My sister was a bitch and my parents didn’t do anything to control her. She made my life hell, I was fourteen and she had just turned sixteen. My parents had decided that I could run the ranch by myself for a while and decided to take a nice long vacation. When I came home the day school had let out, they had already left. My bitch of a sister was already planning her wild summer with her two girlfriends. They had already talked the girl’s parents into letting them stay here over the summer as well.

That first night Sarah threw a party, a dozen kids came over and a lot of them brought something to drink. I stayed out of the way mostly, but at eight I came in from working and went to my room. I walked into my room to find my sister fucking two boys on my bed. She looked at me and told them I must be gay.

That’s what made me snap. I grabbed my bat by the door and started beating the shit out of the two guys while my sister screamed. After they had run out, I grabbed Sarah and threw her naked ass into my closet. I turned as Sarah’s two friends came running in yelling. They were both only wearing bras and panties. I grabbed them both and wrestled them into the closet with Sarah. Our house was an old one and the door on the closets had locks.

I grabbed my bat and headed back to the party as everyone was standing around asking what was going on. The two boy’s that had been with Sarah had run through the room and out the door. I told everyone to get out and made sure they left. I sat down thinking and then after awhile I stood up and went to Sarah’s room.

In her closet I found more then I expected. There were dozens of vibrators and dildo’s. In one box alone there were a dozen tiny vibrators I realized must be for a woman’s clit. I also found fur covered handcuffs and leather restraints as well as leather dog collars and chain leashes. I grabbed everything and walked to the barn. Mostly this barn was unused, dad only used it for storage. I walked into the large empty tack room and looked around before nodding to myself, it was thirty feet on each side.

Dad had two dozen tic mattresses he had gotten from an army surplus place. It took most of the night to do what I had planned. Screwing eye bolts into place and finding light chains and leather for restraints. When I finished, I walked back to the house and went to my room. I took a breath and opened my closet.

I grabbed the first one I could and slammed the door again. I was lucky, it was Sarah. She had pulled one of my shirts down and put it on. She screamed and kicked as she struggled hard while I handcuffed her. I pulled and pushed her ahead of me while she continued to threaten, plead and scream.

In the barn, I led her straight to the tack room. Sarah froze as soon as she saw everything in the room and then she started crying and pleading with me again. I pulled her to one of the three mattresses and fastened her on her stomach spread eagle. I took a minute to pull my shirt off her struggling body. I left her like that and went back for the next girl.

The next one I caught was Cindy. She was a stunning red head with a nasty mouth. After Cindy was Mary, a petite blonde. When I had them all secure, I sat back on my heels looking at the three naked girls, “This is the first day of your training. If you behave, it won’t be too bad. The rules are simple. NO talking unless I tell you. You will do what I tell you, when I tell you and how I tell you. Any struggling or fighting will result in punishment.”

This brought cries, threats and screams. I walked to one of the walls that I had put pegs in, it held everything I needed. I took a ping pong paddle and walked to Sarah. I knelt and started spanking her ass. Sarah screamed and cried as I paddled her ass hard for fifty strokes. When I was done, I did the same thing to the other two girls.

I left them crying and went back to the house. I cleaned the mess up and then went back to Sarah’s room. I found what I was looking for quickly and went back to the kitchen. I fixed three bowls of cereal and three glasses of juice. I ground up a birth control pill for each girl and put it in their drinks. Grabbing milk, I took everything back to the barn.

I set the tray down and went to Sarah. I put one of the leather dog collars on her and released her. I pulled her struggling to the center of the room where I made her go to her hands and knees. I pulled a short, two foot chain up from a metal loop in the floor and fastened it to her collar with a pair thumb cuffs.

I brought back the paddle and as soon as she saw it she started pleading and crying. I gave her ten hard swats, “No Talking. No struggling. Do what I tell you, when I tell you, how I tell you.”

I went back to the tray, poured milk into one of the bowls. I brought her the bowl of cereal and her glass of juice. I set it in front of her and moved behind her, “Drink the juice.”

Sarah was still crying, but when I picked up the paddle she reached for the juice. When she finished, I told her to eat her cereal. I didn’t have to say or do anything; she immediately reached for the spoon. Now was the hard part. I dropped my pants to my knees and moved between her legs.

