I woke on a thin mattress pad in a room. The last thing I remember was mom giving me a soda, which was unusual. For the last two years mom and my dad had started partying hard. Dad got mom started on meth and then all the other drugs started. He left six months ago. He said he didn’t need kids and all that went with it. Mom just kept partying though as if that would bring him back.

Now she was out of work and out of money. For the last few months, I had taken to scrounging food any place I could, even the garbage. It was strange for mom to just give me a soda but hey she was my mom, right? I sat up and looked around, after what I had been through in the last two years, I was pretty street smart.

I realized mom had drugged me, now I just had to find out where I was and how to get away. I looked around the room at the old army style bunk bed, small table, shelves with a metal rod under it for hanging clothes. I stood and walked to the door and opened it.

I was surprised because I was in a large barn. It looked like someone had converted the horse stalls into rooms. I heard a throat clear and looked to my left. An older couple sat at a dinning room table. At that end of the barn was what looked like a large kitchen with the dinning room table on this side of it.

I looked the other way and saw that the other wall was solid. It had a large TV with a couple of couches in front of it. Behind the couches was another set of couches with two worn chairs and in the center of this set was a large iron fireplace. I walked to the old couple, “Where am I? And why am I here?”

The old man looked at me sharply, “You’re here because we bought you.”

I looked at him, “Slavery is illegal.”

He smiled, “Who’s going to tell them?”

I grinned, “Maybe me.”

He frowned, “I have papers showing I’m your guardian.”

I looked at the old woman, “Were they signed by my father?”

There was silence as I looked back at him. “Trying to keep someone prisoner is a lot of work. Now, what do you want from me and what’s in it for me?”

They looked at each other and the old woman smiled, “Well that depends on the answers to some questions.”

I smiled and pulled out a chair and sat down, “Ask away.”

The old woman grinned, “Alright, first question. Do you masturbate?”

I thought to myself, great sex nuts. I looked at her, “Yes.”

He nodded, “Do you cum, you know with sperm?”

I laughed, “Of course, isn’t that what guys do?”

He chuckled as he looked at the woman and she grinned, “How often can you cum in one day?”

I shrugged, “I don’t know, ten… twelve times.”

She laughed and looked at the old man, “Tell him.”

The old man smiled at me, “How would you like to fuck every day?”

I scowled, “I’m not gay.”

He grinned, “Just women, women that are paying to get pregnant.”

I just looked at him, the thought of what he had just said did excite me, but eating out of a garbage can taught hard lessons. “What’s in it for me?”

They looked at each other not smiling and finally the old man looked at me, “What do you want?”

I thought about it, I sure didn’t want to go home. I looked at them, “Room and board. Five percent of whatever they pay you. Schooling… I realize I wouldn’t be able to go to a school, but maybe home school?

Also a computer with internet access, it doesn’t have to be new. You can even monitor me when I am online, but I need information… about sex, pregnancies and sperm production. What vitamins and minerals I will need and any other supplements. Things like that.”

They looked at each other again and then laughed. The old man held out his hand, “Deal. I’m George and this is my wife Clare.”

I shook his hand, “One other thing George. I need out of this barn occasionally to stretch and get fresh air. Don’t worry about me running away, there’s no way I’m going back to eating out of garbage cans.”

He nodded, “Fair enough.”

I looked around the barn again, “The women are coming here?”

George nodded and held out a whiskey glass, “We need to see how much sperm you produce.”

I looked from him to the glass and shrugged, “Okay. Where’s the bathroom?”

He pointed to a stall by the door and I took the glass and walked away. When I returned, they stared from the glass to me and they both grinned. It was almost a week before the first woman arrived. George and Clare had bought me some clothes, mostly pajamas.

I also got an older model computer that used a USB wireless device to connect to the internet. After a few searches, I gave them a list of things I would need once the women arrived. I ate a hot meal three times a day and Clare was an excellent cook.

George had also giving me sandpaper when I asked for it, along with an electric sander. I had already finished half of the barn floor; sanded, stained and a thick coat of polyurethane. I was sanding the floor when the first woman arrived.

I stopped what I was doing to look as George led her into the barn. She had a black hood over her head and George took it off after he closed the door and locked it. George always kept the door locked, he had let me out a couple of times but I knew he watched me close.

The hood came off her and she was stunning. George walked away and Clare sat at the table like always. She was one of those cross word nuts. I set the sander down; George had told me that they were my responsibility once they were in the barn. I walked across the room as she turned to complain to George. I touched her elbow and she jumped. I smiled and took her suitcase out of her hand, “follow me.”

