It started with dad asking a question, “Do you want a slave?”

It was a week before my sixteenth birthday and two weeks before summer break. I had just walked in the door at home when dad stopped me. “Allen? I need to talk to you.”

I had planned to do some work on one of my computers, but if dad needed to talk that could wait. I followed dad into the living room and he pointed to the couch. I sat and watched as he fidgeted for a minute before looking at me. “Allen, have you had sex with a woman yet?”

I was a little surprised, I mean it was kind of late for the sex talk. Not that I had been with a girl before. I had watched a lot of porn and masturbated often, mostly thinking of my step mom. I returned dads look, “No.”

He grinned, “This isn’t a talk about sex. I asked because you have a… opportunity. At the age of sixteen, you are eligible to join a kind of… group. It’s a group that follows a certain lifestyle involving sex. That of Masters and Slaves, slaves that will have sex with you, when you want and how you want.”

He looked at the doorway as my step mom came in, “Vicky, get undressed please.”

She looked at me even as she started to undress. I looked at dad, “Vicky is your slave?”

He nodded, “Yes.”

He glanced at Vicky before looking back at me, “Do you want a slave?”

I was staring at Vicky’s naked body and finally tore my eyes away and looked back at dad. “What do I have to do?”

He smiled and looked at Vicky, “Get a wine glass and a hand towel.”

Dad took a breath, “There will be a gathering of masters and slaves the night of your birthday. For your initiation, you have to pick a potential slave and perform three sex acts, oral, vaginal and anal. You have to cum each time and in less than one hour.”

I looked at dad and blushed as Vicky came back in the room. Vicky stopped by the couch and I looked back at dad as he continued, “Can you cum three times in an hour?”

I grinned, “Yes.”

He gestured, “Show me.”

I blinked and looked at Vicky. He laughed, “She told me how you are always trying to see her naked. For this you have to do it alone, she will… assist you.”

Still blushing, I stood up and slowly undid my pants and pulled them down. I tossed them on the end of the couch and took a breath before pulling my boxers down. Vicky smiled and licked her lips as my cock came into view. Dad chuckled, “Damn, son you’re a little bigger then I am.”

I blushed, but smiled as he looked at Vicky, “Masturbate for him.”

I looked at Vicky as she set the towel and wine glass on the coffee table and sat back on the other end of the couch. She put her left leg up on the couch, showing me her beautiful pussy. She smiled and started slowly rubbing herself.

Without thinking about it, I started stroking my hard cock, my eyes glued to Vicky as her eyes stared at my cock. It was only a few minutes later that I felt myself reaching the edge. I closed my eyes and suddenly heard Vicky moving. I opened them to see her kneeing in front of me with the wine glass. I shuddered as I started to cum and Vicky calmly reached out, wrapping her hand around my cock and pointed it down into the glass, just in time.

When her hand touched me it was as if a spark raced through my body. I shuddered again, closing my eyes as I spurted thick streams of cum into the glass. When I was finally finished, I watched as she set the glass back on the table. She stood and kissed me before looking down.

I followed her gaze and saw her wet hand come away from her pussy and wrap around my cock. I was still hard as she stroked me a couple of times and stepped back to the couch. Dad laughed again, “oh, to be young with a hard cock that doesn’t go down.”

I looked at him and grinned, “It goes down after the fourth or fifth time.”

He grinned back as Vicky groaned. I looked at her back on the couch and started stroking again. This time it took over five minutes. I wasn’t trying to hold back like I normally do. After I came the second time, I didn’t even stop. Vicky set the glass down and went back to rubbing herself, I watched as Vicky came and looked at dad, “That’s what it looks like when a woman cum’s?”

I looked back at Vicky, “Was it good?”

She smiled as she continued to shiver and shake. It was only a minute after that, when I felt my body stiffen as I felt myself getting close. Vicky again moved in front of me and took over stroking my cock and filling the glass as I came for the third time. When I finished she stood up and kissed me. She whispered, “You did great Allen.”

She stepped back and looked at dad as she raised the full wine glass to her lips and drank it. I groaned and felt like cumming again. Dad nodded as he looked at me, “Don’t masturbate this week. Vicky will begin teaching you what you need to know.”

With that he walked to Vicky and I watched as they went back to their bedroom. All I could think was that I had to be dreaming. That was one of the longest weeks of my life. For a change Vicky wore clothes that covered her so that she wouldn’t excite me, needless to say it didn’t work.

I did as my father asked though and struggled through without touching myself. Vicky’s classes were held in the kitchen after school. She was very explicit with details, about the lifestyle and even about slaves and her own experiences. What a master could and couldn’t do. My birthday was on Friday. When I got home, there were changes. The living room was cleared of some of the furniture and there were trays of food and bottles of liquor in the kitchen.

When I got to my bedroom there was another surprise. My twin bed had been replaced with a king size one. My house had five bedrooms and a den and I saw the doors open for each and a bed opened up in the den. Vicky caught me in my room and told me to wait there and get undressed.

It felt like hours, I couldn’t concentrate to play games as I heard people arriving. I heard the sounds of people talking and partying. After an eternity, a naked Vicky opened my door and told me to come to the living room. When I entered the room, there were probably thirty naked people there. There were two men with my father and I crossed to him feeling very uncomfortable with no clothes on. I recognized one of the men as a friend of my father who I knew was a judge. He smiled and held out his hand, “Hello Allen.”

He looked around the room, “Time to start, Allen here was nominated by three masters. After picking a slave, he must successfully complete his initiation.”

He opened a binder that was handed to him and turned it so I could see. As he held it, I saw the pages with a picture of a girl and some writing. As he slowly turned the pages I looked at the pictures and sometimes stopped to read about the woman. I could hear one of the guys making comments as I went through the binder until a face seemed to stop me. It was a picture of a girl twenty years old. She was blond, her hair hanging down her back. She had hazel eyes and I quickly read about her and looked up, “Her.”

He smiled and picked up his cell and walked away. Dad looked at me, “Now we wait, unless she has changed her mind.”

The waiting was made worst by one of the men. I knew him, he was a senior at school, one of the jock types. His name was Carl Miller. Besides the loud rude comments, it was the way he treated the girl with him. I could see that he had already been drinking. When I looked at dad, he shook his head, “Later.”

I think that was when things really hit me. I looked at dad, “Mom was your slave too wasn’t she?”

He smiled and nodded, “Yes.”

I kept looking at him, “The man she moved in with was her new master?”

He nodded, “Yes and before you ask, she doesn’t have a master right now.”

I was looking at dad thoughtfully, “You know I could have sworn I have seen mom leaving several times.”

Dad grinned, “I used to trade Vicky for a day.”

I kept looking at dad, “You could ask her back as your slave.”

Dad looked at me in surprise, “I didn’t think of that. She left because of her job and an opening that got her promoted. Strangely that’s what brought her back this year.”

I saw him looking at Vicky and that’s when the doorbell rang. The girl was even more stunning than her picture. I watched as she undressed by the door and crossed to us. As she stepped close she looked at each of us and finally settled on me. “I’m Cas.”

The Judge looked at her, “Cas, this is Allen. He is here to be initiated if you consent to be his slave.”

She kept looking at me and then she looked down at my hard cock. She smiled, “that is all the incentive I need.”

I smiled shyly as she took my hand and led me to the center of the room. She kissed me and whispered, “relax and just enjoy the feeling.”

She knelt in front of me, caressing my stiff cock. Slowly she leaned forward and took my cock into her mouth. She kept her eyes on mine and I think that was what finally loosened me up. I smiled and relaxed, enjoying the feeling of her fucking my cock with her mouth. It didn’t take long and I reached down to caress her face before tensing and cumming in her mouth. “I’m cumming.”

As I shot spurt after spurt into her mouth, some finally leaked out the corner and down her chin. I shivered as I shot the last and she pulled back and stood, opening her mouth to show the room. She turned to me and swallowed before grinning, “I thought you were going to drown me.”

The room broke out in laughter and I grinned back at her as she looked down at my cock. Her grin widened, “Well, it looks like you are ready for something else.”

Dad was close by and laughed, “He said it doesn’t go down until he has cum four or five times.”

Cas almost purred as the room laughed again. She took my hands and pulled me down on top of her. I kissed her, I think that surprised her, but then I put my head next to hers as she was reaching between us. I whispered in her ear, “Cas, I’ve never done this.”

As she guided me to her wet pussy, she whispered back, “This is your first time, just do what feels good and I’ll take care of the rest.”

As she pulled me into her, removing her hand, I had to groan. She groaned with me, “God, I think I need this too.”

I couldn’t help myself, I started fucking her with long hard strokes. I could feel my big cock pushing through into her womb. I suddenly felt myself tense and she screamed. Her legs opened wider and her back arched, her pussy seemed to grab at my cock and she squirted a little cum. I slammed into her again and started cumming with her, pumping my sperm deep into her womb.

Halfway through, I remembered what Vicky had said about witnesses needing to see some of my cum. Reluctantly, I pulled back to just inside her to finish cumming. When I was done, I pulled out and sat back on my heels. Cas was still a little out of it and the room was almost quiet.

With everyone smiling and several nodding that they had seen my cum. I moved forward and lifted a dazed Cas and turned her onto her knees. Her head dropped to the floor as the room laughed again. I took some of my leaking cum from her pussy and rubbed it on her ass, even pushing it in a little. Her ass relaxed and two of my finger slipped in as she shuddered, “oh fuck!”

I pulled my fingers out and slowly pushed my big cock into her ass. Cas groaned and pushed her ass back at me as I slowly sank into her. Cas looked over her shoulder, I think she had forgotten about the initiation. “Fuck my ass!”

I grinned back at her almost forgetting myself. I pulled back and shoved into her, Cas screamed and it was all I could do to hold her as she started convulsing. I thought I had hurt her when she growled, “Please master, keep fucking me!”

I shook my head and started fucking her hard as the room laughed. This time it took almost ten minutes before I started cumming. When I did, Cas was thrashing around so much as I pulled back to cum just inside her that I came out and shot a thick stream of cum onto her back before I shoved back into her all the way to the hilt.

I shivered the last few times and slowly pulled out and lay beside Cas for a minute to catch my breath. Cas lay down beside me and then rolled onto her side facing me, “Thank you master.”

Then there were people all around us, helping us stand and congratulating me. My father stepped close and gripped my shoulder, while he kissed Cas on the cheek. He turned me towards the judge as I quickly took Cas’s hand. We took shaky steps to him and he grinned, “Welcome to our brotherhood Allen.”

He shook my hand and turned to the other man, “Well Adam, I believe he passed, do you agree.”

Adam laughed, “After that show, I think everyone would agree. I think he might even have beaten the state record.”

The judge laughed and turned to the counter behind him. I saw a certificate there and he quickly filled it out and signed it before standing aside, “Adam, Vicky, would you witness please.”

Adam signed and Vicky moved up and started to sign when Carl Miller staggered into me. “He needs to do it again, I didn’t see.”

I looked at him and could tell he was almost completely out of it. I didn’t see his slave until she limped in the back door. The judge looked at him, “Than I guess you should have stayed in the room with the rest of us.”

Even from where I stood, I could see the bruises on his slave. I looked at dad and could see his face getting tight in anger. Suddenly I had an idea, I squeezed Cas’s hand, “Judge, am I done?”

He looked from a glaring Carl to me and nodded as he handed me the certificate. I looked at dad as I turned towards the hall. As I passed him I whispered, “Keep him here, I have an idea.”

I quickly pulled Cas behind me as I hurried down the hall. I glanced at her, “Cas, I know we just met, but that girl needs help. I may have a way, the rules provide that another Master can buy a slave away from her master. Once she has been released, she is free to accept another master, any master.”

I stopped in my room next to my desk and looked at her smiling face. “I want to ask her, but you have to agree or I will ask those in the room and she will have to take her chances.”

Cas kissed me, “I think you should do it. We can help her together.”

I opened the desk and took out a small gun safe. When I opened it, Cas gasped and I smiled as I grabbed a stack of bills and locked it and dropped it back into the desk. When we got back to the living room, dad was arguing with Carl. I broke in, “Excuse me dad, but I would like to speak with Carl.”

Carl turned to me almost snarling. I stopped him by just holding up the stack of hundred dollar bills. He froze with his eyes glued to the money. I smiled pleasantly, “Carl, I understand you are going to state in the fall on a scholarship. I would like to offer you a deal. I will buy your slave now for five thousand and you can spend the summer kicking back partying until you go to college.”

I heard the murmuring around us and then silence, but I doubt he even realized we weren’t alone. He licked his lips, “Ten thousand.”

I laughed and turned, “For a slave that probable won’t be here for more then two years, sorry no. I’ll check with one of the other masters going to college.”

He blinked and suddenly reached out to grab my shoulder. “Wait! All right, five thousand.”

I looked at the judge scowling at me, “It’s in the rules judge, will you witness?”

His lips tightened and I handed the money to Carl, “I need your release.”

He staggered to the counter a few feet away and scribbled the release. I forced a smile as he turned and just pushed past me, “Time to party.”

I reached out to his slave and gently touched her shoulder. When the door slammed the room seemed to focus on me. I smiled at the slave, “Do you understand you are free now? He isn’t your master anymore.”

She kept her head down and nodded. I tilted her face, “You can accept or refuse ANY offer from a master now.”

Again she nodded and I smiled gently, “I would very much like you to join Cas and be my slave.”

She stopped trying to avoid looking at me and looked into my eyes and then at Cas who was slightly behind me. She smiled shyly, “Okay.”

I looked at the judge, “Did I do it right?”

He grumped, “Buying a slave.”

I grinned, “Not exactly, the rule only allows for a master to buy the slave’s release from another master not the slave herself.”

He looked at me and then he started smiling as the room chuckled. When he stopped he looked at Carl’s slave, “Jaz isn’t it?”

She nodded and he turned to the counter and wrote out another certificate. This time dad and Adam witnessed it. I turned to the room, “Thank you for your patience and as someone just said, time to party.”

Dad took my shoulder as I softly took Jaz by the hand and led her towards the back door and the quiet of the backyard. Dad followed with Vicky until I reached one of the patio tables and gently pushed Jaz down in the chair. I knew dad wanted to talk, but first things first. “Jaz, I am not your last master. I do not hit girls, I am not mean or cruel. I will be you master though and you know what that means. Now, do you need to go home tonight?”

She shook her head, “no, master.”

I turned slightly to Cas, “Cas is my first slave and you will do what she says in my absence.”

Jaz nodded again and I looked at Cas, “Cas, would you take her into the bathroom by my bedroom and check her. Let me know how bad she’s hurt.”

When Cas led her back into the house, Vicky followed them. I sat and looked at dad, “Okay, now you can let me have it.”

Dad grinned, “Actually, I’m proud of you. We have been beating our heads for a month trying to find a way to get her away from him. She is the daughter of an old friend.”

He looked down and I saw him smile to himself. He looked back at me, “Before I ask where the money came from, I need to tell you about your birthday present.”

I laughed, “Dad, you gave me the best present already.”

He grinned, “No, that you earned. Your present is actually a family tradition. I bought you a house.”

I was stunned, “A house?”

He nodded, “It’s a couple of blocks from here. It’s not new, but it is fairly large. Six bedrooms and a den, five and a half baths. It even has a medium size indoor swimming pool.”

He blushed, “I know I haven’t been around a lot and you were really… mad about your mother and I.”

I shrugged, “I think now that I know about you and mom, it doesn’t bother me as much. I think that I would like it if you asked her to come back home.”

Dad grinned, “I already have. After you mentioned it earlier, Vicky and I talked and I called her. She should be here anytime.”

I grinned, “If I wasn’t planning to be… busy with Cas, I would ask you to let her spend the night with me.”

Dad laughed, “She remembered it was your birthday, but doesn’t know that you’re a master now.”

I stood, “Shouldn’t we join the party and surprise her when she gets here?”

Dad laughed again as he stood, “Sounds good.”

As we were walking back into the house he looked at me, “So, how did you get the money?”

I grinned, “Remember two years ago when I told you to stop claiming me for taxes because I had a job and would have to file my own?”

Dad nodded and I held the door open for him, “Well the job was and is, an internet business. Since then, I have also bought and sold stocks recommended by my broker and I think I’m up to around a million.”

Dad looked at me in surprise, “I should have you handling my money.”

I smiled as we stopped by the judge, who was frowning at a pretty woman who had been talking to him. He looked at me, “There is a problem with Jaz.”

I was startled, “What problem?”

He gestured, “This is Melissa, my slave. She says Jaz was hurt, Miller beat her…”

I didn’t wait for him to finish, I turned and walked down the hall to where several women were gathered around the bathroom door. I squeezed between them. I could tell they were angry. I found Jaz in the bathroom surrounded by women. Cas was on her knees holding her as she cried. I gently but firmly moved the women out of my way until I was next to Jaz and knelt. I looked at Cas, “How bad?”

Cas was pissed, “He beat her so bad it broke the skin. She has bruises on her butt and lower back and on her inner thighs. There is also is also small lacerations to the back of her neck and around her pubic area.”

I gently reached out to Jaz and pulled her against me. I knew what she had to do but didn’t know if she was brave enough, “Jaz, listen to me. What he did to you was wrong. I know you are afraid, but try to believe in me. I will protect you, but you need to tell the Masters council what he did.”

She leaned against my shoulder crying, “He said he would kill me.”

I held her gently, “Jaz, he will never get that chance. I am your master now and that means you are mine to protect.”

She pulled back and looked into my eyes. Finally she nodded and I stood lifting her up. I looked around as I held her hand, “Ladies, thank you for being here and helping her.”

They nodded and cleared a path, but I could tell they were still angry. Cas went in front of me and we walked back to the living room. I walked up to Judge Peterson, “Sir, my slave would like to make a grievance against her former owner.”

He was expecting it and so was the rest of the room. I stepped to the side and looked at Jaz as I held her hand, “Tell him what Miller did.”

Cas took her other hand as she stumbled through his questions. When she was done, Judge Peterson took out his phone and called Miller. I could hear him yelling through the phone and finally the judge just closed the phone, hanging up. He looked around the room, “He refuses to come back or answer any questions.”

Adam, the other council member, shrugged, “Fine, I vote to exclude him.”

One by one, each Master agreed. Judge Peterson looked at me last. I nodded, “Since she is now my slave, I have no vote. If I did, it would be to agree.”

He smiled and nodded, before looking at Adam. “Make sure it gets put out to all chapters.”

The party started back up with the women determined to thank their masters. I kept Cas and Jaz close as we moved through the crowd. Several of the women were giving blow jobs and I saw couples heading for the spare rooms. I smiled as I started leading Cas and Jaz back towards dad.

I had planned to say good night, but before I had gotten anywhere, someone came in the door and I grinned. I watched from behind another couple as she undressed. Cas pinched me, “You have two slaves here.”

I looked at her and grinned wider, “Yes I do, but that is my mother and she doesn’t know I’m a master now.”

Cas leaned around the woman in front of her while Jaz tried to stand on her toes to see. I waited until mom had undressed and started walking towards dad before I moved. I came up behind her when she was a few feet away from him. Dad had seen me and smiled as I touched her shoulder, “excuse me, but would you spend the night with me?”

Mom turned with her mouth open to answer. When she saw me, she froze and I grinned before stepping closer and pulling her into a hug. Mom’s arms slowly went around me and then she was laughing as she hugged me tight, “Allen, you scamp.”

I let her go and stepped back to look at her. It had been over four years since I had seen her. She was blushing as I looked at her body, “Do you like what you see… Master?”

I grinned, “As a matter of fact I do. You and dad should have told me before you spilt up though.”

She caressed my face, “We didn’t think you would understand.”

I smiled as I looked to the side at Cas and Jaz. When I looked back, mom was looking at them. I held my arm up for Cas and my other hand out for Jaz. I gently squeezed Cas, “mom, this is Cas, she is my first slave and helped me through my initiation.”

I held Jaz’s hand up a little, “This is Jaz, she decided to take pity on Cas and save her from drowning.”

Dad stepped up beside mom, his arm going around her waist. “Did he bitch you out?”

Mom grinned up into his face, “Yes and he looks great.”

Dad kissed her and turned her towards Adam and another man, “Vicky and I have been waiting.”

Cas slipped her arm around my waist, “He’s going to ask her to be his slave again?”

I nodded feeling very happy, I looked at Cas, “Would you mind waiting a little longer?”

She smiled, “you’re the master.”

I grinned as I pulled them towards the patio. Outside we sat around a table and I looked at Jaz, “How are you feeling?”

She smiled shyly, “Sore and a little breathless. I never thought I would get away from…”

I smiled, “Well you are. You didn’t say anything to the judge about the bruises on your inner thighs. Do you want to tell Cas and I about it?”

She looked down at the table, “He liked to take me rough.”

I looked at Cas as she squeezed my hand. I took one of Jaz’s hands, “Your bruised inside too, aren’t you?”

She hesitated and then nodded. I squeezed her hand, “That means you and Cas will get more time together until you heal. Don’t think that gets you out of sleeping with me tonight.”

She smiled as she looked at Cas. I glanced at Cas, “I know Masters are supposed to share at gatherings like this, but do I have to do that tonight?”

Cas smiled and shook her head, “Not necessarily, it doesn’t really apply on a new master’s initiation.”

I kept looking at her, “Do you want me to share you tonight?”

She shook her head, “If you don’t mind, I would like us to get to know each other.”

I stood and held out my hands, “In that case, girls why don’t we go to my room.”

The masters were still in the living room. It looked like they just wanted to relax and spend time together. I didn’t see my dad, mom or Vicky so I kept walking down the hall. I led the girls back to my bedroom and closed the door after Cas and Jaz went through. Dad was knocking on the door before we had even reached the bed. I opened the door to see dad’s frown. “Allen, the council wants to watch you and Jaz.”

I looked at Jaz, “Dad, she’s not really in any condition for sex.”

Dad looked from me to Jaz, “They know that Allen. A couple of the masters are upset because of the way you got her.”

I shook my head, looking at Cas and Jaz, “Give me a minute.”

I closed the door and turned to Cas, she was angry. I smiled, “Well, this changes things. They can’t force me, but they can make things difficult.”

Jaz shifted her feet, “its okay master.”

I looked from Jaz to Cas, “Cas? Yes or No.”

Cas looked away, “Allen, I can’t tell you that… you’re my master.”

