So, welcome back readers. A thousand apologies about taking so long to roll out this chapter. I lost my internet for a while and then Valentine's Day got in the way. But the outage gave me time to go over where I wanted the story to go and once again, it took an unexpected turn. I was left with a conundrum and I felt that I had a very clever way to solve it. I'm accepting any and all votes on two possible directions for the story to continue on from the end of this chapter (which I'll explain once you get to the end). I already have the next chapter written for either of the two choices, so this'll go alot smoother going forward. [br][br][br]This goes without saying, but I'm going to say it anyway. Please read the first two chapters so you're more familiar with the story and better able to vote on how it should continue. Also, this is a story about a father and YOUNG daughter so please, no stupid comments about my pedophilia or how sick I am. It's all fictional and in good fun.[br]Enjoy!
As I replayed the events of the last few hours in my head, my hands busied themselves turning different vegetables into a salad. I was caught in a snowstorm with my ten year old, blonde, beautiful, sexy little daughter. I had not only played a rather raunchy bout of Truth or Dare with her but I had all but devoured her delicious little pussy. Not soon thereafter I penetrated her cunny with my still-straining cock, and not only did she like it, she confessed to me that she had wanted it for a long time. My head was swimming so deep that I hadn’t realized I was allowing my hands to generally caress a head of lettuce.

A playful giggle knocked me from reverie and I looked to her, then down to what I was doing. Smirking back at her and shaking my head, she asked “having fun, Daddy?” She flashed me those surprising sapphire eyes and those beautiful pearly teeth as her giggle fit resumed.

Muttering slightly before answering, gathering my thoughts, I said “well it’s always important to knead your lettuce before making a proper salad.” I made my best impression of Chef Gordon Ramsey, using a very poor facsimile of an Australian accent – even though Gordon isn’t from anywhere near there. Kimmy wasn’t buying it at all, but she continued to giggle almost violently. She was so cute and innocent looking that, for a moment, I’d forgotten that she didn’t have a stitch on her. She was sitting in her stool, waiting patiently for her food, as she had several hours before, only now completely nude.

As she sat there - swaying back and forth, her long hair lapping against her chest and back in that gentle flow I love – I stared at her for a moment and couldn’t help but think of Carol. She had never been quite as playful as our daughter, for obvious reasons, but every so often she would find her childish muse and speak in a lisped voice. Prior to Kimmy being born, she would say things like “I wove you, Wobbie” or “why you so goo’ to me?” It’s hard to translate how she sounded, but it was always so cute; it almost sounded like most women do when they’re using “baby talk”. She had no idea how that sort of thing affected me, or that I was, in any sense, a pedophile.

After Kimmy was born, whether from an attempt to get her to say such things, or to simply change the game up, she would continue using her baby talk but began calling me Daddy. She would use this tone in front of Kimmy all the time when she was first born, regardless of what she was saying. I would mock her and say that by doing so she was going to make our daughter retarded. But what bothered me about her baby talk was the sort of things she would say to me in our infant daughter’s presence. Things like “is Daddy gonna fuck Mommy tonight?” or “does Daddy wike it when I bend over and show my ass?” It drove me insane and did nothing but enable my pedophilia…maybe even deepen it. If I really thought about it, it’s possible that my Kimmy’s early sexual awakening was Carol’s fault; somehow Kimmy registered everything Carol used to say to me and she was simply doing for me as her mother would have.

I shook my head of such thoughts as I realized that my hands, switched on auto-pilot as they were, had finished tossing the salad and I had now filled a plate for each of us. Blinking my haze from my mind, I handed Kimmy her smaller portion and sat at the adjoining stool. As I sat on the leather seat, I realized two things: Kimmy’s essence was very strong, as I could smell her pussy from about 4 feet away, and I also realized (and I’m not sure how it slipped my mind) I was also still naked. I was sticking to the leather with every shift and movement, and I became acutely aware that my anus and this seat were not friends. I wondered briefly if Kimmy had the same quarrel with her seat as, from the look of her, she was still a little sweaty. Such things seemed to escape her as she simply hummed along, eating her veggies like a good girl, flipping her hair all the while.

