Men, My Girlfriend and Her Dog
What A Weekend.
This is a story of my introduction to sex with several men, sex with a woman and sex with a dog.
“Hey Pam, you heading for Charlie’s?
Dan, one of my co-workers asked poking his head into my office. I looked at my watch and it was 10 minutes till five and it was Friday, thank god.
“Maybe later but I’ve got some things to finish up before I leave,” I said, motioning to my desk.
Several other’s asked the same thing and got the same answer. Finally the office was quiet and I could get some work done. About 6 the last file was saved, I turned off my computer and laid back in my chair thinking about what I should do for the evening. I’m 24 years old, single and not committed to anyone and have my own car and apartment. But I hate going home by myself on weekends. I grabbed my coat, turned off the lights and headed for the elevator. While I was waiting for it I had to decide, go up to my car and go home or go down, head for the street and then decide where to go. I pushed down and stopped at the security desk and talked to Homer. After telling him I would be back later for my car he let me out and I was on the street. I started heading for Charlie’s but then stopped. I thought to myself, if I go there it will just be laid back talking about business and the company which was very boring to me. The company has a very strict policy about coworkers having personal relationships and quite frankly I was very horney and wanted to get laid. So I turned around and headed back thinking I would go to a place called Mixers.
Mixers is a place that lives up to its name. Gays, lesbians, married, single you name it they are there. It was only a couple of blocks so very soon I was standing in front of the door looking in the small glass window at a crowded bar. I opened the door and found that it was also a very loud bar. Looking around I did not see an open seat at the bar nor at any of the tables. I decided I didn’t want to stand so was about to head for the door when I heard someone hollering Pam, Pam over here.
I finally spotted someone I knew, Tracey who worked in the accounting office. She smiled and waved me over. She was setting with two guys at a table at the edge of the dance floor. One of the guys was black the other one white. Tracey introduced them as Zeke, the black dude and Denny. Just as I sat down the bargirl asked if I would like a drink and I order scotch and water. I have to tell you a little about Tracey. She is late 30’s, very attractive and verrrry well built. I had heard she lost her husband in Iraq a couple years ago so now was a full time worker and full time partier.
We chatted for a few minutes and then Denny asked Tracey if she wanted to dance. She said sure and off they went. Zeke and I continued talking about nothing while I drank my drink and then he asked if I would like to dance. I said OK and soon we were dancing to a slow beat. His left hand was rubbing my back as we barely moved out feet. Then he asked,
“Want to go outside?”
“What For?” I questioned.
He took my face in his hands and said, “First I will kiss you,” which he did, “And the rest you’ll find out when we get there.”
He danced us to the edge of the crowd and then led me down a hallway with a door at the end that had an exit sign on it. Outside it was pretty dark with only a couple small lights fairly high up on the side of the building. As my eyes got accustomed to the dark I could see we were in an ally with several dumpsters on each side. And I could see several guys at various places just standing. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then I recognized Denny which really confused me more. Zeke had led me over to the other side of the ally to an area behind one of the dumpsters.
“Now,” he sort of whispered, “To continue on with our conversation. I said I was going to kiss you and then tell you what else was going to happen.”
His hands were on my face and lips were pressed against mine. His tongue forced its way into my mouth and the kiss became very passionate.
“Now I’m going to put my hands on your shoulders,” which he did, “and push you down on your knees,” which he did. “Then I’m going to undo my pants and bring out my cock and push it down your throat,” which he did.
In a matter of only a few minutes I had been moved from the dance floor to the ally to giving an almost complete stranger a blowjob. My pussy was getting very wet. Then it hit me, Tracey was on her knees taking care of Denny. I gave up worrying and wondering and settled in to the task at hand, sucking a very nice sized hard cock. While I was sucking I unbuckled his belt so I could get his pants down and have access to his balls. As I cupped them in my hand I realized they were size large, just like his cock. I sucked them one at a time and licked all around the ball sack and back up the shaft of his cock. I teased the underside of the large cut head and then took him deep into my throat. This was so cool with such a nice black cock I hated it when I felt my throat and mouth being filled with hot sticky cum. I grabbed his ass to keep him from pulling his cock out of my mouth until I was sure I had sucked it dry. He put his hands on the side of my head and sort of lifted me up to my feet. Then he kissed me, tongue and all. I hadn’t swallowed the last mouthful so he got a complete taste of his own cum. He apparently liked it because the kiss lasted a long time.
