at least read part 3 first...
“Which tasty treat do you want first?” the father said.

“Please, not again,” Nathan begged.

“I can’t get hard yet, dad, I need to piss.”

The older man stood behind Nathan and shoved two fingers from each hand in his mouth. He jammed them in between his molars so Nathan’s mouth was open. He could feel his lips cracking from being overstretched. Saliva ran uncontrollably out of his mouth.

“Here’s your urinal, Ben.”

With that the son, Ben pissed into Nathan’s wide open mouth.

“Better swallow it boy,” the father said. “You don’t wanna ruin your uniform.”

Nathan did his best to swallow every drop, but because of Ben’s piercings two lines of piss showered him. One splattered against his uniform and the other filled his mouth. He thought he was going to throw up. He could feel the liquid sloshing around inside of him. He felt a moment of relief when Ben’s flow stopped. Then he watched as the young man’s cock hardened. It just kept growing. Ben walked forward and started to slap Nathan’s face with his huge cock. The piercings scratched at his cheeks. The dick was longer than his head and almost as wide as his mouth.

“Mno,” Nathan cried.

“Quit playing with the poor bitch and give him what he wants.”

Ben rested his pierced cock against Nathan’s bottom lip. He could taste precum and metal. Gradually, Ben inched his dick in, making sure Nathan remembered every inch. About halfway down the dick entered Nathan’s throat. He gagged, but Ben just kept going. In fact he moaned in pleasure. Nathan touched his throat and he could feel the lump of Ben’s cock there. Tears welled in his eyes. He pushed against Ben’s thighs, but the man was much stronger than he was. He punched against the muscular legs and tried to turn his head to dislodge the monstrous cock, but Ben’s dad held his head fast.

Ben slapped Nathan hard and said, “You’re making things worse for yourself slut. We know you want it really.”

Now Ben had every inch inside Nathan’s throat. Ben’s balls stuck against the boy’s chin.

“Stick your tongue out and lick my balls.”

Nathan did as he was told. He could no longer breathe. He licked the sweaty balls as his vision faded. When he finally felt he was going to pass out Ben pulled his dick out so fast the piercing ripped at Nathan’s throat and tongue. He managed to grab one breath before the cock was in his throat again. Ben kept up this furious pace for five minutes. Saliva and a little blood ran down Nathan’s chin and over his white school shirt. He managed to keep up a rhythm of breathing so he had enough oxygen to stay conscious. That was all he could manage. He was aware of the balls slapping against his chin and Ben moaning and the extreme agony his small body was in. He gagged so much, that he puked up most of the piss he had swallowed along with a lot of mucus laden saliva which now covered his face.
Ben’s strokes got shorter, barely leaving Nathan’s throat. His breaths quickened to a pant and then he ripped his cock from Nathan’s stretched mouth and started to cum into the open gullet.

“Take this bitch.”

Eight thick shots entered Nathan’s mouth and then Ben’s father tilted Nathan’s head back so the thick liquid slid down his abused throat.

“Swallow your medicine,” he said.

Nathan obeyed too shocked to do anything else. His whole body shook from the assault. When the older man released him he fell to the floor crying. The sobs were almost silent as his throat was too sore to make any sound.

When he next looked up, both men were naked accept for their work boots. Ben’s dick was soft, but his dad’s was rock solid and leaking precum.

“Shall I hold him for you, dad?”

“No need, I’ve got a better idea.”

With that the dad picked Nathan up by the waist and hung him upside down with his face being poked by the big, dripping cock. Nathan grabbed on to the man’s hairy thighs so he didn’t feel like he was falling.

“You better get that dick in your mouth real quick boy,” he threatened.

Nathan opened his mouth and let the cock head inside. He bobbed gingerly up and down on the first couple of inches. The humiliation made him start to cry again.

“Pathetic,” the dad said.

“Let me help,” said Ben.

He grabbed the back of Nathan’s head and started to shove it forward so the dick went straight down the boy’s torn throat. The dad moved so Nathan was pressed against a wall. He could feel the cold and damp tiles against his hot, smooth skin. The dick in his mouth started to pound in and out making his head smack harshly against the wall. He could see stars.

“Ease up dad,” Ben said. “You’ll smash his brains out that way.”

The father ignored Ben and carried on. Ben held Nathan’s head and put some clothes behind it. Nathan was grateful for the padding, but now the huge veiny uncut cock barely left his throat. He could barely breathe. He kept choking and spit and throat mucus covered his eyes and matted his hair.

“Let’s get this bitch ready for his anal assault,” the older man said.

Nathan felt a tongue against his prune sized ball sack. It tickled. He laughed, but it just sounded like a squawk as the sound pushed its way past the cock lodged in his throat. Then he felt the tongue move towards his raped asshole. The warm moisture felt good on his swollen sphincter. After a few minutes of having his hole lapped at, his little dick got hard, reaching 3 inches. It bobbed against the man’s stubble which made his sensitive bell end tingle.

He tried desperately not to enjoy this but he knew he was aroused. At least he was getting throat fucked quite as hard, now Ben’s dad was focusing on his boy cunt. He opened his eyes, which were almost gummed together with his throat and stomach juices and saw Ben standing next to the massive dog. He was slowly jerking his big prick, which was fully hard again. Nathan could also see the dog’s dick hanging out. It was red and veiny and leaking. The dog’s tongue hung out and also drooled freely. He looked hungry.
The dad’s tongue pushed past Nathan’s sphincter and entered his rectum. It sent a jolt of electricity through his body that made him moan and gargle more spit over his face.

“He fucking loves it dad.”

“I know. I can feel his hard little dick-clit against my throat.”

He shook his head grating Nathan’s dick against his stubble and Nathan cried out. He could feel an orgasm coming. Before he had been fucked earlier that day, he didn’t even know what it was to orgasm. It felt amazing. He could feel his asshole clench down on the man’s tongue and it stop moving for a moment, before leaving his hole. His muscles continued to tense for a few more seconds. The joy was so great he barely noticed the older man unload his cum straight down the boy’s throat. He didn’t swallow and cum dribbled out of his mouth and nose, making more of a mess of his face.


2013-04-03 01:37:46
Seriously, all the stories on this site have tags, read them, and stay away from stories you don't like.

Keep up the writing sir, i have been reading 12-20 stories a day since i was twelve, and yours are well written and highly erotic, thank you, you have given me six orgasms today, and I'm not done your series yet.


2013-04-03 01:37:11
Seriously, all the stories on this site have tags, read them, and stay away from stories you don't like.

Keep up the writing sir, i have been reading 12-20 stories a day since i was twelve, and yours are well written and highly erotic, thank you, you have given me six orgasms today, and I'm not done your series yet.


2012-05-04 00:40:06
It's just a story dick would you rather have him actually rape a kid or write a story that ISN'T REAL about it?

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2012-02-07 07:05:38
some people should be killed at birth, includin the child molester writing this story.are you married with children?. do you have young nephews?or are you working with children?perhaps you could wait for children and abduct them?perhaps you could consider suicide/arsehole.

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2012-02-05 02:52:24
Fuckin's made me cum thrice.

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