The First Week

I woke in a strange room and it took a second to remember where I was. Not that I really wanted to remember, Mom had died last week in a freak accident and now I was living with my older sister. She wasn’t really my sister though, it was complicated.

My real mom and dad had divorced when I was a baby, dad had married Shelia’s mom after her husband had died. Dad had died in a vehicle accident 3 years ago so I was left with my step mom. Shelia was ten years older than me, I am 13 and she is 23. Normally I would have gone to my real mother but she had drowned in a boating accident when I was 5.

So, Shelia had taken me in instead of my grandparents who never talked to me anyway. She hadn’t said a word throughout the funeral. When we had returned from the service, she just helped me pack and brought me home. Her mother had been the only mom I had ever known and her death had hit me hard.

Shelia and I had never been close, she was 14 when I entered her life and complicated it. We had talked more in the last year then in all the time I had been growing up. Shelia had married three years ago, while she was going to college. Her husband seemed like a cool guy, he was a contractor for a large construction company. Mom had told me they were trying to have a baby, but I didn’t notice any signs of that.

I sighed no school today, I knew I wouldn’t be able to go back to sleep so I got up off the queen size bed I was still getting used to. I slipped on a pair of shorts like I had started doing since I arrived and left my room. It didn’t look like Shelia or Robert were up yet so I continued out the back door to their pool.

I braced myself, dove in and started doing my laps. Before mom had died, I had run every morning and now I swam laps. It was an hour before I began to feel fatigue tugging at me and got out. I used the towel I always left out for my swims. When I came into the kitchen, Shelia and Robert were sitting at the table. Shelia smiled sadly, “Sam? We need to talk to you.”

I stiffened, “okay.”

She gestured to a chair and I looked down at my wet shorts, “I’ll get the cushion all wet.”

Robert shrugged, “They’ll dry.”

I sat in the chair next to them and Shelia looked at Robert and back at me. She took a deep breath, “Sam, you know all the extra stuff mom had you do for your psychical?”

I nodded, “She said it was because I do sports in PE.”

Shelia blushed, “It wasn’t for school, Sam. You know Robert and I were trying to have a baby?”

I nodded, “Mom told me. I thought it was great.”

Shelia nodded smiling slightly, “It would have been Sam, but we found out that we can’t.”

I looked at her, “Why?”

Robert cleared his throat, “When I was about your age, I had an accident. No one knew until your sister and I tried to have a child, but my… balls were damaged. Simple put, I produce semen but no sperm.”

I looked at Shelia and back at him, “But… can’t you… can’t you do it artificial?”

Robert nodded, “We could and we even checked. The testing is expensive and time consuming. Then there is a waiting list and then you have to find a donor. The doctor told us it could take several tries, even as many as a dozen or more. We don’t have the money to go through all that.”

I looked at Shelia, “I’m sorry, mom didn’t tell me.”

Shelia nodded, “I know Sam, she was waiting for… for me. The tests you took were for me. We were going to ask you to be our donor, but it was just so expensive we couldn’t do it.”

She looked down blushing, “Mom had an idea though, but she said that Robert and I would have to agree before we asked… before… I asked you.”

I looked back and forth between them, “Ask me what?”

Shelia’s blush deepened, “Mom’s idea was to let you get me pregnant.”

I was a little confused, “But didn’t you say it was too expensive.”

Robert chuckled, “Sam? She means, GET her pregnant. You have sex with her.”

All of a sudden I was really nervous as I looked at her, “But… you’re my sister and… ah, I…”

My face was heating up and I knew it was red as I looked back and forth at them. Shelia knelt in front of me, touching my thighs, “In spirit yes, you are my brother, but not by blood. Mom did your entire family’s medical history. She even had them check your DNA for markers. Fertility Clinics would kill for you.”

I looked into her eyes, my face still red. The thought did excite me but, a child? I looked away, “Shelia, I have never… I don’t know how to...”

I looked back at her, “I need to think about this.”

I stood up and went outside and sat by the pool. A child, she wanted me to get her pregnant, but for Robert, with me living here. I didn’t move as the sun rose and it got warmer and then hot as noon came and went.

I finally reached a decision and went back in the house. I found Shelia and Robert in the living room. I sat in one of the big chairs and looked at them nervously, “I’ll do it, but I have some conditions. First you will need to… to teach me what to do.”

Shelia smiled and Robert grinned. I looked at Shelia, “While I am living with you, you can not tell the child I am their father.”

I looked down, this was the part that hurt. I felt my tears slide down my face as I continued, “I will not help you take care of the baby after it is born. I will not hold it, feed it or change diapers.”

Shelia crossed the room and sat on the arm of the chair, “Sam, why?”

I looked into her face, “Shelia, if I… we do this, I can’t be the father. You and Robert want this child, it can’t have two fathers. If I were to… I have to distance myself emotionally or… or I will want what Robert has and that isn’t fair to him or the child.”

Shelia looked at Robert as he stood and walked to the chair. “I won’t keep the fact secret that you are its father, but we can wait to tell them.”

I nodded and looked up at him, “It isn’t that I don’t want to love it. I just want it to be your child.”

Robert nodded, “I know Sam.”

He looked at Shelia, “I’ll get some things and spend the night in a hotel.”

I looked at him again, “No Robert, you both agreed. I will not do this if you leave. If Shelia can let someone besides you have sex with her than you can help.”

He looked at me with a lopsided grin, “You want me to watch you…”

I shook my head, “I told you, I wanted you to teach me. You and Shelia have been together for over three years. I don’t know if Shelia had sex before you, but I’m sure you did. I want to watch you make love to her and teach me how to do the same.”

They looked at each other and Robert held his hand out to Shelia. She smiled and took it, looking down into my face, “Little brother, come get me pregnant.”

I smiled and followed them down the hall and into their bedroom. I watched them undress and lay on the bed. Shelia and Robert both looked at me and I slowly undid my shorts and let them fall to the floor. Shelia smiled and licked her lips as she saw my cock. I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as Robert caressed Shelia’s body. His hand slid down her body and he started to lightly caress her inner thighs.

Gently he moved to her pussy and rubbed down her slit and when he brought his fingers back up two of them were inside her slit. He stopped at the top where I saw a small nub that I knew must be her clit. When he rubbed it, Shelia moaned and her hips rose up slightly. Robert leaned over and started sucking on one of her nipples. A few minutes later Shelia shuddered and pushed Robert up, “Your turn.”

I thought she was going to jack his cock but instead she knelt and put her mouth over it. I watched as he lay back and her head began moving up and down his shaft. As I lay down and stretched out, my cock was leaking pre cum now. Shelia pulled her mouth off him and straddled his waist. Using her hand, she guided his cock inside her pussy.

When she sat back, letting his cock slid up inside her, Robert groaned. Shelia closed her eyes. When she opened them she looked at me. “Little brother, it feels so good when his cock is inside me. Is this what you wanted to see?”

I nodded, “Yes, but I want to see him go down on you too.”

Shelia groaned and ground her hips against Robert. He looked at me, “Shelia doesn’t let me do that to much. She says she is too sensitive.”

I grinned, “The more aroused the better.”

They looked at me and I grinned at them, “I may not have been with a girl, but I have read a lot about it. If Shelia gets really aroused, her body does certain things that make getting pregnant easier, like her cervix opening to allow sperm into her womb.”

They looked at me and then each other. Shelia leaned forward and started kissing Robert as he fucked up into her. It was only a few minutes later that Robert started getting tense and Shelia sat up. She looked at me and leaned towards me.

Using her hand she wiped through the puddle of pre cum on my stomach and put it in her mouth. She smiled, “I stopped Robert so he would last longer, your pre cum taste nice. Mom said you cum a lot. She complained of her hand towels always being full.”

I blushed and nodded and Shelia looked down at Robert as he grabbed her hips, “You liked that did you? Want me to ask how much he cums?”

Robert groaned, “If you keep this up, it won’t matter if you are sitting still.”

Shelia grinned and looked at me, “How much do you cum, Sam? They say it’s normally about one or two teaspoons.”

I turned even redder, “I measured it once when mom was out. Sperm and semen together came to about a third of a cup or more.”

Robert’s grip tightened and his back arched up, Shelia’s eyes widened as she looked down at Robert. “Pump it in me baby!”

Robert grunted as he spilled semen into her waiting cunt. Finally he dropped back to the bed with a sigh. Shelia shuddered a little and looked at me. She leaned over and kissed Robert, before moving off him and straddled me. She guided my cock to her soaked pussy and sat back driving me deep inside her. She groaned as she sat there, “I think he is a little bigger than you Rob.”

Robert grinned, “Then it’s a good thing I gave you some lube.”

Shelia looked down into my face, “How does it feel Sam?”

I opened my eyes and smiled, “I didn’t think it would feel this good. To bad there is only one of you to get pregnant.”

Shelia froze, her eyes going wide. I saw that Robert was watching her like I was. She looked down at me, a smile coming to her face, “Sam? How would you like to have sex every day?”

I looked at Robert and back to her as she laughed and started moving her hips. “Not just with me. Robert and I have talked about you and I having sex. Since you are willing to get me pregnant, I’ll have sex with you whenever you want, like I do for Robert. I was thinking of something else though. Remember what I said about clinic’s that would kill to get your sperm?”

My hands went to her hips as my hips started tiny thrusts of their own, “I remember.”

Shelia groaned, her pussy tightened and released me as I felt her getting wetter. She opened her eyes and looked at Robert, “How many couples do you think stopped trying because they couldn’t afford it?”

Robert thought about it and grinned, “Are you thinking of selling Sam’s services?”

Shelia grinned, “Maybe just rent him out.”

I pulled her tight against me, “What are you taking about Shelia?”

She leaned down and I groaned as her beautiful breasts touched my chest. “We know some of the women that were in the same position as I was. I could call them and with your DNA profile, I think more than a few would jump at the chance.”

I continued to hold her still as I thought about it. I moved my hands unconsciously and hugged her to me, “Give me a minute to think about this.”

She looked into my eyes and kissed my cheek, before laying her head on my shoulder. Her hips started to slowly move on my cock, but I didn’t really notice. I sighed into her hair, “These women really want a baby?”


It was another minute before I kissed the top of her head gently, “I meet both the husband and wife and have the finally say?”

She turned her head to look at me, “Yes.”

I looked at Robert, “I don’t know how she talks me into these things.”

Robert grinned, “Women are taught how at birth.”

I looked at Shelia, “One week for each woman.”

I took a breath, “One condition and it isn’t something I will leave out. Six months after they are pregnant they will spend the night with me. Unlike with you and Robert, I will never see my child. I want that one night to… to say goodbye.”

Shelia hugged me and sat up to look into my eyes, “Are you sure Sam? You don’t have to do this.”

I looked at Robert, “No, but it isn’t right that people can’t have a child just because of money.”

Robert nodded, “But the thought of never seeing your child hurts.”

I nodded, “Yes.”

I shook myself and looked at Robert, “Would you put a pillow down on the bed?”

After he put the pillow on the bed, I gently pushed Shelia off me. I placed her with her hips on the pillow and got between her legs. I slowly pushed my cock into her and sank down on top of her. I looked her in the eye and kissed her on the lips. She moaned and her hips bucked against mine. I pulled back and started fucking her hard. She groaned, “ooohhh fuck.”

I could feel the walls of her cunt grasping me and then letting go. This was the first time I had been inside a girl and it felt so good. As I felt the pressure in my balls, I ground against her pelvis. I would pull back and shove my dick in as far as it would go and just hold it. Shelia looked up into my face, “its ok Sam, go ahead and cum. This is your first time.”

I groaned as I started slamming into her, she grunted with every thrust. She grabbed me suddenly as her body went tense, “ooohhh, fuck me! I’m cumming! Sam, I’m cumming!”

I shoved my cock in her as far as I could, my cum shooting out in thick streams, “I’m cumming sis!”

Shelia grunted and started shaking, “fuck your cum is hot. Pump it in me baby brother, fill your sister’s pussy.”

I groaned as I felt her cunt filling and slowly making its way past my cock. Shelia looked up into my lust filled eyes, “Damm Sam, your still cumming!”

I groaned, “Almost done.”

