I’m a nerd, I’ve always known I was a nerd. I might not look like it, but I am. I’m fourteen and a freshman in high school. From the time I first touched a computer, I knew how they worked. Now I had several companies that I did consulting work for. Mostly it was fixing some programming corruption another programmer screwed up or problems from a worm or virus.

If I was a normal person I guess the money I made would have gone to my head. I just threw it into high interest stocks. It was the challenges that kept me going. As for school, I had friend’s who were mostly jocks. Oh, I know they laughed and treated me like they did because I would always help do their homework. At least they had learned that threatening me or taking to much advantage would cause me to stop helping them.

It all started one day when I was helping a senior with his homework assignment. He was sitting beside the desk talking about Brittney, the captain of the junior varsity cheerleaders and how good of a fuck she was. I had hesitantly told him when I started that I thought she was the hottest girl in school. I don’t know why but I stopped and looked at him, “What’s it like?”

He stopped talking and looked at me, “What?”

I had been thinking about this a lot lately, “Being with a girl and having sex.”

He kept looking at me and finally turned to face me, “You haven’t been with a girl?”

I shook my head, I wasn’t embarrassed, it was just a fact to me, like breathing. He smiled, “Have you even dated a girl?”

I shook my head again and he sat back. I waited and he finally nodded as if to himself, “Alright, I think the best way is to show you. I’ll talk to a couple of the guys and see if we can’t set you up.”

I looked at him and he grinned, “It will be better if I get a girl to show you. Just wait and see.”

I hesitated and then nodded, “Thanks Paul.”

He waved his hand as if it was nothing and I went back to the homework. It didn’t take me long to finish and like always I made sure he knew how to do the work himself. The next day went by with girls whispering when they saw me. Several guys grinned and slapped my back saying to just wait.

It was a Friday and as the bell rang to end school I started for my locker. The halls were crowded so I didn’t really notice the people around my locker until I got there. There were a dozen seniors, most were football players. On one side were seven girls I recognized as the junior varsity cheerleaders. I looked around at everyone, “What’s going on?”

Brittney stepped forward almost reluctantly, “Would you go out with me Simon?”

I looked around again and saw Paul nodding and looked back at Brittney, “I would like that.”

She smiled and seemed to relax, “I can pick you up after practice.”

I smiled as the guys laughed, the other girls were frowning though. I watched them break up and put my books away. I walked to the gym to watch the cheerleaders practice and thought about Brittney and the date. By the time the practice was over I had come to understand what had happened.

Brittney finished talking to the other girls and headed towards me with a set face. I stood up and walked down out of the bleachers. When Brittney got to me, she started to say something but I held up my hand. “Brittney, do you really want to go out with me?”

She hesitated and then looked around and sat beside me on one of the bleacher seats. She looked at me finally, “The guys asked if one of us would go out with you.”

I was watching her and sighed, “So you decided to take pity on me.”

I turned and started for the door. Brittney caught up before I had taken more then a few steps. “Wait!”

I looked at her, “why?”

She stayed beside me as I walked and took a breath, “Because… because whether it was pity or not, you have never been out with a girl.”

She looked at me thinking hard and finally nodded, “Think of it as research.”

I stopped and looked at her. I shook my head and turned to the door. Brittney put her hand on my shoulder, “Okay, don’t think of it as a date. Just go to a party with me.”

I looked at her and finally nodded, “Fine, but I need to change and I was thinking of having dinner.”

She frowned, “I don’t have a lot of money.”

I smiled, “It’s on me.”

Brittney hesitated and then nodded, “Okay.”

Brittney had this older model Toyota that not only looked old but sounded like it was ready to die. She drove to her house and had me come in. I was waiting in the front room when her mother came in and looked at me in surprise, “I didn’t know anyone was here.”

I smiled, “I’m waiting for Brittney.”

She smiled and sat across from me and the next thing I knew we were talking about computer codes. I was explaining something patiently to her when Brittney came in and frowned, “Mom?”

