Breaking the rules was never so much fun.
Chapter 7
No Rules

"Absolutely not!" I exclaimed.

"Why not?" asked Carrie.

"Well, because... because with you three, it was your choice. I'm not going to force myself on anyone, especially my own daughter. Besides, she's still a little girl. Does she even know--"

"Special mommy-daughter vacation, remember? She knows all she needs to know."

"Besides, they teach Sex-Ed in fourth grade," added Linda. "Chelsea's known about the birds and the bees for at least three years. Besides, you've written about girls even younger in your dirty stories."

"Okay, fine, but that doesn't change the fact that she doesn't want this. The only reason I got together with Amber and Linda was because they wanted it so bad that they practically raped me."

"How do you know Chelsea doesn't want it just as bad?" asked Carrie. "Seems to me that she's at least as much a daddy's girl as her big sisters. Maybe even more."

"That's just a little girl being affectionate. It doesn't mean anything. She's not even a teenager yet."

"So what?" said Amber. "By the time I was twelve, I was playing with myself every day. And I started fooling around with Linda when she was only eleven. I'll bet Chelsea is a lot hornier than you think."

"She has a point," Carrie shrugged. "I had a long talk with Chelsea about what is and isn't appropriate activities to do with boys, and she understands the risks, but considering how oversexed the girls are in this family, I figure it's only a matter of time before she gets a little too curious. Wouldn't you rather it be with someone who cares deeply about her and would never hurt her than with a boy who will just use her and then toss her away?"

"That's not fair," I insisted, but I really couldn't find any flaw in her logic. In truth, the most unfair part of this was that it was three against one. I could hold my own in any disagreement with Carrie; in fact, I considered myself a little stubborn and bull-headed at times. But there were three women here all thinking up reasons why I should have sex with my youngest daughter.

Ironically, it was Carrie who came to my rescue. "All right, girls. Let's give Daddycums time to think." Then she turned to me. "We'll leave you alone for a while if you promise to think about it, deal?"

I nodded. "Deal."


I thought about it. I thought about it a lot. Over the next couple of days I started seeing Chelsea in ways that I hadn't before. Until recently, she had always been just a little girl to me. Young, innocent, and sexless. Pretty but in an entirely non-sexual way. The more I watched her, though, the more I realized just how much she was growing up. Her childlike cuteness was already beginning to show the first traces of beauty that would only grow stronger as she aged. Her chest was no longer entirely flat, which meant she was in the midst of puberty. That meant that other, less tangible parts of her were beginning to mature as well, namely her emotions. She would have already felt the stirrings of sexuality; she would know about arousal and perhaps had already begun to experiment with satisfying that arousal.

Unfortunately, I can't claim that my observation of her was entirely clinical. Now that Carrie and my older daughters had planted that seed in my mind, I could no longer separate myself from the thoughts of Chelsea's budding sexuality. Every minute I watched her, I grew more and more desirous of her. The truth was that I was beginning to lust after my preteen daughter.

I could be dishonest and blame Amber and Linda. I could claim that they had broken down my resistance to such perverse thoughts. Or I could blame Carrie, for making the suggestion in the first place. I could even blame Chelsea herself, for being so beautiful and cuddly. I had always loved it when she sat on my lap and curled up against my chest. A kiss on the cheek from my little girl had always been enough to brighten my day no matter how dark my mood. Perhaps now that she was learning about those new feelings and sensations, her flirting with her daddy was no longer entirely innocent. But in the end, I was the one who decided to act on my lust.

Once I made up my mind, I wasted no time in discussing it with my wife and daughters. I was willing to do the deed, but I had no idea how to approach Chelsea. After the girls had retired to their bedrooms the night after I made the decision, I snuck into Amber's and Linda's rooms and asked them to quietly accompany me to the master bedroom. Their faces lit up with a grin at the request, but I told them that I just wanted to talk. We descended the stairs and found Carrie in our room. We all sat down on the bed.

"Okay," I sighed. "I'm in."

Amber and Linda squealed with delight, and Carrie threw her arms around me in a big hug. "I knew you'd come around!" she said.

"So the question is, how do we go about this?"

"I could break her in for you," offered Linda. "Get her used to sex with a family member before she moves on to her daddy."