I shuddered as I shot the last string of cum inside her and slowly pulled out. I sat back and stared at her open pussy as my cum ran out of her. I moved up and took the other pillow and handed it to Robert, blushing. Back between her legs I lifted her hips and he slid it under her. I moved forward over her and kissed her, “Thank you sis, I’ll never forget this.”

She caressed my face, “It was my pleasure.”

I moved to one side of her and lay watching Robert caress and lightly pinch Shelia’s nipples. I looked at her face as she smiled at him. I reached out and pinched her other nipple, causing her to squeak. I grinned at her look of surprise, “How do you want to do this pregnancy scheduling?”

Shelia grinned, “I’ll have to call some of the women I know and go from there.”

I rolled my eyes, “Shelia? Your planning? How often do you think we need to…?”

Robert laughed and pinched her nipple a little harder. Shelia squeaked at Robert and swatted his hand before turning back to me blushing, “That depends on you. How often can you… I mean, how many times a day…”

She stopped looked at me smiling at her. She grinned, “You know what I mean.”

I leaned over and sucked a nipple into my mouth and gently pulled on it with my lips as Shelia moaned. I looked at her, “All at once? Three maybe four. If I space it out through the day. Six or more, depending on… how I get aroused. I will need to check and see what vitamins and minerals I need to take if I am going to do this over an extended period of time.”

Robert grinned, “Mom thought of that already. She even had the doctor do it to your specific… requirements. We bought a months supply just in case you agreed.”

I reached up and kissed Shelia, “Think about how often you need me. I’m going to take a shower and start dinner. You are not to leave these pillows for another half hour.”

I rolled off the bed and silently walked down the hall to the guest bathroom. First a little cold water to soap up and then warm to rinse off. I dried myself and walked quietly into my room. Slipping on a pair of gym shorts and a tee shirt and I went to the kitchen. Humming to myself, I started putting together dinner.

I was so absorbed in making dinner that I didn’t hear Robert come in. I turned around to put the garlic bread in the oven and almost had a heart attack. Robert grinned, “It’s about time you started feeling better.”

I stopped what I was doing and thought about what he had said. He was right, I did feel better. The pain and loss were still there, it just seemed that it didn’t quite hurt as much. I put the bread in and turned to Robert, “I think you and Shelia are responsible for that.”

I looked towards the hall heading to their bedroom, “Where is Shelia anyway?”

Robert grinned, “Making some phone calls to your future sex partners.”

I shrugged, “She seems… focus about this.”

Robert nodded, “Sam, this means a lot to us, thank you.”

Robert sat at the table as I put the salad together and set the table. I was just setting the large bowl of salad on the table when Shelia came out. It looked like she had taken a shower and put on just a robe.

While we were eating she looked at me, “I called several of the women and they are thinking about it. One of the couples, Jessica and Henry will be here in a little while. They want to meet you and look everything over. It will also give you a chance to find out about them.”

After dinner I started to gather the dishes but Shelia took them from me and set them in the sink. She opened a cupboard and pulled out several large bottles of pills. She handed me several, “You need to start taking these.”

I glanced at them amused, “They look like horse pills.”

She grinned, “Well, you are my stud.”

Robert spit water all over the kitchen as he started laughing. I grinned and one at a time took the pills. Robert and I were in the living room a little later when the door bell rang. I went and answered it for Shelia, she had said she had something to do.

There was a couple at the door, the woman was maybe twenty and the man maybe thirty. They said they were here to see Shelia. I let them in and went to find her. I was surprised to find her in my room sitting on my bed. I sat down next to her, “Are you ok?”

She smiled and took my hand, “Yes, I was just thinking about my decision about you.”

I squeezed her hand, “About letting me have sex with you so you would get pregnant?”

She shook her head, “No Sam. From now on, you and I will have sex whenever we want. Just like husband and wife.”

I looked at her, “Are you sure that is what you want?”

She smiled, “I wasn’t before this afternoon, but I am now. I was just sitting here trying to find a way to talk to you about it.”

I squeezed her hand, “Mom always said. If you are trying to say something, just say it.”

Shelia grinned at me, “I miss her.”

She took a breath and turned so that she faced me, “I don’t have a problem having sex with you as much as you want, but I hope you realize that I love Robert and he will always come first.”

I smiled and kissed her, “Shelia, I’m your brother. I will never come between you and Robert. If you think it may be a problem than don’t do it.”

She shook her head, “No Sam, I want to do it. I just had to say it. I know we haven’t really been close.”

I kissed her and stood up, “We’ll work it out. Right now you have guests.”

She grinned as she jumped up, “Grab the folder on my dresser.”

I smiled as she left the room quickly. I went to her room and picked up a thick folder and walked back into the living room. Shelia was talking to the couple on the couch and I handed the folder to her and sat back in the chair next to a smiling Robert.

I watched them as Shelia went over everything in the folder. The woman looked like she was at least part Asian with beautiful green eyes. Finally she looked at Shelia, “It looks good, but you said we would meet him.”

Shelia turned to me, “This is my brother Sam. Only we aren’t really brother and sister. This is his history and profile.”

The woman looked at me and blinked as her husband started laughing. She looked at Shelia, “He’s just a boy.”

Shelia smiled at me, “No Jessica, he’s a young man and he will be the father of my baby.”

Jessica looked at me, “But you’re so young.”

I nodded and stood up. I took the few steps to her and knelt. “When Shelia asked me, I didn’t know what to think. I spent hours thinking about it and came to the decision to help her. Not just because she is my sister, but because it isn’t right that people can’t have children.”

I looked at her husband and then back at her, “When Shelia thought this up, I had to think about it again. It didn’t take long to come to the same conclusion. Yes, I am young, that will stay between us. I made some… stipulations to Shelia when I agreed to do this.

First was that I met you and your husband and have the final say. The next was that after you are six months pregnant you would sleep with me one time. That is for me, for my… conscious. You will never see me again after that.”

She shifted and took her husbands hand, “I could do this, but I don’t know about sleeping with you after I’m pregnant.”

I sighed and stood, I looked at her husband, “That is a condition I will not give up. You will have my child. You will see their first step, hear their first words. You will watch as they sleep and see the beauty I will never know. This one night is my time to say goodbye.”

I looked at Jessica and left, walking into the kitchen. I got a glass of milk and stood looking out the window. Jessica came into the room a minute later, her husband standing by the doorway. She laid her hand on my shoulder, “Shelia said it hurts you to think of letting your child go. She said to ask you about the conditions for her baby.”

I looked at her, “After the baby is born I will not hold it, feed it, change its diaper or have any contact. They will not tell the child I am its father until I have moved out.”

Jessica looked at me strangely, “You don’t want to touch your own baby?”

I turned to her, “I would love to touch my child. But I… am afraid I would take their love from Robert.”

She looked into my eyes for a minute and then looked down at the floor thinking. She looked up at her husband and nodded. When he turned to leave she looked at me. “I accept Sam.”

She blushed, “Shelia said we would have to share you this week.”

I smiled at her, “Did she also tell you that I have only had sex one time and that was with her.”

Jessica looked up at me and smiled, “And you didn’t jump at the chance to have sex with me?”

I grinned, “If only it was just sex.”

She put her arm in mine and we walked back into the living room. Jessica’s husband was gone. Shelia and Robert were sitting on the couch cuddling. I looked at Shelia, “Are you going to set a schedule?”

Shelia smiled as she looked up from Robert, “Not this time Sam. Jessica and I will just have to share and use you when we can.”

I looked at Jessica, “What about your husband?”

She smiled, “He’ll pick me up in the morning and I’ll return tomorrow afternoon.”

I looked at Shelia, “We’ll be in my room.”

Jessica kept glancing at me as we walked to my room. I closed the door behind us and sat her on the bed. I pulled the chair away from the desk and turned it to face her. “Can we talk?”

Jessica grinned, “I’m glad you didn’t want to just jump on me.”

I smiled, “We are both nervous. I need some information. I told Shelia that I have done some reading about sex and that is true. What I need to know from you is what makes you excited. What heightens your arousal? What positions do you enjoy the most?”

Jessica blushed, “This is really embarrassing.”

I nodded, “Jessica, the more aroused you are, the better the chance of getting you pregnant.”

She nodded, “I know that, it’s just that you look so… young.”

I stood up and slowly undressed. I stood Jessica up and gently stripped her. I pulled the covers back and put her into bed. I walked around and climbed in on the other side. Jessica was watching me the whole time. Once I was in bed, I turned her so that I was behind her and held her close. “Now relax, close your eyes and tell me what I need to know.”

Jessica seemed to wiggle a bit and then she opened her legs and put my hard cock between them. She closed her legs with my cock resting against her pussy. She sighed, “That’s better, where to start. My favorite position is like this, from behind. I love to watch porn with my husband. Watching the girls getting fucked turns me on so much. I especially like to see the guys cum inside them.”

She looked over her shoulder at me, “I like it when my husband fingers my ass too.”

I was slowly stroking my cock back and forth, “What about foreplay? Do you like it when your husband goes down on you?”

She sighed, “He doesn’t do that, sometimes I wish he would.”

Jessica arched her back as I pulled back so that when I pushed forward I suddenly found myself slipping into her pussy. She groaned and looked back, “Do it Sam. Push it in all the way.”

I put my hand on her hip and pushed my cock up inside her cunt. I could feel her shiver as I came to rest against her ass. She sighed and looked back, “You’re bigger than my husband.”

I held her tight against me, “You feel nice this way.”

Jessica moaned as she moved her ass. She lifted her top leg and put it over mine as I started fucking her. I reached around and started to lightly rub her clit. She slammed her ass back, “I need it hard Sam!”

I rolled her onto her stomach, staying on top of her. I started fucking down into her at an angle. Jessica screamed into the pillow as I fucked her. She would shove her cunt up to meet my cock. I finally pulled her up onto her knees as I kept fucking her hard. Her head dropped to the bed as she whimpered. I started rubbing her soft, warm asshole and she jerked, “Oh shit!”

She shuddered and her cunt got real wet, “oh fuck that was good!”

I gathered some of her juices and started slowly fucking her ass with my thumb. After a few minutes I slowed and she whimpered, “Don’t stop!”

I pulled out of her and pulled a pillow down the bed. I turned her over and lay her on the pillow. She looked at me with big eyes as I pushed back into her and she groaned. She lifted her legs to get me as deep into her as I could. I could feel her cervix when my cock was all the way into her. I started fucking her harder, listening to her moan. I reached under my balls and pushed two fingers deep into her ass.

Jessica bucked and jerked as she came screaming. I kept fucking her hard and she kept shuddering. I could feel the tightness in my balls and pulled my fingers out of her ass to grab her hips with both hands. When my fingers came out of her, she again started jerking and screaming, “ooohhh, fuck me!”

I shoved into her hard as my cum started pumping out into her cervix. She shuddered and jerked, “YES!”

I held her tight as I pumped cum into her with her twisting and jerking on my cock. Her eyes were wide as she watched me, “god Sam, don’t stop!”

When I finally I finished and sagged against her. Jessica shuddered one last time and pulled me down to kiss me. I moved off her, my cock slipping out of her now cum soaked pussy. I fixed the pillow and lay next her pulling the covers back up over us. Jessica sighed and turned her head, “Thank you Sam.”

I kissed her and held her, “your welcome.”

We lay like that for a while and she finally looked at me again, “Sam?”

I looked into her face, “Yes.”

She reached over and caressed me, “Would you accept a video of your child if I sent it to you?”

I looked at her, “You don’t want to sleep with me after you are pregnant.”

She smiled, “Sam, I plan to have more than one child. If you are willing to be the father for all of them I will sleep with you whenever you want.”

I caressed her, “Does your husband know about your plans?”

She nodded, “We were thinking about becoming swingers so I could have all the children I want.”

I looked into her face, “And now?”

She caressed my face, “Now I have a lover who might be willing.”

I smiled at her, “And your husband? Does he really want your children?”

She nodded, “Yes Sam, he does. He wanted a big family. So will you accept a video of our children?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

She smiled and lay back. I watched as her breathing slowed and she fell asleep. A half hour later I gently pulled the pillow out from under her. I lay back beside her watching her sleep, thinking about what she had said and not said. She wanted a lover, but she wanted her husband to be happy.

