Fun for the whole family!
Chapter 9
No Return

"So can we do it now?" asked Chelsea, and I could hardly believe my luck. She was just as excited about it as I was!

"Not just yet," I told her. "A man has to rest after cumming before he can do it again. We'll need to wait at least a couple of hours."

She sighed. "Fine," she said in a slightly disappointed tone.

If I thought that was going to be the last of her enthusiasm, I was mistaken. About every twenty minutes for the rest of the morning, Chelsea asked me if I was ready yet. I must have turned her down a dozen times or more. She didn't seem too disappointed about it, though. After about the third or fourth time I finally caught on that she was really doing it just to tease me.

We spent most of the time cuddling. I tried to keep things non-sexual; the last thing I needed was an erection while I was trying to rest from the amazing blowjob she had given me. But I really couldn't help myself, and ended up spending far too much time groping and kissing and licking her all over her body. Chelsea apparently had no need for much of a recharge time, and I ended up giving her two more orgasms before I was ready to finally consummate our developing sexual relationship.

Since I never really did quite cool down from the activities that morning, it took much longer for me to be ready again. Despite Chelsea's insistence, we didn't get around to it until after we had eaten lunch and even taken an early afternoon nap together. The sleep was just what I needed, so as soon as we both awoke, I announced that it was time. She squealed in excitement and threw her arms around me, planting a kiss on my lips.

Since we were already in bed, I just rolled her over onto her back and kissed her all over her body like I had that morning. I knew she really enjoyed that, although this time I moved more quickly than I had before. She hadn't really cooled off from our activities either, and by the time I reached her pussy and started licking her there, she was already wet and loosening up. I slipped a finger inside to start preparing her, but only to her unbroken hymen. I didn't want to go too deep and risk breaking it until I could do it properly in a few minutes.

I soon had her moaning and grabbing the back of my head to push it down further into her crotch. In fact, I waited just a little too long, because it sounded like she was on the verge of another climax. So despite her hands gripping my hair tightly, I lifted my head. This time I started kissing up her body toward her face, which would put me in the right position to enter her. I was anxious to get on with that part, but her breasts were just too enticing for me not to spend at least some time on them, so I licked and kissed and sucked her nipples for probably longer than I really should have.

Eventually I left them and made my way back to Chelsea's beautiful young face, where I kissed her deeply and passionately on the lips. She kissed me back hungrily, and we made out for several minutes until I lifted my head one more time and gazed down into her lovely brown eyes.

"Are you ready, sweetheart?" I asked her. She nodded.

I rolled over until I was positioned above her, my upper body propped up on my forearms beside her chest. She spread her legs wide and placed her hands on my shoulders, still gazing at me with both love and lust. For a moment we just held that gaze, sharing a special moment together. Then I reached down and positioned my cock at the entrance to her hole, rubbing it against her slit and getting used to it there. I pressed slowly downward, the head passing her lips and beginning to enter the hot, moist tunnel. When it reached the barrier, Chelsea tensed up for a second.

"Honey, this part may hurt a little," I told her. "But if you really want to do this, it's the only way. If you want me to stop, I will."

"No, I really want this, Daddy," she said.

"Then you need to relax. It will hurt worse if you're tense. I'll wait here until you're ready. When you want me to go on, just nod your head."

I felt the tension go out of her body. For the longest time I held there in anticipation, waiting for her to either give me the signal to go on, or to chicken out at the last second. Part of me wanted her to put an end to it; I still felt some reservations about this new lifestyle that I was getting myself into. All she had to do was tell me to get off her, and I would have an excuse not to continue down this perverse yet thrilling path. But the rest of me wanted this so much. Ever since my other daughters had seduced me, we had grown closer emotionally. If the depth of our love hadn't changed, then at least the breadth of it had. We now loved each other as more than just father and daughters. I almost felt sorry for all the other fathers who never got to experience the same thing with their own daughters, and I wanted that same relationship with my youngest girl.

