My name is Steve, I’m sixteen and don’t really have a lot of experience with women. Well, to be honest, I don’t have any experience. I’m almost six feet tall with brown hair. I am in very good shape, my father runs hunting and fishing slash survival camps. We guide people out to hunt or fish. During the off season, we take people out to do survival training. Because of the way we live, I have always been home schooled.

It was the end of June and I had just spent a couple of weeks in Alaska with my uncle and was taking a flight home. I had packed everything in my trunk and checked it in. The hard part had been the weapon, with all the restriction now it was a long process. I sat in the waiting area to board and watched my fellow passengers. I guess I’m not like other kids my age, no cell phone, no portable video games, no laptop.

I did have a book reader that had over fifteen hundred books on it and two additional cards with just as many books on each. I even had a folding solar panel to charge it when we were in the woods. Some of the passengers were interesting, a large woman that I bet myself would have to use two seats.

A group of three men wearing long leather trench coats and acting protective over the cases they were carrying. An older woman that kept touching her carry on bag protectively. A large group of army guys talking loud. But I was really only watching one, a tall girl with long reddish blonde hair.

I couldn’t see what color her eyes were because of her sunglasses. She looked like she was maybe eighteen and had a great body. She had this long tight dress on and wore high heels that made you want to look at her ass. When we boarded the plane I sat in a window seat over the wing. I glanced across the isle to see the blonde in the seat straight across from me. There wasn’t a lot of passengers so we were spread out.

From the start the flight was bumpy, with turbulence from a spring storm. We were about halfway to Seattle when the plane was suddenly hit with a large bolt of lightning and then another and then another. It was like we were a magnate. I don’t know how many bolts hit us. All I know is that suddenly we were going down. The pilot and co piloted weren’t answering and the plane was spinning as it dropped. The engines I could see had smoke coming out of them. Basically, we were screwed.

Instead of strapping in like they had told us to do. I sat on the floor in front of my seat with my back against the seat that had been in front of me. I glanced over to see the blonde following my example. I can’t describe the crash and don’t really want to remember the fear and terror it caused me to feel.

When the plane finally stopped moving and silence took over, I finally squeezed out of the hole I was in. The body of the plane had been ripped open in several places and there was blood everywhere. I checked myself for injuries, but beside some scraps and a few shallow cuts I was fine.

I started making my way to the back of the plane, checking people as I went. Most I only had to look at before I moved on. When I came back, heading towards the front of the plane, I found the blonde. She had bruises and scrapes and two cuts. One long shallow one on her upper left arm and a deep one on her upper chest by the right shoulder.

I stopped the bleeding by keeping pressure on the wounds. She also had a lump on the side of her head and wouldn’t wake up. I finished checking everyone and beside me, the blonde was the only one alive. It took some time, but I managed to carry her to the one emergency door that looked intact.

The inflated slide let us get to the ground. It was still raining but only lightly. The plane was under some tall pine trees that helped hide it. I carried the blonde a hundred yards away and finally set her down in a small moss covered area completely overhung with tree branches that seemed dry. The branches kept the area dry at least for now.

I took stock of what I had and headed back to the plane. I needed to see if I could find my trunk, any first aid kits as well as anything I could use to survive. I found my trunk as well as my weapon case in the baggage area of the plane. I managed to get one of the cargo doors open and just started throwing stuff out. I was happy to find a crate of furs, bear and lynx. I found cans of fish from someone’s fishing trip and knew they would come in handy.

I tossed all the suitcases out to go through later and then went back up to the passenger section. I started checking the overhead storage areas and any bags I found. I got a couple of surprises, the three men’s cases were full of cash, new bundles of hundreds. I grabbed all three leather trench coats.

The old woman’s bag had a large plastic wrapped package that I found out was cocaine. The fat woman had two large velvet bags, one of diamonds and the other of large emeralds. I did find the first aid kits I was looking for and left with a coat full of water bottles from a cart.

I carried what I needed to the blonde. In my trunk were my pack and a lot of survival stuff I would need. Like a sewing kit, a light sectional fishing pole, snares, light cord and quit a bit more. I set up my two man tent and looked at the blonde. When she woke up she wasn’t going to thank me for what I was going to do.