Without warning of any kind, Kimmy reached her hand over and grabbed my cock as it lay softly in my seat. She did this with no sign of remorse, forethought, or embarrassment – it was as if she were an infant reaching for her rattle for comfort. Prick in hand, she continued to wave her hair back and forth, eating her salad with her freehand. This action alone struck me as odd, as she was right-handed, so eating with her left hand must have been awkward. I stared at her hand for a while as if uttering a silent ‘excuse me’, but she paid my gaze no mind. I was also getting a little hard at her touch as her thumb was starting to caress the head. I completely stopped eating my own salad and dropped my fork noisily to my plate, making her look up into my eyes. With that beautiful winning smile, she asks me innocently, “what’sa matter, Daddy?”

I looked down at her groping hand, which was now in possession of a full hardon, and then looked up to meet her gaze again. She smiled again and just went back to eating her salad while she began to softly stroke my cock. “Sweetheart, I said before that I can’t be inside you because I needed to rest.” I put my hand over hers and she stopped her ministrations and looked back up at me.

“I know, Daddy, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t make you feel good.” She smiled again, that soft radiant smile, and my heart melted. Our relationship was very quickly evolving into something I never could have expected, but she was still my loving, caring, thoughtful little girl.

I kept my hand firmly over hers as I retorted, “but if you keep touching me like that, you may actually hurt me.”

Her face went crooked and she stopped chewing. Mouth full, she all but spit out “what?! Why would that hurt you?” I chuckled softly and took my hand from hers and put it to her chin, encouraging her to keep chewing.

“Because, when a man ejaculates too many times in a short period, it can hurt his testicles.” It was ‘cock’ this and ‘pussy’ that not too long before this, but for some reason, I felt the need to be clinical so she knew I was serious.

She sounded rather dejected when she swallowed and said “I’m sorry, Daddy. I won’t touch you anymore.”
I instantly felt terrible, which I’m sure was her intention. “Baby, you know I didn’t mean I wanted you to stop for good, just for now.” I reached over and put my hand between her tiny thighs, to which she spread her legs eagerly, offering me her little pussy. I poked her clit gently, receiving a gratifying moan, before moving my finger down, entering her to the first knuckle before leaning away. Showing her the finger, now slick with a little of her residual cum, I smile to her saying “I’ll be putting a lot more of your juices all over my cock, baby. I just need a break.”

“Okay then!” she smiled back, a little flushed.

*** *** *** *** *** ***

Our lunch passed without further incident. After the salad, I made us some simple sandwiches with ham and cheddar, and we settled into the living room again. We were still naked, but we were both behaving ourselves. As we watched TV, she laid against my chest, as she always did, but nothing sexual between us, just some light petting. Somewhere along the way, I drifted off to sleep, my body seemingly exhausted from my thus far exertions.

As I opened my eyes sometime later, I blinked the light back into my retinas slowly, looking around the room. I panicked for a long moment as I realized that, somehow, I was in my office upstairs. Several thoughts played through my head as I came to my feet, looking down to realize I was fully clothed. There’s no way Kimmy could have carried me up the stairs, let alone clothe me in my sleep. And there’s no way in hell that everything that’d happened to me this morning was a dream…was there? I looked up at the digital clock and the time read 3 p.m. Okay, that time makes sense; I would have been napping for about two hours if I know myself. I looked down at my desk, which I was sitting at when I came to, and there was a lot of documentation about a project I’d been working on at the office.

I reeled as I flopped back into my desk chair. I rubbed my eyes hard in both hands and looked around again, only to find it was still my office, I was still clothed, and I was still confused. I went over it all in my head, and for the life of me, I couldn’t remember even starting the project I’d been working on, let alone starting my day any other way than making Smiley Toast Sandwiches for my angelic little girl. Then my mind settled on everything that we’d done thereafter: the Truth or Dare, the innocent kissing… the cunnilingus and fellatio.

As I retraced the events over and over again in my head, I was startled from my reverie by the front door slamming downstairs. “Hello?” I called down out of habit. Everything was so surreal; I had awoken from, by all accounts, one hell of a vivid dream, and I was having difficulty believing what was happening now wasn’t a dream. The movie Inception came to mind quite a few times.