Brittney was wearing this white stretch shirt that stopped just below her breasts and from the way her nipples poked out, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had this really short mini skirt that almost covered her butt. Her mom looked away from me and at her daughter, “I was just talking to Simon. He was explaining how to fix a problem I’ve been having at work.”

Brittney rolled her eyes and looked at me, “Ready?”

I nodded and stood up, “It was a pleasure to meet you.”

Her mom smiled, “come back sometime.”

Brittney drove to my house and was going to wait in the car but changed her mind as I got out. We walked into my house and I led her back to my room, “My parents work and won’t be home until later, not that they would really say anything.”

I didn’t really think about what I was doing as I just stripped and changed before sitting at my desk, “I need to check my mail.”

I think Brittney was shocked but I didn’t realize it was because she had seen my hard dick. My dick was just over eight inches long and almost two inches across. I also have large balls and cum quit a bit. I pulled up my mail and saw I had one from one of my client companies. I clicked on my net meeting and waited until a picture appeared, “Mr. Torres, what seems to be the emergency?”

He started off saying it was only minor and I reached for my mouse, “I’m sure your own programmers can handle it then.”

He jerked up in his chair, “Wait!”

I looked at him and he looked to one side, “I’ll pay you a thousand dollars.”

I shook my head, “I’m sorry, I have a party to go to. Perhaps I’ll look at it tomorrow if you still need me.”

He shook his head, “Wait, Simon.”

He took a breath, “We’ll pay you ten thousand if you can fix it in the next day and add a five thousand dollar bonus if you fix it before morning when we open.”

I heard Brittney gasp as I thought about his offer and finally nodded, “I’ll take a quick look, but if it is going to take to long I’ll need to get back to it later tonight.”

He nodded, “Thank you Simon.”

I sighed, “Send the contract and don’t forget to use English this time and not that lawyer talk.”

He grinned and I shut the net meeting off. I looked at Brittney and bit my lip, “I’m sorry, this should only take another minute and then we can go.”

She was sitting on the edge of my bed and moved closer to kneel beside me, “He’s really going to pay you ten thousand dollars?”

I shrugged as I looked at the rack of external hard drives and then used another computer to access his company mainframe. It only took a minute to start running the code backwards from the last entry. It took about three minutes before I found the worm. I quarantined it and did some comparisons to the codes on my external hard drive. I copied the worm to a safe locked folder on another of my drives and checked to see where the worm had come from.

I sighed as I recognized the signature of one of Mr. Torres’s programmers. I copied everything and sent it to him in a secure file before closing everything down. I used the cell phone sitting on the desk and when Mr. Torres answered I explained what the problem was and who was responsible. I let him know it was fixed and that he could send my payment to my account. I turned to Brittney and stood up, “I’m sorry it took so long.”

She grinned, “You just made fifteen thousand dollars and you’re sorry?”

I shrugged, “I do that all the time. I consult with a lot of corporations and large companies.”

Brittney laughed, “In that case I want lobster for dinner.”

It was a nice seafood restaurant she took me to. She asked a lot of questions about what I did and I enjoyed talking to her. After we were done, Brittney absently took my arm as we walked back to the car. She drove to a large house with loud music and a lot of cars parked everywhere even on the grass. She seemed nervous as we walked to the house and excused herself as soon as we were inside.

Guys were drinking beer and feeling girls and kissing them. Most of the people were out back. I saw Paul in the kitchen kissing one of the varsity cheerleaders. I saw several guys I knew and they were smirking. Brittney came back finally and smiled but didn’t touch me. I could see she was nervous because she was with me. She took a breath, “Do you want to dance?”

I looked around but there wasn’t really room to dance and she blushed. I sighed, “Maybe this wasn’t a good idea.”

Brittney hesitated and then stepped closer and kissed me. I barely heard her whisper, “I’m sorry.”

I looked at her and then around the room. I stepped back and took a breath, “Stand still and don’t move. Close your eyes and relax.”