Her dress was covered in blood, most of it not hers. I used a small knife from my kit and cut the dress off her and sighed. Both her bra and panties were soaked with blood as well. The bra was easy but the panties took more effort, I had to ignore how beautiful her pussy was.

I used a rag from some clothes and cleaned her. In one of the first aid packs I found an IV kit. There was only one bag of solution and I needed that to wash out her wounds. Before I did that, I made a lot of butterfly stitches using a roll of surgical tape. I cleaned and irrigated the cuts before drying them and putting the butterfly stitches on and then used gauze bandages to cover everything.

I used some cloth I had ripped up to immobilize her shoulder. I put four bear skins on the floor of my tent as a cushion to help keep her from the cold of the ground. I lifted her and put her in my tent and in my sleeping bag. Looking at her naked body before I closed the bag up really made me want her.

I stripped out of my ripped bloody clothes and tossed them before putting on clean clothes. I brought the lynx furs in and set them at one end. I had used dehydrated soup mix as a filler and buffer in my trunk and now it would come in handy. After I had a cup of soup I took some into the tent and a spoonful at a time I fed the blonde with a tiny bit of the cocaine to help with any pain. It was getting dark as I sat next to her sewing the lynx pelts together to make a large blanket.

I kept talking to the blonde as if she were awake and aware. I guess I wasn’t paying attention. When she moved slightly I had looked and then went back to sewing. “I bet you have a husband or boyfriend waiting for you. As beautiful as you are, there has to be someone. I would wait on you hand and foot, cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry, making the bed…”

I grinned to myself, “I would eat your pussy until you begged me to stop. I would make sure you had all the pleasure you could take, caressing you all the time. I would make love to you until I ran out of cum.”

I glanced at her and froze as I saw her looking back with an amused look on her face. I grinned, “You’re awake finally.”

She nodded and started to sit up and I moved to stop her, “Don’t strain the shoulder.”

She had stopped moving with a wince, “Oh…”

I helped her sit up and moved my pack behind her so she could sit back. The sleeping bag had slipped down and she looked from her breasts to me and I shrugged, “All your clothes were bloody. Most of the blood wasn’t yours thankfully.”

She nodded as I pulled the sleeping bag up to cover her. She finally looked at me, “How many?”

I knew what she was asking. I looked away, “You and I are the only ones to survive.”

She paled, “Do you know where we are?”

I shook my head, “With the rain and all the low clouds, I can’t tell. My first guess would be halfway between Anchorage and Seattle. We have some problems. The lightening fried all the radios so no ones calling for help. We don’t know if we are on or close to the flight path and the plane crashed into the forest and from what I can see, is hidden under the trees.”

I could see her worried look and smiled, “The good news is my dad and I teach survival.”

She smiled and shifted, “I have to pee.”

I turned and unzipped the tent before opening the sleeping bag and lifting her upper body. I helped her out of the tent and onto her feet. She stared at the plane wreck in the gathering darkness and I touched her shoulder to lead her to an area just outside the moss but still under a large tree branch. I was a little red faced, “What’s your name?”

She blushed, “Cassandra, you can call me Cassy.”

I knew I was still red faced as I pulled out a small piece of rag, “When you go… when you pee, check to see if there is any blood in the urine.”

She blinked and nodded as I turned away and took a few steps. Just listening to her pee was hard and when she finished, I heard her start moving. I helped her back to the tent and back into the sleeping bag. When she was settled, I took a breath, “Listen Cassy, we can’t just stay here.”

I stopped her from talking and continued, “We are going to wait for a few days, but after that we need to go. We can start heading south, it might take awhile, but we can walk out. I have my gear and even have a .22 Cal rifle with ammunition, a fishing pole as well as wire snares. When we get a clear sky at night, I can even tell you where we are.”

She looked at me unsure, “Are you sure we shouldn’t stay?”

I shrugged, “No I’m not sure, but we don’t have enough supplies to last forever. We could probable stay all the way through summer. The problems would come when summer ended. Like I said, I teach survival and if no one comes in the next few days, we need to go.”

She finally nodded, “Okay.”

