Pam Gets An Offer To Become A Porn Star
Saved By Lester 4 Entertaining Lester's Friend

Lester dropped my off at his apartment asking me to make his friend, Ryan, feel at home. I looked at him and smiled and he smiled back, I didn’t have to ask what he had in mind. I went into the apartment and found Ryan stretched out on the couch sort of snoozing. He woke when I said, “Hi, I’m Pam, you must be Ryan. Lester told me to make you feel at home. Can I get you a drink or a beer or something?” I got the big time eyeball particularly when I swirled around and headed to get him a beer. While in the kitchen I took of my panties, pinched my nipples and headed back to my guest.

“Will you answer a question for me?” he asked.

“Sure,” I replied.

“Why did you take your panties off?”

“What,” I asked.

“You heard me, when you went to get my beer you had them on, now you don’t, Why?”

I didn’t answer, just swung my leg over him and lowered my pussy down on his face. As I began rubbing his nose and face back and forth, he grabbed my thighs and pulled me tighter. He was very good and I soon rewarded him with some love juice.

“Does that answer your question?” I asked as I stood up. “Now it’s my turn.” I dropped to my knees beside him and started undoing his pants. I rubbed his now hard cock with one hand as I worked to release it with the other. What a beautiful piece of meat I was holding. There was just a hint of precum on the tip which I licked off. His hard cock felt so good as I eased it into my mouth and down my throat. His moaning told me he couldn’t believe that I could swallow the whole thing, but of course I did. I enjoyed sucking him but my pussy was begging for some action. I untied his shoes and to them and his socks off, then pulled his pants down and off. While I was doing that he had his shirt off so he was completely nude and in short order so was I. lowering down on his big cock was so wonderful and so was the following cowgirl ride. He asked me to reverse which I did and then got up on my feet so I could really fuck him. It was strange how often he wanted to change positions but I didn’t care as long as his cock was in me.

We ended up with me giving him a lap dance. As he fucked me I rubbed my nipples on his face and occasionally kissed him. As I was getting fucked hard the door opened and in walked two other guys, both nude with big hard black cocks in their hands. With a grin I said, “Two holes available, no waiting.”

And there wasn’t. One guy came over to my side, took my head in his hand and pushed his cock into my mouth. The other guy rubbed his up and down the crack of my ass and in seconds was pushing it into my rosebud. And it was wonderful; I must have had close to 30 inches of cock in me. I was deep throating one and the other two were buried in my pussy and ass. And almost like it was planned at one point they all stopped fucking and just stayed there, all of their cocks deep in me. Then the fucking resumed. I had been tripled before a couple of times but not with this much meat in each hole.

The cock in my ass was the first to finish being pulled out and brought up to my mouth. I barely got one cock out and his in before he started shooting. He had a big load for me. I swallowed it all and licked him sort of clean. Then it was Ryan’s turn so I slid down his body and sucked him dry. He also had a big load for me. While I had been draining the other two the one I had been sucking was jacking off so he gave me a couple of mouthfuls.

As Ryan dressed he told me he would tell Lester that I had made him feel right at home and also a couple of his friends. The guys left and I was alone, full of cum with a sort of sore asshole and cunt. I showered and was just stepping out when Lester came in. “Did you enjoy Ryan?” he asked.

I smiled and replied, “Yes and a couple of his friends.”

A couple days later I was just waking up when Lester told me we were getting together with Ryan and he didn’t know who all at Eddy’s. I showered, we had some breakfast and headed out. When we got to Eddy’s the first person I saw was Yzeena. I rushed over to her and hugged her and gave her a big, wet kiss. Then I noticed Eddy and Ryan. The five of us sat down and Ryan began.

“First of all, Eddy and Lester and I have been friends since high school. We talked and they thought you two girls might be interested in making some money, possibly a lot of money. Here’s the deal. I have contacts in the Middle East that smuggle in porn. There is none produced there because if women are caught they are raped, stoned and killed. Equally as bad happens to men who participate. So I produce top grade porn, record it on DVDs and ship it to my contacts. These DVDs can’t be downloaded or copied or reproduced. The content is never on the internet. There are clubs that will pay thousands of dollars for one really good DVD.”
“So,” he continued, “Me and my guys had some really outstanding sex from you two girls which I guess could be considered auditions. I am ready to offer you both some real money if you want to become porno queens. And I want to say that I will make good on every offer I make because if I don’t I know that Eddy and Lester will cut my nuts off and stuff them down my throat.”

I looked at Lester and he smiled and nodded his head and I knew he was serious. I looked back at Ryan and got a sort of smile, confirming that he believed every word he had said. Then he continued,

“I edit what I shoot down to 30 minute segments and put 4 segments on a DVD. I will pay you each 2 thousand dollars for each 30 minute segment. If I add a guy I add a thousand for each of you. If I had another guy, it’s another thousand. If you want to do individual shoots, that is just one of you and one guy it starts at two thousand. Do you understand so far?”

