In this 6th chapter about the seductions of Adam, he had just climbed in bed with Megan. He had no intention of doing anything, at first.
Adam 6 - Seduced by Sleeping Megan

In this 6th chapter about the seductions of Adam, he had just climbed in bed with Megan. He had no intention of doing anything, at first.

I laid there in bed thinking about what I had just gone through with Abby, her girlfriend Rose, and Rose's little sister Lacy. I had fucked them all. Well technically they fucked me. I was tied up after all. Now I was lying in bed with my girlfriend Megan. Abby had drugged her with a sleeping pill, or was it pills? I had to find out.

I got out of bed and leaving all my clothes behind in Megan's room I walked back into Abby's room. Opening their door I walked in.

"Back for more?" Abby asked.

"No, I mean, not today, not right now anyway." I was flustered by these sirens, especially seeing them all nude as they were. "How many sleeping pills did you give Megan?" I asked, looking at Abby.

"I don't know, four I guess," she answered.

I looked at Rose. Oh shit I was going to hell. I walked up to her and kissed her hard on the mouth. "God I loved fucking you all," I said as I walked back to Megan's room. I shut the door.

Four sleeping pills was twice what she should have had but not enough to kill her. She was breathing OK, just wouldn't be waking up anytime soon.

I climbed back in bed and snuggled up against her. Megan still had on her panties and bra. She had climbed into bed like that and then fell fast asleep. I left her that way. Now I wished that she didn't have them on.

Megan was on her left side and I was behind her. I snuggled up to her, spooning her body. She was warm. I put my right arm over her side and my hand on her stomach. I could feel her breathing, strong and steady.

She felt so good. Would she notice if I touched her breast? She was sound asleep. I moved my right hand up to her right breast. Megan was a nice full C-cup. I let my fingers gently rub across the material of her bra, silky smooth. A little squeeze wouldn't wake her. I cupped my hand over her breast and squeezed it once, then again. She was soft to the touch. It made me want more.

I thought about removing her bra. If she said anything when she woke up I would just say that she removed it herself as she got in bed. She wouldn't remember, hell she was half asleep at the time. I leaned back to give myself access and unhooked her bra. Working it forward I got it pulled all the way off and tossed it to the floor. I then resumed my position, my hand gently resting on her right breast.

I squeezed it again. This time it felt so much better, my skin to hers. I played with her breast for several minutes, making circles with my fingers, ever smaller as I closed in on her nipple. Then I gently pinched her protrusion. It wasn't as hard as the nipples of those I had fucked in the past, but it was Megan's and I enjoyed touching it.

I wanted better access to her left breast too so as I moved out of the way I rolled Megan towards me onto her back. Then I repeated with her left breast everything I had done to her right.

Pulling the sheet down to her waist gave me better access and a visual of what I was touching. Megan was beautiful and her breasts were so enviting. God, what if she wakes up, I thought. But I couldn't help myself. I leaned down and took a breast into my mouth. Ever so gently I licked around flicking my tongue across her nipple, then sucking. First one breast then the other. She was so delicious.

Every so often I would lift up and look at her face, still sound asleep. Tossing the sheet back off the bed I looked down her beautiful body, to her only piece of clothing, her panties. Why not, I thought. If she asked later I would tell her she took those off too, just like her bra.

Slipping my fingers over the waist band I slowly pulled Megan's panties down over her hips and legs until she laid before me completely nude. I couldn't see her slit through all her hair. Gently spreading her legs I laid down between them. My face was close and as I explored with my fingers I caught the scent of her pussy.

Wetting my fingers with saliva I parted her pussy lips and slipped one finger inside. This was incredible. I leaned down and began to lick her opening as I cautiously slid my finger in and out of her. I wasn't going too deep so didn't run up against her hymen. Though she was still sound asleep her body reacted anyway, becoming more wet as I finger fucked her.

After several minutes of this I realized my shaft was erect and I so wanted to use it. But she would surely wake up, wouldn't she? I tried to satisfy myself with just my hands and mouth on her private parts but my member's throbbing wouldn't leave me be. There was only one thing left for me to do. I had to fuck her. She would never wake up, never know. What harm could I do?

I moved up on the bed, kneeling between her open legs, telling myself she really wanted this. Using my t-shirt I stuffed it under her butt area on the bed to catch anything that might leak out, such as blood. I pushed her legs up a little more and then leaned downward. Pressing the tip of my rock hard prick against her opening I decided to go extremely slow.

I pressed forward and the head of my dick slipped into her opening. I stopped, watching for any signs of her waking up. Seeing none I pushed forward again, in a little further. Again I stopped and looked at Megan's face. She was breathing quietly, still asleep.

