An insistant guest is interested in a little something more.
A GUEST FOR A WEEK – Chapter 02: Tuesday’s Temptations

Waiver Note: This is a fictional narrative about men in their late twenties entering into a sexual relationship with underage adolescent young women. The whole of the chapters involves a spectrum of topics ranging from fantasies to complete sexual unions. If the topic is not of interest or offensive to you, cease reading immediately and just move on. Your opinions are your own.

To those who proceed, enjoy and feel free to comment!

-- seltra

- - -

Rick and Jiz coursed through traffic on their way home. It had been a decent night, but overall unfulfilling for Rick and it was necessary to get home. Jiz had wanted to prolong the clubbing that night and had been disappointed when Rick denied him the time. However, Rick had informed both Adelle and her mother distinctly that he’d be home before midnight to keep an eye on Adelle. True, she had promised him that she would stay that the apartment, yet who knew if she had invited anyone there without his knowing. He had to get home. The fourteen-year-old he had been given charge over for a week could have contrived any number of loopholes in their pact.

Jiz hadn’t been encouraging about his situation – at least not in a legal definition. “So, will you invite me over when you finally decide to screw her? Does she have hot friends her age? Does she like dressing up or role-playing because I have a great new—”

“Jiz! Will you please SHUT UP!?” Rick snapped at him. He hadn’t meant to sound so sinister, but all the talk about having sex with Adelle was getting to him. Rick sighed. “Sorry, man. I didn’t mean to snap like that.”

“It’s alright, dude. I guess I am overdoing it,” Jiz replied. In his best Dr. Ruth voice he added, “Yelling is a symptom of sexual frustration!”

They both laughed hysterically. Jiz always knew how to lighten the mood. It was rare that he took things personally, which was something Rick admired. “Ah, thanks. I needed that laugh.”

“Didn’t enjoy tonight as much as you were wanting, did you?” Jiz asked in all seriousness.

Rick shook his head painfully. “Not particularly, no.”

“Thinking about Adelle?” his friend questioned.

Rick nodded ruefully. It had been difficult not to. The blaze of physical craving that he observed in Adelle’s eyes as he left was unmistakeable and, not to mention, contagious. “To tell the truth, I really am sexually frustrated. I never figured it would be a teenager to cause it, though, you know? I’m seriously considering this, Jiz! I just can’t, or at least shouldn’t! It’s highly illegal for one thing, she’s the daughter of some good friends of the family for another and the list just continues!”

“Something tells me that she has considered the ramifications and has covered all contingencies herself. You said it was uncovered that she has been screwing around with guys in school. If that’s true, there’s probably more where that came from. She’s undoubtedly proficient at keeping it a secret, but was just caught once because of some oversight,” Jiz proffered.

Rick had to agree. It seemed logical. “After just one day I want to make love to her so badly it hurts. I just know I shouldn’t. That’s the difficult thing.”

“I know. Sexy teenager, cumbersome law, raging testosterone; it’s such a perfect mix. What more could anyone ask for?” Jiz mused. “You probably will end up sleeping with her, though, won’t you?”


“Alright, then. The question then boils down to will it be sooner or later?”

“I – I want it to be as later as possible – hopefully so much later that nothing will happen,” expressed Rick. Jiz scrutinized him, but realized his friend was serious. His scrutiny changed to a ‘c’mon-tell-the-truth’ look. Rick relented to his friend’s illustration of disbelief. “Yeah, something tells me it’s going to be sooner, too, and I’ll be guilty of statutory. It’ll be virtually right away if she pulls that little stunt with the shower ever again,” Rick acceded. Both men chuckled. In truth, Rick wanted to hold out, but Jiz’s expression was foreboding; Rick knew how powerless he was.

“Well, like I said, notify me when it happens. I want to join in. If she can keep you a secret, surely she can keep both of us a secret.” Jiz grinned. He was so smug surrounding these situations that Rick could just slap him. Unfortunately, he was also usually right.

