Thank you for the emails. By request, here is a third installment of the Basement Series.
The Basement, Part 3

Night had fallen, and he was done with his slave for the day. She was barely conscious, exhausted from the whipping and fucking that he had been administering to her doby. He half lifted, half dragged her to the uncovered mattress on a small cot in the basement that would be her bed. He dropped her there and left, opting for some food, a few beers and a shower. The next day, he did not go to her at all. He'd left her a couple of bottles of water, and a bucket if she needed to relieve herself. He watched her on the video monitor that he had installed for just this purpose. He watched her pacing, crying. She even pounded on the door, screaming for him. He refused to give in to her pleadings. She needed to learn her place, and this was an important part of her training. She slept, rubbed her sore wounds, paced, and drank more water, paced more. She cried a lot, he noticed. When he got bored of watching her doing nothing exciting, he replayed the videos of their earlier sessions, stroking his cock as he got harder and harder watching her torment and listening to her screams and moans. He worked from home, so he kept himself busy taking care of his business matters, occasionally checking in on the monitors. While she slept, he'd deliver her water, but no food. One more day and he saw that she was so weak that she could barely move. He knew that she needed to eat, but she would also be in a mentally and emotionally suggestible state. He descended down the stairs to the basement to retrieve his slave.

She had no idea of what day it was or what time it was. She was starving, she hadn't eaten in God knows how long. She knew that he hadn't completely forgotten her, because there were bottles of cold water when she would wake up. But, she felt completely alone. Her battered body was still so sore, and because she'd had no nutrients at all, she had barely healed at all. She cried and cried, pleading for him to come to her, but he didn't. She thought that she would die in this dark basement, and lay on the cot, just waiting for death to overtake her weakened body. She was pulled out of her sleep with a jolt. Icy cold water was thrown in her face, and she sat up, choking. She looked up to see him there. She smiled a weak smile, but he did not return it. He didn't say a word to her. He grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to her feet. Her legs were weak, and he was walking out the door, pulling her along behind him. She struggled to take the steps, but her body wasn't following the directions that her mind was giving to it. If he noticed, he didn't acknowledge it, he just kept dragging her, like she was nothing, and when they reached the stairs, he marched up them, and she did her best to crawl behind him. When they reached the kitchen, he released her without saying a word. She started to say, "Master..." but he turned and slapped her across the face. He didn't say a word to her, but she knew... she was not supposed to speak without being told to. She waited for him to give her instructions, but he didn't. He just walked across the kitchen and began to prepare food. The smell was making her weak in the knees. She was salivating as she smelled sausage, and watched as he prepared hash browns, eggs and toast to accompany them. Then he piled the food on one plate and took it over to the table, pouring himself a large glass of orange juice. She just stood there, not knowing what to do. She watched him eat, tears streaming down her face as her stomach growled in agony. This hunger was hurting her more than the bruises and welts on her body!

He glanced at her out of the corner of his eye. He felt a smug satisfaction in knowing the torment she was going through. His cock grew hard, but he relaxed and focused on the task at hand. She looked so pathetic, and he loved it, but he would have to find sexual release later, when he reviewed the video that she had no idea that was being recorded. Her sobs grew louder, and he wondered how she could possibly have any tears left in her, she'd been crying for days now! He cleaned off his plate in front of her face, much to her horror. Then he stood and went back over to the stove, putting a small second helping of food. He placed it on the table and retrieved two large, plastic doggie bowls. On one, he had printed in black marker, SLUT. On the other was printed in large black letters, CUNT. He took the one bowl and set it next to his plate of food. He still refused to speak to her, but now he made eye contact with her and placed a large forkful of food in his mouth, chewing with his mouth open. With an evil glare, he spit the half chewed food into the dog bowl. He continued doing this, crudely stuffing his mouth full of food, chomping on it for several seconds before loudly spitting it into what would be her dish. When he decided that it was enough, he poured orange juice into the other bowl, and set them on the ground in front of her. He glared at her, motioning for her to get on her hands and knees. He knew she was starving, so she obediently fell to her hands and knees, looking up for him to give her some signal that she could finally eat. He waited. Tears were falling from her cheeks as she implored him with her eyes to allow her to eat. He stared at her for a full minute before he finally nodded.

