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What happened last time:

She collapsed in exhaustion, and my now semi-flaccid popped out of her. I quickly put it back in my pants and zipped up, before shoving her legs onto the bench as well, and kissing her roughly.

“Your mom has all her students’ phone numbers. You’ll find my number somewhere in her collection. Call me in 2 days, I might need you again. You know what will happen if you don’t, right? Be a good girl.” And with that said, I walked away, leaving the beautiful girl alone and naked on a bench surrounded by strangers.

I was still not satisfied…


Her tongue twirled across the surface of my thick rod as I ever so slightly thrust my groin area upwards to increase the pleasure. She gagged every now and then, as my cock kept punching the back of her throat, but like a good girl she continued to pleasure me.

I had called Stephaney this morning, since I didn’t have my own car, but she did. She immediately obeyed and 10 minutes later she was at my place. I had shoved her onto the passenger seat, and took the wheel. I then drove away before shoving her head into my crotch.

Now I was getting some from this beautiful girl without the slightest hint of reluctance, and I enjoyed it to the fullest. Concentrating on the road was now a hard task, but if I would die now, at least I would die while feeling heaven.

Anyhow, as I drove to school, my orgasm neared as this girl was bending over taking my cock in her mouth, and it didn’t take long for my balls to contract. I exploded into Stephaney’s mouth, and shot jets of cum into the back of her throat, causing her to choke slightly. Forcefully planting her head into my crotch however, made her stay in place and swallow every single drop until I released her. She gasped for air and coughed for a couple of seconds before angrily plunging down on the passenger seat.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked her, practically forgetting that I was constantly using her as some kind of slave.

She just frowned, and just before we reached school, she started sobbing: “You know, this isn’t exactly my idea of hanging out and having some fun, but I’m forced to because you’re a fucking abusive asshole. But if you’re going take advantage of me, then the least you could do is fuck me for some pleasure. I have needs too you know! Now every time I suck you dick I have to go home and pleasure myself… how am I supposed to do that at school?”

I didn’t exactly know what to say, so I just pulled over. She stepped out, and I locked the car doors before putting the keys in my pocket. She understood that I would need the car later on, so she walked away into the school. I sighed loudly before following her.

Since we were a couple of minutes late, the halls were almost empty. As Stephaney walked up the stairs, I quickly grabbed her hands and pulled her down, almost making her fall. She tripped but I caught her in my arms.

“Why did you do that?!” She asked, bewildered.

Instead of responding, I planted my lips onto hers and gave her a passionate kiss.

“I want you to meet me at 14:30 by your car, be there.” I calmly said before walking off.

Stephaney stood still in shock as I went to my classroom.

Chemistry, it was about the most hateful class for me. The teacher was a complete asshole; always giving the students he didn’t like the most homework... unnecessary homework.

And I was right: as soon as I entered the classroom, he started mocking me: “There you are your highness, we’ve really missed you.”

“Sorry Mr. S. I was…” I attempted to reply.

“I will have none of your excuses!” He yelled, “This is preposterous. I have tolerated many things of you. But this is the last straw; you’ve been late more than 10 times this year already.”

He paused as he breathed heavily. I took this pause to slowly walk over to a free desk, but he wasn’t fooled.

“OUT! I said OUT!” Steam almost blowing out of his ears, “I will have none of you intolerable pricks in my class anymore.”

I was a little shocked by his reaction, but I shuffled to the classroom door before he shouted again.

“And prince smartass, if you think you’re so much better than the rest, so much higher to come into my classes 20 minutes late, I want to see you after school.”

He paused again; the usual punishment of course.
“After school… 9 PM”

Every student in class inhaled loudly, and I almost threw a chair at his head out of anger.


“I can do anything I want mister, and you’ll appear here this evening, whether you want it or not. Let me make it clear: if you don’t appear, I’ll personally take care of your suspension, and you’ll NEVER have to come to school again. If that sounds okay to you then so be it…” His voice was almost ridiculing now, “But if you don’t want to be a high school dropout, be there. Now please, if you’re willing to leave the classroom, I’ve got students to teach.”

And with that I walked out, slamming the door behind me.