I nodded to her bandaged chest, “We can wait until you can use both arms.”

She smiled and put her head back, “I don’t have a husband or boyfriend. You were saying you would make sure I had all the pleasure I could take. You could start by licking my pussy and we can go from there.”

I looked at her as I blushed, “I…”

I cleared my throat, “I was just talking. I’ve never been with a woman…”

She looked at me and smiled, “Now’s your chance.”

I smiled and slowly moved closer and slowly unzipped the sleeping bag. I helped her out of the bag and moved the bag to the side of the tent. I slipped a rag under her and Cassy lay back on the bear skins and grinned as she spread her legs, “every girls dream, making love on a bearskin rug.”

I smiled nervously and she smiled, “Start at the top and lick and tease my clit.”

I looked down at her pussy and slowly lowered myself until my face was only inches away. I could smell the muskiness of her pussy, along with a slight scent of pee. I licked her slit and smiled at the taste. I glanced up her body and then started licking her through her pussy. I sucked on her clit and flicked my tongue back and forth on it. When I used my lips to bit it gently and hum, she jerked and shuddered hard.

After she came for the third time she begged me to stop and I moved up her body. I gave her a kiss and she smiled, “If you take your clothes off, you can fuck me. I had a birth control shot a month ago so I’m good for another two months.”

I smiled shyly and moved off her to undress. When I was naked, I moved back between her legs. I looked into her face as she caressed me with her left hand. I held myself up on my hands, “Don’t try to use your right arm, it would pull the stitches.”

She grinned, “You shouldn’t be thinking about that right now.”

I pushed with my hips and groaned as my hard cock pushed against her warm pussy. Suddenly my cock slipped into her warm tight pussy. It felt slippery and like it was made for my cock as I slowly pushed all the way in. She held still and caressed my shoulder before pushing her pussy up against me. Finally I could feel the back of her pussy tight against the head of my cock. I grinned and started to fuck her slow and deep.

She shivered and moaned each time I shoved my cock in. It wasn’t long before we got into a rhythm and were fucking faster and harder. It was only a coupe of minutes before I felt myself getting close and stopped moving. Cassy looked into my face as I tried to calm down. She grinned, “Go ahead and cum, I think you will probable stay hard and we can fuck longer then.”

I groaned and I went back to fucking her. After only a few strokes I pushed against the back of her pussy before shuddering. My cock jerked and started pumping a huge load of cum in thick strong jets that made Cassy shuddered and jerk. I shivered when I was done and Cassy laughed, “You really need to cum more often.”

I blushed as she used her left hand to caress my back, “It was great Steve and like I told you, you’re still hard.”

I grinned and pulled back to fuck into her cummy pussy. She shivered and humped up to meet each thrust as we went back to fucking. Her pussy began spasming around my cock after a few minutes and she kept moaning whenever she would shiver or shudder. It took me another ten minutes of steady fucking to reach the point where I had to cum again. I held my cock deep inside her and spurted thick streams of cum that had Cassy shaking and then holding me. When I stopped cumming she laughed, “That was the best fuck I have ever had.”

I pulled out and carefully moved off her. I was a little embarrassed as I took my time and used the rag to clean her before covering her with the sleeping bag. Cassy had been watching and smiled, “Lay down with me and just hold me?”

I slipped under the sleeping bag and moved until I could hold her gently. It was pitch black out and just listening to her breathing as it slowed was enough to help me fall asleep. I woke to her urgent nudging and looked up at her face, “I have to pee.”

I smiled and pulled the bag aside before helping her out of the tent. This time I stood beside her and peed at the same time. Cassy was grinning at me as I wiped her and helped her to sit in front of the tent. I made a breakfast of canned fish. I looked at Cassy while she picked at her food, “Cassy you have to eat, even if the food isn’t what you would normally eat.”

She nodded and ate the fish. It looked like a nice day with only a few clouds in the sky. I wrapped a blanket from the plane around her and got dressed while she watched. I led her to where I had thrown the bags out of the plane, “We shouldn’t go back inside the plane.”