She shut up suddenly, “Who are you? Where am I?”

I nodded my head toward the door I was headed for. It was next to the room I had chosen at the other end of the barn. “We can talk in your room.”

She followed me to her room and I set the suitcase on the small table. I went to the door and closed it. I pointed at the bed, “Sit down and listen.”

She looked at me for a moment and finally sat. I leaned against the door, “First thing is, you are here because you paid to get pregnant. They never said it would be at some luxury spa. Second thing is, you don’t need to know where you are, it protects them. Third, my name is Joey. I’m the one that is supposed to get you pregnant…”

She stood up, “WHAT!”

I smiled, “Quiet. You’re lucky. You get to leave when this is over.”

She looked at me with her eyes narrowed and sat stiffly, “What do you mean?”

I glanced away, “After a week, you will be tested and they take you home.”

She was still watching me when I looked back and I shrugged, “They bought me. Not that I mind really, eating out of the garbage is all I had to look forward to.”

She looked down, “I’m sorry. (She looked back at me) I don’t know if I can… not with a… child.”

I grinned, “Sex? You have a choice. You aren’t getting the money back. You can decide not to do anything or you can get pregnant. Now, I can work one of two ways. (I gestured to the sloped bench beside the bed) We can have sex normally or you use that.”

She looked at the bench, “What is that?”

I watched her face, “I made it; it’s a breeding bench. The body pillow is on top and then a sheet over that. You lay face down on it, facing the wall. Your legs go on the two rests on the sides. A curtain will cover the front of your body, (I gesture to the shower rod attached to the ceiling with a hanging curtain against the wall) and then your… breeder, will come in. When he is done, he will set a timer and when it goes off you can get up.”

She was looking at me thoughtfully, “Timer?”

I shrugged, “To give the sperm time to… you know.”

She finally smiled, “So I don’t have to see you.”

I nodded, “Or whoever. Imagine your husband if you want.”

She looked at me for a minute and I could see her making up her mind, “Okay Joey. If you don’t mind, I will use the… breeding bench.”

She took a deep breath and seemed to relax, “My name is Ashley. I don’t think you really want to know my last name.”

I moved away from the door and walked to her and shook her hand. “If you don’t mind, I would like to go through your suitcase. They said I need to check for cell phones or weapons.”

Ashley blinked and stepped away from her luggage, “go ahead.”

While I was going through her stuff, I noticed she really didn’t have any comfortable stuff to wear. Nightgowns that were shear or fancy clothes. Ashley saw my frown when I finished. “What’s wrong?”

I gestured at her clothes, “You don’t have anything comfortable to lounge around in.”

She looked at the case and started frowning. I shook myself, “I’ll find something.”

I realized how late in the day it was, “We have about an hour before dinner. Grab some panties and we’ll go shower.”

She looked at me strangely, “We? And just panties?”

I grinned, “No younger brothers? Never showered with a boy? Well, I promise no sex stuff. As for the panties, I’ll let you use my robe until I figure something out. And we have to shower together, if you go to shower, I have to go too.”

I opened the door, “I’ll wait for you by the shower. By the way, I have to post our schedule. It will be on your door, the first time will be after dinner.”

I stopped by the kitchen where Clare was getting things out for dinner, “Clare? Would you ask George if I could borrow a flannel shirt if he has one, (Thinking about the chilly nights) and if you have a spare blanket?”

Clare smiled at me, we got along really well. “She didn’t bring anything sensible?”

I shook my head as I went to my room and returned to the shower door with my robe and my pajamas. Ashley came out a minute later, carrying bottles of soap and shampoo. I closed the door behind us and hung the robe on the hook by the door. She hesitated and then started taking her clothes off. I crossed the small room and turned on the shower, “It takes the hot water a minute.”

She laughed, “Just like home.”

When I turned around she was naked. I could see she was embarrassed, but she wasn’t trying to cover herself. I smiled shyly as I started taking my clothes off, “You’re very beautiful Ashley.”

She blushed even more, “Thank you.”

I stepped into the shower and held out my hand. The shower was the first time I had been with a naked woman and it showed. Ashley was nice about it and didn’t try to embarrass me. She even let me feel her and showed me what I needed to know about her body. I dried her off when we got out and watched as she put her clean panties on. I put my pajamas on and held out my robe, I was almost as tall as she was so it fit okay.