She probably should have been disgusted at the partially chewed bowl of food in front of her, but she wasn't. She lowered her head, and greedily pushed her face into the dish, taking in great big mouthfuls of food, quickly finishing the chewing process before diving in for more. She couldn't believe how good the food tasted. She felt like it was the greatest meal she had ever had in her life. Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew that it was because she's been starved, but she wasn't going to think about that, she was only going to enjoy the fact that she had food in front of her now. In a few short minutes, she found that she was licking the bowl, straining to get every last drop of food that existed there. Like an animal, she moved her face to the bowl of orange juice, loudly lapping it up. She wished that she could pick up the bowl and drink it, but she didn't dare. She was grateful that she had something to eat and drink, she wasn't going to risk the chance of him taking it away from her because she had misbehaved. When she finished, she thought she would feel better, but because she'd eaten so quickly, her stomach started cramping, and soon she was rolled over on her side, clutching her belly. She moaned in pain, but knew that it was useless to complain. She wanted to talk to him, but he remained silent. It was heartbreaking, to have him not speak to her at all. She was going to start crying again when he grabbed her by the hair and started dragging her down the hall. She didn't have the strength to even try to crawl. He stopped at the bathroom door and shoved her inside of it, walking out and closing the door.

He walked down the hall, still never saying a word to her. He really wanted to call her all of the filthy names that came to mind. But, that would wait for another time. Right now, it was more important to train her to not just accept her punishments, but to crave them and begin to view them as a natural part of her daily life. Refusing to speak to her was going to more tormenting than anything he could say to her today. He grabbed a cold beer from the fridge, slid the DVD he had burned into the player and sat down on the couch as the images jumped to life on the big-screen TV. He had assembled hours of porn for them to watch. Some of it was very tame and some of it was seriously hardcore. His objective was to blur the lines in her mind as to what was socially acceptable, what was pleasurable and asserting his own dominance and power over her.

She saw that he intended for her to clean herself and shower, he had left out everything that she needed. The shower was painful, the force of the water hit her tender skin like needles. She gingerly used the products he had provided her, and as she grew accustomed to the water pelting against her skin, she realized how good it felt. The warm water was washing away day’s worth of dirt and grime, as well as all of the piss and cum he had left her covered with when he had left the basement the last time. She was feeling clean.... weak and sore... but…clean. It was an exhilarating feeling. She almost forgot about the pain she was in as she washed her long, brown hair over and over again. When she turned off the water, she gently dried her body and carefully brushed through her hair. After working through the tangles, she enjoyed the feeling of just brushing her hair. After a few minutes, she realized that he might become angry with her if she took too long. She looked around and saw that there were no clothes for her to wear, which didn’t surprise her, so she opened up the door and lightly walked down the hallway to find him. She saw him lounging on the couch, not even noticing when she walked into the room. He was watching porn, and she glanced at the TV to see a woman eating the pussy of another woman. She approached him, knowing she was not allowed to speak, but wanting him to give his attention to her. Before she knew what had happened, his hand shot out and wrapped around her wrist, pulling her onto his lap. She braced herself for the spanking she was sure that was coming, but it didn’t. He simply felt along the welts that were there, rubbing his fingers along the long slashes and bruises that covered her back and ass. Her tits hung over his leg, and as the blood rushed to them, she took a sharp intake of breath, they started throbbing in pain. When he was finished with his inspection, he pushed her to the floor and went back to watching TV. She was so confused. She was supposed to be his sex slave, but he was practically ignoring her!
He kept watching her out of the corner of his eye, amused at her confusion over the whole situation. He continued to watch; only mildly interested on the action onscreen. He was carefully gauging her reactions. After a while, she assumed a position at his feet, kneeling so that her ass wasn’t touching her feet. He saw her breathing quicken and her body start to respond to the erotic images. He had been hard for most of the morning, so it was time to use her mouth for the only useful purpose that it had left. He stood up by her and grabbed her head, shoving his cock into her mouth. He didn’t wait for her to adjust to it, he just started thrusting his hips against her face.

