It started with my sister walking in on me while I was surfing the web for porn. I was looking at a site that talked about sex slaves. I was fourteen and Lori is sixteen and like the image of every blonde, not smart. In fact she was in the same grade as I was. She had a knock out body with C cup breasts. Her hair was down to her waist and she had blue eyes.

My dad had been killed in an accident when I was real young and mom had married my step dad, he was a real asshole. When my great grandmother had died, she had left me and my sister with a trust that paid us a large payment every month. That had been when I was ten and my step dad had said I had to pay rent.

I had, but I had also moved into the large workshop out back. It was fifty feet by sixty and had its own bathroom with shower. Dad really got pissed when I asked for rent receipts for taxes, (That was some advice I had gotten from my grandfather).

Back to Lori, she and mom were the only ones that ever came out to my room and just walked in, I didn’t really mind normally. I turned and blushed when Lori put her hand on my shoulder, “What are you looking at?”

At least I had my pants on and wasn’t masturbating. I hesitated and then shrugged, “Trying to find a certain type of porn.”

Lori grinned and shocked me by sitting on my lap, “Any luck?”

All I could think was, dumb blondes. I turned my chair to the computer screen, “No, as a matter of fact I’m not having any luck.”

I looked up to see Lori looking back at me with a small smile. I grinned, “Why aren’t you out letting your boyfriend feel you up?”

She grinned back, “He said he had homework.”

I remembered overhearing something at school and hesitated before hugging her. “He went to the house of one of the cheerleaders. I think her name was Teresa. They were talking about her putting out in gym class today.”

My sister looked at me and her eyes narrowed as she pulled out her phone and called someone. A minute later she hung up and sighed, “Cheating bastard.”

She looked at the computer screen, “So you’re looking for bondage stuff?”

I looked at the screen, “No.”

I thought about it and looked at Lori, “I was looking for a site that had sex slaves without the S&M stuff. Some of the bondage is okay I guess.”

I brought up a screen that showed a woman masturbating. “Watch her face.”

I started the video and sat back looking from Lori to the screen. When it ended Lori wiggled on my lap, “You like watching her do that?”

I laughed, “Yeah, but that wasn’t what I meant. I like watching a woman cum, it is just so… amazing.”

Lori laughed and turned a little in my lap, “So you want a sex slave?”

I grinned, “Yeah, but not like they show with the pain and bondage. I want someone I can use, but also watch when she cums, by herself or with someone else. I want a girl that will just enjoy the sex, any kind of sex but the rough stuff.”

Lori surprised me by turning and grabbing the desk and pulling us closer. She closed all the internet screens and opened a word program, (That was one of the few things she could do). She thought for a minute while I sat there looking at her wondering what she was doing. She typed the heading, The Club.

She began asking me questions and seemed to just draw me in. She sat on my lap making a list of rules for a sex club she called, The Master and Slave Sex Club. She was typing away for two hours before mom called and said it was time for dinner. After dinner Lori ran her fingers through my hair and said good night.

The next day was Friday and went fairly quickly, except for lunch when Lori slapped her boyfriend and broke up with him. Lori followed me to my room when we got home and I looked at her as the door closed. She grinned, “I thought we could work on your club rules some more.”

I smiled and sat at my desk with Lori on my lap. I thought about it and created a database. I started talking Lori through doing everything. We went from rules, to the initiation for Masters and Slaves. We created a Master database and a Slave database. The initiation for a Master, was that he had to be sponsored by two people in the club and agree to follow the rules.

For a Slave, she had to agree with the club rules and be sponsored by another slave. The database was to track their sexually partners. We were so into what we were doing that we didn’t hear mom until she said something behind us.

Lori talked nonstop through dinner, about how she had created a database and how much fun it was and how she wanted to do it some more. Dad was his irritable self and only shook his head and said he was going out, (big surprise there. He had been doing that a lot lately, some times not even coming home). Lori told our mom she was sleeping in my room that night and mom only looked at her for a few minutes.

As soon as we were in my room Lori went to my closet and took out a silk shirt before heading into the bathroom. She came out in just the shirt a few minutes later and grinned at me. We went back to work on the database for another couple of hours. Lori finally yawned and leaned back against my chest. She looked at me, “Will you take my picture to put in the database?”

I blinked, “Are you serious?”

Lori grinned, “Yes, I’ll be a good slave for you.”

I grinned and then laughed, “What about the rules? You’ll really let other guys fuck you?”

Lori smiled and ran her fingers through my hair, “Well if you’re going to follow the rules, I guess I can to.”

She gave me a quick kiss, “You only get to fuck me once tonight. Tomorrow I’ll get two more girls to really start the club.”

I laughed and pushed her off my lap, “And who are you going to get that will let me just fuck them?”

Lori pulled me to my bed and undressed me. She took a minute to just stare at my eight inch cock and then she grinned and licked her lips. She pulled her shirt off and wiggled out of her panties. The next thing I knew she was pulling me into bed. She snuggled up next to me, “James? Would you go down on me?”

I was shocked, I knew Lori had had sex. I even thought I know with whom. Now she was in bed with me and asking me for sex. I turned onto my side facing her, “Lori? You’re not playing? You really want to do this sex slave club? You really want to be my sex slave?”