Dinner was quiet, George pointed to an old shirt over the back of another chair and I thanked him. He was always a gruff old bastard, but I think it was mostly a show. While we ate, I started writing out Ashley’s schedule. I looked at George, “Is she the only one this week?”

He didn’t even stop eating, only gave a brief nod. When I finished eating, I took the dishes to the sink and started washing them. Before I knew it Ashley had joined me, “The meal was very good.”

We washed the dishes in silence and when I turned, I took her hand. I stopped at the table for the shirt and thanked Clare for the wonderful meal. I stopped before Ashley’s room and handed the shirt to her. I looked into her face, “Ashley, go into your room and get undressed. Pull the curtain and lay down on the bench.”

I looked at her wryly, “Someone will be in shortly.”

She looked at me, kind of biting her lip and then nodded. I waited until I heard the curtain and undressed. I walked into the room quietly, amazed at the view before me. All I could see was her bottom and it was beautiful. I knelt behind her and leaned forward, I could see the wetness along her slit. I placed my hands on her butt cheeks and leaned in licking from her clit up to her slightly wet fuck hole. Ashley shivered, “oh fuck.”

I started sucking and licking her clit with my nose buried in her wet hole. Ashley started shaking and getting much wetter until she froze, her body rigid. A loud gasp escaped her, “Fuck!”

I waited until she started relaxing and rose up, kneeling between her open legs. I put my cock at the entrance to her very wet pussy and slowly pushed in as far as I could go. Ashley froze again for a few seconds and then seemed to explode in shudders and thrust back against me.

It was a good thing I had masturbated a couple of times that morning. I held her until she started calming down and then started fucking her hard. It didn’t take me long and when I finally started pumping my sperm deep inside her she growled, “Yes! Cum in this slut!”

She jerked and shuddered again as I held her tight and emptied my cum in her. When I was done, I regretfully pulled out and stood up. I stopped by the door and set the small timer I had mounted on the wall above the light switch. Stepping out the door, I quietly closed it after me and looked at Clare watching me. I leaned down to get my pajamas and walked to the showers. I quickly washed off and put the pajamas back on.

I had thought of something I could do with the women and asked Clare if she had a sewing kit and any old cloth I could use to make a quilt. She smiled and nodded as she got up and left. When Ashley came out of her room I was sitting in front of the fire, sewing blocks of cloth together. She sat down on the other end of the couch hesitantly and I gestured to the basket of small square bits of cloth, “I thought we could spend the time making a quilt.”

Ashley nodded still not speaking. I smiled, “So, how did the breeding go? No accidents or mistakes I hope.”

Ashley looked at me intently, “You were… it was you?”

I kept sewing, “was it?”

She bit her lip and then laughed as she relaxed and reached for the sewing kit, “It went very well. No accidents and no mistakes.”

I nodded watching the stitching in the cloth, “That’s good. Do you want embroidered names on the corner pieces?”

She nodded as she started on her own pieces. I got up every once in a while to keep the fire going. Clare called out that she was going to bed. I hadn’t seen George since dinner. It was only a few minutes later that the timer on a small clock next to me went off. I looked up at Ashley, “It’s time again. This will be your last for tonight. After your timer goes off we need to shower before bedtime.”

Ashley set her sewing down smiling at me, “Tell my breeder I would like a repeat of our last session.”

I smiled at her as she stood, “I’ll tell him.”

As soon as she went into her room I stood and undressed before moving to her door. I heard the shower curtain and quietly walked into the room. I was still amazed at her bottom and knelt behind her. I licked her slit and listened to her moan and shivered. I licked and teased her clit as I rubbed her warm asshole. She jerked a minute later and cum ran out of her pussy, “Oh fuck, I’m a slut!”

Her body shivered and jerked as I started sucking on her clit while flicking my tongue back and forth. Ashley’s body arched suddenly, “I’m cumming again! Oh Fuck Me!”

I didn’t wait; I went to my knees and drove my cock into her pussy hard. She started bucking and twisting as I started fucking her hard. I lasted about five minutes with her grunting and jerking under me until I held her hips tight as I came in her pussy again. My body shook with the force of the spurts I sent into her and Ashley twisted under me and screamed, “Oh fuck you’re breeding me like a bitch!”

I held her as thick streams filled her and she began to calm down. I slowly pulled out and she sighed, “Joey?”

