A submissive follows her master's orders, and takes on more than she bargained for.
She was his property. She was hit cumslut, and she knew that he was not just going to use her body to get off, but he was going to enjoy watching her being used by others, and humiliated by being a nasty slut. She was in a sleazy motel room. It was probably the cheapest and dirtiest motel in the city. Even though it had cheap rates, her master had made her pay for the room by sucking the cock of the manager, having her swallow his cum. He also told the manager that if he ignored any complaints from other motel guests about the noises coming from their room, that he was welcome to come and join the activity when his shift was finished.

After surveying the room, he went to get his slut ready. He put a thick, black leather dog collar around her neck, securing it tightly. He proceeded to pull her tits out of the top of her white tee shirt, ripping it in the process. They were good sized, 36Cs, and he slapped them a few times, watching her nipples harden at his touch. He attached clamps to her nipples and slid the chain through the metal ring attached to the leather bitch collar that he had put snugly around her neck. He hiked her skirt up so that it was bunched around her waist. He thought about ripping her panties off, but thought that it would be more humiliating for her to have to walk around with them down around her knees. He tugged the lacy black underwear down to her knees, rubbing her pussy and fingering her until her juices started running down her legs.

"Listen, you nasty piece of fuck meat. I am going to take you for a walk and show the world what a nasty slut you are. You will hold your head up so that you can see the disgust on people's faces. Keep those panties around your knees as you walk along as I parade you around. Keep your hands at your sides unless I tell you to do otherwise. You are only allowed to speak if I give you permission, and you will only be saying things that prove to everyone what a dirty whore you are." He attached a leash to the dog collar and before he walked her out he took a black marker and wrote on the back of her tee shirt, "Fuck me in room 5 of Lonnie's Motel." He walked from the room, pulling her leash until she started shuffling behind him, struggling to keep her panties around her knees while walking in her five inch heels.

As soon as they walked out, he saw a couple of teenagers skateboarding in the parking lot. They stopped and stared with their mouths hanging open at the sight before them. He smiled, knowing that the young men would see the message on the back of his slut's shirt and would be waiting when they returned. He started leading her in the direction of a nearby construction site, where there would be a bunch of men who'd be very interested in what he was offering.

She knew her face was bright red with embarrassment. It was the middle of the day and she was being led around like a dog, with all of her intimate parts exposed. They reached a sidewalk and he led her to the right. Coming towards them was a woman walking her bulldog. She looked like she was going to puke as she saw the spectacle of a beautiful woman being on full display, being led around like an animal. As she passed them, she muttered something about someone should call the police. She was terrified about the possibility, but her master tugged hard on her leash, and she stumbled forward, continuing her walk.

He actually didn't mind if the woman called the cops. If a cop wanted to fuck her and let her off with a warning, he'd be happy to see that, and if she was arrested for indecent exposure, then he's be thrilled at her shame for being exposed in front of a police squad. He'd immediately bail her out, but she'd be exposed to a new level of humiliation. For the time being, though, they had reached the construction site. He led her off the sidewalk and across the dirt to where he saw a froup of several men gathered together.

She was more than nervous. She knew that this bunch of strangers would be invited to use her body. She wished that her body didn't betray her, but it did. Juices were running out of her pussy and down her leg. She saw one of the men glance in her direction and say something to the other men and suddenly they had all turned to watch her lewd appearance as her master led her forward.

He smiled as they walked towards the group. He yanked hard on the leash, causing her to stumble. He wanted to show the men that she was his pet... his bitch. They were already whistling and making crude comments when the finally reached them. "Do any of you like what you see?" He asked. The men looked at him dubiously, uncertain if he was serious. He continued, “This is a piece of fuck meat. She craves fucking. She loves cock and will take it in any and every hole. She is a cum bucket who loves to be covered in jizz. She sucks cock and eats pussy. She likes to lick people's assholes and even drink piss. She is also very turned on by pain. The rougher the fucking, the harder she cums."

