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I was still a bit groggy, at first I could not comprehend what she was going on about, she tried again slowly attempting to pronounce her words so I would understand. Carole went on to explain , once she had gotten dressed , moved out of the garage and on her way with Sprint, she realized that she needed to go and go badly. Not knowing what to do, realizing she was not contravening anything I had mentioned when she was out walking he dog, she took herself to little a spot she knew not far away. She figured that it had been a safe place before and did not think there would be a problem, she did not mean to stay very long , just long enough to take a pee. Carole stopped for a moment, it sounded like she was choking or holding back another out burst then continued. “ Well I managed to get to the spot without wetting my shorts, I pulled Sprint in with me so no one would see him alone and come to investigate. I dropped my shorts and began to take care of my business. When Sprint heard the tinkle he pushed into me and began licking at my pussy, licking up all the piss I was letting loose “. Bobby !! ” my little sister almost yelled out “ Sprint kept licking and licking , I tried to push him away but he began growing at me., He had never done that before , which really scared me, so I let him continue. Sprint became more aggressive as I felt myself responding to his licking. Sprint was pushing into me so hard that he moved me backwards and in doing so caught his hind legs in my shorts pushing them completely off my legs, allowing him to move more of his body between my thighs. Suddenly he moved himself up over my chest placing his paws up on my shoulders. I felt him stabbing at me with his hard cock and panicked, I did not know what to do, I certainly did not want what he was trying to push into my leaking pussy. ”

Letting herself stop, gasping for breath, Carole pulled at my arms, reaching for my hands, she moved them up and held them firmly to her naked breasts. “ I did not know what to do to avoid having him take me there in the bushes. Then it came to me, Sprint was just an anima , l he was not actually thinking about fucking me, he was simply following his instincts , he was repeating just what he had done in the basement no more no less, I had bared my pussy before him, my tinkling released my scent. Sprint did not understand that it was just so I could pee . I mean I still had his cum all over me, it was his mark, I belonged to him, I was just like a female dog , I am sure that was the scent I was giving off. He got aggressive because I was trying to stop him, not because of anything else. It then came to me , if I could get him off like I had in the basement then he would once again become docile enough to allow me to get out of the trouble I was in. Bobby I decided that I had better take my shirt off or risk having it stained which would have mother asking questions. Once I was completely naked I managed to turn my body so Spring was rubbing his thing up along the side of my body and not the front of it . I tried as best I could to hold his cock in place then began to rock my body trying to deceive him a bit letting him think everything was alright. Once Sprint realized I was no longer fighting back , no longer resisting his humping , went at it and rubbed his cock until he once again shooting his hot doggie goo all over me. Having finished, he cuddled his snout at my neck and licked me very gently. ”

Taking another moment to gasp for air Carole continued “ It was a very good thing mother was not in the kitchen when I came in after having settled Sprint back at his dog house , I smelt rancid , I had doggie goo everywhere. It took me awhile in the shower to feel clean enough that I could go to bed , I tried hard to get to sleep, but could not, all I could think about was you telling me to be careful walking the dog alone like that. Then my mind would wonder , I could feel that long red ribbed cock of his pushing at my little pussy and my juices would start to flow , I could not take it any longer. I do not know if you are mad at me for letting Sprint do that to me out there in the bushes, but if you are then I ask your forgiveness. If you want to punish me somehow, I will accept what ever you decide, right now however I am so hyped up I want you to rub my pussy until I come. I need release so that I can get over the dreaming and get some sleep ”. With all that said , Carole climbed on to my bed and slipped her naked body under the covers, taking my hands and pushing them down onto her slick wet pussy. She moved her arms back up and over my head and began kissing me on the mouth while I went about fingering her to the orgasm she requested.

Saturday morning I was woken by the stream of sun light that was penetrating through my window dressing. Imagine my surprise when I realized my naked sister was laying there beside me with a very contented look on her face. I had thought it had all been a dream, quickly glancing at my bedroom door to find it still firmly shut , imagining all hell would have broken loose had someone already looked in on me , only to find my little sister in bed with me. My anxiety dissipated, I rolled back onto my side and pulled Carole tightly to me, allowing my hand to roam freely over her warm nakedness , falling back to a comfortable sleep. I woke once more , noticing it was close to nine-thirty, not wanting anyone to come looking for me I decided it was best to leave my little nymph as she lay. I fixed my bed covers so her body would not be seen if someone looked into my room, got up, showered , dressed and went downstairs to see how the day was doing so far.

Mother greeted me calling me a big sleepy head, then suggesting perhaps the week had been hard on us all, as Carole had not yet risen either. I helped setting the table for breakfast, then as mother requested I went to rouse my little sister. I was told not to be too brisk with her, but to knock politely on her bedroom door , little did my mother know in who’s bed she was sleeping . Back up in my room, I found Carole laid out flat on her back, so I decided it was a good time for some more pictures , nothing like having a real good hold over my prey. I eased the bed covers down, exposing just a bit of her, you could see the top round of her breasts clearly , so I took photos from several angles. I pulled the covers down a bit further and took more photos, I pulled the covers off completely exposing her entire naked body, as she lay there in my warm bed and snapped a few more. Figuring I had better move things along, I bent over her and gently began kissing her mouth, then her teats, I moved down and placed a sloppy warm kiss on her little cunt, at the same time shaking her gently telling her it was time to get up. As she came out of her deep sleep, I do not think she realized where she was, by the time she had rubbed her eyes open, I had managed to slip my fingers between her wet lips, and was stroking her sex.

As Carole collected her thoughts, she gave me a huge smile opening her legs wide, allowing me complete access to her moistening cunt. I wasted no time slipping my whole hand down over her little crack letting the tip of my index finger reach and probe her little back hole, then with my wrist, I applied pressure to her mons. Carole began to hump at my wrist reaching out, holding it in place, as she worked her lower body, grunting as she attempted to satisfy her needs. I am sure it would not have taken but two or three minutes longer and Carole would have had her morning orgasm, but everything was interrupted by my mother calling up to me asking why I was taking so long . I disengaged myself from Carole much to her damnation , bringing with it a low guttural sound of disappointment. I told her she had better get showered as I had come all over her back earlier, and I returned downstairs . I told my mother I had woken Carole up, but then wanted to check out my camera equipment, because I had plans for that sunny afternoon. In an attempt to diffuse or redirect any doubts that my mother may have had, I continued on asking her opinion about setting up my model trucks outside to obtain more realistic photos.

