‘Dirty little slut. He just came,’ Ben said, his dick throbbing and leaking juice.

‘Little bitches don’t produce cum yet son,’ his dad said. ‘He’s made his hole nice and tight now. Should feel good around your dick.’

That was enough to bring Nathan out of his post-orgasm stupor. His head throbbed from being upside down and having been slammed against the wall. His throat was clogged up with mucus and cum. He coughed and spluttered.

‘I can’t. Please just let me go. I won’t tell anyone.’

‘You’re not going until my boy is satisfied you little whore,’ the dad said. ‘You can’t just tease him with a blowjob and then not let him fuck you.’

With that Nathan was turned upside down and lowered to the ground. He planned to run but his legs gave way and he end up on all fours panting. This gave Ben the perfect view of the boy’s little pucker. It was bright red, but very small. His orgasm had really helped him tighten up. The hole glistened from the rimming Ben’s dad had given it. It was too much for the young man and he squatted behind the boy and grabbed his hips.

Nathan tried to react but he was too late. His body felt slow and sluggish, like the mess of cum that drooled off his chin. He felt the cold hard piercing at the end of Ben’s cock against his pucker. He instinctively tightened his hole

‘No,’ was all Nathan could manage.

‘Yes,’ Ben responded.

With that Nathan felt a growing pressure on his hole. The piercing forced its way in easily and this helped the fact dick head pop into the boy’s hole. He grunted and moaned trying to crawl away from the monster. Ben’s dad got down on the floor and grabbed Nathan’s shoulders pushing him back against the cock. Nathan was in agony. He retched but nothing came up apart from some of the cum he had swallowed.

Ben enjoyed slowly forcing his dick down. Each time and new piercing ripped through the boy’s sphincter, Nathan mewled a high pitched scream that made Ben’s dick lurch. He was glad he had already cum once otherwise he would have already shot inside the little bitch and he still had four more inches to get inside.

The intrusion stopped and Nathan thought Ben had got his whole dick in. Now he knew the fucking was about to start. He started to cry.

‘I can’t get any more in, Dad,’ Ben said. ‘It’s like there’s a barrier.’

‘That is just the entrance to his gut. Just hold onto his hips and give a massive shove and you should get past it.’

Ben did just that and ripped into the boy's intestines with such force that the rest of his dick plunged into the hole. Nathan screamed and felt his consciousness fading. Ben's dad slapped him hard on the face to get him out of his stupor.

'Stay awake, bitch,' he said. 'Show my son's dick the respect it deserves.'

Ben started to move in and out of Nathan's boicunt with short sharp thrusts. The piercings ripped at the boy's hole causing a small dribble of blood to run down the boys wrinkled little scrotum. Nathan bent his back so less of the massive dick pounded into him.

'Arch that back,' Ben's dad said.

He punched the boy repeatedly at the base of his spine until his back was arched and taking every centimetre of Ben's dick. Ben tried to slow and lengthen his strokes to last longer, but Nathan's hole was just too tight. He kept trying to push out the huge, pierced cock, which only gave ben more pleasure. He gave a few more deep thrusts and then released his load inside the boy.Nathan moaned and cried as he could feel his rectum filling with cum and stretching him to the limit. Ben always shot at least eight big shots of cum.

'Fuck, that feels so good dad.'

Ben pulled out and his dad let go of Nathan's shoulders. The tortured boy collapsed onto the floor and sobbed quietly. He hoped that he could fade into blackness again. Instead he felt someone lift him up and he found himself sitting on top of the older man, his legs either side of his hard, hairy torso. He looked down into the man's face which would have been attractive except for the evil glint in his eye that made the boy feel sick. He could feel the man's dick against his hole, but he just sat there without tryig to push it in.

'You're gonna sit on daddy's fat cock boy.'

Nathan just looked at the man. When he didn't comply, the older man nodded and Nathan felt something wrap around his throat from behind. It was his school tie. Ben started to choke the boy until his face went red and a few capillaries burst on his cheek. Nathan tried to reach his hands up to free himself, but Ben's dad grabbed them and held them at the boy's side.

'Ride my dick.'

Seeing stars, Nathan began to push down on the dick. The man gave a little shove to help it on its way and it popped past the boy's bloody sphincter. The school tie was loosened and Nathan gasped for air.

'You gotta take more than that.'

Nathan quickly complied lowering himself onto the big, thick uncut meat. Every inch hurt, but he was used to it now. After a few minutes of panting and pain he could feel the man's pubes against his hairless butt. He lifted himself up just as slowly before lowering himself down. He started to cry from embarassment and the fact that despite the pain he felt a tiny twinge of pleasure.

'Faster,' the dad ordered.

But, Nathan couldn't find the energy. Another nod from Ben's dad and the school tie tightened again. Nathan sped up and the tie loosened a little bit, although he still couldn't breath very well. He kept going faster and faster until he could hear his arse cheeks slapping hard against the muscle man's thighs every time he slide down on the dick. He realised the man was meeting his thrusts and slamming his dick up inside him. Nathan was getting the hardest fucking of his life. Even though the tie was now loose, he couldn't breathe. Each thrust forced more air out of his lungs. He gave a crackly groan and orgamsed again his sphincter spasming around the massive dick inside him.

Ben's dad couldn't hold out he started to fill the boy with cum whilst he kept on pumping into the slut, so he bounced up and down on his juicing cock.

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