I was pissed off, and I decided to ditch school for the rest of the day. It was only 9 AM and I was supposed to wait for Stephaney. I decided that I should find somewhere to hang out until she was done, even though I could just bail with her car, but I thought that no matter what, I couldn’t just leave her without a way to get home.

I started heading to the center of town. My earphones were plugged in and through them blasted my heavy punk rock music. People around me made me sick to my stomach, looking at their idiotic faces all smiling and enjoying life. I didn’t want them to enjoy life; I wanted them to suffer, just for my amusement. But they didn’t suffer, they just laughed out loud chatting with their so called friends.

As I walked I started thinking of where I should go. I didn’t particularly like my home, and all my friends were obviously at school, so I headed towards the grocery store; I could use something to eat.

I walked into the gigantic store, my head almost exploding from the amount of noisy people in there. Weren’t people supposed to be at work or something? Why is it so fucking busy out here?

Reluctantly I shuffled into the dough articles isle. Bread, bread, croissants, pies. I grabbed a few croissants and put them in a small bag, before proceeding to the sandwich filling isle.I threw some sliced ham into the basket which after I walked over to the cash register; a huge fucking line was at each one of the 6 cash registers. Literally masses of people were standing in front of me, noisily shouting their fake stories to each one and other. But before I could even get angry about the “mile long” lines, so to speak, a sudden shouting voice erupted from the front of the store.


Very surprised I tilted my head to see what was going on; 2 masked men stood in front of the first register, pointing 2 fire arms toward the people in the lines. One of them had what looked like a regular 9mm while the other was sporting a shotgun which had the barrel shortened.

“Everyone get down!”
People started panicking all over the store, dodging under the conveyor belts, hoping to catch no bullets. Some people even tried finding a back door to exit, but no one succeeded. Everyone ended up on the floor… except for me. I just stood there dumbfounded by people’s pathetic will to live. As everyone hit the floor, the robbers checked the cash desks for money for a while before one of them noticed me calmly leaning against a wall, looking the other way.

The reason I acted so calm was caused by the fact that these robbers were behaving too hectic to be professionally organized. They were holding their weapons incorrectly and waving them around like toys. Also, an experienced thief would definitely find a much less crowded area to rob, for a higher success rate. They must have been small time criminals who didn’t want to harm anyone, probably to keep their criminal record at minimum if they were caught in the act. I don’t know what was playing with my mind, maybe it was anger or just plain stupidity, but I was unreasonably calm and one of the robbers was staring at me before calling out to his partner in crime.


And then I thought of something. If these robbers were truly the soulless and mindless killers they were trying to seem like, they would tell me to hit the ground no matter what. However, if I gave them a good reason for me to keep standing, and they let me, I would know for sure that those people wouldn’t dare to harm anyone.

“Well, are you going to answer me or am I going to have to shoot you?!” He impatiently asked.

I didn’t miss the obvious and fearful vibration in his voice.

“Uhm….” The most ridiculous lie came up in my head, “I’m sorry, but I can’t bend my left knee… I was in a car accident and there’s a metal plate inserted there to keep my leg stable, but it really hurts if I try to lie down and it could ruin my leg completely if done too frequently. “

Who would believe something like that…

The guy stared at me before looking to his left and right and then said exactly what I hoped he would say: “Well, you can keep standing but don’t make me angry, got that?”

I now knew that they weren’t going to hurt me. An armed robber who won’t cause someone just a little pain for his own benefit is surely not going to risk anyone’s life for a few bucks. Their intimidating personality was as phony as their guns; they were most likely just homemade replicas for these kinds of crimes.

I just shrugged and slowly started walking towards the two guys.

“What are you doing?” One of them asked.

I ignored his call and kept walking towards the one with the shotgun, staring him dead in the eye.

“WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!” He kept shouting at me, but I didn’t listen.

Within a few seconds I had reached him, while he was holding the shotgun at eyelevel, merely inches away from my head. His arms were trembling and his voice was shaking. He was still shouting at me, as I slowly floated my hand upwards before grabbing the barrel of the gun.

“Don’t make me do this…” He now said with a shaky voice.