Our chitter-chatter carried on until my lovely little sister arrived on the scene, she was almost sparkling, her face shining bright, her beautiful green eyes fluttering as she greeted her mother and took her seat. By the time we had finished eating and clearing things up the weather had changed, no longer was the sun shining, there was now a slight drizzle coming down from the sky. The sky was not quite dark and gloomy, but with the change in the weather, I had to fabricate other plans. When mother asked what I had thought of doing , as I would not be able to take outside photos I had to come up with something quickly . As this part of the conversation came to be , I mean the mention of outside pictures I saw Carole flush a deep pink.. Looking directing at Carole, with a little smile on my lips , I told mother perhaps a trip to the mall was in order, I could take Carole as she always liked a chance to try on new clothes. The offer was well accepted by my mother, she even went far enough to let Carole know how nice it was that her big brother would even consider taking his little sister to the shopping mall. Mother must have been pleased because she came across with some extra money to pay the bus fare and lunch.

Just as I finished changing, Carole knocked at my door, asking me what she could do about the smelly Tee-shirt and her shorts. She said Sprint’s spunk smell was awful and it was very strong, she had put her clothing in a plastic bag so that it would not affect her other clothes. I took her hands and told her that she would have to tell mother the truth, asking her if she could wash them separately for her to get the smell out. Well the look in Carole’s eyes was something else, she told me that she could not do that , she could tell her mother that Sprint had tried to fuck her , that she had allowed him to hump her bare body until he came all over her , that would be impossible. I waited a moment until she calmed down a bit, then explained all she had to tell mother was last night when she was walking the dog, she had to pee so bad she had stopped in the neighbor’s bushes to relieve herself, after all that part was true. When she had her shorts down and was taking a tinkle, Sprint began sniffing at her pee , he got a bit agitated and knocked her off balance, then he began to pee all over everything, like he does when he marks his territory. He peed on you , on your shorts and on your shirt , if she asks where your panties are well tell her “ Opps!!!, you used them to wipe yourself a bit and probably dropped them by mistake when you dressed back in your wet clothes.” I told her there was nothing to it, it was all believable, and most of it was true so there shouldn’t be a problem.

After listening to me spell it out, Carole decided the best way to go about it would be to tell it just like that , and went to get the bag of dirty clothes. I told her to be quick about arranging Sprint’s water and food, as we had to leave for the mall early enough to be able to do some shopping . I was waiting for her in the back porch entrance, when she came in informed her it was time to get going. She hesitated , looking a bit confused, then told me she only had her pajamas on under her rain coat to which I replied , this I knew , I wanted her to take them off and leave them there in the cupboard, because we were going shopping for some new clothes , things that I wanted her to wear from time to time. Carole stood there looking at me as though I was talking in a foreign language, not moving , not replying. So I told her to strip, or I would strip her and she would be punished in such away that she would never hesitate again. Reluctantly she removed the rain coat then took her pajamas off, put them in the cupboard, and looked at me once again with her funny little look. I handed her the rain coat and started to pull her through into the house, getting her to react quickly, she pulled the coat on , covering her nakedness , buttoning it all up tight while I called out telling mother we were off and would be back for supper.

I wanted really to have some fun on the bus on the ride to the mall, but there were just a few too many people to risk exposing Carole, so I bided my time, knowing full well I was going to enjoy the afternoon’s shopping session . One we hit the mall I had Carole undo all but the two buttons in the center of her coat figuring that if I got her bending forward her perky little teats would be put on display, and if I got her sitting there would be a good chance that her little private treasure would be on display. We sauntered around the entire mall at first, I wanted to know which shops Carole would like to visit. I wanted to be sure that I could obtain what I was looking for in clothes, not to mention I was checking out the position of the fitting rooms. By the time we had finished the rounds, I was hungry so I directed Carole to the food court, the one with the second level eating area. Once we had decided what we wanted, I pointed out the spot where I wanted Carole to go sit, then told her once she sat down she was to undo the remaining buttons of her rain coat . The seat I had pointed out was next to the escalator, she would be sitting facing the first level food court. I told her, she was to place her feet flat on the floor, and leave her knees apart but not too far apart, just enough to tease. I waited until she took up her position, then moved off to the side and snapped a few pictures, I zoomed in on the space between her knees and got some good shots of her bare pussy. Playing around with the angles, I was able to take several pictures that clearly showed that she was completely naked under the rain coat she was wearing. I was sure that any one riding the escalator would get an eye full, or at least do a double take, thinking about what they had thought they had seen.

Once I had our food, I set out with the tray taking my time walking to the escalator, glancing up to see just was on display, I was not disappointed let me tell you. As I rode the escalator up, I noticed several young lads had gotten on a bit further down, at first they were quiet, then I guess one or more of them looked over and saw Carole, well you would think they had just won the lottery, they became so excited that every one looked at them, then tried to see what was causing their outburst of joy. Unless those looking were in the right position there was not much they could see, except a very pretty girl sitting in a bright yellow rain coat. Needless to say once the boys arrived at the top, they immediately descended so they could ride up again, By this time however , I had arrived at Carole’s side and had told her to close her knees. The only thing that the boys might see was a bit of flesh of her upper torso that was exposed by the narrow opening of the coat. We watched in amazement as these boys made the trip up and down , I am sure fifteen times, but then boys are boys, even I would most likely would have done the same if I knew there might be a chance to see real live pussy.

Setting the tray on the table, I distributed the food, taking up a position opposite Carole, my back to the mezzanine railing, my view , the rest of the eating area, in particular the spot through which every one passed to get to the tables. I did not delve into my food immediately, but sat looking at my little sister smiling devilishly letting my mind run amok with scenarios for my entertainment. I watched Carole squirm as she ate no doubt wondering what else I was thinking, what else I was planning to have her do or to do to her. I started up a conversation hoping it was innocent enough to calm her anxiety, by asking about her classes. After a bit as I was talking , or asking questions, I interjected a request saying something like “ Open you coat , flash me a teat “ finishing off my sentence with a few insignificant words, waiting for Carole to digest the request and comply. Immediately her face flushed a deep pink, while she starred at me, her eyes tightening into to piercing little points. Carole then slowly eased the right side of her rain coat open far enough to let her firm teat with it’s taught nipple come into sight. I continued with the conversation as thought nothing was different, broaching several topics, finally adding “ you can cover up now” as I brought my burger up to bite , motioning for Carole to continue with her own food. A few minutes later I requested that Carole show me her other teat , allowing her to swallow what she had masticated.

When she finally eased her teat from it’s cover , I added “ I want you to play with your nipple, get it hard and long ” Carole reached with her left hand taking hold of her lovely pink nipple with her thumb and finger and with an almost defiant look about her began to pinch and pull at it. I waited until her body language changed then told her to cover up once more, while I carried on with my mundane conversation. Carole you could see had now awakened the sensations in her body, while she tried to appear unresponsive, to my request her movement betrayed her. Looking around, first to check our surroundings, looking to see just how exposed we might be, pretending to be preoccupied with the hour f the day, I instructed Carole to open her coat, I wanted to see both her lovely little teats, as the rose and fell on her chest. This time not only did she flush red, but the look of fear appeared on her face. I thought she was going to say something, to object to my request, but she simply cleared her throat , before she took hold of the lapel of the rain coast and eased them off to the side of her body , bringing to my delight, her teats out into the open, their perky nipples sticking out long and hard from the center of her areolae.

