A teenage boy stays home one night when all his friends are out at a party. He receives a gift that turns him into a demonoid, someone who is given the powers or traits of a demon. There's a bit of sexual content in the text. Comments of any kind are welcome.
The audience in the background laughed. The big guy on screen slapped the little guy on the back and sent him tumbling onto the couch. The audience laughed again. Roger smiled, but didn't laugh. There was a time when he found sitcoms to be great entertainment, but those days were over. These days, watching a sitcom seemed like a waste of time. He was more into police dramas and thrillers, and especially fond of that drama-thriller where that federal agent went through all sorts of shit in twenty-four hours just so he could save his country from terrorism.

A commercial came on and Roger got up from the couch to walk to the kitchen and grab a pepsi for himself from the refrigerator. His trip was cut short when a knock came from the front door. He went to answer it.

Little bit of info: Roger is seventeen and has dark brown hair and golden brown eyes. He is average height, but not very athletic. His plain looks help him to stay invisible in school until someone needs something from him or a bully decides to pick on him. Full name: Roger Nicolas Krim.

A little girl who must've been between nine and eleven years old stood outside holding a box in her hands. She looked up at Roger expectantly.
"And who are you?" said Roger.
"My names Stella. I have a box for you." She held up the box towards him.
"Are you sure it's for me? It could be for someone else."
The girl shook her head and said, "It's definitely for you, Roger."
"Okay. Uh... Thanks." Roger took the box from the girl. She smiled and left, fading into the night.

He went back to the couch and put the television on mute. He carefully opened the box, thinking there might be a practical joke inside just waiting to make him look stupid. But no sudden freakish thing came jumping out at him. Inside the box was an ancient metal helmet that was rusted and cracked in certain places. Roger examined it for two minutes and chuckled. "Wow. This thing's older than my sixteenth century ancestors." Something began to draw him closer towards the helmet; he felt like he really needed to put it on.

Roger stared at the helmet as it remained in the box. It had been there for ten minutes now. He didn't feel drawn to the helmet any more. See? he told himself. I can resist the temptation when I use my head instead of my balls. He laughed at that little bit of dirty humor. Roger picked up the helmet again and began to feel the attractive force that the helmet possessed. Hmm, very interesting, he said to himself.

It was ten p.m. when his mother Paula arrived back from the her night out on the town with her boyfriend of two months, Jason. She never told Roger his last name.
"I'm back, son. Had a great time. How about you?"
"It would've been an ordinary night, mom, if it hadn't been for some weird helmet that was delivered to me by this creepy little girl."
Paula stopped in her tracks. "What helmet?"
"An old ancient-looking helmet made of iron or something. I wore it and it disappeared, but not before I saw a freaky vision."
"Oh my! Are you all right, son?"
"Yeah, kind of. I just feel... I don't know. I feel like I'm expecting something. I can't really explain it."
Paula was now sitting beside him on the couch and looking very concerned. She put a hand on his forehead to feel his temperature. She leaned in close to smell his breath, just to make sure he wasn't on alcohol or drugs. She smelled and sensed nothing out of the ordinary. He must be telling the truth, she thought.

The audience was hysterical with laughter. This was the fourth sitcom that was airing on channel five that thursday night. They called it Comedy Thursday. When the laughter died, another sound could be heard. It was the sound of Roger's balls slapping the underside of Paula's chin. She was on her knees facing him, her back to the television while he held her head steady in his hands and drove his cock back and forth against her face, filling her mouth with his entire shaft, not really giving her a chance to suck - simply fucking her face with a blank, yet subtley menacing expression on his face. His attention switched from her face to the television. His mind was not really focused on either of those two things. He was immersed in thoughts that could hardly be called his own. Dark, eerie thoughts. Thoughts that came from the source of the helmet's power.

