rough stepdad takes other man's teenage daughter as his own and uses and abuses her
This is my first story. It involves and will involve stepdad/daughter, cuckolding, rough sex, oral, anal, vaginal, non-consensual, domination, public sex, domestic violence, older male/teen female. It is the first part of what I'm sure will be the first of many. Not much happens in terms of sex in the first part, this is more of a set-up. Feedback and criticism is appreciated.

The two main characters we will follow are Greg and Kayla. Kayla is a hot, busty teenager. Very sexy and beautiful. Long brunette hair, small frame, perky 32d breasts. Greg is her middle-aged stepfather who mistreats her. He's a big, rough, strong man with a bit of a larger build. Pictures of what I think Kayla should or would look like may be posted in the forums soon.

This is a FICTIONAL story. It is not at all reflective of real life and the characters are entirely made up.

Greg listened through the wall of his bedroom, just besides the closet. Listening to what was going on in the next room. All the moaning, slurping, sucking sounds, and dirty talk. All of it making him incredibly aroused as he stroked his cock eagerly. He listened intently, his ear pressed against the wall. “I wish it was me doing that to her.” Greg thought to himself as he continued beating his throbbing dick.

“Mmm... Yeah baby. All over my face.” The girl in the next room moaned softly. That was enough to send Greg over the edge as his cock started to erupt wildly, his free hand covering his mouth to keep him from moaning out loud. He breathed heavily as he looked down and saw the mess he made. He smiled and hung his head and sighed. He really enjoyed listening to his step daughter Kayla have sex with her boyfriend.

Some hours later, Greg was now downstairs, sitting on the couch watching TV. His wife, mother of his step daughter, headed upstairs for bed. Kayla and her boyfriend Mike came down the stairs and headed for the door. “Good night Mr. Jameson.” Mike said as he opened the door to leave.

“Good night Mike” Greg uttered as he couldn’t help but think about what had happened earlier and how much he envies Mike. He watched as Kayla and he kissed before he left. His sixteen year old step daughter and her seventeen year old boyfriend. He also watched Kayla’s sweet, tight ass walk back up the stairs. He followed her. “Wait, Kayla.” He said sternly as she was about to close her bedroom door. He entered her room. “We need to talk.”

Kayla looked up at her step dad, knew he was angry at her about something. “Okay.” She spoke lowly, her head down. She was afraid of Greg. He is a big, rough man. Not necessarily all that strict, but stern. And mean. He has slapped her mom around sometimes and has even hit Kayla a few times when he was angry, and drunk.
“Listen. It’s late and it’s a school night. I told you I don’t want him over here.” Greg said sternly, pointing in her face. His much bigger frame standing over his step daughter.

“I know, I’m sorry, okay?” She replies, her face ready to flinch.

He grabs her roughly by the arm and pulls her up to his face a little bit. “That’s not good enough this time.” He watches as she cowers beneath him, frightened look on her face. He feels her busty teenage chest push up against his body. He gets turned on by doing this to her, making her scared. He likes abusing women. He raises his hand, as if about to slap her. He holds it in the air as her face flinches. He smirks then lets her go. “Go to bed.” He orders as he walks out of the room and shuts the door.

He goes to the bathroom, noticing the bulge in his pants. He was so turned on, seeing her frightened cute little face. He thinks about how tight she must be, how it must feel to have her mouth on his forty-two year old cock. He thinks about touching her all over. Her soft, young skin. He thinks about sucking on her overdeveloped teenage tits. About busting his nut inside her or how she would look with his cum covering her face.

He looks down and sees his raging hard on. He goes into the master bedroom where his wife is sleeping. He looks down, imagining how much better it would be if he had her daughter instead. Karen, his wife, being thirty-eight years old, isn’t what she used to be. “Get up, bitch.” He taps her head. As soon as she opens her eyes he grabs her hair and throws her off the bed. This is how aggressive Greg can get when he’s horny. “Take it, bitch.” He mutters as he grabs his cock and sticks it in Karen’s face. She knows what to do as she does not hesitate and gets to work. He owns her and she rarely talks back or disobeys orders.

He roughly fucks her mouth and throat as he groans, staring down at her, gripping her hair tightly with his hands. It’s been a long time since he has fucked his wife and not imagined her as Kayla instead. He goes faster; his cock sliding down Karen’s throat in and out as she almost gags, being suffocated by her husband’s cock.
Greg pulls out and Karen starts gasping for air. “Get up and bend over, bitch.” He demands as he strokes his cock. She does as she’s told and bends over the bed. He mounts her and slides his cock into her pussy from behind. She moans his name loudly as he thrusts in and out, pumping her with his thick cock. He thinks about it being his step daughter’s pussy instead. Imagining how much more tightly it would feel. As he pulls her hair he imagines it being Kayla’s long dark brown, soft, shiny hair. He wishes it was Kayla’s young teen ass he was spanking. Her voice that is screaming his name.