Realizing our time sitting in the eating area was running a bit long, especially since we had shopping to do, I decided to increase Carole’s discomfort . Taking a slip of my beverage, I left her holding the lapels of her coat, her eyes fixed on me then quietly instructed her to ease the coat further off her shoulders. Carole flashed me a look of pure unbelief , perhaps mixed with a bit of hatred, again appearing to want to say something. She however swallowed, taking a deep disappointed breath moved her hands to her shoulders and began to slip the fabric down her arms. I waited until her shoulders were completely uncovered before I told her to stop , then once more told her to play with her nipples. I did not even bother to look to see if anyone could have or was watching us, I was concentrating on Carole and her reaction to my requests . I was contemplating taking things further as I watch her close her eyes as she played with her nipples, knowing that she would most likely be in the mood to obtain an orgasm, but that was not quite what I had intended. I spoke up sharply bringing her back from where ever she was telling her to stop and cover up, obtaining a soft guttural “Oh! No, please!” . I was however adamant, telling her we had other things to do and time was running late, laughing to myself, knowing that I had frustrated her journey just in time.

Before we got up from the table, to ease a bit more of Carole’s anxiety , I told her to re-button the center buttons, but she was to swing her legs, one at a time, sideways , towards the escalator, as she maneuvered her body to stand up. At that moment there was an older gentleman on the escalator, and he was looking our way. I saw him do a double take, in fact he missed his footing at the top and had to a skippidy-do to keep his balance. I am sure Carole made his day. Since we had decided which would be the best store to browse in , we took off to see what we could find in the way of interesting clothing for Carole.

I let her pick out a bunch of stuff that she wanted to try on, which mother would never permit her to wear, let alone try on. While she was browsing the racks , I took the occasion to look around, checking out the few customers who were in the store and the sales girls of which there were three. One in particular I noticed , well I took notice of , because of her outfit. She was wearing some type of sweater or blouse top that was very stylish, while it accented the features of her chest, it appeared to hang loose on her body. It was the sleeves however, that caught my attention, or the lack of them to be more precise. The material what ever it was, draped down over her shoulders, yet when she lifted her arms, the material separated , leaving a space. In that space I was afforded a view of her bare skin and her white bra depending on the movement of her arms. As I looked at her, my mind focused more on the possibilities such an article of clothing would provide. I noted Carole was occupied going through the clothing racks, so I asked the sales girl if the store carried the top she was wearing and if they did, if she would get one for my sister, emphasizing the word sister, to try on. In the meantime I scanned the clothing racks for a few other articles I would like so see Carole wearing and put them aside . Once Carole had the total number of outfits they allowed into the dressing room , I ushered her to the end cubicle. This particular cubicle I had noted earlier was visible from the main floor of the shop, well not completely, but if one was standing in the right position you would certainly be able to see what was happening, especially if the curtain was not quite fully closed. In fact when I was checking things out I was almost certain that even from the outside of the store, it might be possible to see what was happening in this cubicle. Taking a seat on one of the waiting chairs, I allowed Carole, to model the clothing in whatever manner she desired. I must say that some of the outfits Carole chose herself, fit her to a tee, making her look sexy as hell . She came out each time and stood before me, in front of the large viewing mirror posing in some very erotic positions as she looked things over.

Finally, there were no other outfits for her to try on, but those I had picked out. I took what Carole had tried on back to the counter and brought her what I had chosen . Brightly colored tops, half Tee-shirts the sign said, and some very very short shorts, Daisy Mae cutouts, I remember them being labeled. There was one pair of shorts made of stretchy jersey material, that looked almost like underwear, but according to the label they were called shorts. Then there was my ‘piece de resistance ‘ the top the sales girl had gotten for me and a pair of shorts with laces or ribbons of material holding the sides together. When Carole came out to model the first half Tee-shirt, she was as red as a beet, no doubt embarrassed, as it covered so little. When she stood straight and still, it covered her lovely breast conveniently, it did allow however, her hardened nipples to poke out proudly. From my advantage point, sitting low in a chair, I could see the perfectly formed round of the bottom of her teats. If Carole even lifted her arms a bit, the edge of the shirt rode up exposing even more of her teats. Seeing there was no one else in the dressing area at the time she was modeling the second half Tee-shirt , I asked her to raise her arms over her head. This had the immediate effect of exposing her two teats completely, causing her to drop her arms down quickly, flushing even a deeper shade of red.

Laughing this off I instructed her to leave the cubicle curtain open , not to close it completely. I figured this way if there was anyone watching they would at least have a good show, as Carole stripped naked each time she changed outfits. When she came out dressed in the jersey shorts, it was unbelievable, you could see the impression of her pussy right through the material. It was stretched so thin . As she turned , her ass crack was prominently on display, you could almost see her little ass hole as it throbbed in tune to her heartbeat. The real piece- de- resistance however what the top and shorts I had taken for her to try on. When Carole came out of the cubicle she looked just so, well just, good enough to eat, that was for certain. Looking at her from the front she was the perfectly dressed teenaged girl, every thing in order . Looking at her from the side however was something else, the shorts indeed were made so that the person wearing them would definitely be showing their panties, and since Carole was not wearing any she was indeed exposed. The laces holding the front and back of the material pulled or stretched as one pulled them up over their thighs. Carole was showing a good two perhaps even three inches of bare skin along the sides of her thighs. I had her move her arms up which of course caused the material of the top to spread open. Unlike the sales girl Carole was not wearing a bra so there was a strip of bare skin now exposed from her arm pit, down the length of her torso, down along her thighs which showed only a thin stripping of ribbon, then down her bare legs to her shoes. Carole’s movements now were in charge of just how much of her she cared ( or I would care ) to expose. I had her move her arms backwards and forwards so I could see to what extent I would be able to have her teats become uncovered. Indeed I was very proud of my choice, knowing that our mother would have to be kept from seeing the total effect of this particular outfit. I mean if Carole had to she could always wear under garments , which would perhaps appease her mother, but I had no intention of suggesting this possibility.

I was certainly satisfied with the items Carole had tried on, I told her she had to keep two half Tee-shirts, the jersey shorts and the last outfit she was wearing, she could pick out from the rest whatever she wanted as long as the cost including taxes was not over one hundred dollars. Once she had made her choice I told her to go change back in to the jersey shorts and a Tee-shirt then to ask the sales clerk if she could wear the outfit immediately. The clerk after having informed Carole that there was no problem, offered to put Carole’s original clothes in the bag with the other purchases. When Carole told her that she had no clothes, other than the rain coat I was holding the expression on the girl’s face changed from a more staid look to one that could certainly have been called a Kodak moment . Unfortunately I had not been prepared or I would have snapped a few shots.

