Decisions have to be made.
Chapter 4
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I slept soundly, perhaps more soundly than I had a right to. I should have had nightmares born of the guilt and horror of what I had just done. But instead, I slept peacefully and dreamlessly. I suppose I could blame that on not getting enough sleep the previous night, but the truth was that my conscience really didn't bother me all that much. I had not abused my daughters after all; quite the opposite in fact. They had abused me, not that I was complaining too much.

The scarves binding me to the bedposts, surprisingly, helped. I had never really thought of myself as a submissive, and I still don't. But subconsciously, those scarves gave me something tangible to project my guilt into. They symbolized the very real fact that I had not been a willing participant. I had never made a choice, so I could not be held responsible for what had happened between my daughters and me.

But I didn't expect to sleep all night, and in that I was not disappointed. There was not even a trace of light streaming through the window when I felt myself being nudged gently awake. I groaned in displeasure; I never liked being disturbed when I was trying to sleep. But then the girls nudged me a little harder, and I opened my eyes. Amber and Linda sat next to me, still naked and smiling down at me.

"Have a nice sleep, Daddycums?" asked Amber.

I glanced around the room, groggy and a bit disoriented. Then I felt those scarves still wrapped around my wrists, and it all came back to me. I had half wished that it had all been a dream, a very pleasant one but a dream nonetheless. Now I was confronted by the indisputable proof that it had all been real.

"Are you ready to have some fun now?" Linda grinned.

"It apparently doesn't matter whether I'm ready or not," I grumbled. "You're not going to release me until you've done everything you want with me."

"Are you trying to pretend you're not enjoying yourself? You're so cute, Daddycums."

I sighed. "All right. Let's get this over with."

"If you insist!" she exclaimed enthusiastically. Linda positioned herself so that her head was directly over my waist. Her hair, spilling over the side of her head, brushed against my cock with an almost ticklish sensation, enhanced by the fact that I was already hard from anticipation. I shuddered with excitement as she lowered her head.

First she brushed her tongue against the shaft, licking it from the base right to the head. The touch of her tongue sent lightning bolts of pleasure through me.

"How does it taste?" asked Amber.

"Delicious!" Linda grinned. "Every bit as tasty as I imagined!" She lowered her head again, but this time she grabbed my cock and pointed it up in the air so that she could lick all around it. I relaxed and enjoyed the exquisite sensation of her warm and wet tongue running all over it. She teased the head, circling the sensitive ridge and causing me to gasp at the sensation. I could hardly believe Linda's enthusiasm and skill; she acted like she had done this a hundred times before, but she claimed she had never done it, and I believed her. The signs of hesitation or disgust that I would expect from a girl doing this for the first time simply were not there.

Linda lifted her head for a moment, glancing at me with an amused look at my reaction. Then she flashed me a cute little grin and a sly wink, then lowered her head once again, wrapped her lips around my cock, and began to suck.

I had often fantasized about receiving a blowjob, but until the previous night I had had sex with only one woman my entire life, and Carrie refused to do it. Since I was happy to go down on her, she apologized that she wasn't willing to reciprocate, but it really didn't bother me. Still, the thought of a woman's warm mouth with the slippery tongue and the suction, especially the suction, was fuel for many a fantasy.

The reality was even better. I knew that Linda had practiced on vegetables, but I never knew just how talented she had become. She seemed to know just what to do to give me the maximum pleasure. Each suck sent a massive wave of pleasure through me, intensely thrilling and wonderful. I couldn't believe just how amazing this felt.

She didn't move particularly fast; this wasn't a race to get me off as soon as possible. Instead, she took her time, slowly sucking me in and then withdrawing until only the head remained in her mouth. That drew out the waves of pleasure, allowing me to feel those waves building and causing them to become deeper and more powerful. It also gave me time to feel the emotion of the act, Linda's love for me and my love for her. I had always suspected that the pleasure from a blowjob was more intense but the pleasure from true intercourse was more fulfilling, but Linda was certainly making this experience fulfilling in its own way.