Rick drove his car into the apartment parking lot. 11:23pm, Rick observed silently on the car display, here we go. The two friends wished each other a good night (on the part of Jiz, he wished his friend a very good night) and they returned to their apartments. Rick unlocked and opened his door quietly. Sure enough, his home was dark and relatively quiet, with the exception of the TV in the living room, but even that had the volume way down. Rick removed his jacket and shoes and proceeded to the source of light and sound. What he saw amazed him. The unremarkable part was Adelle, fast asleep on the couch, still in the clothes she was wearing earlier, or at the very least, the shirt. A blanket was draped over her to mid-torso so Rick was none the wiser as to the condition of clothing on her lower half. He could only hope she was dressed beneath. However, the display on the TV was what actually shocked him.

Late-night entertainment had taken over the station, a movie channel by the looks of things. Displayed without reservation on the screen was sexual content, the likes of which made Rick yearn for his own satisfaction all over again. A couple was portrayed in full nudity, entwined in various procreative manoeuvres, vehemently expressing their physical enjoyment. He recognized the woman as actress Jennifer Korbin – one of his favourite recent softcore actresses. He remembered many from his youth and occasionally still searched online from time to time. Sensual music was overtoning the whole ordeal as the two made love ceaselessly.

What would Adelle be doing watching this? Or was she? Rick pondered. Maybe she fell asleep to a movie earlier and this just came on later. As he contemplated further, knowing what he did, he wondered if she had been viewing the pornographic images and either fell asleep to them – or was feigning slumber this whole time.

Rick took in the televised sight until the scene was complete. Quickly, he utilized the remote and deactivated the monitor plunging the room into near-total darkness. The only light was that which emanated from the moon through the open curtains on the sliding glass door to the balcony. He rounded the centre table in front of the right-angled couch and pulled the blanket over Adelle fully. The contours of her smooth body were portrayed directly through the covering, accentuated in the shadows created from the gentle moonlight filtering in. Emotions stirred in Rick and he reached out his hand.

NO! He regained voluntary control of his muscles just in time. I’m not going to wake her. If anything happens this week, it will be from her making the moves and coming onto me, not vice versa! Rick knew somehow that they would explore the sensual sides of their beings this week. Nevertheless, this self-made treaty was satisfactory for the time being. He could handle this.

Before his animalistic nature could re-emerge, he retrieved his laptop and retired to his bedroom. Usually, he slept nude, too. However, with a guest in the house – and an underage female at that – he thought better of it and stripped down only to his boxer briefs.

In bed, he logged onto his computer and Googled the name of Jennifer Korbin. A plethora of videos presented themselves and he indulged liberally for the better part of an hour. While forging a path deeper and deeper through cyberspace, he came across other pleasurable actresses, as well, all divas of softcore. He’d never been a loyal fan of hardcore. It seemed too fake, too staged and, all too often, far too exaggerated for his taste. Softcore, on the other hand, he found believable and enjoyed it immensely!

He found himself leisurely stroking his sensitive appendage to the portrayals of these women. Concentrating on keeping his groans silent, he eventually brought himself to climax. It was somewhat hollow, however, as his true desire was down the hall – she was so close it was painful!

Rick cleaned up and relaxed himself across his bed. At that instant, he thought he thought he heard the faint sound of a footstep, but couldn’t be sure. He ignored it, attributing the noise to the apartment shifting. He was tired anyways and would need to conserve his strength for the proceeding day.

Just as it seemed his mind was settling, a slight whimper pierced the night. He waited, now awake and alert, but it was several minutes until he heard it again. Once he did, there could be no error; it was the sound of a woman receiving sexual stimulation.

At first, Rick passed it off as one of the neighbours. 1:19am? Really? Rick thought. He heard such sounds occasionally through the walls or floor. While highly resistant, they weren’t entirely soundproof. Though, as he heard its frequency become a more regular backdrop in the still of the night he could pinpoint the source. He was convinced its origins were down the hall.

Adelle? Rick wondered.

Quietly, Rick arose from his bed and, as stealthily as a wild feline stalking its prey, opened his bedroom door without a squeak and traversed the hallway before spying leeringly into the living room. A scene of mouth-watering beauty leagues beyond what he viewed previously online was sprawled before him!

On the couch still lay his young visitor. Now, though, Adelle’s blanket was removed – as were all her clothes! Rick nearly guffawed in appreciation at the spectacle, arresting his breath the instant before it escaped. As Adelle lay exposed to the night air her fresh, fourteen-year-old body was receiving a comprehensive sexual treatment, the expert workmanship of her own delicate hands.