Chelsea nodded. I smiled in acknowledgement, then pushed deeper into her. For a moment I was pressed up against her barrier, then suddenly I was through. Chelsea let out a breath, and her face lit up in a smile. "Was that it?" she asked.

"That was it," I told her.

"But that hardly hurt at all!" she exclaimed happily. "It was just like a pin prick. I thought it was supposed to hurt a lot more than that."

"It does for some girls. But I'm glad it didn't hurt so bad for you. Do you want me to continue?"

She nodded again.

I pressed down once more, sinking deeper inside her. Then I pulled back a little and pressed down again. I kept repeating the motion, going deeper with every thrust, until my cock was buried completely inside her. She was unbelievably tight, not surprising considering how small she was.

"Oh god, Daddy!" Chelsea breathed. "That feels so big and so nice!"

I had to agree. Now that I had broken through and she was used to feeling me inside her, I wasted no time. I began thrusting gently but deeply into my little daughter, giving her what we both wanted. It was such an exquisite feeling, I could hardly believe anyone could enjoy anything as much as I was enjoying sex with my daughter right now. But from the smile on her face and the moans escaping from her lips, I could tell that she enjoyed it just as much as I did.

It wasn't just the physical stimulation, though that was certainly pleasing. I also enjoyed the closeness and warmth of her body, the look on her face, even the smell of her sweat.

Then there was the shared love between us, a father and daughter who cared for each other so much that we wanted to make each other happy in ways that most other fathers and daughters couldn't even imagine. And I especially loved the fact that I was the first one to give her this kind of pleasure.

I also loved the idea of how naughty we were being. She was a little girl, so young that until a few days ago I had thought of her as a child. Not to mention the fact that we were family. Most of society would consider me a monster for what I was doing to her, but that just made it all the more thrilling, especially because I knew that in this case, society was wrong. Chelsea wanted this as much as I did.

Finally, I was excited at the knowledge that I was fulfilling my greatest fantasy. No more would I have to sneak around behind anyone's back. All my girls were now available to me, to love the way I wanted. Carrie, Amber, Linda, and now finally Chelsea, were all mine.

Although I really wanted to hold off my climax so that Chelsea and I could experience it together, I couldn't quite manage it. Wishful thinking, really. She had already had three orgasms today, and I had only had one. Plus, she was just so damn beautiful, it was no surprise that I couldn't hold back. No matter how much I tried to contain the rising pleasure in my loins, I knew right away that it was a losing battle.

Chelsea obviously didn't mind, though. In fact, her smile intensified when I erupted inside of her. "I feel it, Daddy!" she exclaimed. As before, my emotions spiked along with the physical sensations, and I fell in love with her all over again in that moment.

At least I didn't go immediately soft after my orgasm. I can't claim to be a superstud that can always keep it up afterward, but in this case I remained hard. Despite my exhaustion, I didn't want to end things without giving Chelsea the chance to experience the same thing, so after a rest of only a few seconds, I continued to thrust into her.

Fortunately, she was near the edge herself, and it only took about a minute more to push her over. I bathed her face in kisses as her body tensed up. It was a special moment for her, and I was proud and honored to be able to share it with her. She deserved only the best. And now my little girl was a woman.


We continued to fool around the rest of the day. We had to tone things down a little because, despite the fact that she had felt only a minimal amount of pain when I took her virginity, she needed a while to recuperate from it. And to tell the truth, I was pretty tired myself. Mostly we just spent the time cuddling naked together, although she did thank me with another blowjob just before bed that night.

Our fun proceeded the next morning when we took a bath together, relaxing in each other's arms as the warm water soothed us. I had mostly recovered by that time, but she still wasn't ready for full penetration, so we just spent all morning groping and fondling and kissing and licking each other until we brought each other to one final orgasm. We agreed to get dressed again just after lunch, because Carrie was planning to return some time that afternoon, and we weren't sure when.

