A young girl is saved from jumping
Saved by Lester
This story is about a young girl whose whole life has been one big bad deal and how she is saved from ending it herself.
I had finally had it. It was cold and rainy and I hadn’t been warm and dry for days and hadn’t eaten for days. It was late night and no one was on the streets for me to sell myself to so things weren’t going to get any better. I’m 15, been on my own for two years; had done everything a person can do to another person for money to survive but now that wasn’t even working. So I was at the end of my rope and was looking for a way out. Walking down an alley I spotted a door slightly ajar so peeked inside. It was a big warehouse room with stuff in boxes. I didn’t see anyone so I went in. Just ahead were stairs and I started going up figuring on going to the roof and jumping off. Between the second and third floors I heard,
“Were the hell you going?”
I turned and there was the security guard. He walked towards me and I started crying, really crying not faking it. He looked down at me and I was sure I say pity and concern in his face. “I just can’t take it anymore,” I said, “I’m going to jump.”
“Whoa there little girl, you aren’t jumping off my building on my watch,” he said quietly. “Come with me.”
He didn’t touch me, he didn’t get mad at me which was surprising but I felt comfortable with him. He led me into a room down the hall that was warm. Warm, warm, warm that I hadn’t felt in days. Then he opened a refrigerator and said, “This is all that’s here,” as he handed me an apple. “I’m off in a few minutes and we’ll go get something to eat.”
I devoured the apple in about 5 seconds and it felt so good. I was still waiting for him to paw me or ask me to suck his dick but he didn’t. Then he opened a locker and handed me a jacket. “Take off that wet coat and put this on,” He said. My clothes were wet but the dry warm jacket felt really good. “You stay here and I’ll be back as soon as I finish my rounds and check out, OK? Don’t go doing something stupid like jumping off the building. I’ll be back in about 15 minutes.”
I was beginning to feel a little better about things, thinking maybe there was something good going to happen. I put my wet coat on the back of a chair in front of the heater and settled in for the wait. It seemed like only 5 minutes when he returned.
“Let’s go get something to eat,” he said with a smile. I took of his coat and handed it to him and put mine on and followed him out and down the hall. We took the elevator down a couple floors and came out in the parking garage. We got into his car, left the building and drove a mile or so and pulled up in front of a funky little café. We entered and only a couple of people were setting at the counter but they said “Hi Lester” as did the waitress. We took a booth and she asked me if I would like coffee. I said no, milk please. She returned with coffee and milk and asked if I knew what I wanted to eat.
“Do you like waffles?” I was asked. “Yes,” I replied. “Bring her a waffle, egg and bacon,” Lester said.
I thought it sort of odd that no one found it strange that this 40 something old black security guard had brought a 15 year old white girl into a café at somewhere close to midnight. But they didn’t.
“My name is Lester, what’s yours?” he asked.
“Pam,” I replied.
“Want to tell me what’s going on?”
“Well the short of it is that I’ve been on my own for two years and I’m suddenly realizing that I have no future and I’m tired of being wet and hungry,” I sort of whispered.
“Are you from around here?” he asked.
“No,” was all I said in reply.
“Why are you on your own?”
“I never knew my Dad and my Mother got big time into drugs and booze and the only way she could support herself was to sell herself. She rarely put food on the table so I baby sat and did odd jobs to have something to eat. One night, actually the night after my 13th birthday, she came home so drugged and boozed she couldn’t perform, actually she was passed out. The guy she brought home was pissed off and came into my room, woke me up and made me give him oral sex. I had messed around a little bit but was still a virgin and hadn’t ever tasted a guys cum before but he forced me. The next morning when I woke up she was still passed out. I took what money I had and what money I could find in her purse, packed my backpack and left. I had 41 dollars as I walked out the door.”
“So you’ve lived on the streets for two years, selling yourself to survive?” he asked.
“Yep. I tried a couple of shelters but they are as bad as the streets. My first gang bang was a supervisor and two aides the first afternoon I was with them.”
“OK little girl, here is how I see it,” Lester said quietly, “First of all, I am not after sex of any kind. My background is similar to yours and other young kids around here that I try to help. I can offer you a place to stay for a few days until you and me and a friend of mine figure out a plan. My friend is a councilor and knows the right places to send kids for real help. My only thought is a young white girl might not go over to well in most of them. We’ll finish breakfast, go home and I’ll give you some dry things to sleep in and tomorrow we’ll wash your cloths and start your road back.”
I looked at Lester’s face and could see that what he was saying was all about me and not about him or sex or anything else. He was truly concerned about me. I almost broke down crying but finished my breakfast without saying another word. On the way to his place it was fairly quiet and then he asked me if I was alright and I said yes, I just couldn’t believe that there was someone in this world that really cared about what happened to me.