Sarah flinched when I put my cock at the entrance to her pussy. I didn’t move when she pulled away, only bending to pick up the paddle. It was a moment before Sarah timidly pushed her pussy back to me. I set the paddle down and began caressing her butt as I slowly began pushing my cock into her pussy. Sarah had stopped eating and I held her hips, “Eat.”

Sarah waited only a moment before slowly going back to eating. Sarah’s pussy felt so good, tight and warm. It didn’t take her long to start getting wet. Sarah was almost done eating when I began to slowly fuck her. I lasted five minutes; Sarah had finished eating and had put her head down crying quietly. I held her hips as I filled her pussy until my cum was running down her legs.

I pulled out and then pulled my pants up. I unlocked Sarah and moved her back to her mattress. Next was Cindy and she cried and pleaded for me not to rape her. After she was locked in place, I spanked her and then like with Sarah made her drink her juice. The room was quiet except her soft weeping as she started eating and I moved behind her. She didn’t pull away or move as I entered her and pushed all the way in.

Like with Sarah, I waited until she was almost done before I began to fuck her. This time I lasted almost twenty minutes before I started pumping cum into her. Cindy had actually stopped crying and started thrusting her pussy back onto my cock. She gasped when I came in her and then she shivered really hard.

I didn’t say anything as I pulled out and moved her back to her mattress. Mary was silently glaring at me as I undid the straps. As soon as they were loose she jerked and lunged at me. I turned and let her lunge drop her onto the floor. I pulled her to the center of the room and locked her in place.

I gave her twenty hard swats while she screamed and cried. I made her drink her juice which she did without talking. When I sat the cereal down she only looked at me like she wanted to say something. I shrugged and moved behind her, she didn’t resist or struggle as I wedged my cock into her cunt. I caressed her hips, “Okay Mary, tell me.”

She bit her lip and looked down before looking back at my face, “You can fuck me as much as you want if you let us go.”

I pushed my young hard cock into her slowly and bent over her back. “By the time I am done, you three will spread your legs anytime I tell you. You will never be a bitch again. Your pussy belongs to me now. Now eat.”

I went back to standing behind her on my knees with my cock buried to the balls. Mary sighed and looked at Cindy and then Sarah, “I told them you would bite one day.”

Mary began to eat slowly, her hips began to thrust back at me and it was as if she didn’t notice. I waited until she finished eating. She looked over her shoulder and her legs spread a little more as she nodded to me. Her pussy tightened as I started fucking her slowly. Every now and then she would shudder and jerk, shoving her pussy back onto my cock hard while it tried to milk the cum out of me.

It took me over thirty minutes to reach the point where I wanted to cum. I started fucking her hard and deep and she only shivered and looked back with a grin. When I started jerking and spewing in her it was in thick streams that just kept coming. Mary grunted and tilted her pussy so I would have a better angle as I filled her cunt. When I was done, I pulled out and moved to put all the dishes together.

I unlocked Mary and put handcuffs on her. She didn’t resists as I helped her stand and led her out. This next part was going to be tricky. I led her into one corner of the corral and turned to face her, “squat down or not, but you need to pee and poop.”

Mary stood there looking at me for a minute before she began to pee. She didn’t squat and she had a look of concentration before she started shitting. After a few minutes she said she was done. I smiled and led her out of the corral and to the side of the barn. I picked up a hose and Mary shivered.

I used my hands to wash her, even her butt and pussy. I put the hose against both her pussy and ass to run water into her, giving her a cold douche and enema. I started leading her back to the room but stopped before I got there. I turned to face her, “Mary, thank you for fucking me the way you did.”

Mary smiled slightly, “Well, like you said. My pussy belongs to you now.”

I smiled and careful leaned close and kissed her cheek, “Still, thank you.”

I led her into the room and put her on her mattress, this time face up. I took a breath, “Time for lessons.”

Mary looked at me sharply as I walked to the wall. I brought back several things that I dropped beside her. The first thing I did was use some lube on her clit and in and around her pussy and in and around her asshole. She struggled a little over me touching her ass. I put a bug looking vibrator on her clit and then I started working a small vibrator into her ass while she struggled and cursed me.