She smiled and rubbed my chest, “I know I’m not smart like you. That’s why the guys don’t stay with me. Thinking about doing this excites me and I know you won’t be like those other guys.”

I laughed, “Lori? Sex slave? Sex when I want or with who I tell you too. You have sex with any master that wants you at the gatherings.”

Lori giggled, “I know. That sounds like fun. I meant you won’t hurt me, you’re always watching out for me.”

I sighed and pushed her onto her back. I leaned over to kiss her before moving down her body. I sucked on one of her nipples for a minute and then moved between her legs. Lori hadn’t trimmed her pussy and I looked up, “When you become my slave, plan on having me trim your pussy everyday.”

Lori grinned, “Put a heart on it like mom has.”

I looked into her face, “Mom has a heart shape trimmed into her pussy hair?”

Lori nodded and I grinned before spreading her pussy lips and licking the small button sticking out. Lori shivered and spread her legs wider. I was amazed by the taste of her pussy and smiled to myself as I pushed my tongue inside her hole. God, she tasted so good. I licked and teased her clit, pulling and biting it gently. It didn’t take long before Lori thrust her hips up in my face and shuddered, “James!”

I moved up her shivering body and positioned my cock. I slowly pushed and felt the most amazing feeling in the world as I slid into her tight, wet and warm pussy. Lori put her arms around me as I slowly went deeper until our pelvis’s met. I sighed and began long slow strokes, if I could only fuck her once, I wanted it to last. Lori groaned as my cock fucked in and out of her silky pussy. It was a minute before Lori shuddered and her hips bucked up onto my cock, “Fuck!”

I closed my eyes for a moment as her cunt squeezed my cock and then spasmed around it. I kept fucking Lori slowly and started grinding against her pelvis. Lori tightened her arms as she raised her feet in the air. She was shaking and shivering as I started fucking her harder. Lori started growling deep in her throat as she bucked up onto my cock and her body shook erratically.

I couldn’t take any more and buried my cock deep in Lori’s cunt, pushing hard against her womb. I shuddered as my balls tightened and my cock exploded, sending strong gushes of sperm into Lori’s waiting pussy. Lori jerked as the first strong jet hit her womb and then her back arched, “YES!”

I held her as my body jerked with each powerful spurt and Lori spasmed. Her body thrashed around under me as I continued to pump cum into her. When it ended, I shivered and lay on top of her as she kept shuddering. I finally sighed and pulled my still hard cock out of her and moved off her. I lay beside her, cuddling her against me as she shivered and tried to catch her breath. A minute later she looked at me and grinned, “I can’t wait until you do that to me all the time.”

I grinned and hugged her, “Go to sleep.”

Lori snuggled close and put one of her legs over mine. I woke refreshed in the morning, but I sure wanted to fuck Lori again. Lori grinned and stuck her tongue out. I shook my head and rolled out of bed, “Well, I have an appointment this morning.”

Lori grinned and followed me out of bed and into the shower, “What’s your appointment for?”

I gently tugged on her erect nipples, “I sell databases to small companies.”

She grinned as I turned the water on, “I could be your secretary.”

I washed her body while she closed her eyes and let me. I bent her over and used my fingers to clean her pussy. When I was done she washed me, she was careful not to excite me more then she had too. When we came into the kitchen, mom was sitting at the table drinking her coffee. She glanced at Lori, “Take your birth control.”

Lori smiled and pulled her pills out of her small purse. I kissed mom on the cheek, “Thanks mom, I have to go.”

My meeting went great and I thought about what Lori wanted to do with the club and made a few stops. Some were at people who owed me favors and I was able to collect. I returned home with several douches and several enemas. I also had dog collars and quit a few sex toys. I walked into my room not expecting anyone and got a big surprise. There were two girls and a woman that were naked in my room waiting for me.

Lori was one of the girl’s, mom was the woman and the other girl was a neighbor girl I liked and had a crush on, named Tessa. She was fourteen like me, long red hair and green eyes. Her breasts were just budding and were a B cup.

I slowly walked across the room and set the bags I was carrying down on my desk. Mom was holding my video camera and pointed it at Lori as I turned. Lori was sitting on my bed, she smiled and gave her name, age and all her measurements. She looked towards me, “I am a nonmember slave here to initiate my brother, James.”

Mom stopped the camera and held it out to Lori. Lori grinned and slid off the bed and mom took her place. While mom was doing the same thing Lori had, Tessa came to me. Her face was red as she blushed, she didn’t say anything as she began undressing me. When I was naked she looked at my cock and then up into my face before looking back at my cock. I heard mom’s, “I am a nonmember slave here to initiate my son, James.”

My cock twitched at that and Tessa looked up with a grin. Tessa walked to the bed and took mom’s place and went through the same speech as Lori and mom, ending with, “I am a nonmember slave here to initiate my future lover, James.”

Lori stopped the video and handed the camera to mom. She smiled at me as she sat on the edge of the bed, “Are you ready?”

I grinned and walked to the bed, “This will be fun.”

