she started cumming again. She shuddered hard and slowly lay on my chest, her hips still working away on my cock. It was another minute before she was done and went back to fucking me harder. A minute later I groaned and Jennifer looked into my face suddenly, “You’re getting bigger, are you going to cum?”

I nodded and she sat up pushing down to get my cock deeper as I suddenly began pumping sperm into her belly. Jennifer groaned and shuddered as she felt the thick waves of cum flooding her pussy. It took a minute to finish, but like all the times before I was still hard.

Jennifer sighed and went back to fucking me with her now slimy pussy. She fucked me with a kind of desperation that lasted almost all night. It was a few hours before dawn when she fell into an exhausted sleep.

I was up early with a sensitive cock and gathered some fruit for when Jennifer woke up. I moved the boat closer to shore and replaced the now dry cushions and started cleaning up and taking stock. I fixed the rigging and sail before finally stopping. We only needed two things now, water and food. We were lucky because almost all the can goods in the boat were still intact.

When I came back to the cabin, Jennifer was sitting in front of it eating fruit. She wouldn’t look at me. It was like she was embarrassed or ashamed. I squatted down in front of her, “Jennifer, what is happening to you is called survivors guilt. I am the one that should be ashamed. I let you use me because it felt good and you needed the release.

You are a nice person that has a good personality. You are smart and have a good grasp on everything else that has happened. Don’t let the guilt make your decisions. And for the record, I enjoyed the sex even if I was a virgin and don’t know any better.”

She smiled and finally looked up at me, “Most guys do.”

I grinned, “I need help. We need water for the boat.”

She nodded and stood up. I found my wire saw and led Jennifer to another grove of giant bamboo. I picked the biggest one and cut it down at the base. It was hard but we managed to drag it out where I was able to cut section off. When I finished we had a half dozen containers I could use for water. While Jennifer carried the containers back, I started on another one.

After that one we did a third. I stopped after that one and we took everything back to my shack. I headed to the bay to check the traps and Jennifer just tagged along. My first trap was empty and the second was smashed. When we surfaced I sent Jennifer towards the bench while I went to check the last trap.

I had a bad feeling as I dove and swam towards my trap. Whenever I check my traps I carry a short bamboo spear. It had a fire hardened wooden spear tip that came off. Looped around the spear and my arm was a length of cord that was tied to the spear tip.

I saw the tiger shark as it cruised over the reef heading towards me. I dropped my feet and turned my body. It didn’t circle and try to pass me by, it came straight for me. It was maybe five or six feet long and at the last minute it rolled onto its side opening its mouth. The hand not on the spear went out and grabbed its nose, pulling my body up and away from the mouth. I brought the spear down into and through the gills as it swept past.

I headed for the surface and air as it began thrashing around. I gulped air in and dove, that was the safest place right now. My spear was sticking out of the shark as I used the cord to begin pulling the shark towards shore. Its movements were a lot weaker but I was more worried about other sharks smelling the blood.

I towing the dying shark behind me and surfaced for a few seconds before I dove again and saw another smaller shark swimming towards us. When I sliced its nose with my knife, it took off trailing blood. Finally I reached shore and staggered out pulling the cord behind me.

Jennifer ran towards me as I turned to pull the shark up onto the beach. I saw several shark fins out in the bay as we managed to get the shark all the way out of the water. Now the fun part began. I cleaned and cut up some of the shark for steaks.

When I finished I rolled the rest of the body back into the ocean. Jennifer was wide eyed as we carried large shark steaks back to my cabin. We went out to gather wood and then I built up the fire to start cooking the shark meat. Dinner was very good and when we finished we sat and watched the sinking sun. Jennifer hugged me, “That shark…”

I smiled, “Was small and I was lucky.”

I stood and helped her up. I led her to the fresh water stream and we washed up using sand. When we were done I led Jennifer to bed only this time I crawled between her legs. I pushed into her pussy and began fucking her slow and deep. It wasn’t long before she was moaning with her feet over my thighs. Jennifer’s pussy seemed wet and really warm as I fucked her a little harder.

