Amy invited him round for the night
This story is fiction, there is no connection between the characters and situations and any persons alive or dead. This is just a fantasy.

It had been a hard week at work and by the time I got home Saturday afternoon I was tired and ready for a relax. I headed in and went straight upstairs for a long shower. Washing the weeks effort and stress out of me. As I was drying myself my mobile phone went off on the bed where I had dropped it. I walked over to it and picked it up, looking at the number. I did not recognise it, so I was careful as I answered it.

“Hello.” I said in a neutral voice.

“Hello babe I hope you’re home.” Said the perky voice on the other end, a voice that I did not recognise.

“Who is this?” I asked.

“Amy of course, or do you have lots of girls calling you babe.” Amy’s indignation was obvious even through the phone.

“Sorry, you just don’t sound the same on the phone.”

“I get that a lot, my mates all say I sound different. But you haven’t said if you’re home yet.”

“Yes I am.”

“Good, good, cos I’ve got a question for you.” I waited expecting her to invite herself over. After all it had been over a week since we had last been together. Since she had fingered herself in front of me then let me fuck her in her school uniform. So I was guessing she was getting a little horny from the lack of sex. “I was wondering if you wanted to come round to mine later.”

“Yeah if you…” I began then realised what she had said. “Just a minute, to yours. What about your family, won’t they be there.”

“No, they’ve all gone to spend the night at Grandmothers.” The disgust she put into the word Grandmother told me her opinion of the woman.

“And you haven’t gone because.”

“Because she is a boring old fart who makes you sit still and stay quiet. I really can’t be doing with that. She doesn’t like me either, just adores my little sis who plays her totally. I prefer going to see nanna and gramps, at least they let me have fun. So I began to play up, threatening to show up my mom in front of her mother. So they agreed I could stay at home as long as I don’t go out. Or have too many mates round. So I’ve decided to have only one person round, you. That’s if you want to come round.” She finished in a small voice.

“Of course I want to come round.” I told her straight away. “When do you want me to come.”

“Make it around five thirty that way I’ll have got rid of any of my mates who might come to visit this afternoon. Oh and come round the back so the neighbours don’t see you. I know the people over the road keep an eye on the house.” I agreed and she hung up. Dropping the phone back on the bed I went back to drying myself. By now I had no thoughts about if I should go round to see her. That ship had well and truly sailed after the last time. Now all I was thinking about was the fun time I would have with her that night.

Of course the afternoon dragged after that. I could not focus on anything, not even the football on TV interested me. I flicked through the films, but found nothing to catch my attention. Finally I switched it off and went upstairs to play on my Xbox. Unfortunately my concentration was shot, and I died several times at an easy section I knew I could pass. I flung the controller on the bed in frustration and looked over at the clock. There was still an hour to go. With a groan I sank back on the bed. I decided to go out for some supplies. Dropping into the local supermarket for a four pack of beer and new pack of condoms. By the time I got back it was time to get ready. I had a quick shave, changed into something smart but casual. I set off early, grabbing the last two of my old set of condoms from the bedroom before I went. I pushed them into my back pocket. I forced myself to go slow. As she had asked I headed round to the back gate. Carefully I opened it, checking to see if there was any sign of anyone else being round. Not seeing anyone I headed down the garden to the back door. I knocked quietly and waited. After a few seconds Amy opened the door to me. She smiled and let me in. I followed her as she led me through the kitchen, where I put the beer on the side, into her sitting room, all the time enjoying the view.

She was wearing a pleated red dress with a belt around her waist and two thin straps over her shoulders. Her mousy brown hair hung loose on her shoulders. Due to the nature of the dress I guessed that she was not wearing a bra. The hem came down to just a couple of inches above her knees, and the platform healed shoes she were wearing were doing wonderful things to the appearance of her legs. Just watching her walking had me hard by the time we reached the sitting room. I stopped at the door as she walked into the room. Halfway across she realised I was not following and turned to face me.

“Something wrong?” She asked slowly, I shook my head as I moved my gaze up and down her. Taking in the way the dress clung to her petite figure. Her small breasts just shaping the top of the dress. Her thigh’s showing under the hem, shaped by the heals she was wearing. The curve of her calves from the same heals. Then up to her face, with her long slender neck, round face and small round nose. Her full mouth and pretty blue eyes. I could see she was wearing make-up. It was done in a subtle adult style, not the way I would expect a teenager to do. The combination of the girly dress with her adult make-up and hair style along with the very adult heels had a strong effect on me

“Nope, nothing’s wrong.” I finally answered. “In fact everything is perfect and sexy.” I told her as I walked towards her. She watched me her eyes suddenly heavy with lust. Reacting to the look in my eyes as I gazed at her. As I reached her I pulled her into me. Lowering my mouth down to her lips. I could feel that they were slightly parted and probed my tongue into her mouth. She curled her tongue around it, kissing me hard. I matched, then increased her pressure. Kissing her hard and deeply as I reacted to the feel of her in my arms. I pulled her against me, pressing her small body into mine. She curled herself around me, her arms around my back. I slid my hands along her back, down to cup her ass through the dress. Pulling her tighter against me. There was no way she could not feel my hard cock as it pressed into her. She rubbed softly against me, showing that she could feel it.

I began to run my hands along her back, sliding them down her spine. Then I ran one hand round to softly cup her breast through the dress. Feeling the shape of the small breast against my hand. Leaning down I kissed her cheek, then her neck, then her shoulder. Amy lent into the kisses, softly sighing. I hooked my hands in the straps, pulling them down. The dress slid slowly down her body, dropping to the floor. She carefully stepped out of it. As I had suspected she was not wearing a bra. Only a small pair of red panties hid her from my gaze. I curled my hands over her breasts, softly kneading them with my fingers. Before leaning down to suck on them. Drawing each nipple out with my lips, flicking my tongue over them. Amy moaned, curling one arm around my neck. Holding me against her breasts. I sucked harder at them, as always they seemed to drive me wild.

Now I had started I wanted more. I gently lifted her in my arms, carrying her the short distance to the sofa. I lay her down on it, sliding my hand down her leg as I did. All the time I had continued to suck and lick at her breasts. My fingers ran over the thin material of her panties. I could feel her wetness through them. Softly I pressed my fingers into her, pushing the panties into her as I rubbed at her. Amy groaned softly, pushing herself into my hand. I smiled to myself as I carefully pushed her panties aside. Running my fingers down the her lips, then sliding one finger softly into her. She gasped, freezing for a moment before pushing back against me. I slid my finger deeper into her, at the same time using my thumb to rub against the soft bud of her clitoris. Amy groaned, arching slightly upwards to push herself firmly against my hand.