“Oh, I don’t really care, go ahead and pull the trigger.” I said, smiling mysteriously. He didn’t move, so I put my thumb on his trigger hand, “go ahead, I’ll even help you push the trigger.” Of course I wasn’t planning to. The sight of his baffled facial expression was just a joy to see. But I thought it was enough play for one day and suddenly I started speaking seriously;

“Look dude, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, and I’m pretty sure even a retard wouldn’t rob such a crowded store, but I’m going to give you a chance here. You’re both going to drop the toy guns, and turn around. You’ll walk to the main door and just as you open it you’ll take off the masks. That way no one in here will see much of your face, and no one outside will suspect you. I’m sure someone will call the police on you but you’ll be long gone. Do you understand?” And before waiting for an answer, I forcefully elbowed his palm while holding the barrel, causing the shotgun to snap out of his hand before I threw it to the side.

He was still frozen in shock of what had just happened, but his friend had already acted. Within a few seconds he had thrown away his pistol, grabbed his non-reacting buddy by the arm, and pulled him along before taking off both their masks and running through the door.

I sighed while walking back to my items, picking them up, and walking to one of the dumbfounded cashiers. People were still on the ground, wondering what had just happened, but I didn’t really care.

The cashier looked at me, and without hesitation I put 5 bucks on the counter while showing the items.

“Keep the change.” Then I walked out.

From that moment, everything went fast. I heard police sirens coming towards the store while I was already walking back to school. I unlocked the car doors, stepped into the car and inserted my ear buds. I then proceeded to eat my croissants with all kinds of sandwich filling. After that I drifted away into sleep, just before my mp3 player ran out of energy.

A few moments later I was almost startled to death by a slamming car door. I looked right to find Stephaney’s big boobs coming closer.

“Just let me start the ignition.” She said.

She turned the car key a few times, which she had somehow managed to get out of my pocket without waking me, and the engine started. Still a little sleepy I grabbed the wheel and almost hit the gas without thinking about where I was.

“HOLD ON, what exactly do you think you’re doing?” She asked.

I looked out of the window to notice that I was parked right behind a teacher’s car. It wouldn’t have been a really good idea to hit one of those.

“Sorry, just having a bad day…” I mumbled.

She pretended not to hear me and I carefully drove out of the parking lot. The ride home consisted of an awkward silence that was only broken by some muffled coughs.

I reached her home soon enough and parked.

“What are you doing?” She asked.

“This is your place, isn’t it?” I replied.

“Yeah but you’re supposed to drive yourself home first, you idiot. Remember? I have to take the car back home with me?”

A sudden collection of anger exploded inside of me, and without thinking I grabbed Stephaney’s shirt and pulled it over her tits, before recklessly ripping her bra off.

“No, not here, my mom might see us!”

I couldn’t care less.

I drove my head straight into her big, jumpy tits, mauling and squeezing them in the process, as well as harshly biting and sucking on her nipples. They were big and stiff, and she seemed to be enjoying it even though it hurt more than it should.

I aggressively bit down on her nipples while squeezing her boobs as I attempted to undo her jeans’ button. After a few fiddly tries I got it, and jammed my hand down her panties. Her pussy was already wet even before touching it, and as I hungrily sucked her jumbo sized breasts I played a little with her pussy. I felt that her labia were soft and swollen, as I massaged her slit with great speed. I pushed a finger in; she moaned. I pushed in further and immediately added two other fingers which slid in with ease.

I jammed three fingers in and out of her wet cunt as I mauled her tits. Her moaning was getting louder as my actions kept getting more reckless.

Suddenly I lifted her by her ass, before pulling the jeans half-off. I put her down again and roughly pulled off the jeans completely, before proceeding to remove her panties. Then I dropped my own jeans, spread her legs, and without hesitation impaled her hot lingering pussy in 1 dash.

She cried out in pain when my rod plunged deep inside her soft, tight pussy, and her cries got louder the more I pounded her. In, out, in, out. The speed was overwhelming for her, tears starting to roll down her beautiful face.

I kept pounding while still playing with her great round tits. I kissed her roughly before uncontrollably jamming my tongue past her lips, exploring her from the inside.

