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I awoke after what had to be several hours. My head was spinning at about five G’s; filled as it was with thoughts of violating my sweet little daughter several times over, driving myself to enough orgasms to make my dick bleed, and being caught between two very different words, both of which were occupied by a horny daughter I never knew I had. My head began to clear as I tried to discern where I was, and what was real. To my mind, the last several hours would seem to have followed in one of two different manners – but neither scenario had any discernible outcome in which my charming, sweet, innocent 10 years old daughter was anything other than a wanton sex fiend…

I looked around the room, and at myself. I was completely naked and Kimmy was still pressed against me, her position having shifted from my sitting up, but still sound asleep, also not a stich on her. Naked. So I had just woken up from a dream – a rather unsettling, if highly erotic dream in which my Kimmy had gone from zero to nympho in no time flat. Looking out to the nearest window, I sighed in relief; it was snowing outside. It was still a blizzard out there; we were still alone for several days with a young woman who had experienced a rather unique sexual awakening with the help of none other than her father… than with me.

A chill ran up my spine, but not from the thoughts of all I’d done that day come back to me, but from being genuinely cold. I looked around for my clothes, and, finding them across the room, sighed in frustration. I was going to have to get up without disturbing the precious, dried cum-covered little girl against me. I moved my feet into position and she shifted, but remained asleep. I tried to rescue my arm from beneath her, holding her head in place with my left hand. So far, so good. I slowly moved away from her, keeping her head suspended in my hand until I was completely pulled away from her and able to get to my feet. As I gently laid her head against the couch, she settled in slightly, unmoved by my absence, and placed her right thumb in her mouth.

I stopped, smiling warmly down at her. That was a behavior I didn’t know she still exhibited. The last time I can recall her doing it was when she was eight. She was ever my little girl. More and more as the years had gone on, I hoped and prayed that, regardless of how old she’d get, she’d remain my little girl. Her mother before her was my little girl, and now there was only her – sweet, sexy little Kimmy. Another chill ran through me, reminding me why I’d gotten up in the first place. Searching again for my clothes from my new vantage, I moved to put my shirt on. It was cold too, left to acclimate to the ambient temperature for however long I’d been out. I made a mental note to check the thermostat once I got more clothing on; clothed or not, I shouldn’t be this cold, even with a snow storm outside.

I was just reaching for my pajama pants when I heard a soft yawn from beside me. I looked over to see Kimmy stretching out against the couch. Her arms and legs spread wide in my direction, giving me full view of her tiny titties and her recently deflowered kitty. She hadn’t woken up, merely doing this unconsciously, but as she moved, I stared on. Her little nipples were hardened, but only slightly – mere nubs as compared to earlier when one could have fired them from a hand cannon. Those little nubs were merely responding to the same chill now affecting me. Her little puss was opened slightly, unfettered by hair, pink on the inside, and slightly puffed and pink on her outer lips as well. My recent penetration of those nether folds obviously still needing to heal, which was a fact I took serious note of. This little stretch session ended soon, though, and I was left to shake my head clear and gather our pile of discarded clothes.

I retreated upstairs for a pair of clean pants and clean, hopefully warmer pajamas for Kimmy. I didn’t mind if she wanted to be around the house naked all day or forever going forward. But if she wakes up as cold as I was, she might appreciate the offer. Ah, right, cold. With fresh pants on my waist, and a t-shirt that read simply “RTFM” I walked down the hall to the thermostat. No, still where it should be, 73 degrees. I found this to be a comfortable position, as it is to most people, I’m sure. I must have been so cold because I was asleep for so long, as I’ve read your body temperature can sometimes drop when your body enters REM sleep. Wait, REM? That’s supposed to occur several hours into a sleep cycle.

Lacking a watch on my wrist, I moved to find the nearest clock which was, of course, in Kimmy’s room. A convenient fact, since I still needed clothes for her. I opened the door and searched the wall, my eyes falling on a pink and white Hello Kitty shaped clock that read a time of 5:30. I looked out the window in her room realizing there was still enough daylight out that it must have been 5:30 p.m. I scratched my head smirking to myself as I realized that my little girl had literally sucked five whole hours’ worth of energy out of me.

As I looked around her room, as if to see if anyone was in there, I suddenly got an interesting idea. Up until now, my day had been filled with several unspeakable sexual acts with a minor. Not to mention the fact said minor was my daughter. It was illegal on so many levels, and morally wrong on several others. I had since made peace with all that – ostensibly unconsciously as well during a very dirty dream – but what stood out the most was Kimmy’s sudden interest and overall knowledge about the subject of sex altogether. I looked over at her desktop, which was turned on, and smiled to myself. I was going to get to the bottom of this.

I got into her desk chair and woke her computer up, greeted by other Hello Kitty face as her background. I jumped onto my home network and accessed my own computer. I wasn’t sure whether or not my Kimmy would be covering her tracks, but even if she was, an algorithm I had saved and shared on my computer would uncover anything she would be trying to hide. I got the program loaded up and started my digging. I began with her harddrive; I figured if she was so familiar with these sexual acts, she may have some manner of material saved for further reference. I wasn’t finding anything among the sparsely populated hard disk until I hit pay dirt in a way I couldn’t have imagined. Tucked away in a save folder for a game she has, I found well over 10 gigs worth of different pictures…and they were all of children. Little girls just like her, in different states of undress, in different sexual positions. I found whole subfolders of oral, vaginal, anal, some I’d found were even threesomes with two mystery dicks filling multiple holes in these girls. Perhaps more interesting/concerning was the fact that these girls were in different states of enjoyment. Some were smiling or obviously moaning, whereas some gave the distinct impression that they were actively being raped. They were categorized and organized in such a way that I had to imagine she’d been gathering this stuff for months, if not years, and meticulously studying and filing each image for later review or study.