Twenty-six minutes had passed since Roger had commandingly told his mother to kneel before him and he unzipped his pants to free his cock and place it in her mouth. Now she tried to pull away from him, but he sneered and held her close saying, "Not yet, mom. Hold steady. This won't go on forever; it will end. Just hold steady. Okay, mom?" She nodded and obediently held onto his waist as he moved himself back and forth like a pendulum. She even managed to apply a bit of suction onto his shaft as it slid back and forth in her mouth. Roger groaned and caressed his mother's hair in appreciation. She looked up at him worshipfully and sucked him harder. "Ah yes, mom, that feels so good. Keep doing it. Auughh!"

He slowed down and she was able to get more creative in her sucking of his cock. Taking the remote in one hand he lowered the volume of the television so he could hear the sound of her lips working wonders on his penis. He dropped the remote and went back to running his hands through her curly blond hair. He locked gazes with her, her green eyes looked like emeralds in firelight. As his hips ceased their swaying, her head began moving against his pelvis, her tongue getting to know his cock really well. She stopped sucking his penis in order to suck on his balls for a while. She sucked one testicle for a full minute before sucking on the other one, and she sucked his entire ball sack while applying her fingers to his shaft. Roger said, "Augh, mom, you're killing me!" which meant she was amazing.

Climax time approached and Roger said, "Mom, I want to cum all over your face and hair."
"Cum on me, son. Cum on your mommy!"
As ejaculae rushed through his penis towards the tip, he aimed his cock an inch away at Paula's motherly face and came. After five pleasure-filled seconds, Roger had shot strings of cum on Paula's forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose, mouth and chin, and made a white gooey mess on her blond curls. He examined her to see his artwork.
She said, "Tell me, son. How does mommy look now?"
"Well, since you're my mom, my opinion could be biased. But for what it's worth, you look fantastic. Could I take a picture and keep it on my computer?"
"Sure, Roger. Just be quick about it. In my experience, cum tends to dry up quickly and when it does, it doesn't look so magnificent."
"I'll be back in a second," he said and ran to his room to get his digital camera.


Friday morning was sunny and not so spooky as thursday night, but then again, it was the daytime so of course things looked a bit more cheerier when daylight was present.

Roger's toes woke up first, then the rest of his body followed suit. What? he thought. What happened last night did not really happen. It was just a nice freaky dream. He checked his computer and confirmed his suspicion that it wasn't a dream. There in a hidden folder titled Mommy X were three photos of his mother smiling sweetly at the camera with ropes of cum (unbelievably thick ropes of cum) decorating her face and hair. Oh my gosh, thought Roger. What have I done with my mother!

He took a quick shower and dressed up for school. Before he could make a clean getaway, his mother hollered for him as he was about to step out through the doorway.
"Yeah, mom?" he said, trying to keep a straight face.
She also had a straight face. In fact, she looked as if she didn't even remember last night, as if it had never happened. "Try not to get into any trouble at school, all right?"
Roger smiled. "Sure, mom. I won't go looking for any."
She gave him a hug and kissed him full on the lips. "And if you ever feel like 'painting' my face and hair again with that lovely 'paintbrush' of yours, I'm your mommy so you don't need to ask. Just start getting the 'paint' ready, all right, honey?" She gently stroked his cock briefly and withdrew her hand.
"Er, of course, mom. And er, thanks."
She gave him an incredulous look. "No need to thank me. What are moms for?"

A boy his age followed Roger to school. At recess, Roger drove him into a corner and said, "You looking for trouble, punk?"
"No. Are you? And if you are, you shouldn't because you promised your mom you wouldn't."
"How do you know that?"
"I was there, in a certain way."
Roger eyed him suspiciously. The boy had sandy blonde hair, was the same height as Roger, and had strange eyes that were brown with shades of red. Rogers suspicion turned to an uneasy feeling in his stomach.
The boy gave him a reassuring look and said, "Don't panic. I know about the helmet you got last night. You were supposed to have it and now I'm going to watch your back."
"Watch my back?"
"Yes. I'm sort of like a personal reference book that will help you live with your newfound abilities. I'll also assist you in fighting off those who would want to harm you."

"Unreal," said Roger and he backed away from the boy.
"My name's Devin." He reached out his hand to offer a handshake, but Roger had already turned his back and was walking away from him as fast as he could without running off like a kid who had just seen a ghost.