The next day Greg awoke in the morning, his boxers pitching a big tent. He just can’t get his stepdaughter Kayla off his mind. He gets up and dressed and leaves the room to the smell of Karen cooking breakfast down stairs. He walks by Kayla’s room and notices through the crack of her open door that she’s putting on lip gloss in her mirror. He licks his lips as he thinks about kissing her juicy soft lips and the sensation of them being wrapped around his cock. He looks her up and down. Her little sixteen year old frame, standing at about 5’2” to Greg’s 6’2”. He nearly drools looking at her perky, round breasts. They look so big and busty in her tight, grey low cut t-shirt which is under her tight, small, zip-up yellow hoodie. A little bit of her flat stomach showing. He looks down her legs, noticing her tight black yoga pants, and furry Ugg boots. He notices her tight little ass popping out of the yoga pants and almost gasps. Her long brunette hair tied back, with some of it hanging in front.

He knocks once before entering. She looks at him, a little nervous remembering last night. She finishes putting on her pink lip gloss as she notices him and her heart rate increases. She looks up at him from across the room, “Hi.”, almost stammering.

He stares into her light brown eyes, “Hey baby girl.” He says, in a lighter tone than usual. He wants to get on her good side by being a little nicer to her. “About last night...” He walks up to her. “I’m sorry, Kayla.” He says in a regretful tone, a much softer one compared to the night before. “I shouldn’t have grabbed you like that last night.”

She looks up at him, uncomfortable, nervous as she feels his hand on her shoulder. “It’s okay...” She says lowly as she looks down, also confused at how nice he is appearing to be. She doesn’t like Greg. She hates him for breaking up her family and for mistreating her and her mom.

“It’s not okay, sweetie. I’m sorry for treating you the way I do sometimes.” He says, trying to get on her good side, even though he really doesn’t mean what he says. He pulls her in for a hug, wrapping his arms around her and holding her into his chest. He closes his eyes and savors the moment, just feeling her is amazing. Her soft, light perfume enters his nostrils as he loves the scent. “I love you, baby.” He whispers.

She stiffens as he holds her, begrudgingly hugging him back to please him. She feels uncomfortable but she likes that he’s apologizing. “I love you too.” She says insincerely. But she does think that maybe she should forgive him and give him one more chance. Maybe she could like him and they could get along better.
He lets go but leaves his hands on her shoulders, looking down at her. “Hey I was thinking Kayla...” He says as he smiles a little. “Me and your mother have been married for almost a year now... Why don’t you start calling me daddy?” He asks, thinking how hot to him that would be if she called him daddy. It’s one of his fantasies. “Come on baby, I’m going to treat you better and be nicer. Let’s get along.”

She backs away. “You’re not my dad. You’re never going to be.” She says lowly. His smile vanishes and she flinches a tiny bit, hoping it won’t make him angry so he won’t possibly hit her.

“That’s okay, Kayla.” He says, trying to keep his composure because of how badly he wants her to call him daddy and how much it frustrates him. “I understand. Maybe one day.”

“Yeah. Maybe one day.” She says as she thinks maybe he’s serious about being nicer.

He starts to leave but then turns around. “I think breakfast is ready.” He says as he leaves her room.

“Okay.” She replies. She stands there, confused, looking in the mirror thinking about what just happened.

Her mother Karen leaves for work at the hospital. Kayla watches as Greg kisses her good bye and continues to think about what happened up in her room and last night. She sits there at the table, texting on her phone to her boyfriend Mike. She sees Greg come up to her.

“You want me to give you a ride to school today?” He asks.

She looks up from her phone. “No, my dad is driving me today. Thanks, though.”

“Oh, alright then.” Greg responds.

A few minutes later as she’s standing by the front door, looking out the window for her biological father, Greg comes up to her. “Hey, do you need any money for later, maybe for going out with your friends or with Mike?” He asks, again trying to be nice and get her to like him.

Kayla is caught off guard. “Umm... Sure... Thanks.” She says in a surprised, confused tone. He takes out his wallet and hands her a twenty dollar bill. “Wow... Thanks, Greg.”

“You’re welcome, sweetie. I do love you, don’t forget it, okay?” He says, smiling down at his stepdaughter, as he rubs her shoulder briefly.

She looks up at him, trying to resist the urge to smile back, but can’t. Maybe she’s starting to see him in a different light now. She turns around, noticing her dad pull into the driveway of the house he used to live in with his wife and daughter. “Okay, well, I’ll see you later .” She says as she picks up her books.

“Bye, Kayla.” Greg says as he opens the door for her.

As she walks out she feels a very sudden urge to go back to Greg. A sort of unexplainable, sudden rush of love and affection she never felt before for him. She turns around and runs up to him as he stands in the doorway and hugs him tight then reaches up to kiss him on the cheek. “Bye!” She smiles widely, looking up at him.
He smiles back down at her after hugging her. And as he hugged her he sort of quickly grinded against her subtly, his crotch sticking out at her slightly. He stares at her ass as she walks towards the car. Before entering the passenger side of the car, she waves and smiles to him as he does the same. Then he looks at her father as her father stares back intently. These two have a long history with each other. Greg smirks at her father then goes back into the house, feeling so good about what happened with Kayla, and especially feeling good that her father saw all of it. This is what Greg wants. He wants to be Kayla’s daddy.

