A GUEST FOR A WEEK – Chapter 01: Monday’s Madness

Waiver Note: This is a fictional narrative about men in their late twenties entering into a sexual relationship with underage adolescent young women. The whole of the chapters involves a spectrum of topics ranging from fantasies to complete sexual unions. If the topic is not of interest or offensive to you, please cease reading immediately and move on.

To those who proceed, I apologize for the chapters being long. However, I found it necessary to articulate the story I wanted.

-- seltra
- - -

“ORDER UP! Jiz, you got that steak on yet!?”

“Already half done, boss, chill! Don’t get your panties in a knot.”

“I’ll chill when it’s being plated – and my panties are in the wash; I’m going commando today!”

“Sweet! That means less effort on my part when I kick your arse later on!”

Rick laughed as he pushed the button that would page the waitress to whisk away the dinners he had just finished. Running a kitchen wasn’t without stress – that was certain – but he loved it! Ever since he had finished culinary school a few years earlier he considered himself fortunate to have landed a head chef’s position almost immediately. One of his professor/chefs in his last year was good friends with the manager who had given up this job. Being in the top of his class, Rick was highly recommended by his instructor to the previous head chef, and in turn to the hotel management for the position. After one interview they were sincerely impressed and hired him immediately. The pay wasn’t quite as spectacular as it could have been initially – and some of his subordinates had been making more than him – but he was promised that if he proved himself he’d be earning top dollar within a year. The management hadn’t been lying and now Rick had the title and earnings to complement it. He never forgot his good fortune since it was usually several years of kitchen grunt work before any semblance of a management position came someone’s way.

Beside him was his good friend, “Jiz”. They’d gone through culinary school together, eventually ending up as roommates because they had become such close friends during the first year. He had gone by his nickname, “Jiz” since long before Rick had known him – probably starting sometime in his mid-teen years – all due to his actual given name being James Ian Zimmerman. When his friends at school had written out his initials and realized what they spelled, the nickname became engraved in stone. Though he had no idea when the word actually came into being, Rick always thought it was an epic fail on the part of his friend’s parents. The thought made him laugh.

Rick always thought Jiz was a highly fitting nickname for his friend. He had never known a hornier guy – and in college Jiz made sure he was sexually satisfied. Jiz never wanted children – of that he was sure – and in the couple years after high school had gone to great lengths to ensure he could enjoy himself without the fear and concern of ending up with responsibilities he was convinced not to have. He worked for a couple years and shortly before entering college Jiz had gone in for a vasectomy, thereby having been sterilized and then seeing to it that he enjoyed his social life to the max and on his own terms. He could always adopt or consider artificial insemination if he ever settled down and wanted to alter his decision.

It was perfect; his testicles weren’t removed, of course, so all the necessary and functional hormones continued to course through his body, but his semen was devoid of sperm. Jiz took full advantage, never having a girlfriend for more than a few days – if they could have even been considered a ‘girlfriend’. They were more like a barrage of one-night stands. Rick had almost never known him to sleep alone on a weekend. Sometimes it seemed his bed wasn’t empty every night for days on end – and almost never with the same girl two nights in a row. Rick had returned to the dorm multiple times in his college years to his roommate pleasuring well-endowed bombshells to petite nubiles and every description in between. They’d have sex almost anywhere: on the living room couch or floor, the kitchen table, chairs or counters, the bathroom, or Jiz’s bedroom opposite his – and on rare occasions, Rick’s bedroom, which he always kicked them out of unceremoniously – and anywhere else in the dorm (and regularly outside the dorm) feasible. Certainly, he lived up to his nickname’s namesake.

Jiz hadn’t been able to get a culinary job right after graduation. However, after a couple months Rick was obliged to terminate the position of one of his better chefs. The employee had been loyal to the previous manager and had constantly been attempting to usurp authority over Rick believing his duration of employment offered him seniority. This instigated unending difficulties in keeping the kitchen running smoothly. Having cleared it with the hotel management, Rick gave him the boot – which allowed him to offer the position to his former roommate who accepted it graciously.

