She's more than a BDSM slave
Disclaimer. Any similarities between the people here depicted and persons living or deceased is entirely unintentional and the author wishes to apologise in advance for any mistaken impression that may arise.

Bound to Please.

It was the third week of our 'relationship, we were in the cellar by the big wheel just along from the stocks and the wall rings where she had been chained earlier, and she sort of glowed orange in the red glow of the mood lighting and she shuddered gently as tied her hands and feet to the wheel with ropes before I started to add the body ropes for a Japanese Hog Tie.

I passed the rope round under her breasts five times and tied it off and then took the rope around her left breast three times and asked her, "How's that?"

"Nng!" she said and nodded, so I tied it off and wound the other end around her right breast, round three times and tie off, then checked it was not too tight.

"Nng," she said past her gag and nodded before I even asked.

I already had her hands tied to the iron bound rim, her feet to a spoke each and her neck to a further spoke, carefully bound with thick blue cord, firm enough to hold her but not too tight to mark or hurt her.

It was almost second nature now, I could do it on automatic pilot and so there I was entirely dressed in black leather with my semi hard tool hanging out tying my gorgeous house slave to the fuck wheel and thinking about car insurance.

I turned her around so she was head down, I had adjusted the wheel axis to be slightly off the horizontal but not much although what the wheelwright would have thought when he made it for me if he had known what it was actually for, well, it was hard enough trying to get just one made, he thought it was for a cart!

She was naked as ever apart from her black latex hood but tonight she had forgotten to take off her crucifix, she wasn't allowed to wear it but she had taken to wearing it despite me or perhaps to spite me.

"Hey," I said as I reached out to remove it, "That could get caught in something."

She rolled her eyes, the hood hid her long golden hair and with eye nose and mouth holes it completely hid her features, which was a shame for she really was beautiful, though the mouth ring built into the hood made fucking her face delightfully easy.

The car insurance jingle went through my mind again, damn it!

I changed the mood lighting to green on the handset and set the vibrator in her ass to medium, or would have done if I could have remembered the code.

"Is the ass vibro 87 or 67?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Which?" I demanded as I pulled the ball gag away from her mouth hole and the ring holding her mouth open.

"Thwicksty sleven," she explained, "Ooooohh,"

Damn, I had set it on full, "Sorry," I apologised as I slowed it down.

Bloody hell I'm supposed to be the master, I fumed, my tool shrank again, maybe it was too cold in the dungeon, maybe leather pants with the front cut away wasn't ideal.

The wheel was great except for BJs and that's what I needed as the hub height was set up for screwing obviously she had to be horizontal to line her mouth up with my tool and that meant her head was sideways, less than ideal but I twizzled her around and spragged the wheel horizontal and just sort of fed my semi into her mouth hole.

She snorted, "Huck," she said.

It was the final straw, "Oh damn you!" I snapped, "What the hell are you playing at?"

"Hee!" she squealed, "Hor hot hart!"

"What!" I demanded and I peeled her hood off wrenching the ring gag fitting from her mouth quite brutally.

"You're not even hard!" she protested.

"Sorry," I said.

"What the hell good is sorry!" she said, "You know," she snapped angrily, "I've had enough!"

"Really?" I agreed, "You've had enough, well that makes two, that's you and me both!"

"You're tired of me already?" she asked incredulously.

"Yes, if you must know," I agreed, "Yes I'm bored!" I agreed.

"What really?" she asked in stunned disbelief, "Bored already?"

"Absolutely, lets call it a day, knock it on the head," I suggested, "Forget the whole thing, the deal's off!"

"But you promised!" she said, "I do a gap year as your slave and you fund my masters."

I pulled the sprag lever and turned her head down.

"You're upside down," she said and giggled, suddenly she seemed very appealing, vulnerable and girly without the mask.

"Can I kiss you?" I asked, "Do you think?"

"I can't stop you," she said.

"Physically," I asked, "If I lie full length, can we kiss mouth to mouth but opposite ways up?"

"Try it?" she suggested

I tried, "Ohhh its cold!" I complained as my tool touched the cold flagstone floor of the cellar.

"Don't be such a baby!" she exclaimed, "Come closer."

I took her face in my hands and kissed her mouth, it was surreal, she was upside down, we kissed and straight away my tool reared.

"You're hard," she said, I went to pull away, "No stay kiss me, rub your cock on the floor until you cum."

