My mom had been depressed since dad left. For months she didn’t leave the house, and just sat around, drinking. Some days, I’d come home and she’d be sprawled out half naked on the floor of our living room, beside an empty bottle of vodka. I’d always pick her up, and dump her in her bed. After that happened about 3 times in a row, I found myself actually eager to lift her and bring her to bed. She was never naked. Each time she was wearing run of the mill white panties and a white bra... Holy god, she has big tits. They were covered in stretch marks and bulged out of her bra as they wobbled on her side. I could see the tag on her bra: 34 E. Her ass was round and a little fat. Big wide hips and big wide legs. But she wasn’t fat. I mean, for a woman of 55, she looked great. She had a bit of a belly, but it was still really hot. I could tell she shaved or trimmed her pussy and ass, but could see a dark patch of hair through her panties. It even bulged out a bit.

So, I had a bit of a hard on for my mom. But I knew nothing would happen. At least that’s what I thought.

One of my moms friends from work, when she finally started working again, part time, invited her out a few times to bars, to meet men. But a woman in her 50's doesn’t usually have the greatest luck picking up. But alas, she’d drink. And she fell into a deeper depression. I’d see her come home time and time again, drunk as hell, and alone. I felt bad.
Then one night, it seemed my mom wasn’t gonna come home at all. It was 3am, and there hadn’t been any sign of her. I was happy. I figured she’d met someone. I lay in bed, unable to sleep, thinking of what this person might be doing to my sexy, big titted, jiggly assed mom... And then I heard the door. House keys fell to the floor, pair of shoes kicked off. Then just stumbling, and mumbling. My mom was wasted again.

“I just wanna good fuck...” I heard her mumble in the hall, and then she fell sideways into a wall. “I just want a use for this wet pussy...”

This turned me on a hell of a lot. And then...the door to my bedroom opened. I lay still, as if asleep, and my mom approached. It was dark enough that I could open my eyes a bit without being noticed. She was wearing a tank top over her massive tits, which were encased in that big white bra of hers. And she was wearing a skirt.

She came up to my bed, not even TRYING to be quiet, and pulled up her skirt, revealing a white, silk thong. She was so unbelievably wasted, she had no idea what was going on. She straddled me, and shuffled on her knees until she was over my face. I could smell her pussy. She pulled her thong to the side, and I could see her hot red pussy lips, dangling between thatches of short brown cunt hair. And that’s when the magic happened.

My mom started grinding her pussy, up and down, from the bottom of my chin, to the top of my forehead. Smooth, but pressured moves. Her hole was spewing juice like no pussy I’d ever known. My face was soaked. And she was moaning.

Then, without much warning at all, my mom said, “I have to piss, but I’m so hoooornyyyy...”
And, as she continued to slide her soaking wet pussy across my face, she began to piss. And she was full of it, from drinking all night. She moaned, and slid her hot cunt over my face, and pissed for 30seconds easily, drenching my entire head, my sheets, and my pillows.

I figured that was enough incentive to take action. As she thrust her pussy forward, to my forehead, I moved my left hand into her spread open ass. All of her juices, and piss had already lubricated it really well. She felt it, and paused her pendulum motion as I forced 4 fingers into her asshole. She moaned and whimpered, and resumed her back and forth motion, now leaning harder and harder onto my fist. As my knuckles found their way into her jiggling ass, she gasped, and sat down really hard on it. Piss sprayed out of her pussy in pulsating spurts, and orgasmic tears and sweat, ran down her face. With my hand still up her ass, I leaned her back a bit on my chest, took my other hand, and forced 4 fingers into her pussy. She screamed with pleasure. Her tits flopped out of her bra as she lifted her shirt, while she rode my hands, and as I basically punched her holes, making her cum repeatedly. I love her tits. They’re so big, and the stretch marks...oh god. Her nipples are about the size of CD’s, and the tips stick out like crazy. You can see them through a coat. Both of my hands were fully inside of my mom. I couldn’t believe how loose she was. And she started to squeeze her tits...HARD. She squeezed and squeezed, and moaned and kept cumming...veins popped out all over her tits, and milk started spraying from her nipples. I couldn’t believe it! So now I was covered in pussy cum, piss, and titty milk. My cock was rock hard.