At lunch, Roger discovered that he had no money in his pocket. Someone had picked his pocket. Great.
"I think that kid picked your pocket, Rog."
Roger turned to see Devin standing next to him pointing at a kid with dreadlocks that were dyed orange. Roger could've said a lot of other things to Devin, but just managed to ask in a steady voice, "Did you see him take it?"
"Of course I did. I was the one who put it in his back pocket."
Roger glared at Devin. "You stole money from me and planted it on some innocent dude!"
"The kid's not innocent, Roger. Watch." Devin jogged after the dreadlocked teen and patted him on the shoulder. Dreadlocks turned around and Devin seemed to be having a nice conversation with him when he struck him in the face with a punch that was too fast to track with the human eye, not to mention vicious. The teenager fell to his knees and held his nose from which blood came leaking out.
"Aw fuck!" breathed Roger. He turned his eyes away from the scene while everyone else around swarmed towards it like flies to rotten food.

Roger drank from the water fountain to moisturize his dry throat.
"We still have fifteen minutes left for lunch break. Do you want me to get you something from the canteen? I've got cash."
Roger turned and sized up Devin who had somehow crept up on him without making a noise and spoken.
"Fuck off, man! You're nuts."
"No, I'm Devin. You still hungry?"
Roger lunged at him and swung. Devin avoided the punch with eerie speed and agility.
Devin said, "Oh and if you're going to accuse me of being prejudiced against people with dreadlocks, don't. I just happened to choose that kid at random. I could do the same thing to one of the female students and punched her like I did that kid. Heck, I could even do that to a teacher or the principal himself."
"Something's wrong with you."
"Right on, Roger. Everything's wrong with me. I'm here because of you. Nice school by the way."
"What are you, the genie of the helmet?"
"Not exactly, but you're not too far off there. I am kind of related to that helmet you're wearing."

Roger said, "I'm not wearing it. It disappeared."
"It was absorbed into you, Rog. You possess the helmet within you. And you also have its power. Tada! Good things are coming your way, buddy."
"You mean, when I wore it last night and it disappeared, it didn't really disappear, but got stuck inside me."
"Shit. Does this have anything to do with-" He didn't want to continue because it would mean embarrassing himself in front of a complete stranger.
"Yeah, you fucked your mom's face all because of the power within the helmet. That was good stuff last night, pal. I enjoyed it." Devin smiled wickedly.
"You sick-"
"Me sick? You're the one who drove his cock into his mother's oral cavity!"
Devin lowered his voice. "Okay."

In Biology class, Roger received a note from Devin. He opened it and saw two lines of unrecognizable symbols. Below them was the text: Focus your mind on understanding these symbol lines. When he did as instructed, the symbols floated up from the paper and went into his eyes. He shut his eyes too late and rubbed them only to realize that his eyes weren't shut as he had instructed them to. They were open, or were they his real eyes? He was looking at a place that was not the Biology lab that he had been sitting in a few seconds ago. It was late in the afternoon and darkness was falling. He was behind an old wooden house with pink paint that was peeling off the wood. He heard laughter and jeering. Going around the corner of the building he saw a group of men gathered around an old red car and the dreadlocked teen from school with his pants on the ragged lawn fucking a young girl.

Both Dreadlocks and the girl were about the same age. She didn't want to have sex so he was forcing himself upon her. He said, "Damn, you're pussy's so fine, girl." He chuckled and whooped. "Hey, boys. I'm fucking a pure-bred. I'm fuckin' a fine ass pure-bred chic. How's that?" The men gathered round whooped and laughed. They were drunk, but only slightly.
Roger wanted to grab Dreadlocks and throw him onto the lawn, but he only managed to fling his arms wildly around without moving anywhere close enough to do anything to the people in this scene before him. He grew frustrated and gnashed his teeth. He immediately felt something ask him, "Seen enough?" He nodded his head and opened his eyes back in the Biology lab. He felt another note beneath his palm. He opened it and read: What you saw was a recollection of what really happened, so you see, the kid wasn't innocent after all. Haha! Roger squashed the two notes and shoved them into his pockets. He heard a snicker and knew, without turning his back, it was Devin.