I sat back in her chair, taken aback so far I was trying to search my personal knowledgebase for how she could have gained access to this kind of thing without my permission or knowledge. My daughter was accessing literal kiddie porn and from what I could tell, she’d amassed it over the course of several dozen separate sessions online. I leaned forward again, confirming that the first files were downloaded over a year ago and the most recent had been download just the night before. Quickly I begun to search her internet history and IP logs. One would think that by now, my IP would have been flagged by the FBI and I would have become the first registered sex offender in my neighborhood.

I sighed in relief, leaning back into the chair again when I’d found that she had been covering her tracks well – frighteningly well for a girl her age. She was using an IP masking program that bounced our IP off of others around the world, making her untraceable unless she was in an active session and someone tried to trace her. I smiled to myself for a moment; computers were my livelihood and it seemed my daughter had a talent for them as well. I cleared my head of such pride and returned to the matter at hand. Why did she have all of these raunchy, lewd pictures – and videos I would later find – of preteen, underdeveloped girls being defiled by god-knows-who? And why so much of it? If I even attempted to amass a collection like this, I may just have stopped at halfway and said ‘this is enough’. Did she find this sexy? Was she aroused by these girls being seemingly violated by mostly faceless men? Or was it simpler than that? Did she want me to be the faceless man and she the subject of these lurid, largely poorly shot images?

Whatever the case, my curiosity was beginning to get the better of me. I searched through her veritable library and found a video clip entitled ‘Give it to Me Daddy’. Needless to say this was an intriguing title, so I opened it. Kimmy’s speakers were on, so there was the immediate sound of static, which caused me to jump forward to turn the speakers down. But instantly, the screen was filled with little girl pussy. The cameraman was between the legs of what couldn’t have been a girl older than six. He panned up and she was staring back at the camera with a smile, adorned with both new teeth and baby. She was completely naked and her hands were nowhere to be seen. As the camera panned back down to her hairless, puffy snatch, her hands were clearly holding her lips open to reveal a pussy so small it should not even be considered a pussy. It was a little kitty, pure and simple. It was hot, mind you – with it’s hot pink lips, oozing would must have been lube, as I’m not even sure girls could cream at that age – but far too small to do anything with other than tease and be used to make the girl feel good. But as the camera panned a little lower, it was clear that this cameraman and I did not share the same point of view. His dick was pressed softly against the opening to her little kitty now, covering her opening considerably, and from off camera, one could hear a soft, meek little girl whisper “give it to me, daddy.”

I about fucking lost it. Open mouthed I watched as this man, apparently the girl’s father, slowly but surely penetrated her little cooch in one go. I was so amazed that I didn’t hear the shuffling going on behind me as Kimmy walked in lazily and gasped at what she found at her desk. My eyes were locked on the screen as I watched a little girl, so obviously younger than my Kimmy, being gently rocked back and forth while her father would say things like “does that feel good baby?” or “does daddy’s thingy feel good inside you?” It was insane. The clip was only about three minutes long, and it ended with the cameraman pulling out and cumming ON the poor girl’s pussy rather than in it, all while the poor girl moaned and cooed. As I closed the video, leaning back and shaking my head in utter disbelief, I let the momentum of the chair swing me around to find Kimmy standing there with a look on her face like she’d just watched me murder Carol. Never before had I seen a more perfect mix of surprise, sadness, fear and panic on a woman’s face. Her eyes were squinted shut, wet with tears that had yet to fall down her cheeks, her lips were screwed up into a grimace that could only have meant she was trying so hard not to cry her little eyes out. She was still naked and apparently, in her vulnerable state, she covered her chest with one arm and her tiny bald slit with the other in an attempt to regain some semblance of security.

Not wanting to scare my little girl off, I offered a small smile and my open arms. She stood there, timidly for a moment as the tears she’d been trying to keep from coming blurred her vision. She literally ran into my arms, slamming into the chair, causing us to spin and face the very thing that was going to cause her to freak out any second. Calmly, and as gently as I could, given my own mix of emotions, I gently stroked her hair and asked “care to explain this, baby?”

And then it happened. As I looked down at her in my arms, her eyes closed tight, her mouth opened wide and her voice went hoarse as she released what had to have been the most horrid, soul-sucking crying I’d ever heard before or since. She was dead to rights as far as she knew. She was done, grounded for life, completely fucked for lack of a better term (though not the way she seemingly would have wanted to be). Between wails, as children often do, she huffed out “I’m… sorr-ee-ee… Dadd-ee-ee-ee. I didn’t mean… for… you… to… find thi-i-is.” Ah, there it was. She wasn’t so much sorry about what she’d done, just that she’d been caught. I didn’t usually get such an admission from her.

I placed my hand against her cheek to try and calm her, but offered nothing else. She was in trouble, and I wanted her to understand that. But I also didn’t want to come across as mean or angry at her, so I continued in my even tone, “that’s not the point, angel. This is beyond illegal and if you hadn’t covered your tracks the way you did, I would have been arrested on any number of sexual malfeasance charges and you would be without both of your parents.” I wasn’t sure if she even knew what that word meant, but she knew the consequences of her actions, or she wouldn’t be reacting this way. It also hurt me a little to bring up Carol’s death in such a callous way, but, again, she needed to know how severe this was.

Still bawling out liters of tears as she spoke, staining mostly her own face and chest, she replied, “I… know… but… I… did… block… our… IPe-e-eee…” It was almost getting funny to watch her cry and at the same time beg for mercy in such a pathetically childish way.
“That’s hardly the point either. Why were you gathering all this filth? And for that matter, why did I have to find out like this?” My voice was getting sterner despite myself. I was really pissed, and my efforts to portray a calm, cool and collected dad were creeping out the frost- covered window.