I kept quiet and moved to the door, I set her timer before closing the door behind me. Again I rinsed off and dried myself before going back and putting my pajamas on. I went back to work on the quilt and waited. Ashley came out after awhile and I set everything down and crossed to her.

I held out my hand and walked her to the shower. In the shower room she took the shirt off and I saw that she wasn’t wearing panties. I quickly took my pajamas off and hung them up. Ashley was looking at my hard cock, she looked up into my face, “It doesn’t look like…”

I smiled at her as I turned on the water. Ashley stepped up behind me, “That was you wasn’t it Joey?”

I pulled her into the shower and she let me wash and explore her body. When I turned off the water and dried her, she pulled the shirt back on while I put my Pajamas on. I walked her to her room and she suddenly seemed nervous, “When is my next…”

I nodded to the door and she looked at it with a smile. She kissed my cheek, “Wake me up so I can get ready for my breeder.”

I watched as she closed her door and then went to bed, setting my alarm clock. That was a fun week, I never did admit I was her breeder. We did finish a large quilt and another smaller one for the baby. Friday she tested positive, she was pregnant. Before she left on Saturday, I gave her my e-mail address and kissed her cheek.

The weeks went by, most of the time I had two women at once. Over the next four months I had all kinds of women. Three were nice like Ashley and I gave them my e-mail address. I sent Ashley e-mails all the time, we talked all the time about how she was doing, her husband David and anything else that came up.

I bought a new laptop online with a built in camera. George had relaxed around me and let me use it whenever I wanted. When I was bored, I made things or changed them. I had just started using the webcam on the laptop to talk to Ashley. I complained about the woman that had gotten here last night. She was bitchy, demanding and rude.

I told Ashley that Clare had just met her and already she didn’t like her. Ashley laughed and said “You should tie her up and train her if she’s a bitch. After all, she’s just there to get pregnant.”

I sat back in surprise and Ashley laughed. This was the first time we had talked and had been able to see one another. A man’s face appeared over Ashley’s shoulder, “This your secret lover?”

I laughed, “I can’t tell you that, she said she didn’t want to know.”

Ashley laughed with her husband. I watched as she caressed his face and looked back at the camera, “Joey, this is David.”

I smiled, “She’s told me quit a bit about you.”

David kissed Ashley and looked at me, “She’s told me about you too and her… breeder.”

I laughed and looked out the door as Wendy started complaining again. I looked back at the camera thinking about what Ashley had said, “I think I just might take your advice. I’ll talk to you later.”

I closed the program and set the laptop on the low table beside my bed. First I brought in a breeding bench and added some straps to it and then I walked out to find Wendy. She was bitching at Clare in the kitchen. I walked up behind her and grabbed her hands. Before she knew what was happening I had both her hands in furry handcuffs behind her back.

Wendy was the only woman I had this week and I was not going to put up with anymore of her bitching. While she yelled and screamed, I pulled her back to my room and put her on the breeding bench. After I strapped her to the bench, I opened a small wooden chest I had made and pulled out some toys I had bought online.

First I forced a ball gag into Wendy’s mouth. Next was the clit vibrator, I set the controller beside her and turned it on. Wendy’s struggling slowed. I lubed up a small vibrator that pumped in and out and pushed it up her ass as she screamed around the ball gag.

She was struggling as I picked up then next vibrator, it was a little bigger and did the same thing as the one in her ass. I pushed it into her cunt and turned it on. Last was the low voltage electrodes that I attached to her nipples and turned on. I sat back, “Wendy from now on, you will do what I tell you. No more being a bitch, no more complaining.”

I raised my hand and brought it down hard on her butt. I spanked her a dozen times and then sat back on my bed. I picked up my laptop and did some e-mails before going out to get my sewing. When I returned, I set everything down and took that gag out of Wendy’s mouth, “If you are quiet, I’ll leave the gag off.”

Wendy didn’t respond as she moaned and shuddered through a climax. I slapped her butt hard and she shuddered violently, “OH fuck yes!”

I sat back on my bed and pushed back to lean against the wall. I watched as Wendy went from climax to climax while I started a new quilt. Clare poked her head in an hour later, she glanced at Wendy and then seemed to ignore her, “Want some help with the quilt?”

I grinned, “You know I like it when you join me.”

I got off the bed and left, I returned with one of the stuffed chairs she liked and set it next to the bed. We sat there sewing and ignoring Wendy as she grunted and tried to fuck back at the toys in her ass and pussy. When my watch alarm went off, I hesitated but Clare only nodded, “Go ahead dear, I don’t mind.”