I knelt between Lori’s legs and sucked her clit into my mouth while teasing it with my tongue. I used my fingers to rub her fuck hole and pushed two in and felt up under her pelvic bone. I found the soft spongy spot I was looking for and began rubbing it as I sucked and teased her clit with my mouth. It was only a couple of minutes before Loris shivered and then arched her back and squirted cum in my face, “OH FUCK!”

I pulled my fingers out and stood. I positioned my cock and pushed it into her quivering body. Lori grunted and began bucking as I fucked her hard and fast. She was shivering and shaking as she mumbled to herself. It didn’t take long before I held my cock in her and started spurting cum.

I shivered and pulled out before I finished, to wipe some cum through her pussy lips as she lay there shivering. I moved out of the way and mom zoomed in on my cum in Lori’s pussy. I helped a shaky Lori to a chair and turned to see mom on the bed and Tessa holding the camera. I walked calmly to the bed and looked down on my grinning mom.

I smiled and knelt between her legs as she lifted them to her chest. I leaned forward and sucked mom’s clit into my mouth. Lori had told me the truth, Mom had a heart shaved into her pussy hair. As I sucked and teased her clit, I pushed two fingers into her warm wet pussy and found the spot I was looking for.

Mom’s pussy had a slight hint of cherry and she had a light scented perfume on. After a minute, mom was grunting and her hips were bucking. Her pussy kept squeezing my fingers and she would shake her head every once in a while. After almost five minutes of teasing, licking and sucking, mom stopped moving and her head lifted to look at me in surprise.

She dropped her head to the bed and her body went tense as she squirted cum all over my face and chest, while she screamed and her body convulsed. I didn’t wait, I moved up her body and shoved my cock into her spasming pussy. I fucked her hard and deep and couldn’t believe how good her pussy felt around my cock.

This wasn’t to please her though, I was using her body as a cum receptacle. I fucked her for five minutes while she jerked and twisted under me. When I felt myself slip over the edge, I pulled out and stood to shoot cum onto her body.

When I finished she was smiling even though her body was still giving these little spasms and erratic jerks. I moved out of the way and let the camera zoom in on her body before I helped her to the chair Lori had been in. Lori had the camera and Tessa was sitting on the edge of the bed, she looked real nervous. I walked toward Tessa and knelt between her legs and looked into her face, “Just relax Tessa.”

When I spread her pussy lips I saw the raw red swelling where she had broken her hymen. I looked into her face for a moment and then started licking her clit. It took several minutes before she lay back and shivered. When her hips finally started bucking, I gently worked a finger inside her and began rubbing her G spot.

At first she winced when my finger slipped into her and then she began to relax and then she started panting. After ten minutes she was grunting and thrashing around. Finally her body went tense and I thought she would cum but she only shuddered and went back to grunting and moaning. A few minutes later she started laughing and she squirted cum on me three times before I moved up her body.

I pushed my cock inside her in one long slow push. Tessa only shuddered and lifted her feet and wrapped them around my hips. God she was tight and she felt hot and really wet. I started fucking her hard and Tessa only shivered and jerked as she started mewing. After a few minutes I couldn’t take her hot tight pussy and started cumming.

I stayed in her the first few squirts and then pulled out to spill cum on her tummy. When I finished, I moved off her and let Lori film her cummy body. Tessa lay back on the bed with her legs spayed and cum spread across her tummy and leaking out her red puffing pussy. She sighed, “God that was good.”

Lori and mom laughed and I sat beside her on the bed, “Are you okay?”

She smiled at me, “Oh yeah.”

I caressed her hip, “you were a virgin?”

Tessa blushed and nodded, “Yes.”

I kept caressing her, “You want to be my lover and sex slave?”

Tessa put her hand on mine, “Yes, Lori told me what it means. I think sex is only sex.”

I looked at her face and leaned over to kiss her softly. “Can you spend the night?”

Tessa grinned and nodded, “Yes.”

I stood and embraced Lori, “Thank you.”

Lori grinned and I turned to mom. She was shifting on her feet and I smiled as I stepped closer and pulled her naked body against mine. “Thank you.”

She held me against her, “Ronald isn’t… he doesn’t… I wanted to do this.”

I gave her a kiss, pushed her towards the bed and took the video camera. I walked to my desk and sat before downloading the video and editing it while turning to Lori with my digital camera. She grinned and took my picture. I added it to the database and finally sat back. I turned to face the three women sitting on my bed. I turned the chair to face them fully, “Are you sure Lori? I mean really sure, you’re ready to do this?”

Lori bit her lip and then nodded. I looked at mom, “Are you sure mom?”

Mom smiled and nodded. I looked at Tessa for a minute and then sighed, “Tessa?”

She nodded and I took a breath, “Okay, fine. Lori, since you are my secretary. I need your help with some paperwork. Mom come sit beside me at the other computer.”

I bent down and picked up my pants and pulled my wallet out. I tossed the pants aside and handed mom a credit card when she sat down. “Go on line, I want eight complete bedroom sets. One of them needs to have a king size bed, I want the others to be queen size. See if you can have them delivered tomorrow. We also need a few things for you women to lounge around on in comfort, like couches and chairs. Look around the room and decide how they should be placed.”