She arrived home a couple of hours later with both Amber and Linda. She had arranged to pick them both up from their friends' houses on the way home, so they all arrived together. That suited me just fine; I could hardly wait to tell them all the good news.

Amber and Chelsea beat me to it. As soon as the girls stepped through the door, Amber strode directly over to Chelsea, who was sitting on my lap on the couch at the time.

"So, did he do it?" asked Amber.

"Yes he did," Chelsea replied. "And it felt sooooooo good!"

Linda held out her hand for a high-five, and Chelsea slapped it with her own.

"What are you talking about?" I asked them.

"Amber and I aren't the only ones who have fantasized about our Daddy," said Linda. "And Chelsea knew exactly what she was getting into when we left her alone with you."

"You mean--"

"Chelsea walked in on Linda and me about a month ago," Amber explained. "She asked what we were doing, and so we sat her down and explained it to her. All of it. Including our favorite fantasy. She admitted that she felt the same way about you as we did."

"What? She never mentioned that during our special vacation," said Carrie.

"That's because we told her to keep her feelings secret, before we realized that Dad was such a pervert. Then just before we left Chelsea and Dad alone, I confessed that Linda and I had already had sex with him, and if she did everything he asked, she would get to have sex with him too. She was very enthusiastic."

"So why didn't you tell me?" I asked.

"Because I thought it would so much more fun this way," Chelsea grinned.

I chuckled. "I fell for it again, didn't I? I must be dumb as a rock."

"Yes you are, but that's what I love most about you," said Carrie, giving me a hug. We both laughed.

"So now that we don't have to sneak around anymore, are you up for some fun with all of us?" asked Amber.

I glanced around at the eager faces of all my girls, and felt my cock stirring in my pants. "How can I say no to an invitation like that?" I asked.

The girls were so enthusiastic that before I realized what was happening, they had dragged me into the master bedroom, where we started stripping off our clothes.

I had just pulled off my shirt when I happened to glance over at Chelsea, surprised to see a look of hesitation on her face. That worried me, and I had a sudden suspicion. Perhaps she was jealous of her big sisters, maybe even of her mother. I had called her my "special girl" after all, so she might be feeling a little possessive.

As it turned out, it really wasn't that serious.

"What's wrong, Chelsea?" I asked her.

"Well, I'm still kind of sore... you know... down there," she explained.

"I'll bet," said Carrie. "Your father's rather well-endowed. For a girl your size, he must have felt enormous, especially for your first time. Give it a couple of days to heal, though. You'll be right back in the action in no time."

"But we can't leave her out of all the fun," Amber insisted. "This should be a whole family activity."

I was touched by her concern for her baby sister. That had always been Amber's way, of course. She loved her family, and felt very protective toward both her younger sisters. Naturally she would be concerned about making sure nobody felt left out.

Linda walked over to Chelsea and put an arm around her shoulders. "I'll take care of you," she said. "I'm sure I can make it nice for you without going near that area."

"You?" asked Chelsea, her eyes going wide. "But... you're... a girl!"

Amber snickered, and Carrie shot her a disapproving glare. "So I take it you didn't tell her about that part?" she asked.

"I guess we sort of left that part out," Amber explained.

Carrie sighed. "Chelsea, look. I wish Ie to explain this properly, but... well... some girls like other girls in the same way they like boys."

"Duh," said Chelsea, rolling her eyes. "I know that, Mom. I'm not stupid."

"Okay, fair enough," her mother replied with a chuckle. "Amber, Linda, and I are all that way. We love each other the way we love your father."

"Oh," said Chelsea in an emotionless tone. I wasn't sure whether that was because she didn't really understand, or if it didn't matter to her one way or the other."

"No one's going to make you do anything you don't want," I added. "Just because your mother and sisters are that way doesn't mean you have to be. If it makes you uncomfortable..."

"Well, I guess if it's with Linda, I don't mind so much."

"Does that go for me too?" asked Amber.

"I guess so," said Chelsea. "But... well..."

"But what?"

