Welcome to my All Boys Camp Series
Part 4

The next moring Tristan woke me up by masterbating my cock. As I opened my eyes to see we were the first ones up and seeing Tristan's smiling face. As I got out of bed with moring woodmaking my way to the bathroom for my moring routine's, Tristan couldnt help but stare at my naked body.

When I came back to put on a nice tight pair of white boxer briefs. and began my moring workout with push ups and sit ups. Tristan was getting boned up watching me. I watched Tristain get out of bed in a pair of my boxers heading towards the washroom. I slowly followed him to find him washing his face. I came up behind him and hugged him from behind and wispered in Tristan's ear, "happy birthday"

Tristan Turened around and hugged me placeing his hands in my boxers squeezing my ass and he looked up at me and kissed me passionately, He blew my mind away by running his hands through my hair, squeezing my ass and feeling his toung im my mouth.

Me: "Wow, that was hot"
Tristan: That was amazing, for my first kiss.
Me: "Your telling me, I have somthing special planned for you and me tonight"
Tristan: "Really, I cant wait to find out what it is"

We made our way back to the bunks to get dressed and woke all the boys up.
Just about every boy in the cabin had moring wood, crawling out of their beds in their tight white underwear. I annouced "who's hungry?, Breakfast in 10 minutes, first come first serve."

During breakfast Kevin and I were sitting togather talking about today's activities, (rock climbing and Zip lining). We saw tristan looking for a seat and I noded my nead to come sit next to me. As Tristan sat next to me he thanked us for a great time last night. Kevin and I smiled and said, "there is more where that came from",

Me: Maybe we should bring out the "special lesson plan tomorrow night"
Tristan: "What Special Lession Plan"
Kevin winked at me and said: ":Good idea, shuld we do it in groups or all togather?"
Me: "Lets see how the day runs first, then we will figure that out."
Tristan: "What are you talking about?"
Me: "it's a surprise"
Tristan: " I like surprises"

After breakfast we took the boys out for zip lining, and rock climbing. On our way there we passed a group of younger campers skinny dipping in a small pond, What a great site ot see a group of young boys splashing eachother and jumping in nude, showing off their naked bodies and some poiting at eachothers little dicks.

Ben " That looks like fun, When are we going to do this?"
Me " later in the week"

As we approched the rock climbing wall, Ben and Josh looked up at it and looked a little scared as they say a instructor at the top of the wall and slowly making his way down. As the group of boys started to fit into their harnesses Ben and Josh came up to me and asked "Do we have to do this, it's scary."

Me " I'll tell you what, If you are scared to try
this, how about I take you two back to the pond and you can go have fun with the other boys.

With a big smile on their little faces they said "OK"

As we came back to the pound to find the young boys skinny dipping ages 6 - 9 led by my friend Mike. Mike is 16 with a avereage build, and proud to show off his 4 inch cut shaved cock. Mike saw me with the two boys and said "Come to join us?"

Me "Are you boys up for some fun"
Ben and Josh "Yes"
Mike "Good, now lets get you out of those clothes"

As I helped Ben and josh take off their clothes, Ben asked me if I was swimming too.
Me: " I have to go back and help with the rock climbing and zip lining, Mike will be watching you two, ok"
Ben: "Ok"
Mike: " Have fun"

When I got back to the rock climbing wall Tristan need some help putting on his harness. As I cam over to give him a hand tightening his straps around his weights and thighs followed by a quick tug on the carabiner (crotch area).

As I watched the boys go up one by one with their tight asses showing thanks to the harnesses, and zip lining was alot of fun, the boys were getting hot and went all shirtless zip linging from tree to tree, most of them doing the tarzan call..

On our way back to the cabins to get changed for dinner, we bumped into Mike and his group of boys.
Me: " Hi Boys, did you have fun"
The whole group " Heck ya"
Ben and Josh came up to me and gave me a great big hug,
Josh: " that was fun"
Ben: " Cant wait to go swiming naked again"

Looks like my group of boys is looking forward to skinny dipping now.

At dinner Tristan an I got talking about tonight's surprise.
Tristan and I was thinking about making Dylan a man.

As Dylan sat across from us we were talking about manly stuff, Fast cars, extreme sports, wrestling and sex. Dylan didn't have a clue what sex and masterbation is. Kevin joined in as we were talking about things you learn when you become a man. We started to discribe what masterbation and sex is;

Kevin: It's the best feeling in the whole world"
Tristan: "Ever since I discovered sex, I masterbate every night"
Dylan: "I want to have sex, can you show me how it's done"

Kevin, Tristan and I began to smile.

Me: I'll tell you what After lights out meet me in the shower room."
Dylan: "So we are showering togatther?"
Me: "Shure, Plus I am foing to teach you how to masterbate and have sex."
Dylan: "Sweet, I cant wait"

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