Finally I shoved in deep and spurted a big load of cum deep inside her while she sighed and shuddered. I kissed her softly and reached back to straighten her legs before rolling onto my back pulling Jennifer with me. Jennifer put her head down on my chest and sighed. Tonight was a more relaxed night and every time Jennifer started fucking me I held her and softly caressed her body.

We fucked five times during the night and the last time I rolled her onto her back and did it slow and deep, grinding against her. Jennifer jerked and shuddered through four orgasms before I spurted into her messy pussy a few times. When I finished, I slowly pulled out and gave her a kiss before slipping out of bed.

I gathered some fruit and roots as the sun began to come up. I started a fire and wrapped the roots in leaves before leaving. I filled all the containers I had made and put them on the boat. I was sitting beside the fire when Jennifer came out and stretched. I grinned, “How was last night?”

She grinned, “Fulfilling.”

I set her food on a wide leaf and headed into the shack. When I came out it was with my pack. I used a woven grass bag to put some fruit in and then put out the fire. I led Jennifer to the boat wading in and then helping her up into the boat. I could see how frightened she was and after I had put my pack and the fruit away I had her sit beside the wheel, “Don’t touch anything.”

I pulled the rope from shore and then lifted the anchor. By then it was more then light enough to see by and the water was clear. I checked carefully and didn’t see any sharks so dove in with a tow line. It took me a little while to pull the big boat back through the two reefs. Once it was clear I swam to the back and climbed aboard. It took me a couple of minutes to figure out how to sail the boat and Jennifer finally took charge and just told me what to do.

I gave her a heading using the compass secured to the console beside the wheel. We spent the day sailing with a good wind. We ate the fruit and a couple of cans of cold chili. It wasn’t until night that I had a problem with Jennifer. She became terrified that the ship would sink and wouldn’t leave my side. I finally brought my blanket out and had her curl up behind me on the deck.

It was a long dark night filled with a million stars and the only thing I could think of was that soon Jennifer would be gone out of my life. Strangely it wasn’t the sex that kept her in my mind, it was the little things. The way she laughed or just lent a hand without asking. The way she teased me during the day with words that had double meanings. The way she looked when she walked on the beach.

I checked the headings several times and then looked at Jennifer. I leaned over her and pulled the blanket up and saw her eyes watching me. Sunrise brought a beautiful show of color and dolphins that raced alongside the boat. I knew from the map I had seen before my dad had flown me to that island that we were only another two days from port.

I let Jennifer have the wheel while I lay behind her. I tried to sleep but the thoughts of Jennifer crowded my mind. When I did nod off my dreams were filled with endless searches for Jennifer, she was always just beyond my reach. When I got up in the afternoon we opened a couple of cans of vegetables and another of spam.

Because the sanitation tanks hadn’t leaked or been breached we were able to use the bathroom on the boat. We took turns using the shower that used sea water and then settled together behind the wheel on deck. We were both quieter then normal and Jennifer sat in my lap and put her head on my shoulder. It was a long night and just after midnight clouds came in.

Jennifer’s body was shaking in fear as I moved her off me and lowered the main sail. The rest of the night was spent on rougher seas with a few waves breaking over the front of the boat. When morning came it was to grey skies and rougher seas. It was just past midday when I saw land and other ships. I brought the big boat almost to shore before dropping anchor. There were several people waiting on shore.

We were taken to the big hotel I remembered and told our stories. That was when I learned that my father had crashed when he tried to land in a storm two months before and had died of his injuries. Things became a bit confused and we were separated by the island authorities. The last I saw of Jennifer was when she looked back over her shoulder.

I sent several messages to Jennifer and had no reply. The next week was filled with paperwork and lawyers until I purchased supplies and took the sailboat. I had made arrangements with an island hopper so regular supplies could be brought out. I returned to the quiet and solitude of my island.