Zeke got his cloths back together and took my hand and led me back into the bar. Tracey was alone at the table and when we got there Zeke kissed me and thanked me and took off. Just as I sat down the bargirl brought two drinks. Tracey lifted hers and said, “Here’s to a great beginning of a great evening.” I wasn’t sure what she meant but knew we had both just sucked a cock and I personally was hoping it wasn’t the only one I would be sucking this evening.
A well dressed gentleman asked Tracey to dance and as she got up she looked at me and smiled and whispered, “Bye.” I finished my drink and was really thinking about going home if this was the end of my action for the evening. Then the bargirl brought another drink and I asked, “Who bought this?”
“He did,” nodding to a guy standing a bit off from my table. He stuck out his hand and said, “Hi, I’m Anthony.” I looked first at his hand, chubby fingers, cracks in the skin, definitely a hard worker probably construction I thought. Then his body was about the same, chubby. My guess was about 5’10” and 225 pounds or so and his face was very ruddy with a couple days growth of beard. His cloths were clean but very worn. He had a drink in his hand so what else could I do but invite him to join me. He sat but I began to realize what a shy guy he was, very quiet, very hard to get any information out of. I guess he got tired of my questions because with a little sort of aire he asked if I wanted to dance.
I said sure so away we went to the dance floor. He danced just like he acted, bashful. We had space between us all the time and if my breast happened to touch him he would almost push me away. I thought shit, I don’t want to be stuck with this guy all night so thought I would have to do something to either make him loose interest or get him outside. I dropped my hand from his shoulder to his waist and pulled us together. I began to rub myself on him and in only seconds I began to feel a rather large bulge in his pants. As we danced I dropped my hand down between us and rubbed his bulge and took a hold of it.
“Wouuld you ah like to go outside,” he stammered.
I looked at him and smiled and said, “Duh, yes I would.”
Even now knowing I was willing to go outside he was bashful in the way he proceeded. He didn’t know whether to take my hand or just have me follow or maybe he should allow me to go first. Finally I took his hand and away we went. The spot I had been earlier with Zeke was open so I led him there. When I turned and planted a kiss on his lips he tensed up.
“What’s the matter, never been with an aggressive girl before?”
"Mmmm, err, No, I haven’t. Haven’t been with many girls at all,” he whispered, almost like he didn’t want me to hear.
“Why did you ask if I wanted to go outside then? Didn’t you know what people did when they ‘went outside?’
“Yeah I sort of knew but I didn’t think you would.” He answered.
“So when I agreed you really didn’t know what to do next, did you?”
“No, and I was err am scared!”
“Ok, I’m not scared so here’s what’s going to happen. While I am kissing you, you are going to put both hands on my breasts and caress them. I am going to be rubbing your crotch. After a bit of that I’m going to drop down to my knees, you are going to help me undo your pants and get your cock out. I am going to play and lick and suck your cock until you cum in my mouth. Then I’m going to come up and kiss you before I swallow and let you have a taste of your own cum. I will swallow your load, go back to my knees so I can clean you up and we will go back inside. How does that sound?”