"What?" I gasped.

"You heard," she said, "Kiss me, it's nice."

"I'm not rubbing myself until I cum!" I protested.

"Go on, do it for me, just wank yourself against the cold hard stone until you spurt," she said, "Please, pretty please," and she giggled.

I kissed her lips again and almost immediately her tongue invaded my mouth, I started to tongue wrestle her and my tool really strained and the tip rubbed on the cold hard stone a strange feeling so different to sinking deep in side her and feeling the tingling of her ass vibro coursing through her cunt walls and then quite suddenly I was cumming, I felt so angry with myself.

"Gosh," she said, "That looks really weird."

"What?" I asked.

"Well seeing you upside down is a bit non standard," I explained.

"My head is throbbing," she said, "And the vibro feels funny."

"We'll call it a day for now then?" I queried.

"Yes, lets go down the pub," she suggested.

"The deal is you stay in the dungeon and pander to my every sexual need!" I reminded her.

"Sex in the pub car park?" she suggested.

"Watching you cumming," she

"Oh yes, security lights, closed circuit TV," I pointed out.

"We could have a meal?" she suggested.

"Isn't my cooking to your taste?" I asked.

"Oh oui, pommes der terre a la Microwave," she said, "You're hopeless, you should let me cook." she suggested.

"Then you aren't locked up all day." I pointed out.

"But I'm bored!" she said, "This is really fucking boring ok?" she said, "All my friends are having a great time and all I get is screwed for half an hour and two hot meals a day, otherwise I don't see you."

"I'll get a reciprocating fucking machine," I suggested.

"No!" she said, "Look maybe it was a mistake ok, maybe I'm not cut out to be a sex slave?"

"But we've got all the gear now, the hoist and the tripod and the wheel," I explained.

"And it was fun, making it all work, but we've done it all now, it's all boring repetition," she said.

"What you enjoyed installing it," I asked incredulously, "I thought we would never get the cement dust out of your hair."

"We did it together though didn't we, we were a team Brian," she said, "Not master and slave."

"But Pattie," I explained, "It cost most of last years bonus and I worked hard for that bonus, this way I get my fantasy and you get the money for an education."

"You don't work hard Brian," she sneered, "You're a banker, you borrow at half a per cent and lend at ten, any idiot could make a killing doing that."

"And you're upside down with a vibrator in your ass," I said.

"Riverside pub, a few pints, a curry on the way home," she suggested, "I'll stick to Coke and do the driving?"

I looked her in the eye, "You're on," I said, "Why not!"

"Brian!" she said in alarm, "You were supposed to say no!"

"No, it's good, we'll do it," I said and I absentmindedly started to untie her breasts.

"Tip me up the right way please," she asked.

"In a minute," I agreed.

"And can you take the vibro out of my bottom please?" she asked.

"If I must," I agreed and I extracted the dildo and released the wheel to spin her upright.

There were big red marks over her breasts, "I suppose I had better wear a cardigan," she said.

"Oh hell, what about clothes?" I asked.

"There's the emergency spares for if I needed the doctor," she explained, "And the rest is in the loft."

"Right," I agreed.

"Brian," she said, "You need to change too you look really stupid with your penis hanging out."

"Ok," I agreed and I released her arms,"You can untie yourself now can't you?" I asked.

"Yes," she agreed

I went upstairs, three flights in total from cellar to my bedroom I stripped off and took a lovely warm shower in the en suite shower room and emerged to find Pattie lying on my bed wearing a pink cardigan and blue jeans with a pair of trainers.

"Nice firm mattress, it supports the back well," she said.

"What are you doing?" I asked as I dried myself.

"You didn't make me cum," she explained.

"You said you were bored." I explained.

"It doesn't mean you can leave me all frustrated though does it?" she said, "Fair's fair."

"Do you want to go to the pub?" I asked.

"When you've satisfied me," she said, "I do have needs you know!"

"Ok get naked," I demanded.

"I thought you would never ask!" she replied and she threw off her jeans and cardigan and slipped between the bed sheets and held out her hand for me to join her.

"Isn't that nicer?" she said as she put her arms around me.

"This wasn't the deal," I said.

"So sue me, a girl has the right to change her mind," she said and she kissed my neck and reaching down to cup my balls she said, "You like it too."

I could hardly argue I was as hard as iron again already.

"It's not what I want," I argued.

