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Monday was more or less a regular week day; Mother was at home when we got back from school. We began our homework as usual in our separate rooms going down for supper as Mother called. Carole, I noticed immediately, appeared to have gotten over some of her stressed out feelings, because she was once again dressed in her T- shirt and shorts. It was evident that she was not wearing a bra , so I figured that she had accepted the pact she had made with me , however I was curious to see if she was commando or not. From my regular place at the table I had a clear direct view of the area in our den, yet Mother who was working at the kitchen counter would have to turn completely, perhaps even move to be able to see into the den, so I told Carole I wanted her to go into the den and show me she had accepted all the conditions of the agreement she had signed,. Immediately her face contorted, indicating a little hint of fear, or shock or down right despise, what ever it was. Carole stared at me with beady eyes for a minute or so before moving back to the den. At first she stood off to the side, so I waved her towards the center of the room motioning with my hands that I wanted her to remove her top. Carole looking very apprehensive, slowly removed the T-shit revealing her lovely firm naked teats at my indication she dropped the T-Shirt on the floor then spun around as required. Once she was back facing me I motioned for her to drop her shorts. Well that brought an even more disgusting look to her face; it almost looked like she had stuck her
Tongue out at me. Before she moved however I heard mother talking asking where Carole had gotten to then moving towards the table with a bowl of salad. I quickly tried to defect the subject matter keeping mother from possibly going to the door to call Carole once again, that would have only given me a number of headaches as Carole would be in full sight for certain. It was a tricky few minutes keeping mother’s focus on me then getting her back over to her place at the counter. Carole must have understood the need to quicken her pace , to avoid being caught , for as soon as me attention was back on her, she dropped her shorts allowing me to see she was indeed commando , she had complied with the terms of our agreement . Taking a big risk, I motioned to her spin around wanting to enhance the danger, well more important Carole’s apprehension of the situation. To her surprise she almost lost her balance as her shorts were fixed around her ankles, it was only when she stepped out of the material at her feet was she able to complete the task with out falling. Now that I had one might say enjoyed the view I allowed her to redress and come back to the kitchen. Everything was going to be fine and dandy, I had her return to her seat at the table without mother knowing just what had transpired.

During the dinner conversation was more or less based on school progress how we were doing. So on and so forth. Mother brought up the fact that she would be coming home a bit later during the week, certainly on Tuesday night, most likely on Thursday night and possibly Friday yet tot is confirmed. This was wonderful news to me now I would have two days at least to work my devilish deals. When Carole prepared to walk the dog, I reminded her that worst things might happen if someone other than her brother managed to catch her playing certain games with the dog. I told her to keep this in mind while she was out alone with Sprint. I helped mother clean up the kitchen, being the expected good son, placing the dirty dishes in the washer without complaining going about my business as I finished. I could not let my hobby interfere too much with my schooling, if I did not make the grade, my father would not let me work at his office during the summer, and I would loose out on pocket money.

At nine o’clock there was a light tapping at my bedroom door, I was delighted to turn in my chair and find my naked sister standing straight, her arms dropped at her sides waiting as had been agreed. I ushered her into my room, leaving the door wide open, knowing that I would not be keeping her long this evening. I told her so far, I had been very pleased with her acceptance of things and had done as promised, wiped all the incriminating photos from the computer’s memory (figuring a little white lie would not matter at this point). Then I proceeded to lay out the plan for the week. Carole was informed, the days Mother worked late, if she got home before me she was to get undressed, and be waiting for me in the front door hall entrance. She was to be lying on her back, holding her ankles above her head, just like the first time I found her, her little pussy spread wide as possible. She was to remain in that position no matter what, until I directed otherwise. She was to remain naked until I told her she could or should dress, and I might even dictate what she was to wear.