I got a muffled response from downstairs, “hi, Daddy.” It was Kimmy. I looked up at the clock again. Yep, this was about the time she’d be coming home from school. School. I leapt to the window in my office and threw the curtains open. No snow. I didn’t even see any signs of melted snow on the grass in our backyard. I muttered aloud how weird all this was before moving to the door and heading downstairs to meet her.

As I got into the living room, sure enough, there was Kimmy wearing her less-than-conservative school uniform. The stereotypical ‘Catholic Schoolgirl’ outfit with it’s plaid knee-cut skirt, thigh high socks and tight-fitting white shirt with the little necktie. The only thing that typically changed about her outfit was the kind and color panties she wore which, while typically white cotton, would be sexified by the occasional black or red lace that I’d let her get. She told me it made her feel good, and they were more comfortable, so I let it be – mostly because I liked to think of her flashing the boys at her school when she was upside down on the monkeybars or some other such. It was hellish most days seeing her come home wearing that little number – especially once when she was a little younger and the torrential downpour outside made it painfully obvious she’d not worn a bra that day. As I looked her over, hair at her shoulders, bow on her crown, smile on her face, she looks up at me and tilts her head. “What is it, Daddy?”

I couldn’t reply without stammering “I-I-I-I…” I cleared my throat and tried again. “It’s good to see you, sweetie. How was school?” I sat on the arm of the couch next to her and started stroking her hair. She felt real enough: her soft hair just as pliable as ever, her subtle perfume wafting toward me, her swaying playful feet causing a mild vibration as I sat on the couch.

She went back to watching whatever it was she had on and said, “it was ok, I guess. Molly and her sister asked if I wanted to come over this weekend, I told them I’d ask you. Oh, and Mrs. Carlin wanted me to remind you about Parent/Teacher Day on Friday.” I barely registered what she was saying as I continued to caress her head. I was unclear at this point what the dream was – what was happening now, or what I ‘woke up from’. But at that point, I also didn’t care too much. Whether I shared an outstanding albeit brief experience of pure love with my little girl, or if it was the overexcited, undersexed musings of my depraved mind, I couldn’t be sure.

I forced a sterile response as I moved to join her on the couch, “that’s good.” She gave me an odd look at that, as it really didn’t make much sense for an answer.

She turned to face me as I stared blankly into the TV, mulling over my dream. “Daddy, are you ok?” I looked over at her and was captivated by her face, as I often was. Her blue eyes peered into my soul, her lips beckoned me to confess my love for her young, lithe body, and her bosom heaved with the heart and breath of a young woman who I knew would do anything for me.

I shook my head of all that and smiled back at her saying “I’m fine, sweetie, why?”

“You seem a little preoccupied is all,” she said with a shrug.

I exhaled dramatically and furrowed my brow. “I must have dozed off in my office and had one hell of an odd dream.” This got her immediate attention. She hopped along the couch over to me and leaned in with an excited look on her face.

“What sort of dream could bother you so much? What was it about, Daddy?” With her being this close to me, especially after the sort of dream I’d just had, I couldn’t help but become flustered, and she took notice. She gently took my hand, allowing her voice to fall serious as she added, “was it a bad dream, Daddy?” I could not, for the life of me, muster a single word, so I simply shook my head like a 4 year old boy telling his mom he didn’t want to go somewhere. “Aww, Daddy.” She scooted closer to me, her left knee draped over my lap. As her kneecap grazed my crotch, I felt my loins light on fire. Every single image of my dream flooded into my mind’s eye all at once.

As my hardon began in my pants, I cleared my throat in an effort to allay my attention from it. “It was about you, mostly.”

“Oh yeah?” She didn’t seem to notice the effect her invasion of my personal space was having. “What kind of dream, Daddy? Was I being a bad girl?” Oh God, she knows! No, there’s no possible way she could know. There didn’t seem to be any hint of sexuality to her tone, but something just didn’t feel right. Prior to the supposed dream I’d been having, she never would have asked me anything like that.

