Boy Fucks the women in his neighborhood
My name is Allen, I'm 17. I live in an upper class suburb of Missouri. To cut to the chase, they could film a desperate house wives series in my neighborhood. The three houses to the left, right, and across the street have three married milfs that i would die to fuck. To the left it Mrs. Akridge (Rachel), across the street is Mrs. Gomez (Sophie), and to the right is Mrs. Johnson (Sheri). They are all pretty good friends, we've had them over for dinner a few times. My story begins with Mrs. Akridge. She was a straight up California glamor milf. She was always dressed in very nice, very expensive designer clothing, normally in heels and with a coach purse or what ever fancy brand there are, with her hair always done, the whole 9 yards.

She was a very attractive woman. She was pretty short probably around 5'0 or 5'1but her heels always made her look a little taller. She had brown hair with caramel colored streaks in it (very sexy). She had a pretty tight body, probably not over 100lbs. She had pretty big round tits, a D cup is my guess, and i would be surprised if she had them done because of how round and perky they are for her 36 year old body. Her ass looks firm, kind of the tight athletic-- not to being not to small-- look. The Akridge's lived next door to the left of me. They had a pretty nice pool that Mrs. Akridge and her step daughter Jessie would sit out and tan by all summer. My room was on the left side of the house and i have a window on the outer wall giving me a nice view of Rachel and Jessie in their bikinis. I take advantage of this view almost everyday. Mrs. Akridge re-married about 4 months ago and her husband and Jessie moved in. Jessie is 19 and going to be a freshman in college and had just graduated when her dad married Rachel so I never had the pleasure of going to school with her.

Jessie was smoking hot but not like her step mom. Rachel is more of what i would call a "model" hot -- big tits thin body tight ass-- where as Jessie is what i guess i would call more of a "southern" hotness. She is more voluptuous. She's about 5'7 or 5'8 and has a nice round phat ass, nice thick tights, not to say shes fat in anyway she's probably 130 or 140lbs but she has a little more weight (mainly in her lower half) giving her some nice curve. She has blond hair they usually has big curls in it that go a few inches past her neck and she has small boobs than Rachel, probably a B or C cup. She dresses a lot different than Mrs. Akridge too, usually just short shorts and a tank top or a button up tight up above her stomach.

Any way it was summer time and I woke up and rolled over in my bed. My alarm clock said it was 11:24 am. I got up and went over to my window. I had a half hard on, the usually morning wood. I opened my curtains and the sun shot in. As usual Rachel and Jessie were out laying on lawn chairs by the pool. Both of there bodies were oiled up with tanning oil, shining and sexy. Rachel had on a small black string bikini it was very nice but not too special. Her favorite bikini she has is a gold sting bikini. The top is mostly string with two triangles that cover a little more skin beyond her nipples and the bottoms are another triangle covering her pussy and a cross between a normal bikini and thong covering her ass. Unfortunately she doesn't wear it that much it doesn't seem to be in her normal bikini rotation. Jessie was wearing a yellow string bikini. I don''t know if she had trouble finding bottoms to fit her big ass or just bought them small but it seemed like her ass cheeks were always falling out of them and the bottoms were being sucked into her ass crack. She occasionally even had the plumber look going but i didn't care i loved her ass and any extra glimpse i could see of it was fine by me.

I pulled my now 8 inch hard cock out and grabbed the lotion from my bed side table. I slowly stroked up and down to the thought of fucking Mrs. Akridge's tight cunt, having her ride up and down taking my entire cock in her tiny body until her legs quivered in an orgasm leaking her juices all over me. Then having her get on her knees and blowing my cum all over her face, in her mouth, and down her pornstar tits. My cock was throbbing as pre-cum formed at the tip. I moved my attention to Jessie, thinking about removing those too small bikini bottoms and burring my face in her ass crack and liking her sweet tasty pussy. Then spreading her oily ass and stick my cock balls deep in her asshole, fucking her doggy style watching her phat ass bounce and then having her sit on my pole fucking her deep in her ass until she reached ecstasy and then unloading my cum deep in her. Then pulling my shit dick out of her ass and having Rachel suck me clean as my cum leaked out of Jessie's ass and she joined in on the nasty blow job. I was really getting after it now stroking my cock from tip to balls as fast as i could. My balls were tightening, i grabbed a dirty towel from the floor and closed my eyes as i pictured Jessie's ass flying up and down on my cock as i emptied my balls onto the towel.