Walking back from school, Roger was accompanied by Devin.
"Do you want to go someplace and eat? I know you didn't have lunch. You must be starving."
"Shut up," said Roger.
Devin was silent for a while. They approached a park and walked through it. There were a bunch of young people playing on the basketball court there with their cars parked nearby. Devin eyed two gorgeous shapely young females in their late teens and said, "We could go up to those guys right now, beat 'em up and take those two pieces of pussy for ourselves y'know."
Roger rolled his eyes and said, "Uh, correction: you could do that. I'd just get beat up and take all the crap for it."
Devin grinned as they walked passed the group, hearing rock music emanating from their car stereos. "You think I don't care about you, Roger? The reason I'm walking with you right now is because I care about you. Stop being a jerk and accept me. We'll get along just fine. More than fine actually. We'll be terrific."

They had walked ten yards past the basketball court when Roger stopped and stood still. He felt strange, a similar feeling to what he felt last night after he had absorbed the helmet into his body. A whole new mentality gripped his entire being and with it a sinister smile appeared on his face. Devin noticed the change and smiled as well.
He said, "Now that's more like it!"
Roger didn't need any more prodding from his wicked friend. He turned and led the charge towards the young folk.
Less than a minute later, they were leaving the basketball court at a fast pace. They left behind some sorely beaten guys sprawled all over the concrete and several females screaming bloody murder.
Roger said, "Shouldn't they be impressed that we beat up their boyfriends? Er... maybe not."
Devin said, "For now, you don't have to worry about pleasing the girls or even sex. It's about letting go of yourself and being a new animal."

They reached Roger's house and he said to Devin, "So I hope you have a place of your own. I mean, you're weird and ... well, I'm kinda' weird too. But I like to live by myself."
"I gotcha. Besides I wouldn't want to interrupt any incestuous goings on at your place."
"Dude, you gotta learn to keep your mouth-"
"I got it, I got it. My lips are zipped."
"Don't you mean-"
"Zipped. Who seals things any more?"

That "mysterious helmet" info: Made by a charmed blacksmith for a nobleman who was also a worshiper of the pagan god Fettishkinku. Dates back to ancient times. Fettishkinku is actually a chief demon. Fettishkinku is not even the chief demon's real name; real name was Bogion. The helmet was bestowed with power from Bogion and whoever wore the helmet was embued with the powers of the chief demon. Abilities coming from the helmet are super strength, speed, ghost-like movement and Bogion's first, second, third, and fourth energies.

Devin info: Been around for a hundred and fifty years. A demonoid who inherited his demon traits from his father who possessed a powerful forbidden book. The book he read to his son, Devin, and on hearing the words, the son become a demonoid. His powers are strength, speed, ghost-like movement and destruction of objects by brute force.


The time was eight forty-seven pm when Roger's cell phone rang. He answered it without bothering to check the caller ID.
"Hey, Roger, this is Karen." Karen was a year younger than him and one grade below him in high school.
"Hi, Karen, what's up?"
"I didn't see you at the party last night."
"You saw me at school today, didn't you?"
"Actually, I didn't. I was at school in the morning before you came in and I felt sick so I left for home."
"Oh. Well, I hope you're feeling better now. Are you feeling better?"
"Yeah, thanks for asking."
"You're welcome."
"Listen, I have a little party going on at my place and I was wondering if you would like to add to the number I already have here."
"When did it start?"
"Half an hour ago. We just have nine people here."
"Nine sounds like a crowd to me."
"Well, could you make it crowdier by coming over here."
"Fine. I'll be there in ten or fifteen minutes."
"Awesome. See you."

Definition of the word demonite: an object that has mystical demonic properties. Example: The helmet worn by the ancient nobleman Worringas was charmed by the demon Bogion, therefore transforming the helmet into a demonite because of the power it contained.