Rick ran a tight ship, but always attempted to have fun or keep the workplace morale high-spirited. Jiz was very proficient at what he did, but always had a joke about something or someone. Together the two kept each other balanced and sane. They’d worked in this kitchen the last five years together, never having a substantial disagreement between them in employment or personal affairs. Jiz knew who the boss was, and Rick didn’t allow the occasional crap of the kitchen or hotel politics to roll downhill, even onto Rick. Beyond that, they confided almost everything else. They were close in age (Rick was 27, Jiz was 28) and shared a large overlap of similar interests. Rick made it a point to schedule the two of them together as often as reasonable which allowed plenty of opportunities to hit up the pubs during the day or the clubs at night. Today, Monday, it was looking reasonable that they’d be done early or, at the very least, exactly as their shift was complete.

Rick printed up his own copy of the next order and grabbed the proper ingredients. He was just grabbing his knife to begin mincing as the candy apple redheaded waitress burst in from around the corner.

“These three here, Chef Rick?”

Rick turned to her. “Those are the ones, Lexi. How are we doing out there?”

“Tables are pretty full. So, when I told them that their food was on its way, they were like, ‘Really!? Already!?’ so I’d say we’re in pretty good shape right now,” Lexi beamed.

“Perfect. Let’s not disappoint.”

“Yes, sir!” she acknowledged with a mock salute, and with that she scarpered back out to deliver the meals. Rick turned back to his preparations. It had been over a month since a customer had complained that food was taking too long or had sent a plate back. He considered that a matter of pride, a testament to the proficiency of his direction and the other employees’ skills. Such a track record was virtually unheard of.

“Damn...!” Rick heard Jiz mutter under his breath.

“Y’all right? Burn yourself?” asked Rick.

“Hm? Me? Oh, yeah, I’m fine. Really wish they’d lower that legal age, though,” Jiz complained. Rick darted his eyes about, scanning the other cooks on the line to analyze whether they had overheard Jiz’s remark. The noise level was far too great, though; Jiz was speaking at just the volume for Rick to hear him two feet away, something he’d become highly adept at.

Rick shook his head. “Man, you’re going to have to get a grip,” he chided as he began frying some vegetables. “Thinking with the wrong head like that is going to get you into hot water some day.”

“As long as it’s a grip on her,” Jiz teased. Rick rolled his eyes and shook his head. “Dude, you know as long as she has two legs, two boobs, a head and a vag and is less than 175lbs I’m totally there,” Jiz stated as he removed the steak he was working on from the grill, cooked perfectly to medium rare. “Even legs aren’t really a necessity. Hell, I’ve even been known to make exceptions for 200, too!”

“Yeah – and teenagers,” added Rick. As he retrieved some gravy for this upcoming meal they were working on, he looked at Jiz, who just shrugged with a smug grin. Rick rolled his eyes again and gave the veggies another stir. “That’s my point exactly, my friend.”

“Look, dude,” Rick asserted as he added some mashed potatoes to his meal, “you know I’ve never nailed any girl who’s illegal.”



“Well, I know some of the skanks you’ve screwed around with have been pretty young. Haven’t some from the college recently been 17?”

“As long as they’re 16 and not living at home, they’re legal.”

“So, underage, but ‘legal’,” Rick mirrored.

Jiz shrugged smugly again. “Like I said: legal.”

“As long as that’s still and/or actually the law, man. You might need to check it again.” They both laughed as Rick pushed the button to signal Lexi for the order. “Table for one on its way.” Rick turned to Jiz, who grinned and pulsed his eyebrows. “Yeah, just remember: she’s 15, living with her parents and the hotel owner’s daughter. Ie: WAY OFF LIMITS! Keep your eyes on your food, you lout!” With that, Rick gave his friend a mock slap across the head.

The two men were still laughing again when Lexi obtained and walked away with her next delivery.

When their shift was finished early that afternoon Rick breathed a sigh of relief. “Another day done,” he observed to no one in particular. Quickly, he and Jiz used adjacent stalls in the staff bathroom to change. Jiz hadn’t let up since their conversation earlier.

“Seriously, dude. When are you going to just man up and admit it? Even if she is 15, Lexi is downright friggin’ sexy! In fact, that’s my new name for her: Lexi the Sexy. Or, how about just: Sexy Lexi?”

Rick laughed. “Can’t you keep it in your pants for just five minutes?”

“Not if I can help it,” Jiz responded, laughing, too.