I just slipped my pajama bottoms off and knelt behind Wendy. I turned off the vibrator in her pussy and pulled it out. I set it beside us and shoved my cock in her cunt. Wendy went crazy, bucking against the straps that held her, “YES!”

I really didn’t care if she liked it, I started fucking her deep and hard. Five minutes later I slammed into her and started squirting my sperm deep in her cunt. I knew the vibrator had been long enough to open her cervix up so my cum was probably going into her womb. When I finished, I pulled out and pushed the vibrator back in but didn’t turn it on.

I turned the other toys off and walked down to the shower to rinse off. When I returned to the room, Wendy was pleading for Clare to release her. I put my pants on and knelt next to Wendy. I spanked her hard a dozen times before stopping, “You do not talk unless I tell you.”

I turned all the toys back on and went back to sewing with Clare. I fucked Wendy once more before lunch. I brought her lunch in and set it in front of her before releasing her hands from the straps. I turned the toys off and waited while she ate. When she was done, I undid the straps and stood her up. I walked her to the bathroom and stood in front of her while she went.

When she was done I took her back to my room, she looked like she wanted to argue when I pointed to the breeding bench. I raised my hand and she quickly got back onto the bench. I put the straps back on her, replaced the toys and went back to working on the quilt. When she started moving around, I turned the toys on and let her enjoy.

That was the way the day went, I would give her a break every few hours and the rest of the time she was on the breeding bench. That night I took her into the showers and made her stand while I washed her. I dried her and brought her back to my room. I pulled my covers back and made her lay on her side while I turned out the light and got in behind her.

The next day started with me taking her to the bathroom and putting her back on the bench. That was how it went for the week. She was pregnant by the end of the week and on Saturday I took her into her room and watched her get dressed. I walked her to George at the door and she surprised me by embracing me, “Thank you master.”

I watched as she calmly let George put the hood on and take her away. Clare slipped her arm through mine, “You certainly changed her.”

I smiled, “She polite now, I wonder how long it will last?”

We returned to our routine and things went back to normal. I talked with Ashley and sometimes David every day. When Ashley was six months pregnant something happened. I was talking to her when I heard a woman giving George hell. Well, it was early Friday, Sandra, the woman that had been here this week was in her room reading, she had already tested positive so I was not having sex with her.

I told Ashley I would be right back and went out to see what the problem was. This young woman was in George’s face giving him hell. I stepped back in my room and grabbed the handcuffs. I wasn’t going to take this again. I walked to the woman while she was busy with George and before she knew what had hit her she was handcuffed. I pulled her struggling body back to my room and did like I had done to Wendy.

I strapped her onto the bench and shoved the ball gag into her mouth. George had followed me and stood in the doorway watching as I carefully removed her clothes. I spanked her struggling ass fifty times and turned the toys on as I put them in place. I looked at George as I moved back to the bed and the quilt I was working on. “Now I can finish my talk with Ashley.”

George’s mouth quirked and he left. Clare came in while I was talking to Ashley and looked at the woman for several seconds before sitting in the chair I had left for her. I turned the laptop so Clare could see Ashley and Ashley could see her. It probably took the woman ten minutes before she was shivering and shuddering in pleasure.

Ashley had picked up the quilting habit and we sat there talking calmly, finally she looked at me, “I wish David and I could come visit.”

I laughed and kidded her, “This is a breeding barn. You would have to go back onto the breeding bench.”

Clare laughed, she knew the game I played with Ashley. David stuck his head over Ashley’s shoulder, “Would I get to see her breeder?”

I laughed, “Yes, but she doesn’t.”

They both laughed and the woman on the bench moaned through her gag. I moved to her, “If I take the gag off will you stay quiet?”

When she nodded hesitantly and I removed the gag and went back to the quilt. A few minutes later she shuddered violently and then looked over her shoulder at Clare, “Grandmother please?”

I looked at Clare but she was ignoring her. I knelt next to the woman and gave her another dozen hard swats on her ass, “No talking unless I say you can.”

I moved back up on the bed and looked at Clare as I went back to sewing. Ashley beat me to the question, “Grandmother?”

Clare smiled as she looked at her granddaughter, “Her name is Sarah.”

I glanced down at Sarah and back at Clare as she calmly went back to her side of the quilt. Before I could say anything my watch beeped. I looked at Clare and she smiled, “Go ahead, Ashley and I will wait.”