After about 8 thick strands of cum i opened my eyes. Panic began setting in as it looked like Mrs. Akridge was starring above her sun glasses as she pulled them down on her nose, starring right at me. Fuck i thought did she see me, does she know I was jacking off. I quickly got out from behind the window. I sat on my floor out of view for a few seconds and peeked over the window seal. Mrs. Akridge was back to laying down. Well if she had seen me then she would have been over here bitching my head off right now so she must have not seen me i thought. She must have not seen me I convinced myself, or at least forced myself to believe.

I got dressed and went downstairs. I watched TV and had some cereal, my parents had both already gone to work. After about an hour the door bell rang. I walked to the door only to see Mrs. Akridge through the window. Fuck i thought to myself she saw me. I thought about pretending i wasn't home but there was a good chance she heard me coming to the door. I hesitantly grabbed the handle and opened the door>

"Hi Allen" Rachel said. I swallowed hard.
"Hey, Mrs. Akridge" I coughed up. She was dressed in a yellow summer dress that showed a good amount of cleavage and went down to mid thigh where she then had on black hoes and heels. I was a little to nervous to attempt sneaking peeks at her tits though.

"I hate to ask so last second but Steve and I are taking Jessie to college today and dropping her off. We won't be back until late and we need someone to let Rosco out while were gone. Could you do that"

Wait she wasn't freaking out at me, Rosco? There dog! Fuck I immediately felt the weight off my shoulders.
"Yeah of course i can" i said

"Oh Allen your a life saver, thanks so much. Here's a key and you just need to feed him and let him out at 5 and let him out again at 9, we should be back by 12"

"No problem" i said

"Alright thanks again, see you later" she said

"bye" I shut the door damn was i relieved. There goes my favorite ass though not to bee seen for awhile.

I sat around the house for most of the day not doing to much, watching a little TV, playing some Xbox. Five rolled around and I walked over to the Akridge house hold. I let myself in. This was the first time i was in their house alone. I could hear Rosco whining upstairs. I moved up the stairs and came to Jessie's open door. Her room was pretty empty, her closet was empty. Damn no panties for me. I moved down the hall to the bathroom. The yellow bikini she was wearing was in the shower. i picked up the bottoms. They said 35-37". Damn if she could barley fit in these she must have a 40" ass. I smelled the crotch. mmm , sweet pussy juice mixed with her coconut tanning oil. My cock twitched. I put the bottoms back. I moved to the door Rosco was behind, Rachel's room.

I opened the door and Rosco shot out and went down stairs. I proceeded onward. I went straight for the hamper. I dug through her clothes, there were a few pairs of underwear but a sheer black g-string caught my attention. I held them to my face inhaling. My cock twitched again. Her pussy was more pungent than Jessie's but just as good. My dick was growing in my pants, fuck i needed to get out of here and jerk off, but i was still curious. I took another deep sniff of Rachel's panties and then put them back in the hamper. I moved into her bedroom again over to a dresser. I opened the top drawer. Fuck me, it was Steve's sock drawer. There was a white bottle on top, the purple label on it said Viagra. Hmm, i took the bottle and opened it, i pored the pills into my hand. There was about 15 left. The bottle said 80 tablets on it. Damn i though, Rachel must need fucked every night, i wonder how horny/desperate she'll be if Steve can't get it up for a while. I put the pills in my pocket and moved on to the dresser across the room

I opened the top drawer. Rachel's bikini drawer. My favorite gold one was on top. I shuffled through to the bottom but didn't find anything else worth while.

I finished up at the house. I rushed to my bathroom and released the biggest load off my life to the memorable scents of Rachel's and Jessie's musty pussies.

The next couple days were pretty normal. Just sitting up in my room spying on my hot neighbor. On Wednesday (3 days since i had been in Rachel's house) Mr. Akridge seemed to have left for a business trip because I saw him leave with a few bags and he wasn't back that night.