“No, oh fuck no, god babe.” She murmured softly as I began to push my finger in and out of her. I could feel it becoming soaked in her juices as my actions increased her arousal. After a minute or so I slipped my finger out of her. As she watched I slowly brought it to my lips, curling my tongue around it I licked her juices off. The sweetness of her flavour was as hot as ever. Her eyes turned heavier with lust as she sensed what I was about to do. I pulled her panties down, sliding them off her before parting her legs. Lowering my head between her thighs. Watching her face as I ran my tongue along her lips. She half closed her eyes, moaning softly. Then I pressed my face against her, pushing my tongue into her.

“Oh god, babe, no, fuck no.” She moaned deeply as I began to lick at her. Drawing out her taste with my tongue. The sweet almost innocent flavour that was hers and hers alone. She tasted like no other girl I had ever been with. I would have happily licked her out forever. Amy moaned as my tongue probed inside her, gasping deeply with each lick against her. “Fuck, babe, no, no, oh god no.” By now I was used to her strange use of negative while sounding so positive about what I was doing to her. It still brought a smile to my face though to hear the contradiction between the meaning and the emotion of her words. While I was happy to continue licking inside her I also could sense how quickly she was needing more. I was just about to move up to give her that little bit more when she reached down to pull me up her.

“I need you in me.” She hissed as she dragged me upwards. Her fingers reaching down to almost tear at my trouser fastening. “I want you in me so bad.” She gasped, her need palpable in her words. I reached down to pull one of the condoms from my back pocket, suddenly glad I had put them there. The pack I had brought was in the bag with the beer in the kitchen. I guessed that Amy would not be willing to wait for me to grab one. By now she was yanking my trousers down, releasing my cock. Her fingers wrapped around it, rubbing along it. I opened the packet and she released me so I could sheath myself. Then I moved to press against her, she murmured in deep pleasure as she felt me pushing against her body.

With a single thrust I entered her, driving deep inside her body. She gasped, her body tensing for a moment. Then she groaned as I pulled back and thrust in again, and then again. Amy curled herself against me, pushing up into my thrusts. Moaning deeply each time I entered her.

“God, no, harder, please baby harder.” She grunted to me as I fucked her. I rapidly increased my thrusts, pushing deep and hard into her small body. I could feel her shuddering with each thrust, her body rocking each time I entered her. “No, fuck oh god harder, fuck babe, babe.” Amy groaned, wrapping herself around me tightly. I could sense the imminent explosion within her and drove harder into her. Hooking my hands under her hip to pull her up against me as I rammed in deeply. “Oh god, oh no, god I’m, I’m CUMMING!” Amy squealed in a sharp cry as I felt her body explode under me. She shuddered, her pussy rippling tight around me. I groaned at the feel of her cumming. Her legs gripping my waist tight, her fingers digging into my shoulders. She lent her head back gasping deeply at the sensations her orgasm were causing. I lowered my head down to draw out her one breast. Sucking on the small hard nipple deeply. Amy cried out softly, her fingers digging deeper into my back. I grunted as the sensation brought me to the very edge of my own orgasm.

“Oh fuck Amy, so close.” I hissed thrusting hard and fast into her. She moaned sharply, pushing herself up into my thrusts. I felt her thighs tensing around my, her pussy tightening around my cock. I grunted, gasping as I rammed in and out. My face was buried into her neck as I felt myself letting go.

“God, oh god, unn so hard, no, baby, cum baby.” Amy groaned into my ear. As if that permission had been the trigger I did. Groaning as I came, burying myself deep inside her. Clinging to her as I rode my orgasm for all it was worth. When it finally died I held her close to me, until the awkward position we had ended up in began to cramp up my legs. Slowly I released her, shifting up to stretch myself back into some sort of normal shape. Amy lay on the sofa looking up at me with heavy lidded eyes. Her small breast rose and fell as she breathed hard.

“Not that I’m complaining but I really had not planned on us doing it so early tonight.” She told me in a breathless voice.

“Sorry babe, but seeing you in that dress and with those heels was too much to resist.” I told her, she smiled broadly.

“I was hoping you’d like the dress. I only got it last week, and with you in mind. And boy was it worth it, from the way you’ve just fucked me alone.”

“Oh yes, you looked hot in it. And the platform heels finished the effect perfectly.”

“They’re actually my moms, and a couple of sizes too big so my feet are already killing me.” She said reaching down to her one ankle.

“Then take them off.” She shook her head.

“No way, not from the way you’ve just reacted. Well at least not till later anyhow.” She said with a sly tone to her voice.

“So what was your plan then, if it wasn’t for us to do it this early.” I asked her as she began to sit up.

“First up I was going to make dinner, in fact I’ve lasagne in the oven cooking. Then I was planning to take you upstairs to my room. I wanted to be the one in control tonight, the last few times you’ve been leading. I wanted too.” I could not help but smile at the slight indignation in her voice. She spotted my smile and smacked my arm.

“Hey it’s not funny.” She told me.

“I don’t think it’s funny, I think it sounds like a hot idea. Babe if you want to be in charge tonight I’ll do what ever you want me to do. You guide me later ok.” I told her, seriously warming up to the idea. She looked suspiciously at me for a second. Then she must have realised I was being serious because she smiled a seductively sweet smile.

“Good, good, but now I’d better go put the veg on. Otherwise all we’re going to have to eat is burnt lasagne.” I nodded as she climbed off the sofa. She picked up the dress and quickly slipped it back on. I noticed that she left the panties on the floor. Now she was totally naked under the dress. I sorted out the condom and redressed as she headed back into the kitchen. A few moments later she returned holding the box of condoms in her hand.

“A pack of ten, are you expecting to work through all of them tonight.” She said with a smile, I shook my head.

“Not if either one of us want to walk in the morning. But I only had two left, and we’ve just used one.” I explained, she nodded then crinkled her nose up at the packet.

“I wish we didn’t have to use these, you sure there’s no way I could just have you without a condom.” She asked, I shook my head.

“Not unless you are on the pill.” I told her, she shook her head.

“No chance, if my mom finds out I’ve even asked I’ll be in for such trouble. But there’s got to be a way, someway you can be in me without a piece of rubber around you.”

“No, sorry I’m not going to risk ruining you’re life by getting you pregnant at thirteen.” Well any more than I was already doing. I ignored the sudden flash of guilt. Amy looked too hot in the dress and heels for me to take notice now. Plus that horse had totally bolted ages ago. I knew of a way but I was not going to offer it if I could avoid it. Unfortunately Amy seemed to suddenly have a sixth sense.

“Your not telling me the truth are you. I can tell, there’s something but you don’t want to tell me.”