But my mom came again, rolled over on her side in a puddle of her own piss and milk, and passed out. I nudged her...a few times. But nothing.

So, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I had to piss now, too. So I decided to return the sexual favour to my mom in a different way. I forced my semi-hard cock into her gaping, hot, pussy, as faaaaar as I could, and took a great big piss. Barely any of it poured out. It was all inside of her. I rolled her onto her stomach, and her tits spread out on each side of her. The nipple on her left tit faced outward, and her weight on her tits made it spontaneously spray a long thin stream of milk for more than half a minute. Spreading her round, ripply ass cheeks, I stared at her red, stretched out asshole, and got my cock nice and hard by rubbing the tip of it around her rim. As I firmly shoved my cock into my mom’s ass, all of the piss in her pussy came belching out in oily, yellow spurts. I fucked her even more aggressively. And she still didn’t wake up. I came in her ass about 6 times over the night, as she lay in our slop, completely unaware. I took a break, and lay on my back, beside her, thinking of the greatness of the night.

Her body shifted and I saw her chubby belly constrict a bit, and knew what was gonna happen. All of my ass fucking her had built up big pockets of air in her colon, and she had to fart. As I heard it start, I dove my face between her white, bouncy butt cheeks. It was amazing. Her asshole puckered outwards and a spray, followed by a thick stream, followed by thick wads of my cum blasted, and poured out, covering my face, and filling my mouth. All I could smell was my jizz, and her ass juices as I drowned in it. Every now and then, for the rest of the night, my mom would let out a fart with just a bit more jizz in it.

I decided it was time to pass out myself, and positioned my mom on top of me in a 69 position, so I could catch any more anal cum, or piss, if she had to go again. And to smell her hot pussy. I held her tits in my hands at my side, and put my cock against her face.

When we woke up, she was really hung over, but thought nothing of our adventure. I’m sure it was much of a blur to her, but she still woke up and never freaked out. The room reeked of sour piss and cock, pussy, and anal cum. As she stood up off the bed, she wobbled a bit and then regained her balance. My mom, obviously not concerned at all, forced out a big, ass-rippling fart, and even MORE cum streamed out of her asshole, and down her legs. As she wandered out of my bedroom, she pissed as she walked. A hard, heavy, hot stream of mother piss, all over my floor. She let out a satisfied sigh, and walked out my bedroom door.

And well...we get drunk together now. And when my mom wants to rub her hot, sweaty cunt on my face, her moist pubes caressing my face, piss, spraying out of her...she does it. And these days, she ASKS me to piss in her. And her ass and pussy can’t get enough of my cum. I told her about farting my cum out of her ass, and she thought it was hot. Now my mom always does it on purpose, either on all fours, or standing up, as I kneel down under her gaping ass, and suck every drop of the anal slop out.


PT 2.