“Well…” I shifted slightly, my cock now fully erect, “it was a really odd dream. You were in it and you asked me to play a game of Truth or Dare.” I could not explain, at all, why I was saying this to her. Her attention was completely mine now, Truth or Dare seemingly being something that she was, in fact, really interested in doing with me. She looked at me with intent, silently wanting me to continue. “Well, we played a few rounds, and you asked me to kiss you.”

Still holding my hand gently, she began giggling lightly. She reached back with her free hand for the clicker and turned the TV off, making it obvious that I was worth all of her attention now. “Well, I kissed you, as a man would kiss a woman he loved…” She got up and adjusted herself, sitting into my lap, looking deeply into my eyes as I continued. She wrapped her arms around the back of my neck as she smiled, leaning in close to me. Somewhere in the back of my head, I knew what she wanted me to do, so I just did it. I leaned forward and placed my lips on hers and gently kissed her in much the same way as I had in my dream, only this time, she was the one to use her tongue first. After a much shorter time than before, I leaned away with a slight smile, “yeah, just like that.”

She giggled again, leaning away only far enough for each of us to look into the others eyes comfortably. “Mmm. This sounds like a good dream so far, Daddy. Then what happened?” She hadn’t been in a position to this point where she would have an easy time feeling my hardon, as her legs were draped across my lap. But as she asked her seemingly innocent question, she repositioned herself to be facing me, planting her panty-covered rump right on top of my crotch. It became immediately obvious she knew my cock was straining in my khakis as she looked down between us, and then back up at me with a big toothy grin. “Ooh…” She bit her lip. “Mmph… is that what happened in the dream, Daddy?” I knew, of course, she was referring to what was going on in my pants, and the fact that she was being so much more brazen than I was used to my little girl of ten years old being was bothering me less and less.

I replied, in the smoothest voice I could muster given the circumstances “it did, baby. You got me so hard.” What was I saying? Aw, fuck it. “You started dry humping me…” at hearing this, she began a slow rhythm against me. “Mm. Just like that.” A big seductive smile crossed her lips and I saw in her eyes a longing and a lust I didn’t even see in my dream. I moaned along with her gyrations for a while before continuing, “and then you moved your panties aside… mmph… so that you were rubbing your clit on my…” I trailed off as she mimicked my words once again, moving her white cotton panties aside just enough so that I could feel her hot wetness against my pants. I suddenly was very aware that I had no underwear on, but my khakis were still separating me from that blissful feeling of which I had so recently made mention.

Frantically, I tried to undo my belt and pants, but in such a way as to not kill the mood. She leaned back to accommodate my struggle and once my beast was freed, she looked down at it wide-eyed, smiled back up at me, and settled her slick slit right where it belonged.

“Yeah… just like that.” I was lost completely in the sensations our joined pelvises were creating. Her movements were perfect – not too fast, not too slow, and just hard enough to where with each thrust, she was rubbing her clit with my cock in just the right way. It could only have been more perfect if I was inside her.

As she started to moan louder with me, she bit her lip before asking heatedly, “then what happened, Daddy?” I clutched her hips but did nothing to impede or aid her flow, I just let her keep her own pace and she was doing fine.

“Then, by doing this for only a little longer, you came all over my cock. Ohh you were screaming, baby.” At this point, I couldn’t even remember whether what I was saying were true, I was just playing out a scene in my head that I wanted so badly to happen. And since, to this point, she’d been duplicating the events of my supposed dream, I would ramp it up the way I saw fit.

She leaned her head into my chest and, as if on cue, she winced her eyes closed, clutched my back with both hands and grinded hard against me. I felt a surge of heat practically slam into my cock and I knew that my little girl just came in a torrent of little girl juices all over me. “Oh God, Daddy,” she moaned as she came down off her cloud. Leaning away to look at me she added, “that was the most intense ‘o’ I’ve ever had.” An odd term out of her, though with the sort of friends she had, not an unlikely bit of slang for her to pick up.