"But you're four whole years older than me!"

The rest of us broke out laughing at that. Leave it to a twelve-year-old girl to make four years seem like an enormous gulf between them.

"You realize that I'm more than twenty years older than you," I remarked.

"Yeah, but that's different because you're my daddy."

The logic of a preteen girl. Priceless.

"Tell you what," offered Amber. "You go ahead and let Linda teach you about how girls make love. She's very good at that. I'll bet by the time she's done, you'll be so addicted that you'll have no problem with doing it with a girl who's four years older."

"Or twenty years older," added Carrie with a smirk.

Chelsea stared at her in shock. "You too, Mom?" she asked.

"Amber and Linda don't seem to have a problem with it. Wouldn't you like Mommy to make you feel really good?"

"Okay, that's enough," I said. "Let's not overwhelm the poor girl. Chelsea, like I said, you don't have to do anything you don't want. If you want Linda to take care of you today, that's fine. We'll start with that, then you can decide how much further you want to go."

Chelsea nodded. That was a habit she had, and probably didn't even know about. I had noticed it several times when we had been alone; the nod was an acknowledgment that she wanted to do something but was perhaps just a little shy, as if she didn't want to come right out and say it.

We all finished undressing, then Linda took Chelsea's hand and led her over to one of the chairs, where she sat down and had Chelsea sit in her lap. Linda pulled her little sister in tight and wrapped her arms around her stomach in a loving hug. Chelsea smiled, obviously enjoying this new kind of cuddling with her sister just like she had enjoyed it with her father. When Linda kissed her on the neck, Chelsea even gave a satisfied hum.

Carrie, Amber and I climbed onto the bed. Amber took charge, pushing Carrie down on her back, who wore a surprised expression on her face. I chuckled; I must have looked the same way when I had discovered myself tied up a couple of weeks ago. Amber took after her mother; when she wanted something, she had a way of getting it. My wife glanced at me and I just shrugged with a grin on my face, as if to tell her that she might as well relax and enjoy it.

A moment later, Amber had her face buried in her mother's pussy, shocking Carrie even more. I glanced over at Chelsea to see if that sight bothered her, but she seemed merely amused, probably at the look on her mother's face. Or perhaps I mistook that expression on Chelsea's. Maybe she was just too aroused to be bothered by the sight in front of her. Linda had both her hands on her little sister's tits, rubbing them firmly and squeezing the nipples between her fingers.

That was a good idea, I decided. As Amber ate out her mother, I reached out and fondled one of Carrie's tits. The look of shock on her face had been replaced by a smile of pleasure. I responded to that smile by planting a kiss on it. Carrie grabbed me and held me there against her lips in a manner reminiscent of Chelsea's "crocodile kiss" that she had recently invented.

With the dual stimulation of Amber on her pussy and me working her mouth and lips, it wasn't long before Carrie's body was wracked by a massive orgasm. Linda and Chelsea stopped their playing long enough to glance over at their mother crying out in a loud, long wail as her climax overcame her.

"My turn," said Amber. "After you've had a minute to rest, of course," she said, grinning at her mother, who lay there panting in exhaustion. While Carrie recuperated from her orgasm, Amber crawled up the bed, pushed me down on my back, and climbed on top of me. As she hugged me tightly, she opened her mouth and thrust her tongue into mine. We kissed like that for the longest time, until Carrie announced that she was ready.

Amber immediately rolled off of me and onto her back, spreading her legs. "Mom, Dad, I want you both to lick me," she said.

"Yes sir," I said, then gave her a teasing salute.

Carrie scooted down until she was in position to fulfill her daughter's request. I watched for a few seconds as she licked Amber between the legs. It was actually kind of amusing, ironic really, that she refused to give me a blowjob but had no problem eating pussy. I didn't mind, especially now that I had three other girls willing to do it for me, including one who was basically addicted to it.