Before he could answer my tongue was in his mouth and my hand was on his crotch. His hands slowly moved up my sides and over my breasts. Once he felt them and started playing with them he got more inthusiastic. I wanted meat in my mouth so I dropped to my knees. When I reached for his belt it was already open his zipper was down and he dropped his pants. I pulled his shorts down and there in front of me was a very interesting piece. Maybe about 6 or 7 inches, but very thick. He was instantly hard as my hand touched him. He was cut and the head was much larger than the shaft and shaped like a bike racer’s helmet. I held it with my hand as my tongue explored up and down the shaft and back to the head. I kissed the head and then slowly took him in my mouth. His cock was so hot I could feel the heat on my tongue and cheeks as I sucked. I loved the feeling when I backed off the shaft and the head slipped between my lips. I was just realizing how much fun this cock was when he grabbed my head and began fucking my mouth.
It was somewhat disappointing when I felt his cum filling my mouth. And I mean filling my mouth. He dumped the biggest load I had had in a long time. I had to swallow some or it would have leaked out and down my chin. Then as promised I stood up and grabbed his head and kissed him. I guess he wanted to taste his cum because his tongue was instantly in my mouth. We continued the kiss as I swallowed what was left. His tongue searched for more cum for a bit then I broke the kiss. After licking his cock clean he dressed and went back inside.
As we walked down the hall he grabbed my arm and stopped me. “Do you come here very often?” he asked.
“No, this is my first time, but I will be back,” I said with a big smile.
“I hope we can do this again,” he said sort of shyly.
“Yeah, so do I.” as I turned and headed for the bar.
When I got to our table Tracey was alone with two drinks in front of her. She pushed one to me and picked up the other one. “That was kind of a weird looking guy you went outside with.” She said.
“Yeah he was different. Very shy, very different cock but big, big load. I’d do him again,” I replied with a laugh.
We hadn’t finished our drinks before two guys were asking us to dance. I looked at the guy looking at me and saw middle aged, probably mid 40’s, graying hair, nice cloths and quite handsome. I said, “sure” and the four of us headed for the dance floor. The first words out of my partner’s mouth were, “I’m from out of town and staying in the hotel upstairs. Would you like to go up to my room?”
“No,” I said, “when I leave here the only place I go is home.”
He was holding me quite close as we danced and I could begin to feel something stabbing me. I briefly thought he had his cock out but decided it was still in his pants.
“Well, if not my room would you like to go outside?” he asked.
I hesitated for a few seconds and replied, “Yes.”
We finished the dance and while everyone else was heading back to their tables we went down the hall to the ally door. There was only one other couple that I could see and that was Tracey and her guy. We headed towards them and I asked my guy with a smile, “What are we going to do, trade off?”
“Hey, that sounds like a great idea,” he said in return. “Have you been out here before this evening?”
“Yes,” I said smiling to myself. I didn’t tell him he was my third.
Tracey of course was on her knees with a cock in her mouth. I had never watched her please a guy so was kind of surprised at how hard she worked. She had a grip on his pants with both hands and was not only working his pelvis back and forth but was also moving her mouth on his cock. Seeing her getting her mouth fucked was really turning me on so I practically ripped my man’s pants open. I was on my knees with a mouthful in seconds. His cock was average, 6 inches or so and about the size of a small banana. But it felt so really good in my mouth. I thought to myself I was getting so I liked it in my mouth more than in my pussy. Bullshit was my next thought. I sucked him and licked him and played with his balls for probably 5 minutes when I heard Tracey’s guy say, “Now!”
The cock in my mouth was pulled out and before I knew what was happening there was a different one down my throat. All I could think of as I sucked was, four cocks, one night, life is good. It was evident from the sounds coming from the guy with his cock in Tracey’s mouth that she was doing a very good job. Then he was quiet and I was sure her mouth was full of cum. My guy grabbed my head and started fucking really hard and then my mouth was full also. I swallowed most then stood up and kissed him. He definitely didn’t like it as he uttered something and spit it out. I went back down to clean him up but he wiped his cock on my shoulder and zipped it back in.
Tracey’s man gave her a peck on the mouth and said “Thanks” but mine just turned away mumbling something about filthy slut. I told Tracey I needed to stop in the restroom on the way back. As we entered there was a black girl drying her hands at the towel dispenser. She turned and then gave us a big smile.