She was taken by surprise, and began to reflexively bring her arms up to defend herself, but stopped before her hands touched him. She put her arms down by her sides obediently, opening her mouth wide to accept him into her mouth. She could still see what was happening on TV, and it struck her as odd as how some women gently bobbed up and down on cocks in their mouths, while others were bent into odd positions to have cocks pummeled down their throats. It didn’t seem to matter to the women, at the end, all of them looked up and smiled while loads of cum splashed on their faces. She knew that he wanted her to be one of the women that took it hard down her throat. He pushed deep, holding her face against his crotch, smashing her nose so that she struggled to breathe. When he released her head a little, she took a deep breath, just to find her nose crushed against his pelvis again. Sometimes he moved in a rhythm that she could move along with and other times he would speed up or slow down to suit himself.
He enjoyed fucking her throat, she was a natural cocksucker, and even though there would be times in the future where he would sit back and let her suck his cock over and over again, now was not the time for it. He fucked her mouth hard, not caring that a puddle was forming on the floor from how much she was slobbering all over him. He moved her to the edge of the couch, laying her upside down so that her hair dropped to the ground and he could assault her mouth from this position. He wrapped his hands around her throat, squeezing as he thrust his cock down her throat.

When she’d been in the earlier position, she had been slobbering a lot on his balls and now she was getting it back. His saliva covered balls were slapping against her face, getting in her nose and eyes. They slapped her face again and again as his hands continued to tighten around her neck. He jerked out of her mouth and shoved her into another position, onto her stomach where he picked her up by the hair and rammed down her throat. It seemed to take a long time, but he eventually shuddered and released hot cum down her throat. She’d barely finished swallowing when he pushed and shoved her until she was on all fours. She watched him finish the beer he’d been drinking and then walk around the back of her. Onscreen, she watched a woman taking on what seemed to be five or six guys, cocks all around her. She seemed to be enjoying it a great deal. The movie must have distracted her, because she jerked in surprise when she felt him kneel between her legs, something hard and cold pressing inside of her. Freezing in shock, she realized that he was pushing the beer bottle into her pussy. She didn’t dare to move. She was terrified as to what would happen if the bottle broke.

He enjoyed seeing her freeze in terror, and he delighted in fucking her cunt with the bottle. She might have been scared, but she was soaking wet. He loved how well her body responded. He pushed the bottle almost completely into her fuck hole, and pulled it out before slamming it back in. He wasn’t doing this for her pleasure; he was doing it for her torment, so he would stop for several seconds before moving it as fast as he could. He varied his movements, causing her to be incapable of defending herself in any way. He pulled it out, seeing it covered in her juices. He looked at it for a moment and then turned it around, roughly forcing it inside of her sloppy wet cunt, the wide bottom side going in first. It was not a smooth fit, and she cried out in pain. He gave her firm slap to the ass for that, and finished stretching her cunt with his empty bottle. He left her there like that as he retrieved another one, along with his camera, to take some photos of her cunt grossly stretched out over the bottle. He pulled the bottle out, dropping it to the ground. He went to get her up, but had one last thought. He put his thumb over the mouth of the bottle and violently shook up the beer. He felt the pressure build and moved his thumb just as he shoved it inside of her, the cold liquid shooting out. He chuckled and pulled her to her feet, the bottle falling to the floor. Without looking at her or speaking to her, he dragged her through the house and down the stairs, back to the basement.

She couldn’t get her feet underneath her, so her knees got all banged up on the way down the stairs. She was a wreck inside. He hadn’t said a word to her in so long, she couldn’t remember! She saw cross the room and open the cupboard that held all of the sex tools and watched him move to a shelf that had a vast array of gags, in all shapes and forms. He selected the largest of the bunch, an enormous red ball affixed to leather straps. He motioned for her to turn around, and she obeyed, seeing the huge ball being placed into her mouth. She didn’t think it would fit, but he pulled on the straps, hard, and it managed to squeeze her jaw open to fit inside of it. She felt him tighten the straps, and fasten them behind her head. She could barely breathe, and when she tried to moan from the pain in her jaw, she found that she couldn’t even make the smallest sound!