“Put it this way it’s not something you want to do at such a young age.” I told her, trying to put her off. “Trust me, it’s better if we stick to using condoms and you enjoying it.”

“I want to know, tell me.” I shook my head, Amy stamped her foot in anger. Her eyes flashing as she glared at me. “Tell me, or you can go home now. Cos if there’s anyway you can be in me and not have a condom on I want to know about it.” I considered calling her bluff. After all we had already done it once, and while I would not object to doing it again was it worth this. Then again I doubted very much she’d be up for it. After all it was the kind of thing most girls refused to have anything to do with. As she stood watching me I debated with myself. Then I took in a deep breath.

“Just because I’m telling you this doesn’t mean it’s happening. But you’re right there is one way I can be in you without a condom and you won’t get pregnant.”

“What is it?” She interrupted me, demandingly.

“Ok, you want to know. If I was to fuck you in the ass then there is no need for a condom.” I said in a deliberately blunt manner. Amy’s eyes went wide and she looked shocked and horrified. Just the reaction I had wanted.

“God what, in my ass, like really.” She said in a horrified tone. I nodded quickly, glad to see she did not seem to be liking the idea. “Isn’t that a bit dirty, and god wouldn’t it hurt.”

“Yes to both, it can be dirty and yes it can hurt if done wrong.” She looked at me, her face a mix of emotions. All of them negative I was still glad to see. She shuddered for a moment. Then turned towards the hall.

“I’ll have to take these upstairs then.” She said slowly as she headed into the hall. I nodded glad that she seemed to be totally against the idea of anal sex. Not that I’ve got anything against it, it was just that I really thought she was too young for that. And too inexperienced yet when it came to sex, maybe in the future we might try it. Not tonight, not if I could avoid it.

After she came down she made no more mention of anal sex. Instead she got me one of my beers and began to set up the table for dinner. I offered once to help, at her withering glare I took back the offer. Instead I sat and watched as she moved from the kitchen to the dinning room table setting things up. The sight was quiet enthralling watching her moving across the room. The heels of her shoes clicking on the wooden flooring of her home. The effect of the platform shoes on her legs was equally enthralling. I already considered her legs to be her best part of her body. At thirteen they were well on their way to full shape and form. Two nice long legs, with shapely calves and thighs. The platforms only accentuated their forming shapeliness. Adding to the curve of her calves, and the shape of her thigh muscles. The hem of the dress giving me a very good few of the way her thigh muscles played as she walked across the room. Whenever she lent over the table to put something on it I watched entranced by the sight of the hem lifting, almost showing her naked pussy and ass. The image of me bending her over the table and fucking her hard from behind flashed repeatedly across my mind. It was only when I caught the sly glace she cast my way one time that it dawned she was doing it deliberately. My little Amy was learning rapidly how to use her body to turn me on. By the time she declared that dinner was ready I was hungry for way more than lasagne.

However I dutifully sat at the table, Amy coming out of the kitchen with two beers for us first. Then she went back in, returning with two plates covered with food. She put my plate in front of me, leaning forwards so I got a quick view down her top. Then with a sly grin she walked round to sit in front of me. I looked down at my plate and was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked. All of a sudden I was hungry. We both tucked in, all the time chatting. Not about sex, or so on but just about normal stuff. Oh there was flirting going on, Amy turning out to be fairly good at it. However, a lot of the talk was about our normal lives. I told her of my work in the warehouse. Amy told me of her family, how her little sister was the darling of the family. The golden child who could do no wrong. Sensing the anger in her voice I directed the conversation away from the subject. Finally we finished, I pushed my empty plate away from me with a small satisfied sigh.

“Very nice.” I told her as I wiped my mouth clean.

“It’s nothing more than a frozen lasagne with some veg.” She said dismissively, I smiled.

“Babe my dinner tonight was probably going to be a bag of chips from the chippy, so that was a lot better. And the company was a lot better than the TV would have been.” I told her, she looked up at me.

“You sure that’s not cos we’re going to be having sex together.” I shook my head in denial.

“God no, you are a pretty and smart young woman. Any guy who doesn’t find you great company for more than sex doesn’t know what he’s got.” I told her, meaning every word. She took a second to consider my words. Downing the last of her beer as she did, then smiled.

“Thanks babe, it’s good to know you want me for more than just sex.”

“Of course I do Amy.” I told her, “I just wish we could do this more often.” She nodded slowly, her expression turning slightly sad. “Of course now I want to know what’s for dessert.” She smiled softly at my words, her eyes flashing suddenly.

“For dessert, “ she said in a low voice her foot sliding slowly up my thigh. “For dessert you get me.” She told me in a seductive tone. She stood up and moved round the table to beside me. Reaching up she curled her fingers in my hair. Then lowered her lips to brush them against mine. “And dessert may last all night.” She breathed against my lips. Before pressing hers against mine in a firm kiss. It left no doubt as too her intentions. She pressed her mouth against mine, probing her tongue between my lips. I opened them to let her snake her tongue inside. She softly curled her tongue around mine, in a soft dance that hinted at the pleasure to come. I reached up to pull her against me, she batted my hands away and lifted her head up.

“Remember I’m in charge tonight, you do what I want.” She said in a stern voice. I managed not to laugh at the tone and nodded firmly. “Right then keep those hands where they are for now. I want to kiss you this time.” She told me as she lowered her lips back down to mine. This time her kiss was harder, fuller. Her tongue probing into my mouth as her hands curled around my head. I had to wrap my fingers around the sides of the chair to keep from reaching for her. Then she stepped over my lap, sitting in it. Still kissing me she reached down and lifted my hands up to her hair. I plunged my hands into her thick mousy brown hair as we continued to kiss hard and passionately. Our bodies pressed against each other as our tongues curled around each others. For several minutes we just kissed, they were some of the most romantic and hottest minutes of my life. Then she broke the kiss, leaning back with a gasp for breath.

“Shall we take this upstairs.” She said, making it more a statement than a question. She stood and stepped back over me. Curling the fingers of one hand in mine she led me across the room. We headed upstairs to her bedroom. Somehow the fact she was leading me to her room made the whole thing seem romantic, not dirty at all. Her room was an almost typical teenage girls room. On the wall were posters of the latest pop band. In the middle of the back wall was a large single bed made of pale wood. Opposite it was a small dressing table. To the side was a bedside table that matched the bed. Against the far wall was a single wardrobe that again was made of the same pale wood as the bed. The quilt on the bed was red satin with soft pink flowers on. I could see a small pile of make up on the dressing table, along with a metal jewellery holder shaped like a flower. All in all it looked like how I imagined any teenage girls room to look. The only thing that looked out of place was the pack of condoms sat on the bedside table. As we reached the room Amy had released my hand. While I stood in the door and took it all in she moved to stand by her bed.