Stepping back into the mall I directed Carole to several different areas, where I had her pose in many interesting positions It was my intention to capture on film the most erotic situations possible , without being caught by the security people. Those who watched me taking the pictures no doubt were provided the opportunity to see Carole’s naked body in bits and pieces, but never in the whole. Finally I decided that I had sufficient pictures of Carole at the mall so we moved along . I directed her towards a little shop I had seen where they did tattoo work and body piercing. I had seen one item that I thought I could get for Carole, and not have mother’s wrath fall down upon me . When Carole saw where I was going she tried to pull back, I guess she thought I was going to have something awful done to her. I had seen a self-adhesive belly gem on sale, and thought that it would be fun to have Carole wearing one, especially since her midriff was bare . The initial shock subsided, Carole picked out one she liked and we had it stuck there and then to her little tummy button.

While walking Carole around the mall in her new outfit, we had noticed a group of younger boys following not far behind us , like groupies following their movie or singing idols. I figured they had caught sight of Carole as she was posing for my photos, and were perhaps hoping to see more. I figured we could give them one last showing, a good one, then I would put a lid on things for the day, after all it was getting late. I saw one store almost choking with shelving racks, it looked like it might be possible to set ourselves away from the other shoppers in the store, yet be close enough to the store front window to provide the groupies with a good view. I instructed Carole that she was to move herself into the second to last row of shelving . I wanted her to bend down pretending she was interested in something on the bottom shelf. Once in that position she was to roll the waist band of her jersey shorts so that it sat just above her pussy, this of course would oblige her to roll the material part way off her buttocks, exposing a good length of her ass crack. I instructed her to watch for my signal then she was to stand , turn her back to the window, then back to the shelves where she was to reach as high as she could stretching if necessary on to her toes. It was so funny watching the five or six boys trying to press up against the store window, jostling for the best view, yet all trying to look smug at the same time. I stepped back a bit to take a few snaps, I could see Carole clearly as she bent and fiddled around her waist. I waited until she stood showing her almost bare bottom, her crack exposed to the round of her curve. The excitement that ran through the group of boys, would have made one think Carole had mooned them ( something I kicked myself for not suggesting).

It was however when Carole turned back to reach up that the boys went almost wild, it was easy to understand their excitement, here was a girl innocently exposing most of her body to them. In fact I could see Carole had , apparently on her own initiative , added to their delight, for she managed to turn herself in such a manner that she was almost facing the store window, her Tee-shirt up over her teats, uncovering them completely. The front of her shorts was bunched up or rather down in a manner to expose most of her beautiful pussy. The snaps I took of the boys looking at her came out very good, however the reflection of the glass store window distorted the view of Carole and her exposed , nearly naked body. Seeing more customers entering the store I headed in to get Carole back in order and shut down the boy’s entertainment. I expressed my appreciation of her undertaking, letting her know she deserved a reward. I informed her she would be allowed one more purchase. Before we left the mall, she would be able to choose something she could wear that our mother could be shown, and would approve of , the cost being not more than one hundred bucks as that was all I was left . Carole would have however , to model what every she chose, in the same manner she had tried on the other clothes. Immediately Carole placed her arms up around my neck pressing her firm naked teats against my chest, rubbing her jersey covered cunt against my semi hard bulge, kissing me , expressing her appreciation of my offer. Carole grabbed my hand and led me to her favorite teen store. There I was treated to a special modeling session, while she tried on several outfits that certainly looked good on her, and from what I could tell would pass mother’s acid test. Carole while using the changing cubical, did not even bother pulling the curtain closed, she simply went about changing from one outfit to the other exaggerating her body movements, flexing, bending stretching as she pulled clothes up her legs, down over her head, and vice versa. Turning first facing me, and the open shop, then spinning and bending pushing her little bottom so far out it’s beautiful firm curve was definitely outside the confines of the changing cubical . The lighting in the general area allowed me to snap away without the flash , avoiding drawing attention to our antics. Carole’s final choice was a simple spaghetti strapped affair that parted down the front , an item she had tried on three times, in between the others. Carole told me it was called invisible buttons, as they were hidden by a strip the material of the dress, there only six in number. The dress was accessorized with a smart looking belt and my cost was within the limit I had set. The lovely green color brought out the deep hazel of Carole’s eyes almost as though the color of the material had been made specifically for her and her alone. Having settled our purchases I felt it was time to return home, so I instructed Carole to go change back into her rain coat and only her rain coat for the ride home, which brought about a pursed facial expression, but she did as requested.

The bus was not as full as it had been on the ride to the mall, so I used the opportunity to take advantage and get more photos of Carole. My portfolio ever increasing in size was now more to my liking. If Carole did decide to tell on me she would have to go about explaining how so many of the photos appeared to have been taken without showing any duress on her part. I had her move back to about the center of the bus and walk towards the back where I was sitting , I wanted her to look absent minded as she strolled towards me, undoing the buttons on her coat, exposing herself as she walked. I managed to use the wide lens, to capture as many of the passengers seated on the bus as possible. While most of them never caught on as to what Carole was offering , the pictures could be used to tell a story with a different point of view. As Carole moved passed the back exit door, since we were the only ones occupying that area I motioned for her to slip her coat off, letting it drop to the floor of the bus, allowing me to click away with a final set of snaps. By the time Carole arrived in front of me you could see her body vibrating, shivering , shaking from a rush. She immediately straddled my lap and began gyrating her pelvis as hard and as quickly as she could, breathing deeply, letting little low moans escape from her mouth. I held her tightly allowing her to enjoy the ride such that it was, until her body seized up and she bit into my shoulder. At that moment I felt a distinctive warmth as Carole came, releasing her juices all over the front of my pants. It was perhaps very fortunate for her , that we had not arrived at our stop beforehand, otherwise her built up tension would have had to wait until our nightly rendezvous time.

It was another fifteen or maybe twenty minutes before I recognized that our stop coming up, so I eased my naked sister from my lap and went to retrieve her rain coat . Once the bus had come to it’s halt, I helped her stand, easing her arms into the coat, grabbed our sack of goodies and directed her out the rear door. The walk home was quiet, Carole hanging onto my arm, almost making me pull her along the sidewalk, apparently she was still in dreamland or afterglow land. Father’s car was in the drive, so I directed Carole around through the back entrance, allowing her to get back in to her pajamas before going up to her room, giving her one sack with the clothing separated into –OK - for mother to see. The other - Not OK - for mother to see I took to my room to put away until I wanted Carole wearing them. Fortunately both parents were no where in sight, as we entered the kitchen, I was particularly relieved as I did not have to explain the wet spot on my pants, never thinking that we might be questioned as to Carole’s state of dress.