I glanced at the door as it opened silently. Shelia looked in and saw me. She smiled and wiggled her finger at me. I quietly slipped out of bed and met Shelia in the hall, she was already naked. She embraced me, giving me a kiss with her tongue stuck down my throat. I smiled as I pulled back, my cock getting hard again, “Are you ready for me sis?”

She moaned, “God Sam, Robert got me so worked up before he left.”

I caressed her tits, “He left?”

She groaned as she started pulling me towards the bedroom, “Something about an emergency at one of the sites.”

In the bedroom, she tried to pull me onto the bed. I sat her down and started to go down on her, but she grabbed my head. “Sam please, I need you inside me.”

I moved onto the bed with her as she moved back and spread her legs. I lay between her legs and she grabbed my cock and pulled it to her pussy. We both sighed as I slide back into her. As I slowly fucked her, I kissed her and pulled back slightly to look at her. After a minute she shuddered and I felt her cunt grab me as it got wetter, “Yes, I needed that.”

I pulled out and rolled her over. I didn’t let her get on her knees, I moved between her legs and pushed back into her. Shelia grunted and shoved back against me hard, “Fuck me Sam!”

I started fucking her harder and rubbing her asshole with my fingers. When her ass opened and took my fingers she jerked, “Oh damn, that is soo good.”

As much as I had already cum I knew it would be awhile so the next time I pulled back, I pulled out of her. Shelia looked over her shoulder, “Sam?”

I pushed my cock against her ass and gently pushed in. Shelia jerked, “OH shit! Wait Sam!”

I held still as she shuddered and her ass squeezed me. Shelia finally raised her head, “Ok Sam, but go slow.”

I started to fuck her ass as she spread her legs wider. Shelia was pushing back onto my width, with every shove. She put her head down and moaned softly, “I love this Sam, fuck my ass.”

I started fucking her a little harder as she grunted and groaned. After a few minutes I could feel my balls tighten as Shelia shook. I quickly pulled out of her ass and shoved into her cunt. I spread her legs wider as she screamed into a pillow. I tried to pull myself deeper into her as I came, “I’m cumming sis!”

Shelia was jerking and shuddering as she sobbed into the pillow. I felt my cum splashing deep inside her, filling her cunt until it was leaking out. I shook as the last ropes of cum leaked out of my cock and into Shelia. I leaned forward and grabbed a pillow. I set it beside us and pulled out as I rolled Shelia over and onto the pillow.

I lay beside her as she panted with her hand covering her face. Finally she moved her hand and looked at me, “Sam? I have never done that before, let someone fuck my ass I mean.”

I put my head next to hers, “I didn’t hurt you did I?”

She smiled as she looked at me, “No Sam, you didn’t hurt me. I liked it… a lot! I will have to tell Robert… I will have to ask him to fuck my ass. I wanted you to cum in my ass so bad.”

I grinned and lay back to stare up at the ceiling, “Shelia? How well do you know Jessica?”

I could feel her still looking at me. Before she started to move, I turned quickly and stopped her. “Stay on the pillow and lay back.”

She looked at me, “then lay on me so I can see your face.”

I smiled and moved so that I was half on her, “How’s this?”

She kissed me, “Fine. How well do I know Jessica? I know her pretty well I guess. She became a close friend while we were still trying to go through the clinic.”

I looked into her eyes, “She wants more than one baby. In fact she wants lots of children.”

Shelia was searching my face and I knew what she was thinking. I kissed her, “She wants me to be her lover and father them… Like you.”

Shelia blinked and blushed, “Sam, I…”

I kissed her and touched my finger to her lips. “Don’t say anything Shelia, I love you. You are my sister and I would do just about anything for you. How many of the women you are setting me up with want the same thing?”

Shelia looked down, “The ones I already called were all thinking of at least two children.”

I sighed, “This isn’t going to work. (Shelia looked at me alarmed) What are you going to say to our children when they see me taking all these women to my room? What are we going to say when I take you?”

I moved off her and lay against her still looking at her, “You are the regent for the trust from my real mom and dad. I want to buy the vacant lot next door and have Robert’s company build me a house.”

Shelia turned to face me and held her hand over my mouth, “Never mind the pillow. Sam, I don’t want you to leave. This is your home now.”

I smiled, “Shelia, it will be at least nine months to a year before the house would be ready. I don’t plan to leave. I plan to have my lovers come to me so that our children don’t ask those questions. Your children and Jessica’s and whoever else end up visiting me. I will still be here with you, I still need you, sis.”

Shelia hugged me and then lay back, “I’ll talk with Robert.”

I caressed her nipples, “So now that I know. How many children are we going to have?”

She sighed and covered my hand. I heard the soft tapping at the door and looked over my shoulder. Jessica was standing there kind of anxious. I looked at Shelia and back at her, “Did you want me already?”

She blushed, “I… just wanted to talk.”

I patted the bed beside me and she hesitantly climbed onto the bed and lay beside me. I looked at Shelia, “I think you both have already talked about this. How many Shelia?”

She glanced past me to Jessica and then looked into my eyes, “As many as you are willing to give me. Robert said he wants me bare foot and pregnant all the time.”

I looked at her, “And when you tell them I am their father and I am still getting you pregnant?”

She grinned, “By then they will understand.”

I looked at Jessica, “And how many did you want and don’t tell me a big family.”

Jessica moved closer and snuggled against me, “Sam, when I can’t have any more children that will be enough.”

I sighed and looked at the ceiling, “What are you going to tell your children when they are old enough to realize you are going out to be with another man beside your husband.”

Jessica caressed my chest, “I will tell them the truth. That I am going to see their father. Our children will have a dad, Henry. They will be told that you are their father and why. Henry and I both agreed on that.”

I looked at Shelia and back at her, “And when I find my own girl and marry?”

Jessica looked at me, “We will ask her permission.”

I felt like laughing, I looked at Shelia, “Still think I should stay here?”

She sighed and pulled the pillow out from under her, “Probably not, but I don’t want to lose you too.”

I looked at the doorway as Robert came in and stopped in surprise. He grinned at me, “Been busy?”

I smiled and waved to the bed beside Jessica, “We were talking about how many children they and you really want.”

Robert stopped as he was getting on the bed. He looked at me and then Shelia. Slowly he lay down next to a nervous Jessica. “Sam, I know we should have told you but…”

I smiled at him, “Relax Robert, I understand, but it changes things a bit. Some things I will need to think about and talk over with you and Shelia.”

I looked at Jessica, “Are you ready to get some sleep?”

She nodded and I helped her up off the bed. I looked at Shelia and Robert, “We’ll talk in the morning, goodnight.”

I took Jessica back into my room and back into my bed. She snuggled up against me, “I’m sorry we weren’t honest with you.”

I caressed her, “That’s over, from now on don’t hide things.”

We fell asleep that way. I woke early and looked at the window to see dawn just starting to lighten the room. Jessica had turned in her sleep and was lying flat on her back with her legs open slightly. I smiled and slid down the bed. I parted her legs more and licked her pussy slit.

Jessica moaned in her sleep and opened her legs more as I started licking and teasing her clit. When her hips gently pushed against my face, I again licked her slit, this time pushing my tongue into her hole. I licked the tiny beads of wetness around her hole and went back to her clit. I sucked it into my mouth and tickled it with my tongue as she shuddered and came.

I licked her a couple more times and moved up her body. Her eyes were just opening and she smiled as she spread her legs wider for me, “That was a nice way to wake up.”

I kissed her, “I’m sorry, I am not very patient in the morning.”

She looked into my face, “You want to fuck me and cum.”

I nodded and she smiled as she raised her legs up, “Then fuck me Sam.”

I rubbed myself against her pussy and pushed all the way in. I started fucking her hard, my cock hitting her cervix every time. Jessica closed her eyes and shuddered as she tried to spread her legs wider. The next time I slammed into her, I went through into her womb. Jessica jerked, “Harder Sam!”

I was fucking into her womb now in short thrusts as I felt myself getting closer. Jessica raised her ass a little more and grunted, “I’m cumming Sam!”

I slammed into her as my vision went dark and I started cumming. “I’m cumming!”

I felt my cum spurting into her womb in strong jets as she convulsed on my cock. My body shuddered and jerked as I spent myself in her. I could feel cum trying to squeeze past my cock as I filled her womb completely. I shivered one last time and pulled back, feeling her womb close behind my cock. I slowly pulled out of her and lay beside her, “Thank you Jessica. I really needed that.”

She turned her head and looked at me as she caught her breath. Finally she rolled onto her side facing me, “Jesus Sam, my husband doesn’t fuck me that good. I know you filled my womb with cum that time.”

I blushed, “I’m really hard in the morning, and…”

She laughed, “and full of cum.”

I smiled shyly as I nodded. I looked at the window and sighed, “I need to go exercise.”

She caressed me, “This wasn’t exercise?”

I kissed her and rolled out of bed. I grabbed a pair of shorts and put them on. I looked at her and smiled, “I swim so that I will be in shape to keep doing this.”

She grinned, “Well in that case, you better get going.”

When I closed the door behind me, the house was almost silent. I could hear Shelia and Robert talking quietly in their room. At the pool, I looked at the morning light and thought about what yesterday had brought. I sighed and dove in and started my laps. I noticed when both Shelia and Jessica came out in robes to watch me. When Robert and Henry came out, I was almost done and cut it short. I climbed out and picked up my towel, “I guess you want to talk to me?”

Robert smiled as he sat beside Shelia and Jessica moved to Henry. “Yes, Shelia told me about your plan to buy the lot next door. We have been talking with Henry and then this morning with Jessica. Instead of using your trust, we can buy the lot and build the house for you.”

I finished drying my hair and looked at Shelia, “Shelia? Have you looked into the trust? I mean, I know what the balance says in the book, but have you called to check on the current balance?”

She looked at Robert and shook her head. I sat beside them, “If mom had asked, I would have given you the money you needed. I even thought about doing that yesterday, but I have to admit the thought of… anyway I didn’t.”

I looked down, “The base of the trust started when my real mom died eight years ago. All of her estate was sold and came to me in stocks. They were supposed to pay interest and dividends on the money. So check with them and get the real balance.”

I looked up at Robert, “I’m sorry Robert.”

He looked at me and grinned, “Sam, Shelia is a beautiful woman and I would have been disappointed if you didn’t want her.”

I smiled and looked at Henry. I took a breath, “Henry, Jessica has told me what you and she want. I need for you to tell me.”

He looked down at his wife as he gave her a hug. He smiled when he looked at me, “It’s ok Sam, unlike Robert, I had a vasectomy. My family has a genetic disease that I refuse to pass on. I never thought I would meet someone like Jessica. I want her to have as many children as she wants. I am not that active sexually and if you are willing, than I want you to help her.”

I looked at them both and then nodded, “Alright Henry.”

I looked at Robert and Shelia, “Check on the trust first and if I need help then we can talk about you and Henry helping me.”

I smiled and stood up, “Now I am starving. Two beautiful women kept me occupied last night and I didn’t eat a whole lot yesterday.”

Shelia laughed and jumped up. She kissed me and went into the house followed by Jessica. I smiled as I watched them walk, I wasn’t the only one. I shook myself and set the towel down as I started to follow. Robert walked beside me and then chucked as he put his arm around my shoulders, “Sam, do you know how long I have been trying to fuck Shelia’s ass?”

I looked at him and shook my head. When we came in the door he looked at Shelia by the refrigerator. “Ever since I met her. She told me about last night and demanded I fuck her ass and right now thank you! God that felt so good. Thank you.”

Henry chuckled as he walked to Jessica sitting at the table, “Do Jessica Sam, I think she would like it.”

Jessica held his arm as she looked up at him, “You don’t want to be the first?”

He smiled and bent to kiss her, “I want you broken in.”

She laughed, “He’s done that with my pussy.”

She stood up and crossed to the counter. She took the pills and glass of milk from Shelia and surprised us by kissing her. Shelia blinked and her hand came up around the back of Jessica’s head. I watched as their kiss deepened and could tell they were tonguing each other. When they stopped Shelia and Jessica both sighed. Jessica turned and swayed back to me, “Like the show?”