He really wanted to take out one of the paddles or whips, but as he again looked at the welts that already covered her body, he reconsidered. He knew that by doing so, he risked causing the welts to split open, bleeding and then she would be useless to him for weeks as her body healed. However, it didn’t mean that he wasn’t going to abuse her in other ways. He had a vast collection of restraints, and selected those that had purchased at a medical supply store. They were used to restrain mental patients who posed a danger to themselves or others. They were made of cloth and padded, but would hold her securely in place. He wrapped a brace around her neck, and then hoisted her arms above her head, tightly binding her arms at the elbows. That caused her arms to be tightly against the sides of her head, preventing her from moving her arms or her head. He then bound her wrists and secured them to the large steel hoop that he had handing from the ceiling for use in the various positions that he enjoyed tying a fuck toy to. He activated the electronic mechanism and the ring moved up, lifting his slave up along with it. When her toes left the ground, all of her weight was shifted to her arms and shoulders, and her eyes bulged with the strain. He placed restraining cuffs over each of her ankles, knees and thighs. Taking durable nylon rope, he bound each restraint to the hoop, pulling each leg grotesquely to the side, so that when he was done, her legs were straight out to the sides of her, in an obscene split. He pulled the ropes until there was no slack left anywhere. He wanted her to be unable to move at all, not even a little. He moved the hoop so that it was at the level he wanted, just below his waist level, where he could thrust into her cunt or ass. He could see the strain in her muscles, and it excited him.
His cock was twitching as he moved to his next act of torment on her body. He retrieved a pair of all metal nipple clamps and a cigarette lighter. He turned to her and slowly lowered his head to her breast, taking her left nipple in his mouth, gently sucking on it. She moaned behind the gag, her hips bucking towards him as much as the ropes would allow, which was not much. He deliberately slobbered over her nipple, leaving it as wet as possible. He then held up the lighter and one of the clamps, so she could see what he was going to do. He flicked the lighter on and put it on the clamp, leaving it in the flame for almost a minute before attaching it to her wet and distended nipple. He was glad that she was gagged, because he felt blood rush to his cock as he heard the sizzling sound it made.

She was trying to scream, but no sound got past the gag. Her bonds were so tight that she couldn't move, even though she wanted to. She watched him lean forward to suckle at her other nipple, swirling his tongue around and around seductively. Now, she knew that he wasn't meaning to be sweet and seductive about it, he was using his saliva to get it wet for the other burning hot clamp. She watched the flame dance in front of her eyes as he held the metal clip in the middle of it, watching her face, which must have been showing her intense fear. She closed her eyes, and tried to fight the pain, but she heard the sound of his saliva sizzling when he attached the clip and the room started spinning. It came as a surprise to her when he slid his fingers into her pussy, not roughly, but used smooth strokes to rub inside of her. He moved so that his palm was pressed against her clit, fingers sensually massaging inside of her cunt. The pain was forgotten as she felt her body responding, the intense pleasure washing over her. It wasn't even a minute before she felt herself approaching an orgasm.

He could feel her juices running over his hands, her muscles clenching around his fingers. He watched and felt her responses, and when her orgasm struck her, he pulled on the chain, jiggling it, causing the sensations of pleasure to be mixed with the pain. His ultimate goal was to indoctrinate her mind so that she could no longer feel pleasure unless it was mingled with pain. Her body quivered under his touch and when the glaze passed over her eyes, he removed his fingers, showing her how wet they were. He wiped them down the front of her and patted her on the head. He got another pair of nipple clamps and knelt down in front of her. He could see her juices covering her pussy, nearly overflowing to the ground. That was good, there would already be plenty of moisture for him to use to apply the same torment to her cunt lips that he had just done to her nipples. He grabbed hold of one of her thick, pink labia and pulled it out, rubbing her juices all over it. He used the lighter to heat the clip, probably hotter than what he had applied to the ones hanging from her chest. When he attached it to her puffy pussy lip, he could see the response in her body. It strained tightly against the restraints, but he didn't give her much of a chance to adjust before he followed up with her other cunt lip. He grabbed a hold of her clit and pinched it hard.

