A new erotic novel of a Wizarding school. Just the introduction.
“Since when is every girl drooling over Macaulay?” Annora asked Raine with a confused look
on her face.
“Ever since he's learned that pleasuring spell to make his dick as big as he wants it...” she said,
scoffing. “Whores.”
“Right? It's not even like it matters if his dick is as big as his body, that wouldn't fit anyway.”

They both laughed at her comment.

Annora had a devious smile. Not ugly, but you could tell it meant trouble at the times she
flashed it. Also, shiny blonde hair with a natural red tint. Her skin was very fair, and her eyes burned
with a fiery orange glow. That is the mark of a true, full blooded pyromancer. The hot headed bunch –
very battle wise (strategically) and powerful, but with a horribly short fuse. The fact that they control
fire almost illuminates off of them in the reddish-orange pulses of their hair and eyes. She wore her freshman fireclass robes, full red with orange stitching and black symbols of all sorts of twists and
curves covering them. The marks of power that enchanted the robes to assist newcomers in controlling
their magic more fully – every freshman class gets them, regardless of the type. The robes reached
down to her rise, and around her ankles. It had a hood attached, but Annora didn't wear it up.
Raine had a the most beautiful smile anyone could hope for, terrifically white teeth. Her skin is
a lightly tanned color, naturally. Raine's hair is glossy black and in the sunlight, bluish-green sparks
seem to dance around in her hair. Her eyes are a brilliantly sea-green that you could easily stare at for
hours, if she'll let you, that is. Raine is a very timid girl, except around Annora. She brings out the
naughty side in her. Her eye color is rare, even for a theurgist as herself. Theurgists are the healers and
nature controls of magic. Raine was dressed in her freshman lifeclass robes, full green with brown
stitching and white power symbols that literally branched around the entire cloak. It was the same
dimensions as Annora's. Both girls were fairly small, petite you may say. But, together, they ruled the
arena – practicing battles against other classmates. They are undefeated 13-0.

“How did Macaulay even get his hands on a pleasuring spell?” Annora defibrillated the dead
“Well, people have their ways, I guess.” Raine said smiling. “Laney knows the spell to summon
a mouth and she has it lick her at night.” Raine blushed, she isn't exactly one to talk about erotic stuff.
“Really? Wow...”
“Yeah, she asked me if I wanted to learn it.” Raine giggled to herself.
“Well, did you?”
“Um.. yeah. I mean...”
“Oh my god, does it feel good? I’ve always wanted to try.”

All rain could do was smile shyly as she looked at the ground.
“Well? Does it?” Annora prodded at the topic.
“Well, duh...” Raine looked up and pushed Annora to the side. “I can teach it to you if you want
to know how to cast it.”
“Of course I want to know how!” Annora whispered excitedly.
“Know how to do what?” Cassius popped up from behind the girls.

Cassius is Annora's older brother. Only by one year, and he's also a full blooded pyromancer.
His eyes were more of a dark yellow, but still bright in a sense. His eyes have an unusual power pattern
in them, marked in black swirls. Everyone has a design, but few have power patterns. These give him
different powers. Cassius has golden hair that reflected the summer sun like a mirror. It has a dark red
undercoat of color that gives his hair a long-burning fire look. He is also fair skinned – like his sister,
but slightly darker than Annora. He was 6'1, so above average height. Cassius wore just casual clothes,
since they both have classes at different times of day, however, his sophomore fireclass robes are the
same color as the freshman, but with power stripes on the arms and down the chest and back, instead of
power markings. They are different, the stripes help to increase magic flow to master harder spells
Cassius placed his right arm across Raine's shoulders and she blushed again.
“How are you?” he directed towards her, knowing he wouldn't get a response. “So, what do you
wanna know how to do, sis?”
“Nothing, Cass, just some dumb stuff to entertain myself.”
“You wouldn't happen to be getting into those pleasuring spells now, would you?” Cassius said
“Of course not, you perv!” Annora replied with a sort of shocked but humored look on her face.
Raine was giggling at their conversation.
Cassius stopped walking and pulled Raine in for a hug, he had a sort of crush on her, and he
didn't know she liked him back. He squeezed her around her waist and lower back, and she hugged
him, too, the first time.
“Making progress, I see.” Cassius said smiling, staring into Raine's eyes. She shied away after a
few seconds.
“Well, I gotta go, see you two later.”
“Bye.” Annora called out as Cassius nearly jogged across the court yard grass. “Geez, you
should just fuck him and get it over with.” She said nudging Raine with her forearm.
“Oh my god.” Raine turned away laughing from embarrassment.
“You know you want to.”
“Oh, yeah right.”
“Whatever, I’ll see you after class.” Annora said and pointed down the hall Raine was supposed
to go down.
“Alright, be safe.”
“Always.” They both smiled and parted ways.

I realize there was no sex in this chapter, but read chapter 2 and keep looking out for more installments.

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