“Do you like my room.” She asked, I nodded.

“It’s very nice.” I told her, she smiled.

“I did consider taking you to my parents room, but it felt wrong. This is my room and I want to be with you in my bed, not their’s.” I smiled at her.

“Yes I think that’s better.” I told her, her smile grew bigger. She lifted one arm, reaching towards me. I walked over and took the offered hand. Letting her pull me into her. She reached up to pull my head down to hers, pressing out lips together in another deep kiss. The difference this time was that her hands were now sliding along my body. At first the remained against my chest, rubbing against me. Then she slid them around my waist. Curling them down over my ass, pulling me against her. I had not moved my hands from her head, waiting for her to give me permission. She reached for my hands, pulling them round to her back. Releasing them as she returned to her touching of my back and ass. Taking that as permission I slid my hands over her back. Feeling her body through the material of her dress. Sliding my hand down towards her ass, slowly so she could stop me if she wanted. When she did not I reached under her dress to cup her naked buttock. She rubbed herself against my hand as she began to slide her fingers round to my crotch. I gave a soft moan as her fingers brushed over the bulge my hard cock was making in my trousers. I felt Amy smile through the kiss as she ran her fingers over me. I pushed my hand down under her buttocks towards her pussy. Amy quickly reached her other hand round to stop me.

“Oh no, not until I say you can lover.” She whispered to me as she put my hand back on her side. I nodded softly as she returned to kissing me. Again running her fingers over my hard cock. This was not going to be easy. I so wanted to touch her, feel her. But I had agreed to let her lead tonight and there was no way I was going back on that. With a massive amount of will I held my hands away from anywhere I thought I should not touch. At least she had allowed me to touch her ass, otherwise I might not been able to control myself.

For a minute she simply rubbed her fingers over my cock through my trousers. I moaned softly at the feel of her fingers on me. Then felt her fingers undoing the buttons of my trousers, then slowly, agonisingly slowly pulling the zip down. I drew in a breath in anticipation as she pushed open my trousers and reached in to wrap her hand around me. My breath came out in an explosive gasp as she ran her hand along me. Pulling my cock out, releasing it from my boxers. Sliding her hand along me. Her fingers feeling so small as they were wrapped around me. It was moments like this that reminded me that my lover was still only a teenage girl, her hand was too small. However the way she ran it along me was that of someone with more experience that her age would suggest. The fact that she had gained a lot of that experience in the few short weeks since we had met was not lost on me. I moaned softly as she rubbed her fingers along me. Moving softly at first, but slowly increasing the pressure on me, at just the right rate. I gasped softly as her fingers moved with experience beyond her years. I could feel her smiling at my reaction. Her hand rubbing along me firmly now, sending ripples of feeling through my body.

“Oh fuck baby.” I gasped softly as my body began to respond to her touch. As if that had been some sort of cue I felt her sinking down in front of me. I opened my eyes and looked down into her blue eyes. They glinted seductively as she moved down until her face was in line with my crotch. I gasped in a breath as my body reacted in anticipation of what was about to happen. With a seductive look up at me she slowly curled her tongue around me. Running it up my length, over my head and back down the other side. I groaned softly, locking my legs against the jolt her tongue cause me. She smiled up at me with an even more seductive look as she slipped her lips around me. Holding the head of my cock in her mouth she sucked hard on me. Then sank her mouth down me, taking me deep into her. Pulling back she licked her tongue over me again. Before sliding her mouth back down me.

I moaned at the sensation of her small mouth clamped tight around my cock. As she began to slide her lips along me. Moving in slow sensual motions. Each time lowering her mouth further down me. Gingerly I reached one hand up to cup her head. Not sure if she would allow it. When she did nothing to stop me I wrapped my fingers in her hair. Moaning softly as I enjoyed the feel of her mouth moving up and down me. Drawing me deep into her with each motion. Until I felt her lips curling around the very base. She held the whole of my length in her mouth. Sucking softly on me, holding me for a couple of breaths before moving back up me. She pulled her mouth off me, licking her lips slightly and looking up at me.

“Umm, pre-cum.” She said in a low voice, “almost as good as the real thing.” She added before lowering her mouth down onto me again. Swallowing all of me in a slow motion that sent jolts of pleasure through me. Only through tightening my thigh muscles together did I manage to stop from falling over. My legs were like jelly by now. I could feel my body rising rapidly towards release.

“Oh god baby, you’re going to get the real thing soon.” I said to her in a deep gasp. Her response was to increase her motion. Sliding her mouth faster along me, drawing me deep into her mouth each time. Pushing down to take all of me. I groaned at the feel of my cock as it rubbed against her throat. Sensing the head pushing down the back of her throat. How such a young girl could do this I had still not figured out. The fact that she could was more than I could stand. With a groan I felt myself reach the edge of my orgasm. As if Amy sensed this she held my cock almost totally in her mouth and sucked hard on me.

“Oh god baby, baby.” I grunted as she triggered my orgasm. My cum pumped into her mouth. I heard her murmur of pleasure as it filled her mouth. Felt her soft shudder as she swallowed to keep from choking as I emptied myself down her throat. She held her mouth still, sucking hard on me to make sure she got every single last drop of my cum. Waiting until I had emptied myself fully before softly licking my cock clean. She pulled back and slowly swallowed the last of my cum, licking her lips after in satisfaction.

“Umm, as nice as always.” She murmured to me as she licked her lips. Then stood up to kiss me hard. Then she released me and stepped back until she was pressing the back of her legs against the bed. As I watched she slowly reached up to the straps of the dress. With deliberately slow movement she hooked her fingers under the straps and pushed them off her shoulders. She allowed the dress to sink down, controlling it to stop it from simply dropping. Dragging out the action as far as she could. The look on her face one of deep, calculating lust as she lowered the dress. My eyes followed the top almost of their own accord, drawn down to towards her naked breasts. I took in the look of their small shape, two small mounds of flesh pushing out from her chest. Each topped by a hard pink nipple. Then my gaze moved lower along her flat stomach until the dress fell to the floor to reveal her young pussy. Naked apart from the soft down of hair covering it. Amy stood in front of me letting my gaze run over her naked body as she stepped out of the dress. She sat down on the bed and reach down to the straps of her platform shoes. Sensuously sliding her fingers down her calves to reach the straps. Slowly undoing them and lifting her feet free.

I swallowed hard, holding my hands fisted at my side. Resisting the urge to dive on her. Waiting for her to allow it. She undid her other foot, then shifted back onto the bed. Stretching herself out in front of me, her eyes watching my face as she did. She must have sensed how close to loosing control I was as she suddenly reached towards me. I clambered on the bed, pushing my trousers down as I did. As she saw me reaching for the condoms she stopped me.