She looked on as the men looked confused, not knowing how to respond. Finally, one of them spoke up and asked, “Why are you telling us this? Why did you bring her here, especially dressed like that?" She gulped, seeing the men look at her like she was a piece of meat. She understood that it's what she has become, and gladly performed any act that her master told her to.

He turned her around so that the men could see the message written on the back of her shirt. "Why don't you guys come over here and inspect her body? You can see for yourselves what a trashy little slut she is." They seemed eager to jump at the opportunity and out of the seven men sitting in the group, six rose to their feet to accept his offer.

She trembled as the men circled around her. One stood directly in front of her. He grinned lewdly as he grabbed mer breasts, roughly squeezing them. At the same time, another man was grabbing fistfuls of her ass cheeks, groping her. Yet another had pushed his hand between her legs, cupping her pussy. He loudly informed everyone that she was soaking wet, that her body was craving some hard fucking. Shame washed over her as she was grabbed abd prodded like she was a thing and not a person.

He was very glad that the men knew how turned on his slut was. The tallest of the bunch unclamped one of her nipples, leaning forward to take it in his mouth. He sucked on it briefly before biting down hard, bringing a yelp of pain from his slave. After a few minutes, one of them turned and asked, "Ok, when do you want us to come and fuck this bitch?" He responded by telling them that as soon as they had finished their shift, they were welcome to show up to the motel so that they could have some fun.

Her master tugged on her leash and led her away. From behind her, she could hear the men's voices as they discussed all of the ways that they were going to "tear the whore up". She knew that it wouldn't be long until each and every one of them would be pounding away at one of her holes. She shuffled along behind him, struggling to keep her panties around her knees like he had told her. When they got back to the sidewalk, she saw a car drive by, nearly swerving off the road when the driver saw her. The car distracted her, so she didn't notice when her master broke into a jog and pulled her leash hard. She fell forward, hitting the sidewalk hard, her knees, hands and tits scraping against the cement.

"Get up, you stupid bitch!”He pulled up hard on the leash, dragging her to her feet. She made a gagging sound as her collar cut off her breath from being tightened so abruptly. He walked faster, anxious to get her back to the motel room. His cock was hard and twitching and he wanted release. As he half led, hald dragged her back to the motel, he was not surprised that the two skateboarders were waiting outside of the door. He wasn't sure of their age, but they looked to be in their late teens. He could see their excitement and he wondered if they had ever fucked a girl before. He smiled at them and as he unlocked the motel door, he welcomed them inside. "So, have you two ever fucked a girl?" Both of them looked down and blushing said that they hadn't. "Well, have you jerked off to porn?" One of the boys answered, "Yeah, all the time!" He laughed. His little slut was going to pop the cherries of these two teenage boys! He turned to them, "OK, she's going to give me a blow job while you two watch, and then both of you can fuck her. Together or separately, whatever you want. When you watch porn, do you watch hardcore stuff about how sluts and whores take it rough?" Both of the boys nodded. "Good," he said. "Because this is one of the nastiest sluts you'll ever find. Be rough on her like you see in porn clips. Fuck her in every hole and have fun!"
She was embarrassed. She felt bad about having her body used to take the virginity of two teenagers. However, her master seemed thrilled about the prospect of it. He pulled her by the hair, and she fell to her knees where she willingly unzipped his pants and took out his rigid cock. She placed her mouth over the tip, swirling her tongue around it. She glanced up at him seductively, and she immediately knew that it was not going to be a normal blowjob. He pushed his cock into her mouth, and shoved it all the way in, gagging her in the process. She was choking and gurgling, but he just pulled her face closer, crushing her nose against his pubic hair. She couldn't breathe. She was afraid that she was going to throw up, and she knew if she did that, he would punish her severely. She fought the urge and relaxed her throat to adjust to the hard cock. Saliva was running down her chin, coating his balls with her spit. She finally felt him pull her head back so she could get a breath of air. But she only got one breath before he had pulled her face back against his pelvis. He held her tightly there before he started to rhythmically fuck her face. She was trying her best to accommodate the length of his cock, but it was a challenge. She still made gagging sounds as he pounded against her face. With a loud moan, he shot his load down the back of her throat, and she swallowed every drop as she should, unless otherwise instructed. When he was finished, he roughly pushed her to the ground.
He looked at her, and was excited at how his little fuck toy was going to be used. He looked at the teenage boys who clearly had hard-ons poking through their pants. "Well, are you guys ready?" He knew that they were, but his slave remained on the floor in the same position. He turned to her, "I know you are a stupid, fucking cunt, but are you really a fucking idiot?!!" He shouted at her, seeing the boys jump in reaction, but wanted to degrade her in front of them, so that they would feel more comfortable doing it themselves. She looked at him quizzically, and he responded by bringing his hand back and slapping her across the face. He grabbed her by the hair and shoved her in the direction of the two young men, "Get over there and start sucking their cocks!"
Her face was bright red where he had slapped her, but she felt her entire body flush red with embarrassment. She crawled over to them and they were already shedding their clothes, their erections bouncing up and down. She took a cock in each hand, stroking them before leaning to the right, licking the tip of the one, and then performing the same action on the left. She sucked on the head of one, then the other, each time taking a little more into her mouth. She kept stroking their cocks, milking one with her hand while she sucked on the other one. One of them tired of waiting and abruptly announced, "Forget this, I want to fuck the bitch!" They moved her so that she was on all fours, removing the tatters of her clothes, one of them kneeling in front of her face, and the other between her legs. She could immediately tell that they were inexperienced. In less than two minutes, both of them were filling her with cum. One of them said, "I don't know about you, but I'm not done with the slut, yet!" The other agreed, and they pulled her up to her knees, each of them lowering their heads to her tits, slobbering all over them. They removed her clamps and began to suck on her nipples.