In her left she grasped her naked breasts, focusing on her nipples. Alternating her target, she stimulated them both individually and occasionally caressed the length of her shuddering body.

Her right hand she ground into her waiting pubic region, desperate to invigorate and unleash the primal urge it contained. With precision and passion, she stroked her most sensitive area, igniting an uncontrollable lust which was fast overcoming her. Repeated sexual attacks on what, Rick assumed, must be her cherished clitoris were causing a rigidity to claim her youthful muscles.

Her head was draped over the armrest, her eyes squeezed tightly and her mouth in a silent scream, occasionally allowing a hushed cry to escape. Her breathing was shallow, the sign of a young female’s erotic fulfillment. Rick could tell she toiled with great effort to prevent her whimpers from becoming overly vocal wails – probably a desperate attempt of not wanting to awake him – an attempt that was useless now, although she didn’t know it. Regardless, she persisted to tote the line between energizing her body and keeping her volume hushed.

He could decipher that Adelle’s areolas were boldly pronounced – similar to the way his own phallus was beginning to find itself again. They were obviously sensitive as she contorted her body when she barely grazed them.

In the softness of the night air Rick heard and recognized a barely audible whisper flow from Adelle’s mouth: “Uncle Rick...oh, Uncle Rick...!”

His eyes widened. He thought, Did I seriously hear that right!? She was fantasizing about him!? His mind was perplexed in question, but he couldn’t tear his eyes from the glory of Adelle’s figure reeling in pleasure. How long had it been since he last blinked?

All Adelle’s efforts were paying off. She gasped in frantically one last time, seemingly barely able to contain the rigours it was undergoing. Her head now reeled back over the couch’s armrest while she grabbed a pillow and brought it to her mouth to stifle the reverberations that were sure to follow. An orgasm engulfed the young mistress for several seconds before she exhaled furiously into the oversize gag several times and then began to settle as the powers of her body relaxed. Rick knew he had mere second to withdraw to the seclusion of his bedroom before Adelle would become conscious again of the slightest sound in the hallway. This he did with a renewed approach and appreciation for silence.

Reaching his bedroom, he found he would require similar treatment himself. Protruding in his boxers, his masculine companion exclaimed its desire for release and supplication. Rick removed the single cloth restricting him, tossed it on the floor and retired silently to his bed in the corner, anxious to relieve the ache in his groin. He accomplished this with the assistance of hand lotion at his bedside – and the reflections and visions of a certain, delicious fourteen-year-old still fresh in his mind.

Afterwards, he cleaned up quickly and drifted off into a subconscious realm rife with delights.

In his dream, he had been on the living room couch with Adelle during her escapade – only this time he was the cause of her pleasure. The dim moonlight flowed over her and she beckoned for him. His hands and mouth explored her skin before she insisted he be inside her. He crawled up in front of her, guided his manly prowess to her waiting counterpart and—

The alarm clock blared its ugly warning that 6:30am had arrived once more. Rick awoke with a start, considerably upset that his subconscious had been interrupted.Damn! You gotta be kidding me! Well, he figured, I’ll just have to keep that image in my mind as I go to bed tonight. Hopefully it’ll return and finish.

It was time for his exercise. Rick donned his regular sleeveless shirt, shorts and other gear for the gruelling daily process. Cautiously, he opened his bedroom door and slunk to the apartment exit. As he reached it, a spectacular view of Adelle was present in the living room, sleeping peacefully. She had again dressed and replaced the blanket, but the morning sunlight glimmered across her golden hair and fair skin. She appeared so radiant being bathed in the showering dawn. Rick couldn’t help but admire her beauty and comeliness. For a couple minutes he just allowed his eyes to absorb the female magnificence that was Adelle.

He snapped back to reality. A fourteen-year-old, Rick? Really? He chided to himself. Clearing his head, he realized he certainly needed to reach the gym soon if he was going to have a good workout and make it to work on time. Besides, Jiz would likely be waiting downstairs.

Upon reaching the gym, Rick set to work with the treadmill, weights and ab machine, driving his body to the edge of defeat. Jiz had arrived just before he did.

“I’m actually surprised to see you here so early,” he admitted. “I figured you’d be...occupied.”

“Very funny, Jiz. No, there’s not a whole lot happening yet. I’ll tell you what did happen on the way to work; sounds good?”