My increasingly madder tone only served to make her go more inward. She stopped trying to explain altogether, too lost in her trepidation that she simply slammed her face into my chest, making a teary, snotty mess of it for several minutes, her arms clutched into her chest as she sat side-saddle in my lap. All I could do was pat her head gently, softly shushing her as I swayed back and forth in her own little desk chair. Every so often, I’d hear a quiet “I’m so sorry, daddy” as she calmed down, her body unable to continue crying after a while. Her sniffling, crying and whining finally ceased, and I allowed her to take the time she needed to compose herself as I continued to pet her hair.

She leaned back and looked up at me, her eyes still stained with tears. Naked as she still was, it was somewhat awkward to have her sitting in my lap after the long torrent of sadness, worry, and dread that had just come pouring out of her. As she stared into me, her eyes just destroyed, my heart completely melted. I couldn’t be mad at her, I just couldn’t. I breathed deeply and sighed as I exhaled. “Sweetheart. Just explain yourself.”

She nodded and looked down as she started. “I got curious a long time ago about what it must be like to have sex.” Here she was, back to the same candor and even tone with which she’d told me several hours earlier that I was to use her body in any way I saw fit in order to orgasm daily. She began fiddling with her hands in her lap though, still looking down, seemingly enamored with her keyboard, daring not to look away from it. “I wanted to talk to you more about it, but at the time you were dealing with a lot at work and—“

“I’m never too busy for you, angel,” I felt the need to interject. “You know that.”

She nodded, keeping her head down, but continued. “I know. But I just didn’t come to you with my curiosity, I guess… because I was scared.” She paused for a long moment. “I wasn’t just curious about sex. I was curious about sex… with you.” At this, she looked up at me, starting deep into my eyes with those entrancing sapphires of hers. “I wanted you then, just like I want you now.” I at this moment became acutely aware of her nudity and a warming sensation on my leg. “I just couldn’t tell you… I couldn’t.” She looked back down, as if ashamed.

Sighing, I shook my head, resuming my stroking of her wheaten mane. “Sweetheart. I…” But I stopped. I wanted to say that no matter what, I would have listened, and been candid, and not scolded her for her curiosity. After all, it was only natural, I suppose, for little girls to regard their fathers in some manner of sexual light. But I don’t know how I would have reacted back then. I was under a lot of stress around the time she started these downloads. Who knows how something like this might have hit me. “I’m sorry you felt you couldn’t come to me with your questions. But why this? Why did you start looking - and worse yet - keeping things like this?”

I couldn’t see her face from my angle, but I was sure she was biting her lip before she spoke. “I don’t know.” Another long pause, to which I was going to reply until she said “I guess if I couldn’t have you, I wanted to have something that represented my feelings for you. How I wanted you. What I wanted to do with you.” The father in me was surprised and appalled at what I was hearing. But the pedophile in me was becoming very aroused at all of this. And the more my daughter spoke, the more the latter was winning. I felt my cock twitch to attention, which it certainly had the habit of doing at the most inappropriate times. Just as I began imagining her sweet face in place of some of the girls I had seen in her collection, she looked up at me with a weak smile. “I love you, Daddy. And I want to be yours always. No matter what the manner, no matter how you’ll have me, I want to be only yours.”

She breathed in slowly with closed eyes, exhaling sharply before revealing her cherubic orbs again and continuing. “This is how I feel now, but it’s not all that I had felt then. I wanted you sexually; in such a raw way that I couldn’t stand it. Some days I would come home and dream about you tearing my uniform off and taking me right on the couch. I know now that I was beginning to experience my first experiences with being uncontrollably horny, and you or thoughts of you were always the cause.” This caught my immediate attention as I would often fantasize about doing such unfatherly things to her in that uniform. “I needed some outlet for my feelings, so, naturally, I turned to porn. But the usual stuff wasn’t nearly enough. The women were too old; I couldn’t see myself in their positions.” Many as I’m sure there were... “So I went looking for something that more closely depicted you and me. I even began taking some of the pictures and shopping in our faces.” At this, she leaned toward her computer, grabbed the mouse and within seconds, a very clear picture of me penetrating her rectum was up on the screen. I leaned in and marveled at the lighting, saturation, and many other qualities that told me she had put a lot of time and effort into making this look authentic. And when I went to search the folder she’d pulled it from, I found several dozen more like it, all equally as well done.

She leaned back and looked up at me with an even expression, looking for some kind of reaction. I honestly had none to give at that moment, as everything she’d told me was a lot to process all at once. My own daughter was too shy or afraid to confront me with her advanced questions about sex, most especially I’m sure the reason behind her sexual desires for her own father. Given that such questions could not have been addressed by her mother, and that the only person she trusted enough to ask was also the subject of her apparent desires, I could have understood that. But to know that all these years of quietly resisting my lust for my own ten year old little girl had so recently become reciprocated, and more than that, secretly explored by my young daughter was mind-blowing enough. But the fact that she literally broke the law, using an internet connection in my name, regardless of the measures she took to hide her identity from the authorities, just abhorred me. As her father, I had to take some manner of action, regardless of how our relationship had recently changed.