I looked at Tessa still sitting on the bed, “Lover, use the last computer on the end and start looking for lingerie and maybe cat suits. I like naked, but lingerie makes it more interesting. Like, unwrapping a present at Christmas.”

They all laughed and I pulled Lori onto my lap. I turned us around to the desk and started talking her through creating a database for the business I had solicited. I patted Lori’s hip a little later, “We’ll finish later.”

I stood and looked at mom, “Mom? Did you get them ordered?”

Mom grinned and nodded, “Ordered. I ordered three sets of chairs and couches too.”

I smiled and pulled a red collar out of one of the bags and fasten the collar around Lori’s neck. I held up a bronze heart shaped charm with my name etched on it. “Just like in the rules. Will you be my personal slave?”

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Tessa start and frown. Lori smiled as she reached up to take the charm, “Until you release me.”

Lori grinned and I looked at mom and then at Tessa, “A master can take three personal slaves. Lori is special. She knows she is a little slow and not smart like everyone around her. I think in some ways she may be wrong. However, she asked for this because she wants me to protect her.”

I took a breath, “I have two more charms and regardless of who or how many slaves become members, I want you Tessa and mom as my personal slaves as well. The two of you need to think about it. You can tell me after you think about it.”

Mom smiled her, I know something you don’t smile and Tessa moved to the edge of the bed, “Would we still get to have sex with the other masters?”

I laughed, “With the other masters and the other slaves. The whole club is about you slaves enjoying sex.”

Tessa grinned, “Deal.”

I should describe my desk, it was fifteen feet long and u shaped. I had six computers on the desk, one was a server. I opened a new slave entry and started adding a Lori as a new slave. Mom slipped up behind me a few minutes later, “Can I watch?”

I looked up at her and gentle nudged Lori off my lap and then turned to pull mom onto my lap. I adjusted my cock so it slid into her warm pussy and turned back to what I was doing. Mom kept hugging me to her and sighing as she wiggled every once in awhile. I finished with the new slave entry and leaned back, “Do you want me to cum in you?”

Mom grinned and slowly stood letting my cock slip out of her. She caressed my face, “I belong to you, no matter what.”

She looked around the room and grinned, “Just out of curiosity, where is all the money coming from?”

I grinned and stood. I took her hand and led her to the bed, “The first year of my trust, I started investing. I made just over a thousand percent in profit. The second year was only four hundred percent. The third year was almost six hundred and this last year was just over eight hundred. I quit and put everything into long term high interest stocks because it got boring.”

Mom grinned, “Ronald would kill you if he knew you made that much.”

I shrugged, “It wouldn’t do him any good. It would all go to you and Lori or a charity.”

I smiled at Lori and Tessa cuddled up together on the bed, “come on girls, time to wash up.”

They rolled to the side of the bed and I squeezed mom’s hand, “Everyone needs a douche and a couple of enemas. Then you need to see me so I can start your training.”

Mom grinned, “Training?”

I shooed her towards the bathroom with the other two girls and they hugged each other and walked into the bathroom giggling. “You only have thirty minutes mom.”

I went back to working on the database and about fifteen minutes later Lori tapped me on the shoulder giggling. I saved my work and turned to what I needed for Lori. I bent her over the desk and put lube on her asshole before starting to fuck it with the small anal plug. She finally relaxed and it slipped in. Next was what looked like a large bug and Lori stepped back, “That’s a bug!”

I grinned, “It’s a special bug and it’s been trained.”

I squeezed the legs around her clit and ran the thin strap around her waist and between her legs. Using a snap I fastened the controller to her collar. I looked at Lori, “I want you to understand what this next thing does. It is a very thin vibrator that is long enough to vibrate against and open your cervix. I will only use this when I plan on being the only master to use you. This will make it so that my sperm goes straight into your womb, that’s where it belongs.”

I saw mom and Tessa beside us look at each other. I caressed the inside of Lori’s leg. “Every morning you will take your birth control in front of me.”

I slowly pushed the slim vibrator up inside her and then picked up the pair of red bikini panties I had bought. I put them on her and stood up in front of her smiling face, “Mom’s turn.”

Lori nodded and looked at mom. I turned away and turned on the screen of a computer I never used. On the screen was six smaller windows, each showed a room or entrance. My step dad was laying on a bed in one of the windows caressing a fat blonde woman. I looked at mom as she stepped closer, “That bastard!”

I nodded, “I put the cameras in place a year ago. That’s where he goes for meetings and when he is supposed to be golfing.”

Mom took a breath and then shook her head, “I guess I can’t say anything.”

I got out everything for Mom and picked up the collar and charm. I put the collar around her neck and kissed her before looking back into her eyes and holding the charm out, “Will you be my personal slave?”

Mom smiled and Lori leaned close to her ear and whispered, “Until you release me.”

Mom looked at her and then back into my face, “Until I die.”

I kissed her softly and gave her the charm. I bent her over to do the same thing I had with Lori but mom pushed back against the anal plug and it sank in easily. Mom smiled when I fixed the tiny bug legs around her clit and clipped it to her collar. I picked up the skinny vibrator and she spread her legs and tilted her pelvis towards me. I pulled the red panties up and kissed her cheek. She grinned, “When do we get to turn them on?”