A movement across the room caught my eye, and I looked over at the girls sitting in the chair. Chelsea had climbed off her big sister's lap so that she could turn around and sit down facing her. As I watched, Linda reached behind Chelsea to support her, then lowered her head to Chelsea's chest. Unfortunately I couldn't see what was going on, but I had a pretty good idea.

I lowered my head and joined Carrie in the delicious feast. We worked together to orally stimulate our daughter, giving her a double dose of pleasure from both of her parents. Carrie ran her tongue up and down one side of the slit, while I did the same on the other side. Then we moved things around a little, and while Carrie teased her clit, I drove my tongue right inside Amber's pussy.

There was barely enough room for both our faces, and we did overlap a little. Admittedly, that was partly on purpose. I went out of my way to make contact both with Amber's body and my wife's tongue at the same time. I just loved the feel of both on my own tongue, especially together.

"I want to try that," I heard Chelsea say, though I was too absorbed in the excitement of tonguing my daughter to pay much attention.

"I thought you were still sore down there," said Linda.

"No, I mean, I want to try licking a girl like that," Chelsea answered.

"You can do me if you want," Linda exclaimed, a touch of eagerness in her voice.


That conversation was just way too interesting, so I lifted my head again and watched as Chelsea climbed off of Linda's lap and kneeled down in front of her. Linda scooted her hips forward in the chair and spread her legs wide to give her little sister plenty of room to work. Chelsea moved her head in to Linda's crotch, and from the sudden look of pleasure on Linda's face, I knew that Chelsea had started.

"Oooh!" Linda squealed. "That feels great! A little higher. Yes. Right there. Oh yeah!"

It looked like Chelsea's reluctance had disappeared entirely; she seemed to have no problem with all this girl-girl stuff that she had hesitated about before, although I wasn't sure whether she would stick with just Linda or if she would be willing to do it with a girl "a whole four years older."

Since there wasn't much to see with Chelsea's head blocking the way, I returned my attention to my oldest daughter. She was moaning in intense excitement now, her body writhing around on the bed from the stimulation of her mother's tongue. Carrie apparently was doing something right, despite her limited experience. As far as I knew, this was only the second time she had ever done this.

I had a lot more experience, of course, which I applied now. Between Carrie and me, soon we had Amber shrieking in ecstasy as her body exploded into orgasm.

Across the room, I could hear Linda's moans rising, and I knew she was fast approaching that same stage. I would have liked to see that, but Amber had not yet come down from her climax, and I wanted to keep pleasuring her all the way through. So Carrie and I both continued until Amber's wails dropped off and her body collapsed in exhaustion.

Only then did I lift my head and watch as Chelsea brought her big sister to a similar orgasm. Linda squealed in excitement as Chelsea tongued her, and although I couldn't see what was going on between her legs, at least I was treated to the sight of Linda's beautiful face screwed up into an expression of intense and overwhelming pleasure.

After it was all over, she slumped back in her chair, and Chelsea stood up, turning and grinning at us as she licked her lips. Yes, it was clear that she was every bit as bisexual as her big sisters.

"Okay, you've all had your chances to get off," I said. "Now it's my turn. Who wants to help me?"

Linda immediately hopped up off the chair, jumped on the bed, and dove for my cock, wrapping her lips around it and sucking hard.

"No fair!" Chelsea whined. "I want some too!" She grabbed her sister and yanked her off me. Both girls fell onto the floor, and we all had a good laugh.

"I have a great idea," said Carrie. She climbed out of bed, then took my hands and pulled me up. Slipping around behind me, she pressed her chest against my back, then reached around and grabbed my cock with one of her hands.

"Girls, come kneel down in front of your father," she told our daughters. They happily obeyed, dropping to their knees and grinning up at me.

Carrie began stroking me. The three girls in front of me all leaned in and ran their tongues simultaneously up and down my cock. I groaned in excitement and pleasure. This was the most amazing feeling in the world, having my wife jerk me off while all three of my daughters licked me. One hand and three tongues on the most sensitive part of my body, all at the same time.