I took my pants off and knelt behind a moaning shuddering Sarah. I caressed her bottom as I leaned over her. “Sarah? You are on a breeding bench. The vibrator in your pussy has been pushing against your cervix. By now it is open and ready. When I cum in you, my sperm will go straight into your womb.”

I turned the toy off and pulled it out before putting it down. I shoved my cock all the way into Sarah’s tight grasping pussy. Sarah began jerking, “OH MY GOD!”

I fucked her hard, slamming into her over and over again. Sarah grunted and shuddered the whole time I pounded her. When I finally grabbed her hips and started pumping cum into her, she lifted her head and screamed, “FUCK ME!”

The room was quiet as we finished and I pulled out of Sarah. I put her toy back in place and turned the others off. I put my pants back on and sat on the bed. When I looked at the computer Ashley and David were both there. Ashley grinned, “I remember hearing someone screaming like that.”

I smiled as I went back to my sewing, “I heard it too, it kept distracting me from working on my quilt.”

David laughed with Clare while Ashley grinned. I looked at Sarah and saw her looking back at us curiously. “Sarah my pet, you wanted to say something?”

She licked her lips and looked from her grandmother to me, “How long are you going to keep me here?”

I shrugged, “The last woman that was bitchy spent a week. If you behave and take to the training, I might be able to get you out of here by Monday.”

Sarah looked at me for a minute and almost whispered, “I’ll behave.”

It was a little while later that she shifted and cleared her throat. I looked down, “Yes pet?”

She smiled, “Can you show me how to do that?”

Clare smiled at her and helped her get started. I looked at the clock and turned the toys back on. Sarah gasped and looked at me, “Master?”

I shrugged, “You have to get used to it my pet.”

Her sewing was a little erratic and Clare smiled every time she shuddered and came. Ashley finally had to call it a day and left. Since I didn’t have to worry about Sandra, I spent the day fucking Sarah almost every hour. I did the same thing that I had done with Wendy, bathroom breaks and all the rest.

I did do one thing different, I tied Sarah to my bed spread eagle for the night. Every time I woke up, I fucked her. I didn’t try to please her, I used her to relieve myself.

The next day Sandra left, but not before stopping in my room to give me a kiss goodbye. I spent the weekend with Sarah. Clare and George mostly stayed away. I didn’t do one thing different with her then I had with anyone else. By Sunday afternoon she was well used and when my alarm went off I moved behind her.

This time I pulled out the toy in her ass and slowly pushed my cock in. Sarah held still and sighed. When I started fucking her ass she grunted and moaned, “God, this is good!”

I fucked her slow and she loved it, shuddering and trying to push back. It couldn’t last though and I ended it by cumming deep in her ass. When I pulled out, I stuck the vibrator back in and turned it on. I sat beside her head, “Thank you Sarah that was my first time doing that.”

Sarah shivered, “Mine too master.”

Bright and early Monday, I untied Sarah and took her into the shower. I took my time washing her. After drying her off and dressing her, I walked her to the door where George waited. I stopped her before we reached George. I turned her to face me, “Sarah, you are a beautiful woman, don’t spoil it by being bitchy.”

I caressed her face, “I wouldn’t mind spending another weekend with you though.”

Sarah smiled and hugged me, “We’ll see master.”

I watched her leave and turned to Clare, “I like her better now.”

An hour later George was back with another woman and it was back to normal. On the next Monday I got a surprise, a new desktop with a thirty inch monitor. There was a note that said to put the monitor up in the corner so that anyone on the breeding bench could see it. It had an expensive webcam and all the programs I needed, I spent my spare time setting it up.

At noon on Friday I got a welcome surprise, Sarah showed up with Ashley and David. I had just finished testing the two women that I had been with and they were both pregnant. When I saw Ashley, I went straight to her and embraced her. I stood back and looked at her before looking at David, “She’s beautiful isn’t she?”

David laughed and held out his hand. I shook his hand and looked at Sarah, “Well my pet, back for another weekend?”

Sarah blushed but nodded, “Yes master.”

I looked at Ashley, “The two that are here wanted rooms further away from me so the one next to mine is free. Remember the dress code?”

Ashley grinned and held up a small bag. I grinned and took Sarah’s hand. As I led her towards my room I looked back, “come to my room when you are dressed.”