Lester had an apartment in a small older building that had one bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. He came out of his bedroom with a t-shirt and a pair of pajama bottoms. He went back in and closed the door so I could change in privacy. When I said OK he came out with a blanket and pillow and smiled and said, “Sweet Dreams.” His t-shirt was way too big, I could almost wear it like a dress and the pj’s were also to big so after he went back in his bedroom I took them off. I snuggled in under the blanket and soon was sound asleep, the first night in weeks that I was warm, dry and safe.
Sometime before dawn I awoke and had to pee bad. There were little night lights all over the apartment so I could find my way to the john without turning on any lights. When I was finished I looked thru the door to Lester’s room and saw him, sound a sleep under the sheet. Without even thinking I crawled into bed and under the sheet with him. When I laid my head down it was on his arm and he just pulled me over to him. It must have been some sort of reaction because he didn’t wake up. I laid there with my arm over his chest and head on his shoulder and fell back to sleep.
When I awoke again it was daylight. Lester was still sound asleep and I was still laying the way I was when I went to sleep. Except, now I had my leg over his thigh and my hand on his very big and hard cock. I thought to myself you are in big trouble girl but I just couldn’t let go. This man had been so good to me the last 12 hours or so I felt I needed to repay him and this was the only way I could, the only way I knew how. I slowly moved the sheet down with me and took his wonderful hot and hard and soft cock in my mouth.
“What is going on here?” he almost shouted as he tried to push me away.
“Stop it,” I shouted back at him and lowered my mouth back down on his love stick. I didn’t hear another word from him for about 5 minutes until he said,
“You better stop, I don’t know if I’m going to cum or piss.”
I lifted off just long enough to say, “I don’t care which I’ll drink it all.”
I just barely got my mouth back down when it was filled with hot salty piss. And man did he have to go. I really tried to drink it all so we wouldn’t have a mess to clean up but was not successful. I could feel the warm liquid running down my chin. And no sooner had he finished with the one liquid when an equally warm, somewhat salty liquid filled my mouth. This time I managed to swallow it all without spilling any. Lester’s body collapsed from his big climax and I just layed forward on him, his cock lying on his stomach between my tits. I had my arms around him as he tried to move me off.
“I’m not going anywhere,” I whispered as I held him tighter.
“Little girl, I didn’t want this to happen, I don’t want you to think I’m like the other guys.”
I moved up on him and pressed my lips to his. We kissed for a bit and then I said,
“What happened happened because I wanted it to, and it happened because you definitely aren’t like the other guys. And what happens from now on will happen because we both want it to. I am wonderfully happy being with you and want you to be wonderfully happy being with me.”
There was no more resistance in Lester. I slid off him to the side and took his soft cock in my hand. There was instant activity as I stroked it and then moved down and took it down my throat. I love the feel in my mouth but wanted that feeling in my pussy. I looked up at him with a big smile as I straddled him and lowered my wet cunt down on his big meat.
“Is it to big?” he asked with a look of concern.
Just as he said that the head of his cock entered my hole and I lowered all the way down on it. “There’s your answer,” I smiled. As I started riding his dick his hands were all over me, up my arms, down my sides, squeezing my tits. I was in heaven needing nothing more in life then this beautiful man. I was lifting up and down and moving side to side and round and round on his cock. Lester was very happy letting me do the work. And so was I. Then he put his hands on my shoulders and pulled me down on him and in an instant he was on top, I was on the bottom and the real fucking began.
I have been fucked hard before but this was entirely different. Lester pushed my legs wide and held them there as his piston pumped in and out of me. But this man was pounding me because of my reaction to being full of his hard cock. I was moaning and crying and begging him to fuck me harder and harder. I was all over the bed, thrashing and flopping my arms as his meat filled me with something I had never had before from a man, love. When I felt Lester was about to cum I whispered, “In my mouth” and there it was, his hard cock pointed at my face shooting its load. Most of it found its target and I gulped it down. He kept his cock in my mouth until I had sucked him dry.
We layed there for sometime before Lester got up and said he would fix us something to eat. I asked him if we could shower first and he smiled and said OK. We did and in spite of my best efforts I couldn’t make his little soft cock into the big meat I wanted. As Lester was cooking I started my cloths in the laundry and then sat down to a big breakfast. While we were eating the phone rang and my lover was called into work. He made a phone call and explained the situation to a friend.
“I have to go into work, one of the other guys called in sick. I’m going to drop you off at my friend, the counselor while I’m gone. Is that OK?
“Of course it’s ok, if that’s what you want.” Then I smiled my sort of wicked smile and asked, “Do you want me to entertain him?”
Lester smiled back at me and said, “If that’s what you want then yes please do.”

If you like this story there will be more, if you don’t there won’t.


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