On those days that I might make it home before her ( knowing full well that I had short classes on Thursdays, usually flushed out at the library, but would not continue that practice, now there was something to look forward to) when she arrived, she was to come to me immediately no matter where I might be. She was then to strip in front of me, a nice slow undressing, providing me with a good tease. Once she was naked she was to assume the same position, on her back, her ankles held above her head, her little pussy spread wide, again she was to remain naked until told otherwise.

From then on, whenever I desired, no matter where we were, who was with us, what ever the circumstance , when I asked to be shown part of her naked body or all of her naked body she was to find a way to comply with the request. After having her repeat all that I had said, I slipped a finger between her legs, frigging her gently until I felt her body begin to react, then I shoveled her off to her room for the night hopefully leaving her hanging.

Tuesday I arrived home, opened the front door and was delighted to find my little sister Carole, true to form, laid out before me, her pussy spread wide, and her ankles held at the level of her head. Such a delicious site one cannot imagine. I stepped over her , went to my room grabbed my camera, ran back down and went back outside Having left the front door wide open, I began taking pictures of my beautiful submissive sister laid out on the floor, her sex on display. Unfortunately he first pictures I checked were a bit dark, so I entered the hall and turned on all the lights returning to take more. The second series of pictures turned out really nice, the details of everything in the hall, including my young sister came out in exacting detail. I moved in taking several snaps of the evidence of excitement that was clearly shown by the glistening liquid settled along the crack of Carole’s pussy. I could not help myself, running a finger along its length bringing the sweet nectar to my mouth savoring her sweet flavour.

I let Carole lay there for a good twenty minutes, before giving her permission to get up, suggesting that she begin her homework , telling her that she should start with her computer homework first. This involved having Carole place her naked body beside the window adjacent to the neighbor’s house, on the west side while the sun was still shining its bright afternoon rays. It took a bit of adjusting my lens, but I did manage to get several good shots of her working there her body reflecting the sun’s light. Needless to say I had get dinner ready, following mother’s instructions, so I went about my task, purposely leaving the setting of the table for Carole.

Thinking back , I guess I should have gone in to time management, as back then that was what I was doing, managing the free time I had to obtain the most exciting moments possible. Getting caught was not really my intention, my game would be over and I would most likely suffer much more than Carole in any case. The idea of getting caught however was the point of it all, the hype so to speak and that is what I tried to plan for each and every time. I waited as long as I thought possible, and then called Carole to come and set the table. Fortunately I was able to detect the particular noise or sounds the car in which mother was driven home made so when I heard them arriving, I counted to ten, figuring Mother would take about that time to reach the door. At ten I told Carole to leave things and go get dressed immediately as her mother was at the door. The adrenaline was running through my body for sure, Carole’s was probably ready to burst a blood vessel , as I am certain that she had just made it to the top of the stairs when mother entered the front hall calling out letting us know she was home.

Mother sticking her head in the kitchen, asked if there had been any problems, telling me she needed few minutes to herself, headed quickly upstairs. Girls were back, looking fresh and wonderful, Carole dressed as required and still portraying signs of excitement, and mother on the other hand appeared to be a bit flushed also. A thought passed through my head, she looked like she had just or at least very recently experienced a rush, an orgasm, a cum, but then I shook the thought from my mind, it could not be, not our mother. Dinner was a quiet affair, mostly small talk, nothing very interesting. What with everyone dwelling in their own private thoughts or so it seemed. Making sure I got brownie points, trying my best to create a sterile atmosphere, I clean up, while Carole went about looking after the pet Sprint. I found mother a bit lost in her thoughts, which was somewhat different from her regular old self, but paid no more attention as I left to go work on my own school work