Dinner for four, was certainly an affair, usually father was busy with one of his business plans, leaving only the three of us to eat together. On this occasion Mother had made an effort to put on a full table, I for one was ravenous, Carole having expended a lot of energy cleaned her plate almost as quickly , enticing mother to acknowledge the appreciation of her culinary efforts. Father advised us that Sunday the family had been invited out to one of his old crony’s estate for the day. We would be leaving early and would be returning late, so he wanted to make sure our school work was up to date. Acknowledging the situation both Carole and I confirmed there would be no problem, then the conversation got turned to our day at the mall. I took hold of the situation informing mother that Carole had been the idea partner all day long, we had completed all the necessary things , I wanted to accomplish and since I had, had such pleasant company I had offered a reward to Carole, allowing her to purchase a item of clothing, that she wanted, which I was sure our mother would appreciate. I suggested that while I helped clean up the supper dishes, Carole could change and model the outfit for her, managing to whisper to Carole , she had better remember the agreement she had signed.

By the time mother and I had cleaned the kitchen and were sitting back down with a last cup of tea , (Father having gone to get organized for the morning trip), Carole arrived back in the room, her hair done up off her neck, her face freshly scrubbed, her lightly perfumed body aroma, permeating the air . Gorgeous she was, from my point of view, but then I was her brother, what could one say, mother herself let go a low whistle, one that might have been taken for a ‘ Wow my little girl has certainly grown up’ type of statement.

Carole did a slow almost sexy spin, turning back to face her mother with the express that said ‘ So’ . Mother was indeed impressed with the style, the color and the fit of the dress, finally telling Carole she looked exquisite , fabulous, beautiful, causing Carole’s chest to heave almost to the point that it looked like her teats were going to push out from the top of the dress. Then to my embarrassment they began hugging one another, giggling and crying at the same time. In an attempt to bring things back to a relatively simple situation, I offered up the fact , I had also purchased a more personal gift for Carole, one mother might not approve of , but since it was more a generation thing, the female creatures of our times pursuing such modes , I explained stating many of Carole’s school friends were in possession of one or more of these items, I did not really think we did anything , mother would be too angry about.

Well Carole’s face flushed a deep pink immediately as she broke the hold she had on her mother. I had indeed created the necessary intrigue, as mother asked right away what it was, she wanted to see it. I playing the fool of course, suggesting perhaps Carole was a bit too embarrassed to show her mother, perhaps she was fretful , not wanting mother to be angry, or disapprove. Well mother took over the conversation , telling her daughter that no matter what, she would hold an open mind, she would accept our judgment of buying the item, and would only express disconcert if she thought the item was really in bad taste. Then she told Carole to go get it and show it to her right away, now she knew it existed she wanted to see it, no matter what. I injected stating perhaps Carole might want to show it to her in private, not right there in the kitchen, but mother would have none of that, she said if she could not see it then , there and then , it had to be something ugly or vulgar and she would be hard put not to approve of Carole wearing it. As mother and I conversed, almost as though Carole was not there, I could see out the side of my eyes Carole, making motions indicating to me that she was dressed as I had required her to be, sans undergarments, making her a bit anxious I could understand . Mother however was having none of this, she wanted to see it and told Carole so, otherwise she would refuse to allow her to wear it period. Well poor Carole, she began stammering, trying to get the words out in sentence lines that made sense . I interrupted things, telling mother what Carole was trying to say was she was wearing the item as we spoke.

Well that changed things, mother insisted on seeing it immediately no more fooling around. Unfortunately I was not sitting facing mother, so I did not see her expression when Carole began to unbutton her dress, but it must have been one of surprise, unless she thought Carole was going to show her a special type of bra . Carole was, I must give her, her due, careful undoing things, but as the buttons came apart, she was unable to keep everything under wrap, and her left teat came into view. Mother said nothing, so I do not know if she realized Carole was exposed, or if she had forgotten I was sitting in such a position that I had a direct view of my sister. Finally the next to last button came apart and Carole eased the material of her dress open a bit more exposing the little gem that was glued to her belly button. Mother let out a little girl’s shriek, or that was what it sounded like, one of those noises girls make when they are together giggling over something. Telling Carole it was delightful , cute looking, darling, adorable, along with several other girlish descriptive words , she reached for her daughter’s head pulling it forward planting mother kisses all over . It was certainly evident that mother had no recollection of what she had done, for having bent Carole forward, the dress parted and her whole chest came into sight, her two teats uncovered completely, exposed to my view. I looked of course at this display of motherly love, I could see right down passed the last button, the last of the dress material , right to the top of Carole’s bare pussy crack.
Our mother was unknowing exposing her innocent daughter to her perverted brother, right there at the kitchen table . I could hear mother talking, telling Carole as she began examining the belly gem how she had seen them advertised in one of those ladies glamour magazines, she had been thinking about getting one for Carole as a gift but didn’t know if Carole would appreciate one.

As Mother continued talking, she ran her fingers over the gem itself , then continued to circle the soft belly surrounding the gem asking Carole if it had hurt having it attached. Carole explained to her mother that it was a glue on gem, since we were not sure how mother was going to see things we had decided that it would be best to have a more temporary than a fixed one. Mother suggested perhaps Carole might like to have a more permanent one and would certainly approve, in fact she offered to accompany Carole if she wanted. To my greatest surprise, realizing then mother had indeed forgotten I was sitting watching all this, mother moved her hand up her daughter’s chest, and onto her left teat. I watched in awe as she rolled Carole’s nipple getting it to extend outwards, then told Carole she might even consider letting her pierce her nipples if she wanted. As mother fingered her nipple I saw Carole’s face contort followed by her crying out loudly ‘ Oh ! Gawd ! Oh ! Mother! No ! ’ then she crumpled down onto her mother’s lap. Turning in her seat to take hold of her falling daughter mother suddenly came to realize that I was sitting right there beside them. It was her turn to flush red with embarrassment, she began sputtering words of excuse, of apology, of regret for her actions as she tried to cover her daughter’s exposed body, making like she was a concerned adult. Trying as best I could to play the dumb bunny, I just mentioned how happy I was she was not mad at me for allowing Carole to have the belly button gem, as I got up and walked out of the kitchen up to my room, with a feeble attempt to hide my hard on, ever so pleased to have been afford such a performance, yet kicking myself for not having photographically recorded the event.

At nine that evening, my little sister appeared at my door, in all her naked glory, except for the bellybutton gem. As we had had a every fructuous day I had her jack me off and sent her packing as we were expected to be up early in the morning.

Sunday father was banging on our doors, it must have been six A.M. if not earlier, telling us to get our showers , get down for breakfast and be ready to leave forthwith. We were taking Sprint with us, which happened from time to time, making him the most loving appreciative pet in the world. He was wagging his tail, licking and lapping at any part of us that he could get at, then once the back door of the car was open he bounded in taking up a place at the window where he could stick his snout out. This left little room for Carole and I in the back, at first mother said she would sit with Carole leaving me more room in front, but Carole was quick to reply, even before I had digested the question, there as no problem at all with having me in the back. Before long it must have been father and Sprint who were the only two wide awake, I know I lost track of time some where between entering the highway and feeling a slight tug on my arm.