I looked back at her and assumed an expression resembling a disappointed father. “Young lady,” her weak smile shattered into despair. “What you did was wrong. I understand that you had urges and desires and that you felt you had no way of getting answers as to their origins or a proper outlet for their release. I also appreciate that you turned to porn, most people do, myself included.” She seemed about to say something to that, but I raised my hand. “But… the fact is, you quite literally put me at serious risk by not only searching for, but saving such a stark amount of illegal data. Regardless of how well you covered your tracks, I could still be put in jail if the authorities seize the places you got all these from.” I felt her body begin to limp against me; she seemed to know what was coming and was already beginning to passively resist me. “I’m afraid your punishment is going to have to be severe.” She cringed, but shifted in my lap, coming to her feet in front of me. She left a small damp spot on the thigh of my jeans and was offering me a full view of her young lithe body, save for her hands cupped into her mons as if to protect it. When I noticed this, I reached for her hands to unclasp them. She wasn’t going to protect herself in any way, not against this.

In the cutest way possible, she asked me “ahr you gonna ‘pank me, daddy?” Her manner took me off-balance a moment, which I’m sure was her aim. She smirked at her own wickedness as her hand reached for her slit again, but with her middle finger outstretched. I stopped her hand, putting it back at her side.

“Yes, in fact I am, but that’s not all. I’m taking this, all of it.” I reached for her computer, entered a few keystrokes, and her computer began simultaneously sending me the entire pedo folder and deleting it from itself. She gasped and went to reach for her keyboard, but I grabbed her hand a forced her back into her position. She dropped her hand and her head. “And, you’re going to go without your computer for a while.” She looked up, her face registering complaint, but she said nothing. As she looked into my eyes, understanding the seriousness behind what I was saying, I added “you broke my trust in a very grievous way, Kimberly. You’re going to have to earn it back before I give you many of the luxuries I’ve allowed for a girl of such a young age.”

She seemed about to tear up again, but she bit her lip, nodded her head a few times and returned her gaze to the floor. Her hands were now tightly held together at her crotch. It almost seemed like she was both clenching her hands together and pressing into herself for a twofold form of self-relief. My fatherly instincts were countermanding everything that had happened early this day; we had become far more intimate with each other than either of us thought was within the realm of actual possibility. But now, because of this plain betrayal of trust, regardless of how incredibly arousing it was that my daughter and I share a very raunchy common interest, I had to play the parent. Something I’d started doing some years before this was to essentially gain consent from Kimmy regarding any punishment I laid down. I did this to ensure that it was both fair and understood. It worked well as there were often times that she would formally object and we would have a rather adult discourse either over the severity of the punishment versus the nature of the infraction or something equally as mature. “So, no computer until I say otherwise, no television without my consent or presence, which also means no video games unless under the same circumstances. You’re not to take any liberties with my body, whether I’m asleep or awake.” I felt the need to put this in there, given the recent direction down the ‘dark path’ our father-daughter relationship had taken. “And…” I continued, pausing for dramatic effect, and until she looked up at me again. “You will receive a spanking every night until this storm blows over.”

She made the smallest of utterances as she raised a finger in protest, but she stopped, resigned herself back into her passive position and nodded silently. She knew I had her completely at my mercy on this one. I dare say I can’t imagine a darker secret that I could have stumbled onto than a massive stash of illegal porn – at least not for a girl her age. I reached out to grab her chin gently, tilting her head upward to look at me. “Do you agree to these terms?”

With tears forming in her eyes again, she nodded and gave me the weakest “yes, daddy,” I’d heard from her in years. In fact this was the first punishment I’d laid down since she was about six that involved a spanking. But I felt that it was an appropriate punishment on a lot of levels. I would likely have received a series of beatings if not worse from the officers/inmates of whatever prison I would have landed in as a result of her actions, so she may as well take the licks in my stead. Moreover, she would learn, after a nightly whacking and a very sore bottom not to betray me again. But better still, she was already naked and I wanted to further explore whether she was indeed masochistic and now, seeing her in the new light that I was, a punitive spanking seemed too perfect an opportunity. If she could be aroused by something so disciplinary, I would have my answer rather simply.

“Alright then,” I said, opening my arms and spreading my legs a bit. “C’mere then.”

“What now?” She tilted her head slightly, her cheeks flush and her face contorted in both fear and confusion.

“I don’t think you’re in any position to question me right now, young lady.” This shut her up rather quickly. I must admit, seeing her in such a passive state was giving my penis its fair share of the quivers. Being her father was beginning to present sexual opportunities I hadn’t considered. “Besides, your bum is already bare. So bring it over here so I can smack it.”

She nodded and moved to me with a small “yes, daddy.” This sent an inexplicable shiver up my spine. I had yet to confirm whether my daughter enjoyed pain, but I seemingly loved the prospect of being her dominant lover. Although, given I was her father, I suppose that would follow naturally in our new unique situation. She crawled into my lap and laid across it, her head and arms to my left and her ass and legs to my right. I swung the chair around to face completely away from her desk to allow her to stretch out over me. Her bare skin was so warm it was slowly making me forget why I was doing this. Her budding chest was pressed against my left thigh and before even starting her punishment, I could feel how hard her nipples were. Soon after, I became very aware of her scent pervading the air; that sweet smell of flowers that now, I knew was all her own. If it had been something artificial, by now it would have worn off. Without me even touching her yet, she was becoming aroused by the idea of me spanking her. I wondered briefly if she’d gotten so aroused when I used to do this with more frequency. Though at that age, I doubt it.

Another tradition of sorts with how I administered our punishments was fairly simple – I made her admit to why I was doing it. As I placed my palm over the crack of her ass, allowing my hand to cover both cheeks of her ass, I felt her whimper slightly. I raised my hand a good foot at an angle and brought it down with such a force, the slap it made echoed through her room and into the hall. After the second it took for the sound to dissipate, I asked “do you know why I’m doing this?” I slapped her ass again just as hard, receiving a yelping scream as her back arched upward in obvious pain.