I glanced down at her face, loving the sight of the dimples in her cheeks as she sucked in, her beautiful eyes as she gazed up at me, and that loving and playful smile that told me she was enjoying this too. No doubt she wasn't enjoying it as much as I was, but she was still fulfilling one of her fantasies. It was hard to believe that she wanted this, that she had fantasized about doing this to me for a long time. Yet there she was, eagerly pleasing me.

That sight was almost too erotic for me. I let my head fall back on the pillow and closed my eyes, basking in the thrill and pleasure of the forbidden sex. I could hear myself moaning and my body squirming, straining against the scarves around my wrists and ankles, powerless against the sensations running through my body.

At this rate, I knew I wouldn't last long, and in truth I didn't want to. I wanted to feel the ultimate pleasurable sensation, the orgasmic bliss that even now was building inside me. I needed release from this exquisite and delicious torment that my daughter was inflicting upon me.

"Oh, god, Linda!" I gasped. "I'm about to cum!"

"Just do it," Amber said. "She's told me over and over again just how much she wants to taste your cum as you squirt it down her throat. She never shuts up about it. Now she finally gets her chance."

I didn't have to be told twice. Giving into the pleasure, I let it overtake me. My hips literally lifed off the bed as my body tensed up in pleasure, and my cock twitched inside Linda's lips as I released my load. She squealed with delight around my shaft, swallowing it eagerly. I couldn't believe the intensity of the orgasm; even after having sex with Amber just a couple of hours before, the sheer physical stimulation of the blowjob was like nothing I had ever felt before.

Linda kept sucking, drawing out my climax and keeping the pleasure at the highest possible level for as long as possible. My body finally let go of the tension and I collapsed back onto the bed, my whole body going limp. My cock slowly deflated, and only after Linda was sure she had milked every last drop of my cum out of it did she finally let it slip from her mouth.

"That was sooooooo yummy!" she exclaimed. "All I want to eat for the rest of my life is Daddy's cum! You have got to try it, Amber."

"Maybe later," her big sister said with a grin.

The girls curled up against my chest again as I lay there still panting from the exertion. I closed my eyes, but I didn't sleep this time; I was still too wound up. Part of it felt like a dream. Perhaps if I went to sleep I would wake up in the morning and none of it would have happened, and despite the shocking and even horrifying truth that I had just committed an act of incest with my daughters, I really didn't want it to vanish like that. If it was a dream, I wanted the dream to continue.

"So now what happens?" asked Linda, glancing at her big sister Amber.

"Well," Amber replied, "that all depends upon Daddycums." She began to untie me from the bedposts. Linda followed her example, and a couple of minutes later I was freed from my bonds. I sat up and rubbed my wrists. Linda had tied the knots so they wouldn't tighten on me, but they had still needed to be tight enough that I couldn't get free, and they had left me like that for several hours, so I was a little sore.

"So, Daddycums," Amber smiled, "now you're no longer our prisoner, and you can choose for yourself. We still have several days before Mom gets home. How do you want to spend that time?"

I glared at her. "Amber and Linda, what you did was very wrong. Very wrong! I can't believe that my daughters would ever do something like that. So I have no choice but to punish you."

"Are you going to spank us?" asked Linda hopefully.

"Of course not! Listen carefully, because I will not tolerate any further disobedience. You will follow these instructions completely and without any argument. First, you both will sleep in your own beds tonight. Second, you are grounded. No going out, no visiting your friends. While I think of it, no calling them either. Or email, texting, or any other communication. Amber, you will still go to work, but you will return home immediately afterward. Third, while you are grounded, you will not have sex. Not with me, not with each other, not with anyone."

The girls glanced at each other in shock, no doubt certain that their plan had backfired. But I wasn't finished yet. In fact, I was just winding up for the final blow.

"And fourth," I concluded, "these rules will stay in effect for twelve hours, and not a minute less. Do you understand?"

They glanced at each other again, this time in confusion.

I rolled my eyes. "Do I have to spell it out for you?"

"Twelve hours?" asked Linda. "Why--"

"Because I figure I'm going to need about that long to recover from tonight's festivities before I'm ready to go again," I explained. "I'm not a teenager anymore; you're going to have to slow down a little if you want me to keep up."

