Boy invites a horde of demons to his home and gives them permission to fuck his hot brunette mother as a sex offering on an altar he built especially for the occasion.
"What are you doing, Marcus?"
Fifteen-year-old Marcus paused his applying of quick-dry plastic steel to the structure he was building in the basement of his parents' house. Standing up, he repositioned the mouth cap he was wearing so he could talk non-muffled. "I'm building an altar, mom," he said in a matter of fact way. His mother, Pheobe, was thirty-eight years of age and gorgeous. Right now added to her beautiful features was a look of concern and curiosity on her face.
"An altar for what?"
"It's something, a project from school. No big deal. Just trying to earn a good grade in History class."
"Oh, um... That doesn't look portable, I mean, I assume you will want to take it to school to show your History teacher, right?"
"I don't need to. I'll just take a picture of it and show that to him."
"Well, why couldn't you just build a small scale altar? Wouldn't your teacher accept a model?"
"Everyone in my class will be building models of historic things. I want mine to be the actual size and practical."
"Uhah. Ookaay." She walked away and left her son standing beside his project.

Eyes of fiery red appeared behind Marcus and a voice that only he could hear said to him, "This is the altar you have built to worship us?"
"Yeah. You like it?"
"It seems this is no simple altar for burnt offerings."
"Duh! It's a sex worship altar."
"Ooh! Wonderful! Marcus, you are a good servant."
"Better than good. I even lied to my mom about this altar being a History project. Little does she know I'll be offering her to you and your buddies tonight. I'm sure you'd like a taste of her pretty brunette pussy."
"Marcus, you naughty child."
"Not just naughty - I'm evil."

That evening around seven pm, Marcus was in his bedroom. From his desk drawer, he took a full set of Black Smoke Cards he bought from Darkware, the only occult shop in town. He put the cards on the floor and sifted through them until he found the card he was looking for. A hah. He found it: the one with the picture of a dark brown demon with giant bat-like wings, two snakes coming out of his eyes and a long black spear with a blood-red ruby in the middle of its shaft. Marcus took the card in two hands and closed his eyes, meditating on the image of Hirgash, the legendary killer demon. Black smoke began rising from the card he held. At first, it was a small wisp of smoke, but the small wisp grew into a thick black evil-looking plume and there was a crack like that of thunder. Then there was no smoke. Just Marcus kneeling and holding on to the card. And Hirgash himself, dark brown wings almost canvassing the entire room and folding in at the corners.

"It's you. Hir-hir-Hirgash!"
"What do you want?" said the killer demon, annoyed.
Marcus shook his head and cut straight to the chase. "I need you to kill my dad."
"And what will you give me in return?" Now the demon had a menacing smile on his face.
Marcus smiled innocently and pointed to his right saying, "My sister Helen is in the room next door. She's yours."

Marcus' parents sat in the living room and watched television. They heard Helen squeal. Pheobe said, "Everything okay up there, Helen?"
"Everything's fine, mom. I was just talking to my friends on the phone and they told me something exciting. It won't matter to you. Sorry for the disturbance."
"That's okay, sweety. Just don't burn down the house."

It wasn't Helen who had answered her mother. Hirgash had mimicked Helen's voice. The real Helen had her arms and legs restrained by his demonic power while he pumped her face full with his massive, dark brown, demon cock. Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, pump, (cummed in her throat), (grabbed her hair and shoved her head back and forth along his long, large and hideous shaft). Hirgash ripped off the oversized shirt she was wearing and the shorts she had on. Roaring (only she and her brother in the next room could hear him), he shoved her onto the bed so her body was on the mattress while her ass and lower legs were on the floor. She tried to cry, but her voice and any sounds coming out of her mouth were restrained by his power. (Shoved his cock into her cunt and fucked her) fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, (her cunt went red quickly under his assault), (slapped her ass hard, grabbed her hips and destroyed her pussy with his big demon cock meat), fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, (she screamed in pain but no sound was made), fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, (filled her pussy with demon cum), (he roared and clawed her back, making three long gashes down her backside), fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, (he shoved his cock into her ass and fucked her anally), (she cried and he grabbed her hair and hammered her ass until it bled), ass fuck, ass fuck, ass fuck, ass fuck, ass fuck, ass fuck, ass fuck, (filled her rump with demon cum then disappeared to do what he just got paid to do).

