If you haven't read the first chapter, I would really suggest doing that.
One of Cassius' hidden powers is that he can shape shift into anything he can think of. After his
jog across the court yard, under the concrete arch, he shifted into a wolf and took a run through the
woods. Cassius ran and ran just for the sake of running. He knew the forest as if he'd known it all his
life. Before he got too deep, Cassius saw his sister, Annora, just breaking passed the wood lining and
entering the forest. He forgot about it and pressed on. As soon as Cassius got to his favorite clearing,
he'd gotten a feeling in the pit of his stomach that something wasn't right. Cassius morphed back into
his wizard form. He felt as if someone were watching him. Cassius wasn't the nervous type, truthfully
him and his sister came from a family with the surname Bravehart, and he wasn't one to back away
from a sketchy situation.
“Is there someone here?” He called to the seemingly not-so-empty woods.
His head dodged left and right looking for any sign of life, but there was complete stillness. He
shrugged away his paranoia and morphed back to the majestic wolf being, but as he went to take his
first step, Cassius saw a flash of blue blaze from between the trees. He reacted by bolting away, but
Cassius wasn't nearly fast enough. Knocked unconscious but the unknown spell, He woke several
minutes later to someone with there face blackened by an enchanted hood. He was still in wolf form.
Cassius used all his strength to try and twist himself over, but no matter how hard he struggled,
there was no movement whatsoever.
“What's going on? Who the fuck are you?” Cassius huffed out... but it came out as barks, grunts,
and growls. “I will fucking rip you apart if you don't let me go!”
“Well, that doesn't make a whole lot of sense now, does it?” The pure black face almost sung
out. “How can you rip me apart if you're bound by my spell?”
“Shut up!” Cassius howled out – literally.
“Testy, testy. I would watch that attitude if I were you, hothead.” It was a male malevolent voice
ringing from the faceless face. “Now, I’ve placed a curse on you to teach you morphers what's what.
You won't be able to change back to your regular self until you have sex with 5 different creatures
before midnight. That won't be easy, you see, for creatures hear don't take kindly to false wolves for
After muttering a few unrecognizable words, the Faceless Face vanished and Cassius squirmed
to his feet.
Oh fuck. He thought. This is impossible! How the hell am I going to do this?
Cassius darted back through his previously run path. Before he got to the end, on a frequently
traveled (by other mages) path was his dear sister, Annora. She could help him figure out this curse!
“Oh! Annora! Help!” Cassius howled out sprinting towards his sister. But, she had no idea it
was Cassius, and she couldn't understand his mad barking.
“Oh shit!” Annora darted back down the path.
“Wait! I’m not gonna hurt you, you idiot!” Oh right, I’m a wolf... facepalm... err, facepaw... Ha,
I made a joke.
Cassius pounced on Annora, causing her robes to fly above her waist, exposing white cotton
panties. Cassius was unconcerned with that at the moment. His giant paws pinned Annora's shoulders
to the dirt and leaves, pressing her face into the ground. Cassius panted with his long tongue out from
the tiring chase. He huffed and growled near Annora's ear, but all she knew was a wolf had her pinned
to the ground, on her stomach.
Wolves, in the wizarding world, are much worse than the ones in the human world. Their barks
can cast spells. There bites are bites of venom, and there slobber can do multiple things – depending on
the wolfs mood. Also, inter-species breeding was possible. Such as the centaur and satyr. Half human
half horse and half human half goat.
“Oh, for fucks sake, you don't understand anything I’m saying, do you?” Cassius walked back
and forth in front of Annora, moving his head as if he were a person speaking.
Annora was still laying on the ground observing him, totally unaware it was her brother. She
was actually sort of in shock, and awe at whatever the wolf was doing now. She stood as silently as she
could while the wolf seemed to be lost in his mind, talking to himself. Just as she climbed to her knees,
Cassius turned to her.
“NO!” he barked in fear, since she was his only hope.
The bark froze her. And reversed her previous actions. Now she laid back on her stomach.
Woah, reverse time bark spell... I actually love being a wolf.
“You can't leave me, I seriously need your help...” the grunting and growling continued.