The next vibrator was strange; Sarah had several of these in different sizes. There was bulge by the base and the end rotated around the bulge and fucked in and out at the same time. I used a small one and pushed it into Mary until she grunted as the bulge popped into her pussy.

There was a leather strap that went around her waist and another that went between her legs and held the vibrators in place. Next I attached the electric leads from a nine volt battery to her nipples. While she struggled and moaned, I went to Cindy.

I took her out like I had Mary. She squatted as she peed and pooped. She struggled a little over the cold water when I douched her and gave her an enema. When I brought her into the room she stopped me at the door. She wouldn’t look me in the eye but I could tell she wanted to say something, “You can talk.”

Cindy glanced at me and then looked down, “Thank you for washing me.”

I kissed her cheek like I had with Mary, “When your training gets further along, I’ll use hot water.”

She only nodded and I led her into the room and we stopped to watch Mary writhe on her mattress. I put Cindy on her mattress and strapped her down. She had this shit eating grin on her face while looking at Mary. She didn’t even bother struggling while I put the lube on and in her. She had her eyes closed and was grinning when I moved toward Sarah.

Sarah protested, threatened, cried and pleaded as I made her do what the other two had already done. When I got back to the room, I held her against the wall and gave her ten swats before putting her on her mattress. I struggled the whole time with Sarah, right up until I turned the vibrator’s on. She froze and looked at me in surprise, “Ohhhh… shit!”

I smiled and went to Mary, her body was covered in sweat as she jerked and shuddered. I turned everything off but left them in her. She moaned as her body slowly relaxed. Her eyes seemed to come into focus and I smiled, “That my pet, you will receive six times everyday.”

She groaned and I smiled as I removed her toys. I sat next to her, caressing her body absently while watching the time, Cindy and Sarah. When Cindy’s time was up, I moved to her and turned everything off as she grunted and shivered through constant orgasms. When she finally relaxed, she opened her mouth and shut it waiting. I removed her toys and nodded, “You can talk.”

Cindy smiled, “Thank you.”

I grinned, “You will receive this lesson six times everyday.”

She grinned as I sat beside her watching Sarah. When Sarah’s time was up, I moved to her slightly conscious body and turned the toys off. I gently eased the toys out of her and sat waiting. Sarah finally looked at me. I smiled while caressing her, “You will receive that six times a day.”

I looked around the room, “This first week you will not be allowed clothes and you will remain bound. You will each be fucked at breakfast, lunch and dinner. I will exercise each of you everyday. Every morning you will be told to pee and poop before getting washed. Every time you poop I will wash you. When I think you are ready, I will move on to the next stage of training. At night, I will sleep beside one of you and use you when I want.”

I left the girls on the mattresses and took the dishes and toys back to the house to be cleaned. I thought about the other things I needed and went to my computer. I used the prepaid credit card dad had left and ordered several things. I did my chores and finally returned to the barn around nine.

One at a time I led the girls to the corral to pee and then returned them to the room. I moved three of the old barber chairs into the room and placed them in three corners. I put the girls on their stomachs before moving to Cindy first.

She didn’t say anything as I put the lube back on her and put her toys in places and attached the electric wires. Things were a little different this time as I pushed the small vibrator in her pussy and slowing worked the one with a bulge into her ass. She was grunting and sighing even before I moved towards Sarah.

Sarah struggled again as I put everything on and in her. As soon as I turned them on though she stopped and began moaning. Mary struggled a little when I pushed the other vibrator into her ass, but calmed down before I turned everything on. I watched for a minute and then started work on the chairs.

Dad had six of them; don’t ask me where he got them. I placed straps on the arms and on the foot rests as well as around the waist. I stopped before I was done to turn off the toys and remove them. One at a time I placed the girls against the wall and strapped them there. When I was finished with the chairs, I started on tall benches with straps.

I brought them lunch and let them pee before putting them on their mattresses face up. I started with Cindy; I stripped and moved between her legs. Cindy looked off into space not moving or responding as I pushed into her. I leaned down to whisper in her ear, “Do you like your lessons?”