I smiled, “Later.”

I looked at Tessa, “Did you pick out enough lingerie?”

She laughed and nodded. I gestured to the computer, “Have mom use the credit card I gave her.”

Mom was grinning as she moved to help Tessa. I looked at Lori, “I need to talk to you about work.”

Lori looked kind of lost for a minute and took my hand as I pulled her back to the bed. I absently started caressing Lori’s thigh as we sat, “Lori, a secretary knows how to do more than type. If you really want to be a secretary than I will help you learn. There are five programs you need to learn about. The word program you use, the database program you started learning. A spreadsheet and accounting program, a daily calendar and scheduling program and lastly, a power point program.”

I gently rubbed her back, “Do you really want to be a secretary?”

Lori smiled at me almost pleading, “I can do it, really.”

I nodded, “I think you can too. But it isn’t all play.”

Lori nodded and I kissed her and then stood up, “That doesn’t mean we won’t have fun though.”

I looked at the desk to see mom and Tessa watching us. I grinned and held out my hand to Tessa. Tessa grinned and walked towards me with her hips swaying. Mom and I both laughed and I pulled her into an embrace. I sat her on the edge of the bed and she took my cock in her hand. She guided me to her wet pussy and lay back with a moan as I pushed in.

I held Tessa’s hips and started fucking her hard and deep. Tessa groaned and lifted her legs up into the air. I felt mom move onto the bed next us as Lori reached out and started fondling Tessa’s breast. Tessa shuddered and jerked her hips up as she tightened her pussy.

I started cumming right then, while I was still fucking her. I didn’t stop as I shivered and poured cum into her while I kept fucking. When I finished and Tessa stopped jerking, I pulled out of her and patted her hips, “Tessa, will you be my personal slave?”

Tessa grinned, “Until I release… You.”

I went to the desk and returned with a red collar and my last charm. I solemnly put the collar around her neck and handed her my charm. I turned her around and put lube on her anal plug. I didn’t have to fuck it, because she relaxed and it slid in easily. I turned her back around and fastened her bug to her clit and the controller to her collar. I picked up the skinny vibrator, “Do you understand what I want Tessa?”

Tessa only smiled and spread her legs before pushing her pelvis out to me. When I was done putting her vibrator in and her red panties on, I pulled her up and glanced at the computer screens. Mom bumped my shoulder, “Who’s that with Ronald?”

I looked at the screen I had left on and didn’t recognize the three men talking to him. I walked over and turned the speakers on. We sat there listening to my step father talking about drugging mom at dinner and letting the three men rape her while he filmed it. He talked about using it as leverage to divorce her. Mom’s face was pale and I smiled as I pulled her against me, “Well that makes things simple.”

Mom looked at me and I grinned, “You just got sick and are spending the night here with me. You won’t start feeling better until Monday when you take a few videos with you to a lawyer’s office. Including this one.”

Mom smiled, “I don’t know. Do you think you and Lori can take care of your sick mother?”

That was when Tessa and Lori grinned as Lori slid onto my lap, “Are you feeling sick mom?”

Mom laughed, “Sick of your step father.”

I patted Lori’s hip and stood up. I took one last look at the computer screen before turning it off. I looked at mom, “We need to go to the store. I need a few things and I want you three to buy some night gowns for tonight.”

Mom pouted and I laughed, “I’ll turn them on when we get home and you can scream as loud as you want.”

Mom hugged my arm and Lori laughed, “How much fun could my toys be?”

Mom grinned and walked to her clothes, “You’ll see. I won’t be the only one screaming.”

At the store they went to the women’s clothing section and I went to get a lot of sheets, blankets, nice quilts, covers for the chairs and loungers as well as a few other things. I had a lot of keys made and then went looking for my girls. I found mom, Lori and Tessa looking at different night gowns.

Mom was talking to a clerk about her collar and the controller clipped on it. I could see she didn’t believe mom and stepped up beside her. I calmly reached out and pushed the setting to low and turned it on. Mom moaned and almost collapsed. I looked at the clerk as I turned it off, “My mom has been denied pleasure most of her life, it’s time I changed that.”

She grinned as mom slowly regained her senses and Lori and Tessa moved closer. The clerk held out her hand, “I’m Susan. Sex slave huh?”

I nodded, “It’s a club I started.”

Susan grinned, “With whips and chains?”

I shook my head, “No. Sex slaves are not something that should be given pain.”

Susan’s grin widened, “Any chance you need more slaves?”

I nodded and took out a small note pad I carried and wrote my phone number and address. I handed it to her, “come over at nine tomorrow morning.”

We left and went home, stopping to pick up dinner on the way. As soon as the door was closed in my room, mom was pulling off her clothes. I put the food on the desk and as soon as all three were undressed, I led them to the bed. They had to cuddle together to fit, but that was fine. I turned on Lori’s toys and while she went wide eyed and started shivering, I turned on mom’s and then Tessa’s.

I ate dinner while they moaned, kissed each other in desperation and cried out in ecstasy. I turned the toys off after a half hour and waited for them to calm down. I sent them to the bathroom to clean up and then eat dinner. While they were doing that, I was setting up a new king size airbed I had bought. I put sheets, blankets and a quilt on it. I walked to answer the door and found my stepfather there. “Yes?”