Without out any further word between us, Kimmy grabbed my still throbbing, now slick cock in her tiny hand, raised her hips off of mine, pointed the head of my manhood directly at her fuckhole, and started lowering herself onto it. As she slowly impaled herself in one smooth motion, we both let out a long moan. When I was buried to the hilt inside her, I felt an actual tear form in my eye. The sensation was indescribable. It was as if I lined my fist with velvet, wrapped it in silk, smothered it in a delicate, delicious warm cream and squeezed it all on good and tight. Her pussy was on fire and was the tightest thing I’ve ever exposed it to; it was nothing like Carol’s, or any other woman’s. It was…perfect inside of her, like it was made for my cock. This thought became fact when, as she moved her hips up and away from me slowly, every tiny sensation – every small crevice of her innards – electrified my entire body at a million volts a second.

Pure ecstasy was the only thing I could register now. My mind had been put on sensory overload, and all that remained was my cock and the little girl’s body attached to it. As she sped up her rhythm, she let out a soft moan with each thrust, never tearing her eyes away from mine. Locked in a lustful haze, we were now, if we’d never had been before, fucking in earnest. Every few thrusts, one of us would moan the other’s name, and I do mean name. She began to call me Robby and not Daddy, which was both so hot and a little bothersome – I loved it so much more to hear her call me Daddy. I knew however, that forgetting the fact I was fucking her right now, Kimmy saw our relationship moving to a whole new level. She rode me faster and faster, impaling herself on my cock like her life was going to end if she didn’t get off right then.

“Oh, oh, oh, oh, ohhhh-HHHH!” As she yelled out in complete rapture, she clutched my body again and her pussy clamped down on me so tight I worried that she’d break my dick off. But from all the sensations, the sounds, the incredible tightness of her snatch, and her last thrust, my body lost all control. As my young daughter cast wave after wave of honey all over me, I shot rope after thick rope of man butter deep inside of her. So hard was I shooting that it hurt and I’m pretty sure she could feel the impact, as she started to administer small thrusts in time with my cock’s spasms.

Panting heavily in each other’s arms, we leaned away to look into each other. Both a sweaty mess, we began to chuckle in unison. “Oh my God, baby, that was so intense. I’m so sorry I did that to you.”
“Did what?” she asked with a sinister grin, not bothering to climb off of me or showing any signs of removing me from her gloriously tight self. “I’m the one who just essentially raped you.”

“Yeah, but that’ll never hold up in court…” We both chuckled again.

“Oh, c’mon, Daddy. Who am I going to tell? And why would I? I’ve wanted you inside of me since I was eight!” That was a rather scary revelation, but a not altogether unexpected one. As I’d mentioned before, Carol seemed to somehow had an effect on Kimmy sex drive at a young age. Grinding her hips against me to literally drive her point home, “besides, you just came inside me. I could get pregnant because of you. Wouldn’t that be just great?” Her voice kicked into a higher octave for a moment and suddenly a dark cloud descended.

‘Shit’ I thought, ‘I hadn’t considered that. ‘She’s been able to bear children for almost a year now. What if I do get her pregnant?’ Then a thought occurred to me which, for some reason, I said out loud. “I can’t get you pregnant if it’s not your pussy I fuck. Her expression went crooked and I felt her heart skip a beat and her pussy clench for a moment. I raised an eyebrow and smiled at her flushed face, “oh you like that idea, don’t you?”

Again, her pussy rippled and she bit her lip. “Mayyybe,” she muttered looking away from me. Clenching her ass cheeks with hands I’d yet to this point used to touch her at all, I slowly lifted her off of me, that same gentle pop emanating from her tiny pussy. Gobs of my cum began to dribble out of her back onto my cock. ‘Perfect,’ I thought with a smile.

I’m not sure what had come over me at this point, but I mostly attribute it to the idea that this was all just a dream now as well, and given that assumption I saw no reason not to have some fun with all of this…some real fun. I looked my 10 year old daughter deadpan in the eyes and said huskily as I held her up by her plump ass. “c’mere, sweetheart, I’m gonna fuck your ass.” Her eyes lit up like I’d just told her Christmas came early, and without a word, she took off her panties entirely, dropped down to her hands and knees on the floor in front of me, lifted her skirt over her hips and shook her rear at me.

