Lester Drops Me Off At The Counsilors to Spend Some Time
Saved by Lester 2 A Session With The Councilor

Lester had to go to work so was dropping me off at a friend’s house. I knew very little about this friend other then he was referred to as “The Councilor.” Lester dropped me off without saying when he would be back, if ever. but that was how my life was, most of the time not knowing where I would be 15 minutes from now. I knocked on the door and in a couple of minutes it was opened by a black girl, maybe 17 or 18, not very attractive in the face but reasonable body. She was dressed almost exactly like me, t-shirt, short skirt and flip flops. Only she had a bra on. She said,

“Hi, you must be Pam.”

“That be me,” I replied.

“Glad to me ya, I’m Yzeena,” she smiled, “Friends just call me Z.”

She sort of put her hand out, I thought to shake mine but instead she took me by my shoulders and leaned over and gave me a kiss, right on the mouth. Then she said, “Come on in and meet the Counselor.”
She led me down a short hallway into a room that looked like an office-study. Seated in a big chair was a black guy, maybe mid 40’s that looked a lot like Lester. Maybe brothers I thought to myself. He pointed at the sofa and invited us to set and then we just talked for maybe 10 minutes. He asked questions about me and I answered but when I tried to ask questions I was sort of tuned out. So I thought Lesson no 1, Lester and the Councilor don’t like to answer questions about themselves. Then a buzzer in another room rang and Z was told to take me to the other room because he had someone else to council. Z opened a door and invited me in. The room was completely bare except for a box spring and mattress on the floor. Bottom sheet and two pillows, that’s all.

“You might as well get comfy cause we will be here an hour or so,” Z said as she laid out on the bed. She scrunched up one of the pillows with her arm around it and laid her head down on it. I just sat at the end of the bed so she patted the spot up by her inviting me to join her. So I layed down on my back with my head turned facing her.

“How long you been homeless?” she asked.

“Going on three years,” I replied.

“The word is that you were going to jump of Lester’s building, is that true?”

“Yes I had been wet and cold for a long time, hadn’t eaten for two or three days and just decided I really didn’t have anything to live for. I was really trying doors to see if I could get inside out of the rain and when one opened I went in and saw the stairs and then decided I would go up and jump. Lester saw me on the third floor and stopped me. I still don’t have anything to live for but at least I’m warm and dry and have food. How about you?”

Z replied that she had a home not too far from here but didn’t go there cause her Mom’s boyfriend would get drunk and make her give him a blowjob. “Been there, same story,” I replied. Then Z said she had met the Counselor thru Children’s Services and he was a real Counselor. After a couple of sessions with him he invited her to stay with him until other arrangements could be worked out. That was about a year ago and she now split her time between here with the Councilor and a couple that were out of town a lot.

“Do you have sex with the couple?” I asked.

Z smiled as she replied, “YESSS, that’s how I pay my room and board.”

“How about the Councilor?”

“YESSS that’s how I pay for my sessions.”

Then Z asked me, “Did you have sex with Lester?”

“Yes, I replied, “He made it very clear that sex wasn’t what he was after but I was sleeping on his couch in the family room and got up in the middle of the night to pee. I saw him in his bed and went and crawled in bed with him. I woke up later and had my head on his chest, his arm was around me and my hand was on his verrrry hard cock.”

“Did he fuck you?”

“No actually I fucked him. I played with his cock a bit and then moved so I could suck it. It felt so good as it went all the way down my throat.”

“No way you deep throated him,” Z exclaimed.

“Then I scooted up and lowered my pussy down on him, all the way.”

“You have got to be kidding me,” Z said with a laugh.

“I’m not kidding, and he also fucked my ass later, all the way,”

“No fucking way could that little body of yours take his big cock in all three holes, all the way.”

“Yes fucking way and someday I’ll prove it to you.”

We continued talking but then Z did something that sort of startled me. She started running her finger across my forehead saying I had beautiful skin. And she continued running it down my nose and across my lips and cheeks and down my neck. Very slowly, almost like teasing me. Then down between my breasts and around my stomach. And down onto my bare thighs. I watched as her face moved down to mine and her tongue ran across my lips and then between them. Her lips pressed on mine at the same time our tongues started to dance and then her hand came back up under my t-shirt and onto my bare breasts. But she continued to tease, playing with my tits but not touching my nipples. As our kissing continued her hand went back to my pussy but instead of running her fingers up and down between my pussy lips she just ran them around where the edge of my panties were. I was about to scream.

“Have you had sex with another girl before?” she whispered.

“Not with a girl but with several women.”

“Did you like it?” she asked.

“I was doing it for money and that makes it a whole different story,” I replied. “With me and sex if it’s for money it’s a job, if it’s not for money it can be fun.”

“Were any of the ladies black?” Z asked.