On schedule Carole turned up at my bedroom door, in all her loveliness, waiting patiently. I had her enter and closed the door, as I had a particular job I wanted her to undertake, something I wanted her to lean to do, so that she could do it every night, I asked, and then some. I began asking questions about what she had leaned in sex education, more in particular about the male penis, cock, rod, Johnny-Joe, or woody.
I asked if she had every seen one, or touched one. Carole told me she had seen the pictures presented during the classes, and the plastic ones used to explain things. She continued on telling me that she had touched Sprint’s penis until it began throbbing quickly which had scared her so she stopped. Telling her that she was to learn a new rule which I expected her to take to heart, I took her hand and slipped it in the opening of my pajama bottoms. I told her to feel around carefully and gently. Once she had hold of my cock, I had her pull it out from its covering. My cock was quite firm, not rock hard, but no longer soft and limp. Once it was out in the open, I instructed her how to stoke it to my liking, not rough, not too soft. I began instructing my sister in the fine arts and mechanics of ‘jacking-off’ her brother. This took a bit of doing, as she attempted to adjust her grip to my fit instructions, mind you I did not mind at all, even if at times she caused me to winch. Finally she managed to get the hang of it

Carole’s delicate hand closed over my swelling shaft, she pumped slowly
just as she’d been told. I instructed her to use her other hand and was play with my ball sack tenderly squeezing the walnut-sized eggs enclosed within the testicle bag. Carole of course lacked experience perhaps but she more than made up with her
fumbling, awkward attempts to accomplish the required task. Without being told to, Carole’s pumping hand began increasing its rhythmic strokes Heat and frictional fires smoldered all along the elongated length of the swollen member as she worked her fingers. It was growing in her little hand, firming up, or should I say firing up. I was certainly enjoying the event that was for sure , I could feel my juices building. As I had her stroke my bag, and running her fingers through my pubic hairs ,my cream gurgled and boiled inside my ball-filled testicle cauldron.

Carole was standing directly in front of me, my hose aimed upwards as she pulled and prodded, so carefully. Knowing the inevitable about to happen, I reached out and slipped my fingers between her legs, encountering a very wet warm slit. I began to flick my middle finger on her clit that was all it took, Carole crumpled to the floor, holding my cock tightly in her soft hands.

Immediately without warning, my cock summoned forth pressurized seminal fluids and forcibly expelled them through my compressed urethral opening. An eruption of milky-white cum shot forth reflexively, she raised her head allowing the load of escaping semen and sperm sprayed her face. It sprayed all over her, her upper body, her face, her hair, and her tits. Carole did not let go, she held onto my rod as it jerked and jerked, pumping out all that I had to give.

I am sure that had no idea of what had happened, what had hit her, she just knelt there taking it all. When her reflexes told her to lower her head, her shiny long hair caught the remaining spunk It was more than a few minutes that we remained like this frozen in position, nothing moving except my cock.

It felt so good, that I did not want to move, I could have stayed like that for ever, but again time was a principle concern, Carole was covered in cum, time would be needed to wash up. I had no choice but to break the connection, to lift Carole to her feet and to send her to the bathroom telling her to get her self cleaned up and go to bed. I made a point of insisting she would have to remember her lesson well as she would be asked to repeat it often.

Wednesday night a similar performance was played out at nine o’clock, this time however Carole adapted herself and managed to have my cum shoot settling only over her upper body. I guess the trouble she had had getting it out of her hair had taught her another lesson. I did not really care, I had been satisfied that was the main point of things, where she received the load of hot jism was of less concern, well in those first few weeks it was.

Thursday, having my last class early, I arrived home and was sitting in the living room waiting patiently for my little sister. In preparation I had opened the curtains wide so that there was lots of light. I had even opened the curtains in the dining room. My video camera was set on a tripod, hidden behind me; the controls were ready at my side. Carole had no idea that I might be home before her, when she sauntered into the house and saw me sitting in the living room she froze letting out loud gasping cry. It was a few minutes before she reacted dropping her school bag , she moved slowly into the living room, surveying her surroundings doubtlessly realizing that everything was bright , wide open, very little privacy for what she knew she was required to do. I waved her a bit closer to me, bringing her more or less into the middle of things, certainly the middle of the big living room bay window opening out over the street. I wanted a good show, especially since I was recording it, so I told her, I expected her to move about as though she was dancing. As she divested herself of her clothing I wanted to see her enthusiastically throw it about the room. I did not want her just standing there and dropping the clothes on the floor, I was to be teased. I understood that this was probably the first time she had tried something like this, it would certainly not be the last, but I understood that she was not an experienced stripper she was just my lovely sister trying to make her older brother happy.