- I found myself back in the kitchen watching mother fondling her daughter's nipple. Rubbing it between her finger and thumb I heard her say "Carole you have wonderful nipples look how easy it is to get this one sticking out. It is just so long and firm , perfect for piercing. "
I watched as Carole reacted to her mother's fondling , her eyes were closed , her mouth tight, her lips inverted , as though she was fighting the sensations she was feeling. I could not believe my eyes , I dared not say a word , I tried as best I could to control my breathing as mother eased my sister's dress further apart , taking hold of her other teat , repeating the same procedure commenting " Oh my ,my baby girl is really equipped, your teats are perfectly shaped , what I wouldn't give to have nipples like these" bringing her tongue to the tip of the one in her hand , flicking at it several times drawing a deep moan from her daughter.

"You like that do you my little girl" mother said, as her hands pushed the material of Carole's dress even further off to the side, making it tighten into a V as the sixth and last button held firm. "Such soft smooth skin" mother went on "it's difficult to not wanting to touch, so delicate , so warm , you just want to keep running your fingers all over , from here to here " mother continued as I saw her dragging the fingers of both hands down Carole’s front , passed her belly gem down to the point of the V where that last button held fast. Mother worked her fingers from side to side on the lower part of Carole’s exposed belly, causing my little sister to retract her stomach muscles, as she emitted those soft murmuring sounds she made when I played with her body.

"What's my little girl hiding down here" mother said as her fingers began to work that last button " Mommy's going to peek and see, Mommy's wants to see if her little girl's panties are cute and frilly"

I heard Carole make a loud gasp as the remaining button holding her dress together was undone, denuding her of any cover at all, exposing her in her entirety. Mother's gasp of surprise was as loud as Carole’s " Oh what a naughty little girl you are , not wearing any panties, Oh what was my daughter thinking" she said as she ran her fingers down over Carole’s naked thighs. "Isn't my little girl a nasty little thing, not wearing any underwear at all." mother continued " What was she thinking ? Was she planning on teasing someone or perhaps she was hoping to be teased "
Mother said , as she reached up and slipped the dress straps from Carole's shoulders letting it fall from her body on to the floor. Mother having stripped her little girl naked as she stood in there in kitchen, exposing her completely and utterly to her perverted brother, eased her daughter between us placing her facing me. Mother reached around Carole grabbed for my arms , lifting them , tugging at my arm and placed my hands over her soft warm teats. I heard mother telling me to use my thumb and finger to roll at her nipples to feel the hardness . As I felt myself applying pressure to an elongated nipple I felt Carole breathing in my ear moaning softly telling me how good it felt. - I opened my eyes to find my sister crushed against me, well more or less lying over part of me, my right arm some how slipped between our bodies.

My sister Carole was resting comfortably on half my body, holding my arm between us, my left hand fondling a soft naked teat, my finger and thumb rolling the nipple. Carole was indeed moaning , I could feel her sweet breath passing over my face, she was not however naked, nor was mother beside us, she appeared to be dozing in the front seat beside father who was listening to the radio. I had been dreaming, yet parts were in fact very real very pleasing, I was indeed playing with my sister's naked teat.

When Carole realized I was no longer sleeping , she repositioned her body moving down closer to my lap, easing herself towards the car door. She turned her body so that her back was facing the front seat then squirmed around until she had undone all the buttons of her blouse , pulling it open wide enough to provide me easy access to her naked chest. Paying careful attention to what was going on in the front seat, I attached one hand to each of her teats, fondling them as we continued to our destination. I noticed at several instances Carole was trying to get either her knees or her legs up on to the back seat, unfortunately Sprint was not at all accommodating, preventing her from doing so. By the time we arrived I was sure I had made Carole cum several times over, judging by the way she had squeezed hard into my body.

Carole straightened up, getting herself back in order, as the car slowed to its final stop, kissing me passionately on the mouth, she thanked me for a wonderful ride and piled out of the car , with Sprint following right behind. I watched my sister wiggle her tight little ass as she walked Sprint to the side of the driveway so he could pee. She turned looking back at me her nipples poking at the material of her blouse, her face showing that fresh – I have just cum – look about it , as she smiled back at me. The warm friendly greetings having been made, Charlie as my father’s friend was asked to called, informed us that we were very welcome , we had freedom to roam the estate as we wished , to make ourselves at home, to enjoy the day in any and every way we so desired. The estate was immense, manicured, filled from what I could see appearing to be a landscaped paradise. We were invited to first partake in a light brunch after which we could either walk the estate at our ease, or spend time in the huge outdoor pool. I was famished, either I had not had sufficient nourishment at our early breakfast or I had spent an enormous amount of calories dreaming about mother stripping her daughter and offering her to me in the kitchen. Carole was trying hard not to hang onto to me, yet she was sticking to me like glue as we circled the buffet table filling our plates. It was a beautiful day , not one of those hot muggy ones, Carole was telling me she wanted to visit the estate, she wanted to see all the sculptured shrubbery that father had told her about. I was taken more with the offer to spend the day in the pool however. As my lack of interest in her project became more evident Carole pressed her soft little body hard against mine, letting me know she knew I had brought my camera suggesting I might be interested in taking some exclusive photos. I must have looked even less enthusiastic, for she began whispering she would be delighted to strike what ever poses I might desire if I chose to accompany her on her walk. Carole turned her body towards me in such away that neither our hosts, nor our parents were able to see and she undid the buttons of her blouse showing off her firm teats with her nipples poking out long and straight from the center of her areolas. I watched as she licked her fingers then brought one to each nipple , cupping her teats in a manner of offering them to me , she rubbed circles around the nipples as she closed her eyes.

Persuaded to accompany my sister, we finished off our plates, letting it be known what we intended to do , well the censured part of what our intentions were, I went and got my camera from the car. When I got back Carole informed me that Charlie suggested we should take Sprint and Brandon his golden retriever along with us if we did not mind , that would keep the dogs happy and occupied leaving the adults to get on with their reminiscing without obligations. Carole took hold of my hand as we started our trip down the tree lined lane swinging it back and forth, as we had done back when we were very young. Once we arrived at the more decorative part of the estate, Carole separated from me asking me if I would snap a few pictures of her beside the sculptured evergreens. As she roamed from one to the other her poses became more provocative, to the point that the buttons on her blouse were coming undone as she moved from one group of trees to the next. She then disappeared in to a smaller clump , calling for me to follow as the view from the other side was fantastic. Well figuring I had to be the judge of that, I moved in to the bushes looking for my sister, only to come upon her blouse as it lay on the ground, Carole was now top less running amuck somewhere in the labyrinth we had entered. It did not take me long to find her, as she struck her pose against what appeared to be a sculptured heart, she was trying to be coy, looking like a demure little girl , her breasts half hidden by the greenery of the tree itself.