I led Sarah to my room and undressed her. She was quiet the whole time. I smiled, “Sarah? Last time I cheated and slipped your birth control into your morning juice. Do you want me to continue like that or do you want to take a chance.”

Sarah smiled back, “I found out the pills were missing last time. I didn’t bring them this time.”

I nodded and put her on the breeding bench and strapped her in. I had just finished when I heard Ashley and David behind me. They both had red faces as I gestured to the bed, “have a seat, we can talk in a minute.”

I went back to putting the toys on and in Sarah as they came in and sat on the edge of the bed. Sarah was already shuddering before I was finished. I stood up and smiled at Ashley. David had sat down on her other side so I could sit next to her.

I pulled my quilting stuff out and Ashley laughed as I sat next to her. David was kind of slow getting started, he kept staring at Sarah’s bottom. After I got started, I looked at Ashley, “Are you here for a week or just the weekend?”

Ashley grinned, “Just the weekend.”

Ashley looked at Sarah and frowned. I touched her shoulder, “You have to follow a schedule while you are here.”

Ashley started, “But…”

I shook my head, “Rules are rules.”

She looked at David and back at me, “Joey, I…”

I shook my head, “No Ashley, I’ll let your breeder know when it is time. I have your preferences, you might want to add a pillow under your chest though.”

Sarah moaned out loud, “fuck I need this!”

David had gone back to staring at Sarah, while Ashley frowned at him. My watched beeped and I nodded to Ashley, “That’s your first.”

Ashley looked at me almost in a panic, “but…”

I stood up and carefully pulled her to her feet. I led her to her room and gently gave her a push, “Don’t forget to pull the curtain.”

I slipped back into my room to find David bent over looking closely at Sarah’s pussy. I smiled at him, “Look at her later. You need to get undressed. When you go into your room you will see Ashley on the bench, the curtain hiding her front. Lick her first and after she cums, just fuck her nice and deep. Come in her as deep as you can.

When you finish, pull out and walk to the door. There is a timer beside the door, set it for thirty minutes and come back here. Whatever you do, don’t talk, don’t moan, nothing.”

David was grinning as he stripped off his pajama bottoms and walked out the door. I dropped my pants and knelt behind Sarah, “Sorry it took so long pet.”

I pulled the toy out of her pussy and shoved my cock in. Sarah moaned and shuddered, “fuck me master!”

That was just what I did. I pounded her pussy hard for about five minutes and then held her tight as I filled her womb. I pulled out and pushed her toy back in and turned it on. I moved up next to her and kissed her cheek even though she was moaning again and probably didn’t know I did it. When David came in, I took him to the showers, “Just wash your lower body.”

I washed quickly and waited for him outside the door. He came out a minute later and we went back to my room. He kept looking at me and finally laughed, “How long are we going to string her along?”

I grinned back at him, “Sunday night if we can.”

He laughed again and we walked into my room where he stopped staring at Sarah, “There’s cum…”

He looked at me and I shrugged, “My pet is here for breeding. Ashley didn’t want to see me, to know that I was the one that was getting her pregnant. Sarah needs it this way.”

He nodded and sat in the chair, “You know I was jealous of you. At least until I saw you and we talked.”

I nodded, “I was afraid you would be. I like Ashley but she really loves you.”

He smiled and sat back more relaxed then before. Ashley came in a few minutes later, her face was red from blushing. She looked at Sarah squirming and grunting as her toys fucked her. When she saw the cum she walked straight to David and pulled the waistband of his pants open.

She looked at him curiously and turned to me and pulled my pants open so she could see my cock. I grinned, she had done this a couple of times before, “Ashley, I keep telling you that if you keep doing that you will have to forget the bench.”

Ashley grinned and looked back and forth between us, “Okay, so who was it really?”

I smiled and pulled her down to sit on the bed next to me, “If you promise to behave, I will tell you Sunday night.”

Ashley laughed and agreed, she looked at Sarah as I finally reached down and turned her toys off. Ashley looked at me blushing, “did you…”

I smiled and caressed Sarah’s bottom, “Sarah my pet, were you bred?”

Sarah sighed, “Yes master.”

I looked at Ashley, “Who bred you my pet?”

Sarah looked over her shoulder, “I don’t know master.”

Ashley looked at Sarah and then David. I pulled her against me and laughed. “You could try a taste test. You told me David likes oral sex so…”

Ashley looked at Sarah’s wet bottom, “I’ve never done that to another woman.”