Looking over her shoulder with the most passionate look I’ve seen out of any woman, let alone one of her age, she says to me in a voice not her own, “come and get it, Daddy.” She reached back and spread her ass cheeks wide, leaning her face into the soft white carpet.

To quote a favorite movie of mine, ‘I tried to slow my heart down and breathe the fire out of my lungs. My muscles make me a thousand promises of [pleasure] to come.’ I look down at my little girl, prone with her ass in the air, that scrumptious little brown pucker staring back at me, with her recently fucked, sloppy hairless pussy just beneath. All manner of nasty, lewd thought it racing through my head, none of them suitable for a father and daughter at any age. But none of that mattered now; my baby loved me and she was willing to offer to me that most sacred and treasured of holes at my request, and I was not about to disappoint her.

I began stroking myself as I got into position, my hot cum the perfect lubricant to allow me entry into what was sure to be a tighter space than where it so recently had been pulled from. She moaned at me impatiently, “c’mon, Daddy. Take my ass. I want you to have it.” Were it even possible, her words made me even harder, such that I was sure if I didn’t come again soon, it would explode from my groin. No more thoughts of whether this was a dream, just pure adrenaline, lust and a rampant need to empty my seed into the bowels of my ten year old filled both my heads. I sidled up behind her, grabbed her left cheek, guiding myself to her starfish with the other hand. “Oh yeah, Daddy, take it.” I needed no further encouragement.

As I leaned forward slowly, the combination of my cum-slathered cock and her incredible muscle control, I dove into my little girl’s rectum with very little resistance. If her pussy were a kung fu grip wrapped with pure silk, her asshole was surely the Jaws of Life wrapped in Teflon. It was so smooth and tight that I felt that moving would hurt both of us. I panted with her as she lay there, literally attached to me by the hips.

Now, I feel like this deserves explanation, because to this day I still find this fascinating. The shape of my cock is such that, when it’s fully hard, it has a slight upward curvature. If I were to press down on it as hard as I could, I could never make it into a perfectly straight line; my head would always be pointing upward slightly. This is the only real quirk about its shape, however, as it doesn’t have any particular angel to the right or left and it looks like a normal circumcised penis for a man my age. The reason why this is fascinating is that, from the very first day I entered my darling Kimmy, both her pussy and her asshole were such snug secure fits that I find it difficult to believe that God, or Buddha or whomever, created her especially to be my love slave… my cum slut.

She looked up at me, face still on the floor, “now my entire body is all yours, Daddy. I am forever your little girl.” While it was true I’d had my hands, and in certain cases tongue, all over every inch of her body at some point over the years, I’d never been inside of her in any capacity… until today.

But no time for such thoughts now, this ass I was buried in needed to be well and thoroughly fucked and I wasn’t going to wait any longer than I had to. I buried myself to the hilt again and grabbed her by both cheeks, pushing away slowly for my back thrust. We both moaned in unison as the wicked sensations of our union was a bold new feeling with each passing moment. When my cock was almost squeezed out of her, I pushed back in again, getting into an agonizingly, but necessarily slow pace. I was not about to spoil this moment by hurting her (hopefully) virgin asshole. Before too long, she began thrusting into me as I went, so I knew she was ready.

With a smile in my voice from above her, I stopped our hips from moving as I asked, “you sure you want me to have this, baby?” I didn’t actually care how she answered me at this point, but the pause for her answer was all the time I needed to reposition myself slightly for a better angle.

She bit her lip as she’d done so often that day and replied with that devilishly sinister child’s voice she knew I loved to hate. ”Yesh, Daddy. I wanna let my Daddy have my widdle asshhole so badwy. Pwease, Daddy, pwease fuck my assh jusht ash hard ash you can, ok?” As I looked down at her weak smile, I knew that she knew what she was doing to me. What neither of us could have expected is what I did next.
As if possessed by some powerful sex demon, I reached down and grabbed a tuft of her long hair, pulling her head up so she was on all fours. Cock still buried inside her tight second hole, I planted both my feet on the floor astride her thighs and began pistoning into her with all the strength I had in my lower body. I was a very fit man for my age, as I’d mentioned before. Truth be told, my thighs were almost bigger than Kimmy’s torso. I knew I had to be hurting her, but I didn’t care anymore, and from the horrifyingly erotic screams I was causing her to produce, she seemed to like that I was literally tearing her a new asshole with my cock.