Linda insisted that she get a chance to suck me, and I was too far gone to argue with her. Amber and Chelsea wanted their own share of me, of course, so we compromised by giving each girl one minute with my cock in her mouth. Carrie continued to pump me with her hand as the girls took turns sucking me off, until I was ready to climax.

All three of them leaned in and opened their mouths in preparation for my orgasm. When it hit, my legs nearly gave out; it was fortunate that Carrie was right behind me to keep me from collapsing. My cum shot out into the open mouths, and Carrie took care to move the aim around a little so that each girl got plenty. Linda, who was in the middle, got an extra dose, of course. Amber and Linda weren't quite happy with that arrangement, so they jockeyed for position until I was completely spent. Then the girls licked each other's faces and tongues to make sure they got every last drop.

Chelsea maneuvered me over to the bed, where she released me and let me fall down onto it. I sighed, tired and relaxed and happier than I had ever been in my life.

"I love you all," I breathed.

All four of my girls climbed onto the bed and lay down with me.

"And we love you too, Daddycums," said Carrie.


Now that we had crossed the point of no return, we gave up all of our inhibitions and let ourselves enjoy our new relationship as a family. Sex with all four of my girls is wonderful; I enjoy private time with each, as well as orgy time with the whole family. Chelsea has decided that she enjoys fooling around with girls after all, but only if she already has an emotional connection with them. Her favorite female partner is Linda, but she likes getting together with Amber too, despite Amber being "four whole years older." Even Carrie has made love to her several times. Carrie is currently working on a plan to get her sister Molly involved with us, but I don't know if I could handle any more girls in my harem. Since Linda had already announced online that Iwuvmydaddy and Iwuvmydaddy2 are the daughters of Daddycums, we have fun describing our escapades in the forums and chatrooms. The people there have no idea that we're not just role-playing, which my daughters think is absolutely hilarious. We even let Chelsea join in as Iwuvmydaddy3, although on the condition that she only be allowed to visit those sites with one of her parents or older sisters present. Not all rules are meant to be broken, after all.

Amber and Linda have stopped sending naughty photos and videos of themselves to their friends, although I decided as a compromise that they didn't have to stop making them. We have a secret family photo album on their computer, now hidden behind a strong password. And they're still collecting more from their friends. The difference is that they don't try to hide it. In fact, they love showing them off to me, because they know it gets me horny.

I spend a lot of one-on-one time with my girls, of course. We've even worked out an arrangement so that no one has to feel left out. Each of my daughters gets me to herself one night a week. Saturday is reserved for family activities, which usually turns out to be some form of orgy, although with four girls to satisfy I'm sometimes not up to it. Carrie gets to claim me for herself on the other nights. She's pretty patient and knows I can't go seven days a week without a break, but she insists we do it at least once a week. She claims that's plenty for her, especially since on the nights I spend with one of my daughters she often visits the other two.

Over time I've noticed differences in the sexual appetites of my girls. They each enjoy different ways of making love, and I enjoy satisfying them the way they want.

Carrie confessed to me that she never wanted to role-play before because most of her fantasies involve incest in one form or another. But we've passed that hurdle, and now she wants to explore all of her fantasies, and mine as well. Now that the dam has burst, it's like she wants to make up for lost time, so we almost always include role-playing in our lovemaking.

Chelsea is still my baby girl, so I'm extra gentle with her. When it's her time alone with Daddy, I try to make it tender and sweet. I think that to her, sex is just another form of cuddling. It's a way of coming together physically in order to bring us closer emotionally. It's so relaxing that on more than one occasion, she drifted off to sleep in my arms before we ever got to the actual sex, and I just ended up holding her all night, more as a father than as a lover.

Linda still hasn't grown out of her fondness for oral sex. She loves both giving and receiving, and more often than not we end up doing both at the same time. I've had far more orgasms in her mouth than in her pussy, and it doesn't look like the balance will be restored any time soon.