“Yes!” came her reply.

I smacked her ass again, with each downward thrust, I was striking both cheeks with my considerable hand and getting a quick scream from her as my reward. “Tell me why.” Another thunderous slap.

“Because I broke the law!” Not the answer I was expecting, but no less the truth.

“That’s right.” Another slap. I realized that I was being too zealous too soon. Her ass was already starting to redden to a worrisome degree and my hand was stinging quite a bit. It had been longer since the last time I’d done this than I thought. If I kept up this intensity, I would cause welts on her ass and I couldn’t bear the thought of blemishing such a perfect little backside. I increased the interval between spankings and decreased the power behind them, in my head making this a complex mathematical correlation for the sake of my little girl’s ass. The point was indeed to make her not sit comfortably for a while, but I wasn’t about to force myself to use first aid on her. I continued my inquiry. “But more than that, why else are you being punished?” Another slap.

She inhaled with a hiss, stiffening her back and using her hands against the floor as leverage to look back up at me. She didn’t move from this position after saying “because I betrayed the only man I ever loved!” This revelation gave me a great deal of pause. I took my hand, poised to strike as it was, and lowered it gently against her ass, as if to cover it against the air. She winced at the contact, but continued to stare into me with bloodshot, tear-strewn eyes. Seemingly, after the first crack at her ass, she’d started crying, but I couldn’t hear it in her voice. I certainly did when she all but yelled “I deserve to be punished for what I’ve done. Spank me, daddy! Spank me until I blee-e-e-eed…” Briefly I was reminded of the dream I had when she’d asked me to fuck her rectally to achieve the same result. But seeing her like this, as she relaxed her arms once more, allowing her head to bow into the carpet, I realized just how truly amazing my daughter was. She had betrayed my trust, repeatedly over the course of more than a year, and upon being caught, she faced her judgment with no exception taken, no questions and seemingly with more remorse I knew a ten year old to be capable of. She wasn’t just sorry she’d been caught, she was genuinely sorry she’d ever done it and was ready to face the music she took so long to orchestrate.

As she continued to cry into the carpet of her bedroom, I found myself rubbing her well-spanked ass to comfort her. This was the result I had hoped for – tears. But for her to come to them not because of the pain of her punishment, but her feelings of regret and pure shame over the actions that led to the pain was simply not something I could have expected. I looked around for a moment, searching for one of the dozens of bottles of lotions I knew her room to be filled with. Finding one in arms reach, I grabbed it and popped it open. Taking a sizeable amount into my palm, I applied it to her raw bottom flesh and began to gently rub it in. “Shh shh shh shh… it’s ok, baby. I think you’ve had enough for tonight.” Part of me didn’t want to stop, as I felt she could use a few more good shots. But the courage it must have taken her to admit that she deserved every bit of punitive action I was going to dish out was deserving of its own reward. Moreover, she called me the only man she’d ever loved under such duress, that I knew her meaning to be that she was truly IN love with me.

Through her tears and sobs, she would wince and hiss at the lotion seeping into her hamburgered pores. When I was satisfied with my work, I grabbed at her sides and helped her to stand up. She was on the tail end of her crying, sniffling and wiping her nose with the back of her hand. She looked down at me and said almost inaudibly “I’m so sorry, daddy.”

I offered a weak smile as I took both of her hands and kissed them in turn. I used my softest tone when replying, “I know you are, baby. But as your father, I’m going to make sure you continue to be sorry for a long time yet. This has got to be the most insidious thing you’ve ever done and I want you to understand that such things are absolutely unacceptable.” I snaked my arms around her waist and pulled her gently toward me, burying my face into her belly button. I ignored the fact that, even with me beating her ass into a practical first degree burn, her little pussy was still giving off a very strong scent. She wrapped her hands around my head, hugging into my face as I said, muffled, “but that’s enough of this for now.” We stayed like this for a long time – me, breathing in the smell of young pussy, sweat, tears and a slight hint of seared flesh – and her, ebbing tears of penitence for something she may never truly live down as she held me close to her stomach.

When she seemed satisfied with our embrace, she leaned away, wafting more of her essence toward me. I looked up at her, smiled weakly again, and received a similar but more fragile smile in return. I couldn’t shake the thought that such a tender moment was almost tarnished by her nudity, but damn it if she wasn’t a sexy little thing. “I love you so much, daddy. And I know that I may never earn back the trust that you once gave me, but I am more than willing to spend the rest of my life trying.” Such an incredibly mature sentiment, but I was inclined to the idea that all of this could have been avoided if she’d used such maturity when she first decided that violating several laws was a prudent idea.

Several moments of silence passed, during which her lip began to quiver and I felt that she was going to start crying again at my lack of a response. I reached my hand to her cheek, which she leaned into like a cat starved for a good petting. “Baby. It won’t take the rest of your life to earn my trust. You’re my daughter, so that gives you a head start. But what you did was serious, so don’t think that earning back that trust will be easy.” She nodded, sniffling back her tears. “But no more talk of this for now. Go close the door.” She looked at me quizzically for a moment, but did as she was told.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, while we were holding each other, a scene played out that I was now going to initiate. Being so close to her absolutely intoxicating aroma had left me with a raging hard-on during most of the last few minutes, in spite of the tenderness and severity of those moments. I have never been a man to allow a good hard-on to go to waste and as Kimmy came back over to the chair I still occupied, she seemed to finally notice the state of my pants and her eyes lit up. All at once, I knew that she understood what was about to happen, at least in a sense, and why I’d asked her to close a door to a house occupied by no one else. Feeling the need to apparently comment on the object of her wide-eyed gawking, she playfully asked, “ooooo… what’s that for, daddy?”

