This is a story about an “encounter” I had on a train I get from London to Liverpool with another guy travelling the same way.
It was mid Sunday afternoon and I was catching a train back to Liverpool from London after a weekend visiting family. I was travelling by myself and had upgraded to first class for an extra little comfort. I had feeling a bit horny all weekend but because I was with family I couldn’t do anything about it. The train hadn’t long left the station in London and the urge to stick my dick in something had come back again. I felt my cock getting stiff in my pants and I just had to rub it under my table. I was sat at the back of one of the carriages so there was no one behind me, and luckily the train wasn’t to busy in first class so no-one else was down my end of the carriage.

I sat there stroking my cock in my pants for while but I just got this feeling that it wasn’t enough and I was gagging for more. I then had a brainwave and pulled out my phone to load up my Grindr app that allows me to search for guys nearby. It was a little hit and miss because I was on a moving train but it picked up a few guys who seemed to be on the same train. I updated my profile name to say I was on the train in a hope that someone would notice. It didn’t take long before I got a message through from someone. They didn’t have a pic on their profile but I didn’t care, cock is cock at the end of the day. We chatted for a little while and I found that he was sitting 2 carriages down from me and was also travelling alone. I suggested that he come up to my carriage for a better chat. I had a pic on my profile so he knew what I looked like and could find me easily. He said he would be down in about 5mins and then logged off. A massive grin shot across my face and I felt my cock get harder at the thought of an intimate encounter on the train.

A few minutes later the door to the carriage opened and I saw a guy walk through and down the carriage. I knew this was him and I shuffled my stuff up so he could sit down next to me. He walked up to me and said

“Yeah” I replied
“Nice to meet you, I’m Paul” he said
“Nice to meet you to, take a seat” I said as I motioned him towards the seat next to me

He sat himself down next to me and we started chatting. I cant remember the exact conversation but most of it focused around previous experiences and that neither of us had done anything like this before. He seemed a little nervous at first so I reached over and started stroking his leg. I ran my hand up and down his thigh before rubbing his crotch. I could feel his hard cock through his trousers and it felt like a big one. Eventually he began to do the same to me and started rubbing my now throbbing and aching cock through my pants. I just had to have more and undid the zip of his trousers. I reached in, through the fly hole of his boxers and pulled his hard cock out under the table. I started to stroke his cock and he already had precum dribbling out of the head. I rubbed it around all over his swollen head before sliding my hand back down his cock again. I sat there for a few minutes stroking his cock while he moaned quietly.

I leaned over to him and said

“Fancy moving this on a little?”
“What you got in mind?” he replied
“I need that big cock of yours in my mouth, wanna go the toilets so I can do that?”
“Ok sure”

I let go of his cock so he could put it away.

“You go first and I’ll come down in a minute and knock on the door so you can let me in” I said to him

Paul then adjusted himself, stood up and walked down the carriage towards the toilets at the end of the next carriage. I waited for a minute before getting up myself and made my way towards the toilets. When I got there I gave the door a gentle knock and a few seconds later the door opened. I stepped in an closed the door behind me. Once it was closed and locked I pushed Paul up against the wall and grabbed hold of his crotch. I wasted no time in undoing his trousers and getting them around his ankles along with his boxers. I grabbed hold of his cock and started to stroke it hard. His moans became a little louder so I planted my mouth on his to keep him quite. Running my tongue around the inside of his mouth seemed to turn him on even more and I thought his cock was going to explode in my hand. I couldn’t resist any longer and dropped to my knees so my mouth was level with his throbbing cock. I sunk it straight into my wet mouth and slid it all the way in till it hit the back of my mouth. I proceeded to suck his cock hard and fast, I had no inhibitions, all I wanted was his hard cock to pound my mouth and shoot its hot load down my throat.

It didn’t take long before I felt his cock tensing up and I knew he was ready to blow his load. I kept on sucking and soon enough he exploded into my mouth, felt like bucket loads of the stuff and I struggled to swallow it all, but I did, every last drop. He nearly collapsed on top of me he came that hard and he just stood there leaning against the wall while I sucked his still hard cock dry. Once I had finished he pulled his trousers up and we kissed for a moment.

“Fuck me that was good” he said to me
I just smirked and said “I’m glad you enjoyed it”
“Well it was nice to meet you” he said
“You too” I replied

I turned and opened the door for us to leave. I stepped out to find a queue of 3 people standing by the toilets waiting. Paul then walked out before me and the look on their faces was priceless. We parted ways and I went back to my seat. My cock was still throbbing but it could wait till I got home….and that is for another story ;-)


2012-03-01 22:02:30
Bi 41yo looking for dick to give me great pleasure in Boston. Younger welcome.

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2012-02-21 17:04:20
Im a 31 yo gay male in NY state. Im 5' 11" and i weigh about 283lbs. Im looking for love. Im looking for someone nice and sweet that is 40 or under. Only requirements are you are 40 or younger, clean and disease free. My email is Dont be shy. I dont bite lol.

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