My name is David and I’m sixteen. I’m almost six feet tall and although I don’t play sports, I stay fit. I have light brown hair and blue eyes. My cock is above average at just under nine inches and over two inches across. I do have one problem, I have to take supplements because my balls are large and I have to masturbate or my balls hurt. They just get to full and when I cum, it’s a lot, like almost half a cup. Imagine cumming like that six times a day. When I was born my grandparents bought ten thousand dollars worth of stock in my name. It was a little known company then, that isn’t so little now.

I am fairly smart and know more people that are what you would call nerds then jocks. I’m a sophomore in high school. It was just before Christmas and our school had sponsored a ski trip. They had gotten a good deal at this small ski lodge. The only catch was that our parents had to come with us. Lucky for me, we came here all the time. So it was mom and dad in the family Suv and my little sister riding with me in my new jeep.

There were a total of twenty five kids scheduled to stay at the lodge with their parents. I didn’t know most of the others, at least not personally. There was one I fantasized about; she was a freshman and a friend of my sister. She was only fourteen, but I had found out her birthday was next month. She had long light brown hair and blue eyes like me and she looked like she had maybe B cup tits. Since I had seen her pull out her skis, I knew she had skied before.

I went to bed early because I wanted to hit the slopes early. There is nothing like fresh powder and I was up bright and early. I made it to the lifts just as they opened and had a pleasant surprise. The girl I had seen caught up just in time to sit on the lift with me. She smiled, “Hi, I’ve seen you around.”

I was a little shy, but it’s hard to hide when you are seated next to someone and can’t move away. “Hi, I’m Dave.”

She held out her gloved hand, “Sarah.”

I smiled, “I know.”

I blushed as she raised her eyebrow and we sat in silence. The end of the lift saved me and we got off. I looked at the clouds and sighed, “Those don’t look good. Maybe we have enough time for one run.”

I didn’t see anyone else around, not even one of the ski patrol guys. I looked at Sarah, “How good are you?”

She grinned, “Better then average.”

I nodded to a wooded trail I knew, “That’s a good one to start with. If you want we can go together.”

She looked at the trail and nodded, “Sounds good, you first.”

I grinned and pushed off. I knew this trail really well and it was a long one. We had only been on the trail for about ten minutes when I noticed the clouds again and slid to a stop. Sarah stopped beside me with a big grin on her face. I looked worriedly at the clouds and frowned. It was almost like a wall sweeping towards us. I looked at Sarah, “We’re in trouble. The way that looks, means a possible blizzard. We won’t make it to the bottom. There’s a small cabin not to far from here that I found last year.”

Sarah looked at the clouds and nodded, “okay.”

I looked at the clouds and turned away, it was going to be close. It was close; we got to the cabin as the wall of snow hit us. It was thin at first, but by the time we pushed open the door, you could barely see your hand in front of your face. I closed the door and stood my skis up against the wall with Sarah’s. She was looking around with a frown. I took a breath, “Check the shelves for food and blankets. I’ll… I’ll go around the cabin to see if there is any wood for a fire.”

She looked at me worriedly, “Keep your hand on the wall of the cabin.”

I nodded and opened the door to a white wall of falling snow. It took me several minutes to walk around the cabin and I was worried, there was no wood. I opened the door and stepped inside shivering, “Nothing.”

Sarah looked up from putting two sleeping bags together, “Well, at least we have these. There are a lot of cans of food and I found an oil lamp.”

I nodded and crossed to the lamp. Beside the supplements I always carried, I had a small lighter an all purpose knife and a small ball of string. I lit the lamp, “Did you see if there was more oil?”

Sarah looked up as she finished with the sleeping bags, “There’s a gallon jug and a small bundle of wicks.”

I was still shivering and couldn’t seem to stop. I think it was the adrenaline wearing off. Sarah frowned at me, “Why are you shivering?”

I walked to the mantle of the empty fireplace and set the lamp on it, “Because I’m cold and probably because I don’t have the rush to keep me warm.”

I emptied my pockets as Sarah walked closer. She looked from the mantle to me, “Rush? Are you on drugs?”

I shook my head as I looked at the sleeping bags, “No. Well, not the kind of drugs you’re thinking of. I meant the rush of skiing.”

That was something else I would have to think about. Sarah followed my look and nodded, “Well, wrap up in the sleeping bags.”

I nodded and did what she said. We sat quietly talking about small things. Every now and then she would go to the door and look out. I could see through the one window and didn’t say anything. It was still snowing hard and it didn’t look like it was going to stop anytime soon. It was a couple of hours before I stood up and went to the food.