In a more seductive tone than I ever used with her mother, I stood, took her face both hands and answered, “for you, baby.” Hearing this, she tried to snake out of my grasp to drop to the floor, reaching for the waistband of my pajama pants. I grabbed her forearms quickly to stop her and shook my head. “No no, baby. You’re not to take any liberties with my body, remember?” She pouted her lips a moment, huffing, but she allowed me to take the lead. It was a lead that I not only took, but shifted straight into overdrive. I gently took her neck into my hand as I had several hours before, but this time, I used it as leverage to slam her into the door she had so recently closed. It was a distance of several feet, but given my size advantage, her relative weight, and my combat training, it was a simple feat. I swung her so fast, the rest of her body followed into the wood with her head nearly a full second after being flung through the air.

She winced as her whole body was lit on fire with pain from the impact, further amplified by her still-raw ass being the last thing slammed into the hard wood. She looked up at me wide-eyed and in a state of sheer panic. I saw in her eyes the genuine fear that her father was about to seriously hurt her in ways she knows I was fully capable of. “D-D-D-D-D…” she stammered. I’ll never know what she was trying to say since, at her attempt to speak, I tightened my grip on her small neck slightly. It was not my intention whatsoever to suffocate her, but I knew the appropriate amount of pressure to render her unable to speak while still allowing her to breath.

“Hush now, angel. It’s time for you to fully understand what it’s like to have your trust betrayed.” I felt that this carried more weight with me than it did with her, and the meaning may have been lost somewhere. I meant to convey the fact that I, her caretaker for the last 10 years, her father-recently-turned-lover, someone she felt she could trust implicitly, was literally about to violate her against her will. Seemingly, this was a fantasy of hers, given what she’d that day told me and based on some of what I found in her pedo folder. But in her eyes now, I saw the understanding I was looking for; fear of loss over a give and take relationship that was about to become a lot more ‘give’ on her part. Her face was screwed up with the same face she’d had earlier when she realized I’d found what I had found on her computer.

Still holding her neck, feeling her heart beat like lighting in her arteries, I smiled a wickedly evil smile as I slowly lowered my free hand down to her waiting pussy. Standing as she was, braced against the door, her legs were slightly wide, enough for easy access. My fingers found a hot, soaked honeypot so saturated that it was running down her inner thigh. Her face and attempts at moans from her throat were saying no, but her pussy was telling the truth. I groaned slightly with a smirk and brought my wet fingers up to her eye level. “Mmm… look at that,” I said to her. “Looks like you’re enjoying being in this kind of position, mm?” She quickly shook her head as much as my grip would allow. “Hmph, that’s not what she’s saying.” I smoothly shoved my index and middle finger as deep inside of her pussy as they would go from this position.

Her head tilted back slightly and her eyes closed. Surely if her throat were capable of noise she would have moaned out loudly. But she couldn’t; she couldn’t make one sound – at least not from her throat. As I roughly fingered her, her little pussy was making all manner of lewd noises however. I heard her whisper faintly “oh, daddy” as her hips began to grind in rhythm with my pistoning fingers.

“Ah, so you are enjoying this, huh?” I moaned into her ear, placing my forehead against the door next to her, breathing my hot breath into the side of her face.

She nodded her head as best she could and whispered, “uh huh.”

All at once I pulled my hand from inside of her, stepped back a bit, slammed her back into the door again, and screamed “that’s not the fucking point!” I paraphrased a movie that we had recently watched together, in a deeply seething voice that I breathed right into her ear. “This will not be over quickly. You will not enjoy this. I am not your father.” This elicited a very scared look from her as I leaned away to surmise her reaction. If she had thought before that this was some extreme sort of roleplaying, she was now truly frightened. She couldn’t cry, she could barely breath, and now she was trying desperately to claw away from me without actually touching me. She clutched at the wall beside the door, the door frame, even managing to grab a shelving unit just beside and slightly elevated from the door, causing a solid glass orb to fall from it but not break. The loud thud it caused made her freeze in place as I leaned back in and whispered, “don’t fight me, or this will only get worse.”

I want to pause here for a moment. While all this was going on, I still had a cock screaming to penetrate any hole I could grant it access to. I was making myself incredibly aroused by scaring the ever loving shit out of my daughter. But I want to make one thing perfectly clear – I do not condone nor engage in the physical harm of others, most especially my daughter, unless it’s in the practice ring or in self-defense. I know the physical limitations and pain thresholds of the human body on an intimate level, having experimented with pain for a solid year in my youth. That being said, what follows was for my own amusement/sexual gratification and the complete submission of my daughter.

Upon hearing my threat, she fell mostly limp, hands at her sides, feet on the floor, wide eyes fixed on my face, waiting to see what comes next. I whispered more calmly, “I love you, my dear sweet Kimmy. I want you to remember that, always.” This intentional break in the mood caused her eyes to soften slightly, thinking that what I’d done to now was just a scare tactic and it was over now. But she was proven wrong as, without warning, I shoved my middle three digits back inside of her velveteen molten snatch. Genuine fear was in her eyes, but she simply could not control the desires of her body. Her eyes faltered for a moment as the intense pleasure of my quickly pumping fingers took hold. I had thought that I would first have to go through several layers of fear, panic, and genuine concern for me violating her body before I got to the raw pleasure of what I was doing to her. But I think the fact that she skipped over basically all that was colored by the fact that I was indeed her father and no matter how I threatened her, she knew I could never hurt her in a way I knew she couldn’t handle. She began to silently moan against me as her hips once again tried to match my blurred pace. I would have thought the force and speed with which I was fingerbanging her would hurt, and I’m fairly certain it did. But nevertheless, my little Kimmy was enjoying herself and as I shouted earlier, that was not the point of this. Perhaps if not through pain, I could punish her in another way.