My heart hurt and my mind wasn’t into doing anything but living day to day. It was six weeks later when I heard the sound of the plane as it flew over. I was checking on the plants I had planted by the stream. I walked towards the beach slowly wondering why Edger was back. He had dropped off supplies two weeks ago and I probable wouldn’t be calling for more for another two weeks.

The seaplane settled on the water gracefully and slowed. Finally it turned towards shore and started in. I was walking down the beach when it grounded and the door opened. Edger was the first out and waved. The next one out made my heart beat faster and hurt more. Jennifer looked around as she stepped away from the plane.

Another woman followed her out and then a tall grey haired man. I turned away and started back to my cabin and the peace it had offered since I had returned. I went straight to my bed and laid back. I couldn’t face Jennifer not with the pain I felt. She had never answered any of my notes and now I felt the pain in my chest again.

Just when I thought it was going away. She stepped into the room and hesitated before moving to the bed. When I turned away she sat and put her hand on my arm, “Sam?”

I didn’t look back as the tears ran down my face, “Why did you come back? You left me Jen. I didn’t have anyone.”

She was quiet as she rubbed my arm. Finally she lay beside me and hugged her body to mine. “Listen to me Sam. All I could think of was that it was over, that I was safe. My parents came and took me home and the only thing I could think of when I got there was you and this island. For that first month I couldn’t talk to anyone about what happen. When I found out… when I found out I was pregnant, it shocked me.”

I looked over my shoulder at her, “You’re pregnant?”

Jennifer smiled, “Yeah we managed to knock me up.”

I looked at her as my mind spun with my own life. Jennifer reached out to caress my face, “The first thing I thought of was you. I started talking, first to my mother and then to a… shrink. Do you know what he made me realize?”

I shook my head and she smiled, “While I can remember having sex, that wasn’t what I always remembered about you. It was you doing things like gathering fruit or other plants. Weaving mats or baskets, diving into the ocean as if it were the safest thing in the world. The way you took charge and made me do things like wash in freshwater with sand. Or drag that shark out of the ocean as if it was nothing.”

I blushed and Jennifer hugged me. “I started looking for you and everyone said you just left. It took my dad and someone from the state department to find Mr. Poapan.”

Jennifer turned me onto my back, “I’m sorry I left without you. Come with me?”

I caressed her face, “What would I do?”

Jennifer smiled, “You could go to school…”

I laughed and then covered my mouth, “Sorry.”

I turned and then moved over her and kissed her softly. I looked into her eyes, “I already have an associate degree in accounting and two bachelors, one in business and the other in engineering. Why would I want to go back to school?”

Jennifer’s eyes were wide, “But…”

I kissed her again and then moved off the bed, “Besides that, everything of my fathers belongs to me and I put it all in long term stocks with high interests.”

Jennifer just looked at me as I pulled her up off the bed, “I guess I should face your father.”

Jennifer grinned, “He thought you raped me until I told him I was the one that took advantage of you.”

I shook my head as I took her hand and led her out, “I think the advantage was mutual.”

Her mother and father were waiting and Edger was sitting beside a fire he had just started in my new fire pit. I smiled, “Did you bring the steaks like you promised?”

Edger looked at Jennifer’s father, “Didn’t have time.”

I looked at Jennifer’s father, “You should have waited, there’s a big storm coming in.”

His faced reddened as he looked at Jennifer. I looked at her blushing face and she shrugged, “I wanted to see you.”

I shook my head and held out my hand to her father, “Samuel David Winston.”

His hand was firm as he took mine, “Peter Harrison.”

I held my hand out to Jennifer’s mother and she ignored it and embraced me. She kissed my cheek and pulled back, “I’m Mary Ann. Thank you for saving my baby.”

I was blushing as I looked at a grinning Jennifer. I took a breath and looked at Edger, “We better pull the plane up further and stake it down.”

I looked at Jennifer, “Have your parents help gather some wood. I’ll check my traps and clean any fish I find.”

Jennifer was grinning as I turned and started off with Edger standing and following. Edger grumbled as we walked, “wouldn’t take no for an answer. Said we had to come right now and damn any storm.”

I grinned, “We still have a couple of hours.”