Roger ran at the speed of sixty-five miles per hour and stopped at the head of York Street. Three men with overgrown beards stood staring at him. The expressions on their faces were stern and sort of frightening. Roger would've pissed his pants if it wasn't for the enchanted helmet that he was empowered with. The men were no shorter than six feet and their eyes were glowing golden.
Something fell from the sky and landed softly like a cat several feet away from Roger. He looked and saw Devin wave at him.
Devin said, "Yes, I know, I came from up there" he pointed upwards.
"You can fly?"
"Duh, and so can you if you try."

"Maybe I should fly away from here. These guys are scaring me."
"They don't scare me. Follow my lead." Devin launched himself in a flash at the man in the middle. They went down in a flurry of fists. The other two standing at his side sprang forward at Roger. He remembered that he wasn't normal. He was powered by a mystical object. A miniature storm of violence and mystical energy broke out at that section of the street. The neighbors living nearby got a bit curious but not too curious.

Two minutes later, the three demons were in pieces. Devin called a demon friend of his and in a matter of minutes, all that was left of the fight was the smell of sulfur in the air. The bodies had been burnt to nonexistence.


"Yo, people, look who decided to stop by," said Karen. She gave Roger a big long hug and warmly shook hands with Devin.
"Yay, now there's twelve of us," said Norman.
"We should get into two groups and play monopoly since we have two sets of the game with us," suggested Jessica.
"Sounds like a plan," said Dianne, winking at Roger.
Karen's mother, Delores, came into the living room and greeted the two newcomers. Devin paid special attention to her well-shaped legs and busty upper body. He leaned close to Roger and said in a low tone, "You play monopoly and I'll play with Karen's mom."
"Naughty boy," said Roger. "But I don't see how you could possibly get her to play with you. She's married and her husband will be back before three hours."
Devin patted Roger on the back and said, "Oh there are ways, my friend, there are ways."

The two groups were thirteen minutes into their separate games when they heard a bed creeking upstairs and moans of pleasure coming from Karen's parent's room. All the teenagers looked at each other at first with puzzled expressions then knowing glances and embarrassed coughs. They forgot that Karen's father, Trent, had not yet returned from his business meeting.
"Er, is it my turn to roll the dice or Gary's?" said Norman.
"I think it's-"
Delores cried out from the room upstairs, "Oh, Devin, fuck me! Fuck... Aaah fuck yeah! Devin!"
All the dices stopped rolling.
Roger said, "Wow, I didn't know he was that kind of party animal."


Roger made it back to his house by eleven pm. When he opened the door he heard conversation coming from the living room. It wasn't just his mom. She had guests.

He walked into the room to see Paula talking to two females. One was dark blonde and looked to be in her thirties while the other was in her mid-teens. They were both sexually appealing women.
"There you are, Roger. I would like you to meet your aunt Edna and her daughter, your cousin, Priscilla."
"Wow, this is so cool," said Roger as he shook hands with his aunt and cousin.
Paula said, "Edna is my younger sister and Priscilla is her only daughter."
A strange desire came over Roger. It was as if some force inside him had just made a quick plan of action.

"I told them about that helmet you got last night. I hope you don't mind my telling them that," said Paula. She looked afraid that he would be angry or disappointed.
Roger just smiled and shook his head. "No. I'm happy you told them about it." He turned to his newly introduced aunt and cousin and said, "I hope she didn't bore you with too much talk about me."
Priscilla shook her head with pretty jet black hair (she must've got that from her father, thought Roger) and said, "It wasn't boring. It was exciting. Do you have any powers?"
His aunt Edna leaned close to listen to what he would say. They truly were interested. Very odd.
Paula added, "Powers other than being able to decorate faces with a special paintbrush?"
Roger blushed. How could she say that in front of these two gorgeous females he just met? Did she already tell them about what happened between mother and son the other night?

Roger said, "Well, I did fight two demonoids tonight, believe it or not."
"We totally believe you," said Edna. Priscilla and Paula nodded in unison.
Devin appeared behind the three women and whistled softly to himself. He was not heard by Roger or the women in his house, but he was visible to him. Devin pointed at the three women and pointed at his crotch, gesturing that he was getting a major hard on right at that moment. Roger communicated to him through a gesture that he should leave.
"What's that?" asked Paula.
"What?" said Roger.
Priscilla said, "You just jerked your thumb at something. What was it?"
"Oh, that was Devin. He's a demonoid. I just met him today. He sort of comes with the helmet."
"And where is the helmet," asked Edna.
"It's inside of me. Not physically, but metaphysically."
"Cool," said Priscilla.