It was a moment before Cindy nodded and whispered back, “Yes.”

I started to fuck her, keeping my cock deep and making short grinding thrusts. Cindy moaned and a moment later her pussy squeezed my cock as she shivered. Cindy grunted and whispered, “Allen?”

I slowed but didn’t stop, “Yes?”

Cindy shuddered and her hips bucked against mine, “May I talk?”

I looked into her face, “Yes.”

Cindy’s hips bucked again as her cunt tried to milk my cock, “I love your cock, fuck my nasty cunt!”

I fucked her harder as she jerked and thrashed under me, “Yes! That’s it; fuck your slut’s pussy!”

I fucked Cindy for almost ten minutes while she continued to talk dirty. When I started filling her pussy she grunted and shuddered, “That’s it pump that cum into me!”

I kissed her and pulled out. I sat beside her and watched my cum slowly leaking from her. I caressed her tummy, “That was good Cindy, thank you.”

My cock was still hard as a rock as I moved to my sister. Sarah was biting her lip as I moved between her legs. She glanced down her body to see my cock before looking away. Like with Cindy I pushed into Sarah and stopped, I kissed the side of her neck. I didn’t whisper this time, “Sarah, did you like the lessons?”

She didn’t say anything for a minute and then she nodded. I started fucking her with long slow strokes and after a couple of minutes her hips bucked and she sighed. Sarah looked into my face, “Allen?”

I had been watching her and only nodded as I kept fucking her nice and deep, “Yes?”

Sarah’s hips were bucking up into mine with every thrust, “Why Allen? I’m your sister.”

I planted my cock deep in her pussy as I looked into her face, “Because you have been a bitch to me and you are a slut.”

Sarah looked at me for a long time before nodding, “May I talk?”

I nodded and Sarah grinned, “Fuck my pussy little brother.”

I smiled and pulled back, only to shove my cock into her hard and deep. Sarah grunted and shivered, “That’s it Allen, fuck my slut pussy!”

I fucked Sarah harder and started grinding on her. Sarah eyes were wide as she grunted and tried to thrust her pussy up on to my cock. She kept talking; telling me to fuck her and fill her nasty pussy. I fucked her for another twenty minutes and she screamed several times when she came. When I started spewing cum inside her, Sarah froze for a second and then she screamed, “Pull out Allen!”

I held my cock deep inside her and continued to spurt cum as she bucked to get me off her. When I finished and pulled out, Sarah was crying and wouldn’t look at me. I caressed her breasts and waited until she turned her tear streaked face towards me. “Your body is mine Sarah. I will cum in you as much as I want.”

Sarah looked away again, “you’re going to get me pregnant.”

I knew Cindy and Mary were listening. I tugged on Sarah’s nipple, “Your body belongs to me. If I want you pregnant then you will end up pregnant. Accept it Sarah, you had two boys in you last night, they could have gotten you pregnant. Every slut takes that risk. You need to give yourself to me and trust me to do what is best for you.”

I stood and moved to Mary. Mary hesitated before smiling into my face as I moved between her legs, “Allen?”

I slowly pushed into Mary. I don’t know why but I loved to feel her pussy the best. I sighed and looked into a smiling Mary’s face, “Yes Mary?”

Mary grinned, “May I talk?”

I nodded, “yes.”

Mary moaned as I began to move slowly, “I… liked… my lessons too. I don’t care if you get me pregnant. You can if you want.”

I leaned down and kissed her and she whispered, “But, I tasted my birth control in the juice this morning.”

I laughed and moved onto my elbows, “Say that louder, so Cindy and Sarah can hear you.”

Mary shivered and turned her head to look at her friends, “I tasted my birth control in the juice this morning.”

Cindy seemed to relax and Sarah stopped crying, she opened her mouth and then shut it. I kissed Mary, “Like I said, it is my choice. Your bodies belong to me, I will give you birth control or not. Get you pregnant or not.”

Mary shivered again, “God your cock feels good in me.”

It didn’t take Mary long to come, she thrust her hips up as far as she could, “That’s it fuck your pussy!”