It was a scene out of some hardcore porno, but the proportions were all wrong. I was fucking to her asshole so hard I began to think I was rearranging her organs. And I was just so much bigger than she was. Looking back on it I feel sure that if I had shifted my weight in the wrong direction, I may very well have done permanent damage to her. None of this was going through my mind, however as I just continue, at a fast and steady pace, to ram my slickened cock over and over again into the tightest most delectable ass anyone’s ever had.

Among the many things wrong with me, I had always been an ass man. As Kimmy was growing through her beginning stages of puberty, I got excited when her little titties started growing in. But I was at least twice as excited when her hips started to fill out only a few weeks later and those small, rope little buns of hers started to flourish into fledging hams. Even now as I was beating her rectally, I looked down to her luscious little girl ass and could find no imperfection in its shape or fullness. Though I knew it had a lot more growing to do, I loved her ass just the way it was; but I made it a personal mission to utterly destroy it with my ramrod any chance I got.

Through gritted teeth, my bashful sounding ten year old transformed into a harlet of unbridled lust as she shouted, “nnngh yes, Daddy fuck me! Fuck that ass! Fuck it! Fuck it ‘til I bleeeeed.” Her last word became slurred as I thrust into her one last time, being able to last only about a minute after she started screaming dirty while I was in her incredibly tight back door.

As I poured load after hot thick load into her colon, her body stiffened and she stopped exhaling, breathing in sharply with each convulsion of my cock. I knew she felt it, and I thought sure that her belly protruded an inch or so when I was done shooting my fat wad into her. She collapsed heavily into the floor as our breathing began to normalize. I dropped onto my ass, still covered by my khakis and I just stared into the lewd, drenched, disgustingly messy yet still unbelievably tantalizing pussy and asshole of my voracious little girl. I heard her whisper through a crying voice, “thank you so much, Daddy. Thank you for loving me so much.” I couldn’t tell from either her demeanor or her tone whether she was crying from joy or from pain, but as I relaxed into the couch from the floor, I closed my eyes and let these new events watch over me.

As I lay there, Kimmy eventually joined me on the couch, queefing softly as she came to her feet, allowing a small amount of my semen to dribble down her leg to soak into her sock. Still basically fully clothed, save for her panties, we cuddled on the couch for what felt like hours. She was leaned into my chest with my arm wrapped around her, playing at her hair like I always was. I wasn’t at all sure what had come over either of us, or, for that matter, if any of what had happened was even real. But I opened my eyes long enough to plant a loving tender kiss on her forehead before closing them back, leaning my head into the couch cushion and dozing off into sleep again, Kimmy already gently snoring away.
Ok, readers, here's where the voting comes in! So, as you no doubt can tell, I played around alot with dreams, so, given the current state of things, two different scenarios have emerged:
1. Robby wakes up on the couch with a fully nude still somewhat shy Kimmy during a Blizzard whome he's eaten and has blown him but no actual intercourse yet. -or-
2. Robby wakes up on the couch next to a school girl attired Kimmy whom he had so recently thoroughly fucked in both holes with no pretenses and no foreplay.

Again, I've already devised ways of explaining away both scenarios, so no need to suggest HOW it happens next, just WHAT happens next. So, based on what's been read so far, my writing style and the direction of the story thus far, please leave your comments on which direction the story should go, and do please justify your answer. I'm always interested to hear about what turns others on about my stories.

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15:08:55 you have a typo and a stick up your ass

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2013-09-25 15:42:28
15:08:55 you have a typo and a stick up your ass

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2013-09-25 15:38:26
15:08:55 you have a typo and a stick up your ass

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2013-07-02 04:37:38
guy below me and the ocd ass hole guy at 15:08:55 both need to stfu and enjoy

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2013-06-09 19:31:50

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