“That long before I get to know!? C’mon, man; damn! How patient do you think I am?” Jiz persisted for a few minutes, but Rick was resolute. Finally, Jiz contented himself with receiving the story later on.

At 7:30am sharp they wiped their brows and returned to their apartments to clean up before work. When Rick reached his, a delightful smell permeated his nose. The sounds of breakfast creations were prevalent. Rounding the corner from the entryway, he was happily met by Adelle making breakfast.

“Any for me, or is it all for you, Sweetie?” he asked.

“Well, there’s much more here than I can eat,” she confirmed from the stove. “It’ll be ready in a couple minutes. Where were you at?”

“The apartment has a gym on the main floor. I go down most mornings.”

“Ah,” smiled Adelle, “well, that explains a lot!” She winked at him before allowing her eyes to trail down and up his body.

Rick distracted himself with setting the table as Adelle finished with her culinary project. As they ate, Rick noted that, while still elementary, her skills as a cook were formidable. There wasn’t a morsel of breakfast he didn’t enjoy. The two of them cleaned up the dishes quickly before Rick informed her he was going for a shower and proceeded down the hall. He had no sooner entered the shower than a familiar tingling among his reproductive muscles began.

The soothing hot water again scorched Rick’s pores mildly as he soothed his genital. He liked being clean and two showers each day wasn’t uncommon for him, particularly if he exercised in the mornings. Rick was just glad Adelle didn’t mention anything at breakfast that would arouse him, particularly about yesterday when he – and she, for that matter – had last found him in the shower. He had to wonder, though, had she actually been watching the late-night programming, or had it just been a coincidence?

A knock at the door broke his train of thought. Adelle fitted her head through th opening. Well, at least she’s learned to knock, thought Rick. She seemed transfixed looking at him so Rick spoke first. “Something you needed, Adelle?”

She shook her head and woke from her daze. “Uh, yeah, I just got a text from a friend of mine. She says a few of them are hanging out today, so would you mind if I joined them? We’ll probably be gone all day and be home about 10:00 or 11:00pm. They can pick me up and drop me off, so it’s no bother for you.”

Rick considered it for a moment and didn’t see a problem with it. “Yeah, should be fine; as long as you’re not in too late,” he authorized.

“Great! Thanks!” cheered Adelle. “Then I need to get ready right now; they’ll be here soon,” she announced. She entered the room and closed the door behind her. Rick gasped; she was stark freaking naked! “Is it alright if I join you quickly?”

Rick stood paralyzed. This cannot be happening! I need to stop her, he thought, but a single word didn’t escape his throat. Somewhere between his brain and his mouth, the command was lost. It seemed to him that nothing but his eyes functioned. Even his breathing and circulation seemed to have ceased.

Adelle moved quickly across the floor, opened the shower door and accompanied him in the tub. She immediately looked down at his soap-covered penis and giggled. “Tsk, tsk, tsk. Again, eh?” She stretched out her hand, grasping and stroking his extension. “Doesn’t he ever relax? Maybe I can help.”

“Uhhh...” was all Rick could express, soon followed by an expressive, “Hmmm...ohhh...”

The sight was overwhelming for Rick. Before him stood a fourteen-year-old young woman with a firm hold on his masculinity, and he felt powerless to stop it. Instead, he found himself again drinking in the contours of the young beauty with whom he now shared his bathing. He gazed into her deep blue eyes that were complemented with a dazzling smile of faultlessly straight, pearly teeth, projecting a sense of enthusiasm for where she was and what she was doing. Water droplets formed and gathered on her flawless skin, forming tracks as the beads coursed down her sensual figure. Her long blonde hair had already begun to adhere to her skin, outlining random patterns which offset, yet complemented, her shapely curves. Adelle’s size-C breasts rode high and proud on her chest, the tissues firm and resilient to gravity. Further below, her exquisitely curved hips and legs, a testimony of female maintenance and care. Between them, her hairless pubic mound pronounced itself boldly, displaying a faultless twinning of flesh surrounding her most sacred treasure. Everything about this female now with him exclaimed the definition of perfection.

She stroked gently, careful not to overdo anything – just yet. Rick braced himself with his left hand on the wall and the top of the shower door in his right. He closed his eyes and reclined his head, ultimately resolving himself to his newfound fate.