I moved things around, most we could eat without heating but there were some things that we needed a stove for. I saw some small pots at one end and moved things around there. We must have been really lucky, there was a small gas stove with a bottle of fuel. There was maybe enough fuel for four or five days, longer if we stretched it.

I filled the stove and brought it back beside the sleeping bags with a few cans of food. Sarah brought my knife from the mantle and we ate. Sarah sighed when we finished and tossed the empty cans into the fireplace. I looked around as Sarah looked back at me. She frowned, “What?”

I walked to a corner and picked up a bucket, “Our bathroom.”

Sarah blushed as red as my face already was and then laughed, “You had to say that.”

I nodded and she crossed to me, “Let me go first, I really have to go.”

I waved my hand and turned my back to see a roll of paper towels, I grinned and waited. Hearing her pee right behind me had my cock as hard as a rock. When she stopped, I tore a paper towel off and held it out behind me. Sarah giggled, “A little closer.”

I turned and stretched; I glanced up from my hand and froze as I saw her bare pussy. She took the towel and wiped between her legs, “Thank you.”

I shook myself and turned away, “Sarah? I… I should tell you that I… have a problem.”

She laughed, “I can imagine.”

I grinned as I heard her pulling her pants up, “You would be more right then you know. I have a medical condition… I… my… my balls are larger then normal and… they produce… a lot of stuff. I have to… you know, jack off every day to keep them from hurting.”

She stepped up behind me, “The big bottle of pills?”

I nodded, not looking at her, “supplements, to replace what I…”

Sarah leaned against my shoulder, “And hearing and seeing me didn’t help.”

I grinned, “Well, I wouldn’t say that.”

She laughed and hit my shoulder, “So you need to…”

I nodded, “If I don’t soon, I will start feeling it really bad. I skipped it this morning to…”

Sarah turned me to face her, “To get a first run on powder.”

She looked into my face a moment and then looked at the window, “I should have paid attention to the weather station.”

I snorted, “You and me both. We just had to get up early to hit the powder.”

She grinned, “From what I remember, there was a storm front coming in later. It was supposed to last several days.”

She looked into my face as she bit her lips. Finally she sighed and pulled me towards the sleeping bags. “You don’t need to jack off. We can take care of your problem.”

I pulled her back, “Sarah, when I cum, it… it isn’t like other guys…”

She smiled and held up a towel like rag. I shook my head, “If I cum in you…”

Sarah laughed, “I’ve seen porn like that and to tell the truth it excites me.”

She pulled me to the sleeping bag and stripped. I hesitated and then took my clothes off and climbed into the cold bag with her. It was several minutes of hugging each other and trying to warm up before we remembered why we were in the sleeping bag. Sarah laughed and pulled me on top of her. “I’m not a virgin so don’t worry about hurting me.”

I looked into her face, “I am.”

She smiled and reached between our bodies and guided my cock to her warm pussy. My hips bucked almost on their own and suddenly the head of my cock was in her. I felt the warm, wet, silkiness and groaned. Sarah’s eyes were closed and she shivered and pulled at me. I slid a little deeper into her and her eyes snapped open. I shivered and pulled back to start fucking her and we groaned together. We grinned into each others face and I went back to fucking her. I was almost halfway in her when she shuddered and tightened her arms around me, “Oh fuck I’m cumming!”

Her pussy tightened and she jerked and spasmed as I kept fucking deeper into her. I watched her face and I couldn’t seem to get enough. Sarah was just so beautiful and watching her cum only made her look better. She shook her head when she stopped cumming, and smiled up at me as I stopped moving. I smiled, “Good?”

Sarah grinned and gave me a squeeze, “God yes. I’ve only had sex a couple of times and I never got off with a guy.”

I grinned as I started fucking her again, “What about with another girl?”

Sarah shuddered, “Yeah, girls know how to get each other off.”

I was finally pushing against her cervix and she groaned. Sarah’s legs came up as I kept fucking her and suddenly I stopped in surprise as I felt my balls tighten. I quickly pushed as far into Sarah as I could and shuddered, “I’m cumming!”

I felt Sarah tilt her hips and as I started peeing cum into her. She screamed as my cock pushed deeper and slipped into her womb. My cock jerked as I spewed stream after stream of cum that soon filled her womb and forced its way around my buried cock. I was shaking and shivering until I was finally done. I looked at Sarah to see her grinning back at me. “That was amazing.”

I smiled, “Still have your towel?”

She felt around and then held it up. I pulled out and moved off her. Sarah gasped, “Oh my god.”