Dan's - Marcus' father - cell phone rang and he picked it up. "Yes?" The voice on the other end told him he had to drive immediately to his friend Richard's house and give him an important envelope that was in his car at the moment. Dan said okay and hung up. "I have to go to Richard's house and give him an envelope that I should've given him earlier today. I guess I forgot. Stupid of me, huh."
Dan didn't have a friend named Richard and he didn't have an envelope in his car to give him and Phoebe didn't know any Richard either, but they were both under the influence of Hirgash's power. It seemed perfectly normal to be doing what he was doing now and Phoebe wasn't worried in the least. Dan had to give something to someone and it was simple as that.
He got up, took his car keys and went out the door. Phoebe continued watching television. In her room, Helen was in a near-comatose state and didn't have the strength to writhe in the agony she was currently feeling, demon semen oozing down her thighs, out of her cunt and anus. In his room, Marcus watched his father reverse out of the driveway. And twenty feet in the air above Dan and Phoebe's house, Hirgash hovered and flew after Dan's car as it left the street.

Dan realized too late that he didn't have a friend named Richard and that there wasn't an envelope in his car to give to this imaginary friend. What's happening to me? he wondered. Hirgash descended swiftly towards Dan's car and thrust his fabled spear into the driver's chest. The car never stopped abruptly; it simply rose up from the road it was traveling on and hovered in the air, half in this world and half in another so the laws of physics got bent a little bit. Dan looked at the spear and saw the ruby in the middle of the shaft. Gazing at it, he said, "Wow. What a weird thing to be killed with." He died a second afterward.

Hirgash notified Marcus of his father's death. "Thanks, Hirgash. Fuck my sister any time you want."
"Nah. She passed once, but I don't fancy a second round."
"Fine." He bade the killer demon farewell and changed clothes. He wore a red shirt and black pants.



Reverend Harlan huffed as he fucked his mentally retarded daughter Jasmine. "Oh fuck, sweetheart, you're getting lovelier every day." Sweat poured down his forehead and face, as he had been positioning himself above his daughter and driving his stiff cock into her seventeen-year-old pussy. Her arms clutched his back as she parted her legs wide to accommodate his thrusting down into her. Jasmine wondered why daddy really liked putting his thing into her pussy and moving it in and out. It seemed stupid and repetitive, yet he seemed to really need this. She looked at her desk (while he huffed and puffed away) and saw the pictures she had been drawing: flowers, birds, bugs, animals, ponds, trees and dad with a Bible and a really big cock. She even drew cartoons of him saving the day with his big cock. Since it was so important to him that he fix his cock (he told her that his cock was very sick and the only way it would be made well again would be if he put it in her whenever he got a "strange feeling") she included stories about her having many sisters and how all of them would fix daddy's cock every time he came back from a saving-the-world adventure.

Rev Harlan felt his balls twitch as they got ready to unleash their produce through his penis. He slowed down because he didn't want to cum just yet. "Daddy, are you going to put your special goo inside of me now?"
"Not yet, darling. I'm just going to let Mr Cocko rest inside your pussy for while."
He had never done this before. Always he had tried his best to cum as soon as possible. She thought something was wrong. "Is Mr Cocko more sick than before?"
"Yes, baby, he is. It's going to take a bit longer to fix him this time."
"Okay, daddy." Jasmine began rubbing her father's back as he lay pressed on top of her, his cock deeply embedded in her cunt. She ruffled his graying hair and kissed his shoulder.

As he continued to lay on top of her, his weight became a discomfort so she adjusted her position a bit to make it more bearable.
Rev Harlan did not need that because it only got his cock more excited. "Darling, let's not move about. Mr Cocko needs to be still for a while."
"You're a bit too heavy, daddy, so I'm just moving a bit to-"
His cock jerked and he came in her. "Oh shit," he said.
Jasmine was happy. "Daddy, I just felt your special goo spill inside me. Mr Cocko must be feeling better now."
With that unsatisfactory climax, Rev Harlan said, "Yeah, Mr Cocko is just fine now."