Roger said, "You girls wanna see something really freaky?"
"The freakier the better," said Edna with a sparkle in her eyes.
"Okay," said Roger and sent a green-black flame shooting out of his right hand and causing a black burnt cavity to show up in the backrest of a cushioned chair. "That probably was too freaky. I'm sorry if this is blowing your mind away."
"No, no, not at all, Roger. This is serious and very exciting for us, me and Priscilla especially. You know why?"
Paula smiled and raised her eyebrows.
"Er, no," said Roger.
"Priscilla and I are witches," said Edna, and she flashed a wickedly sexy smile.
Priscilla made a pink sphere of light grow from her fingertips and Edna opened her mouth to let out a blue bat that flew around the room before hanging upside down on her finger and vanishing in a puff of grey smoke.
"What do you think about that? Too freaky for you?" said Priscilla giggling.

Four naked bodies moved sensuously on the conjured up king-sized bed in Roger's bedroom.
Roger fondled Priscilla's breasts as he lay on top of Edna and fucked her, her legs splayed open so he could press and push himself as firmly as possible into her sex. Priscilla layed squirming and moaning on the side, letting her cousin's firm hand squeeze each of her breasts.
Paula spooned up beside her niece and stroked her lovingly, rubbing her soft spot between her legs. "Mmmm, aunt Paula, that's really good. Rub me again and again like that, please."
"All right, dear. Here goes." More rubbing, Paula also thrust her hips against Priscilla's younger body and draped her legs over her, rubbing up and down. Priscilla pressed her face against her aunt's who lovingly kissed her and gave her body a good rubbing and caressing.

Edna squeezed Roger's ass as he drilled her pussy that she pushed upwards to help him penetrate her deeper. He increased his pace and she cried out in ecstasy. "Yeeeeesssssss! Oh gosh, Paula, your boy is wonderful. My pussy's getting a good going over. Cum inside me, Roger. Your aunt needs your cum in her pussy."
"I won't disappoint you, aunt Edna," said Roger and he drilled her harder than before until her cries of pleasure were drowned by the sound of their flesh banging into each other. Slap slap slap slap slap. "Aaaauuuuoooh!" Roger shot load after load of cum into his aunt's cunt. "Paula, your son just came inside me. Oh, he's such a blessing, this one." She was out of breath and she embraced his sweaty backside, feeling his hard body and relishing it against hers.

Priscilla said, "Mom, it's my turn now. Roger's gonna fuck me too."
"Pretty little Priscilla," said Roger, drawing on his power to give him the energy and extra cum load for his next coupling.
Priscilla looked indignant. "I'm not little. I'll be as tall as my mother in two years time."
"Of course. I'm sorry," said Roger.
"She's just sensitive about her height, that's all," said Edna.
Roger took Priscilla into his arms and rubbed his hard cock against her soft cunt. "You got a pretty thing down there, cousin. Want me to get more familiar with it?"
"Umm. Yes, please!"
"Ooh," said Edna. "I want to see you end my daughter's virginity and capture it on video."
"Don't you have a web cam, Roger," said Paula.
"Yeah, it's over there next to the computer monitor," said Roger.
Paula went over and plugged in an extention cord for the webcam. She activated the webcam so it was recording and handed it over to her sister.
"Thanks, Paula," said Edna, and to Roger and Priscilla, "Now you twos may resume getting all cuddly-like."
They cuddled facing each other, laying on their sides and Roger maneuvered his hard eager cock towards Priscilla's entrance. When she felt his cockhead touch her pussy she draped her leg over his leg and took hold of his cock, slipping it into her soft pussy. Roger grabbed her cute ass and pressed it towards himself and they were united.
Edna got it all on the webcam and whooped as she saw her daughter get penetrated for the first time.