Pulling backwards a bit I pushed in again. But this time I hit her hymen. How was I going to get around this, I wondered. I was too far gone to stop, to simply walk away. I just slowly pushed forward until I felt it give way, then I stopped. She didn't wake. I continued to pull back a bit and push in deeper until I was fully engulfed.

Megan was 20, the same age as me. Until this moment she was a virgin. Though her body size easily accommodated me, she was still incredibly tight, this being her first fuck ever. I began rocking my hips, sliding my hard cock in and out of her warm cunt. As I pulled backwards I watched and felt her pussy walls attempt to hold on to my shaft, not wanting to let it go. Then I pushed forward, her walls allowing me to push the full length of me inside of her.

Again and again I slid myself in and out of Megan's wonderful love canal, as my body became more and more tense. I felt it coming, my climax, as my cum shot up through my shaft. I pushed in deep and held myself there shooting several wads of the stuff deep inside of her. Oh God it felt so good, she felt so good. I only wished that she could have experienced what I was feeling right then. But she was still sound asleep, and I would never be telling her.

When my member began to relax I pulled myself out and got off the bed. Grabbing my t-shirt I noticed it had a couple of blood spots on it. I pulled the sheet back up on her, gathered my clothes and went to her parents room. That's where I was supposed to be sleeping. I plopped down on the bed, still nude, and fell asleep.

Everyone slept through the night. The next day I expected to be confronted by what I had done, if not for the fucking of Abby and her friends, then surely by Megan. But no one said anything. Life went on as usual and Megan and I went back to school as if nothing had happened.

That is until Megan burst into my room one day about six weeks later, bawling her head off. "Adam, oh Adam, what am I going to do?"

"Whoa Megan, slow down. What are you talking about?" I asked, completely forgetting what I had done.

Megan was sobbing, "I'm pregnant. I can't be pregnant because I've never had sex, but I am. And the doctor says I have had sex, at least my hymen is gone and I'm pregnant. So I had to have had sex, he says." I hugged her close. "But I never have Adam, honest. I'm still a virgin. I promise."

What was I going to do. I fucked her without her knowing. She would never forgive me. And what are the odds of that one time her getting pregnant? What if she found out about the others? I fucked Brooke, her lifelong friend. And Judy, another close friend. I'm done for. If she ever found out about Rose or Lacy, oh I'm such a pervert, a child molester. Abby too, her little sister, only 12 years old, 11 when I first fucked her on my own bed. And her mother Alice, I fucked her all weekend. I was so taken with Alice I would have run off with her if she asked me. I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to block out all the memories, all the women and girls that had so cleverly seduced me, even Megan in her sleep, making me want her to the point that I couldn't resist, couldn't keep from fucking her. It wasn't my fault.

"Adam," came the voice, Megan's voice. It was calm now. Had Megan stopped crying?

"Adam, are you OK" came the voice again, but this time it was the voice of Alice.

I opened my eyes. I was sitting at the dinner table, Alice and her husband, Abby, and Megan next to me. All the memories of the past year, all the fucks that I had had, swept past me in a flash.

Megan spoke again, "Abby was asking if she could have a ride on your bike."

It was all a dream, a long detailed daydream that happened in the blink of an eye.

Give Abby a ride? I knew where that would lead. "You know, maybe I should wait until you are a little bit older Abby, just to be safe," I said to her. Dinner went on, as I remembered it, except Abby didn't talk anymore.

After dinner Megan asked me, "Why don't you want to give Abby a ride on your bike?"

"Because one ride leads to another, and pretty soon she seduces me, in my own room," I blurted out. But it was too late now so I continued, "Then it's your mom that makes a move on me and I can't stop her. After that your friend Brooke traps me into fucking her, and Judy after that. I tried to stop them all but couldn't. Then Abby does it again, along with her friend Rose and her little sister Lacy. I couldn't stop them, honest. They had me tied up. Finally I fuck you in your sleep and you get pregnant." I took a breath, "That's why I can't give her a ride."

Megan laughed, "You have quite the imagination, you dope. And that's why I like you so much." She laughed again.

"You're not mad?" I asked.

"Of course not, not about all your little seductions anyway," Megan said. "Now give Abby her ride and she will be over it, please, for me."

I looked up and saw Abby standing there, waiting for my reply. I nodded agreement to Megan.

Later that evening Abby got me alone for a few minutes. "I know where I want you to take me on your bike."

"Where?" I asked.

"Your place," she quickly responded.

"Why?" My brow was curled.

"Because you could never have known about Rose and her sister," she explained. "Unless you could tell the future." Abby smiled, a seductive look in her eyes.

The End (or is it just beginning, again?)

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