He watched the two teenagers go at his whore. What they lacked in experience, they made up for in enthusiasm. Within minutes of cumming, they each had their cocks inside of her again, trading places as to which one used her mouth and which one used her cunt. They had no timing, but they each relentlessly pounded away at her. The one pulled from her pussy, releasing jets of cum, shooting all the way across her back. He sat back, sweating and panting. Shortly afterwards, his friend groaned as he pumped cum down his slave's throat. They may have wanted to do more, but, as if right on time, there was a knock at the door. He knew it was the men from the construction site, but it seemed to spook the kids, they scrambled to make a grab for their clothes, almost knocking the men down as they ran from the room. The workers laughed as the teenagers raced by them. The men filed into the room, and he did a quick head count, realizing that there were three or four more than he had invited. He didn't mind, of course, and was pleased that they had passed the word along to some of their co-workers.

She counted a dozen men. She glanced at her master, wondering if he would be sending some of them away. She couldn't get his attention, he was casually chatting with the men as if a naked woman wasn't right there. They were all leering at her, though...they all appeared as though they had put in a full day's work, dirt and sweat covering their faces and clothes. She was nervous, and started backing towards the corner. So nervous that she didn't hear what her master was saying to the men. One man grabbed her by the arm and threw her on the bed, nearly pulling her shoulder from the socket. Her naked body was on lewd display in front of them, and all of them had taken out their cell phones, taking pictures of her sprawled out on the bed. The man who'd thrown her on the bed had pulled his cock out, and was stroking it. He grabbed her by her hair, dragging her head to the side of the bed. "Open wide, slut!" She did as he ordered, and he spit into her mouth, slapping her across the face before pushing his hard cock into her mouth. It smelled awful and tasted worse. She started to immediately gag, not because he was going deep, but because of how filthy it was. She pushed him away, making a face. She realized immediately that it was a mistake. The man's face grew red, "You stupid cunt!" and he pulled her hair tighter, spitting in her mouth and then slapping her face. He did that five or six times, while the other men laughed and jeered. When he shoved his cock back into her mouth, he put both hands on the back of her head, slamming her face against him. He slapped the back of her head a few times, not moving his cock.