I thought about it and walked to the bedside table and took out a bottle of lubricant. I bent Jaz over the bed and as Cas watched, I opened her pussy up. I used my fingers to gently work some oil inside her tender pussy. When I finished, I looked at Cas, “When we get in there, I want you to try to get her aroused. I want her on top of me once she gets aroused. We’ll take it as slow as we need to.”

Cas nodded and I helped Jaz stand and we walked back to the front room. I looked at the gathered masters, most looked upset. All the slaves looked pissed. I looked around the room, “I may be new, but I do know that this is not normal. And that it is something I don’t have to do. Now, I would like the names of the blood masters that are demanding this.”

A blond guy, maybe twenty, laughed, “Blood masters? This is from the council.”

I looked at him and then turned to Judge Peterson, “It takes at least three masters to request this from the council. Now either I get the names or I go back with my slaves and finish what I started.”

Another master stepped out of the crowd next to the blond, “Either you demonstrate your Jaz’s master or you’ll be sanctioned and she will be removed as your slave.”

I laughed as I faced him, “Apparently you didn’t read the laws and rules. After a master completes his initiation he doesn’t have to demonstrate anything.

Second, is the fact that a master doesn’t have to demonstrate his mastery over a new slave.

Third, a slave that has been abused is exempt from any actions that would cause more pain or suffering.

Fourth, any disciplinary actions along the lines you stated would mean I appeal to the state and national reps and the masters that initiated the action would be sanctioned for interfering with another master. Sanctions that include removing their slaves, denying them access to the slave database and suspension.

(I looked around) Now, one last time, the names of the three blood masters demanding this.”

The masters were looking at each other, most smiling. Judge cleared his throat, “Why do you want the names Allen.”

I looked him in the eye, “Two reasons. First, so that I can make sure their names are not on any guest lists for my party’s or functions. Second, so that I can inform my slaves that they are not to touch these master for any reason, at any time.”

There was a murmur around the room and blond snorted, “Who the fuck do you think you are?”

I smiled, “A master and like all the masters here, I have rights and privileges. I can exclude any master I believe may harm my slaves, even from using my slaves at a monthly gathering.”

I looked back at the Judge and could see his thin smile, “All right Allen, Richard Pellis (He nodded to the blond), David Anderson (He nodded to the master next to the blond) and George Secourt (He nodded to a red haired master about thirty years old).”

I looked at Cas, “Write the names down Cas. I don’t want either of you girls to ever let these men touch you.”

I had been thinking about what I was going to do. I stepped closer to my father, “Dad, may I borrow mom to stay with Cas until this is over?”

He nodded and mom stepped pasted him with a smile. I looked at Cas, “I’ll do this alone. Stay with mom and watch for me.”

I held my hand out to Jaz, “Ready Jaz?”

Jaz nodded, her head down as she took my hand. I led her to the center of the room and released her hand to walk to the edge of the room and return with a large footstool. I stepped close and pulled her into an embrace. I kissed her softly, whispering, “Relax my Jaz.”

I started caressing her gently, running my hands over her breasts and down to her hips. I kept caressing her while kissing her until she moaned quietly. I broke from kissing her and gently turned her towards the footstool. I placed her on her hands and knees with her legs spread. “Put your head down Jaz.”

I knelt between her legs and leaned forward to tease her clit with my tongue. Jaz moaned louder and pushed back slightly. I licked up her pussy lips, pulling on them to tease them and then moving to her asshole. I got it really wet with my tongue and placed my thumb on it, rubbing gently. When I went back to her clit and sucked it, she groaned, “master that feels sooo…”

She shivered lightly and pushed back against me. I kept teasing her clit and gently sucking on it until she started shivering and stuttered, “MM…AST…EER, ppleeasse maay I cuum?”

I licked her hard, “Go ahead Jaz.”

She suddenly jerked and then started shaking, “I’M CUMMING!”

I held her jerking hips, my tongue still teasing her clit. When she finally stopped cumming, she sighed and sagged. I smiled and stood up, I caressed her hips, “Up Jaz, time for another game.”

Jaz sighed and looked over her shoulder at me almost sadly. I helped her up and sat on the corner of the footstool with my legs together. I held my arms out to her and she straddled my legs before reaching down to guide my cock into her pussy as she lowered herself. I closed my eyes in pleasure as she slowly sank down onto my cock, forcing it through the opening into her womb.

When she was seated on my lap, I held her hips tight and opened my eyes, “Okay Jaz, here’s the rules. You can only rock back and forth on me, trying to make me cum. If you pull up and fuck me, I have to punish you. Are you ready?”

I could hear the quiet talking in the room around us. Jaz bit her lip and nodded. I knew she was still a little sensitive and leaned back a little. “Alright go ahead.”

Jaz started rocking and gasped, “Ooohhhh.”

She froze for a second, looking into my face surprised and then shuddered hard, “Master?”

I laughed as she shivered, “That’s it my Jaz.”

When she stopped cumming, she smiled shyly, “Thank you master.”

I gently moved her hips and she started rocking. Every once in a while she paused and shivered. Six minutes after she started, she rose up and fucked down on me. She shuddered as I suddenly held her still, “You broke the rule Jaz. I’ll need to punish you.”

I could see her sudden fear as she shivered and I gently leaned her back, lowering my head to her nipples. I took one of her nipples into my mouth and sucked on it hard. Jaz suddenly shuddered hard again and her hips jerked against me, “MASTER!”

Her pussy squeezed me tight as she twisted and thrust her hips back and forth rapidly. I released her nipple and took her other one into my mouth and did the same thing. Jaz went crazy, thrashing and convulsing as girl cum ran freely out of her and over me. “YES! MASTER!”

She suddenly stopped moving, her mouth open as she looked at me with lust filled eyes as I released her nipple. She whispered, “please master, I need your cum.”

I kissed her and pushed her back off me before standing up. I pulled her around and down on all fours with her legs together on the footstool and pushed back into her soaking pussy. Jaz cried out, “Yes Master!”

I started fucking her with long hard strokes as she wiggled under me. Jaz was just so tight and hot that it was only moments before I felt my climax nearing. I tried to hold back for Jaz and was rewarded when she started twisting and jerking back onto me. Jaz put her head down as she shuddered violently. I almost stopped when I heard her soft crying. I pushed in as far as I could, “I’m cumming Jaz.”

As my cock started spurting and spewing cum deep inside her, her head came up almost in shock, “MASTER!”

She started jerking and shaking as she cried. As soon as I finished cumming, I pulled out of her and turned her around. I embraced her, holding her tight against me, “I’m sorry Jaz. I didn’t want to hurt you.”

Jaz put her head on my shoulder, “You didn’t hurt me master. It’s never felt so good and when you came in me… I’ve never felt that.”

I leaned back away from her as the masters began talking. I wiped her eyes and turned towards the hall as I held her hand, “Cas? I’m done putting on a show for blood masters, time for bed.”

The blond master, Richard Pellis stepped close and grabbed my shoulder, “Who do you think you…”

He never finished, I released Jaz, my other hand reaching up and grabbing a finger and yanking it back and down. As I turned towards him and stepped closer, he dropped to the floor screaming as the finger broke and I released it. Unfortunately for him, I stepped between his legs and onto his groin, specifically his balls.

His scream was much louder as I knelt on him with my knee in his sternum. I slapped his face hard, “Never touch me again. And My Name Is Allen David Jessip and I’m a Master and Your better. If you ever interfere in my business again I will cut off your balls and feed them to you. Do you understand?”

He only lay there moaning so I slapped him with one hand and then with the other. “Do you understand?”

He nodded jerkily, and cried out, “Yes!”

I rose to my feet, stepping off him. When I looked at each of the other two blood masters, they both went pale. I turned away holding my hands out for Jaz and Cas, “Time for bed girls.”

The room was silent so every master heard their quiet, “yes master.”

After we entered my room, Cas dropped my hand and embraced me. When she pulled back I saw her big grin and looked at Jaz to see a satisfied smile. “Jaz? I really am sorry, I…”

Jaz squeezed my hand, “Master? That was the first time I got to enjoy it when I was being fucked. And Master… my former master never came in me. He was afraid he would get me pregnant.”

I looked into her eyes, “But you were crying.”

Cas laughed, “Allen, sometime the feelings are so… intense that we cry. It doesn’t mean you are hurting us.”

I looked back and forth before smiling and hugging both girls. I pulled back and gestured to the bed, “Sit down for a minute.”

I watched as they sat on the bed in front of me. I thought carefully about what I needed to say, “When I woke up this morning, I knew or thought I knew what to expect for my initiation.”

I smiled at Cas, “When I saw your picture and then read about you, I didn’t even turn the page. When we started, you told me to relax and kept your eyes on mine. I think you are special, more special then I ever thought or hoped you would be.”

I took a breath, “I hope that it doesn’t put you off that… that I asked Jaz…”

She smiled, “Actually, I think I am glad. I was a little worried at first. I remember all to well how… active young men are.”

I grinned, “I’ll show you a little more when we are done. Anyway, I would like more then just sex with you. I would like it if we did things together, all of us. Dinner, movies, maybe go to an amusement park. Places and things that allow us to enjoy each others company.”

She looked at Jaz and back at me, “Allen, our lifestyle isn’t about just sex. It’s about commitment, Slave to master, master to slave. I would like it if we spent time together, I’ve been six months on the list waiting for a master and now I am glad I had to wait.”

I smiled and looked at Jaz, “Jaz, when I saw you with Carl, I felt pity and anger at him for treating something special, so bad. When he interrupted our signing and I saw you come in the door limping and bruised, I knew I had to do something. At first I only thought to get you away from him. But when I was alone with Cas, here in my room, I knew in my heart that I wanted more. To protect you from that ever happening again, to hold you against me, safe and yes, to make love to you… so you will know that someone desires you.”

Jaz had looked down as I had started talking, but at the end she looked up at me. I grinned, “I’m just sorry we will have to wait until you heal to play some more.”

She smiled shyly, “I’ll make it good, I promise.”

I smiled back, “That’s my job, like with Cas. I want us to do things together, but Cas and I are going to have to help you get over what was done to you. My timid love, he did more then hurt your body, he hurt your mind and soul. I think they are only bruised though and you will be aggressive enough in a few weeks or so to drag me to bed and wear me out.”

She smiled and I sighed, “Right, about me. You know I’m sixteen. I’m a sophomore. Probably a little bit of a computer geek. I have my own internet business and have taught myself a little bit about financial management. Oh and my dad just gave me a house. He said it was a family tradition. I am planning to get a degree here at the local college in computer programming.”

I shrugged, “That’s it for now. How about a nice hot shower and then bed?”

In the bathroom, I turned on the water. The shower was large enough for three of us at one time. It was the first time in my life that I had gotten to shower with a naked woman. Both Cas and Jaz were more then willing to let me caress them as we showered. I let Cas wash Jaz’s front, while I did her back, I was very careful of the bruises and lacerations. We helped Jaz out of the shower and Cas and I quickly finished our own.

When we got out, I gently bent Jaz over the counter so that we could put antibiotic cream on her lower back and buttocks. I spread her legs and we looked inside her vagina to see how badly bruised she was. Both of our lips were tight as we saw the tear’s inside her. I looked at Cas, “if I had known she was this bad…”

Cas nodded as I continued to caress Jaz while Cas put the antibiotic cream on her finger. “Jaz? You have a few tear’s that are fairly deep.”

Jaz only nodded and a minute later Cas gently worked her finger into Jaz. Jaz winced as it went in and tensed up until Cas gently pulled it out of her. We finished cleaning up and I led the girls back to my room. I stood looking at my bed for a minute and shook my head. I needed something for Jaz to sleep on.

I quickly went into my closet and returned with a body pillow I had been given by Vicky a year ago. I laid it on one side of the bed and had Jaz straddle it. I didn’t want her to lie on her back. I sent Cas to the other side of the bed and I turned off the light.

The room was lit with two very soft lights by the headboard. As I walked around the bed I saw mom and Vicky sitting quietly in the doorway. I gestured for them to come closer and stopped next to Cas. I pulled her closer as I sat back on the bed and laid down.

Cas started kissing me slowly and passionately as she moved over me. She moved further up my body and then pushed back slowly. My cock pushed against her pussy and slowly slipped in. I groaned as she stopped with just the head of my cock inside her, “Allen? Do you know what a claiming is?”

I hugged her tighter and pushed her down onto my cock. When I was seated all the way inside her, I stopped, “Cas, I am your master. I offer protection, guidance, compassion, shelter, and… love.”

Cas started and searched my eyes, before smiling back at me, “Master, I am your slave. I claim your protection, your guidance, your compassion, your shelter and your love. I offer you my passion and pleasure, commitment and obedience, joy and love.”

Even as she spoke her eyes began to fill and as she finished she put her head on my shoulder and cried. As I softly rubbed her back I heard Jaz whispering, asking what was happening. I held her against me and continued, “Cas, I claim the right of passion and pleasure, of commitment and obedience, of joy and love.”

I gave Cas a squeeze and turned my head, “Cas asked for a claiming. That is something more intimate then being a slave. It means the possibility of children, but also so much more. I think it is even a deeper commitment then marriage, you will need to read the description yourself to determine what it means to you.”

Cas caressed my chest, “What does it mean to you master?”

I smiled into her face as I moved my hand and touched her bare chest, “That I will never be alone here. That I have something very precious to cherish and nurture.”

She smiled and her hips began to move, slowly fucking my cock almost as if on their own. “Are you sure you are only sixteen?”

I only smiled and caressed her sides and hips as she began to sigh. Her pussy tightened several minutes later as she shivered slightly and she quietly moaned, “master?”

She paused for a second and then went back to slowly fucking me. I could feel her wetting me more every minute and moved one hand down to caress her butt. Five minutes later she shivered again, her pussy slowly tightening and again she quietly moaned, “master?”

Only it sounded like she was trying to reach for something and couldn’t quit get it. We continued to fuck, but Cas was going a little faster and it felt like her pussy was gently milking my cock. As I gently pressed her warm asshole she groaned and shivered but didn’t stop as my hand moved on past to her hip. As I kissed her, she shuddered harder and moaned louder, almost demanding, “Master?”

That time I knew she was reaching for something, just as I knew I had to cum soon. Cas became a little erratic and kept shivering, I could feel her body as it slowly became tense. She wasn’t alone as I felt my muscles tighten and my back starting to arch. I felt my balls tighten and suddenly the aching need slipped away as I stiffened completely and came harder then any time in my life. “Cas!”

Cas jerked as the first spurt of cum shot into her. As my second stream of sperm slammed into the opening to her womb, she started twisting and jerking on top of me. Her pussy clamped down tight on my cock as she cried out in joy, “MASTER!”

After that, I was shooting stream after stream of cum up into her. Finally it ended and my body fell back to the bed with Cas lightly jerking and shaking on top of me. It was another five or six minutes before I got my breath back and Cas stopped cumming and relaxed on top of me. The room was quiet as she slowly raised her head to look into my eyes and whispered “Thank you master.”

I held her body against me and smiled as I whispered back, “Thank you Cas. For making me a man, for trusting me with your obedience. But mostly, for offering me your love.”

She kissed me and looked at Jaz, “Thank you for sharing with us.”

I looked at Jaz next to us, “My timid love, do you need or want me to help you cum?”

Jaz yawned sleepily, “no master.”

I smiled as Cas wiggled against me. I whispered in her ear, “Do you want more my beautiful Cas?”

She whispered back, “No, my master, I would like to go to sleep with you inside me though.”

My cock was only semi hard but I put it against her cummy pussy and pushed back in. That was how I fell asleep, on my side, my cock pushed up inside Cas’s pussy as she snuggled against me. It had been a long eventful day. I woke up early and for once I wasn’t hard.

I had slipped out of Cas during the night though. I looked at her lovely face before I slipped out of bed. I put on a pair of pajama bottoms and thought of the girls. I pulled out two sets of pajamas, both were the thin cotton kind. I hung them on the wooden clothes stand by the door.

When I walked into the kitchen, dad was sitting at the table in his jeans, sipping his morning coffee. I poured myself a cup and for the first time in a long time, I sat with him. After a minute dad smiled, “yesterday was eventful.”

I grinned back, “yes.”

He looked at the hallway as mom quietly walked in, wearing one of dad’s shirts. We both watched as she passed us and absently ran her fingers through our hair. She fixed her coffee and sat at the table beside dad. She took a sip and looked at dad, “Cas asked Allen to claim her last night.”

Dad looked at me and frowned, “Slaves don’t do that on the first night.”

I smiled as I sipped my coffee. Mom reached out to touch dad’s arm, “I watched him with her. He is a master George, he is her master. Not just in her mind but in her heart. I have never seen anything like it.”

Vicky quietly came in, “Did I hear you talking about Allen?”

Mom nodded as she stood, “Sit with George, I’ll get your coffee.”

I had to smile to myself, they were so relaxed with each other. Vicky didn’t bother with a chair, she always used dad’s lap. She kissed dad and waited patiently as mom fixed her coffee. When she had her coffee and mom had sat back down she looked at me. “Allen, what you did last night was… amazing. I don’t know if I will ever be able to tell you how proud and honored I was. There are master’s that dominate by fear, master’s that dominate by respect, but what you showed me for the first time was that a master can dominate with love, caring and consideration.”

My dad smiled at her and then looked at me, “Are you going to claim Cas?”

I smiled as I looked at the hallway. Cas walked in wearing only the top of my pajama’s, “I already did.”

I looked at my father, “When you chose a woman, did you look at all of them or did they stand out when you found their picture?”

He smiled as he looked from mom to Vicky, “I looked at all of them before I chose.”

I held my hand out to Cas and waited until she sat and wiggled her butt in my lap. I looked at dad with my arm around Cas, “I stopped when I saw Cas. I read about her and I wanted her. I wanted her more then wanting to be a master, but I knew right then, that I couldn’t have her unless I was a master.”

I looked into Cas’s eyes, “Was I wrong?”

She shook her head, “I have always needed someone to tell me what to do.”

I smiled, “Will you move into my house and live with me then?”

She laughed and hugged me, “yes master.”

I grinned and looked at my dad, “Can I get the keys and address to the house so we can go shopping for furniture?”

Mom laughed, “Like a big bed?”

I blushed and then laughed as Cas squeezed me, “At least one.”

Dad laughed as he dug through his pockets and tossed a set of keys across the table. “You won’t need furniture though. Your grandfather wanted to give you something so he bought the furniture.”

He looked from Cas to me, “Well you might want to consider buying a custom bed. I don’t think a king size is big enough for your harem.”

I looked at the hallway again as a sleepy Jaz walked in wearing the same thing as Cas. I looked up at Cas, “I think you started a trend.”

She laughed as she held out her hand to Jaz, “You use the bottoms and we’ll use the tops.”

Everyone laughed as Jaz stopped to kiss Cas. I think that surprised more then just me. Cas laughed and looked down at me, “Want me to take care of that?”

I knew she was talking about my growing erection and laughed with her. “Not this time. Let me up, so I can start helping with breakfast. The sooner I’m done cleaning, the sooner we can go see the house.”

Vicky waved that away, “I have a cleaning company coming to do that.”

Cas had moved to allow me to stand. I shrugged, “In that case, why don’t you girls go get your birth control while I fix you something to eat.”

As I started walking towards the counter, I saw Cas frown out of the corner of my eye. I looked at Cas as she nodded towards the backdoor. Even as I started for the door, I saw that dad, mom and Vicky knew something was up. It was a little cool out but not to bad as we sat down at the patio table. I looked at Cas, “Okay, tell me about the birth control.”

Cas blushed and looked at me, “Allen I know we just met. For the first time since I became a woman, I’ve found someone I am attracted to and not just sexually. You are my fourth master and I think my last. I’m twenty years old, I know we both still have school to finish, but I want to have a baby, your baby.”

I smiled and took her hand, I sat there a minute thinking about it, I always solved problems quickly, but this time it felt like time had slowed. Finally I nodded, “Alright, but first you listen to what I have to say.”

I looked into her face, “We need an understanding between us. Not about sex or being together or you staying with me after you have the baby. About you not quitting school or the plans you made for your life. If you ever start feeling that our child or children are holding you back, you will let me raise them, even if we are not together.”

Cas smiled and squeezed my hand, “Children?”

I nodded, “Children. As many as you will let me give you.”

She squeezed my hand again, “Deal.”

Cas laughed and I could almost feel her joy. I stood up and held my hand out for her. As we came back into the kitchen Jaz was sitting at the table with my parents eating a bowl of cereal. Her birth control container was sitting on the table beside her. I looked at her, “Go ahead and take your pill.”

She held up her pill pointedly and then put it in her mouth. I laughed and took the three quick steps to her, pulling her up into an embrace. I spun around laughing while she squealed. I stopped and held her close before leaning down and kissing her passionately. I pulled back smiling at her, “My lovely timid Jaz.”

She smiled up at me, “I won’t always be timid.”

I laughed and she looked at Cas, “Cas wants to get pregnant doesn’t she.”

I nodded, “Yes.”

I looked at my parents, “well, you found out sooner then I had planned.”

Dad had a strange look on his face but mom blurted out, “You’re only sixteen!”

I nodded, “If dad hadn’t given me a house it probable would have taken me a minute longer to agree to children. By the end of this year, the money I have invested will be doubled, if not more. Mom, I still love you, but you haven’t been here. With the money I make from my internet business, we will get by until then.”

I looked at Cas, “I know what you are studying, but it didn’t say if you are working.”

She grinned, “It’s funny you mentioned having an internet business. I have one too. My parents are paying for my schooling, so my business money just keeps rolling over.”

I grinned and looked at Jaz, “Jaz?”

She smiled as she looked at Cas, “You two could teach me and I could start my own internet business too.”

I smiled and kissed her before turning to my parents. “I know this is rushing things. Dad, you and Vicky changed our relationship last week. Now it is time for me to be a man and not just your son. It doesn’t mean I don’t want or need your help. If anything, I want to spend more time with you, to know you as adults and not the idols kids think of their parents.”

Dad smiled and looked at Vicky and then mom, before looking back at me. “It just takes getting used to.”

I kept my eyes on mom as I replied, “How do you think it feels on this side.”

Mom smiled and I walked to her. I slowly held my arms out to her, “Please.”

Mom just seemed to flow into my arms and started crying. I rubbed her back, “its ok mom.”

After a couple of minutes she stopped crying and looked up. “I missed it Allen. When I left, you were my little boy. Now you are a man and I missed you turning into one.”

I smiled, “It happened real sudden mom and parents always miss it, even when they watch close.”