The girls finally caught on. Their faces broke out into wide grins, then they both squealed and pounced on me, knocking me on my back as they hugged me tightly.

"Okay, okay," I grumbled, though I also grinned. "Go back to your rooms and let your old man get some sleep."

"I wuv my Daddy," Amber cooed.

"I wuv my Daddy too," Linda added.

"And I wuv my daughters, but I really do need to rest now," I told them.

The girls climbed out of bed, then stode to the door, turning once to blow me a kiss before disappearing out into the hall.


It's a good thing I worked from home, because I'm pretty sure I wore a stupid grin on my face and wandered around in a daze for a good portion of the next day. I was determined to stick to the rules, so as soon as I woke up, I disappeared into my cave to work on my novel. Unfortunately, memories of the events of the previous night kept intruding on my thoughts, and I couldn't concentrate enough to put anything into words. I sat there for two hours trying to force myself to get some work done, but it didn't work.

With my muse obviously taking the day off, I decided to take a break. I worried about leaving my den; by now Amber would have left for the day, but Linda still remained at home. Likely the moment I opened the door she would jump on me and put an end to my willpower once and for all. So instead of making a trip upstairs for a midmorning snack, I opened the web browser on my computer and went to one of my favorite naughty sites, one where I frequently posted my dirty stories. There were a few more comments on the latest of those, plus a few interesting discussions I had been following on the forums.

Suddenly, my eyes were drawn to a new discussion that had just been started that morning, titled "We did it!" by Iwuvmydaddy2. With horror I opened the thread and read the opening comment, where Linda had gone into graphic detail about our encounter last night. She described how first Amber had ridden me, although fortunately she was smart enough to call her Iwuvmydaddy. Then she described how she had taken me in her mouth and sucked me until I came, with great detail about how it tasted and felt in her mouth. Finally, she completed her narrative with these words: "And guess what! We found out that our father is none other than Daddycums!"

There were already dozens of responses, some with the expected congratulations, some describing their own encounters with close family members (which I had always assumed were just fantasies but now I was beginning to wonder) and of course plenty of forumgoers demanding confirmation from Iwuvmydaddy and Daddycums.

It was getting out of hand. I had thought that my girls had enough sense not to go out and blab about our relationship to the whole world. I wished I could just claim that it never happened, but I had always been a little too honest for my own good. So instead, I settled by posting, "No comment."

It backfired, of course. My refusal to deny it only made everyone assume that it was the truth. Five minutes later, a dozen more comments had been posted to that effect by members of the site. There was no hiding it anymore.

I immediately closed the web browser, as if ignoring the problem would make it go away. I took several deep breaths, trying to focus my rational mind so that I could determine the best course of action.

Now that I thought about it, there really was no harm done. If anyone could identify us from our online monikers, they would have done so long ago. Also, there was a whole forum on that very site devoted to role-playing, where members could act out their fantasies with each other. Probably nobody took it seriously; they probably figured we were just pretending. In fact, my unreasonable fear seemed more and more silly as time went on. I had just panicked, that's all.

Something still bothered me, though. The response to my comment had been just the opposite of what I had wanted. Instead of quelling the rumors, I had only encouraged them. Online, where people were just characters and everything was fiction, it didn't matter. But what if people I knew in real life began suspecting things? I couldn't just say, "no comment" because that would automatically convict me in the court of public opinion. No taking the Fifth Amendment for me. The only way to keep people from finding out what I had done with my daughters would be to never let them get suspicious in the first place.

The problem was that I had no idea how to prevent it. For one thing, all my daughters were daddy's girls. Amber and Linda were always affectionate with me, and Chelsea even more so (although she didn't count because she was just a little girl). I had never really thought much about it before, but now, knowing what I did about their feelings toward me, every affectionate gesture seemed to scream incest. We couldn't afford to act so affectionate with each other anymore, but then, we couldn't afford to change our behavior at all either. It was a nightmare.