He was mildly surprised that the first man out of the gate was as sadistic and rough as he was. The guy turned to him and asked, "She's not going to bite down, is she?" He shook his head, but added for effect, "Cum bucket? If you bite anyone, they have my permission to knock every one of your teeth out!" He would never let that happen, of course, but the answer seemed to suffice to the man, and he saw his slut try a little nod.

She couldn't believe what was happening to her... her head was hurting from the man slapping the back of her head to shove her into his pubic hair. Without warning, he pulled his cock from her mouth and tapped it hard on her face. He moved back and another man was shoving her face onto his cock. A couple og guys had climbed on the bed and were grabbing her ass. They mauled her like she was a piece of meat. Someone knelt between her legs and pushed his dick inside of her pussy. He thrust hard, pushing her face harder onto the man's cock that was in her mouth.

He watched in amusement as his little whore started to get the kind of treatment she was made for. He watched the men stroke their cocks, using their cell phones to take pics and videos of the slut getting gangbanged by a bunch of the construction crew. Almost simultaneously, she got a filled with cum at the same time, a load in her cunt and a load in her mouth. More men stepped up for their turns.

She felt herself being violently pulled. She was thrown on her back, one man immediately straddling her neck, feeding her his cock while another man spread her legs wide open. A cock was roughly pushed into her pussy... after several strokes, he pulled out, to press his cock against her asshole, pushing it inside. After two or three thrusts, she felt him pounding inside of her, causing her to moan in pain, which only made the man in her mouth press deeper into her mouth. She heard them saying disgusting things about her, but she was used to that. It was pretty much all she heard anymore. She knew that she was a nasty slut and she was just fine with that. The man in her ass abruptly pulled out and came to kneel by her head. The man in her mouth moved off of her so the other man could present his cock to her lips. "Hey bitch, I just fucked your nasty ass. Now suck my cock clean like a good whore!" She opened her lips and took the man's cock into her mouth.

He'd made her suck his cock after fucking her ass many times, but this group of men seemed to think that they hit the jackpot by having a woman willing to do whatever they wanted. It caused the men to get a little bolder. One guy took off his belt and announced that he wanted to whip the piece of trash. That announcement was meant with agreement, and several of them took their belts off as well. They held her arms and legs, keeping her legs spread wide.

She felt the sting of the belts. There were four or five men who were holding their belts high above their heads, bringing them down hard, eliciting screams to escape her mouth. They were aiming across her breasts and cunt more than her stomach and legs. She lost count of how many times the belts were brought down on her body. Finally, they seemed satisfied of her red, welt-covered skin and dropped the belts. A fat man knelt between her legs and fell forward so that his entire weight was crushing her. He laughed and did it again, obviously enjoying the grunts of pain that were coming from her. He didn't even try to brace his weight, just dropped all of himself onto her. He breathed hard against her neck, and when he finally pushed his stubby cock inside of her, he started biting her neck. Not gentle love bites, but digging his teeth in the tender flesh of her neck hard. he finally moved, and she was pushed and pulled as the men groped her like a rag doll.

He sat back to enjoy the show. The workers were not very skilled at fucking, but he liked watching her being passed around and crudely used. It took the guys a few minutes to figure out how to get a cock in her ass and cunt at the same time. Once they did though, they went at her like maniacs. The men were jostling as to who got to use which hole. Men stood on either side of her head, feeding her cock. She had all three holes filled for the next thirty minutes. He had already suggested that the guys hold off on cumming, so that they could all unload onto her slutty face, but some of them lacked the self control to stop themselves. Consequently, she had taken loads in all of her holes.

She hated the way that she was being groped and manhandled. Even though cock after cock had been stuffed into her, she hadn't had a single orgasm! If several of them hadn't cum in her pussy, she probably would have dried up. She also lost count of how many men had even been using her body. She thought that maybe she should fake some orgasms so that her master wouldn't punish her, but then thought that he'd probably be angrier with her for lying, than for not enjoying being fucked by the group.