She smiled and squeezed me before pushing away. “Go shower, you stink.”

I laughed and turned to Vicky, for the first time I saw her as my mother too and not just dad’s wife or my step mom. I stepped close and put my arms around her, it was something I had never done before. “I love you mom, but it is time I finished growing up.”

Vicky put her arms around me and I felt her tears on my chest. “I know my son, but it doesn’t make it any easier.”

Finally she pushed back from me, “Your mother is right, you do stink.”

After that it was a quick breakfast, showers for Jaz, Cas and I. As soon as I saw the clothes Jaz was wearing I shook my head. “Jaz? Do you really like wearing clothes like that?”

Jaz looked up from putting on shoes with five inch stiletto heels. She shook her head as her face reddened, “No, it was what…. No.”

I looked at Cas as she calmly brushed her hair. She glanced at Jaz and looked at me, “I’ll take care of it.”

I smiled as I looked back at Jaz, “You do have regular clothes at home right?”

She shook her head and I sighed as I left the bathroom for my bedroom. When I returned, it was to hand Cas almost a thousand dollars, “School is almost over, she’ll need summer things and not just thongs and bikinis.”

Cas grinned as she took the money, “We could get her started with her own internet business next week.”

I looked at Jaz, “What do you think?”

Jaz blushed as she stood, “I think it would be nice. I should tell you that I do know a little about computers.”

I smiled, “Why am I not surprised. I’m glad you are beginning to recover.”

Cas looked up, “Recover?”

I smiled as I got ready to leave the bathroom, “This morning she spoke up and told me she wouldn’t always be timid.”

Dad and mom were waiting at the door, their arms linked together. I grinned to see them together as if they had never been apart, “What’s up?”

Mom smiled, “We thought we would go with you and look over the house. Vicky went to get your grandfather.”

I suddenly thought of grandpa, “um, dad? Is grandpa a master?”

Dad laughed as the girls came hurrying out, “Catching on.”

I grinned, “Maybe I’ll call grandma, for a little grandson time.”

My grandmother lived alone, but always told me that her grandchildren could call a grandson, or granddaughter time. When they did, she would come over so they could talk about anything. There were only three of us grandchildren.

Dad and mom both laughed. I was the only grandson, so mowing her lawn and taking care of anything that needed fixing fell to me. I held my arms out to the girls as dad opened the door. It was a beautiful day, a little cool but not cold. As we walked down the sidewalk I talked to the girls, about myself, what I liked and why.

Before I realized it, we were there looking at a large one story house on a corner lot. It was L shaped, with the indoor pool inside the L. The backyard had a tall privacy fence. To me it was beautiful. I opened the door and walked into a small foyer with a closet and wooden coat hooks in the wall. There was a dresser like table against the other wall.

Cas slipped her hand into mine as we slowly walked into a house I thought was perfect. Every time we entered a new room, Cas would squeeze my hand. The den was the only room that looked… empty. It only had a bookcase and a really nice large computer desk. Finally we walked into the master bedroom and Cas stopped with a sigh. She looked at me, “It will be a shame to get a new bed.”

I smiled as I continued to look around, “We can have it built to look the same, only wider.”

It was a few minutes before everyone caught up to us. I had to smile at the happy looks as I opened the door out to the pool. Before I knew what was happening they kissed me and were stripping before heading for the large hot tub at this end of the pool. It wasn’t just my girls either, mom gave me a kiss as she walked past. Dad, laughed at my expression, “Hot water in a tub does that to a woman. They can’t resist it.”

I moved to a patio chair and sat down watching them chatting and giggling happily. Dad laughed and I looked at him. He nodded his chin, “They are different creatures now aren’t they.”

I looked back at the girls and had to nod, even Jaz was more alive. I thought about everything that had happened and what each of my girls had told me. “Yes.”

I grinned when Vicky came in, not only was grandpa with her, but grandma, both my Aunts and both my teenage cousins. I hadn’t seen my grandparents together in years. One look at the hot tub and grandma was grabbing one of my cousin’s hands, kissing grandpa’s cheek and heading for the water as she waved at me. I looked at dad as he laughed, “That’s mom, hot water first and then her grandson.”

I laughed with him as grandpa walked around the pool to join us. He sat next to me and held his hand out, “Congratulations, I hear you made quite an impression.”

He looked at dad and nodded, “son.”

I grinned at my grandfather, “Thanks for the furniture, its great.”

He laughed, “Your grandmother helped pick it out. I just got to pay for it and all the utilities. Vicky said you would have to replace your bed with a bigger one.”

I grinned and looked at the hot tub, “Cas! Jaz!!”

Grandpa watched the two naked girls walk out of the tub towards me. I stopped Cas from sitting on my lap, “Girls, this is my grandfather.”

I pointed to the girls as I told him their names, when I was done I waved my hand towards the tub. “Go enjoy the water some more, we have to leave soon. Cas, you and Jaz need to shop and you need to get back to studying for your finals.”

It was almost a half hour before the girls got out of the hot tub and walked to us. The last thing grandma said before we left was to Cas. It was that she would have to borrow me sometime. They stayed at the house while we walked back to dads. While we were walking back, I glanced at Cas as she hummed a song that Jaz picked up on. “Happy Cas?”

She smiled at me, “Yes, we loved your family. Especially your grandmother, she’s wicked.”

I had to laugh, she was right, grandma was something else. At dad’s house I gave her a key to our new house and asked her have a bunch of copies made and then sent her off with Jaz. I spent a couple of hours with dad moving my few belongings. My desk’s and computers took the longest, but by one, I was moved in.

I had to call and arrange for a T-1 line for my computers. I sat with my dad and grandpa in the front room watching a game, “I was thinking of having a family party Friday afternoon after school gets out.”

They both smiled and agreed and a short time later they all left. Cas stopped by at two and suggested I take Jaz home and meet her parents. When Jaz brought me into her house, I was treated like a hero. Even though her parents weren’t master and slave, they knew that Jaz was.

They couldn’t thank me enough for getting her away from Miller. When Jaz mentioned my new house, they quieted and finally asked Jaz if she was thinking of living with me. I have to admit it made me a little nervous. Jaz smiled at me, “I would like to try it, at least over the summer.”

Before I could open my mouth, her mother had put her hand on my forearm, “Your father said you have another… slave.”

I smiled at her, “Yes, Cas. She’s moving into the new house also. You should know, I follow the laws and rules. If you don’t want Jaz to stay with me, I will make sure she gets home on time.”

Her mother smiled and the next thing I knew her father was asking questions about the night before. An hour after that, he was helping me load Jaz’s things into his SUV. At the new house they were impressed and wandered around until they saw the pool. At the hot tub her mother remarked that it looked lovely and that it was a shame she didn’t bring a swim suit.

Jaz laughed and told her swim suits were only for the pool and that the hot tub was a no clothing zone. That was the first I had heard of it and I think her mother knew it from my expression. I helped her father unload all her things into one of the bedrooms.

When we brought in the last load he looked at me, “I don’t really understand this… life, Jaz wants to live. All this sex… it doesn’t seem normal. Just take care of her, please.”

I nodded, “It isn’t all about sex. Yes, she will have more sex then most girls. But it is about sharing her life with me, completely. No wondering about where to go for a movie or dinner or what to do for vacation. I make all the decisions and if she ever decides to stop all she has to do is ask to be released.”

I looked at him, “Jaz isn’t weak. It took a lot of courage to keep going with Miller. It took even more to accept another master as suddenly as she did. Yes, I will take care of her as long as she will let me.”

When we came out to the pool, we found both Jaz and her mother soaking in the hot tub. Jaz’s father turned a little red, but I only waved and moved to one of the patio tables. When we were seated, I grinned at him, “My grandmother, aunts and even my mother and step mother did the same thing. Dad said it’s the hot water they can’t resist.”

He laughed and looked at his wife sitting with his daughter, “I should have known.”

They stayed for another half hour and then left saying they would be back to visit. Grandma, mom and Vicky showed up around five with bags of groceries. While they started putting the groceries away Vicky unconsciously sent me out to get the rest in her car. When I finished, I walked up behind her and kissed the back of her neck. “Once a mom, always a mom.”

She started while mom and grandma laughed. Finally she smiled and pulled my head down to kiss her. I laughed, “So what’s with all the groceries?”

They explained that it was to help us get started. They left a little later and I was just thinking of cooking something when Cas arrived. Jaz and I helped her with some of the stuff she had brought. I took Jaz and Cas in for a quick shower and then I made dinner. Together we did the dishes and then they started pulling me towards the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Cas pulled the sheet and covers down and then sat me on the bed before kneeling beside Jaz between my legs. Cas looked at Jaz and nodded, Jaz looked up into my face, “Master, I may be to sore to fuck, but I can still go down on you.”

I grinned, “I would love that, my lovely Jaz.”

I had to close my eyes as she slipped her warm mouth over the head of my cock. She gently teased my cock with her tongue, sliding her tongue down the underside of my shaft as she took me deeper. I groaned as she slowly fucked her mouth up and down my cock, stopping to tease the head with her tongue. She kept doing this and it didn’t take long before and I felt myself getting closer, “Jaz? I’m going to cum.”

Cas was caressing Jaz and looked up at me, “Go ahead master. She knows to keep you in her mouth.”

That was all I needed, I closed my eyes as I felt the cum rushing up my cock. I shook as I felt powerful spurts erupted into Jaz’s warm mouth. After the first thick stream of cum, she took me as deep as she could and I pumped cum into her throat and felt her swallowing. When it was over, I felt drained and looked down and softly caressed the side of Jaz’s face. She pulled me out of her mouth and licked the head one last time before looking up at me strangely.

Cas turned her head and kissed her, sharing the taste of my cum. When they stopped, Jaz turned her head back to look at me and slowly moved up my body pushing me back on the bed. When Jaz was over me she leaned close and kissed me and pulled back to stare into my eyes. “Master I… I would like you… could you… claim me?”

I smiled and cupped her face, “Your still hurt Jaz.”

She shook her head, “I don’t care. Please master?”

I looked at Cas as she settled beside us, “Cas?”

She smiled as she caressed Jaz’s hip, “You are our master Allen.”

I thought about it and gently spilled Jaz between Cas and myself, “Listen to me Jaz. Claiming is very serious and I don’t want it marred by pain. It is something that we both should enjoy and cherish. Cas asked and I accepted, you asked and I would accept but for the pain it would cause.”

I smiled, “Friday, afternoon we are hosting a family gathering. You should be healed by then. If it is what you really want than we will have our claiming in front of them. Can you wait my Jaz?”

She looked at me and put her head on my chest, “I can wait master.”

I held her and looked at Cas, she was looking back at me with a satisfied look on her face. I squeezed Jaz, “By the way, I really enjoyed your blow job.”

Jaz raised her head and smiled, “for the first time, I did too. I even liked the way you tasted.”

I laughed, “Does that mean you’ll do it again sometime?”

She grinned as she looked at Cas, “yes, but next time I should save some for Cas.”

Cas laughed and leaned over to kiss her. The next thing I knew we were wrestling around until I pinned both girls under me. I laughed as I moved off them, “Well Jaz, since you didn’t save any cum for Cas, we’ll have to punish you.”

I moved to the side of the bed as they both looked at me. I gestured for Cas to moved to the other side of the bed. “Lay in the center of the bed on your back.”

Jaz did as I said, but I could see the hint of fear in her eyes. I moved up beside her, gesturing to Cas to do the same. I smiled at Jaz, “The rule is simple, this time you lay still with your eyes closed and we get to caress your body. We can lick you, but no sucking and we can’t push anything in you. You win if you can last thirty minutes without a climax.”

Jaz looked at me for a minute and then started laughing along with Cas. I leaned over and kissed her, “When I punish you, it won’t be with pain. Enjoy my lovely Jaz.”

Cas and I started gently caressing her. I started with her breasts and Cas started on her inner thighs. Jaz started moaning after only a few minutes. When I licked her nipple, she shivered and arched her back, trying to push her nipple into my mouth. Cas laughed and caressed the outside of her pussy. Jaz groaned and shuddered, “damn!”

I laughed and licked under her ear, “Do you like this punishment Jaz?”

She shuddered and groaned again as Cas caressed the sides of her pussy, “Yes master, but…”

Cas laughed and lean closer to her pussy, “But…”

Jaz shivered, “but I can’t…”

Cas softly licked her clit as it peeked out of her slit and Jaz exploded, “CAS!”

Jaz’s hips bucked wildly and she shuddered, her hands reached for Cas. I laughed as Cas let Jaz pull her face into her wet pussy. I leaned over her and kissed her, sticking my tongue into her mouth. When Jaz finally relaxed, Cas made her way up her body and kissed her. When Cas finished, she slipped to her other side while I softly caressed Jaz on her hip. “You lose Jaz.”

She smiled at me, “It doesn’t feel like I lost master.”

Cas laughed with me as I gently pulled on one of Jaz’s nipples. “What about anal Jaz, was that bad for you too?”

Jaz went quiet and nodded, “Yes master.”

I looked at Cas, “Cas? When I…”

Cas smiled, “A little Allen. A girl has to learn to relax and someone as big as you makes that difficult. We can help Jaz learn to relax with different size plugs and lubricant always makes it better. I bet Miller never allowed her to use any.”

I looked at Jaz and she shook her head, “It wasn’t allowed.”

I smiled, “It is now. Would you like Cas and I to help you with this? You know some master is going to want anal at one of the gatherings.”

She nodded as she looked at Cas. Cas smiled and rolled to the side of the bed and opened the night stand. She came back to Jaz with a small bottle of lubricant, “A little pleasure for Allen and a little pleasure pain for you.”

I frowned, “Cas?”

She grinned at me, “its okay Allen. Think of it as a contest, one of your games. You get to push and rub your cock against her butt, but only the head can go in her. When you cum, it has to be inside her. Think of it as a slow dry fuck.”

I could see Jaz wasn’t thrilled with the idea either and sighed. Cas kissed Jaz, “Trust me.”

She rolled Jaz onto her stomach and spread her legs. That was when I got more interested, “um, Cas? Can I put the lube in?”

Cas laughed and whispered something to Jaz that made her giggle. Jaz looked over her shoulder and spread her legs a little wider. She laughed when I didn’t see the bottle Cas was trying to hand me. I blushed, “you guys get to see yourselves all the time, but your bodies are new and fascinating to me.”

I spent a few minutes just caressing her bottom and finally looked at Cas, “How do I do it without hurting her?”

Cas smiled, “Put some lube on your finger and started rubbing and gently push against her without trying to push in… yet.”

I smiled as I did what she said, Jaz squirmed a little but not in pain. After awhile she tilted her hips and Cas grinned at me when she sighed. Cas took the bottle of lube and poured a little onto Jaz’s asshole and when I pushed, my finger slipped in. I didn’t go deep, just to the first knuckle. I pulled it out and Jaz sighed again. I slowly fucked the tip of my finger into her ass and finally she pushed back slightly. My finger slid in to the last joint and Jaz moaned and shuddered, “That feels good.”

I fucked her ass like that for a few minutes and Cas leaned over and put some lube on a second finger, “just to the first joint.”

I was more then happy to do as she said. Jaz’s ass was tight and hot around my fingers. I didn’t push them both in at once. I started by just applying pressure and after a minute my fingers slipped in smoothly. Jaz moaned and shuddered, “oh master!”

Cas smiled and nodded, “keep going.”

I started moving my fingers in and out and Jaz shuddered after a couple of minutes and pushed back at my fingers. I had to shift myself, my cock was leaking pre cum like crazy and was starting to hurt. Without waiting for Cas to tell me I added a third finger, but only went to the second knuckle. Jaz groaned and pushed back against my fingers. Cas finally touched my shoulder, “Lay on your side and remember don’t push all the way into her.”

I nodded and reluctantly pulled my fingers out as I lay down beside Jaz. Cas kissed Jaz and helped her roll onto her side and back against me. Jaz lifted her leg and I gently pushed my cock against her asshole. Cas lay down in front of her and started caressing her pussy.

I was pushing gently, back and forth on her ass, my cock was providing more then enough lubrication. Suddenly Jaz shivered and I pushed into her hot ass. Jaz groaned and shuddered as she leaned back against me, “God master that feels good.”

I pulled out and then pushed right back in as she shuddered and moaned. I fucked her ass with the head of my cock for a few minutes when she froze, her body went tense as she looked over her shoulder at me, “OH!”

She jerked and shoved back onto my cock, driving me a couple of inches into her. She started shaking and pulled away, only to shove herself back onto my cock. She did this four times before I grabbed her and held her hips as I started shooting cum into her ass. Jaz arched her back and screamed, “YES!”

She shivered and shook, shuddered and thrashed as I kept pumping my cum into her. When I finished, she shuddered one last time and sighed as she lay back against me, “Thank you.”

I looked at Cas, “Thank you Cas.”

She grinned, “Is it my turn?”

I laughed and kissed Jaz before looking at Cas, “Jaz? I think it is time Cas got some of the punishment. On your stomach and spread your legs, my beautiful Cas.”

She laughed and rolled onto her stomach, spreading her legs wide. I nudged Jaz as I kept looking as Cas, “The rules are simple, no hands. We use our mouths and tongues to suck or lick. Cas? You have to ask Jaz for permission each time you want to cum. I will decide when you have had enough.”

I kissed Jaz, “You start on her upper body and I’ll do her lower. When we roll her over, we both go back and forth, top to bottom.”

Jaz laughed delightedly as she moved closer to Cas. Cas giggled until Jaz licked the back of her neck and then she sighed and moaned softly, “mmmm.”

I started licking the back of her thighs and down to her wet pussy. I moved between her legs and started licking all around her pussy, teasing her clit and finely licking her asshole. She moaned and shivered as we teased her. I had just switched with Jaz when Cas started getting tense and raised her head to look back at Jaz, “Jaz?”

Jaz licked her again and raised her head. Cas shuddered, “Please Jaz?”

Jaz laughed and looked at me, “Well master?”

I smiled and rolled Cas onto her back, “Give her another minute Jaz. Suck on her clit first and tell me how she tastes.”

Cas groaned and Jaz went back to her pussy. I started sucking on her tits and felt her body arch under me as she gasped, “Jaz! PLEASE!”

When Jaz looked up, I nodded and Jaz grinned, “Cum for me Cas.”

Jaz went back to licking and sucking her and Cas started jerking as she came. I moved up to lick her neck and below her ear. She grabbed at me with her hands and I started moving lower, Jaz had moved to her inner thighs. I moved up and kissed Cas, “We’re not done my beautiful slave.”

Cas laughed huskily, “yes master.”

I moved down her body, stopping to lick and suck on her hard nipples as Jaz moved up licking and teasing her pelvis with her tongue. I passed Jaz on my way down and kissed her passionately before moving between Cas’s legs and licking the outside of her pussy. Cas shuddered and raised her hips, “Jaz?”

Jaz laughed and kept licking and sucking on her breasts. I licked from her ass to her clit and she moaned out loud. When Jaz kissed her on the mouth and started tonguing her, I started sucking her clit and kept flicking my tongue back and forth over it. Cas shivered and her back arched as she pulled back from Jaz, “Please Jaz, Please!”

Jaz laughed and licked her under her ear and I heard her whisper, “Squirt on our master Cas.”

Cas shuddered and her body froze as she became tense as if she was reaching. I moved down, pressing my face into her pussy and shoved my tongue deep up her hole. Cas grunted and her pussy squeezed my tongue before she erupted into wild thrashing and a spurt of cum slammed into the back of my throat.

A second later a second spurt of cum filled my mouth and Cas tried to pull away as she squeezed her legs together. A third and smaller squirt of cum splashed into my mouth and on my chin as she pushed my head back. “OH GOD!”

I sat up laughing and crawled up between her legs to rest on top of her while she recovered. She finally shivered one last time, put her arms around me and kissed me.

“My turn Cas. Let’s see if we can’t make sure you get pregnant.”

Cas laughed and squeezed me, “Yes master.”

I pushed myself up onto my hands and she reached between our bodies to grab my hard cock and pull it to the entrance to her pussy. I watched her as she looked up and in one long slow shoved. I pushed all the way up inside her. Cas groaned as my cock pushed open her cervix and I stopped moving. Cas smiled and bucked her hips, “Fuck me until you go soft master. Use my pussy.”

I laughed and looked at Jaz, “What do you think Jaz? I can cum at least three more times. Should they all be like this?”

Jaz moved close, snuggling up to us, “No master. That wouldn’t be fair. (She looked at Cas and suddenly kissed her, before looking back at me) Next time take her from behind and after that let her get on top. That way she has to sleep with you inside her.”

Cas laughed and leaned towards Jaz, “You’re wicked Jaz.”

I grinned and started fucking Cas with steady demanding strokes. Cas moaned and looked into my face, “You really wanted this.”

I smiled and kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth while I kept stroking. Cas shuddered and pulled back with a gasp, “Master!”

She jerked uncontrollable, her warm pussy tightened and she squirted a little of her girl cum. I slowed down but didn’t stop fucking her as she went from one orgasm to another without stopping. I couldn’t take her tight grasping pussy anymore and pushed back through the opening to her womb. Cas was still twisting and thrashing around under me, but looked up almost like she was surprised when she felt my cock get bigger and then start spewing and spitting cum into her.

She groaned and raised her hips to me as she shuddered, feeling her womb fill. I shivered and finally relaxed, holding myself still on top of her while she shivered and shook through her orgasm. We both lay panting, trying to catch our breath as Jaz caressed us. Cas laughed, “Damn, I needed that.”

I grinned and pulled out of her and moved down as Jaz started turning her over. Cas laughed again as she went to her knees keeping her legs spread. I moved up behind her and Jaz grabbed my cock to guide it back into Cas’s leaking pussy. I pushed back in with a sigh, I didn’t go all the way before pulling back.

I fucked her fast and hard this time. Jaz laughed when Cas shuddered and dropped her head to the bed as she moaned. I pounded her pussy hard and closed my eyes, enjoying the feel of her warm messy pussy around my cock. It didn’t take long since I wasn’t trying to hold back. I shoved into her hard, holding her hips tight as I spilled my sperm into her waiting pussy. Cas shivered and I heard her quiet murmur to Jaz, “I love feeling him pump cum into me.”

Jaz kissed her and looked back at me, “Was that good, master?”

I smiled as I pulled out and lay beside her, “Very good Jaz, see I am only a little hard.”