“No, I want you to make me cum first.” She said, I smiled and nodded. Moving down towards her pussy. Again she stopped me. “Slowly, do it slowly babe.” She told me as she pulled my mouth up to hers. I moaned softly as I kissed her. I ran my hands along her sides until they were next to her breasts. When she did nothing to stop me I slipped my hands up over her breasts. Pressing my fingers into the small mounds of her flesh. She gave a murmur of pleasure as I rubbed my fingers over her.

“Oh yes babe, do it slowly babe.” She whispered to me again. I nodded, taking a couple of deep breaths to regain my control. If she wanted me to take my time I would. I began by just kissing her, first her mouth, then moving to kiss her cheek bone then her neck. Before moving back to her mouth. All the time I was gently rubbing my hands over her breasts. I could feel how hard her nipples were as I rubbed over them. I resisted the urge to move my mouth straight to them. Continued to kiss her face and neck for a minute longer. Then I allowed myself to move lower, kissing the base of her neck before taking one breast into my mouth. Sucking hard on it to draw out the hard nipple. Curling my tongue over it. Amy moaned deep in her throat and arched her back towards me. I moved to the other breast, sucking on it as hard. Licking over the nipple. I took the hard nipple between my lips, sucking hard at it. Softly nipping my teeth against it. Amy gasped and I felt her body jolt softly. I moved to the other breast giving that the same treatment.

As I sucked at her breast I was sliding my hands down her body. Again I resisted the urge to go straight for her pussy. Instead I ran my fingers down her legs, rubbing them over her thighs as far as I could reach. I slowly parted her legs wider. Running my finger up and down the inside of her leg. Each time sliding them higher and higher. I felt her breathing hard as she began to anticipate the touch of my fingers on her flesh. Finally I ran my hand over her pussy, cupping it softly. Then sliding one finger just inside her lips. She gasped softly, a small sound of deep pleasure. I moved between her breasts, sucking hard on them as I began to slide my finger deeper between her lips until it was pressing against her pussy. Slowly I slid the finger into her, pushing it up inside her. She gave a long moan of feeling as I did. Then gasped as I pulled it back out, sliding the tip along the roof of her pussy. I added a second finger as I pushed back into her. Sliding them as deep into her as I could. Moving them slowly, firmly into her. Holding them inside her for a moment. Then pushing them apart, stretching her pussy as I pulled them out.

Amy bucked slightly as I did. I began to slide the fingers in and out, each time stretching her as wide as I could. All the time keeping my mouth firmly planted against her breasts. Sucking hard on them, not moving my mouth lower until I felt she needed it. Amy was gasping softly, moving gently under me as I continued to slide my fingers into her. Suddenly she curled her hand in my hair pushing me down. I removed my fingers, replacing them with my tongue. Happily curling it inside her, licking at her. Savouring her sweet flavour as I licked at her. The light, innocent taste of her pussy that did not ever seem to diminish. No matter how often I tasted her it was always a surprise how good she tasted. I licked at her hard, pushing my tongue inside her deeply. Lapping at her pussy like a thirst dog. All to soon for me however I sensed her needing more. The catch in her soft cries, the way her movement under me was growing harder. I moved with great reluctance up to the small bud that was her clitoris. I could tell how turned on she was by the fact it was already pushing from under it’s protective hood. I ran my tongue over it, Amy bucked hard under me. I curled one hand over her stomach to hold her down as I began to lick at her.

She gasped and moaned deeply as I flicked my tongue over her clitoris. Drawing it the whole way out, then licking over it and around it. As I did I pushed two fingers back into her pussy. Sliding them in and out with rapid hard movements. Pressing my tongue against her clit I began to lick hard and fast at it. Using my knowledge of her to bring her to her orgasm.

“Oh baby, no baby.” Amy mewed shrilly as I licked at her clitoris. My fingers moving deeply into her pussy. Sliding in and out rapidly. My tongue working at her clitoris. Flicking around it, under it, over it. Rapid movements that caused her to buck and writhe under me. “Oh god, no, no, babe no.” Amy cried as I brought her to the edge of her orgasm. “Fuck, no, oh god I’m cumming baby, no, no, ohhhh goddd!” She cried in a shrill squeal as I felt her body burst into her orgasm. I ran my tongue back down to her pussy. Using my fingers to hold her open as I licked deeply in her. Rubbing my thumb over her clitoris as I tasted her orgasm.

“Fuck, fuck no, no, oh god nooooo.” Amy squeal as to my surprise I felt her cumming a second time straight after the first. I had never given a girl multiple orgasms before and was pleasantly shocked to do it now. Amy gasped hard as the second orgasm flashed through her. I licked at her, savouring the sharp deepening of her flavour as the orgasm rolled through her. She went ridged as the orgasm reached it’s peak. Then gave a long sigh of pleasure as she sank back onto the bed her orgasm dying slowly. I propped my head up on my hand watching her as she lay on the bed breathing hard. After a minute she opened her eyes to look over at me. Her expression was heavy with desire and passion. She smiled slowly at me, a smile I matched. With her full attention I reached for the condom box. This time she did not stop me as I fished one packet out.

It was only as I opened it that she moved. Taking the packet off me she rolled me onto my back. She removed the condom and carefully slid it onto my hard cock. Pushing it down to fully sheath me. Then she straddled me with her legs. Lifting herself up over my cock. Reaching down to wrap her fingers around me, guiding me into her. Slowly she lowered herself down onto me. We both gave deep gasps as I entered her. I watched her as she sank down on me. Her neck and chest were still flushed from her orgasm. Her eyes were half closed as she sank lower on me. Sliding down to take all of me in her. Then slowly pulling up until I was nearly out again. Before dropping hard back down on me, making us both gasp again.

Amy began to move on me, up and down. In a slow tempo at first, each time dropping down until I was totally inside her. By now her eyes were fully closed as she seemed to be simply enjoying the feel of me in her. I was, of course, enjoying the feel of her around me. Her young pussy was as tight as ever as she sank down on me. My cock sliding into her warm and wet pussy. Feeling as if I was being sheath in a heated tight glove.

After a couple of minutes she began to move faster, sliding along me harder. I gave a soft moan of pleasure at the increased speed. Amy gasped gently, riding my cock with her young body. I could see the way her breasts seemed to shiver with each gasp. Her chest shuddering slightly as she sank down on me. Her movements growing faster and harder. I ran my hands along her legs, feeling the way her thigh muscles moved as she rode me. I reached up to her small breasts. Rubbing my fingers over them. Pawing at them, playing with her hard nipples. Amy gasped deeply and increased her movements on me. Riding me faster and faster. I groaned deeply, rubbing at her breasts and simply enjoying watching her ride me as much as feeling her on me.