A few minutes later she did it again, only she wasn’t as loud. After that it was only grunts and violent shaking every few minutes until a half hour later when I pushed into her as far as I could and started cumming. Mary grunted and her hips arched as she held them up for my cock. “That’s it give me your baby cream!”

I shivered when I finished and pulled out. I caressed Mary’s tummy, “Thank you Mary.”

Mary grinned up at me, “Anything for another lesson.”

I grinned and moved to Cindy. I moved her to the chair in the corner near her. I strapped her in and put her toys in place before turning them on. While she sighed and moaned I moved to Sarah and moved her to her chair. I had just put her toys in when she cleared her throat, “Allen?”

I looked at her, my fingers touching her pussy, “Yes?”

Sarah bit her lip, “I really enjoyed you fucking me. I’ll try to trust you, really.”

I kissed her on the mouth and pulled back to see her eyes closed and a smile on her face. I turned her toys on and moved to Mary. Mary was more then willing to relax and let me put whatever toy I wanted, wherever I wanted. When I turned her toys on she leaned back into the chair with a deep sigh. I went back to work on the benches, they were designed so that the girls would straddle them with their butts pointed over one end.

Mary was the first one I stopped restraining, after only five days. I had fixed up an old electric water heater outside one of the horse stalls and installed a shower so they received warm showers, douches and enemas. I had fucked all three in the ass several times and they never complained in fact they seemed to enjoy it.

Cindy was ready after seven days and Sarah finally made it after nine. By the end of the second week their punishment for doing something wrong was not getting a session with the toys. That was when we got an unexpected visit from Mary’s mom and dad.

The girls were back to wearing thin cotton dresses and we were doing chores when they arrived. Her mom was surprisingly submissive to her father and stayed quiet while we talked. When her dad remarked that Mary was a changed girl, Mary looked at me, “Allen?”

This was the girl’s why to ask permission to talk. “You can talk.”

Mary looked straight at her father, “I will do what Allen say’s, when he say’s and how he say’s.”

She hesitated and then, “My pussy belongs to him.”

Her mother stirred a little and looked at her husband. Mary’s father only looked at me and then at her mother, “See, your daughter can take after you.”

He looked at me, “Use my little girl as much as you want.” And they left.

After three weeks, I moved the girls back into the house. At the end of the fourth week I gave their birth control back, but they had to take them in front of me. Several times I made Sarah put hers on the table and fucked her good and hard. I would let her wait an hour or two before taking the pill.

By the fifth week she had accepted that it was my choice and seemed happier. She got a call from one of the boys I had caught her with that first night. She came to me quietly and asked if she could meet him. I looked at her for a minute; Cindy and Mary were watching some show on the TV. “Were you going to let him fuck you?”

Sarah didn’t hesitate, “It’s your pussy. Do you want me too?”

I smiled, “I think you’re finally ready. You may have sex with him if you want, but use protection.”

Sarah came home late and crawled into bed next to me and Cindy. I turned and pulled her cold naked body next to mine, “How did it go?”

Sarah grumbled, “Lousy, he doesn’t know how to fuck a girl properly.”

Mary and Cindy both giggled and Sarah grinned, “You spoiled me.”

That was six years ago. I built a house next to my parent’s and run the ranch full time now. Sarah is married now, but she says her pussy still belongs to me. She comes by two or three times a week so I can fuck her. She has two daughters that she isn’t sure are her husbands.

She told me that when they are thirteen I have to train them. She told me the other day that her husband was cheating on her. Why the hell would he cheat, she lets him fuck her, when he wants, where he wants and how he wants.

Cindy is a broker in the city and still comes out at least three times every month. She says for retraining over the weekend. She has only had four men since her training and asked my permission each time. She has a gorgeous daughter by me that we have trained to obey to a degree. She told Mary the other day that she wants to retire here with us. Mary had laughed and told her to hand over her birth control and do it.

Mary, well, I married Mary. We have two daughters, (it seems to be a trend) Mary insists they need complete training when they reach puberty. Mary is more then happy to fuck me whenever I want as long as I give her, her six sessions everyday. I am the only man she has been with since her training that summer.
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