Part 5; Tristan's Gift

As Tristan and I reached the shower rooms we made our way into a private shower section. As I locked the door to the section, Tristain jumped on me and immedeatly began to kiss me and undress me. Slowly moving his hands up my chest lifting my shirt off and runing his hands through my hair. My hands squeezing his 11 year old ass as we passionatly made out. Stripping each other as we burried our toungs in eachothers mouths, caressing eachother's bodies, as I dropped to my knee's to undo his belt and free his boyhood;

Me: Happy Birthday
Tristan: Now blow me out
Me; Gladly

As I took his 11 year old hairless uncut cock in my mouth while taking Tristan's pants and underwear off, all he could do is stand up against the wall and moan. I began to fondle his hairless ass and slowly move my index finger into his tight hole while I used my toung on his piss slit and rolled his foreskin over my toung with my free hand.

Tristan: Oh, ya, thats the spot,

I began to kiss his hairless cock and slowly make my way up his naked body all the way to his young lips.Tristan grabed my head and forced his toung to the back of my mouth and had me up against the wall of a shower, As he turned the hot water on and began to kiss every inch on my naked body. The feel of his warm kisses and the hot water was amazing, from slowly sucking and licking my niples, running his hands all over my back slowly making their way to my ass. As Tristan started to kiss my thighs
and slowly making his way to my balls looking at me with his ocean blue eyes with my 7 inch boner between them watching him take my balls in his 11 year old mouth.
I have never been so turned on in my life. What can be better than a naked 11 year old blonde boy wtih ocean blue eyes with a hairless body and a uncut cock on his knees ready to give you a blowjob. Just watching him take my cock in his mouth made me cum. His hands runing up and down my chest as he blew my mind away.

To my surprise Tristan got up and put our cocks togather and started masterbating them in unsion. Our balls slapping against eachother while our shafts rubing togather.
As we went infor a hot warm kiss, we heard a door open, Looks like Dylan came to join us. Now I have 2 young naked 11 year old boys to have "fun" with.

Dylan: Where are you guys?
Me; Over here

As I opened the private shower room door, I could see Dylan in his white tight briefs. as we watched Dylan take off his underwear expsoing his naked body, with his hands covering his crotch..As Dylan entered the small private shower room still covering his hairless crotch he asked us; "So, how do you have sex?"
With Tristan and I standing there naked with big smiles on our faces and hard on's we began to tell Dylan the different types of sex.

Tristan: lets start with something simple, Masterbation
Me: Good idea.
Dylan: um, ok.

Tristan went in front of Dylan and placed his hand on Dylan's hairless 3 inch cut cock, as I stood next to them and Tristan grabed hold of my cock with his free hand and jerked us both until Dylan had a nice 5 inch boner.

Tristan: Now the fun begin's
Dylan: Fun?
Me: yes, sex can be fun, lets do it.

Tristan dropped to his knees and took Dylan's hairless 5 inch boner in his mouth.

Dylan: What are you dooooiiiinnngggggg, ahhhhhhh

I dropped to my knee's and started sucking Dylan's balls and fondling his tight butt. Then Tristan and I placed Dylan's boner between our lips and started sucking and kissing it. Our toungs running up and down both sides of his 5 inch shaft, followed by us kising our way up his hairless 11 year old body. Tristan got hold of the soap and latherd up his cock and Dylan's tight ass while I rubbed my cock against Dylan's.

Me: Bend over
Dylan: Ok

As Dylan got into the doggy postion and started to suck my 7 inch boner, Tristan got behind Dylan and placed his 5 inch boner at Dylan's tight virgin butt hole.
Dylan grabbed my ass and forced my entire 7 inch cock down his throught as Tristan pegged his virgin ass with his 5 inch boner making Dylan scream as he gagged on my cock.

Me: To become a man, you have to take it like a man. It will get better.
Dylan: knodded his head with my cock cramed in his mouth.

Tristan was balls deep into Dylan's ass and pumping his cock in and out, you could hear his balls slapping Dylan's tight ass. With me face fucking him and my balls slapping his chin, placing my hand on Dylan's back and Tristan placing his hand on mine.

Me: I'm gonna Cummmmmm aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!
Tristan: Me toooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

As we shot our loads watching Dylan's 11 year old mouth and backside get covered in hot boy cum, and collasped panting on the floor next to eachother. Dylan was still hard and came over to Tristan and went into the 69 position and started licking and sucking off all of cum from Tristan's uncut cock and balls. As I struggeld to stand up and moved the two naked 11 year old boys to lie down on their back's and put their butt's and cock's togather. I started rubbing their cocks togather and started to lick their cock heads putting my toung between them, followed by forcing their cocks in my mouth, feeling thir cock heads rubbing inside my mouth, brushing against my cheeks, untill they both uloaded thir hot young cum in my mouth and all over their hot young bodies.

As the boy's layed there naked covered in cum and hard niples panting I got up and tured the hot water on and waited for them to cum join me get clean. As we slowly washed each other's naked bodies, soaping up each other's cocks and butts.

Dylan: I can't want until I have sex again.
Tristan: wispered in my ear: this is the best birthday gift of all.
Me: There is more to cum ;)

As we dried off and made our way back to the cabin to Kevin with a smile on his face and supporting wood, I said to him "go on, have fun"
Without a word said he made a mad dash out of the cabin, As I made my way over to my bed with Tristan and watching Dylan crawling into his bunk naked giving me a wink good night. Tristan and I clined into my double bed naked cuddling each other, caressing each other's naked bodies, rubbing our cock's togather with a french kiss good night.

Tristan: This was the best birthday of my life.
Me: You have a ture gift, you know how to put a smile on my face.


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