“Oh god, no, baby, no.” Amy groaned as her movements grew faster.

“Unn fuck Amy yes, fuck me baby.” I gasped back to her as I began to react to her movements. Pleasure flashing through my body as her tight young pussy slid up and down me. Each time sinking down to take all of me inside. As I watch Amy ran her one hand to between her legs. I sank back watching as she began to finger herself while riding me. The sight was so erotic I almost came straight away.

“Oh god baby, I’m so close.” I hissed softly to her.

“No, no, a bit long, please just, a bit, longer.” Amy gasped her words coming in short breaths. I grit my teeth, fighting to control the urge to cum. Amy was mewing softly now, her head rocking from side to side. Her fingers rubbing hard at her clit as she rode me. Her cries grew shrill, sharp. She arched her head back as she rushed towards her orgasm. “Oh god, no, fuck, oh no, oh oh god!” She gasped as she reached the peak. I was there too, right on the verge of cumming. With a sharp cry she came, a second later I let go. Groaning loudly as I came. Feeling her pussy ripple around me as if her body wanted to suck my cum out. Amy gasped, deep shuddering breaths as she came. Then she tipped forwards to collapse on me, gasping into my chest as her orgasm faded away.

We clung to each other for several seconds, both breathing hard. Then Amy rolled off me onto the bed. I quickly removed the condom. Before turning to look at her. She was breathing hard, her eyes still closed. Her face and neck flushed, a soft sheen of sweat on her skin. She looked so hot lying next to me on the bed. I reached up to run my hand down her face and neck, over her breast. Softly rubbing it, then running my fingers over her nipple. She murmured and opened her eyes. I smiled down at her as I lowered my mouth down to her breast. Sucking softly on it, pulling it into my mouth. Amy groaned deeply, arching her back up to me. I sucked harder at the offered breast. Drawing in deep into my mouth, curling my tongue around in. Then began to lick at her hard nipple. She gasped and her arms curled around my head. I moved to the other breasts, giving that the same treatment. I could feel her moving under me, shifting softly as ripples of pleasure ran through her. I ran one hand down to her leg, sliding my fingers along the inside of her thigh. Reaching up to rub at her pussy, she opened her legs wide for me. I slide two fingers into her, then pushed a third inside. Sliding them as deep into her as I could. Amy moaned, writhing softly on the bed under me. By now my cock was rock hard again. I pulled my fingers out, licking them clean. Then deliberately leaned over her to fish out a condom. Amy’s eyes went wide as she realised what I was doing. Then they turned heavy with lust.

I quickly opened the packet and slid the condom onto me. Moving to lay on top of her I positioned myself between her legs. I looked down at her, taking in the was she looked. Small, sexy, so hot, and so ready for me. I guided myself into her, thrusting forwards deeply. Amy gave a sharp cry, arching her head back as I entered her.

“Oh god, baby.” She moaned as I started to thrust in and out. At first I simply enjoyed the feel of her pussy around me. Soon I began to feel that I was not going deep enough, I needed to bury myself as hard in her as I could. I pushed myself up onto my knees, sliding my hands under Amy’s thighs. She looked up at me as I lifted her upwards. Holding her against me as I braced ready. Then I rammed into her hard and fast.

“Oh baby, do it hard baby.” Amy cried in sharp pleasure as I thrust in and out hard. Ramming my cock deep into her body. She tightened her legs around me, gripping me hard. I groaned and moaned as I thrust into her. Watching as her small body rocked and writhed with each thrust.

“Harder, oh harder. Your going, no, no, oh fuck, FUCK.” She squealed softly as her body exploded into an orgasm. Bucking under me as I thrust hard into her. Reaching forwards I clawed at her breasts, twisting her nipples with my finger and thumb. Keeping up the repeated thrusts into her. “NO,NO, OH FUCK.” Amy cried as I rammed in and out. I gasped hard, as her tight pussy stretched around me. My cock pushing deep into her, filling her fully. I reached back to grab both legs. Curling them forwards to hold them in front of my chest. Then increased the power of my thrust. Slamming my cock harder into her tight young body.

“Oh no, unn no. Fuck, no,no,nooo.” Amy gasped in a rapid staccato voice as I rammed in and out. Slamming myself hard into her. I could feel her body rocking with each thrust. Could see the ripples flashing up her as I fucked her hard. “Don’t stop, please harder, no god no.” Amy urged me on as when I began to falter. Her words brought new life to my thrusts. I dug my fingers into her thighs, pulling her into me as I rammed in deeply.

“Amy, baby, take it, fuck baby so tight baby.” I said in a breathless gasp. Then I lent forwards, reaching up to grab the head of her bed. Arching her backward, pushing her legs over her head. Amy cried out, a shrill squeal of passion as I ramming down into her. Each thrust driving her into the bed. Slamming my cock deep inside her, fucking her harder and faster. I could feel myself pushing beyond my endurance, but the look of sheer ecstasy on her face drove me on.

“God, no, no oh no, again, please oh please fuck me.” Amy squealing, shrill mews of passion. Her hands clung to the head of the bed, fingers digging into the wood. I grabbed a handful of hair, pulling her head back. Thrusting into her hard, deep. Groaning at the feel of her small body under me, taking me into her.

“Oh fuck Amy, Amy.” I grunted as I felt myself reach my peak. She squealed deeply as my thrusts grew wilder with the onset of my orgasm. Then I rammed into her with every ouch of strength. Holding myself buried as deep as I could inside her as I came.

“GOD, GOD, UNN BABY.” Amy cried to me, reaching up to my face with her hand as I came. “Cum baby, cum.” She urged as I exploded into my orgasm. Gasping hard, as I emptied myself into her.

For several seconds I could not move, frozen in place by the sheer strength of my orgasm. Then I felt her trying to stretch and forced my body to move. Pulling back to let her uncurl her body. She gave a soft hiss as she stretched her legs out. I breathed hard, removing the condom slowly. Then I collapsed onto the bed, taking in deep gulps of air.

“I’m sorry if I was too hard.” I said to her, she shook her head.

“Too hard, that was so intense.” She told me. “You can do that again if you want.” I smiled up at her.

“I might need a couple of minutes to recover.” I said, she laughed. Then she slowly, gingerly climbed off the bed.

“I need the toilet, back in a minute.” She told me, I nodded and sank back into the bed. Taking the chance to regain my breath. I could hear her in the bathroom, then heard her returning to the bedroom. Something sounded different about the way she was walking. I looked up to find she was wearing her dress and platform heels again.