Jaz grinned as Cas slowly lowered her body back to the bed. Jaz moved over to me, “Well, I will have to fix that for Cas. She has one more you have to give her.”

Cas groaned as Jaz lowered her head and began licking my cock. It didn’t take much for my cock to harden. Jaz leaned back with a regretful look and Cas laughed, “You really did like the last time.”

Jaz grinned at her, “And the way he tasted.”

Cas rolled and then swung her leg over me, straddling my waist. Jaz held my cock while Cas slowly lowered herself down and began grinding against me as she rocked back and forth. Jaz laughed and then I felt her tongue on my balls licking up the cum that had leaked out of Cas. When she finished with me, she moved to Cas.

Cas froze with a shocked look of surprise and suddenly went wild, bucking, grinding, twisting and jerking. She threw her head back as her pussy clamped down tight on me and screamed, “JAZ!”

I held her hips while she continued to buck and thrash until just as suddenly, I felt my own climax coming. Her movements had slowed when I started pumping cum up her tight hole. She shivered as the first spurt splashed against the back of her cunt and then her body went stiff as she sat up, her body arched, almost as if she were in pain.

Her eyes were wide as I pumped load after load of cum against her open womb. When I finally finished, she shuddered hard several times and collapsed on top of me. I held her as she shivered and Jaz snuggled against us. I glanced at Jaz, “Jaz? Would you please pull the covers up and come back to cuddle?”

She gave me a quick kiss and did as I asked while I gently spilled Cas to my other side. I kept her half on me, with one of her legs over mine and her head on my chest. When Jaz came back, I position her the same way, before drifting off to sleep. Sunday was a quiet day that we spent together.

Cas wandered from the living room to the pool area as she studied for her exams. That night was a repeat of Saturday. Cas was gentle but insistent that I have anal sex with Jaz. Monday started with a blow job from Cas before I left for school. Jaz walked to school with me, she said Miller used to pick her up and make her suck him on the drive to school.

My exams went well in school and I had a special drivers Ed class in the early afternoon. I was a little upset though, Miller was bragging about having all the exams and cheating, even selling them to his friends. I was supposed to meet Jaz by the door at the front of the school. When I got there, I saw a crowd gathering by the curb and heard Jaz. I started walking, pushing my way through the crowd.

As I pushed my way into the center, it was to see Miller egging on other jocks as they tried to get Jaz’s blouse off. I didn’t even slow as I kicked the back of one guy’s knee and threw him down onto his back by his hair. The second turned towards me in time for my fist to sink into his stomach. I slugged him in the back of the head as he bent over. Turning, I looked back at the first guy as he started to stand, “Let’s go rapist!”

He froze looking around at the crowd, “What do mean rapist, everyone knows she’s a slut and likes it rough.”

I straightened, looking at Miller as he stood there sneering. I looked around the crowd, “Really? That’s why I had to bandage the cuts and bruises on her back and butt or the bruises around her groin and the cuts inside her from where she was raped. You jocks are supposed to set a good example. Instead, here you are acting like rapist’s assaulting a young girl. Leave before I have you arrested.”

They looked at each other as the crowd around us started breaking up. That was when Miller decided to interfere, he stepped close and grabbed my shoulder. Before I could do anything, he screamed and let go. I looked down to see Jaz’s hand squeezing his balls. I looked into his face, “How does it feel to have the tables turned?”

I touched Jaz on the shoulder and she released him. As he fell to the ground, we walked away. The more I thought about it the angrier I got. I finally, pulled out my cell and called the school hot line. I told them about the exams and people cheating. I even gave Miller’s name as the one I had heard was selling the tests.

Jaz was cheerful the rest of the day. Cas came home smiling after turning in her exam paper so I took them both out to eat. Cas had set a standard for Jaz, starting with oral sex to take to edge off and then anal to loosen her and help prepare her for any master. That night I had anal sex back to back, Cas first and then Jaz. Jaz really seemed to enjoy watching Cas as she came repeatedly.

The next day in school, the talk was all about the students that had been expelled for cheating. Miller’s was the first name that came up. Jaz was cornered more then once by girls and seemed more popular. That afternoon I ordered everything for the party on Friday. I also ordered a surprise for Jaz, a new computer and desk to start her business.

Wednesday everyone was talking about Miller getting arrested for assaulting a girl and Jaz was even more popular. That afternoon I received all kinds of things. Like the parts to build Jaz’s new computer and a new server as well as her desk. I also got everything to set up the network I wanted and a few sex toys I had special ordered.

I had everything delivered for the party and spent the evening preparing all the steaks. That night Cas made Jaz do everything so we could have anal sex and laughed and cried with her after as she came over and over again.

Thursday was review day, we only did a half day at school and received our final report card. When Jaz and I got home it was to see a happy Cas sipping a wine cooler with my mom. Mom had come over and brought the alcohol for the party. She laughed and said they just had to try them first. I pointed to the pool door, “Cas, take mom to the hot tub and enjoy the sun while you are there.”

They laughed and walked out the door wiggling their beautiful butt’s as they went. I looked at Jaz, “I wanted to talk with you for a minute. Do you still want me to claim you?”

Jaz sat on my lap at the kitchen table and hugged me, “More then ever.”

I kissed her and leaned back, “then we should talk about what I will offer.”

Jaz looked at me quizzically, “What do you offer?”

I kissed her again and gave her a hug, before leaning back again, “The same thing I offered Cas. I don’t just want sex between us, I want more. A claiming doesn’t always include love Jaz, but that is what I want.”

Jaz was grinning as she lay her head on my shoulder, “I would like that too.”

I caressed her, “Have you thought about asking Cas for something similar to a claiming?”

She pulled back looking at me, “What do you mean?”

I smiled, “I see how you two act with one another. How you both enjoy being together. There isn’t anything in the rules about slaves claiming each other, but I’m sure between the two of you, you could find something.”

She grinned shyly and slid off my lap. “Maybe I’ll go talk it over with Cas and your mom.”

I smiled and watched her playful wiggle as she walked out of the room. I had to smile to myself as I went about preparing everything for the party the next day. In the computer room, I finished putting Jaz’s computer together and then the new server. While the operating systems were being installed, I set up the new network.

By the time I was done, mom had left saying she would be back tomorrow. Cas and Jaz both seemed to have a satisfied smile on their faces and kept touching each other. Dinner seemed to be filled with touching and feeding each other.

When dinner was over, Cas took both our hands and pulled us back to the bedroom and then into the master bath. She turned to the counter and opened a box and then turned back to us holding something white and stick like. She grinned at my curious look, “It’s a pregnancy kit.”

I returned her grin while Jaz laughed at me. Cas gave me a quick kiss, “I want you to test me. Just hold it in my pee for a minute and then set it on the counter. We’ll know in five minutes if I’m pregnant.”

Cas didn’t just lift her skirt and lower her panties. She dropped both to the floor and kicked them across the room. Jaz and I both grinned when she spread her legs wide and sat down. Jaz had to prod me when she started and I ended up just sticking my hand into her pee. Cas started laughing and had to pull my hand back to put the tester on the counter. Jaz was laughing with Cas and washed my hand for me while we waited for the results.

I don’t think I can describe how I felt when I saw the plus sign that told us Cas was pregnant. My chest was tight and I felt so happy and proud. Cas and Jaz were both hugging and I pulled Cas against me, giving her a long kiss. When I stopped and looked into her eyes I didn’t know what to say. Jaz came to the rescue by getting undressed and tugging on Cas’s blouse, “Shower and then sex.”

Cas laughed and just pulled her into the shower getting her blouse and bra wet. That night’s sex didn’t last long. Cas kept telling me, I needed to save some for the next day. Before I left for school, I found a message on the answering machine. It was from both of my aunts, they said they wanted to talk to me. Cas and Jaz said they didn’t know anything about it, but I saw the look they exchanged. Cas was making a call to my house as Jaz and I left.

Friday was only a half day and I think it was just to celebrate the end of the school year. Rob Mattson stopped me as I was getting ready to leave after the last class. He told me about taking his GED and that he was attending the local college, he wanted to be a vet someday. Rob had been a friend and mentor since Junior high.

He was tall and thin and the very picture of geek. He was shocked when Jaz wormed her way under my arm and smile up at him. I glanced down and gave her a tender squeeze, “Rob this is Jaz, my girlfriend, well one of them.”

Rob blinked, “Nice to meet you.”

He looked back at my face suddenly, “Wait a second, you said One of them?”

I nodded towards the door, “Why don’t you come to the house and you can meet Cas.”

He smiled uncertainly, “Are you sure? I don’t want to…”

I hit his shoulder, “You got the e-mail with my new address?”

He nodded and the crowd surging through the door parted us. Jaz held my hand while we walked. She kept glancing up at me and finally blurted, “Are you going to ask us to…”

I squeezed her hand, “No, Rob is a friend though, so I would like it if you were nice.”

She grinned at me, “I can do nice.”

When we came through the front door Cas had a large grin on her face and her feet were propped up on the couch. “I passed! My demo disk was the best she had seen all year. And… and I got the results of a blood test I did this morning. I’m pregnant!”

Jaz and I congratulated her just as someone knocked on the door. Jaz grinned, “That’s Rob.”

Cas looked at her, raising her eyebrow as I walked back towards the door. Jaz laughed at her expression, “Allen’s friend.”

When I walked Rob back into the room, Cas was standing beside Jaz. “Rob, this is Cas.”

Rob was kind of nervous and nodded, before clearing is throat, “Sorry. It’s nice to meet you.”

I looked at Cas, “We’ll be out by the pool.”

She smiled, “The deliveries for the party should be here soon. Your mom said she would bring some Champaign.”

I smiled and gave her a kiss on the way past. Rob was amazed as he looked around the large pool area, “Your dad really just gave this house to you?”

I sat at a table and he sat across from me, “Now, you said you got your GED? Why?”

He shrugged, “Most of the classes my senior year would have been a waste. I got a job as a vet tech and can start having some on the job training. The doc said he would help me with classes if I needed it.”

Rob looked towards the house, “Sooo… two girls? How did that happen?”

I thought about making something up and changed my mind, Rob was my friend. I took a breath, “Do you know what a sex slave is?”

Rob’s eyes went wide, “No way!”

I smiled, “You can’t say anything, not even in your sleep. Cas and Jaz belong to me. I thought about it a lot and decided to follow this lifestyle. That’s what it is too, a lifestyle. They look to me for any decisions. They don’t have to worry about getting a bad reputation. It is something private between them and me.”

Rob was just looking at me and shaking his head, “Where do I sign up?”

I laughed, “It’s not that easy. Have you been with a woman?”

Rob turned red, “You know I haven’t.”

I looked at the door as Cas and Jaz came out carrying two glasses of tea. I looked back at Rob, “Can you cum three times in an hour?”

Rob turned even redder as the girls put the glasses on the table. Cas had gotten into the habit of sitting on my lap like Vicky did to dad. When she quietly slipped onto my lap, Jaz knelt beside me. Rob finally stammered that he could when I didn’t say anything. Thinking back to my own first time, I smiled and looked at Jaz, “We’ll need a towel and a wine glass.”

Jaz smiled, stood and went into the house. I kissed Cas, “Would you get undressed for me?”

Cas stood and calmly took her clothes off before sitting back in my lap. I could see how her body distracted him and smiled when he jumped because Jaz set the towel and a wine glass on the table next to him. Jaz quietly undressed and knelt beside me.

I knew what Rob was hoping for and I was going to disappoint him. “Show me Rob, three times in an hour. This is a test I will have to watch. The girls can not help you except by letting you see them. Each time you cum, Jaz or Cas will make sure it is in the wine glass.”

Rob’s face was bright red and he stood slowly, “You’re serious?”

I nodded, “Yes. If you pass, I can recommend you. I’ll get two other masters to support me. Your initiation will involve three sex acts. Oral, vaginal and anal, all within an hour. All in front of a room full of masters.”

Rob looked at Cas and then down at Jaz. Finally he nodded as if to himself and slowly pulled his pants and boxers down. When we saw his hard cock, Jaz smiled up at him. His cock was about eight inches long and almost two thick. “If the girls at school had known about that beauty…”

Cas chuckled with her and after a few seconds, Rob smiled. I turned slightly and gently touched the inside of Cas’s leg. Cas glanced at me and spread her legs wider before beginning to masturbate. Rob swallowed, his eyes glued to Cas’s pussy, his hand started moving on it’s own. In just a couple of minutes he stiffened and closed his eyes. Jaz moved forward taking the wine glass with her.

As Rob groaned and started spurting cum, Jaz held the wine glass carefully so that he spent himself in it. She used her finger to wipe the last string into the glass, Rob opened his eyes to see her lick her finger clean. Jaz looked back at me, “Sorry master, he tastes good though.”

I smiled and patted Cas on her hip as she slid to her knees in front of Rob, I held out my hand for Jaz. Jaz passed the glass to Cas before coming to me. Rob was still slowly stroking himself as Jaz straddled my legs facing him. She smiled at him as she leaned back against me and started slowly playing with herself.

Rob groaned and after about five minutes tore his eyes from Jaz to look down at Cas. It was sudden, his body arched, Cas moved quickly as Rob began shooting cum into the glass again, his body shaking with effort. I had to smile when Cas did the same thing as Jaz. After wiping the last bit of sperm into the glass she licked her finger, while looking at me. This time Rob had been watching though and groaned, “God.”

I grinned and gave Jaz a quick kiss before nodding towards Rob, “Alright girls, but hands only.”

They both laughed and Jaz slid off my lap to join Cas. Rob’s eyes went wide as Cas and Jaz both reached out to caress his cock. I watched him shiver as they interlocked fingers and started stroking him together. His cock had started to go soft, but now it seemed to have found new life. Cas and Jaz kept moving their hands up to head of his cock to get some pre cum as a lubricant.

It took almost ten minutes before Rob closed his eyes. Cas raised the glass with her other hand just as he began erupting again. The girls kept the slow stroking going until he finished. Cas looked back at me and then leaned forward to lick the head of his cock. Jaz quickly looked at me, I looked back and she smiled.

When Cas leaned back Jaz leaned forward and put the head of his cock in her mouth. It was only for a second but Rob shivered as her mouth slipped off him. Both girls stood and came back to me. I held my hand out for the wine glass and set it on the table. I looked at Cas and Jaz, “Well?”

Cas finally looked down and knelt in front of me with Jaz right beside her, “I’m sorry master.”

I shook my head when Rob started to say something. “I told both of you not to touch and you both disobeyed me. I let it go and told you only hands and you disobeyed me. What am I going to do now? You have to be punished and you both know I don’t like giving pain.”

I picked up the glass of cum and held it out to Cas, “Drink half and give the rest to Jaz and then go into the house. I’ll think of some way to punish you.”

Rob’s eyes went wide as Cas smiled and drank half of the cum before handing the glass to Jaz. Jaz looked up at me, she didn’t think I was that upset. She turned the glass up and after drinking the cum, took a finger and wiped the extra up before putting it in her mouth. Cas and Jaz both stood and picked up their clothes before heading into the house.

I waited until they were gone and looked at a frowning Rob. I smiled, “As a master you will be expected to discipline your slave. Masters that just enjoy pain are called blood masters and the rest of us don’t really like that. For Cas and especially Jaz, I use pleasure as a punishment. If you can’t force yourself to be dominating and able to discipline your slave then tell me now.”

Rob pulled his pants up and sat across from me, “I don’t know.”

I nodded, “Rob, I like you. You have helped me when everyone else just shrugged. I’ll be honest at first all I thought about was the sex, but then I was given classes about the rules and the laws governing our lifestyle. My outlook changed, you saw Cas, I love her Rob. If I hadn’t been able to be a master, to dominate her, I would never have had a chance with her. The girls that choose this life do it because they need someone to take control of their life.”

I looked at the house and saw Vicky and mom moving around in the kitchen. I sighed, “I would like to tell you more, but I am hosting a family house warming party. Think about it and call me. If you want to do this, I can arrange for Cas and Jaz to give you the classes.”

I grinned, “I’ll warn you though, some are very explicit and they won’t be allowed to help relieve you. Since you are a virgin, your first time will be like mine, with a slave you select for your initiation.”

Rob smiled and stood, “I’ll think about it Allen.”

When I walked him into the house, mom and Vicky were at the sink. Vicky knew Rob and wiggled her fingers at him as we walked past. When I came back into the room, mom was waiting for me, “Cas and Jaz are in your room waiting for their punishment?”

I could see her curiosity and looked at Vicky, “Did you two bring dad?”

They shook their heads as I headed to my room, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

When I walked into my room both girls were naked and kneeling. I stood looking at them for a minute and walked to my nightstand. I pulled out the two packages I had been saving and returned to stand in front of Cas. “Stand up, Cas. You too Jaz.”

I looked down, “I am at a loss. Do you want me to release you?”

They both burst out with, “NO!”

I looked up into their faces, “You disobeyed me in front of someone who may become a master. What makes it worse was that if he wasn’t a good friend, I would say you had humiliated me.”

I watched Cas’s face go pale, “Master, I…”

I held my hand up, “Cas, I don’t know if it is because I am new or the way I choose to be your master. I have been leaning on you and it will have to stop, it means I will make more mistakes. If you don’t want me to release you, then I will be your master.”

I turned towards the bed, “Both of you bend over the bed.”

They both moved quickly to obey. I opened the packages in my hand and took out a bottle of lube. I started with Cas, I lubed her asshole and slowly slid the special vibrator in. When I flipped the switch on the end, Cas stiffened as she felt it pushing in and then pull back on it’s own. I turned to Jaz and repeated what I had done to Cas.

I added a little lube to the next vibrator and carefully open Jaz. First I checked to see if she was healed. When I was satisfied, I slowly pushed the small vibrator in and gently eased the knob inside her. When I turned it on Jaz moaned and shuddered as she felt the end of the vibrator start revolving at the knob. I went back to Cas and slid her vibrator in past the knob.

When I turned it on, Cas shivered and thrust her hips back at me. I stood her up and turned her around. The last thing I pulled out of the packages was a small clit vibrator. I put it on Cas and turned it on, “Cas? You’re a slave, stand straight and proud. If anyone asks, you misbehaved and I am punishing you.”

She shuddered and gave me a quick kiss, murmuring, “I’m sorry master.”

She waited as I stood Jaz up and put her clit vibrator on. Jaz almost collapsed when I turned it on and I had to hold her up. When she recovered, I sighed, “Jaz, I am only your second master. I don’t think Miller was concerned with teaching you about this lifestyle. The first rule of being a slave is obeying your master, but the first principal is not to make your master look bad.”

I opened one arm for Cas to join us. When they both rested their heads on my chest, I could feel the wetness of tears. “I think I love both of you, but if I can’t make you obey, than I can’t be your master. I wouldn’t like that, it means I would lose you both. Now, we have a house warming party, panties only for the two of you. You both can make it up to me later.”

I gave them a squeeze and stepped back, “I’ll tell you when you may stop your punishment.”

I turned and walked out, heading back to the kitchen. Mom and Vicky were in the kitchen talking with grandma. I gave my grandmother a kiss and opened the refrigerator. Inside was several bottles of Champaign, I looked at mom and Vicky, “Champaign?”

Vicky shrugged, “Cas asked me to pick some up. She said something about celebrating.”

I grinned but didn’t say anything. Grandma poked me, “You were punishing Cas and Jaz?”

The doorbell rang and I grinned at grandma, “saved by the bell.”

Before I reached the door both Cas and Jaz ran past me to answer it. It was my Aunt Taz (She had told me once that Taz was short for Tasmanian devil) and Uncle Edward. Aunt Taz and my Uncle took Cas and Jaz being almost naked well, but Samantha was blushing. As Jaz was closing the door, dad showed up with grandpa.

Dad caressed her hip with a smile, but grandpa laughed and tweaked one of her nipples. Jaz almost dropped to the floor, luckily dad caught her. By that time I had reached them and took a shaky Jaz from him, “She’s being punished and hasn’t gotten used to it yet.”

Grandpa grinned and caressed her butt, “Your dad told me you were a strange master.”

I gave Jaz to Cas and closed the door, “Not strange grandpa, different.”

Dad and grandpa both laughed as they headed into the kitchen. Before I could leave, the bell rang again and I opened it to Aunt Grace and Uncle Frank, Amanda stood behind them with a towel over her shoulders. I laughed, “Someone has her priorities straight.”

Amanda grinned while her mom and dad laughed. I closed the door behind them, “I’m afraid I have to put a hold on the pool and hot tub until I make some announcements.”

Aunt Grace looked at her frowning daughter and chuckled, “She’ll live.”

Amanda stopped walking when we entered the living room. Cas and Jaz were bringing drinks to dad, grandpa and Uncle Edward. She looked at me, “um.”

I smiled and walked to the center of the room. I stopped both Cas and Jaz, “Just so everyone will stop asking, Cas and Jaz are being punished. I’ll stop for now since everyone is here.”

I squeezed the girls, “You can stop, put them in the bedroom.”

Cas and Jaz both kissed my cheek, “thank you master.”

I watched them walk towards to bedroom holding each other. I took a breath and looked around, “Welcome to my house warming. I have a few things I would like to tell you, if you will be patient, I’ll be right back.”

I walked down the hall and caught Cas and Jaz coming out of the bedroom. I embraced them both, “Jaz, after what has happened, do you still want me to claim you?”

Jaz looked startled, “Of course, you were just being my master.”

I hugged them, “I told you, I would make mistakes, like asking question that are obvious to you but not me.”

We walked back to the living room and I gave Cas a kiss, before taking Jaz by the hand and leading her to the center of the room. I ignored everyone and embraced Jaz, “You have to say it Jaz, ask me.”

She put her head against my chest for a moment and then leaned back looking into my eyes, “Will you claim me, master?”

I heard the gasps around the room and gently caressed Jaz’s face. I looked at my cousins, Samantha first and then Amanda, “I’m sure you two understand what will happen. If it bothers you, you can go use the pool or hot tub.”

I looked into Jaz’s eyes, “I will claim you, my lovely Jaz.”

I held my finger to her lips, “undress me.”

Jaz’s fingers shook slightly as she undid the buttons to my shirt. She knelt and removed my shoes and then undid my pants and lowered them. She looked up at me and smiled before slowly pulling my boxers down and off. When she stood up, I embraced her and knelt, hooking my fingers in her tiny panties, I worked them down and off. When I stood up, Cas stepped close and kissed my cheek and then Jaz’s, “I covered the ottoman.”