I didn’t move out of the doorway as he tried to walk in and he stepped back, “I’m looking for your mother. We’re going out to dinner.”

I felt like hitting him with the bat I kept by the door, but I didn’t, “Mom’s sick. I think she caught the flu bug. She’s been throwing up all afternoon.”

He turned red and cussed, “Well, she can keep me company while I eat.”

He was just not going to give up, “Mom’s in an airbed I bought. She’s sick and you are not dragging her anywhere like that.”

He glared and spun around and stomped back to his car and took off burning rubber. I closed the door and turned to see mom in the airbed with the covers pulled up to her chin. I didn’t see Lori or Tessa and grinned, “Not that I mind you in my bed, but you forgot Lori and Tessa.”

Mom grinned and lowered the covers, reveling her collar. Lori and Tessa came out of the bathroom and I sent the three to eat and watched them. When they were done, I pulled them all into the airbed and sat on the edge, “You need to think of other girls or women that might be willing to join you. This club is mostly for you girls, for your pleasure. This is someplace you can come to just hang out, talk, gossip or plan.”

“This is someplace you can step to a bed and masturbate if that is what you want to do and no one will say anything unless it is to ask if you want help. Those are the type of women or girls we want. The Masters I pick will meet three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.”

“Monday and Wednesday it will start at three and go to around nine or ten. Saturday starts in the morning and will go to the afternoon. The rest of the time this place is your haven, someplace you want to come to, to relax and talk or just get together with the other women.”

I grinned, “The room dress code is, night gowns or cat suits. After I turn your toys off, I want you to put them on and spend a little time looking around the room and decide what is going where.”

I moved over them and one by one turned the toys back on. I turned the heat up a little in the room and worked on the new database for the company and smiled at their screams of pleasure. I stopped after an hour and moved to the bed and turned the toys off. The three were panting and trying to catch their breath. I helped them out of bed and turned mom around and bent her over. I removed her panties, the anal plug and the skinny vibrator. I gave her everything, “Go clean these.”

Next were Lori and then Tessa. When they came out of the bathroom they were wearing the night gowns. I smiled and went into the bathroom and took a nice shower. When I got out of the shower, mom was on the phone and Tessa was on her cell.

Lori was frowning as she sat on the bed. I walked to her and unclipped her controller and removed her bug. I set both on my desk and went to mom and removed hers while she frowned at me. I removed Tessa’s while she grinned and spread her legs wide for me.

It was early, but I turned a soft yellow lamp on and shut the other lights off. Mom and Tessa both looked at me as I walked to bed. I pulled Lori’s night gown over her head, “slaves don’t wear these when they go to sleep at night.”

I put Lori into the bed and slid in behind her as both mom and Tessa hung up. I was softly caressing her as mom and Tessa pulled their night gowns off and climbed into bed. I gently tugged on one of Lori’s nipples, “Are you sore?”

Lori smiled, “no it feels… kind of good.”

I smiled and kissed her before turning onto my back and looking at my mother, “Are you sore mom?”

She smiled and shook her head, “I haven’t had sex in over a month and to have your wonderful cock in me… it was really good…”

I grinned and looked over her at Tessa, “Well my lover. Are you sore?”

Tessa nodded, “Yes. It felt good getting that way though.”

I smiled and turned to Lori, “I’ll stay deep and go slow.”

Lori smiled, opened her legs and pulled on me to get me between her legs. I slowly pushed into her until I was tight against her pelvis and she was groaning, “God you feel good.”

She smiled and we started fucking, only it was more like rocking our hips together. Tessa moved to the other side of Lori and cuddled and caressed us while mom did the same thing on the other side. Lori started shivering and I watched her eyes half close. When her pussy tightened, I came, pumping streams of sperm deep into her abused pussy.

Lori closed her eyes and got this dreamy smile as she held me. I stayed inside her for a couple of minutes after I came and then pulled out and moved behind my mom, “Did you feel it Lori?”

She didn’t open her eyes as she kept smiling, “yes. It was the amazing.”

I could see Tessa trying to figure out what we were talking about. I started caressing mom, “Tessa, remember what I said about the long skinny vibrator? Lori just felt my sperm as it went into her womb.”

Tessa leaned onto Lori, “Really?”

Lori smiled and pulled her all the way on top off her, “It was so good.”

Tessa grinned, “I’m jealous.”

Lori hugged her, “You should sleep with yours in and let him do it in the morning when you wake up.”

Tessa smiled and put her head down on Lori’s shoulder as she slipped half off her. Mom rubbed my shoulder, “Put hers back in and do me one last time before we go to sleep.”

I gave mom a kiss, slipped out of bed and returned with Tessa’s vibrator and panties. When I was done, I kissed her and went back to my mother who was waiting. She was on her back with her legs spread. I pushed all the way into her and fucked her with short strokes that had me grinding against her clit.

Mom was moaning and shivering after the first few thrusts. It took me a long time because I had cum so much. I felt mom’s pussy tighten and squeeze my cock four times as she came. When I couldn’t hold back anymore I thrust into her deep, “I’m cumming!”