I grinned, “Next time you two need to give us the entire movie, from beginning to end.”

She grinned and handed me the milk and pills, “Take your pills. Shelia and I will have to talk about any more shows.”

I looked down at the pills and frowned. Shelia stepped close with Jessica, “Come on love, I know you don’t like taking them, just do it one at a time.”

I sighed as Robert whispered something to Henry and he laughed. One at a time I took the pills and when they were gone, the girls kissed me. Henry patted my shoulder, “I’ll take Jessica home so you can get a little rest. She’ll be back this afternoon. I have to work so I’ll see you later.”

When they were gone, I looked at Robert and could tell he was aroused. I was too, but my turn would come. I smiled as Robert pulled Shelia out of the kitchen and down the hall. I made a bowl of cereal and ate. When I was done, I drank another glass of milk. I walked into the bathroom and stripped.

I took a quick shower and was just coming out of the bathroom when Robert yelled for me. I walked into their room to see Shelia laid back on top of him panting. Robert’s cock was up her ass as she slowly fucked it. Shelia looked at me, “Fuck me Sam. I need you in me.”

My cock had gotten hard as soon as I walked in the door. I slowly made my way up onto the bed and between her obscenely spread legs. When I was over her, I shoved my cock into her and listened to her whimper. I matched my pace to Robert’s so that one of us was always in her. Shelia was constantly jerking as she came over and over again. I could feel myself on the edge as Robert grunted and shoved as far as he could into her ass and started pumping semen into her.

He held her hips in place so I grabbed her legs and pulled my cock back. I spread her as wide as I could with her legs raised and shoved into her as she suddenly looked at me. I was surprised as I felt myself push into her womb. I hadn’t gone this deep in her before. Shelia let out a small scream as I started pouring cum into her open womb. She grabbed my arms on her legs, her eyes wide, “God that hurt, but do it, get me pregnant!”

I closed my eyes trying to push even deeper as my sperm shot out of me in thick ropes. Shelia moaned, “God Sam, your cum is so hot.”

I shuddered as the last of my sperm left me and I was able to pull out. I moved to the other side of the bed and sat down trying to get my breath back. Robert pulled out of Shelia and rolled her to the middle of the bed. Shelia finally looked up at me, her face red, “Sam?”

I lay down next to her, “I’m sorry it hurt.”

She smiled, “Well at least I can say that this time will probably do the trick.”

Robert leaned against her back, “What happened?”

I grimaced, “I was to rough. I pushed through her cervix when I came.”

Robert looked at me and then at Shelia, he rolled her onto her back and stuck two of his fingers up her cunt. When he pulled them out he had this smile on his face that I couldn’t describe. He lay beside her and gently caressed her tummy. Shelia smiled at him patiently and ran her fingers through his hair, “Happy?”

He looked into her face, “Yes. Thank you.”

I quietly slipped off the bed and went back for another shower, this one a cold one. I sat in my room for the rest of the morning drawing what I wanted for my house. Shelia came to get me for lunch, she was still in a robe that she left open. When she bent over and hugged me from behind, I felt her breasts against my back. She looked at my drawing and kissed my neck, “lunch time. Bring your drawing for Robert.”

I followed her wiggling butt into the kitchen, where Robert was just getting off the phone. He seemed like a new man as he pulled Shelia onto his lap, “Stop teasing him or I will make you sleep in his bed tonight.”

She laughed as she kissed him and looked back at me, “I’m sorry Sam, I couldn’t resist.”

I smiled, “You two are feeling good.”

Robert smiled as he caressed her stomach, “She hasn’t been leaking that much, I think you did it Sam. I think you got her pregnant.”

I sat down to the bowl of soup and looked at them, “Then you’re happy?”

Robert grinned, “Yes Sam, I’m happy.”

I looked at Shelia, “You need to buy some home pregnancy tests kits.”

She grinned, “I already have.”

I started eating and slid my drawing across the table. Robert glanced at it and then really looked at it. Shelia laughed, “That got his attention.”

Robert grinned at her and went back to studying the drawing. “This could work, it’s different and it will interest the architect.”

He folded it up and kissed Shelia, “you can give him the other news. I need to go to work.”

He looked at me, “I’ll be home late so keep her busy Sam.”

I smiled, “I’m sure I can find something for her to do.”

He grinned and left, Shelia watched him leave and sighed. She looked at me and smiled, “I hope you did get me pregnant. It made him so happy. I haven’t seen him feeling this good since before we found out he couldn’t…”

She shook herself, “What do you want to do Sam?”

I smiled, “Go to the mall.”

Shelia’s eyes lit up, “Shopping? Cool.”

I watched as she started walking down the hall. She stopped and wiggled her butt at me. I looked up to see her smiling at me, “Give me a minute to shower.”

I changed into slacks and one of the silk shirts I loved. Shelia came out a few minutes later. Her hair was a little wet but she looked great. When we were walking into the mall she took my arm, “What are we shopping for?”

I glanced at her and smiled, “Well it was supposed to be a surprise but since you are here. I want to buy three rings.”

She stopped and looked at me, “Why.”

I smiled, “Because of your promise to me. It will go on your right hand, your lovers ring.”

She looked at me and grinned, “Lovers ring?”

I grinned back, “Both you and Jessica made me a promise. You both want me as your lover.”

She ruffled my hair, “Ok lover. Let’s go find a ring.”

As we walked into the jewelry store she sighed and looked at me, “How are you going to pay for it?”

I held up my bank card, “Mom gave me an allowance. She always said it was from my trust, but I knew she put it in from her own account.”

I looked at Shelia, “I never took anything out.”

Shelia smiled as she took my arm. “I miss her so much.”

I nodded as we looked into a display case. I grinned at Shelia, “Maybe we should charge for my services.”

Shelia laughed and squeezed me, “How much are you worth?”

I pointed into the case, “As much as that ring would cost.”

Shelia looked at the ring and smiled, “You want them to pay for a ring?”

I grinned as we went down the case, “No, they pay me a one time fee for my services and I give them each a ring.”

Shelia laughed, “Robert will love that.”

I grinned, “Something else they can remember me by.”

When I looked into a case of engagement rings I knew I had found Shelia’s ring. I stopped and looked around, one of the sales women was sitting down a few feet away, “Excuse me? Could you help us?”

She smiled as she walked over, “Did you see something you like?”

I pointed out the ring I wanted to see and Shelia gasped, “Sam, that’s too much!”

I ignored her and took the ring to examine it. I was right, this is what I wanted. I turned to Shelia and held out my hand. “Don’t argue, just let me have your hand.”

She put her right hand in mine and I slipped the ring on, it fit perfectly. I looked at the woman, “I’ll take it and I need another, maybe a quarter size smaller, I also want the man’s ring.”

The women blinked, “You want two women’s rings and a man’s?”

I nodded as I looked at Shelia’s right hand, “Yes, friendship rings, for my sister and another girl. We just lost our mother and I want to get them something nice.”

The woman’s face softened, “I’m sorry sweetie. Just come over to the register and I’ll ring everything up and get you sized. You said the other ring was a quarter size larger then this one?”

I nodded and a few minutes later we walked away with Shelia staring at the new ring on her finger. When we got back to the car, Shelia stopped me and pulled me into an embrace. “I won’t forget.”

I kissed her and smiled, “It’s so you know, I won’t forget.”

When we pulled back into the driveway, Jessica pulled in behind us. I smiled at her as I got out, “Now, that is timing.”

She grinned as she opened her back door, “Help me with my suitcase?”

I grinned at Shelia as she went to the front door of the house. I stopped in the open door of Jessica’s car and looked at the suitcase. I pulled the ring case out of my pocket and looked into Jessica’s eyes, “You asked me if I would be your lover. Will you accept this as my answer?”

I opened the case and took her right hand, “This ring is opposite your wedding ring. It means I accept your terms as my lover.”

Jessica looked stunned as I slid the ring onto her hand. She looked into my face and smiled, “Thank you Sam.”

I kissed her and pulled her suitcase out, “I hope you brought a swim suit.”

She grinned at me as she rubbed her new ring, “You want to see me in a swim suit?”

I grinned at her as I opened the door, “If it’s a bikini.”

She laughed as she closed the door, “Sam, you’ve seen me in a lot less.”

I smiled as I started down the hall, “That takes all the fun out of it.”

In my room I frowned as I looked at my dresser. Jessica caressed my face. “I can live out of the suitcase for a week.”

I shook my head, “I have to plan ahead.”

I opened the armoire and started pulling my silk shirts out. Jessica stopped me, “Can I wear them Sam?”

I looked at her and smiled, “Of course.”

I put the shirts back and turned to Jessica, “I don’t have anything else in this so you can use it.”

Jessica kissed me, “I’ll put my things away later. As it happens, I did bring a bikini. So if you wait for me in the kitchen, I’ll change.”

I grabbed a pair of shorts on my way out and caught Shelia in the kitchen. I slipped up behind her as she was sipping coffee and looking out the window. I put my arms around her and gave her a hug, “Want to come swimming with us?”

Shelia grinned as she turned in my arms, “I would love to. I forgot to tell you this morning that we got the balance on your trust. You were right, I can’t believe how much is in it now. Anyway, Robert is going to see the realtor and his boss.”

I smiled and kissed her, “Good, see you at the pool?”

She nodded and I release her and watched her walk towards the hall. She stopped and looked back at me before wiggling her butt and running down the hall laughing. We were in the pool an hour before I decided to surrender and get out. We dried off and walked to the back door, both girls stopped and looked at me.

They slowly removed the tops and undid the tie string on their bottoms. After removing their bottoms, they handed me their suits and Jessica rubbed her tits on my chest. “Come join us in the shower.”

They laughed and ran into the house and down the hall. I smiled as I walked in and set the suits on the table before walking down the hall. I heard Shelia and Jessica in the guest shower and walked in. I pulled my shorts off as I watched them playing with each other’s tits.

When I stepped into the shower they were both on me in an instant. Rubbing my chest and gently stroking my cock while I fondled their breasts. After only a few minutes they pulled me out of the shower and pushed me against the counter.

Shelia and Jessica knelt and Shelia grabbed my cock and leaned forward. My hands tightened on the counter as her mouth closed over my cock. I closed my eyes as Jessica started licking my balls. I opened my eyes and looked down, watching as Shelia fucked her mouth onto my cock, taking it all the way down her throat. Jessica sat up and looked up into my face as I tensed, “I think he’s going to cum.”

Shelia pulled off me and licked the underside of my throbbing dick. She looked at Jessica, “He came in me last. Do you want it?”

Jessica grinned, “yeah, in my ass.”

Shelia laughed, “God did that feel good.”

She looked up at me, “Can we waste a little Sam?”

I laughed and pulled them to their feet and gently pushed them out the door and into my room. I walked Jessica to the bed and pushed her back and laughed when she squealed. I turned her over and bent her over the bed to lick her ass when Shelia stopped me, “Let me, Sam.”

I smiled and moved aside, gently rubbing my cock, the urge to cum had died down a bit. I watched as Shelia started licking her pussy and sticking her tongue into Jessica’s ass. Jessica kept her face in the bed and moaned. I moved behind Shelia and gently shoved into her pussy.

Shelia groaned and reached up to Jessica’s ass and pushed one of her fingers in. She slowly started fucking her ass in time to my thrusts. Her second and third fingers went in quickly and Jessica moaned louder.

I pulled out of Shelia to keep from cumming and shoved three fingers back in to replace my cock. When I started fucking her pussy hard, she shoved onto my hand and came. Her cum was flowing out of her so I scooped a bunch in my hand and moved forward to Jessica’s ass. I pulled Shelia fingers out and shoved her cum in.

I positioned myself and pushed my cock slowly into her ass. As soon as the head of my cock slipped in, she started shuddering as she came. Her body jerked and shook while she screamed into the bed. I didn’t know if I should pull out until she looked over her shoulder at me. “Damn it Sam, fuck my ass!”

I laughed and slowly pushed in, holding her shaking body as she continued to cum. I took a breath as Shelia kissed the back of my neck, “Fuck her ass Sam. She wants it hard!”