“You’ve been outside haven’t you?” she asked.
“Well yes,” Tracey answered, “Why do you ask?”
“You’ve both been marked.”
“What do you mean, marked?” I asked.
She pointed to the large cum spot on my shoulder and a much smaller drop or two on Tracey’s. “This last time did the guy’s ask how many times you had been out there tonight?”
I looked at Tracey and she nodded yes so I said, “Yes they did, so what?”
“Well the guys here have an unwritten agreement that when they think a girl is on her third or more trip outside they mark her.” Looking at Tracey she said, “Your guy liked you,” looking at me she said, “The big splotch says your guy, for whatever reason didn’t like you.”
Tracey grabbed my hand and we headed for our table. As we sat down Tracey put her arm around me and pressed her mouth against mine. Our tongues danced and she whispered “Let’s get out of here. I don’t want another cock in my mouth I want your clit.” I told her I had too much to drink to try to drive home.
“I want you to spend the weekend with me. We’ll wash your cloths so you will have something to wear Monday. You won’t need them anyway,” she said with a sexual smile on her face. “We’ll take care of Homer on our way out so he will take care of your car over the weekend.”
“But do you think you should be driving?”
“No problem, I don’t drink. The only thing in my glass tonight was lemonade.”
Tracey stood up and almost begged me to come on. I followed her out and as we walked back to our building she asked me, “Have you ever had sex with another woman?”
“Not really,” I replied wondering about this lady I was walking with. “When I was in middle school there was a girl I spent some time with. One night on a sleep over she asked me if she could kiss my tits. I was 15 and was starting to develop. I let her and it was kind of fun. I played with hers and that was all there was to it. Probably if she hadn’t moved the next week we would have gone further.”
“Well I was very straight when I was married. When I found out my hub had been killed I absolutely lost it. I started drinking, doing drugs and after about a year I started fucking any guy that looked twice at me. I was a total mess. Then an Aunt of mine who is in her 50’s took me under her wing and eventually to bed. I found out why some women are lesbians. She made love to me like no one since my husband. And I loved every minute of it. Now I am 100% bi. I love the feel of a cock in my hand, mouth, pussy and ass. But I also love the taste of a woman and the feel of my tongue in her pussy. That’s what I have in mind for us this weekend. But don’t be alarmed, if at anytime I do something or suggest something that you don’t want, just say so and I’ll stop and it will be OK. OK?”
For some reason, maybe the twitch in my pussy or my racing heart but I took Tracey’s arm and stopped her. Then I pressed my lips on her and pushed my tongue into her mouth. It was the most wonderful moment I had felt in a long, long time.
We got to our building, pressed our code in and the door opened. As we walked towards the elevator we were met by Homer. Tracey explained we wanted to leave my car for the weekend. Homer said ok he would take care of it. The elevator arrived and Homer followed us into the car, which I thought a bit strange. When the door opened at our floor Homer stepped out and made a hard right. Then he leaned back against the wall. Tracey explained that this was one of the few places that weren’t covered by the security cameras. She dropped to her knees and pulled me down. Homer had his big hard cock in his hand and we proceeded to take care of him. With me sucking his cock and Tracey sucking his balls it didn’t take long before I had a mouthful of cum. Tracey place her mouth right next to mine and he moved his cock from my mouth to hers. She sucked him dry and then kissed me. I let some of the cum drizzle into hers and we both swallowed. Homer thanked us and left on the elevator as we headed for Tracey’s car.
I couldn’t believe that we didn’t say one word about sex all the way to Tracey’s house. She clicked the garage door opener as we pulled into the driveway and in nothing flat we were on our way into her house. Going from room to room she showed me she was very proud of her place. Nice furnishings, carpet, drapes and all the rest. Two bedrooms, den, and a big open space that included the kitchen, eating area and setting room. When we got to the laundry room she turned and smiled this wicked smile of hers and ordered, “Off with your cloths, you’re not going to need them.”