Her stripping was nothing to write about, but she did manage to do as I asked and threw her clothes scattering them all over the living room. I had not told her where to start, so it was so funny when she was completely naked, except for her socks and shoes, which she finally managed to get off by sitting down on the floor struggling to pull them off making her teats bounce and swing freely. Once she was done however she did not fail me she immediately placed herself in what was to become known as the inspection position. When I ran my finger along her slit I was certain that it was much wetter this time than it had been on Tuesday .Carole even let out a whispered moan as my finger ran it course, I will say the taste of her juices was absolutely delicious. Having taken more for the afternoon’ activity, it was necessary to start the supper fixing immediately. I did not let Carole remain in her position, but got her helping me, setting the table once more. This time when I heard the car pull up I did not count to ten, but told Carole that she had better hurry and pick up all her clothes being careful not too be seen by mother and get up stairs. I am sure she had not made it all the way up the stairs when mother entered the hall calling out to let us know she was home. I was cutting things very close, not too close for comfort, but close enough to keep Carole on the edge for sure.

I found it funny that mother did not stick her head into the kitchen , but headed up stairs immediately, I figured Carole was at least a few steps ahead of her mother other wise I would have heard some kind of commotion if mother ran into the her naked daughter,.
Super came off with out a hitch, even though I noticed that Carole appeared to be a bit more flushed almost as flushed as mother was which got me to thinking once again. I did not think it necessary to mention that she should be careful walking the dog, I figured by now she had understood I did not want her playing with the dog when she was alone.
Trusting that mother was not reading too much into all this help I was conveniently providing cleaning the supper remnants. I did not fail to notice her aloofness once more
as I retrieved my camera from the living room and went up to do my homework I sensed mother’s dreamy stare following me . At nine o’clock, I had Carole in my room, this time I began instructing her how to undress me and rub her smooth naked body up against mine while she played with my cock. Once I was ready, I turned her away from me and placed my rock hard cock in the crack of her ass. I pulled her close to me, rubbing her teats and cunt; I blasted my hot sperm up and all over her back. Satisfied with my release I sent her off to get cleaned up and go to bed as one would an insignificant servant girl As far as I was concerned things were progressing in a fine manner.

Friday cumulated in a very positive manner even though it had not occurred to me that each new adventure could rival the previous one. I had planned to do things to Carole or have her do things for me but I guess at first I was working on a plateau system , a steady diet of sexual events that would provide me with some excitement . I had not planned to keep raising the excitement, but this seemed to have been happening on its own. Every other day we take the bus part way home, Friday was no different, except for the fact Carole was at the bus stop at the same time I arrived. She was busy talking with a bunch of her girlfriends, so being the kind, loving brother I was, I just acknowledged her presence and climbed on to the bus. When, however, I noticed it was only the two of us who got off at our stop, I reached out holding Carole from walking further. I told her since neither of us was going to be home first we would have to work out some other rules.

There was no one else with in the vicinity, so I moved her into the bus stand, which had one end blocked with some advertising. I instructed her to take off her panties and hand them to me. Then I had her roll the waist band of her school skirt up so the hem fell to just below her little pussy. Looking over my alterations, I felt we could do more since we were pretty much alone at the bus stop. I had Carole take off her blouse and bra, then put her blazer back on, leaving her school tie hanging down between her heaving breasts. Thinking this was much better I told Carole from then until the end of the school year we would make sure we both were on the same bus Friday after classes. Carole would not be wearing underwear, she would sit herself in a seat in the back of the bus where the seats were facing one another and would provide me with little thrills as we rode home together, thrills that I would be suggesting and controlling.