“What are you doing dressed.” I said to her, she just smiled as she crossed the room. She reached her dressing table and bent forwards over it, before glancing back at me with a seductive look on her face.

“You seems to be imagining bending me over in this dress downstairs. So I decided to let you do me anyway you want to like this.” She said in a slow, low voice. I smiled at her and clambered off the bed, grabbing a condom as I did. She frowned slightly and grimaced.

“You know we need one.” I told her.

“Not if we do what you said down stairs about fucking my ass.” She replied, I stopped and shook my head.

“That’s not happening, not tonight.”

“Why.” She said, pouting as she spoke.

“Several very good reasons.” I told her, “one you’re too young. Two you’re way to inexperienced, hell you only lost your virginity a couple of weeks ago.”

“You’d know.” She interrupted me by saying.

“Yeah, so I know how experienced you are. Three we haven’t any lube, and fourth and most importantly I am not going to do your ass tonight.” Amy pouted harder for a second, then frowned.

“What’s lube?”

“Lubricant, gel or something to make it easier. If we don’t use it and I do you dry it’d hurt so much you’d go off sex for good. And probably off me, which I’d deserve for doing it without lube.”

“Gel, what sort of gel.”

“Erm, usually it’s sold as KY Jelly. It’s a petroleum gel to make it easier.”

“What like hand cream or Vaseline.”

“Something like that.” She brightened and pulled open the draw in front of her. A second later she tossed a small jar at me.

“Will that do.” She asked as she threw it. I caught it and look at it. It was a skin cream, a non brand version of Vaseline.

“Well it would if we were…”

“Well then, do it.” I shook my head, She stood up and turned to face me. “I want to try it, I want you in me without one of those fucking condoms on. If this is the only way then we’re doing it.”

“Let’s wait a few weeks until you’re more used to normal sex and then do it.”

“No, now.” She said through gritted teeth, stomping one foot hard. I fought from smiling, she looked so funny standing in a pout.

“I really don’t think this is a good idea.”

“I do, you want to fuck me again tonight then we’re doing it. I only want one time, to try it. After we can go back to using the condoms all night if you want.”

“God, I think I’d need an ambulance if we did it all night.” Amy’s pout cracked as she flashed a smile at my comment.

“Ok, maybe not all night. I might be too sore myself for more than two or three more goes. But nothing is happening till I feel you inside me without a fucking condom on. If the only way is up my ass, then you are fucking my ass.” She said, her voice insistent. Now I was frowning, I had not realised just how stubborn she was going to be about this. My problem was that I really did want to fuck her. And, I had to admit that she did have a very hot ass. Fucking it would be quiet probably intense, but not this early in her sex life. I really did not know if it was a good idea. She crossed her arms over her chest and glared at me.

“Choose, either you do my ass or we’re not having sex again.” Something told me she meant more than just tonight. That was playing dirty, and she knew it. Part of me felt like calling her bluff, however most of me just could not risk it. They say men are ruled by their cocks, in this case I really was being. Just the thought of not being able to fuck her sent shivers down my spine. I knew there was no way I could see her on the street and not be able to do her. Cursing myself for being a spineless pervert I nodded slowly. Amy smiled as she realised I had capitulated. Then turned round to bend back over the table.

“Come on then big boy, do my ass for me.” She said in a slow sexy voice. I frowned at her.

“You said you’d stopped watching porn.” I said accusingly.

“I have, but I remember that from one I saw. It worked in the film, so I thought it might work now.” I laughed softly, then opened the jar. Walking over to her I dropped the condom onto the table.

“Just in case you change your mind.” I told her, she shook her head.

“Ain’t going to happen.” She replied with steel in her voice. I shrugged sensing that now matter what I did I was now set on the course. I lifted the hem of her dress, looking down at her tight little ass. It was small, white round buttocks that seemed so fuckable. Reaching down I ran my hand over them, feeling how smooth they were. Now it seemed certain I was doing this I was seriously looking forwards to it. I carefully opened her buttocks to see the small hole that was her anus. I gently rubbed the tip of my finger against it. Amy gasped softly.

“You sure about this.” I asked, determined to give her chance to back out. She nodded sharply, looking back at me. Her blue eyes hard as steel. With a soft sigh of resignation I dipped my finger into the gel. Pulling out as large a dollop as I could I pressed the finger against her anus. Slowly, carefully I pushed forwards. Rubbing the gel around her as I began to insert my finger into her.

“Oh, oh, fuck.” Amy said in a sharp shuddering gasp.

“I can stop.”

“No, do it.” She replied sharply. I pushed further into her, sliding my finger into her ass. I only went in to the second knuckle. Making sure I had smeared as much gel in her as I could. Then I pulled out, grabbed a second dollop and pushed my finger into her again. This time sliding it in totally. Amy took deep breaths in, chewing on her top lip as she did. I moved my finger inside her, sliding it in and out. She took a sharp breath in, then let in out in an explosive gasp.

“FUCK!” She hissed through clenched teeth.

“That’s just my finger, I’ll be a lot bigger inside you.”

“I know that, and that was because that felt strangely good.” She snapped back at me. I was not sure if she was lying or not. So I pushed my finger in and out again, then again. “Oh fuck me, god, please do it.” She said in a low voice. I could not be certain but, it definitely seemed to be a tone of lust in her voice. I pulled my finger out. I smeared as much gel as I could on my cock, slightly concerned with just how hard I had got at the idea. For a second I wondered just how big a pervert I was becoming. Getting so turned on by the idea of fucking her young teenage ass. But it was only Amy, that I knew for a fact. No other girls turned me on, none her age. Actually few older women were doing it now for me. It was as if Amy was the only girl for me. A thought I did not want to dwell on, for reasons that scared me half to death. Instead I focused on making sure my cock was totally covered in gel. Before moving behind her, positioning myself ready.

“Last chance, speak now or I’ll do this.” I warned her as I pushed her dress up. She looked back at me her face set.

“Do it!” She said quickly. I pressed my cock against her ass. Felt her body resisting me. Gently as I could I pushed forwards. Sliding into her a bit at a time. “UUnn, fuck oh god that feels sooo.” Amy groaned, gripping her fingers into the edge of the table. I stopped partway in her, as I felt her ass tighten around me. I waited for her body to relax before pushing further in. Her head hung low, almost resting on the table. As she gasped hard for breath. I knew there was no way I could get all the way in the first time. Stopping I gently pulled back, holding myself just inside her. She took a few rapid gasps then looked back and nodded, giving my permission to start again.

I pushed forwards, my cock pressing into her tight ass. I was taking deep breaths in to control myself. Not wanting to go too hard, too soon. Again I could only go so far into her. This time I held myself inside her for a couple of seconds before pulling back. I heard her gulp for air, swallowing hard.