Abruptly, Adelle stopped. “What am I doing? I’m not here for this,” she giggled and passed herself around Rick to the front of the shower.

How could she just do that? Rick wondered with a playful infuriation. He watched with predator-like interest as she utilized the shampoo, conditioner and body wash. Whenever she bent over, he nearly passed out from restricted blood flow to his brain – such bodily fluids were being redirected elsewhere right now – as her curvaceous buttocks presented themselves. Her shapely arcs were as smooth as something from a dream – yet any dream would pale in comparison. She moved the soap across her whole body, neither forgetting nor neglecting a single inch. He didn’t dare move lest he should lose control, seize this young woman and violate her within seconds.

Finally, she spoke. “Uncle Rick, can you get my back for me?” she invited. Her voice allowed him to move, but offered him courage against any despicably forceful acts. He didn’t need to be asked twice. Adelle leaned over on the wall beneath the shower head while he retrieved the dispenser and filled his hands with more of the cleaning mixture and proceeded to apply it to this young nubile’s back. Contrary to instructions, however, he didn’t remain there.

Involuntary motions overcame Rick. His hands appeared to have minds of their own. He not only directed soap across her back, but also across her shoulders and arms. She sighed in appreciation. Slowly he returned to and descended across her back, continuing across her sensual hips and thighs. Experiencing these sensations, Adelle expressed a slight moan of pleasure. The tips of her fingers began to turn white as she attempted to dig them into the tile. Rick knew it was turning her on, his desired effect. He traversed this region of hers for several minutes before proceeding on.

He next aimed to tease her more profoundly, the way she had done to him. Stepping closer, he expanded his arms so his hands could encompass her midsection and began to massage the vulnerable flesh near and around – but not yet including – her pubic mound. This being done, he had no choice but to step forward and compress his now bursting-at-the-seams manhood against the small of her back. Adelle groaned satisfactorily, and pressed her buttocks against her bather. Rick couldn’t stop there. For just a few seconds he gently caressed and circled the outside of her love channel and her susceptible clitoris. Adelle’s knees buckled for an instant, revelling in the sensation. She bit her bottom lip and regained her footing, continuing to coo lightly.

Rick continued his exploration of the teenage flesh, proceeding up her torso and across her breasts. The supple tissue was offset only by her solidified nipples. He kneaded and manipulated her mammaries for a couple minutes – until he realized exactly what he was doing! He had to snap out of this spell immediately or spend the next 50 years behind bars! In agony, he slid his hands off of Adelle’s nursing tissues and backed up a couple steps, bringing his hands to his face.

“I’m so sorry, Adelle. What I’m doing to you is horrible, and I’m completely ashamed; I should never have been trusted as your guardian this week. I shouldn’t be doing this to you. I shouldn’t have let you in the shower with me at all,” he mourned.

Adelle shook her head. Straightening up and turning to meet his eyes she suggested, “Maybe you’re right, but I tempted you in the first place. I’m sorry, too, Uncle Rick. I used to do this with my older brothers all the time – usually when our parents were out, of course, and two of us needed a shower at the same time when we lived in that smaller house just over a year ago. I just always felt like making it up to them, the same way I do with you. I wanted you to enjoy this shower together. I wanted you to enjoy me and my body; I never wanted you to feel guilty for it.”

Honesty permeated her voice. He knew she was sincere. Yet, he was shocked at her confession of experience. “Your brothers!? Seriously!?” He queried and she nodded. He stammered, “H-How did you make it up to them?” Suddenly, he knew he should have refrained from asking; he was almost terrified of the answer.

Adelle’s brilliant smile returned. “Like this, usually,” she proffered, winking at him and descending to her knees – no further verbal explanation was necessary; Adelle’s idea of restitution for interrupting private bathing were self-explanatory. Unfortunately, it had required every ounce of strength for Rick to overcome what they were involved in only mere seconds ago. As Adelle guided Rick’s sturdy phallus towards her mouth, he knew he was entirely incapable of fending off this new onslaught of temptation.

Panic flooded him and he placed his hand on Adelle’s shoulder in a failed attempt to push back. “Adelle, no... Don’t...” he pled, but again his feeble effort to halt Adelle was futile. His will crumbled, realizing he could only watch as his upright manhood disappeared, engulfed by the soft lips of a fourteen-year-old. Rick groaned, deeply pleasured.