I looked and pulled Jaz after me. I turned away and sat down before lying back. Mom was on one side of my head and Vicky was on the other. Jaz straddled my hips and I looked down to see Cas grab my cock and rub it in Jaz’s wet pussy. Jaz groaned and sat back slowly, driving my cock deep into her tight pussy. She shuddered and almost leaned forward before my hands came up to hold her above her hips. I smiled, “Jaz, I am your master. I offer protection, guidance, compassion, shelter and my love.”

Jaz smiling back at me, “Master, I am your slave. I claim your protection and your guidance, your compassion, your shelter and your love. I offer you my obedience and commitment, my passion and pleasure, my joy and love.”

I pulled on her and she lay down on my chest, “Jaz, I claim your obedience and commitment, your passion and pleasure and your joy and love.”

I felt her silent tears fall on me and caressed her back with my hands. Jaz put her head on my chest and began moving on me. After a moment Jaz lifted her body up, her hips met mine and I could see her smiling face. Jaz started going faster and suddenly stopped with a surprised look on her face. Her pussy was squeezing me almost painfully and she suddenly shuddered violently, “master!”

When she stopped shuddering, she closed her eyes and went back to fucking me slowly. She had a satisfied smile on her face and I heard mom and Vicky giggling as they said Jaz looked like she was getting what she wanted. Jaz didn’t even open her eyes, “Exactly what I wanted.”

Everyone laughed and Jaz began moving faster again. She was accepting everything I was giving her and was happy about it. Jaz didn’t stop when she came the next time, she changed to grinding as her tight pussy clamped down. She shivered and shuddered. “Master!”

As her shivering slowed and then stopped, her smile returned. By this time her young tight pussy was very wet and as Jaz went back to the long slow thrust that made wet sucking sounds. Jaz’s smile seemed to widen as it became noticeable.

She began to pause and grind against my pelvis, rubbing her clit. I hadn’t cum all day and Jaz felt so good. Jaz stopped moving and looked down with a satisfied smile and then she was jerking as her pussy tightened, this time it was painful. I felt Jaz’s hands on my chest as they curled and she cried out, “MASTER!”

It took Jaz a coupe of minutes, (long painful minutes,) to relax and come down from her climax. She grinned down at me and shuddered as she started moving. As she slowly fucked me, she would pause and shiver, her pussy squeezing my cock before letting go. It was almost ten minutes before she groaned and started pounding down onto my cock. I knew I was getting close when Jaz dropped onto me, her pussy spasming and she screamed, “MASTER! Oh god!”

I held her as she jerked and shook on top of me, I had been so close. I sighed and relaxed, it was like I had been reaching and it was just beyond my fingertips. Jaz slowly sat up, her beautiful smile was back. She started fucking me but it was a steady rhythm now. Her pussy was squeezing me constantly now and only because she was so wet did it feel good.

She was constantly shivering and shuddering as she fucked me. Her eyes looked almost feral and she was watching me intently as if waiting. That’s when I realized what it was I had been reaching for. With Cas, she had been trying to connect with me, almost like giving her climax to me when I finally came inside her. With Jaz, I had been trying to give her pleasure instead of letting myself receive pleasure from her.

My hands tightened on her hips as I began thrusting up into her demanding release. Our fucking became harder, the only sound in the room was Jaz’s quiet grunts as I shoved up into her and she thrust down onto me. Finally I felt my whole body tighten, my balls pulled up and I slammed into Jaz and held her hips tight.

My back arched, it was almost painful as I started spewing thick gobs of cum deep inside Jaz. Jaz’s pussy clamped down tight on me as I spurted into her depths. Her body was stiff and she was looking down at me, her mouth open in a scream that didn’t come. When her body began jerking and convulsing, she found her voice. “MASTER!”

I shot ten or twelve streams of cum before I stopped and fell back to the ottoman. Jaz collapsed on top of me panting, her eyes were closed and I knew she wasn’t really aware. It was a minute before mom and Vicky started to gently move Jaz off me. Cas knelt between my legs and started cleaning me with a warm washcloth. I slowly sat up, “Thank you Cas.”

She smiled and looked next to me at Jaz, she was just becoming aware of where she was. Mom was between her legs with a washcloth while Vicky held her upper body. I caressed Cas and stood up as everyone gathered around congratulating Jaz, including Samantha and Amanda. It was a few minutes before things settled down and Cas cleared her throat. Jaz quickly moved to her and kissed her, “Thank you Cas.”

Cas smiled and held her as she looked at everyone, “Master, may I tell them?”

I kissed her before moving to her side, “You can tell them.”

Cas had a big smile as she looked around the room. “I am twenty years old. I have been a slave since I was thirteen. Allen is my fourth master, there is something about him that is different than other masters I have seen or met. It is as if there is… more of him. Anyway, after our first night, I decided to get pregnant, I wanted to start my family.”

Cas looked at me, “Allen actually said he would have to think about it. It took a whole minute.”

Everyone laughed and Cas grinned, “You are his family, so you know he thinks things through, just faster then us mortals.”

Everyone laughed again and she looked at Vicky and mom, “I took a blood test early this morning. It was positive, I’m pregnant.”

The room erupted and all the women surrounded Cas and dad pulled me away, “They’ll be like this for awhile.”

We stopped in the kitchen where it looked like the other men had gathered. Everyone had a beer or drink in their hand, so I grabbed a soda and followed them into the pool area. We sat at a table near the hot tub. Dad looked me in the eye, “having children and being a master isn’t going to be easy. Especially when they are young, you have to make sure they don’t see a lot of what goes on. As they start to mature you really have to pay attention, some masters… well you know what some master are capable of.”

He took a breath, “You can’t interfere in their sexual development. If you have a son, watch him, you will be the judge of his maturity. Sixteen is the age for boy’s to become masters, but if he isn’t mature… (Dad looked at my grandfather and uncles) If you have a girl, things are different, they mature faster. If they want to be a slave they can start as early as thirteen, but they need to think it through. Being a slave isn’t for every girl and being a daughter of a master doesn’t mean they will become one.”

I sighed, “I have thought about it ever since Cas asked me. I know what you are trying to tell me. I am not you though, I will protect my children but when they are old enough, I intend to tell them about our lifestyle. And no, I am not going to wait until just before their birthday. I made the choice to live the life. I am not going to hide what I am or feel ashamed.”

I watched dad shrug and grandpa laugh, “I told you.”

I looked at my uncles to see them grinning back at me. I shrugged and then remembered the message from this morning. “Do you know what Aunt Taz and Aunt Grace wanted? They left me a message this morning.”

They both turned red and looked at each other before Uncle Edward stood up, “Hold that thought. I’ll be right back and they can tell you themselves.”

I looked at the other three men and they were all looking everywhere but at me. I shook my head, “Why do I feel like someone has been plotting and the only one that doesn’t know about it is me?”

They chuckled but still wouldn’t meet my eyes. Uncle Edward came back followed by all the women. While my uncle sat back down, the women all stripped and walked into the hot water, all except my aunts. They both walked to me and knelt in front of me. Aunt Taz took a breath, “Allen, we want a favor.”

I smiled at her, “As your master’s slave or as my Aunt?”

She laughed, “As your Aunt.”

I held my hands down to them, “Then you shouldn’t be kneeling.”

After they had stood up, Aunt Taz spread my legs and they each sat on one. Aunt Taz ruffled my hair, “Alright nephew, we want to ask you to let your cousin’s stay here over the summer.”

I looked back and forth between them, “And?”

Aunt Grace leaned close and kissed me softly on the lips, “Teach them everything they should know about sex. They both had a bad first time.”

I thought about what they wanted and unconsciously licked Aunt Taz’s breast and sucked on one of her nipples. She moaned and held my head until I leaned back and looked into her face grinning, “Sorry, I wanted to do that for years.”

While everyone laughed, I looked at my cousins, “I take it they decided not to become slaves.”

Aunt Grace pulled me towards her breast. I sucked on her nipple as she groaned. When I leaned back Aunt Taz sighed, “No, Samantha and Amanda do not want to be someone’s slave. We have talked quit a bit and after hearing about your first night as a master they decided you would be a good choice to teach them. You and the girls have always gotten along well and they like you a lot.”

I looked at my blushing cousins, “Sam? Talk to me tease. Are you okay with me teaching you about sex?”

She laughed, “Yes and I won’t tease you this time.”

I grinned and looked at Amanda, “What about you flash?”

Amanda grinned back at me, “Yes.”

I nodded and looked at their mothers, “You’ll need to bring them clothes for the summer. If you want them to stay here, they can have friends come over and use the pool unless I have something planned. I looked at my dad and uncles, “I’ll have another party in two weeks.”

Dad cleared his throat and I raised my eyebrow, (something I learned from him) “There’s a masters gathering in two weeks. You have to host it.”

I looked at Cas, “Cas?”

She came out of the hot tub and walked to me with a sexy sway to her hips. I patted my Aunts on their hips, “you got your favor. Go warm up in the hot tub before I do something to you.”

They laughed and stood. Walking to the tub Aunt Taz looked back, “Careful Allen, I might Let you Do something to me.”

I grinned as they sat down next to mom and Vicky. I held my hand out for Cas and she sat on my lap, wiggling a little at first to position my hard cock. I looked down at my cousins, “I think the hard part will be teaching them to enjoy anal sex.”

Cas looked at them and leaned closer to my ear, “I need to see their butts.”

I looked back at Samantha and Amanda, “Turn around and lift your bottoms.”

They hesitated and then did as I asked, Cas wiggled on me more as we looked at their young pussies and tight little assholes. Cas shook her head, “I don’t think it will take long. They will definitely be ready in a month or less.”

I nodded and patted Cas on her hip, “Feeling a little aroused?”

Cas smiled when she looked at me, “a little master.”

I kissed her and stood, holding her against me, “We’ll be back and then I’ll start dinner.”

We had just gotten into the kitchen when the phone rang. It was Rob, he sounded hesitant, “Allen? About what you were talking about…”

I looked at Cas as she began to rub a finger through her slit. “Decided already?”

There was a pause, “Yes. I… I want to learn more and maybe try it.”

I held my hand out to Cas, “Are you working tomorrow?”

“No. Monday through Friday.”

I held Cas against me, “be here tomorrow morning at eight. I’ll see you then.”

I hung up and started pulling Cas towards the bedroom. Cas moved straight to the bed and went to all fours. She looked over her shoulder at me, “master, will you do me like our first time?”

I smiled and moved behind her and caressed her butt, “Do you mind if I take just a little longer and enjoy you more?”

Cas laughed and wiggled her butt, “No master.”

I slipped the head of my cock through the lips of her pussy and moved it up and down before slowly pushing all the way in to the hilt. Cas groaned and shuddered before pushing back against me. I started fucking her hard, holding her hips as I shoved into her. After only a couple of minutes Cas stopped pushing back, her head dropped and her pussy clamped down on me.

Cas shivered and I could see her biting the covers to keep from screaming. I smiled and kept fucking her as she came. Her body continued to shake as her pussy got wetter and she kept squeezing me. Finally she started pushing back onto my cock and moaning into the covers.

It was feeling really good and Cas moved back to her hands. As I felt my cum rise, I pulled out and pushed the head of my cock just barely inside her ass. As I shot jet after jet of cum inside her tight ass Cas screamed, “Master!”

I started moving slowly, my sperm lubricating her ass as I fucked deeper. Cas shoved back suddenly, pushing my cock all the way up her ass. I had to close my eyes, enjoying the sensation of her warm ass around my cock. I fucked into her hard, not caring if she was enjoying it. She was so slick with my cum as her lube that I slid in and out of her easily.

Cas was grunting and moaning as I fucked her, her arms gave out and her head dropped back to the bed. As I fucked her harder, I heard her quiet moan, “master?”

I buried myself and bent over her, “Yes love.”

She slowly turned her head, “will you just fuck me slow now?”

I kissed her shoulder, pulled out and turned her onto her back. Cas spread her legs as I moved over her and pushed back inside her pussy. Cas put her arms around me, “please master, just short and slow.”

I kissed her, “You’re the one that was aroused my lovely Cas. Just tell me how you want it.”

Cas smiled at me and hugged me tight, “Just love me master.”

I didn’t move, I looked into Cas’s face. “Cas?”

Cas looked into my eyes and I smiled back, “Remember our claiming Cas?”

She nodded and I started to move slowly. “What was the last thing I offered you?”

Cas closed her eyes and shivered, when she opened her eyes she was looking into mine. “Your love master.”

I continued moving slowly, grinding my pelvis against her clit gently. Cas continued to hold me tight against her staying silent, even when she came. The second time she came, Cas started crying softly and I stopped moving with my cock deep inside her. When she finally stopped crying she held still, “I’m sorry about this afternoon master.”

I kissed her and pulled out of her. I lay beside her and cuddled her against me, “Cas, I am your master. I offer compassion, guidance, protection, shelter and love.”

Cas searched my eyes, before smiling back at me, “Master, I am your slave. I claim your compassion and your guidance, your protection, your shelter and your love. I offer you my passion and pleasure, my commitment and obedience, my joy and love.”

She put her head on my shoulder and I softly rubbed her back. “Cas, I claim the right of passion and pleasure, of commitment and obedience, of joy and love.”

I kissed her bare shoulder, “I do love you Cas. I have since the instant I saw your picture.”

Cas finally sighed and looked into my face, “I love you too Allen, but I think we better get back to your family.”

I had Cas slip on her bikini bottoms and I put my clothes on after I found them in the living room. The party was a success. Dad did explain that a new master must host the next master’s meeting. That night after everyone left, they took turns fucking me until I was drained. I told them that Rob would be here in the morning.

Saturday morning started off earlier then I expected as Samantha and Amanda arrived before eight. They had been eager to get away from their mothers and enjoyed spending time with Cas and Jaz.

When I got up and came into the kitchen for my coffee, it was to see all four of them sitting at the table talking, they were only wearing panties. I took my coffee out to the pool and sipped it while thinking about Rob. Cas slipped out the door a few minutes later and slid onto my lap. I gave her a hug, “Cas?”

When she looked at me, I caressed her breasts, “do you think making Rob wait until his initiation is fair? I mean, he is seventeen. Girls that become slaves can do it as young as thirteen.”

Cas caressed my face, “master, that is up to him.”

I sighed, “I checked and there isn’t anything that says he has to wait.”

Cas waited as I gently played with her nipples. I finally looked into her face, “Would you mind Cas? Being his first.”

Cas shook her head but looked towards the kitchen, “I wouldn’t mind, but I think you should let Jaz do it.”

I smiled and looked at the kitchen, listening to Jaz, Samantha and Amanda. “Jaz!”

Jaz came out with Sam and Amanda following her. She knelt in front of me with my cousins behind her. “Jaz, I have changed my mind. When Rob gets here, I will ask him if he would like to have sex before his initiation. If he does, he is yours. You will be his first, let him cum as much as he wants. After that, when he needs relief while you and Cas give him classes, you are to teach him how to please a woman. You have two weeks to teach him what he needs to know.”

Jaz looked at Cas and then at me, “You want me to teach him?”

I smiled at her, “Jaz, you have seen and felt what I consider to be the wrong way for a man to have sex with a woman. I think you will be both understanding of his needs and have the ability to be patient while he learns about pleasing you.”

I frowned as I looked into her eyes, “Use your own bed though, ours gets messy enough.”

Jaz grinned, “Yes master. Did you need anything else?”

I shook my head and she stood. She went back inside while Samantha and Amanda both stood looking at me. I patted Cas, “Go help Jaz get ready for your class.”

Cas slipped off my lap and I watched her walk into the house before looking at my cousins, “That is what it means to be a slave. To accept what your master asks of you.”

Sam shifted, “So she is just going to let him fuck her whenever he wants?”

I held out my hand to her and pulled her onto my lap as I looked from her to Amanda, “perhaps his first time. After that, she will guide him into doing things to make it better for her. Each time he will get better at pleasing a woman. Just like I will teach the two of you how to please a man and get the man to please you.”

Amanda grinned, “I like that last part.”

I laughed and squeezed Sam before sliding her off my lap and standing up. “Breakfast first, after that I will need to start your training. We won’t be having sex… yet, but I do need to tell you what I will be doing so it won’t be a surprise.”

Amanda laughed, “We know what you will be doing.”

I took her hand and walked back into the house, “Really? So you know I will be giving you both an enema and a douche, before putting in an anal plug.”

They both looked at me in surprise and Cas laughed. We were eating when Rob arrived and rang the bell. Jaz jumped up and ran for the door. I had to smile at her eagerness. When she brought him into the kitchen he was staring at her butt as she walked in front of him. I waved to another chair, “Coffee?”

Rob nodded, I didn’t think he could speak right then, he was staring from one girl to another. I looked at Cas and she was smiling gently as she poured him a cup and brought it to him. I shook my head to clear it, I liked watching him staring at and admiring Cas and Jaz. “Rob? Look at me and pay attention for a minute.”

Rob tore his eyes away from Cas and looked at me. I smiled, “I know they are beautiful, but pay attention. I am going to make this decision yours, stay a virgin and let your first slave have it or…”

Rob cleared his throat, “or?”

I grinned, “Or let Jaz have it and she will spend the next two weeks teaching you how to please a woman. She will stop before the next gathering so that you will be ready for your initiation. Think about it.”

Rob looked at Jaz to see her smiling back at him. He looked back at me, “What about yesterday?”

I looked back, “What about yesterday?”

He gestured to the girls, “You didn’t want them to… to touch me.”

I laughed, “Rob that was a test for you, to test your self control as much as to see if you could in fact perform three times in an hour and in front of someone else.”

He looked back at the girls, “Then you didn’t punish them.”

I sighed, “Yes, I punished them. Rob, some masters… most masters use pain as punishment. Spankings or something else that brings pain. I… don’t like doing that. Some masters are very controlling of their slaves, even to the point of denying them self enjoyment or only letting them orgasm when they direct it. I let my girls enjoy themselves whenever they want. I use pleasure as punishment, perhaps I will show you after you finish your class today.”

Rob looked at Jaz, “I…”

He cleared his throat, “I think I would like Jaz to…”

I laughed and looked at Jaz, “Bring him back to Cas for his class.”

Jaz grinned and stood up holding her hand out to Rob, “come with me.”

Rob stood quickly and took her hand. I watched Jaz lead him out of the kitchen before looking at Cas, “Okay, next on my things to do. Will you slip something on and run to the adult store for me? I need two sets of anal plugs, small vibrators and a couple of different sized dildos. I also want two more sets like your punishment set.”

Cas nodded and left for our room while I looked at my cousins. “Since you are my guests for the summer, I will let you decide the house dress code.”

Sam and Amanda looked at each other and Amanda grinned when she looked back at me, “Bottoms only.”

I smiled, “and when you have some of your friends over?”

Samantha laughed, “Then you get to see them topless.”

Amanda giggled and looked at Sam, before looking back at me, “Did you mean what you said yesterday?”

I shrugged, “When and about what?”

She grinned, “About us having friends over and using the pool.”

I nodded, “If you two are going to stay here than you should have that right. You can even have pool parties or sleep overs if you want. Only… remember I am not just your cousin and I may have other… company.”

They nodded and grinned at each other before Sam headed for the phone. When Cas came back out, she had on a mini skirt and a see through blouse. I gave her my pre paid credit card and she left. I cleaned up and did the breakfast dishes before calling for Sam and Amanda to follow me. I led them to my bathroom and closed the door, “Lose the panties girls.”

They hesitated and then shrugged before letting their panties fall to the floor. I had Sam get in the shower and started showing them how to douche. When she was done I switched and did Amanda, “When you have sex, it would be a good idea to douche first. Use something to scent and or flavor your pussy. Cas likes strawberry and Jaz likes cherry. They both use light scented perfume.”

I looked at my cousins, they were both aroused by what we were doing. “You do this for the same reason you shave at least the lower part of your pussy. When you have sex, the guy… or girl may want a closer look and you might want them to give you oral sex. If you are shaved on that part of your pussy then you avoid them getting or pulling hairs. They will enjoy the scent if it isn’t overpowering yours as well as your taste.”

Both girls where rubbing themselves and I smiled. I sat Sam down on the toilet and spread her legs, “try and get someone to do this for you.”

I carefully shaved the lower part of her pussy and then repeated it with Amanda. I took a breath and looked at the girls, “Before I start the next part, I need you both to understand something about sex. It is an addiction that you will never get rid of or overcome. It doesn’t matter if you masturbate or have intercourse, the need will always return.”

I looked at them for a minute to see if they understood and opened a cabinet. I pulled out one of the enemas and turned to them, “While you are here, you will use one of these every morning. Most women do not like or even want to try anal sex. I will teach you both, but by the time we do have anal sex, you will be ready and I promise to try my best to make sure it doesn’t hurt. First is cleaning, hence the enema and then we will start the stretching. That will be uncomfortable, but Cas says you get used to it.”

They looked at each other as I filled the bag. This time I started with Amanda, after the bag was empty, I had her wait five minutes before letting her use the toilet. Then I did Sam and then went back to Amanda, I did each girl twice. When we were done, I pulled them both into the shower with me. Both of my cousin realized I was not going to stop them from touching me and started stroking my cock.

I tried to ignore what they were doing as one at a time I washed them. I was almost ready to cum when I turned the water off and got out. I dried both girls and leaving their panties in the bathroom, I took their hands. I led them out and down the hall naked to the room they had picked to share.

I could hear Jaz and Cas talking to Rob and sat my cousins on the bed and told them to wait. I walked into the kitchen, Cas and Jaz were on one side of the table and Rob was on the other. I walked to Cas and gave her a kiss before picking up the bag on the table and leaving. In my cousin’s room, I set the bag on the dresser and one by one removed everything in it.

I looked at my cousins as I moved to sit on the bed between them, “The first lesson is simple. Make sure you are going to receive pleasure before you give it.”

I looked at them, “If the boy isn’t willing to go down on you or give you pleasure first, send him packing. Foreplay is a time for you to teach the boy what feels good to you. He is going to love it if you touch him, period. You need to show him where to touch that feels good to you. Show him where your clit is and how hard to touch it. Let him feel your hole. Every boy will want to push something in there.”

My cousins laughed and I smiled, “Make sure you show them how much they should push or how forceful they should be. When you are ready, move to the next step, don’t let the boy force you past that point until you are ready. Always try to make the boy cum before having intercourse, that way he will last longer and you will enjoy it more.”