My friend down south was definitely enjoying the good pounding I was giving her. She was crying now, while I slammed my dick into her over and over, never resting for a second. Her tits were violently shaking up and down as I bit down on them, abusively licking, sucking and biting every piece of flesh I could get my mouth on. I kept getting more aggressive over time, and she was trying to make it clear. Then I apparently crossed the line:

All of a sudden she screamed in an uncontrollable fury of agony before digging her nails into my chest and pushing me away. I shouted with pain as I withdrew my strangely veiny member from her cunt.

“You fucking bitch, what’s wrong with you?”

“It hurts!” She started crying, “It hurts so much! Get out of here, now!” She shouted at me.

Very confused and angry as well I slapped her in the face before plunging back in. Ignoring her cries, I kept quickly jabbing my cock in and out of her pussy. Only a few minutes later with her covering her head out of shame, I felt my balls contract and jets of cum splurged out of my dick into her hot pussy. Within a few seconds of constantly pumping in and out of her, I had lost most of my seed inside of her bowels and violently pulled out, which caused thick strings of juice to drip on her belly.

She was crying. Not sobbing, not moaning, but really crying. I was still confused, and without a word I quickly put my clothes back on before exiting the car and slamming the door behind me.

I decided to walk home those couple of miles.

An hour and a couple of calories later, I reached home tired and decided to watch some TV. After a while I looked at the clock and saw that it was 20:15 already. I took a dive for my shoes and ran into the garage to fetch my bicycle.

After figuring out how my dad had locked it for some unknown reason, I jumped on it and cycled away. 30 minutes later I reached my destination: school.

I sighed loudly before stepping off and parking my two-wheeled vehicle before walking to the front gate of school. It was extremely dark, and I was surprised that school would still be open, even at this point of the day, but little did I care as I stepped inside to meet my destiny.

The school seemed vacant. There was no one visibly there except for me.

I moved towards the teacher’s lounge, where I suspected Mr. S. to be, but as soon as I reached the door of the room I almost had a heart attack:

It looked as if chairs were thrown around the room like toys, and in the middle, on the big table that teachers use to eat their lunches on; the 27 year old Dutch language teacher was being fucked mercilessly by a 55 year old bald man: the director of the school.

I was baffled, watching the innocent looking, but extremely sexy blonde Dutch teacher getting her pussy destroyed by an old fat cock. And the strangest thing was that she seemed to enjoy it. Her hips and tits were bouncing rhythmically with the impact of the old man’s giant rod as she shouted a combination of the word “God” and several colorful curse words. He mauled her big E cup breasts like a corrupt leader reaches for his unearned money, and suckled on them like a hungry 3 month old.

It took me a while of sneaky peeking before I noticed my rock hard erection painfully pressing against the rough fabric of my jeans. I stroked myself through the jeans, hoping to make the erection less painful, but it didn’t work. I almost wanted to release my dick and jack off right there but then, all of a sudden, the sexy blonde teacher turned her head, and looked me right into my eyes, while still moaning as hard. I nearly fell trying to hide behind the wall, but the sound of their romping didn’t stop. They were both still moaning and groaning as I heard the painfully wet hits of the guy’s balls against her ass.

I peeked one more time: seeing the teacher being fucked so hard almost drove me insane. She was one of the only few older girls I was attracted to, and as my boner almost sucked all the blood from my brain, I quickly ran from the mind-blowing event, upstairs to the Chemistry teacher’s room, where he was 99% of the time when he was at school while I was still trying to process the happening.

Having reached the top of the stairs, I looked around me to find all the classroom doors locked; or at least that’s what it looked like. One classroom door however still had the lights on, and the door was slightly opened. I slowly walked over to that classroom, and opened the door, thinking Mr. S. was in there. I was right, but he wasn’t alone: he was seated, and kneeling in front of him was a naked, young, teenage girl with his dick in her mouth.

As soon as he saw me standing in front of the room opening confused, he laughed and greeted me:

“Hello there young man, will you have a seat please.”

With an uncontrollable urge to shout my confusions, I stumbled towards one of the front seats, my view never leaving the girl. As I saw her from an angle, I immediately recognized her face: it was Jenny, the skinny, almost flat-chested but beautifully sexy girl from my class. I almost came on the spot, as I made that realization, before sitting down, never diverting my eyesight.