I watched as she tried to catch all the cum running out of her. She finally giggled and looked at me, “You weren’t kidding. We don’t have a towel big enough for any more.”

I laughed as she started rubbing my cum all over her body. She grinned, “It’s supposed to be good for the skin.”

I shook my head and turned her to snuggle up behind her, “Thank you Sarah.”

She looked over her shoulder and smiled, “How many times a day do you need to do this.”

I held her tight, “Six.”

She laughed, “If we are here more then a day you’re going to get me pregnant.”

I lifted my head, suddenly remembering the feeling as I peed my sperm into her womb. “Sarah? I was in your womb when I…”

She nodded, “I know, I felt it.”

She turned around to face me, “If I get pregnant, I get pregnant.”

Somehow the idea sent a shiver of pleasure down my spine. I kept looking at Sarah and had to sigh as I realized that I really liked her and not just because of what we had done. She was smart and didn’t panic. She had a sense of humor and wasn’t afraid to show it. She had courage as well as compassion. I reached out to caress her face, “You don’t have to take that chance. I can…”

Sarah put her finger on my lips, “I’ve been your sister’s friend for a couple of months. I know all about you from Denise, well except for your… difficulties.”

I looked at her and she smiled as she turned and snuggled back against me. “Besides, I liked the feeling of you filling my womb with cum.”

I held her and we were both quiet. I don’t know what she was thinking about but I was thinking about her and more than just during this storm. After awhile I started taking about myself. What I liked and didn’t like. I told her about everything, good and bad. It was almost two hours later that I knew I needed her again. I caressed her shoulder and she turned to look back at me.

She smiled and rolled onto her back and spread her legs as I moved over her. I pushed into her warm slimy pussy and we both smiled at each other before I started to fuck her nice and deep. It was a few minutes before I was pushing against her womb again. She closed her eyes and shuddered, her pussy squeezing me as she moaned that she was cumming. When she relaxed and opened her eyes, she smiled at me as I went back to fucking her.

She did it again several minutes later and then again about five minutes after that. That was all I could take and I pushed into her and pushed against her womb. It opened in time and I peed a thick stream of cum into her womb and then several strong gushes that filled her womb to overflowing before I was finally done. She shivered as I slowly pulled out and moved off her. I quietly got out of the sleeping bag and grabbed my bottle of pills and a frozen bottle of water before I slipped back in.

I took one of the pills without water and Sarah snuggled against me again. This time it was her that talked. The storm didn’t end that day or the next or even the one after that. It lasted six days and ended in the afternoon the day before Christmas. Everyday I had gone out and cleaned the snow away from the door and window. When it stopped snowing we knew right away.

We were reluctant to leave but got dressed and went out with our skis. It took almost a half hour to get to the lodge and when we walked into the lobby it was to see our families. Sarah cried as she stumbled to her mom and I could only watch until mom was holding me and then the tears came. I don’t know why I cried, it almost felt like I had lost some part of myself.

My dad and sister were patting me and I could see Sarah’s mom holding her while her dad caressed her back. I finally turned away and looked at my dad. Before I could say anything, Sarah was touching my shoulder, “We need to get cleaned up.”

I looked into her eyes and I think she saw the hope in mine. I could see her mom and dad frowning. I caressed her cheek, “You promised to let me buy a test kit.”

She nodded to the small shop off the lobby, “We can see if they have one.”

When her mother touched her shoulder, she only smiled at her, before taking my hand and leading me into the store. It turned out they did have a home pregnancy test kit. I didn’t bother with a bag since both of our parents had followed us into the store. Sarah waited while I paid for it and then stopped by her parents to kiss her mom’s cheek. “It was my decision, I wanted it.”

They didn’t say anything as she led me first to her room for clothes and then to my room. For the first time we undressed each other and stood looking at each others bodies. Sarah grinned and reached out to wrap her hand around my cock. “He still wants me.”

I caressed her body, “Yes I do.”

She smiled and pulled me into the warm water of the shower. We had made love right before we left the cabin so I didn’t need it, but I still wanted Sarah. She was as touchy as I was and finally only leaned against me in the warm water. I held her and sighed as I finally turned the water off. “We need to test you and we need to talk to our parents.”

She nodded and I helped her out. I let her sit on the toilet while I read the instructions. It was a long five minutes while we waited for the results and got dressed. When she saw the two lines she only smiled. I couldn’t describe the feeling I had as I looked at the tester that said Sarah was pregnant with my baby. I couldn’t stop grinning and Sarah finally laughed, “Well we don’t have to worry about you getting me pregnant now.”
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