I began by caressing across her tummy and she gasped before her eyes snapped open. I shook my head, “Close your eyes and relax. I won’t touch anything private.”

She hesitated and then closed her eyes again. The room around us was getting quieter as I began to caress her again, this time over her hip and down to the small of her back. I was moving around her slowly and let my other hand caress her other hip as I leaned in and softly kissed below and behind her right ear. Brittney shivered as I pulled back and started moving again.

My left hand caressed low across her tummy, just above the edge of her skirt. My right hand softly caressed the back of her left leg just below her skirt and I slowly brought it around to the front. I leaned in and softly kissed her right collarbone just below her throat. As I pulled away she moaned. The room was quiet so everyone heard. There were a few more people that had come in to see what was going on.

With my right hand I caressed across just below her breasts. My left gently caressed her right hip in the front and slipped down to softly stroke her inner thigh below the skirt and just inches from her pussy. Brittney moaned and shivered as I moved around her again and caressed the back of both her legs just below the skirt and then let my hands move to her hips and slowly caress up her side and slightly to the front.

I held my hands still and kissed her softly on the back of her neck before pulling away. I caressed from her right hip to her left as my left hand caressed across her tummy below her cute belly button. Brittney shuddered as I moved back in front of her. I leaned in and softly kissed under and to the side of her jaw while both hands caress up towards her breasts.

My hands stopped just below her breasts and caressed down to her hips while she suddenly groaned and shuddered hard. I kissed her collarbone on the other side and moved my hands down to caress the inside of both of her thighs again. Brittney’s hips jerked and she shuddered almost violently, “Shit!”

I gently put my arms around her and kissed her softly on the lips. She opened her eyes and I smiled before stepping back. It looked like everyone was standing around watching us. I turned to the door and left while Brittney just stood there. Brittney caught up to me on the front lawn, “Wait!”

I turned to look at her, “You don’t want me Brittney, you want one of them. I’m not popular, I’m not a jock. Go back to the party.”

I turned away and started walking. I was a couple of blocks away when Brittney found me. She pulled up to the curb and leaned over to open the door, “Get in.”

I looked at her, “I don’t need pity.”

She smiled, “For being so smart, you’re stupid. It might have started as a pity date but it isn’t now. Get in Simon.”

I looked at her and finally got in the car. As her car pulled away from the curb spitting and sputtering I shook my head, “You need a new car.”

She grinned, “Well, if I had a job and could afford it…”

I smiled and just watched her as she drove. She pulled into her driveway and turned to me biting her lip, “I’ve never brought any guys home to…”

I looked at her house, “Why? Your mom was nice.”

Brittney laughed and shook her head, “You really need a keeper. I meant to have sex.”

I looked at her and it was my turn to blush and look nervous. Brittney smiled and leaned over to kiss my cheek before getting out. When we came into the house her mom looked up from watching a movie, “Brittney?”

Brittney waved as she pulled me through the room, “Simon and I will be in my room.”

Her mom stood and Brittney stopped to look at her. Her mom smiled, “Be nice?”

Brittney grinned, “I would rather be naughty.”

She laughed and pulled me after her while I blushed. She closed the door and turned to face me. She sighed and embraced me before turning her head up for a kiss. She giggled when I didn’t get it right, “We’ll have to keep trying until you get it right.”

I hesitated and then laughed and hugged her before kissing her with as much passion as I knew how. When I stopped, her eyes were still closed and she opened them slowly, “Wow!”

I grinned and Brittney caressed my face before reaching out to unbutton my shirt and pull it off. She knelt and untied my shoes before pulling them off. Next was my pants and I was really nervous. Brittney looked up from my cock and grinned, “I wasn’t seeing things. You have the biggest cock I have ever…”

She stood up and quickly undressed before leading me to her bed. She pushed me down and knelt between my legs, “Tell me before you cum.”