He had selected the construction site because he knew that the men would be grimy and stinky. He had no idea that they would be as bad at fucking as they were. He thought that the muscular, hard working men would really pound the hell out of his slut, but he didn't anticipate that they would be so bad at it. However, as he sat back to watch the action, he thought it was working out better this way. Because she wasn't enjoying it, she would truly be feeling like a cheap whore. Not being used so that she could get excited and have orgasms, but just have her body used as a cum dumpster. They were pushing and pulling at her, their rough hands slapping her and more. The ones who had already fucked her were standing by, stroking their cocks, waiting for the moment when they would all pump cum onto her lovely face. Well, her face didn't look very lovely right now, her makeup was smeared, and she was all sweaty and dirty, and had the most miserable look on her face.

She felt miserable. She wished that she could enjoy the massive fucking that she was getting, but she just couldn't seem to get into it. The men, who would have been good looking under other circumstances, were so covered in dirt from their day's work that it was being transferred onto her and she was having to suck it off of them, and smell their body odor as they hammered away at her holes. She was sucking the cock of one man when he suddenly turned around and said, "C'mon you nasty bitch, lick my asshole!" She hesitantly put her tongue out and licked around the man's anus, amidst laughter from the men. A hand behind her pushed her face hard into the man's ass, so she didn't have a choice but to use her tongue to swirl around the man's hole, before pushing her tongue inside of it. "Of fuck yeah, this nasty slut knows what to do!" he announced. The men obviously didn't know what a unpleasant time she was having because another man announced, "Yeah, her cunt's so fucking wet! She loves being fucked by a group of guys!" They joked between themselves, making crude comments about her body and how much fun they were having using it. When the man moved his ass away from her face, she was not surprised when another man took his place, expecting her to eat his ass. She tongued his ass as well, figuring that they more she licked, sucked and bucked against the assorted cocks, the sooner they would be finished with her.

He was enjoying the show, and he had pulled out his video camera to film it. It was not as good as many of his sessions with his fuck toy, but since she was clearly not enjoying it, it would be good to show it to her later, to mock her for being such a dirty whore. He knew it was winding down, and he watched as his dirty slave was dragged by the hair to the floor, encircled by as many of the men who could gather around. A couple of them grabbed her hands, to have her jack them off onto her face. He was impressed by the amount of cum that the men had in them. Very quickly, the men were unloading thick globs of jizz onto her waiting face. Even though she had her mouth open to catch it, no one bothered to aim for her mouth. She got hit with cum in her hair, all over her eyes, her cheeks, nose and even some in her ears. Cum covered every inch of her face. It looked like she had dunked her face into a bucket of lotion. He expected the next statement. One man said, "OK, since you love being a cum slut, why don't you eat up every drop on your face. It's a fucking gourmet meal for a meat hole like you!"

She was relieved when the men came all over her face. She just took a dozen or so loads of hot cum onto her face, and wanted to go and take a shower to get rid of it, but obviously the men expected her to slurp it all up, and look like she was loving it! She knew that her master was watching her, and expected her to do it, so she began to run her fingers across her face, pushing all of the sticky goo into her mouth. She loudly moaned, like she was loving the taste of every drop. She scooped and scraped as much of it as she could, smacking her lips and licking her fingers, in a show for the men watching. When they were finally done, they re-dressed themselves, shook her master's hand and left. She sat there, wanting to cry, and her master's stern face came closer. "You filthy, disgusting piece of trash! I can't believe how incredibly sleazy you just acted! What a revolting pig you are!" She started to cry, but her cries were cut off when her master grabbed her arm and pulled her to her feet. He twisted her arm behind her back so hard that she thought it would break.

He loved demeaning her and watching her wilt as he took the opportunity to teach her that her body was made to be used and abused. He pushed her into the bathroom, shoving her into the tub. "Wash up, cunt! The motel manager is coming to use you again, and if I'm not still so repulsed by your actions, then I might be fucking your holes, so clean up. You still have a lot of fucking to do. He meant it, too. She was his cum slut, and when he wasn't using her body, he enjoyed letting others use it.

She knew that he was telling the truth, and so she took a deep breath, cleaning her body before it was used again.


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