I nodded my head and looked at Z. She was also nodding. I’m not sure it had sunk in just exactly how much money he was talking about but I was interested. Then he went back to his presentation,

“I have a place in the country about an hour from here that I use as a studio. The guy and his wife that own it used to shoot a lot of porn but she is older and not quite as hot as she used to be so they just rent out their facilities. We will go up there for 4 or 5 days, you will have your own room or you can stay together, you will have the run of the place. They serve good food, you can get a snack whenever you want, swim in the pool do whatever you want to do. They have dogs and horses. We will probably shoot about 3 hours a day but that will be up to you. Still with me?”

Z and I both nodded so he went on, “The main thing I want to stress is that I will be there all the time. I will be in charge. If there is something you don’t want to do, say so. If you want to stop, say so. If you want to come home, say so. You have the opportunity to make some real bucks, but it’s entirely up to you.”

I wasn’t real good at math but still was able to figure out that if Z and I did a half hour movie with 3 guys we’d each make 5 thousand dollars. I spent more time that that the day before with Ryan and his two friends. Get paid that kind of money doing what I love to do, amazing, wonderful and I really wanted to try it. But I wanted to talk to Lester first, alone.

“Ryan, I will have to say that I am interested but before I say yes I want to talk to Lester. Would an answer tomorrow be OK?”

“I agree,” Said Z, “But I want to talk to Eddy first.”

“No problem at all,” said Ryan, “I want everybody in before we talk about when. Eddy and Lester have my cell number so call me tomorrow.”

Ryan left us, Lester got up and we followed him out. When we got home Lester said he was going to take a nap cause he had the late shift. I asked him if I could join him and he said sure. By the time I was undressed Lester was laying on his back with no clothes on. I joined him and took the position I just love. Laying on top of him, my head on his chest and his cock rubbing my legs. I moved around until it was hard and then brought it up between my legs at my crotch. There were still a couple of inches for me to hold and stroke as we talked.

“Do you think I should do it?” I whispered.

“That is entirely up to you little one. I trust Ryan because we have been friends for a long time. And he knows that what he said would happen will happen if anything goes wrong. I have seen some of his work, in fact I have seen the gal he was talking about in a video he shot four or five years ago. She was one hot momma who loves to fuck. He puts out good stuff.”

“Is she black or white or?” I asked.

“Actually she’s Hispanic, he’s black.”

“And why did he throw in that they had dogs and horses. It’s a farm, wouldn’t they have them?”
“I guess he just wanted you to know everything about the place,” he replied.

“If I do this, will it change our relationship?” I asked, “Because if it will, if you will start thinking of me as a whore or something worse, I won’t do it.”

“No it won’t change a thing. You have been with me for what about 4 or 5 weeks? That is way longer than any other girl I’ve kept around. And why, because I look at you as my lover, not just someone to fuck.”
I lifted my head and looked at Lester and started crying. That was the closest anyone had ever come to telling me they loved me. I laid my head back on his chest and wept.

Lester’s hard cock was rubbing on my pussy and I decided I wanted it in me. I got up on my feet and lowered my cunt down on his shaft. I wasn’t real wet yet so it took a bit but soon I was fucking my man with vigor. He was holding my hips as I went up and down and he went down and up. I was, as usual, almost out of my mind in pleasure. We fucked for maybe 10 minutes before the tenseness in Lester’s body told me he was about to cum. I turned around and lowered my cunt on his mouth as I took his cock down my throat. I was rewarded with generous amounts of protein which I devoured. Very shortly after Lester was rewarded with a face full of mine. I rolled over on the bed with a big smile on my face, entirely happy.

“What are you grinning about?” he asked.

“I was just thinking about doing what I really like to do and getting paid big bucks for it,” I replied, except it won’t be with you.”

I drifted off to sleep until I felt someone tickling my feet. “Come on sleepy head, I’ve got to get to work and I’m going to drop you off at Eddy’s.”

I yawned and stretched and asked if I had time for a shower. “No and hurry or I’m going to be late for work. You can take one at Eddy’s.”

Lester dropped me off and I knocked and went in. Z was setting on the couch and acted surprised to see me. She got up and grabbed me and gave me a big wet kiss. Then she said, “You smell like a French whorehouse, did you just fuck Lester?”

“Yessss,” I replied with a big smile. “And it was wonderful as usual.”

“You cunt,” Z said as she pushed me down on the sofa. Then she was on me, kissing me as her hands pulled my thong off. Her tongue licked up and down my pussy from clit to rosebud. I had just had a big climax with Lester and was about to have another with Z.

“You are such a good pussy eater,” I whispered, “Do you want a mouthful?”

“Yess,” she replied. “A big mouthful.”

“Open wide,” I said as my climax began. I grabbed her head pulling her face tighter into my pussy. She didn’t resist at all. I squirted more then I had with Lester and she drank it all.

“That was fun,” Z said with a grin, “I’m glad you dropped by.”

We lay out on the couch in each other’s arms and chatted. Finally I asked her, “What do you think about our
job offer?”

“First, if we can do it together I think we should do it, and second, if we don’t do it I think we are fucking crazy.”

I held her tight and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, meet the industries newest porn stars.”

Hope you enjoy my story. Chapter 5 will be Going To The Farm.
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