He rolled off his daughter and stared at the ceiling. "Thanks for fixing Mr Cocko, Jasmine. I've got to go prepare my sermon for Sunday service." He got off the bed headed out the doorway. He thought maybe after he prepared his sermon, he would attempt to go the distance with Jasmine again. He whistled a hymn as he went to his bedroom to change, and from there, go to his office and carry out his pastoral duties.


Interlude 1.1

"Did you get to talk to Reverend Harlan?"
"No, he must've been out of his office, probably visiting a member of the congregation. You want a drink from the refrigerator?"
"Sure. Thanks."
Sheila Stiles (twenty-three years-old, blonde, working towards a degree in chemistry, engaged to her boyfriend of three years, Vice President of Young Adults Ministry at Bright Hope Church where Rev. Harlan is senior pastor) checked the polish on her fingernails as Jeff Sommers (forty years-old, brunette, recently separated from wife and children, long-time member and layman of Bright Hope Church) went to the kitchen. He came back with two cans of Diet Pepsi (official sponsor of this story, thank you for reading the product placement, now you may continue reading) and placed one on the table before Sheila. "It's the only soft drink I have in there."
"No, this is good. I actually prefer Diet Pepsi to regular." She turned and winked at the reader (that's you).

They sipped their beverages for a minute before Jeff placed his can on the table and shook his head. "Man, I just can't believe what you've just told me."
Sheila nodded her head solemnly. "Me neither, but that's what I saw: young Marcus Groney walked into Darkware and came out with a plastic bag containing some magic cards or something else, but he definitely got it from that shop - an occult shop!"

Jeff said, "Kids these days getting into all this dark magic crap because it sounds so exciting and cool."
Sheila said, "I have to admit, it is kind of tempting to go over to the dark side and dabble with the forces of evil, see what they can do for you."
"That's dangerous talk, Sheila."
"I'm sorry."
"I wasn't going to tell anyone what you just said. I meant that it was dangerous for your soul to go lusting after the things of the Devil."
"You're so right. I should be on my guard, especially now that I'm going to be married soon." She looked at her engagement ring.

"What's your boyfriend's name again?"
"It's fiance, and his name is Ryan."
"Ryan, huh? That's a real manly name."
"Are you making fun of him?" Her voice was accusing, but she had a sexy mischievous smile on her face. Jeff could feel an erection coming on.
"No. I would never make fun of a guy who's cool enough to snag a beautiful smart young woman like you."
Something in Sheila's eyes sparkled and she blushed, unable to take her eyes off Jeff.

Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack. Jeff had Sheila on all fours on his living room floor, fucking her doggy style and tugging on her blonde hair not too hard, but not so gently either. She grit her teeth as he rammed her from behind. "Something to remember on your wedding, Sheila," he said.
"Mmmmm. Fuck me, Jeff. Give me a good fucking before I get seriously tied up in marriage."
"Hey, we can still fuck around after you get married."
"That sounds like a good idea." She smiled and moaned in pleasure.
He let go of her hair and held on to her hips, increasing the strength of his thrusts. "Nnnggg!! Fuck, your pussy's so hot!"
Smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack, smack.
His balls began to ache as they smacked harder against Sheila's pussy. He was burying his cock in her balls deep with every stroke.
"Mmmmm. Wonderful," she cried.

Jeff growled and carried her naked body to the sofa and had her lean into the cushions while he fucked her in the same position.
"Let's just keep it doggy style, Jeff. Mmmmmm.... It's soooo good. Fucckkk!"
"Wouldn't have it any other way, Sheila. I hope my cock doesn't disappoint you."
"I reeeeaally like it, Jeff. Yours isn't as big as Ryan's though."
Jeff paused in his pussy hammering for a second, but resumed fucking the sexy young woman.
"Relax, Jeff. Just fuck me. If you're angry at what I just told you, then fuck me angry."
"That would be all right with you?"
"Sure. Get all harsh and filthy mouthed if that's what you would like."
"All right. Here we go."


Interlude 1.2

Pithion, the blue, silver, and white robot, sat in his office listening to Harold Ventura, the owner of Darkware, talk about his problems.
"So that's basically it: I felt really weird selling those cards to that kid. Tell me, am I worried over nothing?"