I thought for a brief moment about what to do next and, after consideration of my attachment to the pajamas I was wearing, I pulled out of her again, tore my pants from my waist, and threw them aside. Kimmy’s eyes lit up with disappointment at my stopping and then surprise at how I discarded my bottoms. I released her neck and instead clutched the back of her head at the roots of her hair, forcing her to bend her neck backward and dropping her onto her knees. As I shoved my still-wet fingers into her mouth, being careful not to choke her still, I asked “how do you taste, baby, mm? How does your little pink kitty taste?” She yelped and moaned into my fingers as I slowly scraped her own juices off on her tongue and teeth. She closed her eyes and closed her lips around my fingers, moaning softly, evidently enjoying her own juices. But then again, I already knew that.

Still clutching her scalp, I pulled her up off the floor, grabbed both of her shoulders and turned her around so fast, I might have feared I’d given her whiplash. I slammed her face into the wooden door, to which she screamed in protest. I had intended to knock some dizziness into her with that while I positioned her the way I wanted. I reached around her waist to her thighs, clutching one in each hand and, with her still pressed against the door, lifted her off the ground and spread her legs as wide as I could. Her chest and face were scraped along the wood, but it was well lacquered, so this would have only caused a minor rug burn effect. I felt her wince and heard her hiss as I impaled her with my raging cock in one quick motion. She slammed her hands into the door for support and began moaning in a mixture of pleasure and intense pain as I remorselessly banged her into the door of her own bedroom over and over. With each thrust, her ass was being slapped against my stomach and, red as it still was, this only exacerbated her pain, I’m sure.

Her tight little pussy was so wet, soft and sloppy that with each stab into it, I felt sure I was going to cum. In my dream, her pussy felt like the finest cloth wrapped around a tightly closed fist. Earlier that day, in reality, that briefest of moments when I penetrated them, her innards felt much the same way. But now, as I pistoned into her most sacred of places with such force and speed, her muscles clamped down on me so hard, I felt like it was taking all the strength in my hips just to be able to move my cock in and out of her. The incredible amount of natural lube this girl was producing did nothing to aid the sheer tightness of her whole and, forgetting myself and the purpose of what I was doing, I couldn’t help but moan out “oh god, baby. Your little pussy is amazing.”

She joined in my moans, taking her queue from me, “yeah, daddy? You like your little girl’s pussy? You like fucking it?” I was surprised she could even breath let alone talk with how powerfully I was smashing into her. This is what my cock had been craving all day, and a big part of me wanted to slow down and savor every nook and cranny of this little pussy designed especially by me, for me. But that would annul the sort of warped punishment I was trying to carry out. But even with me kicking it into a higher gear, literally shaking the door upon which my little girl was pressed, she only moaned louder, now using the wall to press back against me with each hard thrust. She managed to scream through gritted teeth, “yeah, daddy, give it to me! Fuck me like I know you’ve always wanted!”

“You mean like YOU’VE always wanted,” I thrusted as hard into her as I could with that, feeling what would only have been her cervix when I bottomed out. Intact hymen or no, I was sure at this point I was making her cunt bleed. But in the throes of it, neither of us cared.

Amidst a flurry of ‘oh god’s, ‘daddy’s and various swear words, my little Kimmy braced herself against the door, crawling up it slightly to get her pussy at a better angle. This forced me to catch her in a different position and her weight was now being completely supported by my hands under her thighs. I dropped my stance slightly, kept her legs spread and resumed at a slightly slower pace but with harder thrusts. With each pound into her, she let out a new moan, yelp or scream. I had wished to everything at that moment that the door I had been pressing her into had a mirror on it, as the image of me propping my little girl up by her legs, constantly impaling her onto my fat, throbbing cock must be the hottest thing I’m ever going to see in my life.

After having cum three times prior that day, it was no surprise to me I hadn’t come yet, and I couldn’t be entirely sure with how hard I was fucking into her, but I was fairly certain I’d felt Kimmy’s body shudder a few times already. But after being squeezed so hard and for so long that I thought my dick was going to come out of her skinnier and longer than before, my balls began to tighten up with my impending grand finale. “Oh fuck, baby, I’m gonna cum.”

I had long since given up my original plan and had relinquished simply to hurt her by fucking her as hard as I could. I felt sure that her well-spanked ass being constantly slammed back into me combined with the pain I’m sure such a raw fucking would produce on its own would be enough. But again I underestimated how much repression can bring out the unexpected when I hear “oh yes, daddy! Fuck me! Cum inside your little girl’s pussy! Fuck it! Let me feel you fill your naughty daughter with your hot cum!” Once again her dirty talk sent me barreling over the edge as, with one last hard thrust, I started firing off shot after shot of hot spunk deep into her womb. She definitely felt it as she screamed, gyrating her hips against my groin “oh god yes, daddy! Give it to me! Gimme it all!”

As thick gobs of my white hot mess began seeping out of her and onto the floor, even as I was still coming, she moaned again. It was a long, slow moan as the last of my testicular contractions subsided. I felt her body go slightly limp against me before she suddenly clenched, moaned sharply and began shaking violently against me. She quickly reached back and up to palm my shoulders and began impaling herself more and more on my still well-buried cock as she shuddered through a very long orgasm of her own. As I looked beneath our conjoined pelvises between my legs, I saw large drops of my cum combined with hers and a little blood fall to the floor. As she rode the last of her waves down off what had to be the longest orgasm I’ve ever witnessed, she fell truly limp against me, making it suddenly difficult to hold her up, stuffed so tight inside her as I was.