Mom lifted her legs and brought her knees up along side my body as I started spurting cum deep inside her. She groaned out loud and shuddered hard, “Oh god that feels good.”

I shivered as I spurted cum into my mother, knowing it was going into her womb made it feel that much better. I sighed when I was done and pulled out to lie between her and Lori. Tessa reached across to caress my shoulder. I fell asleep holding her hand.

I woke early and had to carefully move over my naked mother to get out of bed so I could go to the bathroom. When I was done, I sat at my desk and went online to order a bunch of stuff, mostly sex toys. I made a list of the guys I thought to ask to join the club and made a few calls.

I also made several DVD’s of my stepfather with other women and of his meeting the day before. I heard someone stirring around on the bed and turned to see Tessa smiling at me. She rolled onto her back and held her hand out to me.

I grinned and walked around the bed to her. I pulled her panties down before pulling the vibrator out of her very wet pussy. I moved onto the bed between her legs and pushed into her pussy. She was really wet from having the vibrator in her all night. I slid all the way into her and held myself tight against her. “Are you sore?”

Tessa shook her head as she held me, “No, you feel good.”

I fucked her nice and slow, enjoying the feelings of my cock sliding through her pussy. Tessa shivered hard after a several minutes and I felt her pussy tighten and slowly relax. Tessa sighed, “Oh that was good.”

I smiled and kept fucking her slow and deep. It was only a few minutes later that I felt that tightening and looked at Tessa, “I’m going to cum.”

Tessa smiled and lifted her legs, letting me go even deeper. I groaned as I felt the head of my cock squeeze into the opening to her womb right as I started pumping my morning load of cum. Tessa jerked, “Oh fuck!”

It felt so good doing this the first thing in the morning. I shivered as I poured a last large jet of sperm into her womb. I slowly pulled out of her shaking body and moved off the bed. Lori rolled against her and reached out to caress her breast, “Was it good?”

Tessa laughed shakily, “Oh yeah, it was good.”

Mom laughed and stretched, “God it feels so good to have sex again.”

I grinned and Tessa and Lori laughed, I walked to the desk and my waiting computer. I picked up the list of guys I had made and showed it to them. “This is the list of guys I invited to join our club. Mom did you get a time when the beds would get here?”

My mom laughed, “You start at it early don’t you.”

I grinned, “Yes. This morning it was Tessa’s turn. Tomorrow will be yours.”

They laughed and started getting out of bed. Mom and Lori both reached between their legs suddenly. Tessa laughed, “He left it in my womb, so it will take awhile to leak back out like that.”

Mom and Lori grinned and tugged her back into bed. I smiled and headed for the bathroom, “Come on, showers!”

They came running in after me and I thought it was a good thing I had such a big shower. We had just finished breakfast when the furniture arrived. I guess it was a good thing we were in the house and dressed. I had them put the beds together in my room and they were gone in no times.

I had taken my old bed apart and pulled it out. Mom and the girls wanted to move everything around but I stopped them. I walked to my bag of toys, the only thing I had let them put back on was their little bug. I took their bugs away and made them sit on the bed waiting. I did some tinkering and smiled when I was done.

I had them all get on their hands and knees. I walked behind them and put their bugs back on and then slipped a ceramic egg into their pussy and another into their ass. There was a wire that went from ass, to pussy, to clit and that was it, although there was a nine volt battery in a small plastic case between pussy and ass. I stepped back and grinned, “Alright turn around and stand up.”

When they were facing me it was with frowns. I laughed at their faces and walked to my desk. I picked up the small remote and turned around. “That is your out of the house apparel. What I am holding is a master’s controller.”

I pushed the little green button and all three gasped and shuddered. I sat and watched as they spread their legs more and shivered. They were grunting and moaning as they shivered and shook. I finally pushed the red button and they slowly began to relax and catch their breath. “Any questions?”

It was only a few minutes later when my step dad started banging on the door. I opened the door and dad stood there looking pissed, “I need to see your mother.”

I don’t know why I did it, “No. Mom is seeing a lawyer tomorrow and filing for divorce. I have no intention of letting you have her raped. I have several tapes of you cheating so the best thing you can do is crawl back into your bottle with your fat sluts.”

He took a step back stunned, “I…”

I picked up my bat and stepped out the door, “Leave before I beat the shit out of you.”

He turned and staggered to his car and took off with squealing tires. I came back into the room to mom, Lori and Tessa holding each other, “He’s gone.”

Mom smiled weakly, “Well, so much for surprise.”

I shrugged, “I got pissed.”

Mom laughed and walked into my arms. There was another knock at the door and I frowned. I opened it to see Tessa’s mom Sasha, standing there. She looked a little nervous, “Can I come in?”

I opened the door wide and let her in even though Tessa, Lori and mom were naked. Tessa went straight to her mom and hugged her. Mom stepped close to her, “Are you going to do it?”

Sasha nodded, “Hell yes, that fat bastard hasn’t fucked me in three months.”

I looked at mom and she smiled at me, “Sasha wants to be a sex slave like her daughter.”