Rick rolled his eyes. “Man, you got some serious issues.” However, Rick had to admit that, yes, she was good-looking – for a fifteen-year-old – and would grow up to be a knockout, but simply resisted the urge to entertain the idea. He hadn’t laid someone under 18 since he had been that age, too. Sure, he’d he had been satisfied in college, and had the occasional girlfriend then and now, but nothing like Jiz had ever done. He was adept at making love to a woman and satisfying her – mainly because he knew how to angle himself in pretty well any erotic position to stimulate a woman’s clitoris – and how they loved it! These days, though, it was about every few weekends – sometimes, frustratingly enough, even longer – where Rick found himself waking up next to someone whereas Jiz’s track record was probably about every few days.

True, Rick loved sex, but wasn’t about to engage in such dire lengths to obtain it. It had been several months since a steady girlfriend had come his way. While Jiz was just out for a good time, Rick was interested in something deeper, steadier and more fulfilling to him than a series of one-night-stands. They were convenient on occasion for a quick fix, he figured, but the profound connection was what Rick was on the lookout for.

He continued to Jiz, “It’d be in your best interest to get a handle on that or you’ll be thrown behind bars so quickly it’d make your head spin. If someone besides me ever heard you—”

“Relax, dude,” Jiz replied, “I can look all I want, can’t I? Sure, Sexy Lexi is a tempting sight; long legs, burning red hair, 120 lbs, 5’2” and she’s gotta be at least a 30C, maybe even D – D for ‘damn, she’s hot’ – but I know I can’t bed her . That is, at least for a couple more years, anyway. I can look until then, though, and just revel in the teenage sight and fantasize about what’ll happen someday.”

Rick gave up. He knew there was no reasoning with him while testosterone filled his veins. They finished getting changed and headed to Rick’s car. They both owned a car, but often carpooled and split gas costs since they worked together and both rented a unit in the same apartment complex. They had even become so economical so as to run errands together.

On his way to the car, Rick felt his phone vibrate. Looking down he saw it was announcing a missed call from the apartment owners. He’d known them a long time, too. Another fortunate circumstance for Rick was that his parents were good friends with them. They didn’t have any children his age; his younger siblings were closer friends with their older children. However, they’d been good enough to give him a decent rent on one of the apartments if he helped them manage and take care of some of the maintenance around the place since he was something of a handyman, too. He was quick to oblige.

“Just a sec, man. Missed call from the apartment powers that be,” Rick informed him. Probably a leaky pipe or somewhere needs a window repaired or something, he thought as he dialled the phone. The husband answered.

“Ah, Rick. Just the man I needed to talk to!”

“Hey, Harold. What’s up this time? Where’s the window?” Rick asked him.

Harold laughed and corrected, “No window today, Rick, at least none that I’m aware of – yet. No, got a different favour to ask you.”


“How do you feel about babysitting?”

“Daddy!” Rick heard in the background. He knew without a doubt whose voice that was. Having known the family for years, he was well-acquainted with Harold and his wife Sandra and their children. Their youngest, 14-year-old Adelline (often called Adelle or Addy as diminutives), was the only to remain at home these days. The next oldest, Ryan, was 19 and already off to college himself. Rick often wondered if Adelle was a whoops-a-baby. Nevertheless, he never ceased teasing her like some cousin or uncle or other relative would, and she would often address him as ‘Uncle Rick’ out of the same respectful relationship.

“You’re not talking about Adelle, are you?” Rick mused.

“Yeah, I am, actually.”

“Daddy, stop calling it babysitting. I don’t need a babysitter, just a place to stay,” Adelle continued to protest in the background.

“Ok, ok. As my daughter has so eloquently stated, Rick, she doesn’t technically need a ‘babysitter’. No, rather, it’s just some adult supervision. Would you be able to take care of that for us?”

“I suppose. Why? What’s up?” Rick consented.

“Well, Sandra and I have some out-of-town business to attend to: a conference and seeing if we can grow our little apartment company. Adelle complained she would be, quote, ‘bored out of her mind like last time’ if we take her and we’d appreciate it if she had a place to stay. If it were only for a couple days or over the weekend or something we’d just let her stay here. However, it’ll probably be about five or six days, maybe a week if things run late. Like I said, we’d just appreciate her having some supervision. We’ll compensate you for food and everything,” Harold explained.

“Yeah, I don’t think it’ll be a problem – as long as she has no loud parties and no smoking in the apartment,” Rick joked, knowing she was prone to neither (although, since she was growing up, he wasn’t sure about the parties). He just enjoyed throwing the apartment rules back at his landlord.