I shook my head. "No, I know you mean well, but her first time should be special, not just fooling around, which is what you would do with her. It has to be me."

"Possessive, aren't we?" Amber teased. "I don't think he wants to share with us."

"There will be plenty of time for that later," I told her. "But if I'm going to do this, it has to be me and her alone the first time."

"I could arrange to get the three of us out of the house," Carrie suggested. "Maybe this weekend. That would leave you alone with her."

"Fine, but how do I approach her about it? I can't just walk up to her and say, 'Hey Chelsea, I have a great idea. Let's have sex!'"

"It would have worked on me," Amber laughed.

"Okay, okay. Let's be serious here."

"I am."

I rolled my eyes. "But what should I do? Carrie, you know how clueless I am with women."

"Yes, which is one of the reasons I've never worried about you having an affair. Even if you wanted to, you would never figure out how to get past first base."

"Except with his daughters, of course," Linda added.

"True enough. But that's really beside the point, because all the rules change when it's your daughter. You can't rely on the usual pick-up lines and smooth talking. It's a whole different game."

"Actually, that gives me an idea," said Amber.


When my oldest daughter explained her plan, I realized that it just might work. Of course, it was up to Chelsea to take the bait, but the plan allowed me to take things slowly and gauge her reactions before continuing to the next level. I could hardly wait to put it into practice.

Carrie made an excuse to spend the weekend with her sister, and Amber and Linda both managed to get themselves invited to their friends' houses. When Chelsea complained that everyone had somewhere to go but her, I told her that we could make it a special daddy-daughter weekend with just the two of us, which immediately changed her attitude. Now she seemed overjoyed that the rest of the family was leaving for a couple of days.

I could hardly wait for the weekend to come, and the days dragged by too slowly. I focused all of my energy on my novel, which served both purposes of getting some actual work done and making the time go by faster. Still, I couldn't go more than twenty minutes without glancing up at the clock, all day, all week.

But Friday eventually arrived, and my wife and two daughters prepared to leave. Carrie and Linda spent the morning packing, but Amber had to work that day, so she had packed the night before. She came home early, and Carrie offered to drive the girls to their friends' houses on the way out of town if I would pick them back up on Sunday. With all the arrangements made, I helped the three of them load up the van. I gave them each a hug and kiss in the driveway, then returned to the front door to wave goodbye with Chelsea at my side.

"So Chelsea," I said as the girls drove away in the van. "Do you want to do something fun?"

"Sure, Daddy," she smiled.

"How about we say that for this vacation, there are no rules. Bedtime, chores, those kinds of things. I mean, let's try and see how many rules we can break."

Chelsea laughed. "That sounds like fun!" she exclaimed. "Can I have dessert before supper?"

"You'd better believe it! And no doing chores until you've watched at least two hours of TV. If you were in school right now, I'd put homework on the list of no-no's before TV too."

"And no going to bed before midnight!" she exclaimed.

Actually, I hoped to have her in bed long before midnight, but I was glad that she was so enthusiastic about the idea.

I glanced at my watch. "Let's see... it's abour four o'clock now. Time to start spoiling our appetite. Do you think we might have time to make some cookies before dinner?"

"Yeah!" she said, delighted.

We went to the kitchen, where I searched through Carrie's recipe collections until I found the recipe for chocolate chip peanut butter cookies with coconut, Chelsea's favorite. I normally let Carrie handle all of the baking, but I at least knew enough to follow a recipe. After agreeing not to wash our hands first, Chelsea and I set to work mixing up the batter, then instead of dozens of small cookies, we baked up just a few giant cookies. Soon the house was filled with the aroma of baking chocolate and peanut butter.

The first batch, or more accurately, the first cookie, turned out perfect, so we split it. I made sure to make the two pieces uneven and gave her the bigger piece, explaining that if we divided it evenly, that would be following the rules. Chelsea giggled and accepted the larger piece. We washed it down with hot chocolate, a completely inappropriate drink for the middle of summer, which was exactly the point.

By the time we had eaten our fill of cookies, neither of us were particularly hungry, so by mutual agreement we skipped supper. I told Chelsea that if she got hungry later, she could raid the pantry or fridge for whatever snacks she wanted. I would probably do the same.