He nodded and then it was all work as we pulled the plane up onto the beach and pulled out his tie downs. We tightened everything and I nodded to my shack, “I’ll be back shortly.”

I pulled my shorts off as I walked, leaving the woven belt on with the long bladed knife. I walked into the waves and dove, swimming out and down. I was surprised at the first fish trap, it had two nice sized fish. I pulled it to shore and then turned to go after the next.

Jennifer ran towards me completely naked and I grinned. She followed me in and down to the second trap where I found another fish. I signaled for her to take it and go and she nodded. The third and last trap had two more fish and I pulled it after me. On shore I cleaned the fish while Jennifer ran to get the thin bamboo pole by my shack.

When Jennifer walked back it was with a huge grin on her face. I ran the bamboo rod through the gills of all the fish and grabbed my shorts. Jennifer grinned at me, “You should have seen mom and dad’s face when I stripped.”

I grinned as we carried the fish back toward the shack. The sky behind us was already darkening as we carried the fish in and I carefully set each one on a woven mat. I started putting my shorts on, “Jennifer, put some clothes on.”

Edger started helping and then Jennifer’s mom just started doing things. Everything was getting done, including securing every opening to my cabin. When the boom of thunder shook the cabin Jennifer’s eyes went wide. The next thing everyone knew the whole cabin shuddered under heavy winds. I only glanced at Jennifer before nodding to Edger as I stripped my shorts off. “Soon as the food is cooked put the fire out.”

I walked to Jennifer quickly and pulled her after me into my bedroom. She was shaking and her eyes were wide. I started undressing her and pulled her onto the bed. I moved over her and between her legs. “Look at me Jennifer.”

She focused on me and I kissed her, “I would love to fuck you so you can ignore the storm but its time you faced it.”

Jennifer shivered and put her arms around me, “I’m scared.”

I smiled and pulled back before moving off the bed. I held my hand out to her. “I want to show you something.”

She hesitated and then slid out of bed and reached for her clothes. I touched her bare shoulders, “You don’t need them yet.”

I led her back out to see the fire out and her parents staring wide eyed. I nodded to Edger, “Keep them inside and secure this behind us.”

I carefully opened the door and pulled Jennifer out and closed the door. The rain was pouring down as I pulled her across to the graves of her friends and pulled her into an embrace. “Look at them!”

Jennifer hesitated before looking and then she looked down. I turned her so that her face was in mine, “Listen to me!”

She nodded as she looked into my eyes with a haunted look. “It wasn’t your time! You came here for a reason! Think Jennifer! Think of how far you were from the shore and from my shack! It was storming as bad as now! How did I hear you in the storm! How was I able to cross two reefs that should have killed me and then bring you back!”

Jennifer blinked and looked around. It was several minutes before she opened her mouth and then she closed it. I nodded, “You were sent here for me Jennifer! To rescue me! You were never in danger!”

Jennifer slowly embraced me and I could feel her crying as I rubbed her shoulders. I finally pushed her back and nodded to the graves, “Grieve for your friends but never think it should have been you!”

I caressed her face and then put my arm around her waist and led back to the shack. It took a moment to get in and then I dried her and wrapped her in a large towel. I nodded to her parents, “just hold her, that’s what she needs.”

I sat through the storm until it was over and then I let her parents have my bed. Edger headed straight to the plane and went to sleep. I pulled out a hammock and two thick bamboo rods before setting it up. I pulled Jennifer in with me. She sighed and shifted and then straddled me and put her head down. I caressed her back, “Can we still have sex? I mean you’re already pregnant.”

Jennifer started laughing and kissed me. She caressed my face, “Wait until I get you into my bed.”

I grinned and softly rubbed her butt, “All night long?”

Jennifer kissed me again and nodded, “All night long.”


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Thank you for writing this beautiful story. It is a true credit to a Professional Writer to have set words to such a perfect work. I would almost ask that you consider another chapter about this couple but then I doubt if you can match the first chapter. Again please accept my thanks for this perfect work. (countrycadillac)

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