"Really?" she queried as her fingers trailed along my shaft.

"I want anonymous basic sex." I explained, "Not some mad affair, a one week stand."

"A week!" she exclaimed, "You're lucky to last ten minutes so put it in me before it explodes again."

"Pattie!" I protested and she rolled over on to me.

"Do you want me on top?" she asked.

"No!" I replied but , "Oh why not, you do some work for once." I demanded and she sank down and guided my tool inside her wonderful warm wet hole.

"Thats," she said, "Really nice!"

"Only nice?" I asked.

"Nice is nice," she explained, "Shut up," which wasn't the most submissive of comments

I watched her bouncing up and down on my cock, her blonde hair flowing around her shoulders and her breasts bouncing up and down, "Nice," she said again and smiled, I smiled back, "Not yet," she said, I frowned, I couldn't hold off much longer and nthen she she said, "Oh go on then," and my cock just about exploded gushing cum deep inside her.

"See that was much nicer than some dingy old dungeon!" she cooed as she slowed her rhythm to a stop.

"But it's my fantasy!" I said, "I'm paying you a bloody fortune!"

"I know but now it's finished it's boring," she admitted, "I really liked it when we put the wheel and everything together but it's finished and I don't see you much and I'm bored!"

"I thought you hated helping me set the dungeon up?" I queried.

"At first," she admitted, "It was good working together, but now I'm bored."

"Really?" I queried, "I'll get some friends round to try you out."

"Brian, we both know I didn't agree to that," she said firmly as she wiped herself with a tissue.

"What then?" I asked.

"Can I get a job?" she suggested.

"Job?" I asked.

"Office job, part time selling real estate," she suggested.

"You have somewhere in mind?" I asked.

"Better than that I have an interview next week," she admitted.

"Pattie I do not, repeat not need a girlfriend!" I insisted, "That was the whole point of our deal, no hassle, I get laid, I don't get any grief, I get to concentrate on my job."

"But you do need someone," she insisted, "Someone to share your bed."

"My Porsche more likely," I suggested.

"Cook your meals, tell your mother how wonderful you are," she tried.

"Spend a fortune dressing, wining and dining!" I suggested.

"Only if you want to," she said, "If you really want your friends to think you're a cheapskate that's fine!"

"Pattie," I cautioned, "This is just supposed to be uncomplicated sex, you know, sex when I want it."

"A girl's got a right to change her mind," she announced, "Look ok six the eight each evening in
the dungeon and the rest of the time its boyfriend and girlfriend.

"Done," I said, "Where's my good shirt, I'm hungry."

"Brian!" she complained, "I don't have anything to wear!"

"Back bedroom," I replied, "I never did put your stuff in the loft!"

"Ooh you really are something!" she snapped and she rushed away.

I think putting on the war paint took her an hour, but she certainly did look stunning in a classic sort of way in a rather grown up matching tan jacket and skirt but anyway it was way past dinner by the riverside time by the time we got going, so Pattie had to make do with dinner in a gastro-pub, not that she seemed to mind particularly, and it made a pleasant change for me from the usual ready meals.

I didn't take up her offer to be designated driver, I valued the Porsche's gold anodised 18" wheel rims too much for that and we arrived home around ten.

The phone rang, of course she answered it, "Oh, I'm Pattie," she said "DeLaney," pause "Yes the Westerleigh DeLaneys," pause, "Oh weeks now, he's here, Brian it's your mother."

I just has to be mother, "Brian!" she started, "I warned you, I said casual sex, no steady girlfriend and what do you do?"

"Woah, slow down," I insisted, "What has she been telling you?" I asked.

"She doesn't need to dear she's obviously your girlfriend," mother said.

"She's just my fuckslut," I said, and Pattie's face just crumpled into tears and she rushed away, "Shit, I'll call you back!" I insisted and I rushed after Pattie as she darted from the room, I caught her on the stairs on her way to the bedroom, "Hey it's what we agreed," I reminded her as I flung my arms around her to stop her headlong flight.

"You told your mother I was a fuckslut!" she said, "And she knows my Auntie Jane and she'll tell my mum and there will be one hell of a row."

"You shouldn't have told her your name," I suggested, "Anyway how do you know she knows your Auntie Jane."

There was this awkward silence, "Is there something you want to tell me?" I enquired.

"Can we sit down?" she asked quietly.