“Wh… what’s going on here…? I… I don’t….” I stuttered.

“Ha!” Mr. S. laughed, “I see where your confusion is coming from,” he said smilingly.

“I’m going to expla…” his sentence got cut off when I heard a sound from Jenny’s mouth, as if she was swallowing, and the old man lifted his head in ecstasy as he came into her mouth.

“You see” he said after he finished, “after school time during the weekdays, and even in the weekends, students can earn extra credit by performing certain… tasks.”

He paused for a second before looking at Jenny and telling her: “Go…” he pointed at me.

“As you may have noticed, female students who enjoy these kinds of tasks can join the school’s so called ‘after school play team’.”

Jenny slowly walked towards me and winked as she got on her knees before unzipping my jeans and pulling out my rock hard cock. I was startled but also very much amused as this petite-framed beauty put her lips around my throbbing erection before sliding down and taking it all into her mouth.

I sighed as a feeling of heaven washed over me before I heard the teacher laugh which after he proceeded:

“Like I said, we have the female students who enjoy doing these tasks, but we also have our recruiters. Those ‘recruiters’ are the male side of our play team, and they are the young students who want to enjoy our female services as well, while having some extra credit on the side. However, instead of having to perform services themselves, these male students can recruit young, hot girls by bringing them here into the school and willingly let them join our school’s play team with not too many objections from their recruit’s side. They will get all the practice they need here. This way the males can enjoy the services for free, just by bringing in one girl a month.”

I moaned as Jenny’s tongue softly fondled my horny dick. I pushed her head further into my crotch, causing her to swallow my fat cock completely.

“I see that you’re enjoying our girls’ labors, so I’ll let you finish here with her alone. I want you to meet me in the room to the next after.” He told me before zipping up and walking out of the room.

I was shocked, but I couldn’t express it because the beauty on my cock was speeding up, making me feel better every second. The ecstasy became too much, and I started hammering her face into my crotch quickly. She seemed to be getting horny as well, because she starting rubbing her bare clit furiously. As an expert, she kept sucking my cock at great speeds without stopping or slowing down for a second. Her tongue twirled around my rod fast as well, as I neared my orgasm, but I didn’t want to come yet, and as I went mental with desire, I harshly pulled her by her hair away from my cock, before pulling her on her feet, turning her around, and jamming my cock towards her pussy.

Because of my uncontrollable urges, I missed the first and second jab, so she took my dick and quickly guided it into her opening before I thrust forward. She screamed with pleasure as I plunged my cock in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Her almost non-existent breasts jiggled a little up and down, and I quickly cupped both her tits, violently squeezing and twisting her nipples as I pounded her from behind. She was hardly able to control her breathing as I fucked her tight little pussy with my big fat cock, and her juices were flowing down her legs already. My jeans sagged off because of the great speed, and my balls started slamming against her clit.

She suddenly thrust her ass back into me with great power, and surprisingly, even with her light, petite frame, her force was strong enough to push me away and almost cause me to lose my balance. As I almost started to think that she didn’t want me to cum inside her, she turned around and jumped onto the table, before grabbing my shirt and pulling me back to her. She spread her legs wide and pulled my cock back into her pussy before putting her hands on my chest and looking at me in the sexiest way any girl has ever done.

I immediately went nuts and started slamming in and out of her with great power. This drove her crazy again, and she closed her eyes as she groped one of her tits and started abusing her nipple by pulling and twisting it. As I kept driving in and out I felt my orgasm coming up and she felt hers too, which she let me know by screaming louder and louder every second. Eventually as she massaged her swollen clit and groped her tits, I went over the top and while increasing my speed to above human speed, I ejaculated with cum shooting out of my dick into her pussy, while she came as well, juices flooding my cock and even my jeans. After continuously pumping her hot cunt for another minute, I pulled out, a combination of juices seeping out of her cunt onto the floor.

After regenerating my breath, I looked at her as she stood up and kissed me passionately:

“That was great…” she said in her soft voice, “you should go to Mr. S. though, he’s not as patient as you might think he is.”