Harold laughed heartily and agreed, “Oh, I think she’ll be just fine with the rules. She knows them.”

“Perfect. Ok, when will she be over?”

“To be honest, today. Sorry to throw it all on your lap at once, but the place we had lined up for her just called and cancelled and the any other families we’ve called aren’t able to do it. Sorry, Rick. No offence, but you were kind of a last resort.”

“No offence taken. Alright, well, it could cost a little extra. How’s this for a proposition: next month has free rent and we’ll call it even.”


“Sounds like a plan, my friend. When will you be over?” Rick inquired.

“The sooner the better; we have a plane to catch and still need to tie up some loose ends here.”

“Ok. Well, I’m on my way home now. You can drop her off within the hour if you’d like.”

“That sounds great. My wife will be by with her shortly then. Rick? Thanks.”

They ended their conversation. Once in the car Rick knew he would likely be forced to explain everything to Jiz – and he was. Jiz couldn’t describe enough after about how lucky Rick was to have a teenager in his home for a week, and proceeded to explain everything he would do to get in the girl’s pants and how it could be kept secret. Rick couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It caused some anxiety and nervousness within him. He had never once entertained a sexual thought involving Adelle. Though they weren’t blood related, their relationship didn’t make it seem natural. Yet, with Jiz filling his mind with such wretched ideas all day, every day, would he have the capacity and presence of mind to keep his hands off his guest for the next several days? He hoped so.

It was going to be a long week.

Once back at the apartments, Rick and Jiz arranged a rendezvous at 7:00pm for hitting up the clubs before departing to their separate rentals. Upstairs, Sandra and Adelle were already waiting.

“You made good time,” Rick observed. Greetings were exchanged and Rick’s apartment was opened up to the visiting youth. “Unfortunately, you’ll have to the take the couch to sleep on, but otherwise, make yourself at home, Adelle,” he offered. Adelle thanked him and walked in with her suitcase to check the place out: to the right were the kitchen and dining area, adjacent to the living room. To the left was a hall with successive rooms branching off: Rick’s office, his bedroom and the bathroom. She went for a quick exploration since she hadn’t been there for a couple years.

Turning back to Sandra Rick asked, “Are there any special instructions? Anything I need to know?” Sandra ushered Rick into the hallway and shut the door.

“There are some...complications...I guess you could say,” she confessed. Rick was confused and it must have shown on his face as Sandra continued, “Apparently she has been getting into some mischief with a couple guys at school this past year – sexual mischief, if you can believe it. This is actually the main reason why we requested someone to watch over her. It’s more or less to keep her accountable, at least a little bit. If she has a place where a chaperone of sorts is expecting her – and she really respects you, Rick – she will hopefully end up in less trouble. She can certainly go out for the evening, but we’d like it if she was in early. She confessed to everything. So, we’ve had little other choice than get some contraception for her: we were able to get her an IUD. Holy crap, did we have to fight with the doctor on that one. Anyways, we were able to get it, so there’s no worry about pregnancy, but all the same, please keep an eye on her so she doesn’t get involved some random guy – especially sexually.”

They continued to discuss a few more details about Adelle’s behaviour. Rick was shocked; to think that someone fourteen years old would be in such a situation and of necessity need contraception – and innocent little Adelle at that! She was certainly growing up, though maybe not with a due-north moral compass. Rick notified Sandra that he had some plans a few different evenings, but would return early to oversee Adelle going to bed. Sandra didn’t have a problem with it, but he knew Jiz would be frustrated that some nights would be terminated prematurely – especially with several days off approaching. He assured Sandra that he’d otherwise watch her like a hawk, said good bye and Sandra was off.

Rick re-entered the apartment. Adelle had already made herself comfortable on the couch and was reading some novel. Adelle was like that; she maintained an excellent balance between smarts, sports and stress relief and was highly intelligent for her age as a result.