“You two seem awfully close all of the sudden.” Dan, Kayla’s father says as he pulls out of his old driveway.

“Oh... Yeah, we’re starting to get along better I think.” She says back as she looks down at her phone, texting her boyfriend Mike.

“Well that’s good... How is he treating you? Is he still getting physical with you?” He asks as he continues to drive.

“No. He hasn’t done anything in a while.” Kayla replies, obviously lying since he grabbed and threatened her just last night; but she doesn’t want to admit it so she can avoid creating any drama between her father and her stepfather.

“Well if he ever does, you call me, okay?” Dan says, as he’s been worried about her ever since the divorce.
Kayla looks down at her phone and smiles widely at something dirty Mike said to her. “I know, daddy.” She responds back, barely listening to him. Kayla and her father Dan used to be really close, but since the divorce have drifted apart. But not at the fault of Dan, who tries hard to maintain his good relationship with his only child, his little girl.

Here is some back story. Dan and Greg used to be good friends. They work at the same office. Dan was the married guy with a young girl at home, Greg was a single womanizer. Dan was always a little envious sometimes of Greg. Greg was a more attractive, fit, bigger and confident man. When Dan got passed up for a promotion, Greg was the one who got it instead.

A few years ago, when Kayla was fourteen, Dan’s wife Karen started having an affair with Greg. A few months later, Dan found out and Karen divorced him and took half of his money and the house. Dan didn’t want to get divorced; he wanted to stay together for Kayla. But Greg wanted Karen to divorce him so she could get money and she and Kayla could be with him. A month later Greg moved in with Karen, in the house Dan used to live in with his wife and little girl. From then on Dan only got to see his daughter every second weekend. Dan quickly got depressed. His life was taken away from him by a superior, alpha male. And he was too scared and timid to do anything about it, like a real man would in this situation. He never confronted Greg, the most they interacted with each other after Dan found out he was banging his wife was some dirty looks here and there and some arrogant smirks from Greg in Dan’s direction. And it got worse as Kayla started ignoring her dad, just like that. They quickly grew apart. Sometimes, during the few days a month Dan and Kayla were together, he would notice some light marks on her face or neck or both. Hand prints from Greg’s domestic abuse. He would get so angry. He would tell Kayla to call the police and to call him if she needed help. But she would always deny everything or make up some excuse to cover for Greg. She was afraid and she didn’t want to cause trouble. But Dan knew. And it depressed him even more. His former friend, the man he sees every day at work, the superior man who stole his wife and moved into his house with his daughter. But still, Dan didn’t do anything about it.

Some months after Kayla turned fifteen, Greg and Karen got married and Greg became Kayla’s step father. It all happened so quickly. Dan knew Greg was abusive and he was abusing Karen. He didn’t know for sure he was abusing Kayla but he knew. He knew what kind of man Greg was, he constantly thought about the worst case scenario: Greg having sex with his daughter Kayla. But he always warned Kayla about Greg and advised her to stay from him and to call him or the police if she’s in trouble. He knew Kayla wouldn’t willingly have sex with Greg, she was his little girl who he thinks he raised well and who is still loyal to him and loves him. A few weeks after Greg and Karen were officially married and Greg was officially Kayla’s step father, Dan decided he was going to do something for once and man up. He had gotten drunk and showed up at the house that was once his. He saw through the window his ex-wife in the arms of Greg with a small bruise just below her left eye. He became enraged. He knocked on the door loudly and as soon as Greg opened the door, he stepped inside forcefully and started laying into Greg. Kayla heard and went to see what was going on. She stood at the top of the stairs, watching her drunk father yelling at Greg as Greg stood there laughing arrogantly, Karen trying to calm down Dan and get him to leave. Dan lunged for Greg and swung at him, Greg dodged it and punched Dan in the face, knocking him to the ground. Greg started laughing down at him as he told him how pathetic he is and how much of a better man and husband and father he is. Kayla watching it all. Greg threw Dan out and shut the door. Dan started crying out to Kayla, tears running down his face. Kayla saw it and lost all respect for her dad. Greg ordered her back into her room. She could never look at her father the same way again. Whether Kayla knew it or not, she was turned on by that display of power and superiority that day. In a lot of ways, after that day, everything changed for Kayla, Greg, and Dan.

As Dan continued driving Kayla to school, they chit chatted about various casual things, Kayla not paying much attention and paying more attention to texting her older boyfriend Mike. Dan still continuing to try and repair his relationship with his daughter who he loves so much. They arrive as Dan pulls out his wallet. “Hey sweetheart, do you need any money for later?” He asks, trying to do anything to get attention from her and make her love him.

“Uhh, no daddy. No thanks. Greg gave me some money.” She replies as she gathers her books.

Dan is crushed, once again one-upped by Greg. “Oh... Okay, baby. I love you, have a good day.” He says as Kayla opens the door to leave.

“Bye dad.” She says as she leaves, barely even hearing him.

“...Bye...” He says, watching his little girl walk away. Further and further away.

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