The very next day was Sunday. My mom had spent most of Saturday sleeping as she was exceptionally hung over and admittedly sore from my aggressive fisting. I’d been horny all day and all night. I’d been yanking at my cock and even using the pump on it constantly; however, I never let myself cum…I wanted it to build up in my balls and save it for my mom.
I woke up and headed for a shower. I hopped in, and immediately my cock was clutched tightly in my hand. My horniness had not subsided. I washed up…and heard the bathroom door open and close. Mommy.
“Good morning,” she said softly.
I didn’t even have a chance to respond as she swept aside the shower curtain. Standing before me was again the sexiest woman I’d ever seen. It just happened to be my mom. She was fully nude. Her tits hung perfectly on her chest, big blue veins popping out around her nipples. My eyes dropped to her pussy. She’d shaved it completely smooth and her cunt lips dangled visibly and beautifully between her legs. As she stepped into the shower with me, her tits jiggled and swayed. That alone gave me a full hard-on.
Mom didn’t waste much time. After shoving her tongue down my throat for half a minute, she grabbed my hard cock, slid down to her knees, opened her mouth as wide as it would go, and swallowed both my cock and balls down her throat at the same time. She gargled my shaved balls for a bit. At one point she gagged with both cock and balls in her mouth, and heaved a small bucketful of slimy spit and pre-cum out of her throat and all over my crotch and legs.
“Want to try something new?” she asked, “I need you to do something to me.”
I was happy to oblige.
Mom reached out of the shower, opened a cupboard, and pulled out a case. Inside was a gigantic hot water bottle, a lot of tubing, and nozzle attachments ranging from pencil-thin, to the size of beer bottles. My mom wanted me to give her an enema.
“I’m feeling all dirty, baby. I want you to clean me out then fuck me silly.” I was so horny I was shaking. She picked up the smallest nozzle. “This is much to small for me these days. Back in my tight asshole college days it would have worked, but my filthy ass is all loose and sloppy in my 50’s.” She skipped right over the two mid-sized nozzles with a shrug and went right to the big one. It was as wide as a beer bottle, but tapered off on each end. She attached it to the tubing. “We just have to fill it, now,” said mom, with a mischievous grin.
Grabbing the hot water bottle, she positioned it against her pussy, looked up at me, and smiled. Seconds later, she was unloading an uncanny amount of piss into it, filling it half way.
“Now you,” she said, and passed me the bottle. I shoved my cock in the end and released my own big long piss. The bottle was full.
“Take the nozzle and shove it in my ass, sweetie.” I leaned over, spat a wad on her waiting asshole and used three of my fingers to push it in a couple inches. My mother moaned lightly, and passed me a bottle of lube. I jammed the end of it right into her ass and squeezed. I emptied half the bottle into her loose ass and tossed it aside. I took the nozzle in one hand and pressed it aggressively against her hole.
“Owww!!!” she moaned, painfully. I apologized but she told me to keep going. “Force it in there, baby. Shove that big fucker as deep as you can into my slutty asshole!”
That’s just what I did. It passed the ring of her asshole and the 8inch nozzle was swallowed by her colon. “Mmmmm…oh god, yes,” she groaned. “Now gimme that fucking piss. Fill your mom up with 3litres of piss, baby!” I was so horny, I thought I’d lose it. I attached the tube to the bottle as my mom got down on her hands and knees just outside of the tub. “I want it now, sweetie. Sooo bad.”
I was feeling aggressive again…I don’t know what it was, but my mom was just so slutty in nature, I felt like abusing her holes and defiling every inch of her without remorse. It turns out that’s exactly what she wanted all along. So, I took the bottle of piss, held it between both my hands, and squeezed it as hard as I could. My mother gasped and panted as the piss flooded her asshole, filled her colon, and gushed passed her sphincter. I could see her belly becoming distended from the sheer volume of piss stretching out her insides.
With her ass in the air, she remained positioned on the floor, panting and moaning as the last of the piss was out of the bottle. I reached down to her upturned, pink asshole, forced a few fingers in and pulled the nozzle out. A tiny bit of piss spurt out and leaked down over her pussy. My mom reached around and violently finger fucked her asshole and it caused her to piss on the floor.
“It’s time, baby. I’m gonna give you a filthy gift from my ass. Ooohh, you’re gonna love it. Lie down.”