After the last of the cookies came out of the oven and sat cooling on the stove top, we left the kitchen, making a point to leave the light on despite nobody being in the room. In fact, Chelsea insisted that we go through the entire house and turn on all the lights, even though there was still plenty of sunlight outside. I laughed at her enthusiasm and helped her hunt dowm as many lights as we could find.

I then took Chelsea downstairs and into my den, which was usually off-limits. I sat down in my chair in front of my computer and set her on my lap, where I let her surf the internet for a while. I half-hoped that she would try to push the boundaries by visiting porn sites, but unlike my older two daughters, that had never been her style. Instead, she just sent emails to her friends and played around on one of the social networking sites that were so popular wih kids these days. As she surfed, I held her to me and rubbed her stomach, something she always enjoyed. For now I didn't try to see what I could get away with; I had the whole weekend to make my move, and I didn't want to rush her.

Chelsea eventually lost interest in her web surfing, so I picked her up and carried her back up the stairs to the living room to waste some more time watching TV. Again I set her on my lap, continuing my gentle caressing of her stomach. I didn't pay much attention to the TV; I was more focused on the warm little body on my lap. Chelsea had always been the cuddliest little girl, and I loved to just sit there and hold her in my arms.

Eventually, she climbed off of me, to my disappointment. But then to my delight, she lay down on the couch with her head in my lap. By this point, it was growing dark outside and the temperature was dropping, so I grabbed a nearby quilt and covered her with it.

"You shouldn't take a nap before bedtime," I teased her. "So go right ahead!"

We watched television for another hour, and I took the opportunity to rub her stomach again. She seemed so content that I half expected her to start purring like a cat. She fell asleep for about half an hour of that time, which I didn't mind. I gazed down at her smiling face with her eyes closed and her gentle breathing, and fell in love with her all over again.

When she awoke, she yawned and sat back up. She flashed me her most adorable smile, then threw her arms around me and held me tightly. "I love you, Daddy," she said, then kissed me on the cheek.

With her in such an affectionate mood, I decided that the time was right to take things to the next level. I can't believe I'm doing this, I thought. I'm actually going to seduce my 12-year-old daughter. But the thought only excited me all the more.

"Chelsea," I said with a smile, "would you like Daddy to show you a special way to hug that feels extra nice?"

"Sure!" she replied enthusiastically.

"Okay, but you have to remember that this is usually against the rules. It's just because this is a special rule-breaking night that I'm showing you how to do this."

I could see her eyes light up with delight when I said that, exactly the reaction I had been hoping for. So far she had been thrilled to do things tonight that she would normally never be able to get away with.

"Show me," she said.

"Okay. It's really simple. We have to take our shirts off." I reached for the bottom of my shirt and began to lift it.

Chelsea's expression turned to one of shock. "But..." she said.

"But what?" I asked her, keeping my tone cheerful and friendly.

"But then you'll see my... um..."

"See your what?"

"My... my boobs," she said almost at a whisper, blushing and staring at the floor.

"What's wrong with that?" I smiled.

"Well... I mean... it's... I'm not supposed to..."

"Of course you're not supposed to," I told her with a grin that I hoped was friendly and just a bit humorous. "That's the whole point. This weekend we're doing things we're not supposed to do, remember?"

She glanced up at me, uncertainty still in her face but with her embarrassment and concern rapidly disappearing. "Really?" she asked.

"Really," I told her. "Tell you what. I'll take my shirt off first, then you can see it's no big deal."

"That's different," she said.


"Because you're a boy," she giggled. At least she was back in bright spirits.

"No I'm not; I'm a man," I replied in a slightly teasing tone.

"You know what I mean, Daddy," said Chelsea. "You're allowed to take your shirt off."

"Oh, if I'm allowed to, maybe I'd better leave it on then," I joked. "I wouldn't want to do something I'm allowed to do."

Chelsea laughed, and I leaned in to kiss her on the forehead.

"So what do you say?" I asked her. "Should we do it?"