Cassy pointed out her bags and I carried them back to the tent. We went through them and Cassy’s mood lightened as we looked at one thing after another and laughed. She didn’t need to wear the tight dresses or most of the other sexy things she had. I did put a pair of panties on her and she only shook her head, “You’ll just have to take them off when I need to pee.”

I grinned, “Careful or I’ll bend you over a log.”

She laughed, “Careful or I’ll let you.”

I laughed and started opening other bags to find something she could wear. Mostly what we found was dresses that I knew we would have to tailor, some because they were so big. There were slacks as well, but for right now the dresses would work better. I found a nearby stream for fresh water and surprisingly trout.

I washed and filled a couple of plastic jugs I had found and returned to the tent. I fixed some soup and helped Cassy eat before sitting back and starting to sew the lynx pelts together again. I had found a few towels in several bags and had set them aside. Casey finally stirred, “I have to pee again.”

I grinned as I set the pelts aside and helped her up. This time I had to take her panties off and hold the dress up as she squatted and peed. She blushed as she stayed there and then grunted before starting to poop. I waited until she was done and then wiped her and took her back to camp. I cleaned her and she waved the panties away when I went to put them back on her.

I had enough lynx pelts sewn together to cover the inside of the tent and put them inside before pulling out my fishing pole. Cassy followed me to the stream and sat watching while I fished. When I had enough for dinner I stopped and cleaned them. Back in camp, I used my camping equipment to cook the fish and Cassy seemed to really enjoy it.

All day I had kept an eye out for planes and hadn’t seen anything. It was dark early and after going to the bathroom with Cassy again, I helped her into the tent. I had brought one of the first aid kits and while she lay back, I checked her cuts. They seemed to be healing fine so I put new bandages on. Cassy grinned and spread her legs, “Since you are taking care of me…”

I grinned and stripped before moving between her legs. I started licking her pussy, teasing her clit with my tongue. Cassy shuddered and groaned before humping her pussy up into my face. I really did like the way she tasted and kept licking her leaking hole and teasing her clit. When she shuddered really hard and arched her back, I latched onto her clit and hummed while sucking and wiggling my tongue. Cassy jerked and shuddered again, “YES!”

I moved up her twitching body and positioned my cock before pushing in. Cassy grunted and pushed up to meet my thrust. I started fucking her slowly at first and then a little faster. Cassy was shuddering after a few minutes and her pussy kept grasping and spasming around my cock. Every time I buried my cock deep inside her, she shuddered and her pussy tightened. It wasn’t long before she spasmed and arched her back, “OH MY GOD!”

She shuddered violently as I suddenly started spurting thick streams of cum. Cassy dropped to the bed while she was still shaking, “OH my god, OH MY god, OH MY GOD!”

She jerked and thrashed around as I continued to spew cum against her womb. When I finally stopped and took a deep breath she was still shivering and twitching. I smiled and slowly pulled almost out of her before shoving back in. Cassy grunted and shuddered, “oh god!”

I grinned and kissed her softly. I went back to fucking her nice and slow. She was so slimy with my cum that I slipped in and out easily. Cassy grinned after I pushed against her womb again, “I can’t believe you are that big.”

I kissed her, “I’m not hurting you?”

Cassy laughed, “Love, you can hurt me like this any time.”

I grinned and went back to fucking her sloppy pussy nice and slow. She shuddered and her whole body spasmed a few minutes later, “Fuck!”

I kept fucking her as she jerked and tossed her head. It was amazing to watch her when she came. It was another five minutes of her getting tense and her muscles tightening before she started having shuddering seizures that shook her whole body. Her pussy was squeezing my cock tight and I suddenly felt my balls tighten and then I was pumping more cum against her womb.

Cassy laughed, grabbed me and held me as we shuddered and shook while my sperm filled her and ran out onto the rag between her legs. When I finally stopped cumming Cassy sighed and let her legs relax. I pulled out of her and moved over before I used the rag to clean her up. I put a clean rag under her and pulled the lynx pelts up to cover us before snuggling against her side.

Cassy woke me before dawn to take her out to the bathroom. When we came back she sighed and spread her legs, “Fuck me again Steve.”

I was more then ready and moved between her legs. As I pushed into her, Cassy sighed and shivered, “God this feels good.”