"I somehow think we ought to," I agreed.

We went to the kitchen, she sat in a chair I sat on a corner of the table, "It wasn't coincidence," she said, "You know, when I answered your advert for a live in sub."

"I'm beginning to realise that," I agreed.

"A mutual friend," she said, "Said you really needed a girlfriend and that you were absolutely loaded."

"Right," I agreed, "So what's the plan, get pregnant?"

Her head snapped round in shock, "Uh," she said lost for words.

"Bloody hell!" I said completely shocked.

"Uh, no not really," she said.

"Mother warned me about girls like you," I confessed, "I promised I wouldn't get involved with anyone until I was thirty," I said as I looked at the floor, "It was her idea, you know, our contract."

"But she knows who I am now!" Pattie protested.

"You told her!" I reminded her.

"Oh," she said awkwardly, "I did didn't I."

"I'd better ring her," I suggested and I reached for my cell phone, "Mother?" It was my father, "Oh , is Mother there please?" he transferred the phone, "Mother?" I asked again.

"Yes Brian, have you something to tell me," she asked.

"Err, yes, it's about Pattie," I explained, "Pattie and I went for a meal earlier," I confessed.

"Then you had better bring her to lunch on Sunday," Mother said. "Shall we say noon?"

"Mother says can we go to lunch this Sunday?" I asked, Pattie nodded, "Yes we'll be there," I agreed, and after another five minutes of meaningless waffling I was able to put the phone down.

"Girlfriend?" I asked, she nodded, "Get some coffee would you, I'll be in the lounge."

"I'm not your slave!" Pattie complained, "I mean, I mean I'll get changed."

"Ok, you get changed I'll get the coffee," I agreed, it was no hardship.

She reappeared about five minutes later, bursting out of the sexy maid outfit I had left in the cellar, "I thought I would look the part," she suggested.

"Oh," I replied, "I thought?"

"Don't think, just do," she insisted without really explaining what she expected me to do, but when she walked across to me on her impossibly high heels with her breasts bulging from the skimpy fabric an the hem line so high her sex was plainly on view her intentions were unmistakable.

"Mind the coffee," I asked plaintively as she grabbed my face and kissed me passionately on the lips before she grabbed my zipper and wrenched it down freeing my straining erection, "Damn" I exclaimed as I knocked a cup sending the coffee sloshing over the kitchen units.

"On the floor?" she asked.

"Yes," I agreed, as I wriggled from my trousers, "Yes!"

We couldn't, there wasn't any room even with the chairs under the table, "Lounge!" she ordered.

"Over the couch?" I suggested.

"No on the rug face to face," she said.

That's how we ruined the sheepskin hearth rug by getting cum on it, fucking in front of the fireplace, Pattie in her back, me doing all the work and then just when it all seemed perfect she hit me with it.

"Do you love me?" she asked.

"For gods sake what a time to ask that?" I said.

She pushed me away just as I started cumming, great spurts of stuff all over that bloody rug.

"Pattie!" I protested, "Don't be such a drama queen."

"You don't love me!" she pointed

"Yes I do," I countered, "I only just realised, "Can we clean the rug do you think?"

"No, it's ruined," she said, "I just can't believe you just came over a rug instead of inside me!"

"Pattie!" I exclaimed.

"You'll have to go down on me and bring me off!" she said, "I need to cum Brian!"

"I'm pretty good with my fingers," I said, "But Pattie," I added, "I'm getting hard again."

"Good," she said, "Forget the Coffee let's go to bed."#

It was nearly perfect, except I was knackered, I'd already cum three or was it four times and there are limits, and I passed mine while gently humping her.

"Don't go to sleep on me," she counselled and yawned, and I started to cum really gently.

"Ohhhh that's so nice," she said, "You can go to sleep now."

I woke a while later, I was shattered, Pattie by contrast was full of life, she had removed her makeup, found a sensible nightdress, laid out my clothes for he day, at least her idea of the clothes for the day except she had Tuesday's tie instead of the chequer one, and was fixing breakfast, perfect except it was ten thirty and I usually get to work at seven.

"But you looked so happy," she explained when I complained, "I thought we could have a quiet morning, you know just you and me?"

"Oh my god!" I spluttered, "Don't tell me you switched the alarm off?"

She looked worried, "Sorry," she said sheepishly.