I swallowed and finally nodded. Brittney stroked my cock gently and almost purred, “You’ll be fine Simon. I promise.”

I took a breath as she licked the pre cum off my cock. She smiled and looked up into my face as she put my cock into her mouth. I groaned and shivered as I continued to feel her tongue on the underside of my cock as she began to fuck my cock in and out of her mouth. It was probably only a minute before I felt myself getting ready to cum. “Brittney I’m…”

Brittney had been fucking half way down my cock and now she pulled back so that only the head was in her mouth while her tongue tickled and licked the underside. She stroked my cock firmly and I groaned and my body tightened. I began spewing and pumping thick ropes of cum into Brittney’s mouth.

She was swallowing each spurt as it shot strongly against the back of her throat. After a half dozen loads of cum I was done and Brittney pulled off my still hard cock. She swallowed a last time and gave the head a lingering kiss before moving up to kiss me. She smiled, “That was good. Ready to try something else?”

I smiled back at her and nodded, “Can I do you now?”

She grinned and moved onto the bed before lying back. I watched her and then moved between her legs and leaned down. I smelled her shaved pussy and smiled before kissing the small nub of her clit as it peeked out. Brittney shivered and her hips lifted up off the bed. I grinned and licked through her pussy and wiggled my tongue against her clit.

When I sucked it in and kept using my tongue while caressing her inner thighs she shuddered really hard. I held it between my lips and shook my head and pulled on it. Brittney jerked and shook, “Oh my god, YES!”

I used my thumbs to rub her pussy lips as I licked through her slit while she shuddered and jerked. When she calmed down she grabbed my head and pulled me up her body. She gave my wet face a kiss and reached between us to guide my hard cock to her wet pussy. When I pushed in it was the best feeling in my life. Brittney laughed and shook me, “Breath Simon.”

I grinned and relaxed before starting to fuck her really slow. Brittney sighed and shivered while caressing and rubbing my shoulders and back. After a couple of minutes she shuddered and hugged me tight, slipping her hands down to hold my butt, her pussy clamped down and squeezed my cock.

I looked at Brittney in surprise as she shivered and jerked lightly. I didn’t stop fucking her but I watched her face as she finally sighed. She smiled and pulled my head down for a kiss. It wasn’t much longer before I felt myself getting close and I looked at Brittney as I stopped moving, “Brittney?”

She was shivering again and then laughed as she hugged me, “its okay Simon, I’m on birth control.”

I nodded and started fucking her harder, making her grunt. It was only a minute later that I shoved into her and held my cock tight in her cervix as I began pumping huge spurts of cum. Brittney gasped and then seemed to go wild, bucking and thrashing around as if she were in pain or something. Her pussy was squeezing my cock tight as I spurted and spewed streams of cum that filled her and began to leak out.

I sighed and took a deep breath when I stopped cumming and just watched Brittney shudder and jerk. Her eyes had rolled up and she was panting and tossing her head. Finally she just dropped to the bed and I realized she had passed out. I pulled my cock out of her and moved over to lie beside her not sure what I should do.

Brittney gave a deep sigh and her eyes fluttered open. She turned her head to look at me and something seemed to flicker in them. She smiled and turned on her side to caressed my face, “That has never happened.”

I smiled, “Can we do it again?”

Brittney laughed, “How late can you stay?”

I grinned, “Will your mom let me stay all night?”

Brittney laughed again and slipped off the bed not bothering to put anything on as she walked to the door and opened it. She peeked out, “Mom!”

It was only a minute before her mother came to the door and I heard them whispering. Brittney closed the door and walked back to the bed with a satisfied smile on her face. She climbed onto the bed and snuggled up next to me, “Mom said it was okay.”

I looked at her and she grinned, “I think she really likes you.”

I grinned back as I reached out to begin feeling her body. She felt so good as I cupped her breast and then leaned over to suck on a nipple. Brittney shivered and caressed my face, “Can I be on top?”

I blinked and then grinned and then turned and pulled her on top of me. Brittney looked at me in surprise, “You don’t mind?”