“Uh yeah… thanks for… that….” I said dumbfounded after the event.

She giggled back at me: “You too.” She winked as she got on all fours before starting to lick up all the juices on the ground in a very sensual manner.

My cock almost got hard again immediately, and as I walked out of the classroom I reviewed today’s events: I stopped a robbery without getting killed, I basically raped a big breasted blonde in her mom’s car without any consequences, saw the hot Dutch teacher getting fucked on the floor, I got invited into some kind of sex cult, and without even providing anything I was allowed to fuck a beautiful petite teenage girl.

I realized how much of a lucky asshole I really was, just before I opened the door to the classroom I was supposed to be in, and my cock immediately surprised me by getting rock hard again as I viewed the sight in front of me: Lynn and Selena, the two girls I had almost raped in detention, were making out in the middle of the classroom, in sexy lingerie, while Mr. S. was watching.

I couldn’t stop looking as the teacher started speaking: “So like I was going to say, the reason we want you to become one of us, is because we’ve seen your ways around these 2 girls. We recovered parts of the camera which you and your friend smashed, and one of them was the memory stick which seemed to function normally. We watched what was on it, and saw the way you were able to manipulate these 2 ladies here into doing what you wanted. So now we want you to join us. The only thing you have to do is bring 1 girl into the play team, once a month, at any time you want, as long as she meets the requirements. Do you want to join us?”

“What about them? How...” I replied, surprised that Lynn and Selena were standing there voluntarily.

“We spoke to them after said events, and eventually we managed to convince them that there are too many good sides to this to ignore, and they complied. Now, if you decide to comply as well, they will be at your service immediately. If you don’t, we will just ask of you never to speak of this club again because it might ruin our school credibility.” He stated seriously.

Without any hesitation I replied: “Holy shit, are you kidding me? I’m definitely joining! By the way” and even though this didn’t really concern me at the moment, I was still curious, “what are the other pros of this ‘play team’?” I asked, my dick still throbbing painfully.

“Oh yes, I forgot. The pros are few, but each one of them is great: you will have access to every single one of the girls in the facility, between 18:00 and 23:00. Other girls are available on other days, but there will always be plenty of hot pussy available for your pleasure at any of these given times. In the weekends, some girls will be there voluntarily throughout the day, but don’t expect a lot from them, since most of them aren’t coming on Saturdays and Sundays. Furthermore, for every test you take, the standard grade will be a 4/10 instead of a 1/10. This means that even if you don’t study for a test, which I discourage of course, you will still have a 4/10. This will make it very hard for you to score below the minimum passing grade of 5.5/10, and it will definitely give you more spare time, which is always appreciated by anyone. Other than that, you’ll have a healthier relationship with most teachers, since almost every teacher in this school knows about this club and its members, so teachers will treat you with more dignity and appreciation. Those are approximately the advantages of this club. I assume that means you’re joining?” He asked me after telling his story.

“Definitely.” I replied.

“Then I will leave this room… again, to give you and your friends some space.” He says as he pointed to the door, “I have my own friends too.”

I looked behind me to the door and I almost choked: The hot Dutch teacher who was getting fucked in the teacher lounge was standing in front of the room, tits out with only panties on, and she sexily winked at me before she grabbed Mr. S’s hand and dragged him along.

“WAIT!” I shouted, “you can do whatever you want right here, I surely don’t mind!”

“Neither do we!” Lynn and Selena shouted in harmony, before they both grabbed my arms and pushed me against the wall. Selena started by taking off my shirt while Lynn undid my jeans. While they were struggling to get my clothes off, I saw the hot Dutch teacher and Mr. S come back inside, and without hesitation, he threw her against the wall, only a few inches away from me, roughly pulled down her panties before he stuck his fat finger into her cunt while munching her tits. She laughed and winked at me again as he played around with her and I kept watching them until I realized all my clothes were off and I was completely nude.
Selena passionately kissed me, and even though I was utterly surprised by the girls’ sudden change in mentality of fucking a random guy in the classroom, I still jammed my tongue into her mouth as I stuck my hand down her panties and stuck two fingers into her. She didn’t seem as skillful as Jenny, since she immediately shrieked into my mouth as her pussy slowly stretched to adjust to my sizable fingers. I finger fucked her while the tall but beautiful blonde Lynn took my cock and started sucking on it. I again noticed that Lynn wasn’t as skilled as Jenny either, but I couldn’t blame her since she probably wasn’t as practiced as Jenny herself.