I awkwardly hobbled over to her bed and, as gently as I could, lowered her onto it. I heard that sweet little pop come from my cock as it exited her and as I looked down at her kitty, it continued to ooze our shared love from inside her still gaping hole. Admittedly, I’d taken things a lot faster than I had originally intended, but I couldn’t have asked for our first time to have been any more intense. I looked down at my softening cock and it was stained with our cum/blood mixture. Looking to my little girl, she laid on her side, knees together, still breathing heavily. “Daddy,” I heard her whisper.

I leaned in close. “Yes, Kimmy?” I whispered back.

“That was simply amazing,” she breathed. I chuckled slightly as I leaned away. “I think it’s bed time now…” Considering that’s where I’d put her, I couldn’t say I’d disagree. But with it being only about 6:30 or so, and neither of us having eaten dinner, we were both going to wake up early in the morning. Following this train of thought, I got an idea. I called out her name and she looked up at me with the most pure look of satisfaction any woman could give a man and uttered simply “mm?”

“Why don’t you sleep with me in my bed tonight?” She smiled slowly, obviously already falling asleep as she reached up her arms with half-lidded eyes. She grunted at me as if to indicate, with her outstretched arms, that she wanted me to pick her up again. I reached down, let her wrap her hands around by back and lifted her off the bed. She put her head on my chest and wrapped her legs around me, her sloppy pussy making contact just about my crotch. I groaned lowly at the sound it made when it slapped into my flesh, and how cold our mixture had gotten. As I turned to carry her out, I stepped over my pants, which I’d ripped to literal shreds. “Well, I never liked those pants anyway.” We both laughed as I took her down the hall to my room.

I laid her on my king sized bed, which I’d not done in years, and she moaned softly as she made contact with the sheets, but didn’t unlatch from my back. Whispering so softly, I was almost uncertain if I heard her correctly, “fuck me again, daddy…”

I leaned away to look her in the eye. “Are you serious?” She nodded her head with an ear-to-ear smile from behind closed eyes. “I literally fucked you as hard as I could in there and you’re obviously tired from it.”

“I know but your cock just feels so good inside me. I don’t ever want you to take it out again.” Her voice began to take on that pouty tone that she knew affected me in ways it shouldn’t. I felt my beleaguered cock twitch. “Please fuck me again, daddy.”

I gently pried her arms and legs from around me and said simply, “no.” I heard her moan as she reached for the covers and rolled onto her side, whipping the covers over her. I went into the bathroom and got a washcloth, soaking it in lukewarm water. I first used it to wipe myself off, starting with my brow, then down my chiseled chest to my six-pack. I was proud of my body, but after what I’d just done, I felt like I just got done with the most high-impact workout of my life. I went down to my cock and gave it a thorough rubdown, made easier by my new softness. I rinsed the cloth and took it with me into the bedroom. I whipped the covers off Kimmy, causing her to flinch against the chill, rolling over to look up at me. “Let me clean you up,” I said to her. She smiled and rolled completely onto her back, spreading her legs above her head and grabbing her feet.

I chuckled, reaching in and starting my rub down at her chest. She closed her eyes and gasped slightly, her nipples probably still tender. As I moved my way down her body, soaking up all the dried sweat and probably some of my cum from earlier, she continued to moan and whimper. Seemingly her whole body was made sensitive from either how hard or how often I’d made her come – possibly even both. When I came to her pussy, I stared at it for a while first. It was still so perfect: so fat, so pink, so beautiful. Her excited little clit was still poking out and as I began to gently wipe her most sensitive of areas, I made sure to graze her clit a few times, causing her to gasp sharply every time I did. After the third time or so, she batted my forearm gently and said “stop that, you tease.” I wrapped the washcloth loosely around to fingers and went to hook it into her little hole to sop up what was left of our cum inside of her when she said “no don’t.” I stopped and looked at her. She reached down and covered her pussy, letting her feet fall to the mattress. “You leave that right where it is.”

I knew there had to be a considerable amount of my spunk still inside her, so I voiced my protest. “Baby, the more of that stays inside of you, the higher the risk I’ll get you pregnant.” She simply shrugged. “Nooo… that’s a big deal.”

“I know, but I don’t care if you do get me pregnant.” I don’t know why, but hearing my ten year old daughter say that so plainly was so hot to me. “Besides, I’m on the pill, remember?” Ahh, that’s right. Shortly before her first period hit, one of Carol’s old friends suggested putting her on it to help regulate her hormone levels and her cycles.

“Well, alright, but we can’t make a habit of this.” I tossed the damp cloth onto my empty nightstand and went to crawl into bed with her. “Pill or no pill, I can still get you pregnant.” She just yawned in response, cuddling up against me as soon as I hit the bed. I laughed at her, “baby, I gotta get IN the bed first!” She giggled and scooted away, allowing me more room to lay down. Once I was settled, she moved back against me and sighed contentedly as I laid my arm across her chest. Slowly, she started to shimmy her way up my chest, letting her likely to be still-sore butt come to rest against my aching cock. A girl so small spooning against me, nude, felt so right, it was hard to believe.

“Daddy?” I hear her whisper.

“Yes, Kimmy?” I whisper back.

“Can you do me a favor?”

“Of course, baby, anything.” I tightened my hold on her chest as emphasis, reaching with my other hand to give her fat lower lips a squeeze.

She giggled at the attention and then said “will you love me forever?” Again, so much the child even after she’d not ten minutes before begged me to cum deep inside her.

My heart skipped a beat, or several, as I answered softly, “of course, baby. Forever.” Not another word passed between us as she laid her head against my arm and we both drifted off into the deepest, most contented sleep we’d both had in a long time.


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