After a few pulses, she paused for a moment and released him just long enough to say, “I’m going to make you cum, Uncle Rick, whether you try to stop me or not.” With that, she replaced Rick’s emblazoned penis where it had been before.

Adelle tightened the seal this time. While beginning to thrust her oral cavity along the length of Rick’s shaft in alternating directions, she held it firmly in place with one hand. With the other, she massaged Rick’s chiselled muscles with her hands wherever she could reach. Occasionally she would alternate hands. The repetitious movements of her tongue across his sensitive membrane were overpowering!

Rick began to moan and breathe labouriously and again braced himself with his hands against the wall and with the top of the shower door to maintain his upper balance. His feet he employed as well by bracing them as far into the rounded corners of the bathtub as possible to maintain footing. He inclined his head backwards, clenching his teeth and clamping his eyes shut, reeling with desire.

“Adelle...! Oh, Addy...! Oh...ohhh... Don’t stop, sweetie...! Please don’t stop...! That’s...hmmm...! Just so...! Ohhh...good...! Ah...! Ah...! Oooh...!” Rick grunted with difficulty between gasps for breath. The suction increased and the process sped up. Adelle riveted on her intentions. A new sensation arrived as Adelle massaged his member with her hand as well, instead of just holding it. Rick placed his right hand on her head and began coursing his fingers through her sopping hair.

Rick could barely handle it! Compounding watching her masturbate the night before, the sensuality of just observing her natural form, her stroking his manhood a few minutes ago, their bodies entwining as he caressed her highly sensitive regions and now receiving head from this glorious, youthful female was producing a single consequence. He had to warn her!

“Hmmm...! Adelle...! I’m going...! OHHH...!” exclaimed Rick as his sensations culminated. Adelle continued her assault, inviting the volleys of liquid projectile Rick launched down her throat. Rick gasped as his climax subsided. His muscles felt like giving out, but he somehow remained standing.

Having cleaned him fully, Adelle released him. “Going, going, gone!” she mocked. Rick looked down into her bright blue, adolescent eyes which stared back affectionately. She certainly knew what she was doing. For several seconds heated water poured over them and nothing was said. Nothing needed to be said. Their expressions of satisfaction said it all.

He continued to stroke her hair. “Adelle... That was...unbelievably great! Thank you,” he expressed gently at last.

“No,” she responded, grinning at him, “thank you! Standing, she added, “Now, wasn’t that better than last night, all alone in your bed – especially after watching me?” She giggled and coursed around him, heading for the rear shower door as Rick remained there perplexed. It was Adelle’s footstep he had heard?

“You know I watched you? Wait – you were outside my door,” he stated. “I thought I heard a sound.”

“Mm hmm – on both accounts. I was going to go to the bathroom, but decided to eavesdrop instead. Then, listening to you turned me on so much I needed to do something. I cracked open my eyes at one point and saw you. After that, I heard you in your bedroom again,” she confessed. Rick was rather dumbfounded – and a little embarrassed. Adelle climbed out of the bathtub. Closing the shower door behind her, she announced, “I hope that keeps him calm for a while, Uncle Rick. I’ve gotta go and get dried and dressed and stuff. I’ll see you later, though, ok?”

Rick was still breathless and still in a daze. “Yeah...ok,” he managed.

She giggled again as she wrapped herself in a towel and headed out the bathroom door. “By the way, Uncle Rick, just so you know, you taste pretty good! I’ve given a lot of head and had a lot of cum in my mouth, but I didn’t mind that at all,” she praised. Then she was gone and he was alone.

Rick directed his sights towards his satisfied digit. It now rested comfortably between his legs. If it had a body of its own, Rick knew it would be smiling with gratitude, its hands propped up comfortably behind its head. On the flip side, though, he knew what he had allowed this morning was extremely impermissible – and probably unforgiveable. However, satisfied though he was he knew he couldn’t concentrate on those facts at the present. He was now running late. With all haste he finished his shower and readied himself for the day.

As he left the apartment, Adelle was packing herself a lunch. “Have a good day, Adelle. Again, don’t stay out too late. I’ll be out this evening, too, and probably back late again. I’d prefer it if you were home before I am, alright? I’ll see you later on, ok?”