I looked at my cousins, “Oral sex. Depending on how much stamina the man has, should determine when or if you give him oral sex. If it is a young guy, they will probably stay hard after they cum the first time. When you give oral sex to a man, decide if you will let him cum in your mouth and if you will swallow or spit it out.”

They looked at each other and Sam looked at me, “do you want us to…”

I laughed, “Sam, before I let either you or Amanda do anything, Cas or Jaz will show you first. What I am going to do is show you how a guy should do oral with you. From there, you need to decide how to teach him to do it your way.”

I moved off the bed and between Sam’s legs, I gently pushed her onto her back and leaned forward. I looked up her body and started licking her clit, my hand went to her fuck hole and I started finger fucking her. I did this for a couple of minutes before I stopped. Sam groaned, “Why did you stop?”

I laughed as I sat back on my heals, “Did you even notice the way I fingered you?”

I leaned forward and started licking and sucking her clit again. This time when I stuck my fingers in her, I turned my hand so that my fingers rubbed back and forth along the top of her tunnel just past her pelvis at a spot that was both soft and spongy.

Sam shuddered and then went still for just a second before going wild. Her young tight pussy clamped down on my finger and she squirted cum on my neck and chest. Her body was twisting and jerking while she screamed, “OH GOD YES!”

I held her and stopped licking her, only applying a little pressure against her clit. Sam finally relaxed and stopped twisting around, she lay back moaning, her hips giving small jerks into the air. I pulled my fingers out of her and sat back, “Did you feel the difference Sam?”

Sam’s head came up slowly as she looked down her body, “you are my new hero Allen.”

Amanda laughed along with the laughter from the doorway. Cas, Jaz and Rob stood there looking in. I caressed Sam’s inner thigh, “My beautiful cousin, the difference is that you will need to direct the boy in where to caress you, inside or outside. Now, what you felt was my finger rubbing your g-spot. Cas taught me that.”

I moved over between Amanda’s legs and caressed her thighs, “I’m sorry Amanda, this won’t be quit is good as Sam’s.”

I leaned forward and sucked her clit into my mouth, teasing it with my tongue. I moved down, licking her wet slit and sucking in her inner lips. When I finally pushed my tongue inside her young pussy, her hips bucked up into my face, “fuck!”

I went back to licking and teasing her clit with my tongue, every now and then sucking on it. It took almost five minutes before her back arched and she shuddered, “YES!”

When she finally calmed down, I sat back. “That was without using anything except my tongue. There are many different ways to have oral sex and over the summer you both will learn and experience not only receiving it, but giving it. To each other and to Cas and Jaz.”

I looked at the doorway where Cas, Jaz and Rob still stood. I looked back at my cousins, “time for a little discomfort.”

I stood and moved to the dresser where I picked up two small anal plugs and a bottle of lubricant. I looked at Rob, “Come closer and watch.”

I moved to Sam first and knelt back between her legs with Rob beside me. I looked up at Sam, “Lift your legs to your chest and try to relax.”

I looked at Rob, “Jaz isn’t to start you on this until you are calmer and she is sure you won’t hurt her. For a new girl, start them on an enema everyday. Small plugs first and increase the size slowly over time.”

I turned to Sam and gently applied lube to her asshole and then to the anal plug. I looked at Rob, “Don’t do this too fast. Just move it back and forth until she opens and it slips in.”

I slowly started fucking Sam’s ass, not pushing the pug in, just applying pressure. After a minute Sam shivered and her ass relaxed. The plug slipped right in and I held it in place, “This is where she will start feeling the discomfort. Normally you can just help her relax by gently rubbing her clit until she has a climax.”

I started caressing Sam’s clit and rubbing her pussy. It didn’t take long before Sam’s hips were bucking and she was moaning. When she came, her legs were spread and up in the air with her toes pointed. When she finally relaxed, I let her put her legs down, “Sam, do not take this out unless Cas, Jaz or I tell you.”

I smiled at Rob and moved over to Amanda. I looked at Amanda, “Is it alright if Rob puts yours in?”

Amanda smiled at Rob and nodded. Rob took a breath and took the bottle of lube from me. He was very gently as he lubed and played with Amanda’s asshole. When he started fucking her with the plug, she began moaning and pushing her ass back at the plug until in only a couple of minutes it slipped in. Rob didn’t even pause as he started rubbing her clit furiously. I grabbed his wrist, “slower and not quit so hard.”

Rob blushed but slowed down and was gentler. He suddenly leaned forward and licked her leaking hole. Amanda shuddered and cried out, “Oh god!”

I watched as she came and slowly relaxed. I had Rob release her legs and put them back on the floor. I helped Rob up and turned him towards the door, “Jaz?”

Rob laughed as she grinned and held out her hand to him. I looked back down at my cousins, “Rob is off limits until after Jaz is done with him.”

My cousin’s looked at each other. They smiled as they looked at me. “And after?”

I laughed, “After, he will have his own slave.”

I turned towards the door, “Cas? I think Sam and Amanda may have invited company.”

That brought a shout from the girls and they almost knocked me over as they ran out the door. Cas laughed as she held my arm. I gently stroked down her arm and she laughed, “Are we going to have time if their company comes?”

I groaned and shook my head, “With my luck, no.”

Cas smiled and knelt, she slipped her mouth over the head of my cock. I think she had been talking to Jaz, her tongue teased and then caressed the head of my cock and then down the underside as she slid it deeper. She kept her eyes on me as she slowly fucked my cock with her mouth, her tongue teasing me the whole time. After being with both of my cousin all morning I was more then ready. After only a few minutes I closed my eyes in pleasure, “I’m cumming Cas.”

Cas pulled back keeping just the head of my cock in her mouth as she stroked me. My back arched as my cum splashed against the back of her throat. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth until I finally stopped. Cas carefully pulled her mouth off my cock and looked over her shoulder. I looked up to see Sam and Amanda standing there rubbing their young pussies.

Cas stood and walked to Sam, putting her hand behind Sam’s head she leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth. She stopped after a moment and moved to Amanda to kiss her. I watched Sam swallow and lick her lips. Cas had pushed some of my cum into my cousins mouth!

Sam was looking at me strangely and when Cas stepped away from Amanda they looked at each other. Sam grinned and took the single step to Amanda and pulled her into a kiss like the one Cas had given her.

Cas smiled at me and walked into the kitchen, leaving my cousins alone as I walked into my bedroom to find a pair of shorts. When I came out they were still kissing. I patted Amanda’s butt on my way past, “Bottoms only girls.”

I found Cas in the office, I sat down in front of mine. “The girls want a dress code of bottoms only.”

Cas laughed as she flipped through pages and we worked quietly until Jaz stepped in and Cas went to give another class to Rob. Two teenage girls arrived before lunch and my cousins took them straight to the pool. I worked through lunch and finally caught up on my work just before dinner.

In the kitchen Cas was talking to Rob while he absently rubbed Jaz who was on his lap. I put my hand on Rob’s shoulder when I stopped next to him, “Feeling a little more relaxed?”

Rob grinned at me, “I think I am wearing pour Jaz out.”

I smiled and caressed Jaz, “She’ll tell me if she needs help.”

Jaz smiled and looked Rob in the eyes, “You have been nice Rob, but Allen is my master.”

Rob looked at her and nodded, “Okay Jaz.”

Jaz nodded and looked back at me, “He’s a fast learner master.”

I laughed, “Let me guess, he wants to try anal.”

Jaz nodded as she smiled at Rob, “Yes.”

I looked at Cas, “They could try it the first time tomorrow, like my first time with Jaz. You can keep an eye on things.”

Cas smiled as she looked at Jaz and Rob, “Just make sure he knows to go slow Jaz.”

Jaz smiled and patted Rob’s hand as she slid off his lap. Jaz grabbed my hand and started pulling me down the hall, she glanced back towards Rob, “See you tomorrow Rob.”

Jaz pulled me straight into the bathroom before turning to face me, “master will you wash me?”

I laughed and hugged her, “I have a better idea.”

There was a large Jacuzzi bathtub in its own little room and I pulled Jaz in after me and started the water. I left her for a minute and returned with a bottle of bubble bath. I stripped my shorts off and knelt in front of Jaz to remove her panties.

They were filled with cum and her pussy was still leaking as I looked at it. I sat in the tub and Jaz sat in front of me, between my legs. I put my arms around her and she leaned back against my chest. After a couple of minutes she turned her head to me, “Thank you master.”

I just held her while she sat still for another minute and then she turned more to face me, “Rob was nice master, but…”

I caressed her breasts as she tried to find the words she wanted. Jaz finally turned around and put her feet on each side of my waist, “Master, am I going to do this all the time?”

I knew what she was talking about and pulled her closer. “No Jaz, Rob is special. When I needed a friend he was there. I agreed with Cas that you should be the one to train him because you need confidence and because you need experience. Experience in guiding a man into pleasing you and not just letting him use your body.”

I looked down between our bodies and moved down a little before lifting her. Jaz guided my cock into her used pussy and slowly sat down. I hugged her and lay back, “Jaz, I have few friends. When I invite them or even my family, you and Cas may be asked by them or me to have sex with them. I don’t think it will happen every day, but when They ask, you decide. You decide if you want to have sex or not and you decide what type of sex.”

I began moving my hips slowly, “You are my slave Jaz. I am not going to ask you to have sex with every man or woman that walks through the door. There are some people I will ask that of you, You and Cas, that is what being a slave is about. Did you not want to do this?”

Jaz leaned forward against my chest, “Not all the time master, sometimes I just want to be with you and sometimes just you and Cas.”

I stroked her back, “You tell me when you don’t feel like sharing yourself.”

Jaz nodded and after a moment sat up, “I think you are right about me teaching your friend. It felt different, like… like I had power.”

I laughed and moved her off me. I stood and got out. I helped her out and dried us both off. I took her hand, not bothering with bottoms. I led her back to the kitchen. I walked up behind Cas and kiss the back of her neck. I looked around, “No Rob?”

Cas turned and shook her head, “He’ll be back tomorrow.”

With my free hand, I grabbed Cas’s hand and led both laughing girls out into the pool area. I glance at my cousins in the pool with their friends. Their friends were wearing bikinis. I stopped at the edge of the hot tub and let Jaz get in while Cas was taking off her panties. I looked at Sam and Amanda, “Did you girls forget the dress code you set for us?”

I watched them look at each other as I calmly walked into the hot water and sat between Cas and Jaz. I looked at Cas, “Jaz just realized she has power over a man.”

Cas grinned and looked past me at Jaz, “Think about this Jaz. If a man will do anything for sex, who’s the slave?”

Jaz laughed and leaned against me, “But we give that power to our master.”

Cas nodded and sighed, “Yes and he tells us where and when to use it on someone else.”

Jaz looked at me, “Like Rob.”

I nodded, “Like Rob.”

She smiled and went back to leaning against me. Sam and Amanda led her friends around the pool towards the hot tub. Jaz stopped them calmly when they started to walking into the hot water, “No clothes allowed in here girls. Sam and Amanda, you know that, your mother and grandmother follow it, so can you.”

One of the girls turned to Sam, “your mom and grandmother?”

Sam blushed and nodded, “Yes and my aunt and Allen’s mom and step mom.”

The girls all looked at each other, giggled and the one that had asked Sam about her mom, started pulling her bikini bottoms down and the rest just followed. They all came into the hot tub and sat across from us. It was a minute before the questions started. The girl that had first stripped, cleared her throat, “So… you are Sam and Amanda’s cousin and this place is yours?”

I nodded, “Yes.”

They all looked at each other and she finally continued, “And they live with you?”

I knew she was talking about Cas and Jaz. I laughed and caressed Cas while Jaz almost seemed to purr, “Their names are Cas and Jaz.”

One of the other girls stirred, “We’ve heard about Jaz, she’s a…”

The girl next to her hit her under the water and I felt Jaz stiffen next to me. I smiled at the girl, “Then you’ve heard that she has been abused and assaulted by her supposed boyfriend for a year.”

The girls all looked at each other in shock and one of them blurted, “Why didn’t she…”

I looked at her calmly, “Why does a wife come back to an abusive husband? Or even attack the police when they try to arrest him for abusing her. In Jaz’s case she hoped it would change and get better.”

I hugged Jaz before looking back at the girls, “If you let her, Jaz can be a good friend and teach you things you didn’t know.”

I sat back and closed my eyes, “I’ll order some pizza for tonight Cas.”

Cas chuckled and leaned against my other side. After awhile I shook myself and got out, I couldn’t take the hot water like the girls. Jaz had her eyes closed and just slid over next to Cas, “Baby.”

I grinned, but kept going and dried off before going to my room for my shorts. When I came back to the kitchen, I called in an order for pizza. Sam and Amanda came in wearing their bikini bottoms and stood by the table fidgeting until I got off the phone. As soon as the phone clicked on the cradle, Sam opened her mouth, “Can they spend the night?”

I smiled, “they can stay as long as their parents let them. But, Rob will be back tomorrow and I have something planned for the two of you as well.”

Both girls jumped on me squealing and ran back out to tell the others. It was a few minutes before they came back in the room. All the girl’s had their bottoms on and Amanda came closer, “they used their cell phones and their moms said they could stay.”

Sam seemed nervous and when I looked at Amanda she was fidgeting, “What else?”

Sam blushed, “We told them about you teaching us and…”

I frowned, “And?”

Amanda took a breath, “What were you going to show us tomorrow?”

I shook my head and then laughed, “Obviously you trust them, so okay. Tomorrow is a continuation of today. What did you learn today?”

Sam and Amanda looked at each other, “Oral sex.”

I nodded, “Tomorrow, Cas will show you how to give a man Oral sex.”

The girls laughed and the one that had started to say something about Jaz grinned at me, “We already know how to give a blow job.”

I turned my chair and stood up, letting my shorts fall to the floor, “Show me.”

She looked at the other girl’s and back to me, her face red. “I…”

I shook my head and walked to the back door and looked at a sleepy Jaz in the hot tub, “Jaz?”

She opened her eyes and looked at me, “Yes master?”

I held my hand out and she smiled as she gave Cas a quick kiss and walked to me. I led her back into the kitchen. I looked at the girl’s, “A blow job is or should be more then putting your mouth around some boy’s cock and sucking.”

I gave Jaz a kiss and sat down, “Jaz, would you show them how to begin?”

Jaz smiled and knelt between my legs. She looked at the girls, “A blow job can be done many ways. You need to use more then just your mouth.”

They watched with their mouths open as Jaz turned back to my cock. She started out licking the pre cum off and moving down the shaft. All of the girls suddenly moved closer and knelt around Jaz.

Jaz stopped and held my cock out to one of the girls. I could see a large drop of pre cum forming on the head. The girl looked at Jaz and then she slowly leaned forward and licked the pre cum. She pulled back slowly and looked at Jaz, “It didn’t taste that bad.”

Jaz smiled and held my cock out towards Sam. I reached down and touched Jaz, “That’s enough.”

I looked at all the girls, “Sex can be fun or serious. Sam and Amanda know what Cas and Jaz are, they decided not to live like them. At the same time they have had a bad first time and want me to teach them about sex. For Cas, Jaz and I, sex is something to enjoy.”

The other girls looked at Sam and Amanda before looking at Jaz. The one that had tasted my pre cum cleared her throat, “What did he mean, what you are?”

Jaz looked at me as I pulled her up onto my lap. She looked the girl in the eye, “I am a sex slave. Allen is my master.”

The girls looked at one another and another girl looked at Sam and Amanda, “He said you decided not to…”

Amanda stepped closer to Sam, “we were asked. Everyone thinks it is just about sex but it isn’t. It is a way of life. We like Cas and Jaz a lot, but we don’t want to live like them. You see, they have given Allen control of not just their body’s but most of their life. A slave is something special. I know you think Jaz and Cas are sluts, but their not.”

I looked at the two girls as I held Jaz on my lap, “Think of a slave like a wife that lets her husband make all the decisions or like your father or mother when you were younger. That is what it is like.”

The girls looked at each other and then at Jaz, “So… what about the sex slave part of it.”

I almost had to laugh as Jaz turned her head to look at me. She suddenly grinned and stood up to look at the girls, “Take off your bottoms.”

The girls just looked at her and she started taping her foot, “Take… off… your… bottoms…”

The girls slowly pulled their bikini bottoms down and Jaz gestured to the living room, “Go sit on the couch.”

Jaz looked at me and knelt, “Master, may I teach them?”

I smiled and caressed her face, “Gently my Jaz.”

I pulled my shorts up and went into my office. I was watching out the window and caught the pizza delivery guy before he rang the bell. I set the pizza on the table and put a couple of slices on a plate for Cas and some more on another plate for me. I walked out to find Cas laid back on a lounger. While we ate, I told her what had happened and she smiled, “What’s Jaz doing now.”

I laughed, “When the pizza arrived she was making them play our licking game.”

Cas laughed again, it was an early night. I made love to Cas several times and held both Cas and Jaz as they slept. We were up early, me to work in my office, Cas and Jaz to teach Rob about anal sex. I ended up with four girls to teach that week. I still hadn’t had intercourse with any of them yet.

Although it was interesting when they each practiced giving blow jobs. Both my cousins really seemed to like the taste of cum. Cas and Jas both talked me into letting the girls use Rob to practice on. Jaz continued to show them what it was like to be used and Sam, Amanda and their two friends took to her like she was their best friend and mentor.

It was four days before the next master’s gathering when Rob was done with the classes. I told him not to jerk off and no more sex until the meeting. I gave him the time I wanted him at the house. Cas and Jaz wanted me to fuck all the girls that afternoon and had left me alone the night before.

All day they teased and playing with the girls to keep them excited. One at a time Cas or Jaz brought each girl to me and stayed to help while I fucked them silly. By bed time, the four girls were more relaxed and almost seemed more mature.

Over the next four days, Cas made sure she brought one of the girls to our bed at night. The night before the master’s gathering Cas and Jaz sat Sam and Amanda and their two guests down and talked to them about finding their own boy. The next day, Sam and Amanda went home for a day while Cas, Jaz and I prepared for that night.

I hadn’t been happy about the party having to be open to all masters. Rob had come by early and Cas had put him in one of the bedrooms to wait. Before all the masters were even there, Cas and Jaz were both serving drinks.

George Secourt grabbed Jaz and tried to pull her towards the hall and a bedroom. Jaz tried to pull away and cried out as he laughed. I had been talking to my dad and Judge Peterson. When Jaz cried out, I turned and started moving. Before I had even reached Secourt another master stepped in, “You were told she wasn’t allowed to touch you, let her go.”

Secourt turned and snarled, “Fuck off, she’s a bitch slave and I’ll use her if I want.”

The master didn’t even hesitate. He grabbed Secourt and slammed him into the nearest wall, “I didn’t ask you, I’m telling you. And for the record, my slave has been told the same thing.”

Secourt tried to shrug him off and that’s when I arrived. I didn’t pause or ask questions, I slugged him in the stomach and grabbed him by the hair as he folded over. I walked to the door, pulling him behind me by his hair. I opened the door and turned to grab his throat, “If you ever touch Jaz or Cas again I will break both your arms! Now get out and don’t come back!”

I closed the door behind him as I shoved him out. The room had started talking again as I walked back to the master that had stopped Secourt. “Thanks for helping Jaz.”

He smiled at Jaz, “She’s been through enough of his sort.”

I smiled and looked at Jaz, “Jaz, why don’t you take him to your room and thank him.”

Jaz smiled as she reached for his hand, “Thank you master.”

Cas slipped up beside me and we watched as Jaz led the master down the hall, “I think this is what she really needs.”

I looked at Cas and grinned, “Another master to have sex with and not hurt her?”

Cas nodded, “exactly. As soon as Rob is done. I am going to find another master to take me to bed too.”

I smiled and turned to face her, “Enjoy yourself Cas, these meetings aren’t just for masters.”

Cas grinned and gave me a quick kiss before slipping away. Rob’s initiation went well and Cas, Jaz and I watched as he led his new slave back to the room he had been in. I sent Jaz and Cas off to have fun, but never seemed to get away myself as masters kept stopping me to talk. I finally resigned myself to waiting for Cas and Jaz later that night.

It was a few hours later that both Cas and Jaz slipped under my arm. Cas smiled up at me, “Having trouble slipping away for some fun?”

I grinned, “It’s a conspiracy.”

Jaz laughed and started pulling me towards the pool area door. I had left the door closed and tried to keep the party in the house but I thought a small break now might do me good. We moved to one of the tables and sat. Cas sat beside Jaz for a change, holding her hand, “This was fun master.”

I smiled and looked at Jaz, “Well Jaz, was it as bad as you feared?”

Jaz smiled and shook her head, “The four masters I’ve been with were nice.”

Cas looked at me, “We’ve left you alone all night. How do you feel about us being with other masters?”

I smiled and squeezed her hands, “I’ve thought about that even before you became my slave. I have to admit, there is a bit of jealousy, but at the same time I enjoyed and was proud when I watched the two of you taking other masters off to have sex.”

The door opened and I saw dad and another woman, followed by Vicky, mom and a young girl. The woman and girl were both dressed. When the door closed, dad turned to the woman, “What are you doing Jessie?”

She looked back at dad and she didn’t look like a slave, I did remember her though. It was Aunt Jessie, only now that I knew about everything, I didn’t think she was my real aunt. She took the girls hand, “I told you, I want to offer a life bond for my daughter and myself.”

I cleared my throat and dad jumped. He looked at me and I gestured to the other chairs around the table. “Aunt Jessie, I haven’t seen you in a long time.”

She frowned and then her eyes lit up, “Allen?”

I stood up and she ran into my arms, she hugged me tight. When she stepped back, she was smiling. She looked at dad, “He’s a master?”

Dad was smiling as he sat. The young girl moved to the table looking at Jessie. I looked at dad, “What’s a life bond?”

Vicky walked around the table to touch my shoulder, “It’s a Life Slave, Allen.”

I was shocked, a life slave couldn’t ask to be released! She was a slave in fact, not just name. I looked at Jessie, “Why?”

She looked at the girl, her lips tight. “Rachel’s father is a blood master and wants her. She has just turned thirteen and found out what I am or was. She… she said that if I want to be a slave then I should be a slave. She was going to put her name on the list where we live but all the masters that are available are… blood masters and with her own father wanting her…”

I looked from her to her daughter and back and then I looked at my dad, “Can we talk?”

He stood and followed me away from the table. I had pulled both Cas and Jaz up to go with us. Dad turned and I stopped in front of him, “Can you talk her out of it?”