She pulled me to her and kissed me hard as she helped me out of my blouse, bra and skirt. As she pushed my panties down her finger caressed up and down the crack between my rosebud and pussy. I said “No Fair,” and pulled her sweater up over her head and soon her clothes were in a pile on the floor next to mine. We embraced pressing out breasts together as we kissed. My tits are fair sized but small compared to hers. Very flat tummy, nice ass and shapely legs completed this sex kitten. She held me close as she told me that she was going to make love to me and show me why it is so great to have sex with another woman.
Tracey patted the top of the dryer and told me to hop up. I turned around a sat on the dryer. She placed a pillow behind me and gently pushed me back. Then she lifted my legs up and put my feet on the dryer with legs spread. She kissed my mouth and nibbled down my cheek and neck to my tits. I about lost it when she pulled and sucked my nipples while gently squeezing my breast. Then she continued down my stomach, licking and pushing her tongue into my navel. My anticipation about what was about to happen made my pussy tingle and when she started flicking my clit with her tongue I started squirting my love juice at her. It was the first of many climaxes I would have over the weekend.
I was so spent I almost fell off the dryer but Tracey saved me. She helped me down and at first I could barely walk. In the kitchen she asked if I was hungry or thirsty, I said no. Then she led me to the bedroom. This time it was me that did the pushing. As I lay down on top of her I told her I wanted to do to her what she had done to me. I put my hands in hers and laid her hands down on the bed above her head as I kissed her. It felt so natural, kissing this lady and felt more natural nibbling on her nipples and squeezing her tits. As I pulled on her nipple with my teeth she whispered for me to bite harder. I thought I must be about to bite it off and she was almost screaming. I licked and kissed on down until my face was in her pussy. The aroma of hot sex was very strong but very inviting. I pushed my tongue into her cunt hole and licked. I had tasted my cunny juice from my own fingers and from the fingers of the guy that was getting me ready to fuck but never that of another woman.
I was paying close attention to what really got my girl friend going with my lips and tongue on her clit and two fingers exploring her G spot. She took my head in her hands and pushed my face down into her pussy so hard I could barely breathe. Then her first of many shots of love juice filled my mouth. I couldn’t swallow fast enough as number 2 and 3 and 4 covered my face. It was like a shower, one that I truly enjoyed. Her clit was the size of a babies thumb as I used my tongue to clean her up a bit but every time I touched it she moaned and screamed. Finally she cried out, “No More, No More!” I crawled up beside her laying my head on her shoulder and kissing her neck. Tracey turned to face me and pulled my body next to hers. In 30 seconds we were both asleep, pressed together as one.
I woke up and immediately knew I was alone. I couldn’t see my lover in the bathroom and couldn’t hear any noise from the rest of the house. I got up and peed and then opened the door to the hallway. It was then I heard smooth jazz-blues playing softly in the background and heard some activity in the kitchen.
“Good morning sleepyhead,” greeted me.
“How long you been up?” I asked my naked lover.
“Bout a half hour,” she replied as she came around and gave me a long kiss while rubbing our tits together.
“Did you enjoy last night?” she asked as she stood there, arms around me. I didn’t reply, just pressed my lips to hers and pushed my tongue into her mouth. When the kiss was over she remarked, “So did I.”
She put a couple pancakes and bacon on a plate and handed it to me then fixed one of her own. We sat and ate and chatted a bit about other stuff and when we were thru she asked me, “Are you ready to meet Rodney?”
“Who?” I asked
“Rodney, my house mate.”
I was completely confused. As far as I knew there had not been a man in Tracey’s life since her husband had died. I really didn’t know what was going on.
“Yeah, I guess,” I said with a look of confusion on my face. Tracey got up and went out the back door of the house and I heard her say, “Be cool Rodney,” as she came back to the sitting room. With her was a dog, a big dog, some mix of Great Dane and Rot I guessed. She told him to say hello to Pam and came over to me all wiggily and acted glad to meet me. Tracey went on,
“I got Rodney two years ago as a pup. I got him to have someone in my life to love and then found out he would also be my lover. I have trained him to obey two names in two different ways. When I call him Rodney he is very quiet and polite so to speak. When I call him his other name he changes to his other self.”