That’s exactly what I did, I fucked her hard, slamming my cock in and out of her ass. In less then five minutes my balls tightened as Jessica threw her head back and howled, “FUCK ME!”

I slammed back into her and started pumping my sperm up her ass. I held her hips tight as she struggled, “Fucking hot cum in my nasty ass! Yes! Sam, pump my ass full!”

She continued to struggle until I finally finished cumming and slowly pushed her body down onto the bed and pulled out of her. She shuddered and lay there as Shelia lay down on her other side. Jessica finally raised her head and looked at me, “Sam? Once you get me pregnant, I want you to fuck me like that until your balls are empty.”

Shelia laughed and hugged her, “So, I guess you liked it.”

Jessica groaned, “Like is to mild a word.”

She reached behind her feeling my cum leaking out of her ass. She licked it off her fingers and grinned, “I think we need another shower.”

We showered and spent the rest of the afternoon doing the laundry and talking in the living room. Shelia was wearing only a robe and Jessica a silk shirt, while I had my shorts on. Jessica loved the idea of charging a one time fee for my services so I could give them a ring. When the door bell rang, Shelia jumped up and went to the door. She came back a minute later kind of nervous, “Sam, One of the couples is here early. Do you want to talk to them?”

I looked at Jessica as she stood up, “I’ll be in our room.”

I nodded to Shelia and a moment later a beautiful redhead came in, followed by a young man that looked to be in good shape. Shelia gestured to the couch and picked up my folder off the coffee table. She handed it to the woman who glanced at me nervously.

She was wearing a short skirt that showed a lot of thigh. She opened the folder and held it so that her husband could see too. I watched their faces as they talked quietly. The man looked up, “His mother and father died early?”

I nodded, “My mother died in a boating accident and my father in a car wreck. Both sets of grandparents are alive, even my great grandparents”

He blinked, “This is your information?”

I nodded, “Yes. Before you say it, I know I’m young. This is something I did a great deal of thinking about. I am not doing it for sex, when your wife is pregnant, you will only see me once more.”

I looked at Shelia and took a breath, “If you agree to this, then six months after your wife is pregnant, I will sleep with her one last time. This will give me time to… say goodbye to my child.”

The woman put her hand on her husbands, “Actually I have fantasized about having sex with a young boy and getting pregnant. But other then this one other time, you will not contact us in anyway?”

I shook my head, “Not unless it is an accident or you come back to get pregnant again.”

She grinned as she squeezed his hand, “What do you charge?”

I looked at Shelia as she laughed and sat beside the woman and whispered into her ear. The woman looked at Shelia and then me smiling, “Seriously?”

I looked at Shelia, “I take it you told her about the ring.”

Shelia grinned and the woman laughed as she looked at her husband, “A simple ring with a birth stone.”

He grinned and looked at me, “Your stone?”

I nodded, “something to help her remember me, in case you tell your children about me.”

He smiled and looked at his wife, “We’ll tell them the truth about you.”

He looked back at me, “Do you want us to leave out your name?”

I shook my head, “That won’t be necessary.”

I looked at Shelia and nodded, “If they decide to do it, I’ll accept.”

The woman smiled at me, “Do you mean you might not have?”

I nodded as I stood, “Yes, I will not put my children at risk, even if I will never see them again.”

They looked at each other as I left the room, a moment later Shelia came into the kitchen followed by the couple. Shelia hugged me, “Sam, they accepted. Her name is Kitrinia or Kit. Her husband is Edward. She won’t be ready until next Monday.”

I smiled as I put the dishes away. I turned to Kit, “I will need some information from you. Edward can help you. I need to know what arouses you. What positions you like, what types of sex you prefer, that type of thing. I will need some type of schedule, like with Shelia and… another woman this week. I may be helping you and another woman. I also have school so I will work around that as well.”

Kit licked her lips, “Can we do it once just before you leave for school?”

Her husband laughed, “You just want him smelling like your pussy all day.”

She grinned at him and I smiled, “I’m sure we could work it in.”

While they laughed, I turned to Shelia, “I don’t know how we are going to do it, but I need weekly blood tests done.”

Shelia looked at me, “Blood test? For like STD’s?”

I nodded, “Yes and we need the results back quickly.”

Kit interrupted, “I can help with that.”

She pulled a card out of her purse and handed it to Shelia, “I work here so just call me tomorrow and I’ll set it up for weekly tests on Friday afternoon and you’ll have the results by Saturday.”

Shelia smiled and Kit hesitated, “Dr. Peterson and his wife may want… they can’t have children either.”

Shelia grinned, “Have him call us.”

I looked at Shelia, “I need to get back to… our other guest.”

Shelia blinked, but both Kit and her husband perked up. Kit stepped forward, “Can I talk to her.”

She blushed, “I mean… to see if your sperm is still enough…”

I smiled and opened the refrigerator. I poured milk into a glass and held it up for her to see. “This is about how much sperm I produce each time.”

I closed the refrigerator and put water in the glass and held it up again. “This is with semen. I can do this, three or four times in a row or if I pace myself, six or more times a day.”

Edward looked a little shocked but Kit started shifting her feet. “Do you take any supplements?”

Shelia laughed, “Yes, he thinks they’re horse pills but he takes them.”

Kit looked at me, “Can I still talk to your other… guest?”

I looked at her and Edward, “I’ll ask, but I won’t promise anything. Like for you, I will keep everything confidential. Let me go ask.”

I walked into my room to find Jessica putting her clothes in the armoire. “Jessica? This couple would like to know if you would be willing to speak to them. I haven’t told them anything about you so if you don’t want to that’s fine.”

Jessica looked at me, “What do they want to talk about?”

I blushed, “They want to know if you think I am… producing enough sperm. You know, because I am with both you and Shelia.”

Jessica grinned and crossed to me, taking my arm, “Sure, I’ll talk to them.”

When we walked into the kitchen, Edward grinned, but Kit turned to me. “Shelia is your sister?”

I saw brightness in her eyes, (that and a small trickle on her inner thigh) told me she was excited. I stepped closer to her and slowly reached down and wiped the trickle. She shivered as I held it up and looked at her before licking my fingers. I smiled, “Shelia is my sister and she isn’t. After I was born and my parents split. My dad married her mom, I grew up thinking she was my sister.”

Kit reached out to gently take my hand and bring it closer to her mouth before she licked my fingers. She looked into my eyes, “You have no idea how horny you have made me today.”

Jessica laughed, “You think your horny now, just wait until it’s your turn.”

Kit grinned as her husband hugged her. She held out her hand, “Kit.”

Jessica took her hand and squeezed lightly, “Jessica.”

Kit looked from her to Shelia, “So both of you are taking turns with him? Any problems?”

Shelia shook her head but Jessica laughed, “You mean besides him probably getting me pregnant this morning?”

Kit grinned, “You really think he did?”

Jessica took her hand and reached for Shelia’s as she was leading them back into the living room. I looked at Edward and we followed them. “Besides giving me the best fuck of my life, he filled my womb up. Don’t even get me started on the wake up call. God, I have never woken up from cumming before. And anal, I never thought I would like… like, hell love is more like it.”

As they sat on the couch, Shelia looked around Kit. “He came in your womb? He did that to me this morning to, it hurt at first, but it felt so good when he came. Robert thinks he may have gotten me pregnant too. And you are right about anal, I don’t know what it is that he does, I mean he’s bigger than Robert, but it feels so much better when he does it.”

Kit looked back and forth before laughing, “You girls are making me so envious. I’ll end up taking pour Edward home and rubbing his face off.”

I looked at Edward as he smiled and looked at me, “I had an accident a year ago and can’t… get hard or even produce sperm. We have our toys, but she likes me to go down on her.”

The girls were quiet when I looked back, Kit glanced nervously at her husband, “Sam, we were thinking of only two children, but maybe if this works out. There might be more.”

Edward looked at his wife, “Are you thinking of your own family?”

She nodded and Edward smiled as he looked at me, “She has three sisters.”

Kit seemed to shift around on the couch as she looked at Shelia, “How strict are you about it being couples?”

Shelia looked at her and then at me, “I don’t know, I guess that would depend. The final say is Sam’s.”

Kit looked at me and then her husband. She looked down at the floor, “My oldest sister Lisa is twenty five, she is single and sometimes I think, gay, but she surprises me so maybe not. She was thinking about having a child… that was before Edward’s accident. I was going ask him to…”

She looked up at her surprised husband and then at me, “She wants a baby really bad.”

I looked at Shelia and then out the window. Everyone was quiet while I thought about this. I looked back at Kit, “Talk to her, if she wants this than I want to talk to her, tonight. Kit, it won’t be like you and your husband. Tell her I will ask questions that I need answers to, honest answers.”

Kit looked back at me, “You mean because she might be… gay.”

I shook my head, “No, because she is single.”

I looked at the clock and smiled as I looked back at Kit, “Kit, I will see you… and Edward if you want, next Monday.”

Kit grinned as she stood up, “What time do you get up before school?”

I grinned, “I always get up with the sun or sometimes before and then swim or go for a run. I leave for school at six thirty.”

She stepped close kissed me, “I’ll see you before six.”

I watched them leave and looked at Jessica grinning, “Feeling a little adventurous?”

She grinned back, “What did you have in mind?”

I grinned back, “How about sex out by the pool?”

She jumped off the couch and started for the back door, “You don’t have to ask me twice.”

I looked at Shelia, “Do you want to join us?”

Shelia shook her head, “Robert is working late. I’ll order pizza for dinner but I think I will take a nice warm bath first.”

I gave her a kiss and headed out the back door, Jessica had already taken off her shirt and panties. She held her arms out as she stood beside one of the wooden loungers. I dropped my shorts and walked to her. I held her and kissed her, sticking my tongue in her mouth. As we kissed, I moved her back to the lounger and sat her down.

I spread her legs and pushed her back onto the lounger as I kissed down her body. I licked her clit and gently pulled on it with my lips. I moved down and licked her wet fuck hole and licked up and down her slit as I caressed her inner thighs with my hands. Jessica groaned, “Enough… fuck me!”

She grabbed me and pulled me up her body. She reached between her legs and guided my cock to her open pussy. I pushed into her slowly until I was all the way inside her. I started fucking her with long steady strokes, stopping only to hold her tight against me when she came every few minutes. When she came, she would make soft mewing sounds and shake.

Finally twenty minutes after I started, she started getting tense and I felt that I was close. It felt like someone was watching us and I glanced back. Henry was standing in the doorway watching. I was fucking Jessica with short, hard strokes and leaned down as I felt my balls tighten, “Henry is watching.”

Jessica grabbed me as her back arched and she started jerking under me. She screamed, “Yes! DO IT NOW!”

I held her shoulders as I shoved my cock deep inside her. I could feel her cervix against the head of my cock as I started cumming. Her body shook and shuddered as she tossed her head back and forth. I shot spurt after spurt of cum into her and felt it begin to force its way back out past my cock. Finally it was over and we lay panting. I pulled out and moved to the side to grab the cushion off the chair next to us.

I was gently lifting Jessica when Henry knelt next to her and held her up for me. I slipped the cushion under her hips and looked at him. I was still a little unsure of him, but he only smiled as he bent to kiss Jessica. I stood, “Would you make sure she stays on the cushion for at least thirty minutes?”

Jessica smiled up at him and looked at me, “Are you going to join Shelia in her bath?”

I nodded and she grinned, “Maybe I’ll use the bedroom and let Henry fuck my ass.”

I laughed and waved as I grabbed my shorts and walked back into the house. I walked quietly back to Shelia’s room and knocked on the door. When she didn’t answer I opened it and poked my head in. The bedside lamp was on but her master bath door was closed. I walked across the room and tapped on the door.

When Shelia called for me to come in, I opened the door. I had never been in here before and smiled. She had a large shower and a great big bathtub. I smiled at her, “Can I join you in your swimming pool?”

Shelia was lying back relaxing and laughed, “Sure. Already finished with Jessica?”

I slipped into the bath next to her and lay back with a sigh, “Yes and Henry is here. She said she was going to take him to bed and let him fuck her ass.”