I pulled her down and kissed her, “If you’re on top then I get to feel your breasts.”

She grinned and then laughed and kissed me quick before sitting up. She guided my slimy cock to her cummy pussy and sat back. I shivered as my cock slipped into her easily. When I was tight against her cervix, I pulled her down enough to lick and then suck on one of her nipples. Brittney shuddered and started thrusting back and forth.

Her clit rubbed along my slippery cock as I slid in and out of her. It wasn’t long before she froze and shuddered really hard. I was gently tugging on her nipples as her pussy tightened. Brittney looked into my face with big eyes, “Fuck!”

Suddenly she was shaking and spasming. Her eyes rolled up as she slammed her pussy down on my cock pushing it against her womb painfully. She was convulsing and having jerky seizures as her pussy grasped and milked my cock. Suddenly the head of my cock was pushing deeper and Brittney was thrashing around as she started a long drawn out wail, “YYYYYEEEeeessssssss!”

Her whole body was jerking as I groaned and started pumping huge thick streams of sperm straight into her womb. Brittney jerked violently, her body still convulsing as she screamed, “YYYYYEEEEEESSSSS!”

All I could do was hold her as she jerked, shuddered, spasmed and convulsed. I pumped spurt after spurt into her and she kept shaking her head until I stopped cumming. Brittney sighed and slowly fell onto my body. A throat cleared from the door as I was trying to look at Brittney’s face. I looked over as her mother came into the room further. I held Brittney against me, “She passed out again.”

Her mom came to the bed and rubbed Brittney’s back as she sat down, “Again?”

I caressed Brittney’s back, “After she came the first time we…”

Her mom laughed and turned Brittney’s face as she sighed and shivered. Brittney opened her eyes and blinked at her mother before looking at me. She shivered and kissed me softly, “you’re spoiling me.”

I smiled and caress her, “I think you’re spoiling me.”

Her mom kissed her shoulder and stood up, “Good night.”

She closed the door after her and I looked back at Brittney, “Thank you Brittney.”

She kissed me softly and sighed as she lifted up so my cock slipped out of her. She moved so that she was half on me and put her head on my shoulder. I caressed her and held her against me and before I knew it I was blinking awake to my watch alarm.

Brittney stretched and then froze. I looked at her face and she was blushing as she looked at me. I frowned, “How come you’re still so beautiful all mussed and sleepy looking?”

She blinked and then grinned, “Simon, you say the sweetest things.”

I smiled not sure what she meant. She slipped off the bed and held out her hand, “Come on, we need to shower and get cleaned up. I’ll run you home and then we can go to school together.”

I grinned, “Its Saturday.”

She blinked and then grinned, “That’s what I get for waking up with a naked man in my bed.”

I smiled, “What’s that?”

She laughed and stalked onto the bed and onto me, “Distracted.”

I smiled and caressed her naked body, “You still feel really good.”

She smiled and spread her legs as she reached between us. She guided my cock and slowly impaled herself as she sat. She shuddered and then sighed as she lay on me, “God you feel good.”

I caressed her back and felt her bare butt, “Brittney?”

She looked at me and I sighed, “Why?”

She caressed my face, “Because Simon. You were nice and different. You never pushed to have sex. You’re really smart about some things, but not people. I like you Simon and I wanted you. After last night I just want to be with you and just so you understand, we are going to be having a lot of sex.”

I caressed her bare body and smiled, “Would you my girlfriend?”

She laughed and sat up to put her hands on my chest. “You belong to me now Simon. Didn’t you know? Women own their men.”

I looked at her unsure and she laughed before leaning down to cup my face, “You are so easy. Yes, I’ll be your girlfriend.”

She kissed me and sat up before she started rocking and thrusting back and forth. Brittney attended a local college when she graduated and we continued to date. A week after I graduated we were married and moved to an apartment off campus where I started in the fall. Since she graduated we have had two children.
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