In the moment he gazed on her, Rick experienced a flood of emotion he hadn’t anticipated as possible – and had therefore ruled out – which caught him totally off his guard. He felt his thoughts wandering spontaneously. He made the attempt to subdue his meandering consciousness, but for a time was entirely unable to intercept it. Adelle sat there; slender, athletic Adelle, practically a woman. In high-cut jean shorts and a white tank-top, she reclined with her legs curled underneath her. He knew she played sports: volleyball in the fall, basketball in the winter, track in the spring. She sat there, 5’1”, about 110 lbs, blue eyes and shoulder-length sandy blonde hair, currently up in a pony tail. Her long, toned legs were smooth and shapely. Her torso was stout and toned also. What caught Rick’s eye for some reason this time was the precision of her budding chest. He was commonly drawn to women’s breasts, and here her two 30C’s sat shapely, just perfect for his strong hands to knead and caress—

What the hell was he thinking!? Had Jiz’s conniving words finally penetrated him? Was it due to what Sandra had just explained? Perhaps a combination of the two had produced some terrible alchemy. No, he thought, I’m not going to get involved, even in thought, with a fourteen-year-old; especially Adelle! Rick regained his composure. Never had he experienced any sexual thought regarding Adelle before. This was certainly unexpected and uncharted water for him.

However, she had noticed him. “Is there a problem, Uncle Rick?” she asked innocently. Such a sweet voice; how could she possibly be involved with what her mother had accused her of? Then again, how could he be thinking of her as he just had? He shook his head, coming back to reality, and walked into the kitchen. It was getting time for dinner.

“Nah, Sweetie,” he replied with the endearing name he often used for her. Had he seen a sly expression across her face as she disappeared behind the wall? “You mom and I were just going over some details – like a curfew and bedtime for you.”

She followed him to the kitchen. “Ok, curfew I can understand, but bedtime?” She twisted her face into puppy-dog innocence, pleading not to have one.

Rick relented. After all, it was the summer and she wasn’t in school. “Alright, alright; if you come home early you can go to bed whenever. Just don’t stay up too late, Adelle,” he compromised and she agreed. Rick let her know that he’d be out for a while that evening, but would be back somewhere between 11:00pm and midnight since he had to work in the morning. She promised to be “good” (cross her heart and hope to die) and not go anywhere that night, which settled some fears in Rick.

By 5:00pm, Rick had fixed some dinner for the two of them. They talked about various subjects, content as if they were old friends, which they somewhat were. That was one thing that Rick had with Adelle; she was highly intellectual for her age and it facilitated conversation between them. Although they were more than a decade apart in age, they were each other’s confidant of sorts – likely stemming from and contributing to the uncle/niece-type relationship they shared. They typically told each other nearly everything when they were around each other. It was a convenient reciprocation.

Rick cleaned up the dishes and proceeded down the hall as Adelle helped herself to his Kinect. In his bedroom, Rick stripped down to the buff and, out of habit, was about to open the door to the hallway when he stopped himself. Adelle is here, you idiot! Rick scolded himself. No walking around nude for a week now! He sighed mournfully at his current state of affairs. Lounging naked or in his boxers was something to which he was prone, but now it was probably necessary and advisable to eliminate that habit for a while. Rick grabbed a towel from the hamper and wrapped it around himself before making his way to the bathroom.

Minutes later, hot water poured over Rick, finally naked as he enjoyed. He admired the fitness level he maintained. The apartment had a gym on the ground floor with weights, cardio equipment and other various machines, so he was down there most mornings with Jiz or running outside if he felt inclined and the weather permitted. He stood at 6’2”, about 220lbs and his muscles had a decent rigid tone to them. Of all he admired on himself, his shapely abs were among the greatest. He leaned on the wall below the shower head as the water opened his pores. It felt great after a long day in the kitchen.

Again he felt his thoughts shift and Adelle coursed back into them. Automatically, his hand found his soapy penis and began to rub and squeeze as it thickened and extended. Rick could imagine it being Adelle’s light and soft touch around his circumcised head. The thought of her revealed skin pressed against his caused his body to shudder and yearn to embrace her. Adelle’s soft, young flesh could be his, he knew, if he played his cards right. She could be the one engulfing his manhood with her hand – or her mouth, or ever deeply inside her—

NO! Rick hollered at himself within his head, Rick, you will not think of Adelle like that! You will NOT go there! She’s practically your niece for crying out loud! He stopped his self-gratification in its tracks. Still, the yearning was there, and Rick’s sex drive remained unfulfilled as his organ stood there in all its decently proud nine inches. Grabbing hold of the shower curtain rod that was fortunately anchored to the wall, he worked on switching the channels – perhaps to a co-worker who was of legal age – as he slaked his lust. With great difficulty, he kept Adelle out.

All at once, the door burst open and Adelle marched across the bathroom to the toilet before Rick realized what was happening – inches away from the end of the shower where he stood.

