Returning the Favor
I will preface the following story with this bit of knowledge: Everything below is the truth. With this comes several potential issues that some readers may not like. 1. The dialogue - the reality of it is this; we were young and it was the first time something like this happened for either of us. The dialogue is awkward due to the fact that it really was that awkward. 2. I have stuck to the story as it actually happened and have relived it as I wrote it. This can also result in a longer story than it could have been, but again, I wrote it as it occurred without embellishment. And lastly, 3. If something didn't happen, then I didn't add it in. Everything written is what happened for better or worse. If this is well received, I may write more in the same fashion which chronicle our other encounters or I may write about different ones. But I promise this; they are factual and accurate. I hope you enjoy.

Chapter 2 - Returning the favor

It had been three weeks since Cindy and I had our late night massage session and every time I saw her now, I would think back to her laying naked in my bed. Since then she treated me no different other than an occasional smile when no one was looking. I don't know what I was expecting but this was certainly the best possible outcome. We didn't raise any suspicion by suddenly being overly friendly or hanging out together at school or at home. But on the other hand, we also didn't start acting weird around each other. Life just continued on as normal. I will admit that during my once or twice a week jerk-off session that she had replaced my mental nude images of other women. Remember, this was before the internet so you couldn't just get porn on your phone, tablet, or PC. Then, it was like Christmas in July. Our parents, her mom and my dad, said they were heading out again but this time they were heading to a pool tournament in the next county and would be spending the night at a local hotel. They made sure we had all of the contact numbers in case of emergency, gave us $20 to grab dinner somewhere, and then off they went.

It was an early departure for them, around 6PM, and I waved goodbye to them as they left. As I turned to head back inside, I caught Cindy looking at me with a soft knowing smile. I was so looking forward to later, but since Jen was with us, we had wait. Since it was so early, we had a lot of time to burn before it was bed time so we did what any house full of teenagers would do, we headed into town, grabbed some frozen pizza's, chips, soda, other miscellaneous snacks, and rented a couple of horror movies on VHS (Like I said, way before the Internet or Netflix)

By the time we got home it was getting dark. We prepared dinner and settled down and watched the first movie. Things were very uneventful up to this point but after watching the first movie we took a break and all went to get dressed for bed. When we returned to the living room I noticed Jen, who had celebrated her birthday the week before, was wearing a t-shirt and a pair of pajama bottoms. She normally wore looser shirts but this was one of her older ones and it actually fit very tight on her. Tight enough that I couldn't help but notice she actually had breasts after all. Not much mind you, but she she certainly wasn't as flat as I thought and her nipples were poking out quite a bit. She didn't act like it was a big deal so I didn't think much of it, just filed away the image for later. Cindy came in and she was wearing a thin nightshirt down to her knees. It wasn't see through or anything like that but you could certainly tell she looked good under it. Jen got comfortable on the floor and I sat on one side of the couch with Cindy on the other.

It didn't take long for Cindy to announce she was getting tired and wanted to lay down. She went and grabbed a blanket and when she came back she lay on the couch on her back, with her head on a cushion and her feet in my lap with the blanket covering us. I rested my hands on her legs under the blanket and after a moment she started to ever so slightly, move her legs apart. It was just a couple of inches but I got the hint. I started moving my right hand up and down her legs and keeping an eye on Jen as much as the movie. The last thing I needed was her to turn around and bust me feeling up her sister. I worked my way up her legs and thank goodness the lights were out because I'm sure the look on my face would have been a give away when I realized she wasn't wearing panties. I lightly brushed against her pubic hair and felt a thrill up my spine. I glanced over at her and she was watching the movie as if nothing was going on. I wanted to move my hand up further but since she was laying on her back, it would only raise up to her waist. I resigned myself to casually using my hand to rub her upper thigh for a minute or so and then focused on her soft pussy lips and the small hidden clit at the top of her slit. I worked my thumb up and down slowly and softly and was rewarded quickly with a wetness that made it easy to start sliding my thumb up in between her lips rather than just the outer edges. Once I got this far, it didn't take long before I started sliding my thumb into her actual pussy a little bit. I would place my four fingers a couple of inches above her slit and use them as kind of a bracing point for my hand as my thumb slid from her clit down through her lips and then into her pussy. I would spend a couple of seconds at the top rubbing her clit and then back down into her pussy where I would rub a little in there as well. I glanced over at her again and she was no longer watching the movie. Instead, her eyes were closed and she was softly biting her bottom lip. As I continued her left hand slid down her body and came to rest on my hand but it just kind of hovered there, resting. Not stopping or helping, just resting and moving with my hand. It was then that her orgasm hit. Her head came up off the cushion an inch or so and she opened her mouth in a "O" shape while her eyes were squeezed shut and her knees came together. Her whole body tensed up and started to quiver and her hand grabbed on to mine like it was a lifeline. Thank goodness the movie was getting towards the end and there was a lot of screaming and such because, although she was quiet, I'm sure Jen would have picked up on something if it was silent. The orgasm passed and she lay there with her eyes wide open staring up at the ceiling. I slowly pulled her shirt back down to her knees and moved my hand back down to her shins. The movie ended shortly after that and Jen jumped up and said she would certainly be having nightmares about it.

She ran into the kitchen to grab a soda and was just coming back in when Cindy was getting up off the couch and heading to the bathroom. Jen glanced at Cindy as she walked out of the room and with a curious look on her face, asked "Is it me or is she not wearing anything under her nightshirt?"