After having snapped of a few in that position , Carole moved along the row of trees providing me with an occasion to snap a series depicting a frolicking girl. Carole stopped suddenly as she arrived at the exit, calling for me to hurry along , to come she what she was looking at , telling me it was just fabulous. I arrived to see a few hundred feet from where we stood something that looked like a Greek or Roman garden . There was a large body of water encased in a decorative cement or marble work, there were garden statues every where, some had water flowing from various parts of them, there was a small bridge , several open spaces with seats or benches and flowers everywhere, more flowers than I had ever seen anywhere. Carole was almost squealing, letting me know that was where she wanted to go, she wanted to have pictures of her taken there , asking if I might consider taking some she could show to our parents. Without waiting for my reply, she grabbed her shirt from my hands and ran down the embankment towards the garden.
I followed, of course and the two dogs brought up the rear having finally gotten around to returning to our fold.

Carole was dressed back in her blouse, waiting for me, posed against one of more flowery arrangements, asking me to be kind and take some pictures , she would be able to show to her friends. I warned her , the snaps would be mixed in with the ones we had just taken , she could not just go and ask me to show the snaps to any one before I had time to download and separate them . I could just imagine her telling my parents I had taken pictures of her in the garden, they would want to see them right away, without giving me the chance to organize things so that only the goody-goody ones came up on the camera. Obtaining Carole’s understanding of the situation I went about taking a good quantity of family type pictures as Carole went from one arrangement to the other, the last few I took of her as she crossed over the little bridge structure. Carole waved to me as one would if they were leaving, I guess she was pretending she was in another little world , then she scooted out of sight on the other side.

I waited a few minutes thinking she would be right back, finally settling myself down on one of the benches to review the photos I had taken. My concentration was broken when I heard my name being called . Looking up in the direction of the voice , I saw my sister back on the bridge , this time however her blouse was not in evidence. She was calling out telling me that it was time for some more explicit photos if I wanted to take them. Not wanting to miss the opportunity I stood, camera ready as Carole moved over the bridge in to full view, and I mean full view, Carole was naked , bare ass naked, she had gotten rid of her skirt .This was more like it , now the photos would be great I thought, as I began snapping immediately. I allowed Carole to take the positions she wanted, that way she could not complain as to their deviance. More than often letting the person pose on their own produced situations of greater eroticism, then if the photographer requested them.

After a few dozen snaps, Carole came to me putting her arms up around my neck, her mouth seeking mine, her warm nakedness pressed hard into me , into my semi hard cock. Breaking her kiss she told me that she had been ready for me since we had gotten in the car this morning, she had tried hard to let me know that she was naked under her clothing, but Sprint had prevented her from placing her legs upon the seat of the car. She had she had planed to curl herself into me while taking one hand and placing it on her naked breast she was going to slip my other hand between her naked thighs, hoping I would be able to finger her to an orgasm before we arrived. Sprint however had prevented her from doing. Speaking with a soft almost sexual voice, told me that she wanted to reward me for be such a kind brother, allowing her to express herself as she felt best. Carole reached down and unzipped my shorts, slipping her hand in through the opening, fishing for my rod. Cooing like a love bird, she began stroking my cock with her feminine fingers, causing it to respond in kind. Carole then went about undoing my belt and pulling both my shorts and underwear down my legs. She continued to play with my rod until it was hard and firm, sticking straight out poking at her. My sister worked my rod as she had been taught, firm gentle stokes along its length, soft gently tugs on the ball sac, as she descended to her knees. Carole continued stroking me as she set her lips to work kissing the tightening skin. Once however she aimed my cock upwards and began licking at the underside, I was unable to hold myself back. I erupted with gobs and gobs of thick white spunk shooting it high into the air, where it dropped back down all over my sister covering her upper chest much to her surprise. Quickly perhaps without thinking Carole still holding firmly on to my cock lowered it so that it was pointed at her face where the remaining liquid seemed out hitting her in the face. My sister found herself in a mess of her own doing, I had not requested she get me off, so I felt I had nothing more to add.

It was at this moment however that the two dogs showed up, rushing into us, as though we had just called them . Sprint immediately giving his full attention to his naked mistress, licking and lapping at the spunk coating her body. It did not take Brandon long to figure out there was something special to lick at on this naked body and with him pushing his snout onto Carole’s naked chest she was forced flat on her back. She must have been aroused, either from the photo session, or the jacking off of her brother, as I saw Sprint sniffing the air, his ear pricking up immediately. Leaving his mistress’s chest to Brandon, Sprint made it straight between Carole’s legs forcing his snout down onto her sex. “ Oh gee-us No ” I heard my sister yelling, as Sprint concentrated on her treasure spot. I did nothing to stop the dogs having their way with my wanton sister , I just got busy recording the happening with my camera, regretting I had not thought to bring my video outfit. With Brandon busy licking her chest, her teats, his tongue no doubt playing havoc with her nipples, Sprint had manoeuvred himself so that he was between her legs, allowing him better access to her cunt. Carole was squirming all over the ground tile, making all kinds of moaning and groaning noises, at first calling to Sprint to stop, then calling for him not to stop, yelling out loud, letting every one with in hearing distance know just how gawd awful good it felt having his tongue up her cunt. It was Brandon’s cock I noticed first, it had extended far from its protective sheaf, it appeared to be dripping precum as it bobbed around banging onto Carole’s chest. I then made it a point to glance at Sprint’s dong, thinking of how best to try and get both cocks into some pictures figuring they would make magnificent souvenir snaps.

Carole’s body was bouncing around, heaving up and down as she reacted to the dog’s tonguing her sensitive sexual parts, screaming she couldn’t take any more, yelling she was cumming, it was too much, that I had to help her, to pull them off, to hold them back, to stop them. Taking pity on my sweet sister, I grabbed the collars of both dogs and held them steady as I told her to move away as quickly as possible. Poor little girl could hardly move, but as she continued moaning and groaning, she eased her body along the tile and out of reach. I tried as best I could to calm the dogs, kneeling between them telling them how good they were, how nice they were, petting them, as I kept them from moving towards Carole, attacking her, taking her. as they would a young bitch in heat. Both dogs were whimpering , their flat red tongues handing from their mouths, dog drool was forming a puddle as it dripped freely landing at my feet. Carole having gotten some of herself back together, began apologizing for what had happened, only to be cut off by me telling her that neither of us had seen it coming, and neither of us had been prepared to head things off. I admitted that I perhaps should have interfered, but I had thought it such a great scene that all I could think of was taking photos. I added, if she as up to it I would like to get some of her jacking the dogs off, or licking their cocks until the both shot their spunk all over her, fully expecting Carole to tell me to go to hell if I thought she would do such a thing.