As it was the rest of the rules were to be followed as planned, once we got home she was to strip naked and assume the position, only this time she would lay herself down on the kitchen table. Walking home with Carole in tow, I was on cloud nine, I could not believe myself, here I had her half naked, pretty much exposed as we walked down the street on this brightly lit Friday afternoon. This became a start of an entirely new program.
Arriving home I was first into the kitchen while my little sister prepared her display, so I found the note from mother telling us that we would have to fend for ourselves as she would not be home until around nine o’clock. I was more than delighted with this news let me tell you. I took my time looking over my naked submissive, as she was spread out on the kitchen table, tonight there was no rush to get going. I ran my fingers up and over Carole’s sex, applying a bit of pressure here and there. Letting them drag down over and around her clit, then easing down towards the little back hole, where I rubbed in earnest, almost letting my index finger probe the depths. Accumulating a quantity of liquid leaking freely from her cunt, I coated my fingers and ran them on to her nipples. I took the nipples between my finger and thumb and rolled them until Carole began to make her little animal sounds. Retuning to the open end of things I gently squeezed at her vibrating clit, I wiggled my finger back and forth over it causing Carole’s whole body to vibrate, and she was calling out in aloud voice. Telling me how good that felt, how nice it was how excited it was making her, she did not want me to stop, she wanted me to flick at it harder, to pinch it to pull it. She was secreting large quantities of juice; her little star like opening was pumping it out as fast as it could. Carole was almost screaming she wanted me to put something in her cunt, my fingers, my thumb, my tongue any thing I wanted as she rocked her body from side to side on the kitchen table.

I stopped fondling her naked body; I moved away, washed my hands and went about preparing something to eat. I left Carole who had now let her legs fall limp along the table continue to cry out that she needed more, she wanted more, I was being mean, I could not leave her hanging. Her body was still shuddering, vibrating, as she tried to get me to continue. I was resolved however, it had been enough for the time being, I had managed to take her to the point at which I wanted it was time to eat. Mother would not be home for quite a while; there would be other things to do. When she had calmed down a bit more , I helped her from the table, on to a chair, telling her that she had been a good girl, but needed to eat to keep up her energy. I wiped the table clean of sweat, tears and love juices, setting down our plates of Kraft dinner. Carole never mentioned the fact she had not been allowed to dress, she remained as she was gloriously naked as she finished up her meal. After we had cleaned things up, I told her to go freshen up, then to get Sprint and bring him down to the basement.

When Carole came back down she asked where Sprint was, perhaps thinking I had gone and brought him into the house. I simply pointed out towards his dog house, only to have her ask if I would allow her some cover to go outside to retrieve him. I just looked at her, saying that I thought he was still tied to his dog house not addressing her question at all... The dog house of course was located in the back corner of the yard, meaning that she would have to walk across the yard to get him, and then walk back with him in tow and her bare ass naked. I sensed she was going to say something so I offered the choice of carrying out my plan in the basement, or completing it out over beside the dog house It was not a bight day light , but the sun had not gone down so she would be clearly showing everything she had to anyone looking while she completed my commands. I imagined what was going through her mind, thinking of the awful things I might have her do if she chose to undertake the tasks beside the dog house. While Carole stood there contemplating things, I went and got my camera , coming back down just as she entered the house with Sprint at her side, his tongue hanging from his mouth, his tail going like there was no tomorrow. Seeing Carole naked like as she was , he must certainly have anticipated a replay of the other day, the day I had caught them.

Once down stairs I had Carole assume the position, I am sure she had a good idea of what was going to happen so she seemingly happily complied. Once she was down , I pulled out some of those baggage straps, the ones covered in the softer material and wrapped them around her wrists and ankles binding them firmly. I stretched the straps and hooked them wide out to the sides, this opened her much more than the last time she was in the basement. I had to collar Sprint because he was raring to go, wanting to get at her but I was not quite ready . I set cushions under her backside, effectively lifting her bottom up much higher than her head all she had to do was look up between her legs , she would easily see what was going on . I do not think Carole had had the opportunity to see Sprint’s tongue at work, in this position that problem would be corrected.