She still managed to make me go crazy when her tongue slowly twirled around my cock head while she teasingly worked my cock slowly. Selena’s pussy was getting wetter, and I pushed three fingers into her before using my other hand to massage her breast under her bra. Her tits fit my hand perfectly and I squeezed and pushed against them as I enjoyed the taste of her saliva in my mouth. She started moaning and before I knew it I started losing it. My moves got more rough and erratic, and I shoved down her panties before jamming my three fingers back in. Her moist pussy adjusted and I felt her moans in my mouth. Her tongue danced around mine as we exchanged each other’s saliva.

I felt myself nearing the end and instead of blowing my load into Lynn’s mouth, I quickly released my tongue from Selena’s, and pushed her down on her knees, while I pulled Lynn up by her hair and proceeded to rip off her bra and panties before finger fucking her pussy and mauling her tits hungrily. Selena seemed to have found her area of expertise because she managed to drive several crazy sensations throughout my body. She sucked my cock head so perfectly that my knees almost gave up on me. She kept at with a slow but constant speed, while at the same time fingering her own clit.

I felt myself reaching climax again, but I still didn’t want to end it that way. I rudely shoved Selena away with my leg and quickly moved together 4 small tables before throwing Lynn onto one of them. I then commanded Selena to make out with Lynn. With no hesitation she seductively crawled on top of Lynn and started planting soft kisses on her equally soft lips. Lynn returned the favor a few times before she stuck her tongue into Selena’s mouth. Selena returned the favor as well and within a few seconds Lynn was furiously thrusting her middle finger into Selena’s wet cunt. Selena on the other hand couldn’t have her hand in one place: as her left arm was supporting her weight on the table, the other was roaming all over Lynn’s body, one time rubbing her clit while the other time she was squeezing her tits. Both their pussies clearly got wetter over time, and I couldn’t resist but to poke around. Every time I touched one of them they moaned ecstatically.

I got curious so I scooped up some of Lynn’s pussy juice as she was still intensely fondling Selena, and pushed my finger into Selena’s butt. She shrieked and looked at me with big eyes, but that didn’t stop me. I finger fucked Selena’s asshole and she kept making surprised noises until after a few minutes she got used to it and continued to French kiss with Lynn. Her asshole was pretty lubed up by the pussy juice I used, but I wanted to lube it up more before the grand finale. I bent over and started licking her asshole. The sudden feeling of a soft, moist, sponge-like object on her behind scared her and she looked behind to see my grinning face as my tongue darted out of my mouth on her fleshy behind. She smiled as she, again, continued to work Lynn’s body, and I pushed my tongue beyond the outer ring. She shrieked again, but this time continued doing her work.

I kept up the pace for a few minutes, occasionally switching from her ass to her pussy, before my rock hard cock’s cravings for attention overpowered me, and I pulled Selena off of Lynn and made her bend over.

“Lick her.” I told Selena.

Surprised but not startled enough to decline, she started to work Lynn’s cunt with her tongue. All this time, the old Chemistry teacher was either fondling or getting oral from the hot blonde teacher, but then I saw that he was getting enough as he quickly changed positions, slamming the surprised blonde into the wall before lifting one of her legs on top of his shoulder. Before I could process her flexibility, I felt like we both knew what was going to happen: instead of jamming his dick into her cunt, he forced his big rod into her asshole, without any visible lubrication. She screamed, but didn’t stop enjoying for a second. She started moaning and groaning: “fuck yeah, please fuck me harder!”

Selena had stopped to look at what was happening, and when she saw where his dick was, she looked at me with big eyes, as she saw my grin get wider. Before she could object in any possibly way, I converted my eagerness into force, and planted my dick into her ass as hard as I could. Half of my large cock entered her asshole in one drive. She cried out and a tear formed in her eye: “Please, get that thing out of there it hurts, it hurts too much!” She complained.