“No, one Japanese and the rest white.”

Z’s attitude changed. The teasing was over and she was ready for some serious sex. She pulled my t-shirt up and exposed my breast. Her lips took hold of a nipple and gently pulled and sucked. As this was starting her hand was under my panties and her finger rubbing the slot. And then in my hole and then flicking my clit. I was ravaging her breasts and then begged her to take her t-shirt off. As she did so I took mine off but didn’t stop there. In an instant my panties and skirt were thrown to the side. Z followed suit and then there were two bare bodies on the bed.

Z was on top of me in an instant, rubbing her pussy on my thigh as she rubbed mine with hers. Our kisses were long and passionate. Then she began her journey down my body, licking here nibbling there. When she took my clit between her lips I grabbed her head and pushed my pelvis against her face. I then begged her to turn around so I could have a taste of her love hole. We were both licking and kissing each other’s pussy when the door opened and I heard, “Well, well, what’s going on here?”

Z didn’t hesitate so neither did I. I could see the Councilor taking of his shirt and dropping his pants. As he took off his boxer shorts I could see this gorgeous piece of black love meat sticking almost straight out. Oh please fuck me with that I thought to myself. He stood beside the bed stoking his dick and looking at us, probably deciding what he wanted to do or who he wanted to do first. I reached out and took his meat in my hand and stroked it. Z stopped eating me and took it in her mouth. Then she pulled him down on the bed with us. We both grasped his cock and took turns sucking it. It was a friendly competition.

Then we heard, “OK ladies, pick a number between 1 and 20 to see who gets fucked first.” Z uttered eleven and I said 3. “3 it is,” he said as he slapped my butt. Z looked disappointed so I kissed her and whispered, I want more of you later.

I looked down and here was this black body with a fence post sticking up from it. I wanted to ride so I got up and lowered myself down. Z had my pussy so wet that I had no trouble taking the head of his cock in. I slowly in one movement lowered all the way down on it. When I relaxed my weight onto the councilor he looked amazed that I had him all the way in. Then I started the ride moving my hips forward and back and then round and round. I think Z was starting to believe what I had told her about me and Lester. Oh was I in heaven, moaning and enjoying. Eyes closed really liking fucking another guy that had some feelings. Z lowered her pussy down on his face and started rubbing it around. I reached in front of her and played with her wonderful tits. This went on for 5 minutes or so when I felt a finger rubbing my ass hole. I looked around and it was Lester. He started with one finger then two and finally three. I whispered in Z’s ear,

“I’m about to get a big cock up my ass, want to watch?”

She whipped around and saw Lester grinning back at her. She moved back in front of him and replaced his hand with hers and stroked him. He whispered that he wanted to fuck Pammy but Z would get taken care of later. I had laid over on the Counselor so didn’t see her expression but I’m sure she wasn’t very happy. Lester pressed the head of his cock against my rosebud and started to push. I pushed back against him and he was in, half way up my ass. The rhythm got going and I was finely fucked for about 10 minutes before the Councilor started moaning and then Lester joined. A couple more minutes and I felt my body getting filled with cum. I was sure it was about to come up my throat.

As the two spent cocks were pulled out of me they were replaced with Z’s tongue. She hungrily licked my cunt and asshole sucking every drop of cum out that she could. I climaxed a couple of times helping wash my pussy into her mouth. The guys had left us so we made love by ourselves. It wasn’t long before I was completely exhausted and with my arms around my new lover, dropped off to sleep.

I awoke a bit later to the screams of pain coming from the other room. I went out to find Z riding Lester’s cock and the Counselor attempting to fuck her ass. “Oh don’t please, it hurts so bad,” she cried.

“You said you wanted fucked no matter how much it hurt so just be patient. After I get it in it will quit hurting
so bad,” replied the Counselor.

I went over and pushed the Counselor aside and got to my knees behind Z. I kissed and licked the valley between her butt cheeks and pushed my tongue into her hole. Using tongue and fingers I gradually got her very tight rosebud to loosen a bit. As I continued to kiss and lick and tongue I reached out for the waiting hard cock and pulled it over to her. I held it and rubbed it up and down and then placed the head in the right position. I told the Counselor not to move, to let Z do the work Z pushed back against it and it entered her an inch or so. Then gradually she took most of it in her. She had stopped crying and from her moaning told us that it was indeed feeling good. It wasn’t long before she had two loads filling her which started dripping out as the meat was removed. I of course did cleanup like she had done for me.

We found our cloths and dressed and joined the guys for a soda in the kitchen. Lester looked at me and asked if I was ready to go home. I smiled a yes and we said our goodbyes and left. On the way home I was asked how long it had been since I had seen a Doctor. I thought it a curious question but answered “years.”

Chapter 3 will be about my visit to the Doctor’s Office.
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