I think the person who I worried most about was my wife. I could probably hide it from my neighbors and friends well enough, but Carrie saw us together for hours at a time every day. How could she not get suspicious? We would have to be extra cautious about our behavior around her. The idea of holding a secret from my wife didn't appeal to me at all, but worse was the idea of her discovering our activities.

First, I had to do some damage control online. I could no longer deny what had happened, but I could push the conversation in a direction that would make people think Iwuvmydaddy2 had just made it all up.

I once again logged onto the site, then went to the conversation to post another reply.

"It was supposed to be a secret, Iwuvmydaddy2," I typed. "You've been a bad little girl for telling everybody what we did last night. Get ready, because Daddycums is coming upstairs to give you a spanking!" That would give the members of the site plenty to talk about, but it also sounded so contrived that nobody could possibly believe that I was serious.

I left the den and made my way upstairs to Linda's room, where I found her naked and lying on her stomach on the bed. Her computer was on, with the web browser open to the same page I had been visiting. As I entered the room, she turned her head and gave me a grin. "So you've come up here to spank me?" she asked.

"Actually, we need to talk," I told her. Linda sat up, exposing her body to my eyes. "Put some clothes on, first," I insisted.

"Aw, you're no fun, Daddycums," she pouted, but she grabbed her bathrobe and threw it over her.

"Look, we need to be very careful," I told her. "It was a big mistake talking about it online."

"Dad, no one cares. They just think we're playing."

"I know, but we can't let anything slip. Now that I think of it, we need to figure out what to do about your friends."

"Invite them over for an orgy?" she asked hopefully.

"No way! The last thing I need is half a dozen girls accusing me of statutory rape. I meant that we need to make sure that none of them find out about us. You haven't... told any of them yet, have you? I mean, phoned or emailed them or anything like that?"

"I'm not stupid, Dad. Of course I haven't."

"But some of them know that you... that you're sexually attracted to me, don't they?"

"I told Julie and Mark, but that's it, I swear."

"Okay. We'll have to think of a way to get past that. You can't just pretend to suddenly get over that phase, because that would make them suspicious. You'll just have to phase it out slowly. We can work on the details later. Mainly I just wanted to make sure you didn't tell anyone right out."

"Nope. Our secret's safe. So now that that's over with, do you want to have some fun?" she said with a grin.

"We should wait until Amber gets home from work. I don't want her to get jealous because she can't spend as much time with me as you can."

"Do we have to?" she whined.

"Yes, we have to," I insisted.


Surprisingly, we both held out until Amber arrived home. Unsurprisingly, we didn't hold out any longer. Amber had scarcely closed the front door before she was stripping out of her clothes. Linda followed her lead and suddenly I was confronted by two very naked and very horny daughters. Apparently, undressing was not a trait they inherited from their mother; Carrie had always been meticulous about folding up each item as she removed it, so it always took her a long time to undress. If I had held a stopwatch as Amber and Linda took their clothes off, though, I would hardly have had time to press the button to start timing them before I would have had to press it again to stop.

Then they turned their attention to me, and soon I was also naked right in the middle of the living room. Amber had taken off my shirt while Linda had gone for my pants. As soon as I stepped out of them, she wrapped her lips around my cock and started sucking.

"No fair!" Amber complained. "Let's get him in the bedroom first, then we can go to work on him."

With that motivation, I nearly ran down the hall to the bedroom, followed closely by the girls. We immediately hopped onto the bed.

"So how should we do this?" I asked the girls. "Linda, you and I haven't really had a chance to do it properly."

"Um... I..." she said.

"What is it?" I asked, suddenly concerned about her reluctance.

"Well... can we wait on that a little longer?" she asked. "I mean, Amber wanted it really bad, but I don't know if I'm ready for that yet."

"Of course, honey. We can wait as long as you want. Days, months, even years if that's how long you need. Your first time should be special." Then I had a sudden, disturbing thought. "Amber," I said, "did you... pressure Linda into this?"

Surprisingly, Linda laughed. "Whatever gave you that idea?" she asked.

"Well, Amber always likes to try new things, and she can be very persuasive sometimes. She's gotten you into trouble before. Remember that time when you fell in the creek?"