I slowly withdrew my big veiny rod from her asshole.

“Th-th-thanks… thanks” She sighed as my thick cock head almost left her ass. But instead of completely withdrawing, I smashed back into her.

“Noooooo! Please don’t, I can’t handle it!” She cried out.

“That’s for disobeying me last time when Schaeffer put us into detention. You’re really my slut now.” I smiled, but with no bad intentions.

I shoved my cock in and out of her, while she kept complaining about it being too hurtful and too big. I kept ignoring her, and within a few minutes, her complaints turned into soft moans, which after those turned into groans. Selena couldn’t handle the pleasure very well, and focused all her energy onto finger fucking Lynn. She thrust her fingers into Lynn’s pussy while I stretched her asshole with my fast dick. Selena’s was furiously sucking and finger fucking Lynn’s slit, and Lynn was being driven to insanity as well.

As I thrust my cock into Selena’s ass, the tightness of her little, dirty hole, got me off faster than a pussy, and without any warning I sped up and jackhammered her ass while blasting my load into her asshole. Surprisingly, I shot an equal amount of cum as I had done with Jenny, and the thick ropes of my juices decorated her insides as she apparently reached climax as well. She furiously rubbed her own clit, while still driving her fingers into Lynn’s pussy. Lynn was going through a major orgasm too. I groaned but kept my mouth shut as both of the girls screamed their lungs out. Selena and Lynn were both spitting out juices from their vaginas as they came hard.

Within 30 seconds, Selena fell on top of Lynn as I collapsed against the wall in exhaustion. The girls were huffing and puffing from the session and lay on top of each other with little movement except for their chests.

We stayed silent for a few minutes before Selena stood up and started dragging Lynn off of the table by her hands. Lynn, who was slightly reluctant due to being tired, stood up in front of Selena. Selena then turned her around and got on her knees before starting to lick Lynn’s asshole and rubbing my dick. Lynn moaned in surprise and I understood Selena’s intentions, which she immediately made clear:

“You know, now that you’ve had me, it’s only fair to do Lynn too, isn’t it?” She said.

I started getting hard as she simultaneously lubed up Lynn’s asshole with her saliva while slowly stroking my cock. As my rod was almost hard again, Selena pulled my dick towards Lynn’s butt and when I was about to insert, I remembered something.

I took out my cellphone and went to my contact list. I went to the appropriate name and pressed ‘call’. After it rung a few times, someone on the other side answered:

“What do you want?” the voice snapped.

“I need you to come to school right now.” I replied.

“No way, it’s like 10 pm!” the voice replied.

“I won’t repeat myself again, Stephaney.” I calmly said before hanging up.

I already had my first recruit.


Hi there, you! I’m KingOfFantasia and I love writing a nice story once in a while. I’ve enjoyed writing this series for you and I think I’m going to stop with this one for a while and start on another, since I’m currently stuck with the whole plot (you know how that can be). Anyway, it would be a great help if you rated and commented. I would appreciate positive and constructive commentary since that motivates me a lot!

Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoyed it!

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2014-02-05 14:05:10
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2013-06-07 22:25:22
way too much so called teenage angst,no real story line, just rubbish really

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2012-08-20 05:25:39
This is fucking great!!! I could not stop reading by far the best on this website + please keep writing this series

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2012-08-02 13:32:16
Very, very nice story. I've enjoyed it quite a lot. As for being stuck:
1. Next day, everyone wants to know who stopped the robbery. The store would probably give a big reward. Buy camera equipment and blackmail someone else who is reluctant?
2. The Dutch teacher sounds like a MILF who would like to get pounded during school. A little danger always helps.
3. Stephanie's gonna have some fun, I'm sure. Maybe a 4some?
4. Stephanie's mom said she was record to a PC as well, so she has to know what went on. When she confronts our hero, he will turn the table on her, I'm sure. How? Anal pain? Make her prostitute for him? blindfolded-bondage gangbang?
5. Being in the inner circle at school has posibilities, too. Financial gain and more access to community members.

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2012-05-01 21:42:22
Amazing writing I love this series I understand writers block and why ur taking a break but please come back to this series the after school club was genius I can't wait to read more of this

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