Shelia laughed and snuggled close. I put my arm around her and just held her. When the water started getting cold we got out. Shelia was very quiet as we dried each other. Finally she dropped her towel and came into my arms, “Sam, I really miss mom.”

I squeezed her, “Me too, every day, every hour.”

When my stomach growled she giggled and pulled away, “I think I better feed you before that animal gets loose.”

I laughed and put my shorts on. I waited at her bedroom door while she put on what looked like boys pajamas. We decided on Chinese instead of pizza so while Shelia called in the order, I grabbed a fresh tee shirt from the laundry room. I had just walked back into the kitchen when the door bell rang.

Shelia was still on the phone ordering so I went to the door. As soon as I opened the door I knew who it was. She looked just like Kit but with longer hair. I smiled and opened the door wider, “You’re Kit’s sister.”

She grinned, “They used to say she was my sister.”

I gestured for her to come in. She hesitated and then shrugged and walked through the door. I walked her into the living room and gestured to the couch. “Kit told you I would want to talk to you?”

She nodded and took a breath, “I’m not gay, I’m just not into sex that much.”

I looked at the doorway when Shelia came in, “Shelia, this is Kit’s sister.”

Shelia frowned and then smiled, “Lisa? I think that is the name she said.”

Lisa nodded, “Yes, Lisa.”

I glanced down at the folder, “Did you want to look at all the information?”

She shook her head, “Kit said it looked good, I’ll take her word for it.”

I looked at Shelia, “Is our guest still in the backyard?”

Shelia grinned, “No.”

I looked at Lisa, “How about we sit out by the pool and talk.”

She followed me out and I sat at the table with her across from me. “Okay let me get the big questions out of the way. Do you earn enough to support yourself and a baby? How do you plan to care for the baby while you work?”

She sat back in surprise. A minute later she sat up, “You only want to know if I make enough to support us and not how much?”

I nodded, “I don’t need to know how much you make and to be honest, I don’t want to know. I do want to know if you think you make enough to support a child.”

She looked at me and her mouth crooked into a smile, “Yes, I make enough. As for my plan on child care, that’s months away, but thinking about it, I will either use the department child care or the child care at Kit’s workplace.”

I smiled, “Any vices?”

She grinned, “Like drinking or lesbian sex?”

I watched her, “Like drinking or gambling or drugs.”

She sat back for a minute before leaning forward, “I could tell you anything.”

I smiled, “I have a very good sense of when someone isn’t telling the truth.”

She nodded, “Ok, I drink a glass of wine every now and then. I don’t gamble and don’t do drugs.”

I glanced at the door when Shelia poked her head out and looked back at Lisa, “Hobbies?”

She grinned, “Nude sunbathing and camping.”

I looked down and finally looked into her eyes, “Now I need your honest answer. Why shouldn’t you have this baby?”

She jerked and sat back, looking away. It was several minutes before she looked back at me, “Because I am a police officer and I put my life in danger almost every day.”

I was surprised, but she was telling the truth. I nodded, “Do you have a problem with my age?”

She smiled, “No.”

I nodded, “I have two conditions. You will name me as the child’s next of kin just in case and after you are six months pregnant you will spend the night with me.”

She looked at me and smiled, “Can you afford a child?”

I grinned and nodded, “Yes, as a matter of fact I can.”

She grinned back and looked at the kitchen window. She looked back at me, “So when do you want to start?”

I laughed and stood up, “How close is your cycle to your sisters?”

She smiled at me as we walked to the backdoor, “A couple of days apart.”

I walked her to the front door, “Get with Kit, we’ll start next Monday. I’ll need information she can tell you about.”

She looked at me as I held the door open for her, “You’re really going to do this?”

I smiled, “Yes, unless you change your mind. Kit can also tell you my price.”

She grinned, “She already told me that.”

I grinned back at her, “I’ll see you early next Monday.”

After closing the front door, I walked into the kitchen. Shelia walked in from the hall, “Well?”

I smiled, “She’ll start next Monday with Kit. Kit didn’t tell us she was a police officer.”

Shelia jerked, “A cop!”

I nodded, “We’ll find out next Monday morning if she really wants a baby.”

Shelia looked at me worried, “I don’t know if we should…”

I stopped her, “If she doesn’t say or do anything when Kit and I have sex we’ll know. I’ll go with them that Friday to buy the rings so no money changes hands.”

Shelia looked at me and then nodded, “If you’re sure.”

I stepped closer and kissed her just as the door bell rang for our food. Shelia paid for the food and we took it into the dinning room. We were just finishing when Jessica and Henry showed up. We left them to eat and I pulled a laughing Shelia behind me. I pulled her into her room and over to her bed. I turned around to face her, “I want to taste you.”

Shelia grinned as she took her pajamas off. I quickly stripped my shorts off as well. Shelia moved onto the bed on her hands and knees. She was on the edge of the bed and wiggled her ass at me. I grinned and moved behind her and knelt. I put my hands on her cheeks and spread her open before leaning in and licking her. I licked from her clit to her ass and then pushed my tongue inside her.

Shelia tasted really good and I couldn’t get enough. Robert walked in and I felt him touch me on the shoulder. I looked up and he was grinning, he had his finger over his lips. I went back to licking Shelia’s clit before sucking it in and teasing it with my tongue. Shelia had dropped her head to the bed and suddenly gasped and shuddered, “Fuck that is good!”

I kept moving my tongue back and forth over her clit. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Robert sit on the bed next to her head. The next time I glanced up, Shelia was sucking on his cock as she shuddered and shook. I stood behind her and slowly pushed my cock into her pussy.

Shelia shivered and took her mouth off Robert’s cock and looked back. After she saw me she looked up into Robert’s face and grinned before taking him back in her mouth. I pounded her pussy hard, with short and then long strokes. Shelia began moaning around Robert’s cock and I watched as he stiffened and his hips thrust up. Shelia was swallowing his cum as she began to jerk and shiver.

I felt myself getting close and started fucking her hard and fast. I couldn’t take it anymore and slammed my cock deep inside her before I started sending jet after jet of cum deep in her pussy.

I held my cock in her as she twisted and then started pulling away, only to slam her pussy back on my spurting cock. I gave her five large strings of sperm before I finally started to relax. I pulled back and smiled as she sighed. Robert grinned at me, “Our slut didn’t want you to pull out.”

I laughed, “Maybe you should lay her down and put something back in.”

He laughed and Shelia grinned back at me. I moved up her body and kissed her, “I’ll take a shower and go try to choke down my supplements.”

I slid off the bed and walked to the guest bathroom and a warm shower. I didn’t linger and was out in a couple of minutes. Jessica and Henry were still sitting at the table when I came into the kitchen. I smiled, “How was your second time Jessica?”

Jessica grinned as they both looked at me, “It was great.”

Henry laughed and I turned to the counter and groaned as I picked up my supplements. Jessica laughed, “Take the horse pills stud.”

While Henry joined her in laughing, I filled a glass with water and swallowed the pills one at a time. I waved at Henry as I left the room heading for my bedroom. I set my alarm and lay back in bed. I was just starting to drift off when Jessica came in and undressed before climbing into bed.

It was a long but enjoyable week. I would fuck Jessica when I woke up, exercise and then fuck Shelia before dressing and leaving for school. As soon as I got home, I would do Jessica and then Shelia again. At bed time I would fuck Shelia and then take Jessica to bed for the night.

Saturday morning I fucked Jessica real slow. She left a little later and the house seemed quieter, like something was missing. I sighed and went out to swim, I would have to get used to this too. I walked into the kitchen a little later and found Shelia and Robert sitting at the table holding hands. Robert looked up and smiled at me, “She’s pregnant.”

I grinned, “You’ve been saying that all week.”

Shelia leaned over to Robert and kissed him before she stood to come hug me. She held my hand and stepped back, “I used one of the home pregnancy tests. It said I’m pregnant.”

I grinned and looked at Robert, “You should take her out to celebrate.”

Robert laughed, “Good idea, I think I will.”

I was smiling to myself as I walked back to put some clean clothes on. I don’t think I can describe how I felt. It felt a little strange to not have someone always wanting sex but kind of a relief to. I spent the day at the mall shopping. I got home to find Shelia all dressed up. She smiled and gave me a kiss, “Take your pills. I left you dinner on the stove. Robert and I will be back later.”

I grinned at Robert as he came into the room, “Make sure she only drinks juice.”

He laughed and put his arm around her waist as they walked out. I ate a quiet dinner and thought about my life and realized that even though I still missed my mom, it wasn’t the same anymore. After watching a movie, I went to bed early and just fell asleep.

I woke to a warm body next to me and looked at the clock. I lifted the covers to see my naked sister’s body. She was sleeping on her back with her legs slightly spread. She had been saying she was jealous of the way I woke Jessica up so I moved down the bed and moved between her legs…

The Second Week

I woke to my alarm and glanced around my empty bed. Shelia had slept with Robert last night after teasing him all day about waking up with me licking her to a screaming orgasm. I rolled out of bed and slipped shorts on before heading for the pool. I reached the front room when someone knocked on the door. When I opened the door it was to see Lisa standing there. She held an overnight bag and smiled, “Did I beat Kit?”

I grinned and opened the door wider so she could come in, “Yes.”

She walked in and I closed the door, “I was just heading out to swim my laps.”

She grinned, “How about some other exercises instead?”

I smiled and then laughed and led her back to my bedroom. I pointed to the open armoire, “You and Kit will share the armoire.”

She looked at me, “Do we have a dress code?”

I laughed again, “Lisa, wear what makes you comfortable.”

She smiled, “I took a week off so just a long tee shirt.”

I looked in the open armoire, “You can wear the silk shirts if you want. Since you are going take the week off you can sunbathe by the pool.”

She grinned, “That was the idea.”

I smiled and took her overnight bag and set it down by the armoire. I looked into her eyes as I reached out to undress her. She was a little red faced but didn’t say anything or try to stop me. When she was naked, I stepped back and pulled my shorts down. I let her look at my cock before finally pulling her to the bed. I laid her down and walked around to climb in beside her. I was lying on my side as I faced her, “Now, what makes you aroused?”

She grinned and then laughed, “Right now it is you looking at me.”

I cupped a firm breast, “Can I go down on you?”

She laughed again and turned slightly to cup my head before pulling it down her body. I grinned and slid down and rolled between her legs as she spread them. I licked through her pussy and teased her clit. Lisa shivered and her hips pushed up. I pushed my tongue up inside her and then licked through her slit again. I covered her clit and sucked while wiggling my tongue.

I nibbled on her inner lips and licked her again before covering her clit. I hummed and sucked while wiggling my tongue and she jerked and shuddered before reaching down to cover her pussy. I smiled and moved up her body and settled between her legs. I pushed and my cock was slowly forced into her tight pussy. Lisa put her arms around me as I began to fuck her slowly. She shuddered and moaned, “ooohhhh!”

I smiled as she kept spasming lightly and her pussy rippled and squeezed my cock in a rhythm designed to milk the cum out of me. I fucked her hard for a few moments and then slowly. Lisa groaned and her body tightened before jerking and shaking, “YES!”

I shuddered and held her as I started spurting huge torrents of cum against her cervix and into her womb. Lisa spasmed almost violently as she felt the warm sperm filling her, “YYYEEEEESSSSSSSSS!”

I spewed a second thick stream of cum and Lisa gasped as her pussy tightened around my throbbing cock. I shuddered and jabbed into her for a strong gushing third spurt of cum. Lisa jerked and spasmed, “FUCK!”

She tightened her hold as I pumped another strong jet of cum through into her womb. A weaker fifth and then sixth followed and I sighed. Lisa shook me, “Damn!”

I grinned and kissed her before pulling out and reaching for a pillow, “Lift your hips.”

I slid the pillow under her hips and rolled out of bed as the doorbell sounded again. When I got there Shelia was already opening the door. Kit grinned as she walked in, “did I hear Lisa?”

Shelia grinned, “It sounded like it.”

I smiled and took her overnight bag. I turned and led her back to my bedroom. She grinned at Lisa when we came in and Lisa smiled back. “You’re in for a treat.”