"Dad, I was seven. That was half my lifetime ago."

"So she didn't coerce you at all?"

"Actually it was my idea. She caught me reading some of those naughty stories you posted online, you know, the ones with daddies making love to their daughters. So she confronted me, and I admitted I had this major crush on you."

"That got me thinking about it," said Amber, "and then it got me fantasizing about it, and before I knew it, I was in love with you too. And to tell you the truth, once we found out that you're Daddycums, she was the one who came up with the idea of actually going through with it instead of just fantasizing about it."

"Well, you two are about the sneakiest girls I've ever met," I grinned. "Not that I'm complaining."

"That's us," Linda said proudly. "But to get back to your question, I'm not ready for you to stick your dick up my pussy, but I wouldn't mind your tongue there."

"Good," said Amber. "That leaves your dick for me. Linda's been going on and on about how yummy it is, so I'm curious to try it for myself."

"You'll get no argument out of me," I grinned.

I lay down on my back, and Linda climbed on top of me. She gave me a quick kiss on the lips, then rose up on her knees, straddling my chest. She inched forward on her knees, and I stared at her beautiful young pussy as it drew closer and closer to my face. As soon as she reached her goal, she pressed her hands against the wall to steady herself as I stuck out my tongue and gave a tentative lick on her slit.

"Ooh!" she squealed. "That feels nice, Daddycums!"

Then I felt a wonderful, hot and moist sensation on my cock, and I realized that Amber had wrapped her lips around it. She began to suck, and I felt the same waves of intense pleasure as I had earlier that morning. I could tell that she wasn't quite as skilled or enthusiastic as her younger sister, but considering this was only my second blowjob ever, I was just happy to be receiving it.

I made use of my own mouth, especially my tongue. They say that a man can never be as skilled as a woman at pleasuring a woman like this, but from the way Linda's body was reacting and the sounds of delight escaping from her lips, I could tell that I was doing good enough. With years of practice behind me with Carrie, I was no stranger to cunnilingus; I knew what worked on my wife, and I employed those same techniques on my daughter. It seemed to work.

Unlike the previous night, I was free to use my hands, so I reached up and gently pried apart her outer lips to get at the soft and delightful tissue underneath. I had always enjoyed the feel and taste of Carrie's pussy, especially that little bud at the top of her slit. The tremors that ran through her body when I licked her there were so very enjoyable. So I sought out that same part of Linda's body and teased it with my tongue. Linda gasped as her body shook from the sudden pleasure, and I knew I was doing something right.

With Amber sucking my cock and my face so close to the center of Linda's sex, I felt like I was in heaven. All my worries and cares vanished, leaving me with only the pleasure of my two daughters' company. I wanted nothing more than to lie here in this world of pleasure forever. These forbidden delights were the whole universe to me right now, no longer forbidden but good and right and absolutely wonderful. It no longer mattered that the rest of the world would call this immoral or depraved or even illegal. I wanted it and my daughters wanted it, and the rest of the world could go to hell for all I cared.

I released Linda's pussy with my hands, although I continued bathing it with my tongue. I let my hands wander up her body until they rested on her ripe young tits. She let go of the wall and grabbed my hands with her own, pressing them tightly to her chest. I squeezed and rubbed and kneaded her breasts between my hands, feeling the nipples harden. They were barely a handful, much smaller than her mother's, but right now as far as I was concerned, they were just the right size.

With the feel of her breasts, the taste of her pussy, and the pleasure of her sister's mouth, I had no chance of lasting very long. After only a few minutes, I felt the building tension in my loins, and I knew it was time. With Linda's pussy pressed against my mouth, I couldn't warn Amber, so I did the best I could by giving in to the pleasure and letting my moans tell her that I was ready. If she understood, she didn't do anything to let me know, but instead kept right on sucking. I tried to hold back long enough to give her a little more warning, but my body was already beyond my control.

A moment later, I exploded into her mouth. I could feel her stop sucking for a second, then she resumed her ministrations, swallowing the load that I gave her. I couldn't tell whether she enjoyed it as much as Linda did, but at least she didn't find it disgusting or repulsive. That made me glad; it meant she wouldn't mind doing the same to me again once in a while, although I suspected she would have to fight her sister for it.