Mother’s note mentioned she would be home around nine , leaving me about an hour to have my fun, to night I would not require Carole to show up at my room, she would have a break. Once I had things ready, I turned all the light on and began to take my pictures, close ups of Carole’s now excited nipples, standing long and firm, her little pink cunt pulsating, secreting liquid in anticipation, her puckered ass hole vibrating in rhythm of her heart beat. I released Sprint, letting him attack her cunt, I managed to get several good photos of his broad tongue covering the entire length of her slit, from her bung hole to the top of her clit. Carole was crying out in passion, struggling against her bindings, rocking her back side as quickly as Sprint was lapping. He was certainly enjoying himself, slurping up all that was excreting from Carole’s little hole. Her screaming increased several decibels as he brought her to orgasm, and then brought to another, she began telling me to call him off, she could not take it any longer, and it was much too much.

Wanting to do more that evening, I decided that I had better pull poor old Sprint from her hot little hole before he got other ideas , ideas that I was not yet ready to allow, there would be other times this was not on Friday’s schedule, I had a time line to watch.
As I pulled poor Sprint back away from Carole, I could not help notice the size and length of his cock, it was pointed at the end almost like a sharpened pencil; it was bright red, covered with bluish veins making it appear rippled. I had never given a thought to studying a dog’s penis but as I stared at his, I realized that it was indeed a menacing tool. A tool that might be useful to me at a later date, but right now it looked kind of sorry. I felt bad about not letting Sprint have his way with Carole, letting him have release, after all he was as much a male as I was, and I knew what blue balls were like. Sprint must have had more interludes with Carole than I knew about , it did not appear to bother him that he had not been satisfied, for once I had pulled him back he went willing into the corner and began licking his dick , almost making me jealous , I could not do that with mine.

I left Carole recuperating, in her bound position, I was not ready to release her, and I went up to her room retrieving her T shirt and shorts leaving them in the garage as I returned to the basement. Wanting to take full advantage of this Friday’s freedom I stripped off my pants, knelt between her legs and rubbed my growing dick between her liquid coated pussy lips until I knew I was on the verge of shooting my load. I moved , standing over her head, facing her bottom and called to Sprint, enticing him to come lick some more. Needless to say a dog never tires of doing the same thing; he once more attached himself to Carole’s now without doubt severely raw pussy and began to lick. I starting stroking my own, reveling in the scene of debauchery that was being played out, within minutes my cock was jerking, spitting out gobs of spunk that landed directly over the spot that Sprint was licking. Looking down I could see Carole, her eyes opened wide watching my spunk exit and cascade down onto her body, onto her cunt where she could see Sprint licking at it as well as her own juices. She went ballistic with her screams, I was certain they were heard outside the rec-room, outside the house, I hoped none of the neighbours were within hearing distance, or we were in big trouble. Having satisfied myself, which was the object of this whole operation, I pulled Sprint from Carole and went about undoing her bindings.

Checking my time, I allowed Carole a bit of a reprieve, allowing her to curl up into a ball as she continued to shiver and shudder. I picked up placing the room back in order so that our parents should they come down would not notice too much in disarray. Once Carole appeared to have recovered or at least returned to the present world I mentioned I we were perhaps a bit mean to Sprint who had provided her with so much pleasure, as he had received little in return. I went on to explaining while I did not think we had time to repeat the evening’s event this time allowing Sprint follow though with his animal instincts, letting Carole figure out just what I meant . Leaving a lull in my speech , I watched Carole’s facial features closely trying to determine if she understood what I was inferring then I continued on . I thought perhaps Carole might like to do to Sprint what she was been accustomed to doing to me each evening. I explained that since mother had informed us that she would be home much later that evening, I had taken the liberty of stretching things out. If Carole decided to provide poor old Sprint with the hand job she gave me at nine o’clock, then I would excuse her, her obligation to me that evening.