I lay down on the floor and my mom positioned herself in a 69 position, with her pussy and ass in my face. “Here it comes, baby,” she moaned as I saw her asshole pucker and push outward. The flow started and she started sucking my cock. Great blasts of our combined piss gushed out of her asshole and all over my face. It was slimy and oily from all of her hot anal juices that had mixed in. I would have gladly taken anything coming out of my mom’s ass all over my face, but it was mostly just a mucousy slop that smelled of ass cum and piss. I found out later that this was due to my mother not having eaten in 3 days and having flushed her ass out once already.
“Drink it down, baby. Oh, god, we’re so fucking dirty. We’re so fucking filthy. Oh, baby…drink down your mommy’s enema. Swallow all the ass piss. I did the best I could. The whole ordeal lasted over 15mins as more and more long streams of fluid kept blasting from her anus. Occasionally, I’d shove my face into her old nasty, gaping cunt and lap up some of her sweet juices.
When she was finally done, she was panting in exhaustion and rolled over onto her back on the bathroom floor. She lay in a pool of slimy enema water that covered the bathroom floor. She was covered in sweat. Her giant tits slid to each side of her, and she fondled and played with them absentmindedly, tugging at her massive nipples.
“Oh baby, that felt so good. Your mommy feels all cleaned out. I think it’s time you fill me back up and make me a dirty girl again…” At that, she slid over to the same cupboard the enema kit was in, opened it, and pulled out a huge box. She brought it over to me and removed the lid. Inside were a variety of giant dildos.
“Wanna stretch out your mother’s pussy and asshole some more, sweetheart? I wanna feel inside out. I want you to force these in until my holes never tighten up again.”
She was obviously so horny she was out of control. She was breathing deeply, squeezing her left boob and fingering her pussy. A tiny, slow stream of milk began to flow out of her thick nipple. And then she dove her face into my crotch and again swallowed both cock and balls at once, again causing her to gag and puke up wads of spit out of her nose and mouth and all over me. She pulled her head away, flipped back onto her back, and put her legs behind her head.
“Do it to me. Fuck me with your hands, and fill me with huge dildos. Your mommy wants her son to do sick and perverted things to her.”
First, I took my hands and spread her pussy open as wide as I possible could, shoving my fingers into her hole to help pry it open. My god, was it fucking loose. I had it gaping in only a few seconds. When it was ready, I slid my fingers and thumb easily in to her pussy, past my wrist and started to fist fuck her. She was out of control. Her first orgasm came within a minute as I violently forced my hands, one at a time, deep into her cunt.
“That’s it, baby! Punch your mommy’s filthy cunt! Oh, yes! Yes!!” she screamed, piss shooting from her pussy every time a hand was pulled out.
I became excited and without removing my right hand from her gaping pink hole, forced my left hand in beside it, and all the way into her nasty wetness.
“FUUUUUUUUCCCKK!!!!” she screamed wildly, half in pain, half in unbearable ecstasy. I forced my fists around inside her cunt until it was just a big, sloppy mess of wet, loose skin. I quickly removed both fists causing my mom to piss a huge stream across the floor.
I immediately went for the box of dildos. I was going to go for a mammoth black one the width of pickle jar, but had an idea, and went for one slightly smaller than my own cock. I spread my mothers legs to the ground, spread her pussy with one hand, and approached it with the other holding the dildo. Rather than put it into the stretched out mess I’d just been fisting, I brought it tip-first to her active piss-hole. She was still pissing so I wasted no time and began to force it in.
“OH MY GOOOOOD!!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!!!” my mother screamed in alarm and excitement. I told her to hold still and kept ramming the dildo against her pee-hole. “Baby! Oh my god, you’re gonna tear my piss-hole apart!! Oowwww!!” she continued. I didn’t stop. And nothing was torn. Apparently her urethra was fully loose enough for this kind of punishment, because moments later, the dildo slid further and then even further into it. My mom continued to scream, but they were joined noticeably by passionate moans. “Fuck my piss-hole, you dirty boy! Fuck your mother’s piss-hole with that big dildo!”
I shoved it in and pulled it out. My mother convulsed on the bathroom floor in an endless orgasm, squeezing her tits so those gorgeous veins popped out again, and the milk started to really flow. I stabbed her red and engorged pee-hole with the dildo and eventually pulled it out. Sliding my index finger into the newly stretched out hole, feeling the hot piss spill out past my hand and pour all over the ground, I had an idea for later.
