I do not write romance novels. I write dirty little fuck stories, like we used to pass around in our wallets. So, If you want to read a novel, please go elsewhere. Signed THE MANAGEMENT
I was in the 7th grade and I was hitchhiking, the first time that it happened.

On older man pulled up and asked me if I wanted a ride and I said, " Uh huh " and got in.

Right away he started asking me about my school and how old I was. When I told him 12, he let out a little moan and asked, " Do you have a girl friend yet?"

" No."

" Well, since your 12, you know how to jack-off, right?"

I was to embarrassed to answer him and that's when he reached across the seat and touched me down there, as he whispered, " It's ok, you can tell me."

I wanted to tell him to move his hand but before I could, he started rubbing me down there and I felt so embarrassed, as I felt myself starting to get a boner and I knew that he could feel it.

" Oh yeah, you like that, don't you?"

Once again, I couldn't answer him and he whispered, " I know you do because I can feel your little boner through your levis and that tells me that you like it."

All at once he stopped rubbing it and said, " Wanna see a really big one?"

And before I could even answer, he undid his pants and pulled his out and it was huge. It was already 7 or 8 inches long and it wasn't even fully hard yet.

" Big, isn't it?" " Have you ever seen one that was this big before?"

" No."

" Wanna feel it?"

" Nooo."

" Come on, it won't bite you."

And with that he reached over and pulled my hand over to it, holding it down on it, until I quit trying to pull it back.

I could feel the warmth of it under my hand and the next thing I knew he was saying, " Jack it, come on, I know you know how."

When I didn't do anything, he started moving my hand all around on it. Making me feel how big it was, as he slowly tried to close my fingers around it. My fingers never did reach all the way around it but he didn't seem to care, he had me holding it and that's all that seemed to matter to him.

I can't even describe the feelings that I was going through, as he started working my hand up and down on it, squeezing my fingers around it, as he moaned, " Oh yeah, that's it, work it." And the next thing I knew, he had me doing it, even though I didn't want too.

I couldn't believe that an older man, had me jacking him off, as he sat there in his car, when at any minute someone could walk by and see what he was getting me to do to him. Wasn't he afraid of someone seeing what he was getting me to do to him? Or did the thrill of us getting caught, turn him on even more?

I could see his shiny precum starting to ooze out of the little hole in the end of it, the little peehole and I knew that it wouldn't be much longer, as I kept looking all around, making sure that no one was coming and would see me.

He was moaning and whispering, " Faster, faster, do it faster." And I'm embarrassed to admit, that even I was getting excited in some strange kind of way. As my hand worked it up and down faster and faster and I could see his precum oozing down along the swollen head.

It seemed like the more I worked it up and down, the bigger it got. Until finally it looked like it wanted to explode and spew its white cum, all over the frontseat of his car.

" Oh fuck, fuck yes, jerk it baby, jerk it." " Kiss it, make it cum."

" Nooo."

" Please."

" Nooo, please don't make me do that too."

" Just once, I won't tell."

" Nooo."

All at once he reached behind my head and pulled me down to it, holding me there, as he screamed at me, " Do it, do it." Over and over again, until he felt my mouth touching it, finally opening and then slipping down over the end of it and he moaned, " Oh shit." As he held me down on it, yelling at me " Suck it."

I could taste his salty pee and feel his shiny slick precum, as it laid on my tongue, waiting for me to suck it. I tried to pull away but he was holding me there and wasn't about to let me go, until he had had his way with me.

I don't know how long he had been holding me down there, when I just gave up and quit trying to fight it. I could feel him starting to ease it back and forth along my tongue and even though I wasn't sucking on it, he was still sliding it along my tongue, using my mouth like it was a little pussy and he was starting to fuck it.

The next thing I knew, he started working my head up and down on it. I may have only been in the 7th grade but I knew that he was going to cum doing that and once again, I tried to pull up off of it. That's when he pushed me down on it and I felt it sliding down into my open throat, gagging me again and again, until he pulled me up off of it, so I could breathe again.

When he saw that I couldn't suck it, he grabbed my hand and put it back on it and yelled at me, " Jack it and don't stop, until I cum."

I don't know if I was afraid of what he'd do to me or not, if I didn't do it. All I know is that I didn't want to play with it but the next thing I knew, he had me doing it. As he was leaned back against his car door, watching me do it.

" Kiss it."

" Nooo."

" You don't have to suck it, just kiss it."

" Nooo."

I don't even remember bending down to it. All I know is that one minute I'm telling him " Nooo," and the next thing I know he's moaning and saying, " That's it, that's it, use your tongue, get the precum." " Keep jacking it, while your licking it."

I could feel the warmth of it, as my little tongue slid thru the slick precum, tasting it, making him moan, as he screamed " Eat it, eat it " and for whatever the reason, I did.

All at once he started making funny sounds and the next thing I knew, his white cum shot up out of the end of it, squirting up into the air. " Agghhhh...squirt...Once," " Agghhh...squirt...Twice," " Aggghhhhhhh shit, Agghhhhhh...squirt...squirt." " Ohhh fuck..."

I watched as it dropped back down onto the swollen head, running down along the side of it and onto my little hand, before making its way down into his dark pubic hair.

I looked up at him and his head was tilted back, his eyes were closed and his mouth was hanging open, in a strange kind of way. As he sat there moaning again and again, as his long thick cock jerked again and again and again, emptying his huge balls, onto my little hand.

I held onto it, until it finally quit jerking and then watched as the last few drops of white cum oozed out of the end of it. Fighting the strange urge to bend down and lick them away, I let go of it, pushed my car door open and got out.

I had the weirdest feeling, as I bent down and wiped his white cum off of my hand and onto the wet grass, before running all the way home.

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