Thinking or not thinking of the consequences, and certainly not realizing just what time it was, Carole begrudgingly stated, she would do Sprint, if I did not mind. Hell I had really no problem with that as that was exactly what I wanted. . I called Sprint over, and let Carole begin. I of course took up my camera, ready to record the event, I did not want to miss the opportunity, the surprise, the perhaps shock, when Carole found out just how much doggie spunk would be directed her way. Tentatively at first, Carole reached for Sprint’s furry sheath, rubbing at it, prodding the bright red dick to emerge from its hiding place. It began to grow immediately, filling Carole’s soft little hands to capacity. I was beside myself, capturing the wondrous looks of amazement appearing on her face as the dog’s cock continued to grow and grow, pushing it’s length through her hands and up between her tits. It seemed as it grew, Carole became more fascinated with it, she was now providing loving strokes, talking to Sprint telling him how wonderful it was, how big he was, how hot it was. Sprint on his part had begun humping into Carole’s hands, once his pace picked up Carole adjusted her position so more of this long ripped bluish red cock was rubbing against her naked body.

I noticed that she also had begun to hump her back side on the floor, she was moaning loudly, allowing Sprint to slobber his wide tongue all over her face coating her with saliva. Quicker and quicker Sprint moved his cock against Carole , he was whining as much as she was Then in one final thrust he popped his knot into her hands, the tip of his cock rubbing up at a harden nipple . Suddenly with out warning with out preliminaries he literally flooded her body with doggie cum. Carole was covered in a thick semi-white liquid, it was running everywhere. Just at that moment we heard our mother calling telling us she had finally arrived home.

Carole looked panic stricken , she let go of Sprint, stood up as quickly as she could and looked towards me with fear on her face, all caught on film. Standing there the doggie liquid now was running down the length of her torso, running down between her legs covering her thighs and creeping down to her feet. Looking as desperate as one could given the situation I thought she was going to wet herself. I however had planned ahead, calmly and coolly, I indicated to her to be quite, to move off to the side of the room, and wait. I went up stairs to greet mother, who appeared to be in a state of either distress or after glow, I was not sure. Her clothing appeared to have been assembled quickly, almost like some one who had been caught undressed and tried to cover up. Mother lipstick looked smudged, her hair was a bit messy and her breathing was forced. As I began telling her that Carole was out walking he dog and shouldn’t belong , that I had been taking picture of some of my models in the rec room and would just go back to finish up., she responded in what appeared to be an incoherent manner, certainly not making too much sense to me. I understood she was going to her room to change so I returned to the basement where I found Carole cuddled in a little heap in the corner shaking like a leaf. I told her to go into the garage where I had set her clothes, she could dress and exit in all security then pretend she had just come back from walking the dog. Without a word she made a B-line for the garage, with Sprint close on her heels.

I made a mental note that doing this in the basement was not the best of things to do as the air was thick with a putrid smell of doggie cum. Even if you did not know what it was you would be able to figure that it was indeed not an aroma that should be lingering in the room. Not to mention the wet sport all over the floor which I did my best to mop up before I went back up stairs. I went to my room and began to review the photos I had managed to take; it was indeed a shame that I did not have my own private computer. Looking at the snaps through the view finder was better than looking at the cell phone copies but being able to bring them up on a big screen would have been delightful . I do not know how late it was, in fact it could have been early in the morning, but I was roused out of my slumber to find a naked Carole standing beside my bed stroking my face. She began to speak in a low tone, with a weak crackled voice almost as though she had been crying. She was trying to tell me that she had done something wrong. Something awfully wrong and was real worried just how mad I was going to be. She was worried I would punish her in some way to get back at her.

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