Kit started striping as I set her bag beside Lisa’s. I turned and pulled my shorts down before walking towards a grinning Kit. I backed her to the side of the bed and pushed her back before kneeling. I pushed her legs open and leaned down to lick through her pussy. Lisa laughed softly as Kit groaned and shivered.

I pushed my tongue up inside her and then teased her clit. I nibbled and sucked on her clit as she jerked and shuddered. Slowly she started to shake harder and then arched her back, “Yes!”

I grinned and stood to turn her on the bed and move over her. I spread her legs with my knees and positioned my cock before pushing into her slowly. Kit groaned and thrust her hips up driving my cock deeper into her. I kissed her and started to fuck her with deep firm thrusts that made her jerk and shake.

Each time my cock went all the way into her it pressed against her cervix. Kit started breathing harder as her hips thrust up to meet mine. Her pussy contracted to squeeze my cock as her body suddenly arched, “YES!”

She bucked and thrashed around as I started fucking her a little harder. She tossed her head and grunted with each thrust and made quiet little whining sounds. She was constantly spasming and having light convulsions. Lisa finally moved over and caressed her face before kissing her. I pressed against her womb as my cock exploded with a huge surge of cum that exploded through into her womb. Kit screamed, “FUCK!”

She jerked and spasmed as I held her and continued to spew a second gushing torrent, her eyes were wide as she whimpered and shuddered while a third stream of sperm pumped into her fertile belly. I shuddered and sighed as a weak forth and then fifth spurt squirted into her. I kissed her before reaching for a pillow. I pulled out and moved back before lifting her hips and putting the pillow under her. Kit giggled and then started laughing, “Damn! No wonder you were screaming.”

Lisa grinned, “For being so young he sure hits the right spot.”

Kit laughed again, “And then drowns it.”

Lisa giggled as I slid out of bed, “I need to shower and get dressed.”

I walked out as they started talking and headed into the bathroom. Shelia slipped in behind me and rubbed my back, “It sounded like they enjoyed their first time.”

I grinned as I turned and hugged her, “Robert left early?”

She nodded and I pushed her to the counter and lifted her up. I pushed my cummy cock into her and she shivered as she wrapped her legs around my waist. I fucked her while reaching between us to rub her erect clit. Shelia shuddered and held me as I fucked her steadily while kissing her. A couple of minutes later she jerked and spasmed as her pussy squeezed my cock. She screamed into my mouth as she held me tight, “FUCK!”

I buried my cock deep inside her and just held her until she stopped shaking and slowly pulled out. I grinned and kissed her and helped her down before turning to the shower. Shelia climbed into the shower with me and washed me before giving me a kiss and pushing me out. Lisa and Kit were both sitting back on the bed talking when I came in and began dressing. I grinned, “I’ll see you after school.”

They grinned and waved as I left. Each class was mostly just talking about what we would cover and what we had done over the break. When I came in the front door it was to see Shelia kissing Robert passionately in the kitchen doorway. I grinned as I walked around them and pinched Shelia’s butt. She jerked and squeaked and Robert grinned, “She was complaining that she didn’t see you take your horse pills.”

I groaned and Shelia pointed her finger at me, “No complaining stud.”

Robert snickered and I grinned before sticking my tongue out and heading to the counter. After taking the pills I looked out the window at Kit and Lisa lying back naked on loungers. I headed to my room to undress and put just my shorts on. I went out back and smiled as the two women looked at me. I dove into the pool and started swimming laps. When I finished and climbed out they were waiting. Kit grinned, “Hey stud.”

I grinned as I walked to pick up my towel and dry off, “Hey sexy.”

They laughed and I turned to drop the towel and walk to Kit. I knelt at the foot of her lounger and reached out to grip her ankles and pull her down to the end. I spread her legs before leaning down to lick through her pussy. She groaned and Lisa laughed, “This must be a full service resort.”

Kit laughed and shuddered as I sucked on her clit and wiggled my tongue on it. I nibbled on her inner lips before pushing my tongue up inside her. I moved back to her clit and started wiggling my tongue against it. After several minutes of her jerking and spasming I lifted my head and moved up her body lifting her legs onto my shoulder.

I guided my cock and slowly pushed into her before starting to fuck her with deep thrusts that made her grunt. I was pulling almost out of her before thrusting back against her cervix. A minute later Kit spasmed and thrashed around as her pussy contracted on my cock. “FUCK ME!”

Lisa moved to sit beside her sister as I continued to fuck her. I was doing it a little harder as Kit panted and shook. Lisa reached out to tug on a nipple and Kit cried out, “YES!”

She jerked and convulsed as I slowed to deep thrusts, grinding against her. Her pussy was spasming and contracting around my cock as I continued to fuck her slippery hole. I finally groaned and shuddered as I pushed against her cervix and spewed a thick stream of sperm that started flooding her womb. Kit jerked as she felt the warm cum pump into her, “YYEEEESSSSSS!”

I spurted and spewed large ropes of sperm until her womb was full and she was leaking. I slowly pulled out and Kit sighed as Lisa grinned and rubbed her tummy, “Good?”

Kit laughed, “Service that makes you smile.”

Lisa laughed as I stood up and looked around for a cushion to put under Kit’s hips. Lisa grinned and pulled one from her lounger and Kit lifted up so she could position it. I smiled at Lisa and moved to sit behind her with my legs around her, “Now, did you two make those lists I asked for?”

They both laughed and Lisa turned to caress my face, “So far you don’t need them.”

I squeezed her and moved off the lounger before laying her on her stomach. I smiled at Kit as I straddled Lisa’s upper thighs and started giving her a back massage. She groaned as her muscles slowly relaxed. I moved from her lower back to her shoulders and finally her neck before stopping.

I moved off her and winked at Kit as I headed towards the house after grabbing my shorts. I headed into the shower to wash off the chlorine before putting a clean pair of shorts on. Shelia and Robert finally came out of their bedroom and I grinned, “Getting in an afternoon quickie?”

Robert grinned and Shelia stuck out her tongue. Lisa walked in the back door and smiled as she looked at me, “Nice massage. I’m ready for something more though.”

I smiled and stood up, “In that case why don’t you come to my office?”

She laughed as she started following me back to my bedroom. I closed the door as she walked towards the bed and I followed her as I stripped out of my shorts. I moved between her legs and leaned down to squeeze her clit between my lips. Lisa jerked and shuddered as I licked her wet pussy and started teasing her clit. When I raked my teeth over it a minute later she spasmed, “Yes!”

I grinned and moved up her shaking body. Lisa shuddered as she held her arms out and I positioned my cock before slowly entering her. She sighed as I lay between her legs and kissed her and then she spasmed as I pulled almost out and thrust back against her womb, “fuck!”

I used long, deep thrusts and her tight pussy grabbed my cock each time I tried to pull out. Lisa sighed and kept shuddering and then screamed as I fucked her hard for a few strokes. She thrashed around and bucked as I buried my cock and ground against her. I used deep, firm thrusts as she continued to shake and her body slowly stiffened.

Finally she lifted her legs and spread them really wide as I thrust into her and pushed into her cervix. She screamed as I held still and shuddered while spewing a thick stream of sperm straight through into her womb. Her eyes rolled up until I could only see the whites as her body jerked in strong spasms.

I spurted a second huge rope into her and then a third as she begun convulsing. I pumped a weaker fourth and then just dribbled sperm while Lisa’s body went limp and her legs dropped to the bed.

I looked at Lisa’s smiling face and pulled out before reaching for a pillow. I had to lift her hips and pull the pillow into place because she was still unconscious. I tucked the blanket around her and lay next to her waiting. It was almost ten minutes before her eyes flickered and then slowly opened. I smiled and reached out to caress her cheek, “You okay?”

Lisa blinked, “What happened?”

I laughed, “You passed out.”

She looked at me and then grinned, “I remember. You were peeing in my womb.”

I grinned, “Just cumming.”

She shook her head and then laughed, “Damn.”

I rubbed her tummy under the blanket, “give it another fifteen or twenty minutes.”

Lisa smiled at me, “You put enough in for twins.”

I kissed her and rolled off the bed, “I put enough in for a whole litter.”

I left as she laughed and headed into the bathroom to wash. I found Kit and Shelia in the kitchen and moved up behind Shelia to kiss the back of her neck as I reached around to cup her breasts. She shuddered as her hips pushed back and Kit laughed, “Tease.”

I grinned and turned Shelia to kiss her, “Where’s Robert?”

She caressed my face, “In the lot next door with an architect.”

I grinned, “In that case I’ll be back.”

I found Robert talking to an older man that smiled at me when Robert introduced me, “Very innovative idea.”

I nodded, “Will it work?”

He nodded, “It should.”

We talked about what I wanted and then he left. Robert and I returned to the house and found the three women in the kitchen drinking tea. Shelia grinned, “Kit and Lisa were both just telling me you came in their womb.”

I smiled, “And they seemed to like it.”

They laughed and I went to get a drink before going to get my school books and starting to study. More then once Kit appeared to run her fingers through my hair. Lisa would caress my shoulder but wouldn’t interrupt. After dinner I pulled the two women out back and laid them down before giving them a massage. I laid beside them in another lounger after I finished and relaxed.

They both stretched as it got dark and then surprised me by going to the pool and diving in. I watched as they swam laps and when they got out I was holding towels. I led them to the showers to wash the chlorine off and then headed towards the bedroom. Kit pulled me into bed as Lisa shut the light off and walked around to the other side.

Kit kissed me and tried to pull on me. I grinned and moved back before turning her onto her stomach. I straddled her and bent my cock to push down into her. I thrust forward and Kit groaned and shuddered, “I’ve never done it like this.”

Lisa laughed and reached out to caress her sister’s face, “This is a full service resort remember?”

Kit laughed and shuddered as her pussy spasmed and squeezed my cock. I fucked down into her hard for a minute and then thrust straight up and held my cock in her nice and deep as she went rigid, “FUCK!”

She jerked and convulsed as her pussy contracted around my cock. I waited and then went back to fucking her but with firm deep thrusts that made her grunt. It was only a couple of minutes before she thrust back hard and screamed as her pussy squeezed my cock. “I’M CUMMING!”

Lisa chuckled as I went to slow thrusts to let Kit calm down. I finally sighed and pulled out of Kit. I rolled her onto her back and lifted her legs up to her chest. I slowly pushed back into her and started to fuck her with firm, deep thrusts that pressed my cock against her cervix.

A minute later I pushed into her womb as she started convulsing and peed a huge stream of sperm. Kit jerked and convulsed harder as she howled, “CCCCUUUUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGGGGGG!”

I sighed and then jabbed back into her full womb to spew another huge rope of cum. Kit spasmed violently, “OOOOHHHHHH... GGGGGGOOOOOODDDDDDDD!”

I shuddered and jerked back before jabbing back into her leaking womb to spurt a huge jet of cum. Kit jerked uncontrollably and screamed again, “AAAAGGGGGAAAAIIIIIIINNNNNNNNN!”

I shivered and pulled back slightly to spurt two more times. I finally sighed and shifted to let Kit’s legs drop to the bed. She was breathing hard and twitching as I slowly pulled out of her and reached for a pillow. Lisa laughed, “Damn!”

Kit groaned and shuddered as I raised her hips to place the pillow. She turned her head to look at her sister, “Don’t you dare tell anyone.”

Lisa grinned, “I think you just got the best fucking of your life.”

Kit grinned and shivered, “He came in my womb again.”

Lisa grinned as I moved around the bed and climbed in beside her. I caressed her body as she lay back and sighed. It was awhile before I did anything else and Lisa was already shuddering. I kissed her as I moved between her legs and she groaned. Kit laughed as I slowly pushed into her sister and Lisa’s hips lifted off the bed.

My cock slowly penetrated her and I began moving slowly. I fucked her as I kissed her softly and it wasn’t long before she was panting and spasming. Her pussy contracted around my cock and Lisa screamed into my mouth, “YES!”

She jerked and twitched as I kept fucking her with slow, deep thrusts. I changed to long, hard thrusts just as she began to relax and she arched her back, she squirted and her whole body convulsed almost violently. Lisa grabbed me as if her life depended on it and screamed into my shoulder, “AAAAHHHHHH!”