Amber is the adventurous one, of course, always looking for new ways to spice things up. Sometimes we'll engage in a little light bondage. Sometimes we'll play with food. Sometimes we'll wrestle, or spank, or tickle each other mercilessly. With her, foreplay is playful and energetic, often involving creative games and new ways to stimulate one another. Half the time we never get around to actual sex because we end up having plenty of orgasms just from the erotic games.

Speaking of games, she was the one who invented our family's new favorite. One night she had us all gather in her room, where she turned on the computer and browsed to one of the websites where I've uploaded my stories. We chose one of them, then the girls took turns acting it out with me while one of the others read it aloud. They timed it so that each girl got five minutes each, then the next would pick up where she left off. It was an instant success, and has become our favorite family pastime.

Each of the girls has their favorite stories, of course. Carrie likes brother-sister stories, probably due to her fond memories of fooling around with Molly and Seth as youngsters. Amber likes ones with more than two partners, so we have to modify the game a little to accomodate a third (or sometimes fourth or fifth) whenever she chooses the story. Not surprisingly, Linda is always on the lookout for stories involving oral sex. Chelsea loves ones where the woman is older; she finds it hilarious to pretend to be an experienced woman while her daddy plays the part of a young and often virginal boy. I even sometimes take my turn as the narrator while my wife and daughters act out lesbian scenes.

One night after one of these story sessions as my four lovers lay in my arms, Linda suddenly said, "I have a great idea, Daddycums!"

"I like the sound of that," I grinned.

"I think you should write a true story for once. Tell about our adventures, and upload it to our favorite websites."

"What? I'd have the cops knocking on the door five minutes after I uploaded it."

"Not if you claim it's fictional," Amber pointed out.

"Oh, you're in favor of this too?" I asked.

She nodded enthusiastically, and both Carrie and Chelsea agreed.

"So I should tell what happened to us, but use different characters so that nobody suspects?" I asked. The idea had a lot of potential, I must admit. As long as I never hinted that it was autobiographical, I really couldn't see any reason not to do it.

"I think you should name the main character Daddycums," suggested Chelsea.

"I'm not going to do that!" I exclaimed. "Everyone will know it's true!"

"No, they'll just think it's role-playing," Amber replied. "You've always told us that there are no real people on the Internet, only characters. Everyone pretends to be somebody else."

"Well, yes, that's true, but..."

"And even if they do believe, in the places where you upload your stories, half the people there have already confessed to having incestuous relationships. If you were in any danger, they would all have been arrested a long time ago."

"Amber has a point," added Carrie. "Nobody will ever track Daddycums back to you. So why not?"

I glanced from face to enthusiastic face. Chelsea even puckered her lips and batted her eyelashes at me, and we all broke down laughing.

"Okay, fine. I'll write the story," I said. "But if anyone online asks, I'll deny it ever happened."

The girls all cried out with glee, then tackled me in affectionate hugs.


So that's how I ended up in an incestuous relationship with all three of my daughters, and why I wrote this story. It's all a lie, of course, or perhaps it would be more accurate to call it fiction. I never slept with my daughters. In fact, I don't have three daughters. I'm not even married. Every word in this story comes straight out of my imagination, not from anything I experienced personally.

The question is, do you believe me?


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Great story I love your work


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How meta. ^.^

Sex is just cuddling with orgasms instead of clothes! Heh, not always true, but true enough that I'm adopting the saying.

I always like how your stories never treat sex like a dirty thing; that's unfortunately rare even in places like this.

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I dunno. But either way, I'm still going to jerk off.


2012-11-11 15:05:30
Is it fiction or not? That's what people keep asking. Let me reply with another question: Does it matter?
Consider it whichever you prefer it to be. Perhaps it is both, depending on who you ask. Much like the Holy Bible, depending on who you ask you'll get a different answer. People decide what is true based many times on what they want to be true. Let that be the case with this story as well.
True of not, it's an entertaining story... and isn't that the point?

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