"Oh hell!" I exclaimed

I dressed ridiculously quickly and dashed from the house, I sprinted to the corner and down towards the main road, somehow expecting to find a Taxi, there was a bus heading my way so I leapt aboard, found I didn't have my oyster card or the right fare, only just avoided smashing the idiot drivers idiot teeth down his idiot throat and ran towards town, I must have run a mile before I found a Taxi and then when eventually when I arrived at the Bank no one had missed me.

I checked my diary, checked my emails, I don't have a p.a. as such, my work is largely reactive and unstructured, changing with the whim of the stock markets and exchange rates, just one missed appointment, I rang to apologise and then just about collapsed in my chair.

I rang home, there was no answer, a bad sign, so I cancelled my two o'clock meeting and went home.

Pattie was still there, down in the cellar, with my mother and father, she was naked, Pattie that is not mother, and the couldn't have heard me come back.

"Gordon, concentrate!" Mother was saying.

Poor father, his hands were shaking as he tried to tie her in a hog tie, he had the rope too tight around her left breast and too loose around her right one and the crossover was all wrong and they shouldn't have done a cross over at the breast if they intended to tie her ankles behind her neck.

"Brian?" Pattie said awkwardly.

"Oh, my, god!" I exclaimed, "This looks just like a set up!" they didn't answer, "Enjoying yourself father?"

Poor sod, he would rather have had a game of scrabble with her than tied her up, "Your mother's idea," he explained.

"Yes, when poor Pattie rang I suggested she went back to being you slave, your fuck-slut," Mother explained, "And she agreed."

"Yes," Pattie agreed.

"No!" I insisted, "Oh no,"

"What?" Father queried.

"No, Pattie can get a job, work off some of that excess energy," I insisted, "And she can get my breakfast for six each morning."

"Six, you must be joking!" she complained, "Oh lord you're serious?"

"Deadly," I agreed.

"I need to think about this," Pattie suggested.

"Well loosen the rope round her left breast before it turns black and drops off, " I ordered, "And Pattie get dressed we'll discuss this sensibly."

I went upstairs and poured myself a generous measure of a decent single malt whisky, I just left it beside my chair for a moment and then Father appeared, "Ah Glen Livett!" he exclaimed and grabbed my glass and downed it in a single gulp.

"It wasn't actually," I said, "What exactly is going on?"

Pattie appeared next, I couldn't believe it, pink ball gag, hands cuffed behind her, white sexy nurses outfit with her breasts hanging out which showed her pubes to perfection, "Mother!" I cried.

"Brian, you need to know what you are throwing away!" Mother said.

"I meant we would sit round like civilised people and discuss this," I suggested.

"Yes Brian, so take her back as your sex slave," Mother suggested as she stood there in her M and S blue two piece suit with white blouse and the obligatory pearls.

"Is that what you want Pattie?" I asked.

She nodded.

"Only I want more." I insisted.

"No Brian," Mother said, "You're too young to settle down."

"Who put you in charge?" I asked.

"Mother knows best Brian," my father insisted, "At least she thinks she does."

"Mmmm," Pattie said but we ignored her.

"Just tie her up and use her when you need to Brian." Mother insisted, "You're paying enough for the privellage."

"Mother, Father, get out please," I ordered.

"Brian!" Mother exclaimed in shock, "You can't order us around like that."

"Oh stay then," I exclaimed and I grabbed Pattie by the hand and took her up to my room.

She looked so sexy, I couldn't resist, I just bent her over the end of the bed, pulled the belt from my trousers and slapped her across her bare buttocks, "I," slap, "Will," slap, "Never," slap,"Turn," slap, "The alarm," slap, "Off Again," slap, and then I dropped my trousers and drove my rock hard erection deep into her willing cunt.

It was heavenly, she was so hot and wet and willing, squeezing me rhythmically as I pounded in and out of her, I grasped her breasts feeling her rock hard nipples as we humped together and the sensations floated over me like a great marshmallow cloud and then before I realised it I was cumming seemingly pumping pints of cum inside her..

It was over far too quickly.

I left her handcuffed and gaged as I took her downstairs, Mother was still there, Father was on his second or third scotch.

"Brian please!" Mother exclaimed, cum was running down Pattie's leg.

"What hvae you decided Pattie?" I asked and I removed her ball gag.

"Can you get up quietly and let me sleep?" she asked.

"I can try," I explained.

"Good!" she said and we understood perfectly.

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