She considered for a moment, then with a slight blush, nodded. She was wearing a tee shirt and blue jeans, her usual attire when not forced to wear dresses for special occasions. Chelsea probably got that from her tomboy older sister Linda. Although I thought she looked particularly adorable in a dress, right now I was glad for the convenience of her tee-shirt. It meant far less work to get out of it, and I was eager to get her out of it as soon as possible.

I wasted no time, but immediately lifted my shirt over my head, dropping it on the floor beside me. Chelsea paused for a few seconds, then she too took hold of the bottom of her shirt and began to lift it. I watched in growing delight as more and more of her body came into view; first her softly rounded hips, then her cute little belly button, then the rest of her stomach, her ribs, and finally those wondrous delights, still so tiny, on her upper chest. At that point I lost all interest in the rest of her body as I stared at the twin mounds now exposed before my eyes.

"Now that wasn't so bad, was it?" I asked her.

Chelsea just giggled, still slightly embarrassed but at least making no attempt to cover herself. I planned to spend a good deal of time with her this weekend undressed, so I figured it wouldn't be long before she was comfortable with nudity.

"Now give Daddy a hug," I told her, reaching out for her. Chelsea scooted in close to me, wrapping her arms around my neck and pressing her soft little torso up against me. I threw my own arms around her back and gave her a squeeze, luxuriating in the exquisite feel of her bare skin against my own.

"Now doesn't this feel so much better than hugging with our shirts on?" I asked her.

"Mm," she replied, but it sounded like a yes.

I wasn't content to just give her a quick embrace then end it; I wanted to feel her body against me for as long as possible. So I continued to hold her, letting my hands gently caress her back as I held her in my arms. I listened to the sound of her breathing and even felt her hearbeat, noticing that both were gradually slowing as her nervousness went away.

"Daddy," she finally said, after what must have been four or five minutes. "I like this kind of hugging."

"So do I," I told her. "Especially with my special girl."

Chelsea beamed at the compliment, then leaned in and kissed me again, this time on the lips. It was only a little peck, to my disappointment, but now that we had crossed a line, I was confident that I would have plenty of opportunities to extend that later.

I hadd a sudden idea, and decided to act on it. Perhaps it might be moving too quickly, but so far Chelsea hadn't seemed too reluctant to go along with my naughty suggestions. She trusted me, and that gave me a momentary pang of guilt. Was this a betrayal of that trust? Was I abusing it for my own ends? Maybe, but she certainly wasn't faking that smile. She was enjoying herself as much as I was.

"Chelsea," I said. "Would you do me a favor?"

"What kind of favor?" she asked.

"I've been working so hard this week, and my back is kind of sore. Usually when I'm like this, mommy gives me a massage and then I'm all right. But she's not here right now. Would you give me a massage instead?"

"Um..." she said uncertainly. "I don't know how."

"It's easy. I'll show you what to do. And then when you're all done, I'll give you a massage too. Won't that feel nice?"

"Okay!" she exclaimed with enthusiasm.

I slid off the couch and lay down on my stomach on the floor. I had Chelsea kneel beside me and place her hands on my shoulders. I reached up and showed her how to rub me, then once she got the hang of it, I relaxed and let her take over.

Her hands felt wonderful on my skin. Despite her claim that she didn't know what she was doing, she managed to pick it up very quickly. I occasionally told her where to rub me and how hard, but for the most part she seemed to do it just fine. As I lay there, I considered just backing out of my plan and taking it no further than this: a perfectly innocent massage by my daughter. It felt so good that I could entertain the notion of holding off on sex until my wife got back and could take care of me properly.

But I knew how weak I was; if not today, it would happen another day. I would eventually give in and seduce Chelsea, so I might as well do it sooner rather than later.

After basking in the luxurious feeling of her tiny young hands on my back for a while, I rolled over.

"Okay, now I want you to rub my front," I said. Chelsea giggled again, then scooted over to kneel next to me once more. I gazed up at her beautiful face and stunning preteen body, and thought it was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. When she reached out and started rubbing my chest, I found the whole experience heavenly.

"Oh, that feels so good, Chelsea," I told her. "You're making Daddy very happy."

"I like making you happy," she said.

"Well then, I like making you happy right back."