Thursday rolled around. I peered out my window but Rachel wasn't out yet. My phone went off. New text message -mom "Could you cut the back grass today, thanks". Shortly after reading the text i was doing laps around the back yard with the mower. It was very hot out , id guess about 90, 95. Rachel appeared through the back door wearing one of those over-bikini-dresses with a bottle of wine and a magazine in hand. She walked to her usual chair and gave me a casual wave. i waved back, she began to pulling the dress down her body revealing a skimpy black string bikini top that her tan tits looked like they could spill out of if a stiff wind picked up. She bent down to push the dress down the rest of the way. I peered from the far end of my yard as her tits hung from her chest and swayed back and forth as she bent over. My cock began to get semi-hard. The dress hit the pavement and she turned to sit and her ass came into view. The bottoms weren't as skimpy as the top but as i completed my lap and neared her i noticed they were very tight and fitted to her ass, giving a detailed outline of her ass. It appeared to be a little bigger than i estimated from the view of my bedroom, like there was a thin layer of giggle over her toned ass.

I finished the lawn but i needed a closer look at Rachel. I grabbed the key Rachel gave me to let her dog out and went to the fence.

"Hi Mrs. Akridge" i said
"Hello Allen, how are you"
"Good, i have the key you gave me"
"Oh great, why dont you come through the house and give it to me" bingo i thought, now ill get a nice close up view

"ok" i tracked my way to the front door, then through the house and finally through the back door into the pool area.

As i exited the house Rachel came back into sight, she was just finishing pulling the dress back over her body. Dammit i thought. She walked toward me.

"thanks so much Allen" she said taking the key from my reached out hand
"no problem" there was an awkward pause between us. As i turned back for the door she said "wait Allen, why dont you stay, you could take a swim and cool off, its such a hot day to be cutting the lawn"

"Oh thats ok i dont want to be a nuisance" i said stupidly
"Oh no, its the least i can do after watching Rosco plus Mr. Akridge has been gone all week on business and with Jessica at college id enjoy the company. "

"Ok thank you" i said
"well just make yourself at home, im going to go get another bottle of wine" She brushed by me.
Damn! she finished the whole bottle already, come to think of it her words were a little slurred. I went over to the chairs and sat in the one next to Rachel's, i could only hope she would come out with that dress off. The back door opened, damn still in the dress. As she neared it looked like she had put some eye shadow on and maybe some lip gloss, typical her i thought, she always has to look fucking glamorous when someones around, but im not complaining. She set the bottle of wine and two glasses down on a table between us.

"How old are you now allen" she asked
"About to turn eighteen this fall" i said
"Thats old enough to have some wine, Im 100% French, my whole family had wine at dinner when i was fourteen" she said she poured a large glass for me and then another for her.

She sat down next to me and we proceeded to make small talk. How is your summer going and what classes are you taking next year. The usually. After we both had about two glasses Rachel said "Allen aren't you even going to take your shirt of its like a thousand degrees out?"

I was feeling the wine a little and was more blunt in my horniness "Aren't you going to take your dress off if its so hot"

"haha good point" she said "but my bikini isn't very appropriate, you see this morning i put these black bikini bottoms on but just could not find the top. I looked all over and went through the clean clothes in the dryer and found a black top and put it on, but it ended up it was jessica's who wears a 36 B and i wear a 32 DD so its a little small on me"

Her telling me that she was a 32 DD made me so horny. "Well i saw it well i was cutting the lawn and it seemed ok to me" i said with a flirtatious smile

"Haha your so cute Allen" she said
"seriously though, you have to be burning up in that" i said
"Well if you don't mind, it is really hot out" she said

"I dont mind" i said as my heart began to beat out of my chest. She stood up repeating the same procedure as before pushing it down her body, her tits swaying, i could see right between her tits. My cock began to grow. Damn her tits had to be fake to look like that.

She sat back down and her boobs took on a half rain drop shape as they rested on her chest. Her long dark hair got pushed to the sides her body by her tits as they extended past the width of her chest. It was a beautiful sight.

"Well, aren't you going to take your shirt off"
I took my shirt off. Rachel took out some baby oil and began rubbing it all over. Down her arm, in between her tights, in and out of her cleavage. I was in heaven. By know we had finished the second bottle of wine and she looked pretty dazed.

"Allen can you get my back please" she rolled over
"sure" i said i was beginning to feel pretty toasted too.

She rolled over, i hid my erection in the draw string of my shorts so it was held against my body. I straddled her legs as i sat on her chair so i could rub her back. She spread them a little to accommodate me. i poured some oil over her back, rubbing slowly, her tits were smashed against the chair and the side boob image was fantastic. I began to rub up and down her back but i was impeded by her bikini strap; She reached back undoing it "there" she said. Fuck that was so hot. I continued up and down and her ass began to wobble hypnotically up and down with my rubbing. I reached up to get her shoulders, extending my body over her. My cock slipped from my draw string and spanked her right between the ass in her taint.