I glanced at the direction Cindy had just gone and replied "I don't know, I didn't notice. I can't imagine why she wouldn't be though." Jen just glanced back at where Cindy had gone and then back at me with a look that I couldn't read. I could not tell if she believed me or not so I just tried to avoid it by getting up to rewind the movies and put them back in their cases. Jen stood there making small talk about one of our favorite bands and the movie we just watched until Cindy returned. I glanced at Cindy's ass, I noticed Jen did too, and was very relieved to find she was wearing panties. Jen glanced at me and I shrugged as if to say "I guess she was".

Jen then said the words that were music to my ears: "Anyone up for a game of Hide & Seek before bedtime?"

"Sure" I replied.

"I'm up for it" Cindy chimed in.

Jen volunteered to be the first hunter so Cindy and I went to hide out. Jen found me first then Cindy so I was the next hunter. I did the countdown as the girls went to hide and when I finished counting I knew exactly where to find Cindy. At our age we may have been clever enough to not get caught or have anyone catch on (not the case as I later found out) but we certainly were not very original. I know, or hoped at least, that Cindy would be in the same location she was in last time so I headed to the houses only interior bathroom. With all of the lights out the room was pitch black so I held my hands up at breast height just as I did last time and slowly walked toward the corner where I hoped Cindy would be. I was pleased to find she was there but really surprised that she had taken off her night shirt. I rubbed her bare breasts for a minute or so and then lowered my head down to take one of her nipples in my mouth. She was very receptive and I let my hands roam over her body as I did this. She was still wearing her panties but that didn't really matter since I knew we only had a moment. I pulled up from her and heard her whisper "I'll be by after Jen goes to sleep to pay you back." I couldn't wait, I was rock hard and ready to burst when she said that.

The game ended and around midnight we decided it was time to go to bed. I said goodnight and headed to my room. I could have swore I caught a side glance from Jen but when I looked her way she had the same passive expression she had earlier and continued on to her room. Sure enough, almost an hour later, Cindy quietly entered my room. I had already grabbed the mineral oil and a couple of towels to lay on so the sheets didn't get oily like they did last time. Nobody said anything but I didn't want to press my luck. She was wearing the same nightshirt from earlier but I couldn't tell if she was wearing panties or not because the only light I had turned on was my desk lamp.

"Would you like a massage?" she asked casually.

"That sounds good, I think I would." I replied.

"OK, lay on the bed face down. But take your shirt off, just leave on your shorts. Unless you want to take those off as well."

Wow. I didn't know what to do. I had never been nude in front of a girl before and I was pretty nervous about it. I mean, I had hoped it would happen tonight but I didn't exactly know how and figured it would be during some sort of make out session, not while she was ten feet away. I had a couch and armchair in my room on the wall opposite the door and I paused only for a couple of seconds before I turned around to remove my shirt and lay it on the couch. I was still trying to decide how much I was going to take off but as I lay my shirt down I saw Cindy's nightshirt land on the couch next to my shirt. I turned around and she was standing there completely nude. Without a second thought I pulled off my shorts and placed them next to my shirt and turned to face her wearing nothing. I was semi hard but luckily not rock solid or that would have been awkward. She looked at me with that slight smile on her face and gestured for the bed.

I spread out a towel and lay on it face down and felt her straddle my back. I could feel her soft pubic hair on my butt and it was a bit of a thrill to know she was sitting on me naked, even if I was facing the wrong direction. She put some mineral oil on her hands and started rubbing my back. It felt nice as she ran her hands from my lower back to my shoulders. She only did this for a few moments before saying "Want to roll over now?"

She moved off to the side and I rolled over to face her. Once I was on my back she straddled me again, this time I could feel her pubic hair up against my balls and damn did it feel nice. Up until now the only thing to ever touch my balls were my underwear and my own hand. This was an amazing new feeling. She just sat there and looking me up and down with a look on her face that was a mixture of curiosity, hesitation, and desire. It was an amazing look I will never forget. She leaned forward a bit to start rubbing my chest which caused her pussy to start rubbing against my cock. She slowly worked her way down my chest until she was rubbing my lower abdomen. Up until now she had carefully avoided actually touching my dick but I knew it was getting close and I was so ready for it. She slid down my legs just a couple of inches and softly ran the palm of her hand from the base of my dick to the tip. I was in heaven! Damn did that feel good. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and started to slowly move it up and down while cupping my balls in her other hand and looking me right in the eyes with that amazing smile.

"How does this feel?" she asked.

"It feels great" I replied with a ragged breath.

"Faster or slower"

"Don't change anything, but if you keep it up, I'm going to cum"

"Go ahead, I want to see what that is like."

She kept up the slow methodical tempo and I could feel it starting to build. With a grunt I came and she steadily kept stroking me while I did. I shot off three or four times across my stomach, chest and the towel. When I was finished I just lay there catching my breath as she softly milked the last bit out of me. I exhaled a deep breath and opened my eyes. She had a look of wonder on her face as she switched hands and continued rubbing me with her other hand while she examined my cum on her right hand. She rubbed it between her thumb and fingers and just stared at it a bit before wiping more of it off my stomach and doing it again. She seemed fascinated by it. She then looked down at my spent shaft as it started to shrink in her left hand and then looked right at me, her eyes wide with excitement and said "That was so cool! We have to do this again. Maybe we could try something else next time." I nodded yes, still coming down off my orgasm high. We cleaned up, got dressed again and Cindy went back to her room. It was almost 2AM and I was exhausted. I fell into a sleep that night like I had never known with pleasant thoughts of what "Something else" would entail.

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