As she worked over my torso with her hands, I took the opportunity to gaze at her young body. I couldn't get enough of the sight of such forbidden flesh, right there in front of my eyes. I was tempted to grab her right there, rip off the rest of her clothes, and make love to her whether she wanted it or not. But that was just a passing fantasy, gone almost as soon as it popped into my head. I was absolutely incapable of hurting my little girl like that. When I made love to her, it would be a wonderful and beautiful experience for her, one that would become a memory that she would cherish for the rest of her life.

I'm pretty sure she caught me staring at her body, and a couple of times she even flashed me a "naughty Daddy!" grin. But she said nothing, willing to join me in the illusion that this was all completely innocent, that I had no impure thoughts towards her. But the possibility that she knew exactly what I was doing and didn't mind going along with it gave me hope that she wouldn't stop me until I had achieved my ultimate goal. I still decided to take it slow, not only to ease her into it but also because I was enjoying the game we were playing. I had always enjoyed foreplay, which is really what this was.

I could have let her keep going like that for hours, but there were other parts of me that were anxious to get in on the action. No, not those parts. Okay, those parts too, but I was mainly referring to my hands. My eyes had had ample opportunity to explore Chelsea's young body, and now my hands were getting a little jealous.

"Your turn," I announced. Although it was a shame to have her take her hands off of me, I was getting anxious to put my own hands on her luscious young flesh.

Chelsea took my place on the floor, lying out on her stomach and resting her head on her arms. I reached out and placed my hands on her shoulders, delighting in the feel of her soft, youthful skin. My hands my hands wander all over her back, getting a feel of every inch of it. Her skin still retained a childlike softness that was so pleasing to the touch; I think I was enjoying massaging her every bit as much as she enjoyed being massaged.

For several minutes I continued to rub her back, listening with delight at the contented sighs escaping from her lips. I loved that sound; it confirmed that I was making my daughter happy. Chelsea had always been the type of girl that naturally made people want to do nice things for her, if only to see her smile. Perhaps she was a daddy's girl because she knew that I was devoted to her. She could get me to do almost anything for the prize of a hug and a kiss on the cheek. Perhaps I spoiled her a bit, but I challenge any father with a daughter as adorable as Chelsea to claim that he wouldn't do the same thing.

As I continued with the massage, I started thinking about where this was all headed. Frankly, I was a little nervous; in a few minutes I would cross another line, taking this beyond any hope of claiming innocence. While I was certainly eager for it, I also worried that Chelsea wouldn't be as willing to go along with it as she had been so far.

Still, I had made up my mind to go through with this, and I would keep pushing forward until she told me to stop. As long as she enjoyed it, I would cross any line.

After I had put off the inevitable for as long as I could, I mustered my courage and withdrew my hands from her back.

"All right, turn over," I told her.

Chelsea turned her head to the side and stared at me for a second. "Um... Daddy..." she said.

"What is it, sweetheart?"

She hesitated for a few seconds, and I wondered whether she would get cold feet at the last minute. Then she rolled over onto her back, exposing her beautiful young body to me once again.

I almost started drooling at the sight of it, especially her not-quite-flat chest that was just starting to fill out. The other most interesting part of her was still hidden from my eyes by her jeans, but I was content for now just to gaze upon her sexy, bare torso. The rest would have to wait.

Though tempted to immediately start groping her tits, I instead placed my hands on her shoulders to at least maintain the illusion that this was just a harmless massage. It wasn't much of an illusion, I'll admit, and I wondered what was going through Chelsea's mind right now. She seemed a little embarrassed, but she still kept a smile on her face. Although she might be a little confused at her father's sudden unfatherly attentions toward her, she at least appeared to still be enjoying herself.

I'll admit that I was a little overeager to move on to those beautiful twin mounds, so I only spent a minute or two on her shoulders before gradually moving down along her body. I paid close attention to her reactions; at the first hint of reluctance on her part, I would immediately remove my hands.

Surprisingly, that reluctance never came. Chelsea just continued to gaze up at me with a loving smile on her face. That made me wonder whether she was as eager as I was. Did she know where this was all headed? Was she completely innocent, or did she actually share some of her big sisters' infatuation with me? It was hard to tell, but as long as she kept smiling, I would keep pushing the boundaries.