I slowed to bury my cock and just use short, grinding thrusts. Lisa lifted her legs up and wrapped them around my waist. That opened her up and my cock slipped deeper to press against her cervix. I shuddered and pulled back for a long, deep stroke before fucking her hard. She spasmed and howled as her pussy squeezed and milked my cock.

I shoved into her and firmly pressed my jerking, throbbing cock against her womb just before it exploded. I poured a thick torrent of sperm straight through into her womb and Lisa started thrashing around as her legs around me tightened holding me in place. I shivered as the stream of sperm stopped and then jerked and jabbed into her as the second spewing load started. Lisa bucked and tossed her head, “OH FUCK!”

A third large stream spurted into her and then a fourth. Lisa dropped to the bed panting, ignoring the last two spurts of cum as it pumped into her. I held her and didn’t want to pull out but finally kissed her softly and did. I moved away and grabbed a pillow Kit offered and Lisa lifted her hips, “I seriously doubt I need this.”

Kit laughed, “Tough, its part of the resort service.”

Lisa laughed and grinned at Kit as I lay between them. I relaxed as they talked quietly and woke to my alarm. I moved over a sleepy Kit to shut the alarm off and she pulled me down into a kiss. I grinned as I pulled back, “Lisa gets me first then I need to do my laps and shower. You get me before I leave for school.”

Lisa laughed from the other side of the bed as Kit grinned. I kiss Kit and moved to Lisa, I caressed her body. I loved feeling her tight tummy and then I was fingering her. She shuddered and spread her legs a little wider. I licked her breast and sucked on the nipple making her gasp and shudder harder. I looked up and grinned before moving between her legs.

I slowly pushed into her warm slippery pussy and Lisa groaned and her hips lifted off the bed. I started off with slow, long, deep thrusts and she met each one. Gradually we went faster and I was fucking her more firmly. Ten minutes later her body spasmed and she arched her back, “YES!”

Her pussy squeezed my cock as I pressed against her cervix and began shooting large ropes of sperm. Lisa gasped and jerked as the first warm jet pumped into her body and then began shaking and jerking. I spurted and spewed huge loads into her and finally stopped. I lay on her shuddering and Kit chuckled, “Definitely a full service resort.”

Lisa broke out laughing and squeezed me before I pulled out and accepted the pillow Kit offered. I put the pillow under Lisa and rolled out of bed to grab a pair of shorts. The house was quiet as I made my way out to the pool. When I pulled myself out of the pool the sun was just rising. After my horse pills, I showered and walking into my room to see Kit sitting back smiling while Lisa looked like she was asleep.

I grinned and grabbed everything for school before pulling Kit up and led her into the living room. I heard Shelia in the kitchen and ignored her as I dropped everything and bent Kit over the back of the couch. She laughed as she looked back and I rubbed her warm pussy. I moved behind her and pushed into her in one long thrust.

Kit grunted as I started fucking her with long, deep, demanding strokes. I held her hips and didn’t stop or slow down when her pussy suddenly tightened and squeezed my cock. Kit jerked and spasmed on the couch before yelling, “FUCK ME!”

I kept going ignoring her shaking body and Shelia as she came to stand beside us. I was pulling almost out of her before thrusting into her again. Kit kept spasming and jerking, her pussy tightening and squeezing my cock. Finally after almost fifteen minutes I thrust into her and held her struggling body as I began pumping a huge torrent of sperm. Kit froze and looked back with her eyes wide, “Fuck!”

I shuddered and jabbed into her for the second strong gushing spurt and Kit jerked in surprise before grinning. Her body was still twitching and shaking as a third stream of cum exploded deep inside of her. Kit shuddered hard, “YES!”

The other three or four spurts of cum were much weaker and I sighed when I stopped. I bent over Kit and kissed her shoulder, “See you later.”

Shelia laughed as Kit giggled and rolled over onto the couch and put her legs up. I dressed and kissed my sister before heading out. That was the way the week went except for Wednesday when I met Dr. Peterson and his wife Emma. Friday, when I got home Shelia kissed me and gave me two home testing kits. They were both pregnant and Kit called Edward right away. I kissed her before they left. Lisa actually spent the night and enjoyed a bit of slow morning sex Saturday morning.

I sighed when she left and turned to find Shelia waiting in the hall naked, “Come to bed little brother.”

A Match

After that week Shelia tried to limit the number of women to one a week. She or Jessica made up for it though. I was seventeen almost eighteen when I met Trish, she was new at the school. She was a dirty blonde and right away she made a name for herself by kneeing a football player for groping her. We seemed to hit it off though and I really liked her but how to tell her what I was doing without losing her?

We had always gone to her house or the park and I finally asked her to come over. My house was a little different because I had designed it that way. I had four bedrooms, a den or theater room, an office, a large comfortable living room, a dinning room and a large kitchen. The house was in a large L shape and had an indoor pool in the L part that all the rooms opened off of. Even the kitchen was part of the pool area. It also had a large rubber matted play area for children.

It was Friday and I had just finished testing Melody, the current woman I was helping. Her husband was also here and they had been ecstatic when they came out of the bathroom. It was my birthday and Shelia was throwing a party. The door bell rang and I opened it to see Trish. She was a little early but I let her in. I led her into the kitchen and poured two glasses of juice. Melody walked in grinning and bent to kiss me, “Thank you so much Sam.”

I smiled, “See you in six months.”

She nodded and turned to walk back to her husband in the doorway. Trish was looking at me with her eyebrows raised. I sighed, “I need to tell you some things that you need to know.”

It was hard telling her, knowing she might just leave and I would never see her again. It came out slowly and I didn’t make excuses. When I finished Trish was sitting back and holding her empty glass, “So you have sex with all these women and get them pregnant?”

I nodded, “Yes. I get tested every Friday after school. I only do it with women that can’t have children with their husbands and can’t afford to get pregnant any other way.”

Trish leaned forward, “So how often do you have sex?”

I shrugged, “Three to six times a day, I told you about having to take supplements. I told you about my sister and Jessica.”

Trish waved that away, “How do you know you can get them pregnant doing it only three to six times a day?”

I smiled, “I told you how much I cum Trish. My cock is nine inches long.”

She looked thoughtful and not angry. She finally looked at me, “Can I meet your sister?”

I nodded, “She’s throwing a birthday party for me later.”

I hesitated, “You’re not mad?”

Trish smiled, “You never lied to me. You waited to tell me this before we had sex.”

I nodded, “I like you and wanted you to know before we…”

She laughed and looked around, “So where is your sister?”

I smiled, “She lives next door. This is my house.”

Trish stood up, “Can I look around?”

I stood and hesitantly took her hand before starting the tour. She surprised me by understanding right away why I had planned the house like I had. By the time we left and crossed the front lawn to Shelia’s she had her arm around my waist like she used to do.

I walked into a house of chaos. I would like to say I followed the rule I had made Shelia and Robert promise to but I didn’t. I released Trish in time to catch my son Thomas and swing him around as he screamed, “Uncle SAM!”

I smiled at Trish as I set him down and was suddenly over run by small children screaming the same thing. “Uncle SAM!”

It wasn’t just Shelia’s, it was Jessica’s, Kit’s and Lisa’s too. There were even more children in the kitchen as I looked around and Trish frowned, “How many did you say…”

I stood up, “There are way to many here.”

She actually grinned as Shelia poked her head around the hallway corner, “Sam?”

I smiled as I took Trish’s hand, “I brought Trish over to meet you.”

She smiled and came out, “Jessica and Kit are on diaper duty.”

I gestured and she laughed, “A few of your clients came to celebrate and brought the children with them.”

I murmured, “I hope they have ID bracelets.”

Trish looked at me quickly and then laughed as she held her hand out to Shelia, “Nice to meet you.”

The next thing I knew she was pulling Shelia away or Shelia was pulling her away and I was being pulled into the living room to read a story to the children. The afternoon was filled with yelling children, messy cake everywhere and many women, some I hadn’t seen for awhile.

As evening approached the house quieted and Robert took over watching the children. I found Trish, Shelia, Jessica and Kit out by the pool. I sat down with a sigh and Shelia laughed, “If you came over more they wouldn’t hold you prisoner so long.”

I smiled, “I come over almost every day.”

I looked at Trish, “They haven’t scared you off have they?”

She grinned, “They explained everything. Shelia and Jessica even told me about being your lover.”

I nodded, “I didn’t hide that. I told you.”

She smiled, “I know you did, but I imagine you told me because you want to keep seeing me.”

I nodded again, “I really like you Trish. Believe it or not, you are the first girl I ever brought home.”

She laughed, “You didn’t need to bring any girl home if you were already getting sex.”

I looked at her and she smiled, “Since you brought me home it tells me you’re not thinking with your little head.”

I grinned, “That one is sleeping right now.”

Every one laughed and Kit leaned forward, “We were talking about if she had a problem with you helping women get pregnant.”

I looked at Trish and she smiled and shook her head, “No, I don’t now that I have met and talked to so many that wanted children so badly.”

She grinned at me, “But… Tonight is mine.”

I smiled and she looked at Shelia and then Jessica, “I don’t mind you two being his lovers either. I think between the three of us we can each get what we need.”

I looked at her and Jessica laughed, “I was worried.”

Trish smiled, “Tomorrow we can talk about other things.”

She stood and held her hand out to me. When we got home, I led her back to my room and she sighed, “Is this… do you…”

I turned and pulled her close, “Only Shelia and Jessica. I use another bedroom for work.”

She snorted before kissing me, “Some work.”

I smiled, “What about your parents should we…”

Trish laughed, “Mom isn’t expecting me home tonight.”

I started undressing her and Trish only watched. I sat her on the bed before standing back to remove my own clothes. She was looking at my hard cock as I moved back to her. I smiled and knelt, pushing her legs open. I rubbed her thighs and hips before pushing her back and leaning down to lick through her pussy.

I nibbled on her inner lips before teasing her clit with my tongue. Trish shuddered and put her hands behind my head. I started teasing her clit and gently biting it. Trish jerked and shuddered, “mmmmm!”

I kept licking through her pussy and pushing my tongue up inside her. I was sucking on her clit and humming when she started bucking and twisted away with a scream, “YES!”

I grinned and moved up her body and settled between her legs as she shuddered and twitched. Finally she put her arms around me, “Wait.”

I looked at her and she bit her lip. Slowly she started talking about the boys she had sex with. I kept kissing her neck and under her ear, waiting. When she stopped and looked at me, I smiled and kissed her on the mouth, “Did you use protection?”

She nodded and I began pushing with my hips, slowly forcing my cock into her. Trish groaned and spread her legs more as slowly she was impaled by my thick cock. When I was pressing against her womb I stopped and kissed her again. Trish held me tight as her body shook and then I started fucking her with long, deep thrusts.

She thrust her hips up to meet each of mine and grinned at me. It wasn’t long before she jerked and spasmed erratically. I pressed into her harder and felt my cock push her cervix open. Trish gasped and looked at me with wide eyes, “FUCK!”

I kissed her, “That is how I know I can get them pregnant.”

She grinned and shook me before I pulled back and continued to fuck her. Every few minutes her pussy would tighten and squeeze my cock as she jerked and shuddered. It was almost twenty minutes before I buried my cock in her womb as it throbbed and began peeing sperm. Trish arched her back and screamed, “OH… MY… GOD!”

I sprayed and then spewed and finally spurted cum into her expanding womb. I lay on her after I was finished and just held her shaking body. Trish rolled until she was on top of me and sighed as she put her head on my shoulder. “That was amazing.”

She caressed me and almost whispered, “I… Sam? I can’t have children.”

I looked at her quickly and she lifted her head to see me, “My doctor said I was infertile.”

I rubbed and caressed her, “Well, it isn’t like I don’t already have one or two.”

Trish nodded and put her head back on my shoulder before lifting her hips. I sighed as my cock came out of her and I squeezed her.

Trish was wrong, we knew by the end of the month that she was pregnant. Her doctor couldn’t understand how it had happened. Trish seemed to love sitting with Shelia and Jessica and had confided to them that she knew how it had happened. She had looked at me in the play area with Robert, Henry and all the kids, “Sam’s my fertility god.”

Shelia and Jessica had laughed but they had agreed.


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