My morning hard on was there in force and I loved fucking Cassy nice and deep. Every time I was as deep as I could get, I would grind against her and listen to her moan. Before a couple of minutes were up she was shaking and jerking as her pussy squeezed and spasmed around my cock. She began cooing as if this was the best thing ever. Cassy was cumming every couple of minutes and her juices ran down her butt and onto the rag.

After twenty minutes I needed to cum and buried my cock against her womb before I started spraying her womb with my cum. Cassy jerked and lifted her legs to wrap them around me as I pumped and spurted my cum deep inside her. I pumped and spewed for almost a minute and then sighed and slowly pulled out.

I wiped her leaking pussy and cuddled with her for a little while and when the sun was finally up and shining we got up. We spent the day tailoring dresses, most I turned into wide legged overalls. I had found one of those baby carriages that runners use, with two large all terrain wheels in back and a single large front wheel.

We had also watched and listened for planes but didn’t see or hear any. Cassy was using her left arm now which made things a little easier. I sat with her while I cooked a couple more trout I had caught for dinner.

We had decided to write a note in case anyone found the wreckage while we were walking out. After we peed for the night and got back in the tent Cassy surprised me by telling me to lie on my back. I smiled as I tucked a rag between my legs, “Just don’t use your right arm.”

Cassy grinned as I helped her straddle me. I positioned her pussy with my cock in her slit and reached up to rub her nipples, “You can play now.”

Cassy laughed and humped her pussy back and forth before pushing down. My cock slowly entered her and she began rocking and then thrusting back and forth. Every time she jerked and shuddered, I felt her pussy tighten and grasp my cock. It was different fucking this way, there were no long, deep strokes.

My cock stayed deep inside her and I kept caressing and feeling her breasts and nipples. After almost thirty minutes and eight orgasms, I groaned and Cassy pushed down. I spewed strong streams of cum up inside her and she shuddered and grinned, “your cum feels nice and warm.”

I shuddered as I pumped a couple more thick streams of cum and Cassy laughed and slowly lay on me. I shifted around and let her slid off my cock and to the ground before picking up the rag. I cleaned her pussy and then my cummy cock before pulling the pelts up and snuggling against her. I woke early the next morning to a grey overcast sky and knew it was time to go.

After waking Cassy and helping her out to pee, I packed up everything. After eating some canned fish, I led Cassy out, pushing the baby carriage with my trunk on it and carrying a pack. It was a couple of hours before I decided to take a break. Cassy headed for a large fallen log that was off the ground a few feet.

I grinned when she just lay over it with her butt in the air. She giggled and looked back before wiggling her butt. I smiled and pulled my pack off as I walked towards her. When I was behind her, I dropped my pants and lifted her dress. I rubbed and caressed her bare pussy, squeezing her clit to make her gasp.

I pushed my cock into her slimy pussy and started fucking her with long deep strokes that made her grunt and shudder. Fucking her this way was amazing and I think Cassy was really enjoying it. She was shuddering and shaking before a couple of minutes were up. When I finally buried my thick cock against the back of her pussy and began pumping thick clumps of sperm she jerked and her pussy squeezed my cock, “YES!”

I spurted and spewed six jets of cum before I was done. I held still after I was done with my cock buried and just felt and caressed her bare butt. I finally pulled out and helped her up. She grinned and kissed me before giving herself a shake, “Okay, now I’m ready to walk some more.”

I grinned, “Not to tired?”

She laughed, “Walking without panties makes me horny.”

I gave her another kiss and put my pack on. It took us a month to reach a road and get help. Things went quickly after that. We were split up and I gave the authorities the location of the crash.

After that I was taken to Vancouver to meet my mother and father. It tore at me to not see Cassy and I was withdrawn. We had talked several times on the phone and that was it. My father didn’t understand and my mother could only try to sooth me.

I was sleeping in my small hut a month later. I had kept the pelts I had sewn together and used them on my bed. When the bed shifted as a naked body moved against mine, I woke and looked in the moonlight to see Cassy. She smiled, “I couldn’t find someone to wait on me hand and foot and I haven’t had any offers to give me all the pleasure I could take.”

I grinned and turned to caress her face before kissing down her body.


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