I reached into my pocket and pushed the green button. Mom and Lori gasped and spread their legs. Tessa gasped and held onto her mother while I closed the door and walked to Sasha. She was looking at Tessa trying to see what was wrong. “She’s fine. They just needed a reminder that they are wearing the wrong clothes.”

Sasha looked at me strangely while mom and Lori moaned and slowly sank to the floor. Tessa was still on her feet because her mother was still holding her. I pulled the remote out and turned it off. Mom, Lori and Tessa sighed and shivered. Sasha looked at her daughter as Tessa slowly sank to her knees, “Oh fuck that was good.”

I grinned, “You three need to put on your night gowns and take your toys out.”

Mom and Lori grinned and slowly stood and walked to the bathroom. Tessa stood and walked into my arms. She gave me a kiss before following mom and Lori. I looked at Sasha, “Are you sure you want to do this?”

Sasha grinned, “I don’t know what you just did, but Tessa loved it. Yes, I’ll do it.”

I nodded towards the bathroom, “Go get undressed and put a night gown on. Tell Tessa you need a douche and an enema.”

I looked at all the furniture and frowned, Mom and Lori came out grinning and wearing new night gowns. I gestured to the furniture, “Mom, tell me where to put this stuff, everyone should be here soon.”

It was ten minutes later that I noticed Tessa and her mother. I smiled and stood back from putting up the last flat screen TV by a bed. Mom had been putting sheets and covers on the new beds. Tessa walked to me and embraced me, “Master, will you fuck momma before everyone gets here?”

I sat Sasha on the edge of a bed and had her lay back. “This is what I did to Tessa our first time.”

I knelt between her legs and leaned forward to tickle her clit with my tongue before licking through her slit. I smiled to myself when she sighed and used my fingers to open her slit before I continued to lick. I pushed my tongue into her hole to get a really good taste of her. I finally sucked in her clit and started teasing it while pushing two of my fingers into her feeling for her G spot.

Sasha was really wet and I could see her holding the bed out of the corner of my eye. It took several minutes of licking and teasing her clit while rubbing her G spot before she finally shivered and shook really hard. She kept jerking her pussy into my face hard, her legs were up in the air and she was grunting until finally she screamed, “Oh fuck, Tessa!”

She jerked and convulsed for a couple of minutes before reaching down to cover her pussy. I was already moving up her body when she did that. I held her legs up as I positioned my cock and slowly pushed into her very wet cunt. Sasha grunted and shivered as my cock started spreading her cunt open, “God your cock feels so good.”

I couldn’t believe she was so tight and shivered. I had to stop and take a breath before I started fucking her, slowly going deeper with each stroke. Before I was all the way inside her, she shuddered, her legs wrapping around my waist. “Fuck mmeeee!”

She shivered and kept shaking her head, her already tight pussy squeezing me. I smiled and kept fucking her until I was finally hitting the back of her pussy. Sasha gasped, “Oh fuck you are big.”

I stayed deep in her pussy and began grinding my pelvis on her clit. She shuddered and after a minute jerked her hips into mine, “Oh fuck!”

I started fucking her harder trying to cum. Sasha started grunting and humping her pussy up to meet each thrust as I fucked into her hard. It was only a couple of minutes before I shoved my cock against her womb and started spewing cum. Sasha groaned and shuddered hard, “Damn your cum feels so good!”

I shivered as my cock kept twitching and jerking as I shot a dozen large jets of cum into her. I finally shook my head to clear it and slowly pulled my sensitive cock out of her leaking hole. Sasha kept twitching as I finally stood up and embraced Tessa as she came into my arms. Tessa kissed me and looked at her mother, “Well momma?”

Sasha laughed shakily, “God, I needed that.”

We all laughed and I pushed Tessa towards her mother, “Cuddle with her for a bit.”

I turned to mom and Lori and gave them a kiss before starting to move some chairs and couches to where mom wanted them. I had just finished when someone knocked. I opened the door to see the young men and women standing there that we had invited.

I held the door for them as they came in. They were looking at me standing there naked and then they stopped just inside the door as they saw Mom, Sasha, Lori and Tessa. I pushed him all the way in and closed the door, “Okay listen up. You were asked here to join a sex club. I told all of you what the basic rules are. We meet three times a week Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. This is where you women can come to relax and spend time together on any day. Guys, unless they invite you on an off day this is their place, their sanctuary. The rules do allow for masters to have personal slaves.”

I nodded, “If one of the slaves wants to spend extra time with you, she can. She can even invite you to spend time here.”

I looked at everyone, “this club is so that the slaves, the women, can have someplace to come to just enjoy sex, with a man or woman or to just let go and masturbate by herself or with someone else. Right now it looks like there are eight women and five guys. The big bed is mine, so pick out a bed, couch, chair or whatever and enjoy.”

Things were tense until I kissed Tessa and turned her to my bed and bent her over. I felt her pussy and smiled as she sighed and wiggled while I rubbed her clit. It wasn’t long before everyone was naked and I kissed Tessa as I turned her around and slipped a finger into her slit.

That was our first meeting and we have enjoyed many more since then. Mom did divorce my step dad and Tessa, Lori and mom are still my personal sex slaves. We eat sleep and make love together whenever we want.
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