“That was fucking amazi-“ she didn’t even have a chance to finish. I already had the mammoth black toy out and rammed it into her pussy hole. It was astounding how far I could get the 15inch dong in. It was wide like a jar, but slid in and around my mom’s dirty cunt with ease.
“One in my ass!!” grunted my mom, barely able to catch her breath.
I put my hand into the box and came out with an inflatable butt plug. Without removing the giant black one, I pushed the plug into her asshole. She squealed. I grasped the pump for the butt plug and really gave it some steam. As the toy inflated inside my mother’s freshly flushed out ass, her eyes grew wider and wider. Eventually, there was so little space inside her I could easily see the dildo in her cunt pushing her stomach out on every thrust. This fuckfest was rearranging her insides and she didn’t care at all. She was, in fact, loving it.
I could tell she’d basically been cumming this entire time. Her leg muscles were quivering, along with her voice, and she was pouring sweat.
I ripped the dildo and butt plug from her insides. Her pussy sloshed and slapped closed wetly. I’d forgotten to deflate the buttplug but it came out easily. My god!! It was inflated to the size of a cantaloupe! So fucking hot. And I’d obviously done a lot of damage. Right as I yanked the plug out, it was revealed to me that my mother’s asshole had prolapsed. The inside of her ass…was now on the outside of her body, red, sloppy, and wet. She pushed and it moved out further; I moved in and started to suck it like a stubby cock. Fuck. I was swallowing the inside of my mom’s ass! I rubbed my face all over it, licking at it, and shoving fingers into the big red donut of the prolapse.
“I fucking need you now, baby. I need your cock. I need your cum!” she exhaled at me.
I grabbed my cock, hovered over her face and shoved it down her throat. With every thrust, the back of her head bounced against the bathroom tiles and she moaned in garbled, drowning, choking grunts. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and decided to go with the plan I’d come up with a little earlier. Positioning myself between her legs, my cock as hard as rock, leaking pre-cum in thick streams that reached the floor, I spread her sloppy pussy lips apart again. She knew exactly what I had in mind. I rubbed the tip of my cock against her swollen, large clit for a moment then pressed it against her piss-hole.
“Do it, baby! Fuck your mother’s piss-hole!! Shove your solid hot cock into my tight pussy piss-hole!”
With a hard shove, I quickly pushed my veiny cock as deep as I could into her. Her pee-hole stretched to accommodate my size and she sighed happily. My mom’s hole pulled my cock deeper in. Then I was pumping her; and hard. With every deep thrust she squealed. Tears poured from her eyes. I grabbed her tits, leaning into them, and continued to fuck her piss-hole violently. I pulled out for a second and a hard stream of piss came gushing out. Before she was done, I crammed my cock back in and stopped the flow. She groaned deeply in reaction to the extreme pressure created by her piss being forced back in by my dick.
I couldn’t hold on any longer. I moaned that I was going to cum.
“Gimme all your cum, sweetie! Give your slut of a mom all of your cum, deep inside my pee-hole. I want it now!!”
It happened. I was cumming extremely hard. Her piss-hole was so tight it really sucked at my horny cock. From days of jacking off without actually cumming, and all the cock and ball pumping I’d been doing, I had a LOT of jizz to fill her with. And I mean a LOT. Again her eyes widened to the extreme, tears still pouring out of them.
“I’m fucking cumming, baby!! I’m fucking cuuuuuummminnnnnggg!!” she yelled, leaving herself almost breathless, my hot, sticky jizz filling her messy urethra.
As I pulled out, piss started to trickle out of her pussy and I leaned over to drink it out of her. Mixed into the little bit of piss were gallons of my hot, bubbling cum. She pushed and showered my lips and tongue with piss and jizz. I stood up, hovered over her once more and shook the rest of my cum from my cock into her greedy slut mouth. She slurped it up in a frenzy. My mom’s hand slid down to her pussy and teased more of my cum from her piss-hole, actually covering her hand, raising it to her mouth, and eating it.

This was the most intense and filthy experience I’d ever had with anyone. My mother and I did even crazier things as days went on. The bathroom was nasty with our piss and cum, spit and titty milk. My mother licked a lot of it off of the floor. We couldn’t get enough. We didn’t even talk about what we were doing, we just DID it. We loved our disgusting mother and son sex.

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