Annora tried again. She stood, and this time turned away. Just as she went to run flailing her
arms and crying for help, Cassius bit into her panties to make her stay. They were torn from her body,
and Cassius flung them away with his head. Annora was pulled backwards before they ripped and
landed back where she started, on her stomach. She got on her hands and knees, but Cassius towered
over her.
“Aw crap, you can't help me for shit...” He growled out.
Annora was afraid to move. Her class robes still hiked up over her waist, her bald pussy was
totally exposed. Cassius placed one fur covered front leg on either side of Annora's shoulders. She
stood over her making sure she wouldn't leave, as he thought of something to make her understand.
Before he could get a good thought process, Annora bucked up and elbowed him in the side, and
bumped against his crotch with her ass, in an attempt to escape. This made Cassius' wolf shaft extend
out. Lust filled his brain, and he remembered what the Faceless Face told him. Annora was a creature,
right? She counted as creature number one!
“Ah, this is how you will help me...” Cassius growled out.
Annora tried crawling away, but Cassius hugged her waist with his front legs and humped at her
backside. After a couple of pushes, his kanine cock was fully erect and entered his sisters pussy. Annora
shrieked in horror as she tried to pull away. Cassius fucked his sisters pussy frantically. He licked the
back of her neck just for extra satisfaction.
Annora felt the furry beast pussy against her ass as it crammed itself deep inside her untapped
canal. She toyed herself with her wand before, but this was a giant wolf dick that was raping her in the
forest. Annora tried burning her way free, but realized the wolfs slobber was a magic dowsing power.
She was uselessly wasting energy trying to summon up any sort of spell, to no avail. The wolf kept
fucking her relentlessly. After the pain, the fucking actually felt great. Nevertheless, it was still a
fucking WOLF doing the deed. Oh well, Annora couldn't fight it anymore, she yanked off her robes so
she was completely naked. Then, Annora stiffened her arms and pressed her body up against the wolf,
rubbing her head against it's giant furry neck.
Cassius was loving his sisters pussy as he fucked her with his kanine cock. And, what made it
even better, Annora started pushing back! She was happy to be fucked by the beast. Cassius felt her
press her body against his and he rubbed against her even more. To his delight, Cassius heard Annora
start moaning for him to fuck her. He plunged his baby sisters pussy as she bit her bottom lip and
squealed with pleasure. Cassius constantly licked her neck and cheek for additional fun.
Annora felt amazingly hot on the inside. She knew it was wrong to love the fuck from this wild
beast, but she couldn't restrain herself. Even if she could get away, she wouldn't. Annora matched each
stroke from the wolf as it pounded into her hard. Even more pleasurable, the wolf was licking her with
it's wet, rough tongue. She felt so cared for, even though the dick was from a wild animal. Annora
moaned in a high pitched voice – lust filled – every time the wolf pressed into her. It was her first time,
and with an animal... Older classmates walked by as she was fucked by her brother in wolf form
thought neither she nor they knew it was him. Annora didn't care. All she knew was a giant animal was
fucking her in the woods, and that caused her eyes to roll in the back of her head... her tongue stuck out
and she started cumming. Drool lurched back and forth from her tongue as they humped in the dirt.
“Oh shit, Annora's cumming!” Cassius grunted.
Her pussy contracted tightly and pulsed on Cassius' kanine cock as he continued to thrust into
his tight baby sister's cunt. This was too much for him, Cassius started spurting uncontrollably inside
his little sister. Her eyes widened and came back into focus. Annora's tongue pulled back into her
mouth and a shocked expression rose upon her face. She pressed slowly back against the wolf matching
it's long, slow thrusts as it filled her with it's puppies. Annora came so hard she blacked out. Cassius
came so much that cum was dripping from his sisters pussy before he even pulled out.
One down, four to go... Cassius thought as he pulled from his sister. She was limp –
unconscious on the dirty ground. He couldn't leave her like that. Cassius barked a binding spell out that
trapped her against a tree. Little did he know, after a fuck, a wolves bark is a cursed spell. This left
Annora bound to the tree, invisible to anyone unless they were horny and would fuck her. Also, when a
girl touches her, a cock and balls will grow, when a man touches her, she'll be a complete girl – unless
they don't want her to be.

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