He thought quickly about his emotions and added, “And...I’m sorry about this morning. Things like that shouldn’t be happening and I need to make sure I put a stop—”

Adelle set aside the cutlery she was using brusquely and marched over to him. Embracing him tightly, she kissed him on the cheek and whispered, “Don’t be sorry. I’m not. I’ll be home a little early if you’d like. See you, Uncle Rick. I love you.” She squeezed his glutes then took a step back, trailing her fingers over his clothed package. “I’ll see him later, too, I hope.” Rick was stunned.

He departed, teaming up with Jiz in the parking lot. One glance at his face and Jiz knew something more was up. On the drive to the restaurant, he was adamant for an explanation of every detail.

“Damn, man! She fingered herself last night then gave you head this morning!? Crap, you gotta be the luckiest guy on the planet! She seriously wants to get it on with you and I’ll bet is willing to hide anything if it means getting it on with you! Won’t be long before you find yourself ramming her, will it?” was his response.

“No, probably not,” Rick confessed. “My hell; for 14, she’s sexy – and gives seriously great head – but I don’t know. Maybe I can get away with 25 years if I quit now and the judge is having a good day.”

“Dude, you’re sounding like me now. Did I corrupt you?” Jiz asked and they both laughed. “Don’t worry about the judge, either. Just send Adelle his way and it’s certain he wouldn’t be having a bad day.”

“Very funny.”

They chatted and discussed the details about his night and morning and Rick’s situation in general all day while preparing different foods, being careful about the extent of the details they announced lest they should happen across the wrong ears.

Jiz was unrelenting. “Do you think she can invite some friends so we can have a party one night?” he asked. Rick promised that he’d consider asking about it, depending on how things proceeded.

That evening was thrilling, but Rick yet remained unfulfilled. The duo hit up an adult massage place they preferred, but everything Rick experienced there seemed second-rate compared to the previous 24 hours. It only drew his mind back to Adelle, and how much pleasure they could enjoy in one another’s company. What was she doing this evening? Was she giving head to other guys? Was another guy delighting her? Did the connection they forged this morning have any real meaning, or was it superficial?

Rick resorted to biding his time until he could know for sure. He was positive that in the next day or so he’d have concrete evidence whether his relations with his gorgeous visitor were intended to be serious or if it was just a gratuitous, entertaining fling. While he knew deep within him that it should be the ‘fling’ – and honestly not even that – an even more profound section of his consciousness yearned for the association to become permanent. On the other hand, if it was superficial, would he be able to justify enjoying it and keep it secret? He figured only time would tell.

By the time they returned, it was late, nigh onto 1:00am. They agreed to rendezvous for exercise in the morning before going to work; physical exertion always woke them up. It was late and they’d be receiving little sleep so they’d need the boost. They departed their separate ways, agreeing that a few more days of work before some time off was just what the doctor ordered. Coincidently enough, about a month earlier, they had booked a week’s worth of time off – Friday through Thursday – so they could possibly go hunting and camping. Honestly, they hadn’t made any plans besides reserving the time. By what it seemed now, they’d be playing this extended weekend by ear, anyways. It would be interesting, and it filled their temporal minds with carnal elation, though Rick was still hesitant.

When he entered the apartment, there wasn’t a sound. A brief search confirmed that Adelle was home, but long since asleep on the couch. No second helping for my eyes – or other parts – tonight, I guess, Rick sighed within himself.

Retiring to his bedroom, he stripped down to nothing immediately. He was exhausted and, therefore, not even caring that Adelle was in the other room. He always slept his best uninhibited by clothing. If she entered, she deserved the sight she would receive. It’s not like she hadn’t seen it now. She had been up close and personal. If she entered his room, he would replace some modesty, he promised himself, in an attempt to avert a catastrophe. Also, before he left his room in the morning he knew he’d need to cover up, at least a little, for the same reason. His only concern was Adelle keeping her clothes on, too. At this point, that didn’t seem likely.

Climbing under his covers, Rick quickly allowed sleep to overcome him. He dreamed again of Adelle, and the marvellous unification they would encounter, one with another.

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This is a very well written story i cant wait to read the next part

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2013-11-11 21:49:48
This is a very well written story i cant wait to read the next part

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2012-12-31 03:24:43

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