When I reached her breasts, I covered them with my hands and began to knead them gently, using the same motions I had used on the rest of her torso. Though she didn't have much there yet, what she did have felt exquisite. I loved fondling them, feeling their springy softness in my hands and the nipples beginning to harden under my palm. I even let my hands wander a few inches lower so that I could gently pinch those nipples between my fingers. Chelsea giggled again when I did this, but I could hear her breaths growing heavier from the pleasure I gave her, and I felt her nipples hardening.

It soon became obvious that this had grown into something more than a massage. Chelsea squirmed around as her body reacted to the sensations I was causing in her. I wondered whether she had ever felt those sensations before. At twelve, had she ever experienced any kind of sexual pleasure? Had she learned the joys of giving herself these feelings?

"Daddy," she said. "Are you playing with my boobs?" she asked. I glanced at her face, and saw a little teasing smile there. No longer was there any embarrassment, only playful excitement.

"Of course," I told her with a smile. "You have such fun boobs to play with."

Chelsea laughed. "Even more fun than Mom's?" she asked.

Seeing that she was not only comfortable talking about the sexuality of her parents but willing to bring up the subject herself, I decided to take advantage of her attitude. "Well, that's some pretty tough competition," I replied in a playful tone. "Your mother has some of the most amazing boobs I've ever seen. And felt."

"Do you think mine will ever grow as big as hers?"

"I hope so," I said. "I can't seem to keep my hands off of them already. Imagine what it will be like when they're as big and beautiful as your mother's."

Chelsea laughed. I could hardly believe my luck. She was taking this all in amazingly good spirits, and other than a little hesitation here and there, she seemed to have no reluctance to do everything I wanted so far. By now it was clear that she knew exactly what was going on; her father was molesting her. But she wanted it as much as I did. Perhaps there was more of her big sisters' attitude in her than I had given her credit for.

She let me grope her for the longest time, and I was having so much fun that I completely lost track of how long I had been at it. She closed her eyes but kept that smile on her face, no doubt enjoying the sensations I was giving her. She continued to squirm a little, especially when I toyed with her nipples; she appeared to like that especially well. It was my favorite part as well, and I could have gone on like that for hours.

In order to maintain the illusion that this was merely a massage, however, I reluctantly slipped my hands down further along her body. She gave a slight groan of disappointment, which I took as a good sign. It was no longer a matter of her stoically accepting what I was doing to her; she was actually disappointed when I stopped. That meant she would be more likely to accept when I offered to do similar things to her later.

I gently rubbed her lower chest, and eventually moved down to her stomach. She liked that too, as she always did, but I could tell that she still preferred my hands on her breasts. I would certainly oblige her later, but the denial of that pleasure was a part of my plan. If I could leave her unsatisfied, unfulfilled, then she would want it all the more when I offered later. Carrie had always been the same way; the longer we drew out the foreplay, the more aroused she became. On a good day I could get her to beg me to jump her. I didn't expect quite the same from Chelsea, but I hoped that by prolonging the enjoyment she would be more willing to take things further.

When I reached the waistband of her panties, I decided to see just what I could get away with. As my hands made little circles on her lower stomach, I let the pinky of one of them slip under the waistband. It was only about half an inch, and I made it look like it was incidental. But when she didn't jump or grab my hand, I took that as a sign to continue. I did it again, moving my finger slightly lower this time. Chelsea just gazed up at me with trust and love in her eyes as I delved over and over again into her panties. First it was just the pinky, then soon the tips of my other fingers joined in, feeling the warmth of her flawless skin just above her young mound. I wondered just how far she would let me go.

The tips of my fingers brushed against a trace of downy hair at the top of her slit, and I could tell that she still didn't have much there. I hadn't been sure how much hair I would find, if any, considering that her breasts had just started growing. For some reason, the thought of her nearly bald pussy got me especially excited. Did that make me some kind of pedophile? Perhaps. But at the moment, I didn't care.

Chelsea seemed perfectly content to let me touch her in whatever way I wanted, so ironically, it was me that called things off. I was just about to slip my hands all the way down and finger her directly when I had a bit of a panic attack as it suddenly hit me that I was molesting my young daughter, and for just an instant the thought of that made me a little ill. I withdrew my hands, to Chelsea's displeasure. But she accepted that it was the end of the massage and sat up.