I thought the word lover was a little odd but I was completely blown away when she asked me if I was ready to meet his other dog. I said, “Yes, I guess.”
Rodney was lying on his blanket on the other side of the room. Tracey asked me to join her on the couch. Then she said “Be a good boy Rod, come and see me.”
Rodney’s head came up immediately like, “Who, Me?” Then he got up and hurried over to Tracey. She was lying back with her legs spread. Rod jumped up with front feet on each side of her and licked her face. Just like a man would do he then moved down to her tits, licking each nipple as Tracey started to squirm. The next target was her pussy and his tongue devouring her box got her really moving. I couldn’t believe his next move. He jumped back up where he started and one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen started searching for a hole to fuck. He humped and humped with the tip of his cock making contact with Tracey’s skin but not a hole. She started wiggling her butt around until the both were in the right place at the right time and with one push his big cock was buried in her hot pussy. And the hammering began.
I was fingering my pussy with two fingers as I watched my friend getting a wild fuck by her dog. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, suck his cock, get fucked, or lick her pussy when Rod was done or what. So I just fucked myself with fingers and watched. It was only a couple minutes before Rod pushed his cock as far in as he could get it and just kept pushing. Tracey had her legs wrapped around him and it looked like she was holding him there. Then she muttered, “Oh my god, he is filling me so full of his cum.” I got down on my knees behind Rod to see for myself what was going on.
I could see that he was buried in her cunt. I could see liquid seeping out from around his cock and I could see how wet the entire area was. I so wanted a taste. Using a finger I ran around his cock and picked up some of the juice and tasted it. Mmmm I thought to myself, a bit salty but really quite tasty. Then Rod started backing up and out plopped his knot and cock and a torrent of cum. I pushed by Rod and pressed my lips to her cunt and drank. Tracey grabbed my head and pushed her pelvis hard against my face. “Don’t stop,” she begged, “Please don’t stop.”
Of course, I had no intention of stopping. Her cunt was so wet and so delicious I just kept lapping and sucking and enjoying. Then I got the jolt of my life, a coarse big tongue started licking up and down my pussy and asshole. I was getting pleasure from both ends. My climax was starting deep and heading for the surface just as my licker jumped me and held me as his cock searched for somewhere to fuck.
“Ohhhh,” I moaned. “Is he in you?” Tracey asked.
“Yessss,” I whispered, “In my ass.”
Tracey uttered something as she raised her leg over me and got down on the floor beside me. “I’ve got to hold his cock so he doesn’t try to bury his knot in you. That wouldn’t be good.”
Rod didn’t last very long before he pushed and pushed his cock as deep in me as he could. Then I felt my insides being filled with his cum. I thought I was going to explode. Tracey kept his cock in her hand and then pulled it out as she pressed her lips to my pussy. After drinking at my love hole like I had done at hers we both collapsed to the floor. Rodney came over to us and whinned so Tracey got up and let him outside.
As she re-entered the room she asked, “Well, what do you think of Rod.”
I smiled and rubbed my ass and said, “I won’t be able to poop for a week.”
Tracey sat down on the sofa and patted next to her inviting me to join her. We settled in to each other’s arms and kissed a bit. I asked her, “Do you have any idea what day it is?”
“Well, the clock says 5:14 am so I guess it must be Sunday.”
I thought to myself that we have been going at sex for just about 36 hours. All I’d had to drink and eat was guy, girl and doggy cum and pussy. Not too bad a diet. “Do you want to eat, sleep or make out?” Tracey asked. “Why don’t we just cuddle and sleep for awhile, then we can decide on the other two,” I whispered.
If I get some positive feedback there will be chapter two which will include more with Rod and Tracey and then a big surprise.
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