He frowned, “Jessie is not like this. I think she is very afraid for Rachel and afraid of Rachel’s father. I don’t really know Rachel, but if she is as stubborn as her mother, she will put her name on the list, blood masters or not.”

I looked at Cas, “Am I jinxed?”

She laughed and turned to Jaz, “What do you think Jaz, do you feel like saving a sister and her mother?”

Jaz smiled and looked back at Jessie and Rachel, “Well at least we won’t drown.”

Dad shook my shoulder, “Allen this is a Life Slave.”

I looked at him and smiled, “Their family.”

I squared my shoulders, “Cas, you and Jaz stay close and ask any question you think I miss.”

I walked back to the table, “Jessie, take off your clothes and follow me, you to Rachel.”

Jessie looked at me surprised, but she was taking her clothes off, Rachel, was hesitating. I looked at her, “Rachel? A slave obeys when a master commands. If this is what you want than do what you’re told.”

She quietly took her clothes off and they both followed me into the house, carrying their clothes. I led them back to my bedroom and pointed to the bed, “We will ask you questions and I want truthful answers. Aunt Jessie, please don’t interrupt.”

I looked at a tense Rachel as she sat on the bed. I think she was waiting for me to ask why she wanted to be a Life Slave. “We want to hear what you like and don’t like. What do you want to study in school? Have you thought of a career?”

She kind of blinked in surprise and started talking. Every now and then one of us would ask her to explain. Fifteen minutes later I asked what she expected, “Why a Life Slave?”

She blushed, “If you are going to be a slave than it should be to one man.”

I looked at her mother and sighed, “Rachel, just because you are a slave to someone does not mean he is the only one you will be with.”

She looked from me to her mother, “But father…”

I was blunt, “Your father is a Blood Master. What you can expect from a blood master is pain and torture. Jaz took a blood master’s torture for far too long.”

She looked at Jaz, her face turning white, “I… I don’t care. I still want to be a Life Slave.”

I shook my head as I gently caressed Jaz’s side. I looked at Aunt Jessie and saw her concern for her daughter. I looked at Cas, “Well?”

She shrugged and then grinned, “Yes master.”

I looked at Jaz beside me, “What about you?”

She smiled as she nodded. I looked at Rachel, “Please tell me you are not a virgin.”

Rachel blushed and shrugged, “Sorry.”

I shook my head and looked at Cas, “Jinxed.”

She laughed and moved forward to help Jessie up from the bed, while Jaz helped Rachel. I looked at Jessie, “Jessie, how long has it been since you have had a master?”

She looked down, “Almost four years.”

I told them to leave their clothes and led them back to the kitchen. Judge Peterson and Adam were standing with dad. There were only four other masters and they were all older. When I stopped in front of dad, I sighed, “You were right, she’s stubborn.”

I looked at the Judge, “I couldn’t change their minds. I will accept them as my own. They are family.”

The Judge looked at my father and he shook his head, “Allen knows Jessie as his Aunt but she was one of my slaves.”

I shook my head, “No dad, she’s family, because she was one of your slaves.”

I looked at Jessie, “You know what you have to do?”

She nodded and silently took her daughters hand and stepped closer. “Master’s, my daughter and I petition this council for the right to be bound. We offer this master, our bodies and our rights.”

All the master’s looked at me and I looked back at them, “I accept these two slaves and promise to guard their rights as my own.”

The judge looked at me for a minute, “You are very young for this Allen, are you sure.”

I smiled, “Judge, I have been running my own business for two years. My father has given me a house, Cas, my first slave can teach me what I don’t know.”

He grinned and turned to the counter and gestured to Aunt Jessie. She stepped forward, the master’s had all signed the certificate’s that had been prepared. She signed her name and held her hand still as mom stepped close to stick her finger with a pin so that a single drop of blood fell beside her name.

When she was done, Rachel took her place and did the same thing. I looked around the room, “I have a favor to ask, Rachel is a virgin. I ask and invite you, to witness her first time.”

Everyone congratulated Rachel and moved back towards the living room. I held my hand out to Rachel, “Did you know I would have to do this?”

She nodded and I could see how nervous she was. I smiled, “Well I don’t have to follow a pattern like I did for my own initiation.”

I looked over my shoulder at Cas, Jaz, and Jessie as I stopped in the center of the room. “Girls? Rachel is a little nervous. Do you think you could help her relax?”

Cas laughed as she suddenly grabbed the other two’s hands and pulled them forward. I stepped away from Rachel as they helped her lay down. There was a lot of giggling and then Rachel groaned really loud, “oh damn!”

I smiled as the room broke out in chuckles. When she groaned again, Cas looked up from kissing her. She tapped Jaz, who was sucking on one nipple and playing with the other. I knelt beside Jessie who was between Rachel’s legs licking her pussy. I caressed Jessie’s butt, “Thank you girls.”

As they moved out of the way, I moved over Rachel. She tense slightly and I smiled, “Not yet my slave. Now it’s my turn to get to know your body.”

I kissed her, pushing my tongue into her mouth. We kissed for several minutes until she moaned. I pulled back and started down her body. I stopped to lick her breasts and suck on her nipples. I smiled as she shivered and moved down, kissing as I went. When I reached her pussy, I kissed her inner thighs, caressing them softly. I leaned closer and teased her erect clit with my tongue and she jerked as she cried out, “fuck!”

She shuddered and her pussy got wetter. I licked the cum from her hole and sucked her inner lips as I fingered her clit. Rachel grabbed my head as she started twisting around screaming, “Fuck yes!”

When she started calming down, I licked her leaking fuck hole and then moved back to her clit. I put my mouth over her clit and gently sucked while teasing it with my tongue again. I slowly pushed two fingered inside her pussy and up against her hymen. I spread my fingers and started stretching her hymen while I continued to tease her clit.

At first she tensed when my fingers touched her hymen, but after a couple of minutes she was trying to push her pussy down on them. I pulled my mouth off, kissing her clit one last time I pulled my fingers out and moved up her body. I kissed her passionately and whispered, “Are you ready?”

Rachel put her arms around me, “god yes.”

I chuckled and slipped to the side and rolled onto my back, “Come my slave, you get to be on top so your sisters and the masters can get a good look. Take as long as you need.”

She gave a throaty laugh as she twisted around and straddled me. She reached between her legs to grab me as I held her hips lightly. When she put my cock against her opening, she gave a little wiggle and the head of my cock pushed into her tight cunt. Rachel stopped with a surprised look on her face. She looked down between her legs and then into my face. “Master?”

It was the first time she had acknowledged me as her master. I smiled to reassure her, “Its ok Rachel, just push down quick.”

She nodded and keeping eye contact dropped down onto my hard cock. She cried out and I saw the tears in her eyes. I held her hips tight, “Rachel, don’t move yet, just try to relax and get used to the feeling of me being inside you.”

I think all the sex manuals I had read were paying off. Rachel nodded and after a minute she smiled, “god that hurt, but it feels a little better now.”

I grinned, “Then it’s time you learned a few things.”

I moved one of my hands and started gently rubbing her clit as I kept looking into her eyes, “A slave’s pleasure belongs to her master. That means, before you can enjoy someone or even masturbate, you would have to get permission. Even than you still need permission to climax. I don’t know about other masters, but I am not that controlling and enjoy watching a woman when she is aroused and especially when she climaxes.”

Rachel suddenly bucked her hips, looking confused. I grinned, “Starting to feel good?”

She nodded and blushed. I laughed, “Rachel, we will continue this after you are done. Now grind your hips and start moving up and down on me.”

She smiled and started grinding her hips and pulled up. She winced, but didn’t stop as she dropped back down onto me. She shuddered violently, “Fuck!”

The room broke out in sudden laughter that I doubt she heard. She was a lot wetter. When she finally stopped shuddering she looked at me, “I’m sorry master.”

I smiled, “That’s fine. Now do it again.”

She grinned as she started grinding on me, “Yes Master!”

The room laughed again and she looked around still grinning. When she started fucking up and down on my cock, I watched her eyes as they slowly started to close. After a couple of minutes she shivered, her eyes snapped open, “Master please…”

She didn’t finish as she started cumming and her body convulsed. I pulled her down and rolled so that she was under me. I started fucking her with long hard strokes, while she kept cumming. It only took another couple of minutes and I felt myself getting close. I stopped moving, her hips kept bucking up against me and I finally saw awareness coming back into her eyes. I smiled and kissed her, “My slave, now it is my turn.”

I went back to fucking her, only faster and harder. The break had relaxed me, five minutes later, I was getting close. Rachel started arching her back as she started shaking, “Mas…ter…can…I…can…I…cum?”

I drove myself into her as far as I could, hitting her cervix and pushing into her womb, “Yes!”

Things got blurry as I started cumming in thick powerful spurts of sperm. Rachel screamed, “YES MASTER!”

She was jerking and thrashing around under me as I pumped loads of cum deep in her cunt. When we finally came down from our orgasm, the room was filled with cheering. Rachel blushed and I kissed her before pulling out and standing. Cas slipped up beside me and whispered, “That was great. Now order us to clean her.”

I smiled at her, “Cas, make sure she gets cleaned.”

Cas looked over her shoulder at Jaz and Jessie, “You heard the master. Jessie would you be first please and show Jaz what to do.”

The master’s came up to congratulate me. When they were done they moved towards the door. That was when all of their slaves came to me. Each kissed me and gently caressed my still hard cock while Cas stood by smiling. After they had all left, dad, mom and Vicky approached as I stood holding Cas around the waist watching Rachel squirm under Jaz.

My mom put her arm around my waist and smiled at Rachel. “I’m very proud of you Allen. Almost anyone can be a master, but few can make their slave claim him like you just did.”

She turned her head to look at me, “That is a special quality that we dream of finding.”

I looked at her, “Dad?”

Dad sighed, “No Allen, it has always been good, but not like what we just saw. You did it your first time with Cas too.”

Cas grinned as she looked at him and then my mom and step mom. “It wasn’t planned. I don’t know why I did it, but at that point I knew he was my master.”

I kissed her, “I think she is probable clean.”

She grinned, “Jaz? You and Jessie can stop.”

When they stood up it was with a shaky Rachel. I released Cas and pulled Rachel into an embrace and kissed her. When I released her it was to hold out my hands for Jaz and Jessie. I kissed both, “Thank you.”

I let them go and walked to Vicky. I stopped in front of her. “Did I…”

Vicky put her finger on my lips, “Yes Allen and I’m proud of you too.”

I grinned and looked around, “I’ll clean up tomorrow.”

I looked at my dad, “You’re staying the night?”

Dad smiled and nodded as mom and Vicky took his hands. I held out my hand to Cas, “Cas, time for bed.”

She smiled and looked at the others, “lets go, time for bed.”

I led the way to my bedroom, holding Cas’s hand. I didn’t close the door. When we were all in the room, I sat in one of my desk chairs. “Jessie, Rachel, please sit down.”

I looked Rachel and Jessie, “Aunt… Jessie, I am going to be very honest. Every time you visited and I saw you, you drove me crazy. I knew you had a daughter, but you never brought her to visit.”

Jessie shifted, “Allen, I… I have another daughter.”

I looked from her to Rachel and sat back, “How old and where is she?”

She looked down, Rachel was looking at her. She looked up at me, “She’s twelve and she’s staying with friends.”

I looked at her for a long time, the other girls were quiet. “Jessie, you left your daughter and gave yourself to me as a life slave without saying anything. What did you plan to do about her?”

She turned red, “Allen, I couldn’t just let Rachel…”

I stopped her, “What were you going to do about her?”

She put her head down, “Send her to my mother.”

I shook my head as I looked at Cas, “Tomorrow while we are out, look for a four leaf clover.”

She smiled as I turned back to Jessie, “No, you will bring her to live with us. Cas and Jaz have a choice on living with me, you and Rachel don’t. Dad gave me a house and we will live here. She will be told what and who I am, by me, with you or Rachel present. You will not hide this as if you are ashamed.”

I looked at Rachel as she looked down. I looked at Jessie, “I am not dad. I love him a lot, but I am not him. You and I will find our shared interests, just as Cas and Jaz will. You are not my mother, you are not my housekeeper or maid. You are my slave, I have no intention of making you miserable, in fact I have every intention of trying to make you happy that this happened.”

I looked at Rachel, “Rachel, you are very stubborn. One of the first things we will have to do is teach you what a slave is.”

I sighed, “When I first found out, I thought great, a girl that will give me sex. That was pretty much where my head got stuck. When my step mom started teaching me, I started thinking. For a slave, the first thing for them is to decide, is if it is something they can do. To give your self to another is easy, but to give yourself to a man to use where he wants, when he wants and how he wants. That is not easy. I am going to give you an example. Right now as my slave, I can tell you to go into my father’s room and have sex with him, any type of sex, oral, vaginal or anal.”

I watched as she blushed, I looked at Jaz, “Would you do it if I told you, even though you have already spent the night with several other masters?”

She nodded, “Yes master.”

I looked at Rachel, “Once a woman, I will not say girl, because to do what a slave does, only a woman would do. Once a woman decides then the next hardest thing is probably learning to obey.”

I looked at Cas, “Am I wrong?”

Cas shook her head, “No, that was the hardest part.”

I looked at Rachel, “A sex slave isn’t something dirty. It is a different way of life, not better or worse, just different. It is like being married in some ways. A slave can walk away any time she wants. The master is the one that pays for everything. Slaves don’t give their lives to him, they share it.

Since you didn’t want to hear your mother and forced a life bond, it is different. Your life is in my hands, what you study, what college you go to, what career you want. I even have control of your body, if I wanted to get you pregnant tomorrow that is my right. I will have to make those choices for you.”

Rachel was looking down in thought. I shifted in my chair, “Rachel, your life is mine. I am not mean or cruel. We will both have to live with this. First will be to get to know each other and then we will go from there.”

I looked at Jessie, “Has Rachel finished school this year?”

Jessie nodded her head, “Yes.”

I nodded, “And your job?”

Jessie shook her head, “I took today off.”

I groaned and put my head in my hands. It took me a minute to think what to do. I looked at Jessie, “Can you transfer here or will you have to get a new job?”

She smiled, “I can transfer, but it will take a month and I will lose standing.”

I shook my head, “You are going to lose standing either way. Do you have any vacation time?”

She nodded, “Two weeks.”

I stood up and held out my hand to Cas, “First, you and Rachel go back on Sunday. Second, you put in your transfer with your vacation so you can leave in two weeks. Third, send Rachel and…what is your other daughter’s name?”

Jessie was stifling a laugh at Rachel expression, “Victoria.”

I nodded, “Third, send Rachel and Victoria to me next Friday. Forth, pack everything you need, shut off utilities, accounts and everything else or have them transferred here. Fifth, get back here at the end of the second week.”

I looked at Rachel and Jessie, “Questions?”

Jessie shook her head and I looked at Rachel as she bit her lip. I think Rachel had come to realize what she had done, both to herself and her mother. “What do I tell dad?”

I looked at her for a second, “Your father is a master. You tell him in my voice, that you are my life slave. You tell him he is not to talk to or have anything further to do with you.”

I reached out and lifted her face so that she could see my eyes, “He is a master, you are my slave. When you turned thirteen and asked to be a slave, your relationship with your father changed. He knows that even if you didn’t. By talking to you without me present or my permission he could be disciplined. By the time you get home, the master’s council there will know you are my life slave. That is something all master’s respect above everything.”

She swallowed and I smiled, “Tomorrow, you may call him and talk, but I will have to listen.”

She smiled and I finally looked at Cas, “Showers, bed and maybe and hour or two of sex…”

Cas laughed, “That’s ambitious.”

I pulled her against me and looked at the girls, “Let’s go shower.”

I led the way into the bathroom and turned the water on. I glanced at Jaz, “Love, would you take Rachel and make sure the house is locked up.”

Jaz grinned and nodded, “yes, master.”

I stepped into the shower to join Cas and held my hand out for Jessie. As Cas and I caressed and washed Jessie, I thought about what I needed to do before Monday. I heard Jaz and Rachel come back as we were finishing. I kissed Jessie and let her out while I held my hand out for Rachel. As we washed Rachel, she kept moaning and Cas laughed before kissing her, “Rachel, you are a horny little girl.”

Rachel laughed as she tugged on my cock. She looked at Cas and I gently took her hand off me. I looked over her shoulder at Cas as I continued talking to Rachel, “When a master takes a new slave, it is something special. They usually spend the night getting to know one another and making love.”

She smiled and turned to Cas, “Thank you Cas, for letting him be my first. I know if you had said no, I wouldn’t be here.”

Cas hugged her, “Commitment Rachel. Not just to your master, but yourself, your sister’s and to the way we live.”

I turned her towards the wall, putting her hands against it, “Cas? I want to check how… if I tore anything I wasn’t supposed too.”

Cas laughed as she pushed Rachel’s legs apart. We both looked inside her and she pointed out that the only thing torn was her hymen. We let her out of the shower and brought Jaz in. I told Cas to use her hands and not the wash cloth. We caressed and teased Jaz as she wiggled and moaned back. She finally laughed and pushed me away, “Master, tonight you need to be with Jessie and Rachel.”

I laughed and hugged her soapy body, “But it’s so much fun teasing you with Cas.”

Jaz laughed and pulled Cas close, “Cas and I can take care of each other tonight.”

Cas smiled and squeezed her before opening the door and leading the way out of the shower. After we were dry, I led them back to bed. I put Rachel in the middle while Cas led Jaz around to the other side and let her slide in first. I noticed mom and Vicky both at the doorway and I waved them into the room.

I sat on the edge of the bed next to Jessie, “Jessie, I have to tell you, I’m a little nervous. I have dreamed about making love to you, but…”

She smiled, pushed the sheet down and reached up to quiet me, “Allen, I am so horny right now, please just fuck me.”

I caressed her breast, making her shiver and then I slipped between her legs. When I pushed into her she groaned and shivered, “god, I need this Allen.”

She was really tight and wet. I kissed her, “How long has it been since you have been with a man?”

She smiled, “Last year when I was here on business and stopped to see you dad.”

I smiled at her, “That was why you brought Rachel here, for dad.”

She hesitated and then nodded. I kissed her and began moving, using long steady strokes that ended with a slight pause with me pressed tight against her pelvis and clit. After a very short time she planted her feet, thrusting her hips up and gasped, “yes!”

She shivered and her pussy grabbed at me while she got wetter. I didn’t stop or slow down, I started doing something I had learned when I masturbated. I pushed the sexual feelings away and concentrated on Jessie. I knew it would help make me last longer. A minute later she started twitching, her pussy grabbed at me again and she groaned, “fuck yes!”

I just kept going, watching her beautiful face and smiled. The fifth time she came was different, she shuddered hard and called out, “Allen!”

It seemed every minute or two she had another orgasm while I just kept going, pushing my own pleasure away, ignoring the feeling. The eighth time she jerked as she squirted a little and growled, “Mas… ALLEN!”

I knew I was getting close and managed to last through her ninth. I was close to the edge when she had her tenth. She started jerking and squirming under me. Her pussy was squeezing me tight and she squirted her cum on me again as she cried out loudly, “MAS… MAST… MASTE… MASTER!”

Her back arched and then she dropped to the bed, her legs wrapped around me, her hips tilted up to me as I let myself go and slammed against her cervix and pushed as I came. I felt her open up as I pumped wave after wave of sperm into her womb. She held me tight as she continued to shake and shiver. She moaned quietly, almost to herself, “thank you master!”

As I finished cumming, she started crying softly as she continued to shudder. I kissed below her ear and whispered so that she was the only one to hear, “my Jessie, Now you know who I am.”

She squeezed me and replied softly, “yes master.”

I held myself up on one arm and wiped her tears with my other hand. The bed shifted as my mom sat on the very edge next to us. I kissed Jessie, “Go to my dad’s bed. You need to be with your friends and lovers so they can comfort you.”

She smiled through her tears and nodded. I pulled out of her and sat back on my knees. Mom leaned over and kissed my cheek before helping Jessie out of bed. I watched as mom and Vicky held her between them as they left. The room was quiet as I looked at the girls on the bed. I looked at Rachel, “Do you understand what just happened Rachel?”

She looked at me and I could see her confusion as she shook her head no. I smiled and caressed her leg, “It didn’t seem like just sex did it.”

Again she shook her head no. I looked at Cas, who was lightly caressing the back of Jaz’s thighs as she looked over her. “You understand don’t you Cas?”

She smile at me tenderly, “Some of it, yes.”

I looked at Jaz and then back to Rachel, “Do you remember our first time, when you called me master?”

Rachel smiled and nodded, “yes.”

I caressed her on the inside of her knee, “do you know why you called me your master right then.”

I could see Rachel thinking and finally she shook her head no. I smiled, “Your mother has been a sex slave a long time. She has known me as my father’s son since I was born. When she accepted me as her master it wasn’t really her choice. It was because she loves you so much that she wanted to be with you and protect you.

Slaves do not always spend their whole lives as slaves. In fact, many stop in their thirty’s or forty’s. When I made love to your mother, it was as her master, for her pleasure. First she saw me as just another master and then she saw me as my father’s son. Finally she saw me as her master, to care for her and protect her. Now she knows in her heart that I am her master. Just as you did your first time.”

I sighed, “I think your mother was not planning to return to this life. She cried because, for the first time a master truly is her master and she accepted it.”

I slipped into bed next to her and pulled her against me, “Sleep Rachel, tomorrow is the first day of your new life and you need to heal before we try again.”

I woke with Rachel snuggled up against me. I glanced over her to see Cas holding Jaz. I slipped out of bed and into a pair of pajama bottoms. When I walked into the kitchen it was to see Dad sitting at the table with Vicky on his lap and mom sitting beside him. Mom and Vicky were both wearing a dress shirt I knew wasn’t mine. I smiled as I poured a cup of coffee, “You let Jessie sleep in?”

Dad smiled, “I think she needed it. Yesterday was stressful for her.”

I nodded as I sat across from him, “I can understand that.”

That was when Jessie came in wearing one of my shirts, “Are you talking about me George?”

Dad looked at her and grinned, “Feeling better love?”

Jessie crossed to me and gave me a kiss. She kept her hand on my shoulder as she looked back at dad, “yes, thank you for holding me last night. I know it wasn’t what you wanted.”

Dad squeezed Vicky as he looked back, “Jessie, I didn’t mind. Vicky and Connie took care of me earlier. I was just happy that I was there for you.”