"That was fun, Daddycums," she said with her cutest smile, and the moment of hesitation immediately passed. Now I regretted ending it so soon, but figured there was no harm done. I would have to pick up where we left off later, but considering how enthusiastic she had been, I figured that wouldn't be a problem.

She surprised me by throwing her arms around my neck and hugging me again, and any doubts that might have still lingered in the back of my mind vanished completely. I would carry ont my plan to the inevitable conclusion. We still had all weekend after all, and I had already made huge strides in the right direction. I could probably just take Chelsea right then and there, and she would be more than happy to go along with it. But I still preferred to take things slow. Sex was just a part of my goal; more than that I wanted her to want it. This wouldn't be just a one-night stand; I wouldn't consider my job done until she decided that she wanted a permanent sexual relationship with me. I would give her plenty of time to think about what was happening, to understand it all and come to that conclusion on her own.

That didn't mean, of course, that we couldn't enjoy ourselves in the mean time. Just the opposite, in fact. I was loving every minute we spent together, especially in our state of undress.

Glancing at the clock, I realized that it was already past her bedtime. I pointed that out, then we both agreed that that meant it was a perfect time to watch a movie. Carrie had always been strict on the kinds of movies she let the girls watch; no PG-13 until they were 13 years old, and no R until 18. Of course, we were well aware that their friends' parents were less strict and our daughters probably saw plenty of off-limits movies at their friends' houses, but we just maintained an unofficial Don't-Ask-Don't-Tell policy. Of course, since Chelsea and I were breaking the rules this weekend, I told her to go pick out a movie that she wasn't normally allowed to watch.

While she made her selection, I threw a bag of popcorn in the microwave. That was another one of Carrie's rules: no eating after 8:00 pm. That was probably due to the fact that she always got heartburn if she ate anything before bed. But since I didn't have the same problem, and presumably Chelsea didn't either, there was no harm in breaking this rule just this once.

After the popcorn was finished, I dumped it into a large bowl and brought it out to the living room, where I saw that Chelsea had picked out an action movie with plenty of violence and sexual content.

"Are you sure you want to watch that one?" I asked her.

"You said I could pick any movie I wanted."

"Yes, but there are some scary scenes in that movie."

"Then I guess I'll just have to cuddle up to you for protection, Daddycums," she grinned.

I laughed. "I should let you watch scary movies more often," I told her, then sat down on the couch. Chelsea immediately sat down on my lap. When she leaned back against my chest and I felt the warmth of her bare back, I couldn't help smiling. That sensation was just way too nice.

With one hand I grabbed some popcorn to munch on, and with the other, I reached around Chelsea and began rubbing her stomach. She surprised me by grabbing my hand and lifting it to her breast, doing it so nonchalantly that it shocked me. That didn't mean I was about to pass up the opportunity, so I played with her tits as we watched the movie.

After about ten minutes of this, I thought of a dirty yet particularly appealing idea. I reached into the bowl of popcorn again and coated my hand with butter. I rubbed it into my other hand until they were both nice and greasy, then grabbed Chelsea's tits in both hand and fondled them.

The extra lubrication made all the difference, and she gasped at the slippery, oily pleasure. That was all the encouragement I needed, so I continued groping her as we watched the movie.

Unfortunately, the involuntary reactions of her body to the pleasure had an effect on my body as well. As I played with her boobs, she squirmed around on my lap. Under normal circumstances, I could stand a little squirming, but the naughty excitement of what we were doing turned this into a much more erotic experience, causing me to swell inside my pants. The confinement in my pants and under her cute little bottom was uncomfortable and occasionally painful; a couple of times I had to move around to shift her position on top of it. I'm pretty sure she was aware of exactly what she was doing to me, but she didn't mention anything. In fact, I think once she realized the effect she was having, she deliberately squirmed around even more just to tease me.

I longed to pull out my cock right there; it needed release. But I refrained, for the moment at least. Maybe she was having fun teasing me, but if I whipped it out right there it might scare her off. I would get to that point eventually anyway; no point in rushing things and spoiling my plan. For now, I just suffered in silence.