“Oh my god you feel so big.” She hissed over her shoulder at me.

“I’m not all the way in yet.” I told her, she nodded.

“Try and to that, push all the way in babe.” She said in a whisper, I nodded. I gripped her waist tight as I pushed forwards. Again when I was just over halfway in I felt her body resisting my movements. This time I did not stop. Instead I gripped her tighter, pushing forwards against the resistance. For a couple of seconds it felt as if there was no way I was getting deeper. Then suddenly I was in, sliding in until I was fully inside her.

“Shit, oh shit. Christ.” Amy grunted as I held my cock buried fully in her ass. “God, baby don’t move for a moment.” She gasped to me, drawing in deep breaths of air. I held myself as still as possible, not that I had intended on moving. I was waiting for her body to relax, to get as used to the feel of me as it could. I heard her taking in deep shuddering breaths for a few seconds. Then felt her ass loosen it’s grip. It still felt so tight, but now I could move without fear of tearing at her. Slowly I pulled back, then pushed in again.

“OH Christ, oh baby shit.” Amy grunted, but this time there was less of a catch to her voice. I continued to move in and out, slowly sliding my cock deep into her ass. Amy grunted softly each time, gulping air into her. After a few minutes she lifted her head to look back at me. “Try a bit faster baby.” She whispered to me. I slowly increased the speed and power. My cock pushing deep into her small ass. Amy gasped hard for breath, taking in sharp breaths. I was doing the same as I fought to keep control, not wanting to go too fast or too hard.

“Fuck, oh fuck.” Amy grunted, arching her head back as she did.

“Should I stop.” I breathed, she shook her head quickly. Taking her at her word I went a little harder, sliding in and out at a stronger and steadier pace now. She grunted sharply with each thrust. I ran my hands up her body. Pushing the dress up until I reached her breasts. I began to kneed them with my fingers, rubbing at her nipples. To my surprise they were rock hard. Now curious I slid a hand down between her legs. Rubbing at her small pussy. Again I was surprised at how wet se was, she was actually enjoying this. The knowledge caused me to go harder, sliding in as deep as I could inside her ass.

“Shit, no, oh god, oh, oh no, no.” Amy gasped, digging her fingers into the table. I pulled my thrusts back, only for her to push back into me. “No, don’t you dare stop.” She hissed over her shoulder at me. “I want you to keep going, not to stop at all.” She said, her tone insistent. I nodded, now resigned to going all the way with this. Not that I was minding, it was getting harder and harder to keep control. Her ass was so tight, and so hot wrapped around my cock. I quickly built back up to the same strength as before. Not that I was taking her hard, but it was hard enough for me at the moment.

As I began to fuck her ass deeply I kept rubbing at her breasts and pussy. Using my fingers to give her as much pleasure as I could. All the time sliding my cock in and out of her ass. Knowing that my control was slipping. My thrusts were growing harder, faster with every passing moment. Amy’s gasps were turning into soft squeals as I built up the speed.

“Oh god, fuck, no, no, unn god.” Amy cried, her voice high and shrill. I grunted and groaned as I fought not to completely loose it on her. As it was I was going harder than I thought I should. But the feel of her ass around my cock was too good.

“Oh fuck Amy, so hard to stop baby.” I gasped desperately as my control slipped more and more.

“Stop what.”

“From loosing it and fucking you so hard.” I told her through teeth clenched for control.

“Baby, do it, you want it so do it.”

“I’ll hurt you.” I gasped to her.

“No, I want it baby, I want you to do it properly.” Even as we spoke my control broke. I reached up to curl one hand around her shoulder. Holding her still as I rapidly increased my thrusts into her. “Christ, oh unn, god, unn baby, baby.” Amy squealed sharply arching her head back as she did. She cried out sharply with each deep thrust. My cock buried fully into her each time I thrust upwards.

“Amy, oh god Amy.” I grunted as I rushed towards my orgasm. Her only answer was sharp cries of feeling. I was at the point of no return now. My body on total automatic. Each thrust driving my cock hard into her. Pushing myself up inside her tight little ass. She lent forwards over the table, squealing hard. I wrapped both hands around her shoulders, pulling her back onto me. Grunting hard now as I felt myself tipping into my orgasm.

“Unn, oh god, no, no, unn soo hard baby.” Amy squealed to me as I rammed into her with the power of my orgasm. “OH FUCK BABY!” She cried out as she felt my cum pump into her body. I gasped hard, holding myself buried totally in her ass. Emptying myself inside her, pumping into her body. I felt her shudder softly under my hands as she felt my cum filling her ass. I opened my eyes, which had been closed tight from the moment I lost control. Amy was pressing her hands into the mirror of her dressing table. Her fingers curled into claws. Her breathing coming in sharp gasps, hair matted with sweat around her face. I blinked at the look in her eyes, there was pleasure but what I only saw was the strain of pain in them.

“Oh god, Amy.” I gasped pulling back out of her instantly. “God I hurt you.” I said, horrified that I had hurt her. She stood quickly, turning to look at me.

“No, it’s ok, I’m fine.” She told me, stepping forwards to curl her arms around me. “I knew it might hurt, but it wasn’t that bad.” She told me, pressing her face into my chest. I reached down to push her chin up so I could see her eyes,

“You’re not lying to me are you.” She shook her head, keeping her gaze on mine.

“No, it’s fine. I won’t say it didn’t hurt, but it was ok as well. I liked the feel of you inside me without those condoms. And feeling you cum in me was, well amazing. But you were right that I should have waited a bit.” She bit her bottom lip softly as she spoke. “It was too full on for me, can we wait before we do it again.”

“If you didn’t like it we don’t ever have to do that again.” She shook her head again.

“That’s not it, I want to do that again with you. But not until I’m more used to sex. Give me a few weeks to just get used to normal sex before we do that again. But I want you in me like that again, I want to feel you in me without a condom again.” She said, the final sentence said in a determined tone. I nodded slowly, holding her tight.

“Ok, and we don’t have to do anything else tonight if you’re not up for it.” She stepped back and looked up at me with a sly smile.

“Oh no, we are so going to fuck again tonight.” She said to me, reaching round to grab the condom I had dropped on the table. “So you had better hold on to that. Cos I want more of you tonight.” She added, throwing the condom at me. I caught it with a laugh.

“Ok then Amy, if you want me show me.” Her eyes closed slightly, then she slowly slipped the dress off her. Before walking over to me and running her fingers over my cock.

“Oh, trust me I’ll show you.” She said as she rubbed at me. A promise which I am glad to say she kept.

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