Cas, Jaz and a sleepy Rachel came in. Cas and Jaz both moving towards the coffee. I smiled, “Jaz? You, Jessie and Rachel need to take your birth control pills.”

Jaz grinned, “I already took mine.”

Rachel held hers up as she walked to the table. Jessie squeezed my shoulder, “Master, can I talk to you?”

I looked up and stood holding out my hand for Cas. I led Jessie out the pool area door and sat at a table, “What is it Jessie?”

Jessie’s smile was soft, “Allen, for the first time since I became a slave, I have found my true master. Not because I signed a paper or because I became your life slave.”

She looked at Cas and then back to me, “Connie… your mom and Vicky told me Cas was pregnant. I know I gave up my… rights, but I want to have another child… your child.”

I looked up at Cas, “What do you think?”

Cas smiled, “Jessie is your life slave and you have the right to make this decision.”

I waited and Cas grinned, “Our child could do worst then have a brother or sister.”

I looked at Jessie, “We raise our child or children with no secrets.”

Jessie grinned and nodded, “yes master.”

I led the way back into the kitchen. Rachel and Jaz were sitting at the table. Rachel still held her pill case in front of her. I fixed Rachel a bowl of cereal and poured two glasses of milk for her and Jaz. I set the cereal in front of Rachel along with one of the glasses and then moved to Jaz and set her glass down.

Jaz picked hers up, but Rachel played with hers and finally set it down and looked up at me. I could see determination in her eyes and held my smile. “Allen, last night you said that because I am your life slave you own me, my body.”

I held my hand out to quiet my parents, “Keep going Rachel.”

She bit her lip, “Mom wants to get pregnant again doesn’t she.”

I nodded, “yes.”

She let her breath out, almost as if in relief, “I thought so. I… last night when you made love to me it was incredible. When you explained about mom probable not wanting to… be a slave any more and that when you made love to her as her master, it was for her pleasure. I thought about our first time and realized that you did the same thing for me, even with everyone watching, it was for my pleasure, wasn’t it?”

I smiled and nodded, “yes. Keep going Rachel.”

She looked at her mother and then back at me, “I… want our love making to have a chance to… to give me a child. I know I’m sore and you said you were going to wait until I heal before we… have sex again, but let me stay off my birth control, give me a week. If I don’t get pregnant, I’ll start taking them again.”

I walked closer and caressed her cheek, “why Rachel.”

She sighed and finally looked up into my eyes almost pleading, “Because you are My master and I think I know something of what that means now. Because when I gave my body to you, you gave me more then that, you gave me part of yourself, your heart. I want that to have a chance.”

I smiled and kissed her, “One week and then you test yourself. If you are not pregnant you go back to taking your birth control. We will have a long talk about any children after that. I will tell you the same thing I told your mother. We will raise our children with no secrets. By the time you do have a child, you will understand that our life isn’t dirty or nasty.”

I looked at Cas, “We’re going to the mall this morning Cas.”

Jaz looked up with a grin, “We need to buy Rachel and Jessie some bikini bottoms.”

Mom and Vicky both laughed and stood up pulling dad after them. Dad looked back from the hall, “Your grandfather is coming over later. We were planning to spend the day if you don’t mind.”

I laughed as Jaz whispered, “Sam and Amanda won’t mind.”

I shook my head grinning at Jaz, “I don’t mind. Sam and Amanda will be back this morning. They said the house dress code was topless. They are supposed to clean up too.”

Dad grinned as he looked at mom and Vicky, “I’ll make sure your mother and Vicky dress for it.”

Mom and Vicky both laughed as they pulled him away. I looked at the four women at the table with me. “There are six bedrooms, but I think we need to use one for a nursery.”

I looked at Cas, “Will you share my closet Cas?”

Cas grinned, “You could force me.”

I looked at Jessie and Rachel, “Cas and Jaz both know. I enjoy them sleeping with me. Not just because of the sex, but because I enjoy the feeling I get with them there. I have ordered a new wider bed, but it will be another week before it gets here. I would like both of you to sleep with us as well. You both can pick a bedroom. Jessie, you pick one for Victoria.”

I looked at Jessie, “both Cas and Jaz have asked and I have claimed them. It will take a while for us to get used to each other. I have punished Cas and Jaz only one time. You will help Cas and Jaz teach Rachel about her new life. When I punish you, it will not be a punishment like anything you have ever known.”

I looked at Cas, “Some of us need showers and we need to get dressed. Did Rob spend the night?”

Jaz laughed, “Rob and Tracy slipped out.”

I smiled, “We’ll have to give him a week before we invite him back.”

Jaz grinned, “Sam and Amanda will like that.”

Showers were playful, with Cas and Jaz teasing Rachel and Jessie helping me. Afterwards we started dressing, Jessie and Rachel had to go to Jessie’s car and get their stuff before going into the bathroom after Cas and Jaz were done. It was starting to get late, so I went to check on Jessie and Rachel. I stopped outside the door to listen as Rachel was talking to her mother. She was crying a little and Jessie was telling her it was alright.

When Rachel quieted, I heard Jessie’s quiet voice. “Rachel, I think this is going to turn out to be the best thing that could have happened to us. I was not even considering taking a master ever again, but Allen is our master. He is My master. From the way you talked at breakfast you know he is Your master. You don’t know how rare and special he is. I have been a sex slave for almost twenty years and I have never seen a master do what he has.”

I walked back into my room and called out to Jessie and Rachel, “Jessie, Rachel, we need to get going.”

As I walked back past the bathroom door they were cheerful as they hurried with their make up. We spent the morning in the mall looking at baby furniture and got back at lunch time. Dad and Grandpa were at the kitchen table, both were wearing boxers. Jaz grinned, “I see Sam and Amanda told you the dress code was for everyone.”

Grandpa looked at Jaz and stuck his tongue out while dad laughed. I grinned and sent the girls to change while I was taking my shirt off. As the girls left carrying their new clothes to their rooms, I crossed to sit at the table, “Let me guess as soon as Sam and Amanda finished cleaning, mom and Vicky talked them into the hot tub.”

Dad and grandpa both laughed, I looked at dad, “I have this feeling that Rachel’s father isn’t going to accept that I am her master.”

Dad looked at me as he shifted in his seat, “Blood masters are bullies. At heart they are cowards. If he tries anything it will be through intimidation. If you do back him down, be careful, hiring thugs or a blackjack to the back of the head, have happened.”

I nodded, I may be a nerd, but dad had made sure I knew how to take care of myself in a fight. Grandpa had watched the girls walking away and looked at me with a serious expression, “Accepting a life slave is very serious. It is looked at with both respect and a little fear. Those two, your father’s slave and her daughter are going to cause a lot of people to start watching you.”

I looked at him, “First grandpa, Jessie is My slave and I thought about what I was doing. I know others are going to watch me and not just because of them. I am not going to ignore blood masters. That is why I bought Jaz’s release. I asked her to be my slave because Cas and I both agreed she needed us.

With Rachel’s father wanting her and him being a blood master, I could not let her and Jessie go into his hands. Jessie has always been family. Yes, she was one of dad’s slaves, but she has returned to him often, even after she thought she would never accept another master. She and dad are friends and lovers as she is with Vicky and mom.”

Grandpa smiled as he looked at dad, “Vicky was right, he did grow up.”

Dad and grandpa both stood and headed for the pool area door. Cas and Jaz both came out wearing sexy panties and Jessie and Rachel followed them. I smiled at Cas and winked before turning to Jessie and Rachel. “Rachel? Do you know how to give a blow job?”

She blushed and shook her head no. I smiled, “Alright, follow me to my room and your mom can teach you.”

Jessie smiled as I held out my hand and led the way. It was several hours later that I finally relaxed. Rachel had given me two wonderful blow jobs. I had given Rachel and Jessie both more then a dozen orgasms. I had fucked Jessie three times, the last time I had pushed into her cervix to spurt and pump my loads of cum into her womb.

While Jessie sighed, Rachel snuggled against her. I climbed out of bed and put a pair of shorts on before going into the kitchen for the cordless phone. The house was silent, so I thought that everyone was still enjoying the pool and hot tub. When I got back to my room, I grabbed a second phone off the night stand and crawled onto the bed beside Rachel. I handed her one of the phones, “Call your father. Make sure you tell him about last night.”

Rachel looked at me and bit her lip before nodding and dialing. I pushed the button listening to the phone ringing. “Hello?”

Rachel looked at me, “Daddy, its Rachel.”

I could hear his voice change, “Rachel! Did you do like I told you?”

I could see Rachel swallow, “Yes daddy, but…”

I heard his laugh, “Good, I’ll see you soon and you’ll be mine.”

Rachel shook her head, tears in her eyes, “No daddy. I accepted a master.”

There was silence and then I heard anger in his voice, “You stupid slut! Tell him to release you!”

Rachel dropped the phone and turned to her mother. I picked her phone up and shut it off. “You know very well that she can’t ask to be released.”

Again there was silence and cautiously, “Who is this?”

I looked at Rachel crying on her mother as she looked back at me, “I am Rachel’s master. You will not talk to her again. You will not see her or try to contact her. If you do, I will request your expulsion.”

I could hear his anger, “Listen here you shit. She’s my daughter, my property.”

I knew Jessie and Rachel could hear his loud voice through the phone. “No, you know the law and rule. She turned thirteen and asked a gathering of masters to be my life slave, sealed in blood. Her life is mine, her love is mine and her body is mine. If you try to contact her, I will take what action I think appropriate.”

I hung up the phone and looked at Rachel, “Do you understand what he really wanted?”

Rachel nodded, “yes.”

I looked at Jessie, “Property isn’t a normal term for slaves.”

She shook her head as she hugged Rachel. I sat up, “All right, time for a serious talk. I was going to let you send Rachel and Victoria to me on Friday, but after hearing that, I think I will come to you Thursday night. I will bring them back with me. Rachel is old enough to care for Victoria for a few days and Cas will be here with Jaz.”

I looked at Rachel, “Can your sister swim or do I need a lifeguard?”

Rachel rolled her eyes, “She swims like a fish.”

I grinned and looked from her mother to her, “Maybe it’s time you treated her like a young woman instead of just a little sister. Anyway, after I drop them off at home, I will come back for you Jessie. Starting tonight I want you in a safe hotel. I’ll be back by Friday to help you pack and get ready to move. I don’t want you in that house alone after dark.”

Jessie nodded and sighed. I shook my head, “We’ll get cleaned up and you can go. Keep your eyes open and watch for anyone acting suspicious. Pick up Victoria tonight. After you check into the hotel, look up a security company and call me with the information. I want all three of you escorted.”

I looked at Rachel, “Your father is not a kind loving man. He wants you as his property, don’t try talking to him. Do you understand?”

She nodded and I helped them off the bed and into a shower. Thirty minutes later I was beside their car, “Jessie, drive safe and call me when you check into the hotel. Rachel… Rachel, between now and Thursday buy a couple of pregnancy test kits. You can tell me how we did our first time when I see you Thursday night. Have your mother start teaching you about being a slave. What rules apply and what doesn’t, you are a woman now and your mother’s sister slave. You really need her right now. Now, I love both of you so be careful.”

I stepped back as Rachel smiled at me almost timidly and Jessie drove off. In the pool area I crossed to the table dad and grandpa were sitting at. I grinned at all the women in the hot tub, “I don’t know how they stand it. I can only stay in there a few minutes.”

The next week seemed to fly by. I bought an SUV and got my drivers license. Sam and Amanda were both surprised about Jessie and Rachel and a little jealous until I reminded them I was only their teacher. I told them both that if they really wanted to have sex they could ask. Sam and Amanda looked at each other and grinned.

Twice that week they ignored me and asked Cas and Jaz if they could borrow me. Not that I complained, Sam and Amanda both had gotten the principle I had told them about, (make sure you receive pleasure before you give it). They had learned from Jaz that they didn’t want a boy to use them. They liked to use the boy. I had moved them into Cas’s room and left the other three empty for Jessie, Rachel and Victoria.

Cas, Jaz and I had talked a lot about Jessie and Rachel. I had even asked Cas and Jaz to plan a master’s party for the next weekend. I put Jaz in charge of the invitations. I had told Sam and Amanda, they could stay or go to their parent’s home.

Thursday morning I woke to Jaz fucking my cock with her mouth. I had to close my eyes in pleasure at the way she teased my cock with her tongue. It was only a couple of minutes before I felt my body tense and I started cumming in Jaz’s mouth. If it had been Cas, I would have warned her, but Jaz wanted it this way.

When I finished cumming, Jaz pulled back and turned to kiss Cas. I watched as she shared her mouth full of cum and then they both licked their lips. They both crawled up beside me and Cas caressed my chest, “Master, it has only been a couple of weeks for us and if it hadn’t been for Sam and Amanda we would really be sore.”

Jaz leaned over and kissed me before pulling back to look at my face, “We enjoy having sex with you, but with Jessie and Rachel we can finally get a little rest.”

I laughed and squeezed both girls, “Don’t think that gets you out of sleeping with me.”

They laughed and rolled away to let me get up. I didn’t bother packing, I had a suitcase in the car. I showered and dressed before Cas and Jaz walked with me to the car. Cas closed the door and leaned in the window, “Sam and Amanda are inviting a boy over this afternoon while you are gone.”

I grinned, “Tell them I said, make him wear a condom, I don’t want us catching anything.”

Jaz grinned, “They already bought a whole box.”

I laughed and kiss them goodbye. It was a three hour drive to Jessie’s hotel. I got there just after lunch. I knocked on the door and heard moving around before Rachel opened the door. Rachel smiled and just walked into my embrace. I glanced over her shoulder at a younger version of her, except she had startling green eyes. I turned Rachel and stepped into the room, “Are you packed?”

Rachel nodded and wouldn’t look at Victoria. I gestured to the bed, “Victoria? Would you have a seat for a minute?”

I watched as she sat on the very edge and I pulled one of the two chairs in the room closer to the bed. I pulled Rachel to my side and looked at Victoria, “Has your mom told you anything about me?”

Victoria shook her head. I nodded and looked at Rachel, “Get undressed and lay on the bed.”

Victoria’s eyes were big as Rachel barely hesitated before she stripped and moved onto the bed behind her sister. I looked at Victoria, “Your mother has been a sex slave all your life. Your father is called a master. From what I have heard, he is a good man. Rachel’s dad is also a master, but he isn’t good.

He was talking to your sister and told her about your mother. He convinced Rachel to become a slave so he could have her. Your mother had decided she didn’t want to be a slave anymore, but because she couldn’t change Rachel’s mind, she went with her to protect her.”

Victoria was looking at me intently and I smiled, “Your mother and Rachel are my slaves and I am their master. I told your mother that I would not hide what we are and would tell you. You saw Rachel obey when I told her to undressed and get on the bed right?”

Victoria nodded, “yes.”

I smiled again, “Sweetie, this isn’t just about sex. I can see the way you look at me and I think you know more then you let on. Your mother and Rachel are coming to live with me because I will be responsible for them now as well as you.”

I looked at Rachel, “Alright love, get dressed. We need to get on the road. Cas and Jaz are waiting.”

I used my cell phone and called Jessie at work. I let her know I was there and getting ready to take her girls with me. I carried both the suitcases as we walked to the car. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a man get out of a truck and start walking towards me. I opened the car door, “Get in girls, now!”

I set both suitcases down before the man reached me. I watched as one of his hands came from behind his back. He was holding a pistol and started to raise it. I stepped towards him as I turned my body and grabbed his hand with the pistol. I turned away, lifting and bringing the arm down on my shoulder, he screamed as I heard the arm break.

I brought his arm down and twisted, his wrist only went so far before he screamed again as it broke and the gun fell. I kicked sideways into his knee and he screamed for a third time as his kneecap was broken. I stepped away and watched as he fell to the ground still screaming. I used my foot to kick the gun away as another man approached. He had his gun out and pointed at me. In his other hand he held a badge, “Don’t move!”

I stepped back and raised my hands. “He attacked me while we were getting in the car.”

The cop looked at me and then down at the gun I had kicked away. “I know who the girls are. I don’t know you and I don’t know him.”

I glanced at Rachel and Victoria, “I’m family, their coming to live with me. I can call their mother if you want.”

He looked at Rachel ignoring the man on the ground, “You’re Mr. Jessip?”

I grinned, “Well, I’ve never been called Mr. that’s my dad.”

He smiled and looked down as the man moved closer to the gun. Stepping around him, he knelt and picked up the pistol before standing. He looked at me, “Ms… Jessie said you were taking the girls and coming back.”

I nodded, “I wanted to get them someplace safe before coming back to help Jessie.”

He cleared his throat, “I’m from the security company Jessie hired. My second job… take the girls and when you get back we’ll get your statement.”

I nodded, opened the door to my car and tossed the two suitcases in. “Thank you.”

As I was pulling out of the lot, I was calling Jessie and then dad. Dad was at the house waiting when I pulled in. I opened the door for Rachel and Virginia and then grabbed their suitcases. When I opened the front door, Cas and Jaz both ran into my arms. I set the suitcases down and then hugged both girls, “I’m fine.”

Rachel laughed, “I’ll say.”

I looked over Cas’s shoulder at the kitchen where Sam, Amanda and a boy I didn’t know sat. I smiled at Jaz, “They made it out of the bedroom?”

Cas and Jaz laughed as they looked back at my cousins. Cas grinned at me, “I don’t think their young man is going to be able help them any more today.”

I turned slightly to look at Victoria, “Victoria, this is Cas and Jaz. The two girls at the kitchen table are my cousins Sam and Amanda. I don’t know their friend’s name. As you see, the house rule is topless. However, because it is my house, I will let you wear whatever you want.”

Victoria looked at everyone and then looked back at me, “Are they your slaves too?”

I smiled, “Cas and Jaz are. My cousins are just spending the summer with me.”

She looked at Rachel, “But their topless.”

I looked at Sam and Amanda as they sat talking. “They set the dress code, not me.”

Rachel reached out to take Victoria’s hand, “We’ll talk to Cas, she’s in charge.”

I laughed and hugged Cas before giving her a quick kiss and whispering, “She’s smarter then you would expect. I’ll be back as soon as I can.”

I turned to the door and held out my hand, “Rachel?”

Rachel released her sister’s hand and took mine as I walked back towards the car and dad followed us out the door. I stopped at the car and turned to face Rachel, “Dad and my grandfather will be staying to watch you.”

I glanced at my dad and back at Rachel, “My lovely slave, you haven’t told me if we managed to get you pregnant.”

Rachel grinned and pulled out a white pregnancy tester, “I checked this morning.”

I looked down to see the blue cross and hugged her before looking at my dad, “Well grandpa, that’s two. I haven’t asked Jessie yet.”

Dad laughed, stepped closer and hugged Rachel before looking at me, “Be careful.”

I nodded and kissed Rachel before getting in the car for the long drive back for her mother. I was tired when I got back to the hotel and then there was the report I had to do for the police. I used the key Rachel had given me to open the hotel room door. Jessie was asleep, with just a sheet covering her.

I set my bag down quietly and undressed before slipping into bed next to her. I moved behind Jessie and snuggled up close, fitting my cock between her legs before falling asleep. I woke to Jessie gently rocking her wet pussy back onto my cock. I caressed her hip, “that’s nice.”

Jessie turned her head to look at me. She smiled, “I’m always horny in the morning.”

I pulled back, my cock slipping out as I rolled onto my back. “If you’re horny, you get to do all the work.”

Jessie grinned and turned around before throwing her leg over me and straddling my waist. I pulled her down against my chest, “Are you pregnant Jessie?”

She smiled and nodded before laying her head on my chest. I laughed and gave her a hug, “Okay my pregnant slave, time for you to do a little work.”

Jessie giggled and sat up before she started grinding. She shook her head and her hips thrust several times before she grinned and started moving her hips some more. Jessie fucked me for almost ten minutes before I grabbed her and thrust up pumping cum into her pussy. Jessie laughed happily, “God, I missed that.”

We showered and I took her to work before heading to her house. I spent the day putting clothes in boxes. I picked Jessie up after work and we spent the evening moving things around. That night she received a call from the police. The man that had attacked me had pled guilty to assault and attempted kidnaping. Rachel’s father had been named as the one that had paid him and he had been picked up.

It took us five days to pack everything and another two just waiting for Jessie to finish out her last week. When we got home that Friday night it was to a house full of naked girls running around. Victoria had fit right in. She was the one that was chasing Sam and Amanda out the pool area door.

It’s been six years, Cas and Jaz are still with me. Cas has had two children, our first was a boy and the second was a girl. She works from home as a graphic designer. Jaz runs two internet businesses and she just had a baby last year, a little girl.

Jessie is happy, I send her over to spend the night with dad, mom and Vicky at least once a week. She had another girl, Victoria had laughed and said she must be blessed because she only has girls. Rachel had a boy and then a year later she had a little girl. She is going to the local college now.

She came to me a few months ago and asked me if she could stop going to the monthly meetings. She still likes the few parties I have and even enjoys being my slave but just needed a break from all the masters at the meetings, (She has been very popular).

Victoria is following in Cas’s footsteps as a graphic designer. She never became a slave, but when she turned thirteen she went to Cas and asked her to let me teach her about sex, like Sam and Amanda. Last week she brought a boy home. It was a little funny, Sam and Amanda were over with a dozen girlfriends. They had wanted a pool party, every summer Sam and Amanda have been taking up residence so Victoria knew to expect them and hadn’t warned her boyfriend.

I had bought a large piece of land on the edge of town and had a really large house built in a similar design as my first house. Victoria had led her boyfriend out the pool area door and while he was distracted by all the topless women, she had pulled her blouse and bra off. She had only smiled at him when he finally saw her and his mouth dropped open. As she led him towards my table by the new large hot tub, Sam and Amanda had yelled at him to take his shirt off.

As they walked up, his face was red as he pulled his shirt over his head. All the children were in a play area behind the table and Cas sat with me. Victoria walked straight to me and bent to give me a kiss before turning to her boyfriend, “Roger, this is Allen, he owns me.”

She smiled before walking towards the hot tub pulling her pants down and stepping out of them at the last minute. Cas had laughed as he turned to watch Victoria. I smiled and waited until she had settled beside her mother and Jaz, “Victoria, how many times do I have to tell you, I don’t own you, you are my responsibility.”

She grinned, “He wants to date me so he has to ask you for permission.”

I shook my head and gestured to a chair, “Sit down Roger.”

Roger turned out to be a good man with a sense of humor.

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