Once she had swallowed every last drop, she let my softening cock slip from her mouth, then climbed up onto me, positioning herself right behind her sister. She reached around and slipped her hands under mine, taking over the job of massaging Linda's breasts. That freed me up to work on her pussy some more.

The double stimulation of her sister's hands and her father's tongue was apparently enough to push Linda over the edge. She cried out in excitement as her body shok from her orgasm. I felt her weight shift, and realized that her strength had given out, not surprising considering what was happening to her. Amber managed to keep her up, supporting her with her arms. I didn't want to end this any sooner than I had to, so I kept licking her until the spasms of her body died down to nothingness. Only when we were all sure that her climax was over did she climb off of me, with Amber's help of course. She lay down exhausted next to me and gave me a kiss on the lips.

"I love you, Daddycums," she whispered.


For the rest of the week we followed a wonderful daily routine. The girls slept with me in my bed, then we had a quick fuck before Amber left for work and I went downstairs to my den to work on my novel, then when Linda got bored she came down and tried to coax me into having fun with her, which I resisted until Amber arrived home, at which point we all had fun together. I never did get my cock up Linda's pussy during that time, although it spent plenty of time inside Amber's, as well as both girls' mouths. You could say that we got stuck in a rut for the entire time Carrie was away, but it was a rut that none of us had any intention of getting free of.

But there was a specter looming over our relationship, the specter of the future, and Carrie's return. None of us mentioned it; probably none of us even wanted to think about it, so we maintained a state of blissful denial. It couldn't last forever, though.

On the day before Carrie was supposed to arrive home, I began to feel a little nervous. I didn't know how things would be between my wife and me; without much experience in cheating, I didn't know how convincing I would be as I tried to pretend nothing had changed. Worse still, the girls seemed to lack a respectable degree of self-restraint and common sense; it might not be me who gave away our affair. As the day wore on, I even began to dread Carrie's return.

Then it hit me. Whenever she and I had been apart for a few days, I had always looked forward to meeting up with her again. Perhaps I was just a hopeless romantic, but things always felt wrong whenever I was away from her, and could only be set right by the return. This new feeling disturbed me worse than the worry about giving myself away. I hated the fact that I no longer missed my wife; in just a few days, I had turned from a loving and devoted husband to a monster who no longer deserved her. I had to do something about it.

The first step was to let my daughters know how I felt, and get them on my side. If we were all in this together, we just might make it through all these problems, and come out alive on the other side.

As usual I spent most of the day writing, but this time when Amber arrived home from work, I fought off the advances of my girls.

"Amber, Linda, we need to talk," I told them.

"Can we talk while we have sex?" asked Amber hopefully.

"No. This is serious. We need to focus here."

"There's only one thing I'm focused on right now," she grinned, grabbing my crotch.

I slapped her hand away. "Not right now, Amber. Look, let's talk first, then we can have fun. Agreed?"

"Fine," she said with a sigh. Linda also nodded.

I sat down on the couch, and the girls took seats on either side of me.

"As you know, your mother and sister will be coming home tomorrow. That's going to change things."

"Obviously," replied Linda.

"So we're going to have to be discreet."

"Okay, we agree. Now can we go have fun?"

"Not just yet. Listen, I need you to understand something. I really enjoy the time we've spent together--"

"Uh oh," said Amber. "Sounds like Daddycums is dumping us."

"Well, that all depends on you. I don't want to end our relationship. But I've been in love with your mother for as long as I can remember. And despite what we've been doing, I still love her, and I don't want to hurt her. Now this is going to sound harsh, but if I had to make a choice between her and you, I would choose her. Understand?"

"Dad, we're not asking you to leave her," said Linda. "We love her too."

"I know, but in a way, you're asking me to make that choice. I'm making that choice every time we make love. So far I haven't had to deal with the consequences, but that may change once she returns home."

"So you are dumping us," said Amber.