“Hey, Uncle Rick, I just need to use the washroom,” she explained, “and I was wondering...oh...” Her voice trailed off as she noticed the protrusion from the midsection of Rick’s sturdy physique. Unfortunately, whoever designed the showers in this apartment didn’t foresee this situation as the glass was more or less unfrosted and allowed an almost un-refracted image of the opposing side – and Rick never considered needing a shower curtain as he lived alone. Adelle giggled. “Little – or I guess I should ask – large problem there, Uncle Rick?”

Rick huffed, half-amused and half-irritated, before turning from her and taking a step towards the opposite end of the bathtub to maintain some modesty, leaning on the broad wall. He was shocked beyond measure that she’d just walk in without announcing herself first. “Adelle? Don’t you ever knock, Sweetie?” he asked, a little irritated. He looked over his shoulder. The sight of this half-naked teenager on the toilet caused his manliness to attempt to push the boundaries of its max extension. Oh, that aches, he thought.

“Sorry, Uncle Rick. My family’s used to it; we do it to each other all the time. Just a habit I guess. Her eyes widened as she stifled a smile while she continued to gaze at the reverse of Rick’s torso, particularly those sections just below the waistline. “I didn’t know you were so built.”

“Yeah, well, it’s something I take pride in,” Rick expressed, softening his voice’s tone some. He flexed the backside of his body for Adelle’s viewing.

“Mmmm! Looking good, Uncle Rick! I’ll bet you get laid every night around here with a body like that.”

Rick snapped back to reality. This was Adelle he was displaying himself for! He quit posing. “Whenever I want, yup,” he exaggerated and ushered, “Are you almost done out there?”

“Yup!” she responded, cleaning herself, her back towards Rick. At this angle, through the glass he could just make out the end of the thin line of— AARGH! GET OUT OF MY HEAD! Rick ordered the thought. He turned around, took another step away from the treacherous end of the tub and reached out to lean with his hands on the far wall. The shower jets had just enough pressure to reach the top of his glutes from here. He closed his eyes and attempted not to ponder the beauty of the youth just beyond the glass. Dead puppies...dead puppies...dead puppies... he chanted inwardly, desperate to replace the images.

Adelle flushed the toilet and washed her hands. An instant later she announced, “I’m all finished, Uncle Rick. You can open your eyes now.” Adelle’s voice was much clearer than before. Typically, the glass doors resisted sound, causing a muffling of sorts when someone spoke from the other side; her voice now seemed right in front of him! Rick’s eyes burst open and, to his horror, he saw that she was! Adelle had opened the glass door and had shoved her head inside the shower!

Rick reared back, nearly slipping from astonishment, and, unabashedly, placed his hands on his hips. “Adelle...!” he bellowed lightly at her in the most judicial voice he could muster, forging a facial expression to match. He neither managed nor maintained such posture easily. With her so close now, his penis began to throb like it were about to rip the skin that contained it. How he wanted to pull her into the shower with him!

“Ok, ok,” she verbalized gingerly, taking one last longing, admiring gaze at his outstretched digit and retreated to the doorway where she stopped. “I know you’re a lot older than me, Uncle Rick, but that is one nice body and fantastic-looking cock you have. Just thought I’d let you know,” she complimented and giggled again before closing the door, leaving Rick to himself.

He stood in the shower dumbfounded, knowing only that he had to relieve the discomfort immediately. He beat himself off furiously. This time, however, there was no resisting his thoughts. Adelle’s pubescent image was there to stay. With the fantasy of thrusting deep inside that seductive young woman, Rick blew his load like he hadn’t in ages. Volley after volley seemed to discharge. He wondered for a while if it would ever end.

Afterwards, he prepared for the evening on the town quickly. He knew Jiz would be waiting and probably pacing. He was fifteen minutes late getting out of the apartment. Sure enough, Jiz was there – and very inquisitive. As they drove, Rick told him everything, Jiz giving him one of his ‘I-told-you-so’ speeches.

The epitome of it all was when Rick had left the apartment that night. As he made for the door he took one last look at Adelle. Her eyes were already on him. When their gazes met, there was a passion in her eyes; a passion of yearning to share a relationship much deeper than a niece and an uncle. It haunted him all evening. In that instant, Rick knew one thing innately: this week, his inhibitions were doomed.

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