Pithion touched his metal right hand to his metal head, electronic blue eyes blazing with the absorbed intelligence of over a hundred thousand mentally handicapped people. He never made those people handicapped. They were that way for their own reasons. All he did was take what intelligence they were not able to use due to their retardation and meld them into one corporate intelligence for his robot body to use.

His electron-neutron cloud of a brain silently hummed, contemplating and calculating the problem he had just received from Harold, and formulated an answer.
"Mr. Ventura, you have nothing worry about. Marcus seems like a responsible and capable young man. He would not do anything bad with those cards. It is commendable that you would even worry in the first place. Go back home and rest assured that you haven't done anything wrong. And if something goes wrong and it turns out those cards were the cause of the problem, just know that I've got your back."
"Thank you, Pithion. I really needed to hear that."
"Well you've heard it. Now get your middle-aged ass out of my office!"


Interlude 1.3

In the kitchen, there were tears being shed. Megan was feeling emotional. And all Pithion could do was stand and watch. He didn't have much experience with women. Megan was his first love. He didn't know how many others he would have after her. That would depend on a lot of things and not all those things would be under his power to control. Even he, with all his vast powers, had his limits.

Megan sobbed and said, "All my friends, they've been telling me that I must've been stupid to marry a robot, especially a robot like you. They say you're some kind of demon-robot half-breed and that you're an aimless machine who doesn't know anything and doesn't know what to do because you don't have programming like other machines."
Pithion walked towards her and pulled her into his metal arms and held her, knowing just how much pressure to apply so she could feel loved without hurting her fragile human body. "Megan, you are my wife and what anybody else thinks about us or me is of no concern and shouldn't trouble you."

"But is it true? Are you a half-demon machine thingy?"
Pithion caressed her dark brown face and black hair, looking into her brown eyes. "No. It's not true. I am not a half anything. I am a full robot who happens to have certain powers that allow me to do many things. People can get jealous of those qualities, you know?"
"Yes. Would I lie to you, my beautiful bootylicious woman?"
"That's my lady."

"You know what?"
"What?" said Megan.
Pithion opened his mouth and stuck out a silver tongue. Megan screamed.
"Oh my god! You have a tongue! Where'd you get it?"
"I gave some smart college kid a bag of gold to produce it. It's made out of a weird synthetic tissue mixture. Plant and animal-based I think. Feels weird to have it in my mouth. That's maybe because I've never had a tongue. Haha."
"Come here," said Megan. She drew his face to hers and she kissed him deeply, her tongue moving over and around all over his new tongue.

"Mmmm. That's a weird sensation," said Pithion.
"Shut up. You're not supposed to talk when your tongue's locked with another tongue like this."
"But I'm a machine. I don't produce vocal sounds the same way you do."
Megan broke the kiss and looked frustrated. "Let's not kiss anymore."

She turned to walk away when Pithion grabbed her by the waist and hefted her over his shoulder. "Oh no, you don't. Don't you dare walk away from me, you black whore!" Pithion's electronic blue eyes flashed a brighter blue than usual as he carried her to the kitchen counter and set her on it. "Open your fucking legs, bitch!"
"But, but, Pithy sweetheart, I'm wearing jeans. You can't-"
Pithion growled, and with a flash of movement from his robotic arms, reduced her pair of jeans (and her underwear) to shreds of clothe and fabric scattered on the kitchen counter and floor. He parted her legs and opened his mouth, silver tongue slithering out and flicking itself in the air like a serpent sensing its surroundings with its forked tongue. His brought his head between Megan's thighs and slipped his tongue into her vagina. She moaned and flexed her pelvis and hips against his face as she was sitting on the counter.

Lick, lick, lick, lick, lick, suck, suck, suck, suck, lick, suck. "Mmmmmnnnnggg, Pithyyy!" Megan grabbed Pithion's head, and while using her other arm to support her, she thrust her dark brown luscious pussy into his metal face, smearing her juices all over his eyes, mouth and facial plates. Meanwhile, he kept his tongue working in her cunt. The artificial neurons that linked his tongue to his electron-neutron brain told him that he was having a great time fucking his wife with his tongue.