"Ah uh uh uh," said Priscilla as she and Roger held each other and eagerly melded their pelvises together.
Paula stroked Priscilla's hair and watched with lust and pride as her son fucked her neice. She said, "Kiss her, Roger, don't just leave her staring at you. She's your cousin. Treat her right. Better than right, treat her good, really good."
"Okay, mom," he replied and did what she instructed. He kissed Priscilla on the forehead and on the cheek and on the mouth. He kissed her deeper on the mouth and made sure her tongue reacted to his tongue. Edna brought the webcam down closer to catch the oral to oral action. "Yeah, yeah, that's the stuff," she said, encouraging the momentary coupling of her nephew and daughter.
After ten minutes, Edna said, "Okay, now get on top of Roger and ride his cock. That'll make a good video too." Priscilla grinned and Roger lay on his back while she took her position sitting on his cock.
She began riding him and he thrust his cock and balls upward into her lovely young pussy.

Edna aimed the camera at her daughter's ass so the video would show Roger's cock pumping upwards into her cunt and his balls slapping against her buttox and getting pummeled as Priscilla brought her ass down hard on his pelvis.
Edna shook her head and muttered, "I should've been a porn film maker. I'm catching all the action at the best angles. Prissy sweetheart, you're doing great. Keep it up."
"Thanks, mom," said Priscilla breathlessly. She rode him harder, leaning downwards at him and pushing against his chest. Using that as a fulcrum she rapidly impaled her pussy on his cock. The flesh-against-flesh slapping noise got louder and Edna commented, "Great sound effects."

"Aaaaaaaaahhh!! Fuuuck! Roger, I'm cumming on youuu noooww!" Priscilla slowly and desperately moved her hips as her pussy discharged its pleasure load on his cock, balls and waist. "Mmmmmmm, that was so good, Roger."
"Glad you enjoyed it, cousin."
She giggled and he massaged her breasts. After a while she collapsed onto him, still connected at the hips, and they laid in each other's embrace for a good ten minutes.

"It's time for mommy to get some too," said Paula.
"Don't worry, mom. I got some paint still left to give you a good coating."
Edna said, "This I gotta see and record. Mother and son fucking each other on the bed. Ooh yeah, can't wait. You two better get it on now. Don't keep the audience waiting."
Roger said, "No, mom, not like that. Get on all fours. I'm doing you doggy style."
Paula smiled gleefully, "Oooh, doggy style. Time to go hard core now, son."
"Yeah, mom. I'm gonna do you like a dog."
Paula got into position and Roger got behind her.
Wham! They fucked away.
Priscilla looked on with lust and Edna lusted with the camera aimed at the mother-and-son action.

"Oh my, oh my, uh uh yeah, yeah, fuck, fuck me, Roger, fuck, fuck," said Paula as her body shook every time Roger slammed pelvis against her ass, his cock filling her pussy for a good split second before departing and arriving at the same destination a second later. "Fuck me, Roger, fuck your mother like a good boy!"
Edna said, "Be a good boy now, Roger. Fuck your mommy. Make all your fans happy."
Priscilla said, "Mom, you're really getting into this porn thing, aren't you?"
"It's a career I'm seriously consider taking up."
Roger's balls slapped hard against his Paula's pussy. Slap slap slap slap. "Nnnghh," Roger groaned. His mom was soft and sweet. He held her hips and gave her all he had. "Here I come, mom," he said.
"Come to mommy, son," she cried as she made her lower body shake with his hard thrusts. "Aaaaaaaaahhh!"
Roger shot his cum in her pussy and shot some on her ass and backside.
Edna aimed the camera and said, "Wow, cumshot! Fantastic!"

All three women knelt on the floor and sucked Roger's cock until he covered their faces thoroughly with his semen. He recorded all of this on webcam and said, "There you go, ladies. I want a comment from each of you. How do you feel?"
Paula said, "Great."
Edna said, "Terrific."
Priscilla scooped the cum off her face and gorged herself on the white viscous fluid and she took to licking the cum off her mother's face and her aunt's face.
Priscilla turned towards the camera as she licked the side of Paula's cum-coated face and said, "Magical!"

The End

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