II made up mi mind

some time had pass, life got to be semi normal, we would talk on occasions, same with her guy, felt no shame or guilt, she would tell me if or when ever there was going to be some action at home. I guess she like that kind of attention, and that's how one day I found my self waiting out side her place until her husband would go to work, didn't know it at the time but her in laws had taking the kids to Los Angeles for the weekend, got out bed as soon I hear the engine running from his car, he wasn't around the corner when I came out the house, nervous my hand were shaking, my breathing got in a very agitated estate, but I was determined to go for it. Knock at the door once but so soft that I didn't even hear it, so I rang the door bell, and when she open it all I could say was " hi " she look shock, but not surprise, she was waiting, she knew I'll show up , just didn't know when, shook her head in disbelieve, but welcome me in, I could still smell her husband aftershave, the feeling of euphoria took over me to the point that the front door was never lock,didn't ask for the kids all I wanted was right in front of me, she ask me what in hell did I wanted this early, so I walk up to her and gave her a kiss, she pushed me back looking angry, so I kiss her again this time holding her arms just in case she wanted to slap me, but she never did, all she said was that it was wrong that her husband could return at any minute, and for me it was like fuel, like a bigger reason to be there.

we continue kissing impaling her mouth with my tongue and playing with hers at the same time, by them her robe was partially open, letting me take a partial peek at her naked tits and awesome hard nipples that I manage to play with my left hand while caressing her ass, her back very softly, and when my fingers touched her pussy that was starting to get wet, she pushed me back and say that it was wrong, that it was better for me to leave, with her robe on the floor wearing just her panties covering her breast with her hands, she was very nervous shivering a bit still I shook my head with a smile so that she understood it wasn't going to happen. All this while we were at the entrance of her apartment, and it was just fine with me, it was just as good a place as any, but she wanted us to go else where, willingly she held my hand and turned in the direction of her living room, a nice big couch was there I had been there many times before drinking, watching games with her husband, but before we got there I took a glance at that nice round ass in front of me, could not help my self, and stopped her, started to kiss her neck and work my way down very slowly caressing her, and at the same time pulling down her panties, she try to stop me, when she realize what was going to happened, she said that she didn't feel comfortable with that, that part of her body was never an option in her relationship, I beg her to let me go on with what I was doing, had to guarantied her that she would enjoyed to the max.

The true was I had never done it either, but she didn't know that either, so after some hesitation she let me continue, nice beautiful round ass waiting to be pamper by my mouth I was dying to do it too, after a few more kisses she was holding herself leaning forward against the wall with both hands, I separated her legs so I could have full access, also separated her sweet butt cheeks and before she could say anything I stare to kiss, caress, explore her like no one had before, started to swirled my tongue around her anus, that's when I hear her first moan coming out her, so I continue and I could feel she was enjoying it just as I was, taking advantage of her approval I did some thing that I always wanted, very softly on a nice gentle rhythm my tongue stared to work its way inside her asshole, to my surprise she let another moan this time more intense, funny thing that a memory of my childhood came back at this precise moment, a very similar incident with one of my cousins while visiting our grandparents home all the kids were playing, and at some point we got separated from the rest, we where about 10 years old at the time, the details of how it happen or how we got to that point I cannot remember today, all I can remember very well was pulling her panties down and going for my first taste of pussy, with every member of my family near by, no once did I stop to think about the risk involved, neither did she we just went for it and enjoyed to the max.

Back in the apartment she managed to take me in the living room, moving the coffee table to the side she sat on the carpet patiently waiting aiding me to get undress, teasing her I told her that we had reach a point of no return, and with her rosie blushed cheeks she look at my eyes, she had nothing to say. I stood in front of her completely nude sporting one of my biggest hardest boners that I could remember, she started to hold it very softly in a very gentle way and look at me as to ask for guidance, it seems her husband wasn't big in teaching the proper ways of getting his partner aroused, it did't felt that bad I like it, it wasn't her territory but she was doing good, she learn fast,I sofly held her head caressing her hair at the same time, with shore strokes taking all she could of my dick in her mouth holding it with one hand, sucking, licking the head, oh yeah...! who could complaint, after a while slowly she laid flat on the floor pulling me down we were face to face, she said she was ready I said not, not yet !, slowly I leaned foward to softly sucked her hard pircing nipples, sucking them as if I was a lil baby by them her entire body was covered by an entire silky coat of sweat, kissing her every inch of her body and working at the same time with my hands my fingers were playing in an around her, by now a very hot and wet pussy, she started to push my head down, and by now I did wanted to go down there, very gently I started to work my tonge round her pussy twirling as in slow motion up and down pressing from time to time making her tremble, breathing faster, heavy, out of control, and as I finger her first one then two fingers she could not help her self, a very loud moan as she arch her self, fondling her breasth, my mouth enjoying every drip of cum juice she had.

Oops ...! I will be back with the rest of the story, writing about this got me very horny. I going to be busy with my wife for a while.

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2012-03-11 22:55:14
Any females want to trade pics? 702-885-7487

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2012-03-11 22:39:43
good story except but the memory of your childhood...that was a lil confusing and in my opinion out of context.

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