An idea formed in his brain and he carried it out by growing a rubber silicon penis and ball sack on his pelvis. After sucking his wife's cunt for fifteen minutes and making her cum twice, he lifted her off the counter and had her wrapped around his body as he stood. "Let's fuck here in the kitchen, honey."
Megan shook her head. "Don't fuck me. Rape me! Rape me, you robotic monster!"
Pithion licked her face and guided his cock into her cunt, her legs pressed around his waist. "You know I don't like it when you get racial, dear."
"You fuckking robot cock thingy you!!" she screamed at him and began to skewer herself on his cock as he held her wrapped around him.
"Oh, now you're asking for it, black cunt!" He raised her legs, holding them apart wide, and pierced her aggressively with his instantly-grown cock.

Thusk, thusk, thusk, thusk, thusk, thusk, thusk. Pithion's metalic pelvis beat against Megan's organic one. "Aaaaaaaghhh!!!" she cried and hugged him as he continued to hammer away into her pussy. He knew just how to make her feel pleasure and include the right amount of pain. It was pure ecstasy for her, as if she were in one long orgasm. At their feet, the kitchen floor was wet from all the fluids they dripped as they made love.

Pithion placed her on the floor and got on top her. "Don't stop fucking me, Pithy! Fuck your black slut wife! That's right, I'm your slut!"
She began to scream again as he pounded away his meat into hers, causing her to orgasm one after the other. He wanted the sex to last so he secretly restocked her love fluids through telekinesis, changing fluids to other fluids and moving them to parts in her body that were empty so she had a constant supply of cum to squirt at him. He told himself that he would have to feed her and take care of her after this to make up for all the loss of bodily fluids.

When they were done, they lay on the kitchen floor together. Pithion cleaned them both up and the kitchen with his powers. Megan said the floor was too cold to sleep on so he heated it up as well and added a comfort layer to it so it wasn't hard for her body to rest on. She lay in his arms and he ran his hand all over her body, taking time to massage her sore spots.
"Mmm. I love you, Pithion."
"I love you too, Megan."
"Yes, dear?"
"Are you white?"
"No. I don't think so. I've always been a robot. I'm not a cyborg. Maybe my brain patterns were arranged in a way that I would think like a white man."

"That's weird. You know I'm only asking because you called me black whore and stuff."
"Okay. I will stop calling you that."
"No, no. It made the sex more fun. I was just curious as to why you used the word black to refer to me, that's all."
"If I could tell you for sure that I had a white man's mind, would you stop loving me?"
"No. I would still love you... er... Do you feel bad when I call you robot?"
"No. Call me elephant if you want - I would feel nothing."
"You feel nothing? So you don't really love me?"
"No. I just don't care what you call me when you want to fuck angry."


Main story continues....

Marcus went down to the basement and turned on a fog machine he had bought at a garage sale. "This is so cool," he said, stepping back to see the altar with artificial fog gathering at its base. He played weird, spooky techno music and turned on a set of red, yellow, green and blue lights he had installed in the corners of the basement. "Time to party, freakos."

Phoebe heard weird music and laughter in the basement. Curious, she left the television on and went downstairs. When she reached the bottom, she discovered that fog filled the entire basement floor up to her knees; the altar was bathed in a strange combination of soft light colors; and creepy techno music played in the background. "Marcus?"
"Hello, mom."
Phoebe got startled by his sudden appearance behind her. "What are you doing down here?"
"Working on my project."
"Well, this is turning out to be one really weird project, Marcus."
"It's going to get weirder, mom. You see, you're part of it."

Ten columns of fog rose up from the floor and materialized into ten demons. Demons with horns on their heads, tails sprouting from their buttocks and smoke spewing out of their nostrils. Phoebe shrieked and they roared with sinister laughter. Marcus turned up the volume of the music and sat cross-legged on the basement floor, the fog obscuring his entire body, except for his eyes and the top of his head. He winked at the leader of the demon horde, Redtongue (actually, that was the name he gave the demon because of his red tongue).