During the violent and scary parts of the movie, I held her extra tight, and in one part she even turned around and buried her face in my chest. I wasn't sure whether her fear was real or if she was just putting on an act, but it really didn't matter. Feeling her half naked body against my own was good enough for me.

There were also a couple of love scenes in the movie, and I made sure to fondle her tits more vigorously during these scenes, hopefully heightening her arousal with the double stimulation of sight and touch. I tried to match the movements of my hands on her breasts to the motions of the characters on screen, in a sense creating the illusion of putting her right into the scene itself. Maybe it worked, maybe it didn't. But I like to think that she enjoyed herself especially well during those scenes.

Eventually the movie ended, to both our disappointment. She seemed like she would have been willing to continue our sex play, but truthfully, my arms were getting a little tired. Besides, I had already made my plans to seduce her, and most of the good stuff would have to wait until tomorrow. I didn't want to deviate from the plan and improvise, because I didn't think I would be able to be that creative in the moment.

"Well, I think I'm going to go to bed," I told Chelsea. She hopped up off my lap (which gave my cock a little relief at least) and stood in front of me. She yawned and stretched, and I could have sworn she did it in a purposely seductive manner, because the sight of her stretched out like that baring her naked chest to me gave me once again the nearly overwhelming temptation to grab her and have my way with her right there. Then she flashed me her cutest little smile again, and grabbed my hand to pull me up.

"Can I sleep with you tonight, Daddycums?" she asked.

Considering I was just about to make that very same suggestion, I wasn't going to refuse that request. In answer, I bent down and scooped her into my arms to carry her down the hall to my room. Once there, I deposited her on my bed, where she apparently had no hesitation removing her jeans. She still wore a pair of white cotton panties, but that single article of clothing now remained the only barrier between her and total nudity. I slipped out of my slacks as well, so that I now wore only my boxer shorts. The tent in my shorts was obvious, and she stared at it for a second before blushing and glancing back up at my face. I shrugged and gave her a sheepish grin, then climbed into bed.

I'd like to say that we made love all night, but that would be a lie. I didn't try anything at all that night, content just to lie there as she snuggled up to me, laying her head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around her tiny little frame, and together we drifted off to pleasant dreams. I think we both knew what tomorrow would bring.

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2012-07-26 01:47:19
I absolutely love them! And I am so exetcid to see the rest, you have no idea (ask Jay, I am driving him bananas in anticipation!)Sandra, you are so talented! I appreciate you bringing out (even in these sneak peeks) the best of my family!

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2012-06-19 23:27:08
Now with Chelsea and Daddy, its all great and fun and the most believeable stuff you have EVER written, its wonderful and fantastic. Up until the part where little Chelsea all of 12 says to her father 'are you playing with my boobs?' Then I thought: I cannot believe she just said that... It ruined what could have become my favorite single story. Oh well Allison and the Primdales chapter 72 is hard to beat. Its wonderful and i can always sence a reoccuring theme. And since you wrote so much and used about every plot device imaginable in Allison and the Primdales, I can see that story in everything you do. Although this chapter... hmm tough one. Rachel is the only adult to try and do this... Jeff wanted too. So jeffs first time. Its wonderful and I think your the best author on the site, if not the web, (of this genre) even though I have expressed that many many times, I still think that every time i read one of your stories. This next chapter will be interesting. Cant wait.


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2012-06-19 23:08:39
'There was a reason it was wrong. He knew it was wrong. He just couldnt think of it at the moment.'

Just a little quote from Allison and the Primdales. I think it fits so well into this chapter and the last. I really did like that computer. Oh well, I have another. Im just glad I didnt bet about chelsea or else I would have lost that too. I should have known though, I really should have known. I have read to much of your work not to know. The men in your stories always seem to have moral qualms about things, it annoys me to no end. What if Greg was rasied like allison? What if daddy was just like his daughers, what if jeff was the one wanting to have sex with brit? What if rick wanted amy to have sex with him? Those stories would be quite a bit different wouldn't you say? But if it wasnt there then you would have absolutely no base for a plot just sex. So even though I think there are better ways to have a plot line then this, it is the most interesting one

(more above)

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I wish i had done this to my two daughters.....they would understand so much more about boys and girls.....

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Really liked to story....looking for next chapter....

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