"ugh" a quiet moan came from Rachel. "Thank you Allen thats good" she said. I got off her and hurried back to my chair to hid my cock. Rachel re-did her top, fuck im so fucked. She rolled over as i placed my shirt over my crotch

"you think thats going to hide your cock" she said obviously intoxicated
"you dont think i felt you press your cock against my pussy"
"im sorry... I.."
"come her" she said
"im.. im going to go"
"stand up! and come her" she commanded
I stood up facing her
"pull down your pants" she said
"what no"
"show me your dick"
"what about your husband" i said
"He hasn't fucked me all week because the fucker can't get hard without pills that he's out of which means he's obviously fucking more then just me, the lying son of a bitch... Here you want me to strip of my clothes again before your do. She tore her top to either side of her tits. Her tits were exposed. they were perfect, big round pornstar tits, her nipples were soft pink, inviting to fuck.

"there, there are the tits you've been staring at all day, uncovered, now show me that rod in your pants" I took a step toward her transfixed on her tits. She ripped my shorts down to my knees. " Fuck i need this so bad" She grabbed my cock and took my cock in her mouth and buried her had in her bottoms.

"mmm, mhm" she moaned as she sucked on my cock while pleasuring herself. "My fucking husband deserves this after he used all his pills to fuck whatever whores he gets with, and my aching pussy deserves more than his 5 inch dick that he can't satisfy anything with besides himself" she said as her dark eyes peered into mine and her hand stroked my cock.

Her thick glossy lips plunged back over cock as her tongue swirled around my dick. "do you want to fuck these big titties" she said like such a slut.
"Fuck yes" She guided me down on my chair and then completely removed her top. She placed my cock between her oily tits and pushed them together sliding my dick up and down between her tits, making it disappear and reappear. She bent her head down catching the tip of it in her mouth. It felt so fucking good.
"cum for me Allen, cum all over my fucking tits... i want your warm cum all over my tits" Rachel's words made my balls tighten.
"come on Allen let my big oily tits make you cum" she increased her titty fucking and i started to cum
"yes allen coat my titties with your cum"
"aww yes Rachel that feels so good"
strand after strand of cum shot up between her tits leaving a white puddle on her tan tits.

Rachel began sucking my did again as the cum dripped off her tits to the pavement. She sucked the last bits of cum out of me

"Come inside" she said. I grabbed her hand as she led me inside, a ripple going through each boob with each step.

We made it to her bedroom and collapsed on the bed making out frantically. we held each other tight with my chest against her boobs swapping my cum and her oil. I pulled her bottoms down to mid thigh and rubbed her pussy.
she broke our kissing "aww Allen that feels so good" i slid between her arms kissing down her tits then stomach and landing between her legs. Her pussy was perfectly shaved with a wide landing strip complimenting her smooth pussy lips. She was soaking wet and i plunged in, slurping the juices right out of her pussy

"Allen that feels so fucking good your gonna make me cum"
She tasted sweat and salty and her aroma was orgasmic, making my cock hard again.
She wrapped her muscular thighs around my head smothering my face in her pussy
"aaww. yes allen.. Fuck"

i pulled away
"Allen whyd you stop, please dont stop"
"im going to fuck you know"
"yes allen... please fuck me i need you so bad, please satisfy my aching pussy!"

i lined my dick up as i stood at the end of the bed and pulled her legs past my body, guiding her pussy to my dick. I slid my dick up and down her pussy
"aww allen, do it stick it in me"
I thrusted my hips forcing my did all the way in her, holding it balls deep
"Fuck allen, yes your so big"
I started thrusting all the way in and out watching her tits bounce.
"yes allen your making my pussy so hot and wet"
I slammed the back of her pussy harder and harder as she grabbed the sheets, her eyes rolled back in her heard, closed...
She started shrieking "yeah.. yeah, .. ye" until she was out of air. Her mouth was open as her eyes pressed close harder and she said
"fuck im CUMMMMINGG" she started rubbing her clit as i continued to pound her sopping pussy.It tightened around my cock
Rachel screamed "Awwwwww!" and her pussy squirted all over my did and onto the bed.
"fuck im making you squirt" I started to cum shooting it in her as she squirted again drenching my dick. my dick popped out and shot cum onto her furry landing strip and her cum leaked from her pussy.

she opened her eyes and said "that was fucking amazing, Ive never squirted before"

End of Part I

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