Phoebe wanted to faint and was grateful when she felt unconsciousness coming on, but before she could lapse into safe oblivion, she was brought back by Redtongues power. "You're not going to sleep that easily, darling," he hissed. Hard, sharp fingernails tore off her clothing until she stood before the demon horde naked. They were already naked, but their thick body hair hid their private parts. However, on seeing her naked, there cocks rose erect and red. "If you try to fight us, you'll be missing out on a lot of fun, lady," said one of the demons. She became resigned to her fate and nodded her head. "That's a good girl," said the demon. One of them raised and placed her on the altar. "Fuck time," said Redtongue. Demon tongues licked her all over and she squirmed on the altar, parting her thighs and heaving her breasts so they could explore her more thoroughly.

Marcus felt a major erection coming on, but he didn't want to start masturbating yet. He simply watched as the demons pleasured his mother and themselves. Very soon there were demons flying around the basement, hovering over the alter, while some found room on the altar to be with Phoebe. Redtongue flicked his tongue inside her vagina and she parted her moist lips to accommodate him. Flick, suck, suckle, lick, flick, flupe, fluck, suck. Another demon massaged her right tit while he sucked on her left. "Mmmmm," said Phoebe. Then she felt something being pressed against her mouth. She opened her eyes and saw a massive red cock ready to be sucked and fucked. It was the most amazing thing she ever saw so she couldn't do anything at first rather than just stare at it. "Whoa."

She realized what needed to done so she smiled and opened her mouth and the demon eased his large red cock inside her lovely mouth. She sucked him good and he roared in ecstasy. Suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck, suck. The demon's balls banged constantly against her forehead due to the position he was in. When he raised his hips, she could see his ass and thighs, but when he plunged downward, all she saw was red balls. Bang. "Damn, this bitch knows how to suck," said the demon receiving a blow job from Phoebe. Redtongue and three other demons all gang-banged Phoebe on the altar. Two of them got under her and began plugging her ass with their cocks, while the other two got on top and filled her cunt to bursting point with their two big cocks. Marcus got extremely excited seeing so many demon cocks enter his mother and fuck her at once. They held her in place and fucked her for hours.

More demons came after the first ten had their way with her. Fucking her so hard that Marcus thought they would rip her apart. Phoebe screamed in pain and ecstasy, thrusting her hips as she got penetrated by multiple demon cocks. "Fuuuuuuckk!!" she screamed. Marcus heard balls slamming against flesh as she gave oral and anal plus regular entry to all comers. "Aaaaahhh!!" Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. Two demons sucked on her boobs for the longest time, sucking her dry, but she had more milk in her jugs. For demons who couldn't penetrate her, they just occupied themselves by rubbing their dicks against her face, feet, legs and body. She had never received this much sexual attention before.

The altar became hot and glowed red. The stones of the altar that Marcus had assembled together with plastic steel shone in the soft lighting. Phoebe had demon cum all over her body now and they used this to rub over her and continued to fuck her some more. "Yeeeeeeessssssss, fuck me, fuck, oh fuck me yessssss," she cried. They even bit her on her tits, shoulders and thighs and she screamed in delight and pain. She was bleeding. Then as one, they grouped up on her and filled all her holes at once until Marcus could only see her feet and arms quivering as demon bodies and wings clustered on her in one big fuck ball. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!"

After a half hour, they dispersed and Marcus saw his mother bleeding more with more bites visible on her body, even her face. "She's all used up," said Redtongue, patting Marcus on the shoulder. Phoebe sat up on the altar, drowsy with lust in her eyes. She winked at Marcus and he gave her a thumbs up. "Nice going, mom. Now for the final part." He pulled a switch in the wall and searing hot flames shot up from the top of the altar, burning Phoebe. "MARCUS!!" she screamed. He smiled and waved. The smell of burning flesh and hair filled the air in the basement. Her skin went black and the fluids in her body began to boil, popping and cracking her flesh. When she tried to get off the altar, the demons restrained her with chains of short length so she couldn't go anywhere. "AAAAAAAAAHHH!!" she screamed, festering in the flames. Her hair was now all burned up and her flesh began to tear open the way a sausage does over a fire. Redtongue laughed and enjoyed watching, ruffling Marcus' hair, telling him how messed up and evil he was.

After fifteen minutes, there was no movement from Phoebe. She was gone. Now all there was left was a barbecued female corpse on the altar, the meat sizzling with the fat. Marcus looked around at the demons licking their chops and asked, "Anybody want a hot bitch?"


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