Her orgasm was intense, but the blinding pain that accompanied it was sending her body into sensory overload. She was weak from his treatment of her. She had no sense of time or being. Her old life seemed so foreign to her now. Her entire existence was now about serving him and pleasing him. Her skin was burning and pain was shooting through her aching body. She felt him move behind her, easily sliding his hard cock into her soaking wet pussy. He swiveled his hips against her, moving his cock around in her cunt. She felt him squeeze her ass cheeks, digging his fingers into her welt covered skin, spreading her backside open.

He loved the wet heat radiating from her dripping hole. He briefly contemplated fucking her cunt, but wanted to really give her a good ass pounding. He withdrew his thick rod and pressed the tip inside of her asshole. Once the head was pushed in, he gave a powerful thrust, burying the entire length into her ass. He grabbed a hold of her hips, fucking her ass good and hard.

As he began to fuck her, the clamps on her nipples and her pussy lips started rock back and forth in time with his thrusts. Every single move was a new experience in pain. He hammered away at her ass, the force shaking the chains on the clamps so hard that they were sliding off her nipples. All she could do was helplessly feel the sensations coursing through her body. He fucked her mercilessly, until finally the clips attached to her nipples slipped off, allowing blood to rush back into her aching nipples. The pain was so intense that she lost her grip on consciousness and everything went black.

He knew she had passed out when her body relaxed completely, the tension draining from her body. He sighed and pulled out of her ass. He wasn't planning on this development, but he took it in stride. He decided to use this as an opportunity to offer her some intense pleasure to coincide with the pain. He went to the cabinet and got a small vibrator and some medical tape. He affixed the vibrator to the front of her pussy so that it was centered directly on her clit. He then brought out a bottle of baby oil and rubbed some into her abused tits, massaging it into her skin. He stopped, feeling the need to take some pictures of her bright red tits with nipples that were now purple. The oil made her skin glisten and highlighted the welts from the various whips he had used on her breasts. He massaged more oil onto his rigid cock and rubbed more on her ass. He wanted to keep her asshole lubed, because he was going to spend quite some time fucking her. He waited and when he saw her come to, he turned the vibrator on and went around to ram his cock back inside of her ass.

Her eyes fluttered open and she remembered where she was and what was happening to her. She realized that she must have passed out, but as she regained consciousness, her mind and body were greeted with an intense wave of pleasure. The vibe on her clit hummed, and in less than a minute, she was cumming. His cock was pounding inside of her, and when she felt another orgasm approaching, he reached around and grabbed a hold of her tits, mauling the bruised and battered flesh. It didn't impede her orgasm, and her body quivered. She had barely had a chance to come back down from her orgasm when another one racked her body. This time he reached between her legs and yanked on the chain, snapping the clamps off of her pussy lips. The pain didn't stop her from cumming. Over and over she came, and with each orgasm, he hurt her body somewhere. Even though she was bound so tightly that she couldn't move, sweat was pouring down her body as he brought her to orgasm after orgasm, each one an intense mixture of pleasure and pain.

He'd been fucking her for almost an hour and he was elated at his slave's endurance. She was responding exactly as he wanted her to, allowing her to cum when it was accompanied with pain. When he was finished with her, he unleashed a giant load of cum in her ass and pulled out to catch his breath. When he had composed himself, he ripped the tape off that held the vibrator against her skin and carefully removed all of her restraints. He knew that she wouldn't have the strength to stand, and he allowed her body to crumple to the floor, muscle spasms causing her to shake and twitch. He stood and watched her, and when her muscles stopped contracting, so he knew she was safe from serious harm, he turned and walked out of the basement, closing and locking the door behind him, still never saying a single word to her.

She laid there on the floor for a long time, unable to move. When her circulation finally returned to normal, she dragged herself over to the cot and onto the mattress, immediately falling asleep, wondering what her beloved master had in store for her next.

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