To my surprise, more like delight, Carole asked me if she could have a few minutes to recover a bit of her spent energy, she went on to tell me , she would see what she could do about my request. Needless to state I became very patient , almost holding my breath while if continued to pet the two dogs figuring the more calm they became the longer my sister would have to work their meat before they burst their seed. Ten or so minutes went passed before Carole asked me if I would get the dogs lying on their backs stating that if she began to work their cocks while they were on their feet they might once again manage to get the better of her and she did not want things to get out of control. Once I managed to set the dogs in a more convenient position, Carole crawled back between them allowing me to stand and get ready with the camera. She placed one hand on each dog’s sheath , stroking until the pointed end of their apparatus eased out into the open. Carefully at the time, talking in a calm voice , Carole conversed with the dogs, calling them by name telling them how good they were, how she wanted to reward them , telling them to enjoy her stroking, to let their cocks grow. Once both cocks were extended , she went to work rubbing them quickly, getting them to jerk almost out of her grip. Both dogs began whining long low sounds, their heads laid back in the ground, their tongues hung dropping on the side of their mouth , their haunches humping upward , meeting Carole’s strokes. It was then that a fantastic thing happen , I watched as if slow motion as my sister leaned her head down along Sprint’s bluish red veined appendage tentatively running her own tongue along the underside. Carole repeated this action twice, letting her tongue ride the full length of his twitching cock, then she turned her body and did the same with Brandon’s doggie cock. I decided to push things further and asked Carole if she would consider licking the tips of their cocks but before I received a reply, both dogs erupted , their seed gushing from the ends , spraying all over , covering Carole’s naked body almost completely with a grey coloured slime , she had brought both of them off successfully. I was fortunate in the fact , I managed to capture the whole scene on film.

Carole tugged at their cocks until she figured she had milked them dry then once more leaned over and kissed each deflating cock before she released the dogs , both moving off to the bushes to lick themselves clean. Carole was indeed a mess , covered from her neck to her crotch, and down her legs in doggie goo. I suggested she take herself to the little pool of water and rinse herself as best she could, letting her know we could always use of the shower beside the pool once we returned to the house. Checking to see that there remained a bit of capacity on the camera’s memory card , I clicked away as my sister played in the pool amongst the flower arrangements, rinsing as best she could the guck from her lovely firm young body. Once rinsed she rose from the water , strode over the little bridge, returning dressed , ready to accompany me and the dogs back to the house. We walked quickly as we wanted time to allow her to shower before dinner. While Carole cleaned herself with real soap and hot water I took the pets and saw that they were fed and watered, arriving back in the house just as Carole herself walked in looking as fresh as a flower itself. Supper was not long being served and small talk centered around our thoughts of the estate that we had managed to visit, I took care to emphasize the wonders of what we had seen that afternoon getting Carole to blush several times at my mentioning how beautiful and lovely things were presented or staged. After supper we were entertained with the showing of some of the movies tapes made when our folks were much younger. In several scenes , I was able to tell that our mother and father, were a bit on the wild side. Back then I guess the biggest thing going was Woodstock of which I had heard much about, but never really realized what it was all about. As the camera panned or followed mother, father, Charlie and his wife, it recorded a flash or a tease, someone’s butt would appear, or you might get a teat showing . The only real nudity that appeared was when the bare back sides of our parents came up as they dove into a lake, since you knew they were not wearing bathing suits, you could figure perhaps other things happened off camera. Carole had snuggled beside me on the smaller sofa, and when these scenes appeared on the screen I felt her pull hard at my arm pulling it tightly against her soft teats, letting little moans escape form her mouth.

It was passed our usual nine o’clock rendezvous time before we left the estate for the ride home, if everything went well we might be home by midnight, but as Carole had already taken care of my business and had provided my with a very interesting afternoon’s entertainment, I did not think it mattered too much if we missed our date. No sooner than we had hit the road , Sprint manoeuvred his body taking up a whole lot more room , since there was not much interest on his part sticking his head out the window in the darkness. Carole took the opportunity however, to settle herself in my lap, making it quite evident to all concerned that Sprint left her little choice. Mother quipped up , since it was only a short trip, she did not think I would mind too much and sort of made it sound like an informal request on her part, to accommodate my little sister. At first I wondered what the hell was going on, trying to figure out why Carole kept fidgeting with things, then I felt her bare chest press up against mine, she had managed to undo the buttons of my shirt as well as hers, providing us with a more intimate contact. Carole pulled my arms around her as she got comfortable, and as I placed my hand on her back to hold her tight, I found she had taken her blouse off completely, I was able to rub her bare back, which I undertook to do immediately. Shortly after she shifted positions allowing me to bring a hand around and fondle a teat, working it’s nipple with my finger and thumb, extracting soft murmurs from the hot little devil sitting in my lap. At the same time Carole caressed my chest letting her fingers massage my abs, and played with my own little nipples which had hardened , it was indeed a very pleasant way to pass the time.

How long we remained petting one another I can not say, but suddenly I felt Carole on the move, at first I thought she was uncomfortable , wondering what we could do to alleviate the situation, but I found it was not that she was working on. Carole had moved to allow her to unzip my shorts and go fishing for my rod, which had been enjoying the sensations we had created and was more than semi hard. She must not have been satisfied with the arrangement, as she removed herself from my lap, and began tugging my covering down lower on my legs, making me raise my butt so she could slip everything off easier. Once that was accomplished Carole pushed my legs wide and went to work stroking my cock, working my ball sack, obliging me to muffle my sounds of pleasure. It was not long before she had me ready to blow my load, creating a panic in my mind, I surely did not want to let loose in the back seat of the car, I would shoot all over, my spunk would splatter my shorts , the car seat, and perhaps even fly up into the front seat and hit mother, heaven forbid. None of this appeared to bother Carole, who kept up the pressure, bringing me closer and closer to the edge. When she slipped a hand under my sac and eased the tip of her finger into my ass hole, there was no barring the eruption, I felt the surge flow and burst onto the scene, only to find that the head of my cock had been wrapped in a white dinner napkin, Carole had planned ahead, god bless her soul.

Once she was sure that she had accumulated the total quantity of my explosion, Carole wiped the remnants from the end of my hole with her finger and to my utter delight licked my spunk from her finger, smacking her lips as she finished. Before I knew it Carole had straddled my legs, pushing my still somewhat firm cock back against my stomach. She was completely naked, her skirt was no longer covering her body, she moved forward trapping my cock between her pelvis and my stomach. Carole placed her arms up around my neck offering me her teats to suck, as she rode the underside of my cock to her own delicious orgasm , falling onto my chest limp and spent. Just before we exited the main highway, taking us into the lighted city streets, we heard mother asking about a funny smell she had detected inside the car. Nervously laughing at the same time we informed mother that Sprint had just passed some gas, then went about putting some covering back on to our bodies, before we arrived at the house. Late as it was we stole a last kiss, before we entered our individual bedrooms, with me taking the opportunity to coat my fingers generously with my sister’s honey liquid.

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