I smiled, “If you really want to know…”

Ashley sighed and looked at David before kneeling behind Sarah. David and I watched as she bent down awkwardly and licked Sarah’s pussy. Sarah shivered and Ashley sat up with a smile as she absently caressed Sarah’s bottom. Ashley looked at me, “That wasn’t David. But it gives me an idea.”

She reached between her legs and pushed a couple of her fingers up inside her pussy. When she pulled them out she tasted them almost hesitantly as if afraid of the answer. She grinned and looked at David, “That was yours, you stinker.”

David helped her up and she sat on his lap. She hugged him and laughed, I told her that since she had found her breeder she wouldn’t have to use the bench anymore. Ashley laughed, “That doesn’t get you out of telling me who my real breeder was.”

I grinned, “He’s resting after a busy week.”

Ashley and David both laughed just as Clare came to the door. I gestured to David, “David, I have to ask you to move over onto the bed. The chair is there for Clare, she’s the cook and I have no intention of giving her chair away.”

David laughed as he stood and took a step to Clare, “Clare, Ashley has told me so much about you.”

Clare smiled as she took his hand and moved to sit down. She reached for her sewing as she looked at Sarah, “Back again Sarah?”

Sarah looked over her shoulder, “Yes grandmother.”

Clare looked at me and I shrugged, “I don’t mind. I like her company.”

Clare smiled and she looked at Ashley, “How’s the baby doing?”

Ashley smiled and started talking about her pregnancy while I handed Sarah her quilting stuff. The weekend went quickly. David had to take Ashley to her room several times when I had to breed Sarah. Ashley teased him about getting excited easily.

Sunday seemed to crawl by, George brought a new woman in and I made up her schedule. I had turned Sarah’s breeding bench and placed another chair in the room. We watched shows off the internet and joked, but Ashley and David were comfortable and were enjoying their stay.

Sunday night Ashley came to my room alone while I was tying Sarah to the bed. I glanced at her and finished tying Sarah before sitting down. Ashley sat beside Sarah’s hips and absently started caressing her inner thighs and pussy. “Will you tell me now Joey?”

I looked from her hand to her face, “Do you really want to know?”

Ashley looked down at Sarah’s slowly bucking hips and after a minute she looked into my face. “I… I have to know.”

I watched her for a minute and sighed, “I’m the father Ashley, I’m your breeder. I thought if I did it the way I did, that you would take it better.”

Ashley smiled, “It was wonderful.”

I smiled back, “You know you were the first woman I ever…”

Ashley grinned, “You seemed to enjoy it.”

I laughed and we both looked at Sarah as her back arched and she shuddered. I grinned as she relaxed and smiled as if to herself while staring up at the ceiling. Sarah smiled at Ashley as she bent forward slowly to suck on one of her nipples. When she pulled back Sarah shivered and Ashley laughed with delight, “Goodnight pet.”

She walked out and I closed the door behind her. Early the next morning after I finished with Sarah and the new woman, I walked Ashley, David and Sarah to the door. “I’ll miss you.”

Sarah laughed and stepped close to Ashley and kissed her on the mouth. Ashley was surprised but didn’t pull back. Sarah grinned and looked at me, “I’ll bring them back any time they want.”

I pulled her closed and kissed her hard and pulled back to look into her eyes. I shook my head and laughed, “I’m going to make you a new bench. In a few months you will have trouble using the old one.”

Sarah laughed and ruffled my hair, “As you wish master.”

I watched them leave and was a little sad that I was staying until my watched beeped and it was time for me to breed the new girl again. That was my life and it lasted until I was eighteen when George died. Ashley and David came back almost every other weekend. Ashley had a beautiful little girl and then another and finally a boy.

The last time I didn’t have to use the bench and David watched each time. I married Sarah a month after George died. We have had four children, she has them and I get to raise them. Sarah was the lawyer behind the breeding barn and after George died she stopped. We live on the ranch, mostly in the barn, Clare lives with us and we get a lot of visitors.

Most are former clients of mine and a few friends of Sarah’s that ended up coming out to be… disciplined for being bitchy. One of the most frequent visitors is Wendy. I think she got hooked like Sarah. Sarah understands and helps me with her sometimes.

Mom even showed up one day, she had been through rehab and was doing well. She cried when she saw me and I couldn’t stay mad, everything had turned out okay for me. In the four years I worked as a private stud service for women, I fathered over four hundred children. Not one woman didn’t get pregnant during her week with me.
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