"No... not really. I'm just saying we're going to have to cool things down a little."

"Captain Obvious has returned," Linda commented, rolling her eyes.

"I mean it, girls. We have to be very careful, no, extremely careful that we don't get caught. I don't want to lose your mother over this. So if you can't handle it, we'll just have to call things off."

"Dad, it's okay. Look, we're not a couple of idiots, you know. We'll be careful. Mom won't suspect anything. We know that we're not going to be able to spend all day with you in the bedroom every day. And we know that you're still going to be sleeping with Mom. Amber and I already talked this over, didn't we, Amber?"

"Yes we did," her older sister agreed. "It doesn't bother us that we can't have you all to ourselves; we're happy to share you with Mom."

"I don't know if 'share' is the right word. I mean, we'll still be going behind her back."

"We're okay with that. We both love you, and we both love her. We just want whatever makes you both happy."

"Okay. I think we understand each other. Now I don't have to worry so much anymore."

"Does that mean it's playtime?" asked Linda hopefully.

"It's playtime," I nodded. The girls hopped up off the couch, grabbed my arms, and dragged me to the bedroom.

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Tara - wow. What an awesome shoot! AND as the imgaes popped up on my screen, I thought, hey I know that girl! Amber and I went to high school together. And what beautiful photos of her (and Colin)!

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Ok enough of that. Your too good an author to hear those things. Your work is wonderful and amazing. It is a good short story, not in terms of the sex story model of wham blam thank you ma'am. No, I'm talking about the normal story that people read. it actually has a plot unlike many of the stories that you see. The use of language and discription is much better then others. It is better then a video because in this you think what the image is for yourself exactly what you want it to be. When it discribes about him spread on the bed i thought back to Jeff and Brit, more when Jeff was tied. I can see that you are becomeing a great author and its good to read your works. I know that the story is already entirely written but a suggestion is that you put in other characters from other stories, that is what is the most entertaining of all, your unique in that way and its great.

Also if the mother ever makes love with the daughters or helps them seduce there dad ill kill this compute

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And now about the topic of the conseience. Now I understand that this isnt a 100 chapter mega story yet the change from Daddy saying 'hell no' to 'would you please' happens in a couple of paragraphs that mostly consists of his daughter making love to him. Jeff took how many chapters where Brit wanted to have sex with him but didn't? (Allison and the Primdales btw) The answer varies based on perspective, well they made love in chapter 72 and brit sucked him in 50 range, when jeff gave her that studio that was a big step and almost ended there argueing, but its a safe bet to say that it is 20 chapters. That's about 1/5th of the entire story. Then there is greg. Ok Brit and Greg. Hmmm, how many chapters? Alot, I think after crystal and her got together she was willing to do that with her dad. So maybe what? 50 chapters? Thats half the story. So 1/5 and 1/2 of the story, This one is more like, I'm not sure of the exact figure but it is less then 1/20th.
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Well Daddy's mind seemed to go kaboom. One second he is all 'oh no im going to make love to my daughter' then he is like 'ok lets be careful not to have mom find out about this and lets go have some fun'. It is incredably annoying to the person who is not reading for pleasure but to the person who actually likes the story, and wants to read for the plot not the sex.

It is somewhat unfair for me to complain considering what I think of you. Your the best author on the entire site, and I believe that this story could turn out well.

Then again, sharing doesnt always go to well. I will make another reference to Allison and the Primdales (I think its safe to say I'm obsessed with that story) with the topic of sharing. Jeff + Kari + Crystal + Brit. Those were some of my favorite chapters yet improbable.

I hate these stupid character counts...
(more above)

anonymous readerReport

2012-02-26 21:58:11
Hmmm not bad.

Really liked the tongue-in-cheek method of writing this, something I've never seen before in a story.

Wish it would have gone a different way, but that's just my preference, was a great story in its own right and I'm relatively happy to see you still writing. The Vacation stories are among my favorite on this site, so I knew this would be a fairly interesting story. Might have to reread your older works now.

Glad to see you're back, anxious to see where this story leads, I can see many possible avenues to take, and maybe a few I don't see coming.


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